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The Narrow Path 10/1

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 1, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/1

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 1, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Gluten good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week afternoon and taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith.

You can call and we'll talk about them together.

If you don't have a question, but you have a difference of opinion from also want to talk about that. You may call and we can talk about that a little bit.

I see a little bit because our lines are full.

I can't. I can't let you have the whole program and sometimes I understand that you might have enough to say that would justify taking a whole program adjustments is not how we do things here, but certainly welcome to make some cogent points. If you would like to do so.

The number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 I just want to announce to any of our Texas listeners that I will be speaking in Texas this week. Let's see here on Friday. Tomorrow night I'll be speaking at Spring Branch, Texas and in discipleship schooling. I think the class might be open to the public. You have to check our website about that. See if there's a call for that, but I Sunday morning. I'll be in Spring Branch also and so I'll be the living waters fellowship and actually it's bull verity. I don't have him sign it correctly but I guess right by Spring Branch that's Sunday morning so Friday and send them speaking for the same people but different meetings Monday I'll be speaking in the Dallas Houston area. Excuse me, and Thursday in the chocolate Bayou which is also the Houston area and then on the Celotex reef next Friday. We can tomorrow if I've got this figured right to be speaking in the Dallas area, so we've got four things happening in Texas in the coming week and so we will end under the resume on Friday. This Friday or tomorrow okay there's its artery open to the public, but there it will be on zoom okay. After doing okay.

You can RSVP and go or you can just watch him on zoom.

I think so.

You did go to our website for the details about that. It'll get all the stuff that I don't even know about the meetings there because someone were more engaged and confident in myself is one who keeps up the website. The number here. There's one line still open at 844-484-5737 our first color today is John from Westminster, Massachusetts John, welcome to the narrow passage for calling evening, I was trying to explain my life. I think that in a place of the elect of God, and since we are in Christ, we are left so I wanted to ask you is that biblical and then if you do believe in corporate election. Could you just talk about that a little bit, as opposed to the Calvinist idea of election. Are there any irrefutable Scriptures to corporate election. Could you getting those as well. Now I have to say that from my study. I don't know of any scriptures that would be an argument against corporate election is just a concept that people don't have. I guess we could say instinctively very often when the Bible says that we are elect any we Christians are elect.

That means chosen and I think this the way we think about that often is. That means that God looked down he saw certain number of people individually and chosen as individuals to be saved and he kind of overlooked others that he didn't apparently care to save because he could've gotten them to if he wanted to. So the idea appears to be that you know if God just chose to save you. You be saved if you didn't choose to save you. You can't be say because you not want to chosen ones.

Now that's not I think that's how most people understand God choosing regards election instantly Calvinist to now. The Bible teaches a different kind of election if it goes back as far as the Old Testament, so it's not just a New Testament concept. God chose Israel.

That is, he chose a nation of people to be special for his purposes. They will fulfill special purposes he had for them. He chose corporately, a nation, and the reason I say corporately is because individuals who were in that nation could remain in it or not, and people who were not originally in the nation could become part of it. That's what the law provided. It was the nation as a corporate entity that was going to be used by God that he chosen above all other nations and a Gentile who is not originally part of that could become a Jew and become part of that nation could you be circumcised and keep the lawn and have all the privileges of someone who was a native of the land. The Bible says on the Internet. A person was born in that nation might apostate size and leave and Seneca be part of this anymore and go out now the nation is chosen, but the individuals were not individuals make the choice of father figure to be in it or not, because Israel is a corporate entity is not just an individual man.

Now in the New Testament. Those who are chosen are the ones who are in Christ in in the Old Testament. If you were in Israel you were chosen in Israel is not the same things that save you were chosen to be in Israel. It's Israel was chosen and if you're in Israel you were chosen to you. You shared in that corporate status in the entity that was chosen now.

Jesus is the chosen one in Scripture and there are people who are in him and people who are not in him. Just like there were people who were in is really not in Israel. Jesus use that illustration of the vine and the branches he sat on the vine, you are the branches.

You need to remain in me, if you remain in me, then you will bear much fruit, but if you don't remain in me says if anyone does not remain in me is cast forth as a branch and withers and dies and the government burned them. In other words, the vine just like the nation of Israel which was compared with the vine in the Old Testament. It it's consists of many branches and every one of those branches if it's a chosen vine. Their part of the chose biker chosen to me and let's just make it really simple so any child can understand it. Suppose you had to finds growing in your yard grapevines and one of them. You know you only reveal the ground could really only's sustain and produce good grades on one but you have to seem to choose one of those vines to preserve and the other when you can uproot throwing the trash. Okay, so you've got to vines. The one that is chosen to be preserved, has certain branches on all those branches because there on the vine that is chosen to be preserved. They are, they are chosen to be preserved, not because of their individuality, but because the part of the corporate vine. Now you might even take you know a dying vine shoots iodine branch or two off of the vine, you can pull out and you can grafted in.

If you want to into the vine you to keep so the fine is what is chosen.

The branches that are either part of it are not part of it are because of being part of it are not part of their chosen are not being in Christ is the same way we when we become followers of Christ, the Holy Spirit incorporates us into him into his body.

This is one of Paul's favorite subjects and I'm so surprised that so many Christians reading Paul do not see it because he talks about all the time and I'm surprised so I do not that I'm surprised myself to because when I was raised. I didn't see it. I read the Bible. I didn't see it and so I it. I was fairly old before I understood Wisconsin but it's right there. Once you see it you cannot stop saying it, and Jesus is chosen and when I become a believer which is a decision I do make and other people make a different decision I become part of the chosen one, and therefore I am chosen in him just like if I was a Gentile and became part of Israel in the Old Testament. I would now be chosen in Israel departed chosen group, those who are in Christ are chosen for four privilege and glory and and to have relations Jesus but God didn't choose who will be in them, and who will not.

Paul does say in Ephesians 1 for the God chose us in him, but it doesn't say he chose us to be in him because we are in him.

He is chosen us because he chose him but he didn't choose who would be in him and you know I sometimes will illustrated with something we can all relate to I suppose, suppose your your school has a choral group require and yield the next president is elected wants some high school choir to come and sing at his inauguration, and they draw names out of a hat.

Let us say. Or maybe they have a more sophisticated way of choosing an assistant your school choir is the one the chosen of all school choirs. Your school requires chosen to come sing at the presidential inauguration well will be like the present or not. That's a pretty rare privilege and so you can go home to your parents. I hate we are chosen to be the choir that sings at the presidents inauguration. Now that doesn't mean that you personally were chosen.

You might not even be in the car you could join it or people who are already in the choir before they inauguration comes might get sick and have to your quitter might front of reasons not being required next month so the point is, requires chosen and you'll essay the president is one who chose the choir. So they've got a very great privilege, but he didn't choose who's good to be in the choir that's determined by individual choice.

It's the choir corporately chosen and that's the same thing. It's Christ and all who are in him that are chosen if we remain in him, then we are chosen. You know were always part of chosen, but if we if we don't remain in him, he still chosen and everybody that's in him still chosen, you're just not because you're not in the chosen one anymore. So choose God's election in the Bible is not now I don't say there's no election of individuals God elects individuals for certain callings like like he chose Jeremiah when he was in his mother's womb to be a prophet. He certainly chose Moses he chose Paul.

Paul said before he was born, God chose him answer to reveal himself.

This is choosing somebody to become something unusual, something special or possible profit or something God chooses his his special service for special service, but that doesn't mean that he chooses everyone who who's going to be saved or not said if God knows that somebody is going to make the choice. Christ and he's moving to urge them. Along those lines specially. That doesn't mean that if they would reject him, that he would have to choose somebody else. We when we talk about choosing where to make a distinction between a choosing for a vocation for calling Witton for special college. On the one hand, and chosen for glory and eternal life.

That's corporate Christ is the one who has eternal life member Johnson and first John five.

This is the message that God is given to us eternal life in this life is in his son.

He that has the son has life he that does not have the son does not have life. That's the same things you said about the vine and the branches they eternal life is in Christ, if you are in Christ you have it if you'd if you don't remain in him, and you're not in him anymore. You don't have it anymore. It still eternal life, and it still in him. You're not in him. So the eternal life that you were enjoying you're not enjoying a were just like a branches broke off the vine. It had the life of the vine and it but it has separated itself from the vine and no longer has life of vine and it the vine still has eternal life, but the branch that's broken off or have left doesn't. So this is all we need to think in the same terms Paul didn't even Jesus because the vine and the branches is a corporate picture also in Paul. He favored not so much the vine a branches image but that of a body with many members which the same concept of an organism having multiple organs and if the organism is, is chosen in all the organs and it are chosen to yell if if you if there's a bunch of prisoners on death row and and before he leaves office or before his relator River. Mr. Trump decides he's going to choose from.

From a bowl of of names of prisoners on death row, one that is going to pardon well if your name comes up, you're going to get be pardoned in every part of your body is part every part of your body would've died when you died. But when you receive life.

Every part of your body every every organ in Lynn in you is chosen to survive. Summing it so there's a lot of illustrations we could make, but the concept is very clear. It's very much like being in Israel. Israel is chosen, not the individuals.

The nation was chosen. Individuals chose to be in or out of the nation.

Same thing with Christ. Christ is chosen, we decided to be in him or not, and no one can find any Scripture that refutes that interpretation and and yet the whole anyone who understands Paul correctly think will have to come to that view.

I hope that's helpful. All right, let's talk to Garrett in Orange County, California. Garrett, welcome to the narrow path could be of the infant and the high my defendant only and have built the brain right and I need to follow him and he brought up the complaint to make me truck while on my bottom mother almost kind of implying that I believe is David anyone. He had a born, I was just wondering if something to be taken literally. That's exactly what he's trying to figure what what would you put on yeah yeah it is a poem of course the Psalms are poetry and it uses figures of speech.

For example, David similarly says that the wicked go astray from the womb speaking lies in another Psalm, Route one, when a baby comes on the woman's not speaking lies and is not going astray is not going anywhere.

It's, you know he's he's using what we would call hyperbole is saying these people and meet Asa Seifert from my youth. From the time is at my mother's breast. I was as it were privileged to be brought up to know you and he's exaggerating a little bit when he says I was trusting you the moment I was born just like he exaggerates when he says the wicked have been speaking lies. The moment they borne his is simply talk about these people that he's criticizing or himself whom is praising God that he had these privileges that these privileges have been with them through their whole life and to say well from the moment of birth is an exaggeration. I mean I've heard people say I was born a Christian, meaning there born into a Christian family, and they they may mean that because I don't understand what misery Christian or they might be simply emphasizing that you know from my childhood. We expose Christiana have never rejected, so I was kind born Christian way. It's not literally true statement, but it's hyperbolic week something that someone might say David was saying. That certainly is not saying that when he was born that he had no faith in anything and in any propositions, although he may have trusted in his mother's breath breast is as I know you made me trust what from my mother's breast or whatever. He amicably talk about trusting his mother to feed him but I don't even think a baby has a sophisticated grasp of the situation of thieves are no not certainly, not instantly aware his foods come from or who his mother even is a limp and quick.

That's you know he's he's talking and hyperbole when he talks every treatment all right to get talking about. All rights Brian from Leander Texas. Welcome to the narrow path extra dollar Junior white brother will house last year ended I'm looking to see you all again the Sunday Lord willing, I had a I had a quick question for you and I'll take the answer all character answer question no limit on time or commitment next year at this time I wanted to have my knowledge of the Bible increased at an exponential rate plan of study would you recommend for me. Thank you very much for the okay.

Thank you for your call. Well, it's good that you want to have your peer knowledge of the Bible increased or doubled or whatever, and many people asked me to recommend you know of a form of study that will bring that about. And I honestly have never known what to recommend because I I didn't follow just one means of study, myself, might I learn the Bible by reading it over and over and over again and thinking about it all the time so your Bible says that you blessed is the man who meditates day and night on the word of God. He'll be like a tree planted by rivers of water whose bears fruit in his season is leaf never weathers whatever he does shall prosper meditating day and night on the word of God is how you learned you can study it and learn it but many times, studying the word of God simply fills your head with facts about the Bible because that's what study typically is about is learning.

Faxing your head and that's a very important thing because you misunderstand the Bible if you neglect study, but having studied, you need to be meditating on it day and night, which means that it's always on your thoughts are always turning over in your mind. Maybe the last thing you read in the Scripture and and seeing how does that apply to me. How would my life be different you know if I understood that and practice that better or maybe not lasting. Maybe it's just something God brings to mind people meditate. By nature, on what they love. If you fall in love with somebody you think about all the time. You have to make yourself do it just they come to mind and you're always picturing them and thinking of them and remember the last thing they said to you in and try to understand you. What did she mean by that. I wonder if I can smoke a can get behind what she's thinking when she says he thinks when your love you meditate on that person all the time when your love for the word of God, you think about it all the time you have asked the same questions as meditation and so there are many ways to study the Bible you go to Bible school. I didn't or seminary. I didn't do that either. You can listen to people on the Internet and teach my myself and others. I didn't do that either.

There was no Internet when I was started learning the Bible, but I did listen to cassette tapes of teachers are respected. There are much fewer available when I started than there are now you can Mr. some wonderful teachers online now but we got some good cassette tapes eventually are six cancer going to church the top through the Bible verse by verse. I don't agree with the teachings they gave me at this point on many subjects, but it got me reading in and starting the Bible and more than my studying of it, although I've done a lot of that I read commentaries I read books, theological books, but most of what I've really learned by heart is what I gain by meditation study is kind of laid a foundation for really learned you learn the facts and you learn you maybe memorize Scripture through times of study. But then, because you have it memorized because he knows that you can think them through all the time and obviously some people aren't don't have the liberty I had some people have jobs where they really have to think hard about their job. Others have jobs that that is more physical labor.

They can meditate on Scripture. I actually literally shows the kind of job that required no thought that I could meditate on Scripture all the time. I literally died before I was in full-time ministry. I spent years doing janitorial work, window washing assembly line work things.

It didn't require me to do much deep thought about what I was doing for a living could develop my thoughts while I was working to what mattered to me. I realize some people just they can't do that in the present job, so I just say the more you can devote your thoughts to meditating on Scripture without, of course, neglecting your work or neglecting your relationships or your duties.

The more you can do that.

The more you learn far study some people to book study some to word studies some and it is all kinds of different things they do. I've never resorted to any one of them exclusively. Sometimes all study on the word because I'm curious about that word are all study a book I read commentaries about I don't I don't necessarily leprechauns or similar means. I let them tell me what they think it made session that's not that's when I read a commentary that's one thing.

This is what this person thinks it needs. Now it's up to me to decide if the right wrong. And, of course, much of what they say is right. I've learned many valuable things along those lines, but I never automatically agree with the commentator and most of these I have strong convictions on her or anything like independent conclusions about none of those things began to study so much is through meditation on the Bible, so I'd recommend study, but I'd even more recommend meditation but the Bible says in his law he delights and he meditates on it day and night. You'll meditate on what you're delighted, and so cultivate a love for the Bible a love for God's word because you love God, we don't become worshipers of the Bible. We are worshipers of God and one only has to say to us. We have one have a relation with God's we want to read his letters to us wherein they were written to us, but he speaks to us from the we want to know his mind when I know him and so developing a love from Scripture because you love God is really what you need to have as a foundation for learning then you can study anywhere you want to give study Bible get commentaries for this essay. You really need the Holy Spirit to be teaching you. He can do it through commenters you can do third recorded lectures online or whatever but you have to you can just follow the teacher, me or anyone else and hope that they will always be right and that everything they say is reliable. Hopefully if if they're honest they think it's reliable, but obviously people different opinion. So you have to really have relation with God and Hartford and a practice of meditating on Windows 7 that will make all the difference.

I'm not saying you'll double your knowledge of the Bible.

By this time next year you might you might even but that that's one thing I recommend Star study is concerned the resources at our website are of course free.

Not all resources are I think our resources are good enough to recommend so I think if you listen to those lectures that you learn a lot tube you still have to judge it is still have to meditating us to decide whether what I'm saying lectures is really biblical and that's your responsibility. But if you love the Scripture you'll love little mutt, little is much us studying and meditating on.

I hope that helps your brother. I appreciate your call and your enthusiasm to learn the Scripture to take a break here and come back with another half-hour.

So don't go away and take it more because we take a break.

In order to let you know that you're able to listen to the narrow path either online or on radio shows, radio programs, because so we pay for time on the radio stations and were listener supported him selling thing and we don't pay anyone anything, including myself. But we do pay the radio stations and if you like help us down there. We have no source of support except our listeners if you like to do so you can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593. That's the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to the website condone it from there.

It's the narrow and I'll be back in 30 seconds. So don't go away.

Tell your family. Tell your friends tell everyone you know about the Bible radio show that has nothing to give you the narrow path granted when today's radio show in Denver go to your social and send a link to the narrow, one can find free time on your teaching blog article verse by verse teachings and archives of the narrow path radio shows and tell them to listen live right here on the radio. Thank you for sharing. Listener supported the narrow path. Greg will come back to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for another half-hour to take your calls and discuss whatever you bring up for us to talk about the Bible questions here. Alternative viewpoints feel free to give me a call. The number is 844-484-5737 now. I made an announcement in the first half, I'll do it again because it's it's upon us tomorrow. I'll be speaking at a group in Texas in Spring Branch or just technically spinning the town spring breakers for leisure close enough and I'll be speaking on Friday night and also in the church on Sunday morning and you can attend the Friday night just to RSVP because they have a limited number that they can have, but you can watch it on what you call zoom all right and I've been informed that you then know it's an adult meeting that does mean the subject matters adult. It just means that you're not supposed bring your children if their little because they don't have children so facilities there for Friday night, according to your children to church on Sunday and I'm also going speaking later in the week next week in the Houston area in the Dallas area. And if you're living or going to be any of those places this coming seven days for free to join us.

You have to go to the website.

The narrow the narrow path, go to the announcements tab and you'll find all the relevant information okay. Our next caller is to see it is Ryan from Denver Colorado. Ryan, welcome to the narrow path for calling you. Talk to you twice before actually started this clears the use of talk about a whole different level smooth start hearing on your you been my mentor.

Obviously you guys level at the dedication studies over the last 50 the supreme Bible scholars people notice I don't say that I don't say that the spirit of humbleness and quiet okay you what you think about me because I think you you think you can have a huge platform that will sometime in the future much more than I'll get called I'm getting old and it hasn't happened yet. So anyway not to.

I'm not looking for huge platform will be very glad God gives me influence probably was to see if that happens, go ahead. Thank you. I want to email you because you gobs of emails with questions and I find writing to tedious with concluding in detail and covering only on their collars in one email you but I wanted to tell you one year that he could think about and read Isaiah 28 and then I was asked a question about that next week possibly possibly next week I'll ask you question but I wanted you to just reread what I read Isaiah 20.

You can email your questions and we can talk.

Well, I don't want to pull along my call any longer time.

Okay, it was great and then sometime in the future, God willing on a question on how expert on how little we know about the brain and how little the psychiatrist's brain.

Why is it you plan to ask a question later and you're on there now. You can ask it now if you want to think time-consuming.

I think I think you will establish a long time in our response and I want to take 20 minutes but yes, I've been in the world someone of psychiatry and little about the little about the Bible. Have you ever listen to my lecture series called biblical counsel for change because I talk about psychology and psychiatry agreed dealing about the first half of the series is about psychology. You question good.

Okay I don't pressure you don't want to ask question also will talk to you sometime when you are calling. Ask that I don't think were in the room but okay so well okay God bless you.

Yes you don't want to take a lot of time but you say were just a pain I'll call some other time. Or maybe just because I'm ready for you, and I'm ready for your questions, but that's fine. I mean, thank you for calling him and thank you for the kind words. Maybe that was the main reason he wanted to call. I appreciate it. Thank you Maggie for Massachusetts. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for going everything and then take one quick thought like muslin like Jehovah's Witness like the morning but boy know if they have another book. What I find I don't know divided up and quickly long so I met a man found planning how light I believe they would sign the okay and that they were idle.

God wanted them to doubt. Like I wanted pain while hitting a culture the lawyer. Okay, let's go to London this let me just say okay the Palestinians are not necessarily any relation to the ancient Philistines.

I mean there may be some bloodline for some of them the the Arab nations in the Middle East, including the Palestinians are very possibly not purely dissenting from anyone biblical ancient people that they have probably intermixed. For examples, and a lot of people think the Arabs come from Ishmael.

Well, maybe. I mean, maybe they do, that's not able to be documented. But Arab people often they do, but all the other people think somebody might have had Edomite ancestors are like new Dharma Philistine ancestors. It's true that the word Palestine comes from the word Philistine that's that's why the land was called Palestine. In Roman times because it had been the Philistine land at one time but just because the land is called Palestine doesn't mean that the people who moved into it over the centuries have Philistines from for ancestors and you know when he says he hates Israel, i.e. I don't think it makes you think you make a lot of points to say less because your wicked pagan from the idol worshiping ancestors. It may be that that would be true of a given person but it's it doesn't really explain why they hate Israel. I don't know. They probably hated her because there there nations been at war with each other just like probably some Japanese people have some problem with Koreans and vice for special Koreans have occasion to be upset with the Japanese because of things that the Japanese did to them during the war and insults there some hard feelings that there shouldn't be and if people are Christians, they should do it they can to overcome that and to be reconciled and same thing with Palestinians and Israelites or anything else.

And if people been at war with each other and there's been no atrocities done on maybe on both sides, but the side you're on. Feels the atrocities done by the others more severely than you know the others. It you have some issues that you have to work through and Arabs modern Arabs which would include Palestinians and the modern Israelites have Israelis would come today.

They have issues in some cases to work out and often those it worked out very well and when the parties become Christians. I would say the reason he has trouble forgiving or loving Israelites is because he is not a Christian and love for your enemy is is a Christian virtue itself is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and if he is following Jesus if he were Christian follower of Jesus, then he would Holy Spirit help them to learn to love his Israeli brothers, but he's got other things that define him and animate himself. It is not because the ego is ancestors were Philistines membership Dagon the fish God. It's it's because is not a Christian and what's true of him is really probably true of most people who aren't Christians of people have some other nation is done atrocities to people in your field.

You will owe them some retribution or something. Then you're going to lesser Christian with the fruit of the Spirit in your life you're probably not like him. Now as far as the other point you made. I gave a brief answer yes because we didn't have much time, but what Scott going to do about Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses and people of groups that we that we Christians would call cults which have Jesus in their theology, but not like our theology about Jesus. The Mormons deftly do not see Jesus as Yahweh or as a part of the Trinity, and certainly the Jehovah's Witnesses and by the way, Muslims. Muslims also have Jesus in their theology, but they have different teaching about Jesus a big Ashley think very highly of them but they don't believe that he is God's son because they don't believe Allah has a son. They don't understand that they think that if God has a son, and God must have a concert, a life to produce offspring and they don't understanding what Christians are saying when they say that Jesus is God's son because we don't.

We are not claiming that Allah had a wife, or the Godhead wife was the kind of concept that the son ship of Christ is the point is, these people do have all of them have very high views of Jesus, but not high enough, that is not high enough to be orthodox or not.

They're not really agreeable with what the Bible teaches, but they clearly are not people who are trying to diminish Jesus. They just don't like you said, they don't know any better.

I don't think the Jehovah's Witness that comes to my door and denies that Jesus is God. I don't think he's a man who, in his heart hates Jesus and is therefore coming to me as a personal worship Jesus and same. I want to diminish your worship of Jesus because I hate Jesus.

I just think he's studied his Bible. He's gotten different conclusions that I have.

I think he's mistaken, but in many cases they love Jesus Otis Mormons and so do I frankly some Muslims to because Mohammed said that Jesus was the greatest prophet but a lot of percent and the only reason I follow Mohammed instead of Jesus is because Mohammed came later and they believe this was to follow the latest profit they got separately believe Jesus was a greater profit than Mohammed out the wrong Jesus of course is great but they have a a diminished view of Jesus vis--vis the Christian correct biblical view all the scripts to but a diminished understanding our diminished opinion about Jesus doesn't mean that doesn't mean that they are enemies of Christ. They are confused in many cases. Now I'm not saying there aren't enemies of Christ among these filter can be no religious group is homogenous. If you go to a Baptist Church or Pentecostal church or Presbyterian Church or Methodist Church or Catholic Church or Lutheran Church unifying some people there who really love God and some people are there who don't care about God or altered may vary in their just by habit or they like the music, or they want the reputation for being respectable and happy. There's various reasons people go to church and certainly not all of them or because they want to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and King.

So same thing with any other group. I can't judge somebody by the group there, and God never will.

I mean he's going judged by whether they are in Christ are not, but there are Baptists who are in Christ and their Pentecostals in Christ, they will go to the same church because they don't agree with each other and that's a bad thing away, but there still both of them are in Christ and certainly Mormons.

This is a Muslims disagree about Jesus. They disagree with us about Jesus even more than a Baptist or Pentecostal disagree with each other but I don't know how much a person could be mistaken about Jesus and Jesus still recognize him as someone who loves them.

I know that the disciples of Jesus when he first called and didn't know he was God didn't have a Trinity doctrine. They were Jews just don't have a Trinity doctrine will bring the Trinity bottle. I mentioned Muslims. Muslims and Jews have very much similar views. I got both of them are against the Trinity, the only difference is that Muslims think Jesus was a great prophet, and Jews believe that Jesus was a great heretic solving. In a sense, the Muslims have a much higher view of Jesus and Jews.

The point I'm making those people of different opinions about Jesus that does make them all okay.

I'm not suggesting that every opinion Jesus.

Okay, they're not everyone should have the right opinion of Jesus and thank you and I should strive to have as accurate and opinion Jesus we can, but our relationship with him isn't based entirely on opinions about him just like my relationship with my father, mother is not based on my opinions about them. I happen to have a high view of them and I'm I think the view is correct. But what if I didn't want to fight one of my didn't think my parents were smartest as they actually are. Didn't think there is good is all right to say I never met my father because my parents are separated say I didn't really have a very clear picture of who my father was still in my heart wished I did. I still wanted to know him. My I'm still his son. I just am confused about him. I might have image of him. That's different. Here's the problem we have in discussing this very issue you raised in that is that we sometimes say that people have another Jesus because they have another opinion about Jesus than we have. But having G coming up and opinion about Jesus in the Bible is not the same thing what what opinion did the did the disciples have about Jesus when they follow him.

They didn't think of him as God, they later learned more about him.

Once the Holy Spirit came God revealed things that they didn't know and they of course came to understand more more properly, but when they left their nets when they left was the receipt of custom to follow Jesus and were initially his disciples, which makes them Christians and saved they didn't know about the Trinity didn't know about Jesus being God, but they knew he was the one they were going to be loyal to.

He was going there love his longer to follow and so how much to Jesus how much was he offended by the fact that the disciples for three years or so that they follow him didn't even know he was God did he feel insulted. Now that they knew as much as they could no. At that point, and there's certain people who know as much as they could not which isn't maybe enough to make them correct, but that does me not following the same Jesus, they might be or might not be God has to judge that there are people in evangelical churches. Probably who aren't following the same Jesus, but the Bible describes.

That is, they don't have the same opinion about Jesus and so on is something competing on the Bush from actually trying to develop a case here. The question you're asking is when I can't answer you can't answer only God can answer that there were people in the Old Testament who are saved, Abram, Isaac, Jacob, David, Moses and of the prophets. They were saved but they didn't know the name of Jesus, and they probably didn't really even know. In most cases, anything but the Trinity.

Some of them might have had some insights and that the most we don't have a record that God ever told about the Trinity and so certainly I'm sure some of them didn't know that Jesus was the size be God. Isaiah had some scriptures about that indicated that he got a revelation. I'm not sure how much he processed it. We don't know the main thing we have to realize is that having a relation of the person and being absolutely correct in all the data that you think and have opinions with a person are not the same thing when you when you marry your wife or your husband. You know that person somewhat, but you learn a lot more with them about a Matthew Merryman lived with them and therefore you could say once when you got married. There's a lot of things you didn't know you might have a wrong opinion you have some surprises in a relationship. When you live with somebody and those surprises when you were wrong before you learn more about them, but that does me to have a relationship with it being a Christian isn't having all the right theology or having already opinions being a Christian means you have the right heart toward God and or and you and you love God and love Jesus and in your learning you're in a relationship with him that inspires learning Jesus said take my yoke upon you and learn from me, and that's what we did would become a Christian.

We take his yoke upon we become bonded with him like two animals under a yoke pulling up together aware were bound to him and were walking with him, but were learning from him and you until you learn, you don't know and there's lots of things you don't know when you first begin to walk with Jesus.

So how much ignorance about Jesus. Can a person have and still love him and still fall and I don't know what where you draw the line. Not a lot of evangelicals draw the line at the Trinity or at believing that Jesus is God. I believe Jesus is God and I believe in the Trinity. Therefore, I think everyone should put that the Bible doesn't say that believing those specific things are. Knowing those things is what makes you Christian but make sure Chris is your follower of Jesus, and if you do follow Jesus.

I think you learn those things if you don't know them already, so you're asking me to broadbrush whole groups of people who say they love Jesus but we don't have wrong opinions about Jesus. Some of them may be our true followers of Jesus that there only barely learning about just like the disciples who let their nets. They didn't know was it dating now is the Messiah, until later on when when Peter finally said you're the Messiah Jesus was relieved that they news.

I'm glad you know that I father revealed that not flesh and blood. When you start to follow Jesus. It's a matter of your heart and your mind. But it doesn't usually involve full knowledge of all the theology picture going to know someday, and it's a growing proposition, Jesus, Peter setting for second Peter 318 but grow in grace and in the knowledge of our God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So were always growing in our knowledge of Jesus.

And that means were a lot more ignorant before then. We are now, but we were still falling more ignorant and some wants me to tell them where the where the level of ignorance but where's that line was that boundary where if you just that ignorant. You can't really be saved. But if you have a little more knowledge.

Where's that line drawn that's alignment. God knows and that's all he's ill and has to all the rest of us should be learning about Christ as much as we can. And that's that's all we can do follow him learn of him growing our knowledge of him, and that in our obedience to him and got let God my God might be the judge of who he thinks has the right heart and the right attitude to attitude. Probably more than opinion is perhaps major factor around the stock to Dennis from Lycos are welcome to the narrow path. Dennis yet. Yes hello I need a lie. Your or or and I would tell you what some if somebody said, cursed are those who teach my people to fly.

They made the top of the rapture, but they they didn't write in the Bible. The Bible doesn't have a statement like that not enclosed you know it just is not in there. It's not in the Bible. Nothing close to that is okay. Nothing nothing remotely. Yeah. So ask her to find the passage for you nation. Maybe she'll learn something, namely that she's quoting verses that don't exist to Dennis thank you, brother Rob from Vancouver, BC, welcome to the neuropathic for going to question Gillick time one of you could talk you. You could talk about good works. Just explain exactly what they are. The difference between good works in a good deed and if you could just a little bit elaborate on those people and/or religions that basically think you can burn your way into heaven by performing good works. No one can earn your way to heaven by performing good works and the only way that you never be in heaven without performing good works is if you repented at the end of your life like a thief on the cross. He didn't performing good works but he's he's with with Christ today, and in heaven.

But you don't want to wait till the end. Not just because you taken a chance he will die before you make the right choice, but because you're cheating God.

The purpose of being a Christian is not to get your fire insurance from hell. Although that comes along. That's it.

That's a benefit of being a Christian. The purpose for being a Christian is because you recognize that God owns you. God made you, he purchased you and he is appointed Jesus to be your king in your Lord and your sick of denying God what he has coming knows you been robbing God until the point that you turn and serve him because you owe him and you been neglecting to pay the debt that you would out of some who owns you and therefore when you come to believe in Christ correctly, you believe that he is your Lord and that is your king and and of course this can have an impact on the way you live now. That means that you will live differently. You will live more righteously you live more obediently to God.

That means you'll have good works but you're not doing those court good works in order to become a Christian to become saved you doing this good works because you are Christian and your say you when you actually have come to genuinely believe that Jesus is the King and the Lord, and you stop resisting that fact will then that's when you become a Christian, you repent of having denied him what he deserves from your life if you were made for a purpose by God in order to serve him and and please him and know him, which is by doing the highest privilege as a human being can have. Once they understand that then the neglect of doing so is is a crime and so you become. You repent of your rebellion you repent of your desertion and you come back to God and you then are reconciled to God in a proper relationship of reconciliation applies and in a relationship with the King. That means if you have a good relation with your king is your obedience to Peter King, our Lord, and a lot of people don't want Jesus, Peter King of the more they just want to say he's my Savior and somebody told them all you have to say.

Say a prayer and asked Jesus to come in your heart, then you have salvation and soap you do that and they believe that, but that's not in the Bible.

The Bible doesn't ever talk about same sinners prayer. It does never talk on asking Jesus in your heart is nothing like that in the Bible. No one got saved that way in the Bible right people became saved when they decided this is the guy.

This is the guy that God sent. This is the guy that God has promised to come in and be the Lord in the King of the Messiah, and when they decide that and say therefore I'm in no count me in on my King and then your life to look like something different your life different day. I'm glad you called them also to time.

I'm not glad of that is because waiting in my apologies to them. But there is I guess tomorrow if the Lord carries we are on Monday through Friday at the same time and we hope that if you didn't get on today earlier tomorrow and I'd love to talk to you about whatever. Your call was to be about listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday were listener supported. You can find out how to support the mystery by going to our website. The narrow you can click on the taxes, donations, and that'll help you to help us out. Have a good day.

Let's talk again tomorrow and

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