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The Narrow Path 10/2

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 2, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/2

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 2, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were live for an hour each week afternoon. We take your phone calls. If you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith you like to discuss here on the air or if you have a different viewpoint from the host anyone to talk about that you may do so in our lives are almost full.

Looks like we might have one line open the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 it on the last two weeks I've had two very similar experiences embarrassing in a way to me where callers of columns that there's a verse somewhere that says something in them and the way they phrased it. There is nothing in the Bible that sounded like that to me and and one of them was one of the Proverbs, which was badly mangled in the new living translation crucibles because using and it's to my mind, it totally changed the meaning of the problem size that others know verse about something like that and then I found out that there is in a different translation enough merit is not a good translation. In this case yesterday.

I think we just yesterday somebody called and said something about she had a friend who told her that the Bible said something to woe to those who teach others to fly and she wondered if that was about the rapture as it is nothing in the Bible says about people teaching others to fly.

There's nothing in there but I was very adamant about it and I'm right, except she was using the King James version, which is the only version that translates this way. Now, potentially, I was raised on the King James version, but I have to say when I was young I was definitely her physique inside and read it in the King James version. I read that in the new King James when I got older and several other translations and turns out she was referring to Ezekiel 1320, which in the King James version says this strangely, wherefore thus says the Lord God, behold, I'm against your pillows. By the way, pillows.

Most translations take to be not like my pillow but like magical charms, and as we'll see him occur almost to translation the so your magic charms as I'm against your pillows wherewith you work wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly and I will tear them from your arms, and I will let the souls go.

Even the souls that you hunt to make them fly out again this is not a reference to teaching people to fly but it obviously is the closest parallel to the wording that the caller was asking that I'm sure this is the verse that someone was alluding to, and the interesting thing is, this verse doesn't have anything in them that in it about people flying it does in the King James it is one of the few places the King James was so far off because I like the King James was just can't account for why the translucent right I read in the new King James which actually agrees. I looked it up in the Orthodox Jewish Bible which got another Hebrew text pretty well.

I looked it up in the Young's literal translation look up the new American Standard, the NIV, and other translations and they all agreed the new King James or none of them read it remotely like the King James version. What it actually says in in a more modern version. It says therefore thus says the Lord God, behold him against your magic charms by which you hunt souls there like birds. Okay, it's the expression like birds or like flying once it literally okay and so you hunt souls like flying one's so good like a bird catcher like a Fowler's referring to people and hunting people just like a Fowler hunt for birds.

He says I will tear them from your arms and let the souls go the souls that you hunt like birds virtually every translation you look this up and accept the King James reads like that. It's talking it does not target people flying start about people hunting other people as as a person who hunts birds hunt birds so it's obviously it's the concept is totally different than the King James would suggest, and I wasn't sure if King James and therefore I I adamantly spoke to says it is no verse in the Bible says anything about making people fly, but as it turns out, the King James version did you my wife was the first crack reflector. She's always whenever there's a call like that.

She's always on the computer looking for things that I can't remember and and she found it first and then I think another listener wrote point out that verse, but by the time I got the email I'd already noticed the difference in the King James anyway. So for the caller who if she still listening. I should have said what verse are you talking about and that I could look it up and I could read it to you but I just had never heard of the verse that talk to people, teaching people flying as it turns out, even the King James doesn't sentiment teaching people fly the making them fly meaning making. Apparently the King James and making them flee fly like you from from danger, but that's not in what it says. It's just about translation. All right, we got our lines. Let's talk first of all to Jason in Pennsylvania and adjacent welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. A lot of students who don't. Any sprinkling they call upon the Lord, wouldn't that be good evidence that Christianity is not true or not. In the old. In any way you might that's one week ago with the evidence generally goes. Maybe they're not true there's more than one way to look at it. There's not a lot of true Christians who do find their strength in the Lord when they, and they do find the promises of God to be true. And then there's people who identify themselves as Christians and that, and they say will. God doesn't answer my prayers.

I don't get strength when I look to him. In other words, there are people who do not come into whatever it is that Christians are supposed to come into in their experience. Now, I won't say these people aren't necessarily say, but there may be some deficiencies in their faith because that even Jesus speak in his own disciples said oh you of little faith and a James said in James chapter 1, you have to ask God in faith. He says he if you don't you ask in faith, like a wave driven by the wind and tossed. See says let not that man think you will receive anything from the Lord is writing to believers so a person may a maybe isn't a believer or be might be a believer who doesn't have much faith and maybe not even a very consistent believer is hard to say.

I'm not not try to judge whoever's claiming to have that experience on says I'm also like a judge God with being a liar.

God has always shown his promise to treat me and and in many, many people I know.

So either God is either.

I'm imagining things which I've been imagining them for about 60 years and 50 of them.

I've lived on those imaginary things literally paid my bills with them. God has provided just as he said there's a promise I count on every day. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things be added to. If that wasn't true.

I would start a long time ago and and many other Christians to and I know many Christian biographies.

There's no question that people who trust him wholly find him wholly true is one of the hymn says, so if you say well that I know a Christian who they were weak at the time of trial and they asked God to give them strength and they didn't seem to get any. Therefore, God must be lying well, there's other parties that could be line or could be at least efficient in their truthfulness or their faith to suggest that God is the one who's failed is only one suggestion, not at all diversified look to so there's other possibilities and I would say this to if someone said God gave me.

So I prayed for… Give me strength and he didn't. I was able, how you doing right now is around okay right now. Maybe within how can you say didn't give you strength you made it through the Army and what we expecting to feel like Superman. I mean, if God gets you through it and you're doing better now. Didn't he give you at least enough strength to get through. You would have survived if he had, so I think sometimes when people are asking God to give them something.

It's like on some types of people asking God to fill them with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes they have these pictures in mind of how dramatic and dynamic instant look and feel and think they just have a mistaken picture is not best regards things to do, but if you get through it after you've asked God for strength. Then I'd have to say it looks to me like he gave you the strength.

Either that or you had the strength on your own. But in any case you didn't like the strength left. You asked for. So My Dr., God the credit. My situation is where I was and around I decided not anymore because every year I would pray to God for strength and I never got on and what response do you want me please and what what response were you expecting some help with my struggles and did you guys them. No I did not stop being a Christian I decided the old house that your choice said that God can do that and neither did you. Struggles you decide to be a Christian not be Christian by just a single be loyal or just look like when your marriage is are you married no okay let's ever get married. Your marriage will survive if you and your wife decide to remain loyal to each other. It will not survive if one or both of you decide not to be loyal to just it's just that easy likewise was authorized to crack being a Christian major following Jesus. That's choice you make, and you promise when you come to Christ. When you surrender now if you say and when you're 27 years old.

I'm good not do that anymore will then you're breaking a promise or disloyal.

Simon China condemned I'm just saying you're not it's not God who failed you is not. God is responsible to make you stay saved. He will help trust is in him.

Pardon on what I see and I did not see any evidence of the Holy Spirit. So while I continued with something I would disagree if your premise that you have to decide based on what you see, I've never seen Jesus, but I still choose to believe in you know why because he's real and I have evidence of that tons of evidence of it, but it's not in the realm of side member. When Jesus said to Thomas, you believe because you've seen the blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe you know everyone who has to decide whether to believe in Christ, not can look at things that are much more objective then whether I feel like he's give me strength and not at any given moment like the historical fact of his resurrection from the dead. Now, anyone who objectively notice it's as much a historical fact is, any fact you believe in history. It's more established than most eyewitnesses don't require what you can't say that if something supernatural it didn't happen unless you've already decided there's no such thing as the supernatural and natural. You can't logically or objectively say oh well yeah I didn't say it must've been the supernatural. Even if I would say that I didn't say that yet. I said it's a historical fact that that something is happened. Okay now if you say well it's not a historical fact been using it didn't happen and I say how do you know that you say because it supernatural so the only way that could make sense. Rationally, as if you're saying there is no such thing as the supernatural, because nothing that's kindly supernatural could've ever really happened. I disagree. I think having a big prejudice leave the supernatural things could happen. I'm just. Jason deeply supernatural and natural things could have okay so it do you think it's possible that Jesus could rise from the dead, supernaturally no no you and you would learn that the supernatural exist like by the happening. You have to prove… Natural unless our other reason you've already. People stole his body from the grave or grade is funny because Israel taken captive by Babylon.

And you don't know what happened during that Jesus died after that. So he didn't go to captivity after Jesus died not using. There isn't a requirement when you're trying to figure out if something happened up that you look at the evidence realistically and intelligently and you say LOL we know some things are true.

We know Jesus died because even secular historians tell about that. We also know that within days after Jesus died a bunch of people were saying that he had risen from the dead that his grave was empty and that they had seen and touched.

Now they could be all liars but they didn't give evidence of the lives especially when they were fed to the lions and crucified upside down and burned at the stake for the testimony of what they've seen and said they had witnessed, but the quick question I ask is, how could there be anything more likely or even more established historically than the basic facts that Jesus died historically and that his tomb is empty. Three days later.

I think no one doubts that I do. I don't think anyone who knows history has ever raised a rational argument against that. Now you've said you're not denying that either you're saying. Well, maybe some of you wasting your right tomb is empty, but the question is, is that a rev rational way to assign the phenomena. I would you're making an argument. I other people are saying mean by bold copy of the Bible is 300 years old. You can use that as what evidence that somebody thought that I don't think you I don't think you have your facts very clear in your mind. That's okay. Let's people don't. I won't blame you for that.

I will ask you this I were your parents married when you were born your conceived. How do you know that you know so you're basing on some sunset somebody you trust. I presume well I guess I don't know you know that you don't. But you take my faith because you trust the people, the honest people who told you so run is now we know everything that we can express ourselves.

Do you know if there are companies that decide it's entirely. It is you're trying to use normal everyday.

And you are not. Not saying you have to have a higher level of evidence for natural experience, well, you don't. Didn't Messerli have to exit a supernatural thing might happen and there might be few people know that in this case, the resurrection of Jesus is witnessed by 500 witnesses who saw him after he rose how many people knew that your parents were married when you're born 500. How did how do you know that experienced by 500 people did those 500 people ever ride and I know you okay Jason is limited so something you are you. You are not very familiar with the reasons the Christians believe in Christ and you. You've heard some skeptical arguments, but you don't know why they fall flat and I'd love to tell you what they do but my lines are full and we can't spend as much time as you probably like on the air with this but I do have a lot of lectures that cover all of these points. I don't know if you're interested in them. You probably all of Europe… They are and that one place you can find them would be under topical lectures. There is a series called the authority of Scripture cover or Greg amount of this kind of stuff there.

Also, there's a single lecture part. What authority of Scripture is one of the series and under topical lectures at my website the authority Scripture okay and and then there's if you look under the individual lectures, which is this kinda hard to find out our website should be better in this respect. If you go to the topical lectures page. There's a whole bunch lecture series listed and one of the lecture series. Let's list it is individual topics are individual lectures and their you can find it's either one or two lectures and whether they have the newest or older. Lectures are I have a lecture I gave called why I am still a Christian I talked with these very objections you raised in detail. Okay so okay, thank you for a time with me and I'll let you get on zero dollars is my pleasure. I wish I had a whole hour to spend with you, but unfortunately other people's claims of my time to I got lectured. Thanks, Jason.

Okay were talk to John in San Jose, California John, welcome to the neuropathic for calling. Thank you for taking my call as my question. I complement you and your wife for looking up that is equal 1320 yeah yeah that that was dirty and that was my wife's doing. I don't know if I would've thought diligent well for my question to start one. So I'm sure you're up for that.

My pastor is going to John chapter 4 Jesus dialoguing with the Samaritan woman at the well, and he made a remark saying that the Samaritan only had access to the tenant. And that was news to me. So I asked them to see success 09 does it relate to the Syrian invasion. No, no it's not. It's not that the Samaritans only had access the penitent but they didn't accept the rest of the Old Testament as Scripture. They accepted the Torah for the Pentateuch as Scripture, whereas the Jews accepted, you know all of the I'm sorry I'm I'm sorry I have to confess I'm confused. I was tired of the Sadducees is the reason the Sadducees returns the Samaritan to come out okay now the Samaritan Bible. I am not familiar with. There can. I've never looked at the Canon of the Samaritans, but I know that the Sadducees only accept the Pentateuch and when he said only Pendergraft began to think about them and that came from Josephus, but I don't know what Josephus or anyone else may have said about the Samaritan canon. They were different religions in the Jews and accepted some of the Old Testament. I don't of accepted all or not. So, your pastor may have more knowledge of that particular point and I do. I've never looked it up didn't really know you. He didn't know what he learned in seminary and college that's only features you as a preachers like me and him have to be careful about is sometimes we just repeat what we learned and we don't always go back to the you know the first sources that we get we hear from another teacher who heard from another teacher.

I there's a lot of stuff we hear like that.

Like when people tell you that there was a gate interestingly called the needles and yeah yeah they always say WebCams had to get on their bellies go through stuff.

There's no evidence in any history that there was such a gate in Jerusalem.

I think I heard you on your one year at public corrected that error event to the others, quite a few things a preachers like to pass on.

I guess they think my good preaching points and they think the truth in alignment. Someone came up with the probably generations ago I got passed out. But this is why you know if anything is very important. I'm not really sure it's very important to know if there was that gate in Jerusalem. So not everything the hill to die on anything is very important. Don't just believe what you're told by me or anyone else you do your own research because anything that's important is important enough to make sure of. Okay Europe in your history, I am not having no one knows everything is about history and that's one thing I certainly don't know. I have not looked into the Samaritan canon of Scripture. Okay, but I imagine you could find a just public going on Google and say what was the Samaritan canon of Scripture, and they probably tell you what books accepted by okay thank you okay thanks your call – okay Jim in Monterey hi Jim, welcome is still in hospital met very quickly okay weekly American opening part okay. I let Hailey that that's good so that's it.

That's the source and yeah there are different I know there are differences in the dates and stuff in the in the Samaritan I forgot to ask, but the question is did they accept other Old Testament books. Besides the penitent. Okay, that's the net that may select question and you other answer was in the United States of America right here he wrote the text for Harvard Law school on rules of evidence in his professor.

But eventually I read it's very good and shorten short and easy to read but I think average.

And reckon words back. And I would not disagree with that and not just because of a Christian intended favor Christian evidences but because I actually spent some of my years looking into the basis for the police and the resurrection of Jesus. And so have several very intelligent people. Some lawyers, and others. I mean, that's pretty much what was that there is a guy who wrote a book called who move the stone. I think I think he was a lawyer and an atheist, and he researched and was converted by the evidence alone that he was trying to disprove the resurrection and he got converted and many have done that. Actually, Josh McDowell has that test my two and CS Lewis I don't think you got converted directly by studying the evidence for the resurrection, but he's was an atheist who became converted certainly studied the evidences that there's there's a lot of done that Lee Strobel was a cynical atheist journalist and he was doubtful about the resident and he studied the evidence over long period of time. These people didn't just say a lot of the Christian book on apologetics and I guess that right.

These guys were spent months and years sometimes tracing down the evidence.

Yeah, I mean Jason did mention that you can't really claim that Jesus is the evidence part, that's that that's a statement of someone who hasn't looked into the evidence. Like you said, Simon Greenleaf wrote the book on evidence for Harvard Law school two-volume work that he's the most expert man of his generation, probably on the nature of evidence and when he actually said there's more evidence for the resurrection of Christ than any other historical event in ancient time. He wasn't just some kind of a Christian and dogmatists. He was definitely true Gemini take a break. I appreciate your call.

Thanks for calling in listening to the narrow path, we have another half-hour coming so don't go away and we have most of our lives full but I take a break at the bottom of the hour to let you know that the narrow path is supported, and that if you like to help us pay the bills that keep us on the air. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 that is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 from our website, which is the narrow

I'll be back in 30 seconds. So don't go away. Hebrews tells us, do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the narrow show is over today and they can learn and enjoy your teachings blog article teachings and archives of all the narrow path, radiation, and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio and do good will back to the narrow path Steve Greg and we are live for another half-hour taking your calls I give you phone number. I will let the lines of fall, so if you take this number down to call in a few minutes alignment open up the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our next caller is Jerry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Another Pennsylvania card hi Jerry, welcome, and I don't know something that you brought a great mistreated before the foundation of the world that followed Jesus to pick up my cross and follow Jesus and that I die and I am crucified this past tense. I am crucified with Christ. It's no longer I and it's Christ that lives in me. I died with Christ, I am with Christ and right now I am arranged with Christ and I am seen with Christ at the right hand of the father and I am now Christ to God and bring other people were supposed to be an eye to me sounds like you understand things pretty well requesting things don't exist. I don't have the mind of Christ I walk in your open shame and condemnation, and I'm spent walking no go no shame and no condemnation, that would be just looking for answers you sent is great mystery, and I guess it is mysterious why would you be walking and guilt and shame when Jesus died to justify you and declare you not guilty because I keep getting these laws thrown at me that I'm that I don't I don't obey the law. Laws asking public all the laws that are preachers and that I should get money and I shouldn't do this and I shouldn't do thatokay well let me just say this following Jesus means that your devoted to following Jesus that when when you wake up in the morning and you realize you're awake. Okay, it's another day that Jesus owns me, and I'm here to bring him pleasure to do his will, and to glorify the father. That's just the mindset of somebody who's genuinely surrendered to Christ. It's it's like if you lived in the times of slavery and you were a slave and you woke up in the morning and you realize okay. My Masters got some for me to do. III better and if I don't know what it is I better try to find out and do what pleases them. I'm not a free man to do whatever I want to do. I have a master I'm a follower I'm a slave and that's what we are.

That's what the Bible says were to see ourselves as now, if you really do see yourself that way then you're probably not can be disciplined all the time you you may disobey, sometimes by weakness because nobody is perfect were were four-week were frail. Jesus himself said the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak.

But it's the spirit being willing. It's like are you would you identify yourself as a follower of Christ in a servant of Christ.

If you do, then I wouldn't see that you'd probably be living in, certainly not patterns of sin, you might be falling and someone swelled and but you should be feeling come condemnation of that Bible says if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So I mean that's supposed to be a cure for condemnation and what what you then know I'm just not a rhetorical is a real question. How I'd like an answer what she okay women with with impure thoughts go to confession women with impure thoughts in one way that women okay times 600 times and timeless special box. We can't take the total list of all the times you send it might not even be as many times as I've said in my list would be wheat we did make me many years to that list and that's not profitable. The question I you're not a Catholic. Now are you if you are good. Maybe that's the issue because a lot of times Catholics believe that they have to live up to Catholic standards and they don't even know the grace of God, but some Catholics do I Catholics who really know Jesus but I some don't. I'm not sure where you're at now. What I'm saying is if if you're a follower of Jesus.

It doesn't mean you identify yourself as a Catholic, or now something else is a process or anything else. It means that Jesus is the one you're devoted to is the one that you recognize as your own or he purchased you with his blood, even redeemed not with silver and gold, from your aimless life, but with the precious blood of Christ, and redeeming human purchased he owns us and that's something that Christians embrace happily and when we embrace happily the fact that God owns us that Jesus is our Lord. Then of course we we it's in our hearts want to do what pleases them. Although we don't do it perfectly were were sorry when we did and we certainly have. It is our goal to not not fail so I'm I don't know that that's what your mentality is.

I it sounds to me like as you said you're an old geezer like me and maybe you're getting old enough to be worried about getting right with God and your Catholic background tells you better confess of your sins and you do and it's not giving a piece that all might just be because you have met Jesus that I don't know if you have not judging. I just, that would certainly for that syndrome is a diagnosis so I don't really know if you've really met the Lord, and if you've not that I would suggest that you read the New Testament and that you identify who Jesus is and see if you believe what it says about him.

If you do then you speak and and confess your sins, you got to be confessing every temptation. You know, when you target looking at a woman with impure thoughts whether that certainly is a sin if you're looking at a woman to lust after her. As Jesus said, but if you see a woman and you find her attractive and and you find yourself tempted and you look away and don't try to think about it.

Just like if you're on a diet and you see you know a piece of pie that you shouldn't be eating well if you determined to live on that diet you can wish you hadn't seen that piece of pie because it's give your struggle is just a temptation is not a sin to see it or even to desired it would be a sinful world.

Be wrong. Violation of your diet for you to eat it but you really don't gain weight by looking at Pfeiffer people say they do. If you seafood you desire. Food and uniting us to have it so you don't need it. Well okay you you dodged the bullet right that's what happens now. I think a lot of times guys you mentioned in purity of thought toward women. A lot of guys assume that when there tempted toward a woman that they have done what Jesus is talking about but Jesus never forbade us to be tempted.

That's not our choice. We were not the temptress that that was the tempter were drawn away by our own lusts, when we are tempted but the devil make suggestions as he said he tempted Jesus. He tempted Jesus to bow down and worship them can imagine Jesus having the temptation in his mind to bow down and worship Satan. I've never had that temptation.

Jesus loves this is been tempted in all ways. Like we are getting a percent, so you may be confusing. Temptation was sent temptation takes the form of evil thoughts. Thoughts that are suggestions of evil to your mind.

And sometimes there's a mental picture comes with it.

But the point is that's that's where your battle begins.

If you're determined to be a follower of Jesus, you make every effort to ignore those things to think of something else to certainly not succumb to the suggestion and and if you find that you did you know that you do succumb in some way. Then you repent and endeavor not to no man finds it easy.

Well I guess a few men do, but most men don't find it easy to ignore women and so that's a temptation for you.

Apparently if you mention it, can a constant one apparently and the temptation is a constant experience for human beings. Christians are people who decide to say no to the things the temptations are telling us to do so. The devil wants you to feel condemned, and you sound like he's waiting on you sound like you're quite feeling condemned all the time that he doesn't even care if you sent as long as you make you feel condemned, just urban, tempted condemnation is his endgame. He he just want you to feel alienated from God and feel a God rejection.

God is angry chewing God doesn't love you because you're a bad person. That's condemnation and that's the devil's and get that's that's why he wants people to sin, not because the devil cares anything about sin. He cares not condemnation of people sending the company condemnation, but if he can get you feel the same condemnation without getting to send all the easier for him. He doesn't have to work as hard on he just has to give you temptation your filter can condemnation you have to reject it to see if you know Christ and I am not positive that you do.

I'm not trying to be critical, but I'm just trying to help you if there's a possibility that you've never surrendered to Christ and met him and made it your aim in life and always to glorify God and follow him and do that. That's so labor-intensive it's it's not labor-intensive to love somebody. If you've decided to love them, it's very labor-intensive.

For example, if you don't love your wife.

She has a big long to do list for you honey do list for you and you try to do something else. It's a pain in the neck to have all these requests from her but if you love your wife then you don't want to do everything to please that's like loving means that means you want to bless her you want her life to be a happier life is more important that she is and that you are that's what love is. You laid on your life. No greater love than that in the same think for love for God and many people he will. I don't know how we can keep all these rules in the Bible we probably can't unless you love God and wish love Jesus but if you love them, and there are people who have decided to do that then keep his commandments, is not burdensome says in John first on five this is the love of God that we keep his commandments and his commands are not burdensome, but they're very burdensome. If you don't love them, you know, it's like being a slave and it is as it is a slaver but it's a huge difference to be a slave of someone you resent and longing to be free from them all the time. On the one hand and and being a slave. Some that you love and you're awfully glad that you get to be because you love them so much and so it's really an attitude toward God and toward Christ. That's at the root of everything. It's if you find Christ as he intends to be found. You will find him to be a delightful obsession and one that you will want to know more please. More follow more be closer to be more loyal to, and a lot of people say well I'm I'm a Christian. I don't have those lots. How do you know your Christian what what evidence is there been a Christian. If that's not to love God well I'm not my desire is not to make people doubt their salvation. But I would like people to doubt their salvation for the false assurance and they need to keep seeking be a very bad thing for say I don't wear your saved if indeed you have not yet sought finally to find Christ he's got to be your pride is not just that you're getting old.

Your geezer like you say, and uniting a die souvenir for a demigod as you are. So your start doing whatever the rule cited to that's not going to be that that's make a person a Christian. It just makes a person miserable and eventually resentful toward God. You need to find out who Jesus is who God is and the disabused of any wrong notions of God, that you may have gotten from the Catholic Church, or any other you know I say that because a lot of people refer to themselves as recovering Catholics.

They believe the their Catholic upbringing is what ruined them for religion or for God while other people, by the way, to be in fair parents ever been raised Catholics and love God just as much as anyone else to us, but the sounds like you're more like a recovering Catholic and you need to be a follower of Jesus, you need to get to know Jesus. I read the Gospels. Read Matthew Mark Luke and John then read them again and get to know who Jesus is, then you need to know is he somebody you really want to make your obsession and life. I think that would make a huge difference in your experience, I'm really really sorry for the frustration because you call frequently and have the same struggle, but you know I can't give you a few verse they descends the your problem at this is a systemic problem. I think in your in your spiritual life you need to find God genuinely and not just believe he's out there and has demands he's making and I don't know how to find them like that better than to read the Gospels and get to know Jesus is that's where you see Jesus depicting that's we find out where his heart is and stress. The Bible depicts it to, but Jesus is much more focused revelation of God's heart and mind.

I'm, I'm sorry to have to move along because I have so many callers and I and you really again near another call and would like to spend a whole hour with you and we do get a lot of people like yourself that like spend more time with it. This is not not MacLachlan allowed. I'm so sorry to say but I'll talk to again.

I know I know your Culligan sherbet. Hope you take my counsel on that. I John in Vacaville, California. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling the honey struggling with complete revival that needs to be in order. The Lord my entire life God with you and your family on the go with that second Chronicles 714, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. How applicable you think this is to our present time right now while the promise of course is made to the nation of Judah, but the principles, the principles in every sent in every sentence and every clause are universal Bible principles, with the possible exception of the last line and will heal their land. That may apply, but that's that's not as universal sensors talk about people of a particular land which happened to be the chosen nation so God deftly made national promises to Israel that not every nation could claim for themselves, because there are no nations today lit numbers of political nations that are God's nations. But what we do have is individuals and and in the body of Christ in every nation who can realize the use of the spiritual benefits for themselves. I guess everything he said you know, humble yourself and pray and seek his face and give up your wicked ways and ongoing that's that's universally applicable law, good behavior and required behavior for all people who really want me got on his terms in and I think that many times Christians have become complacent and they do feel far from God or maybe feel like we've never even walked with him and annual exam.

Looking at those very statements I think would be a good a good set of instructions for limited if you can genuinely do those things. Humble yourself before God and repent seek his face.

I believe that he will discover him now the parlor and I will heal their land.

Of course, if that's historically specific to the nation of Judah, but on the other hand, on the other hand, that does mean just because he only said that Sam that it wouldn't be something he would do for some other nation, possibly if they did such a thing to me what happened and then about the whole the whole city of Nineveh repented the king repent and God saved him from imminent disaster.

They were about six weeks away from disaster and they got another hundred year reprieve because they repented so and they were Jews. So we know that God will do things for even pagan nations. If think if they can be induced to to be converted, but there's in a week. Our nation may not ever be completely converted, but the presence of people who are and who are following God is always a blessing to any nation, and it certainly the best promise of healing of of any nation would be to have us a strong testimony of the kingdom of God in the community life of the believers in that nation like leaven, causing the whole thing to rise so if you're specifically wondering about the part about the land. People often ask about that that if you're wondering if that's generally applicable.

At least the other parts are because those are more that didn't respond that speaks of individual responses to God and as individuals.

God has really changed what he wants people to do in terms of turning to him and humbling themselves right right right now.

I was referring to the land. I will continue to stay in prayer and pray for the miracle that we all need we we need on this month or next month All the time. All right without message on talking to you. Hi Janet, in California, welcome to the narrow and had called you and how do I know that Jesus is God is real and when people ask me that and in Corinthians.

It talks about and send external guests of the Holy Spirit and the hiring spirit like some people spoken to speak in tongues and when people ask me that I just can't you consider that because when I went to an altar guide spent have to drive you to the altar which you feel your own experience with God and then let me jump in here and say I'm sure that your experience with God and the gifts has done a great deal to confirm your faith but I think in the case of Jason that's just the kind of things that he's not to be convinced by he he saying that he was a Christian and he tried doing this and that and everything and I daresay he probably never spoke in tongues. If he did, it wouldn't make much difference. Make them a Christian or not, but the truth is that seeing the gifts. The spirit don't always have that impact on a person's doubting because most even even miracles. If they occur before your eyes. They can be explained away by someone who's determined not to believe miracles CS Lewis said he only knew one person ever claim to see a ghost. It was a woman who didn't believe in the immortality of fullness that she didn't believe before she saw the ghost machine leave after you have either sent just prison scene is not believing if you've got a naturalistic worldview you already exclude miracles is a real possibility in history and so you know if someone does a miracle in front of you, which let's face it, not many of us see real miracles down from us, but if one did they would give it a natural explanation.

Remember in John chapter 12 God spoke audibly from heaven to Jesus in a public place ever heard in the Bible said some set of thundered.

Other seven angels spoke to some some set enemies someone they heard some but they didn't want give a supernatural expression is a natural thing they sent others thought supernatural, but it depends on your prejudices and I have to say from talking Jason. Much as I'm glad to talk to them today and in the future and in the past. I don't know that he isn't prejudiced against the supernatural and without prejudice.

No amount of evidence can change your mind because no one can be made to believe something that they have decided they cannot believe we sometimes think you can just prove things to people. Lazarus was raised from the dead. That's a pretty supernatural thing and many people were there and sought some of the money went and reported it in Jerusalem and lots of people who heard the report and knew it was true decided that they needed to kill Jesus and kill Lazarus to because they believe it was true, but they didn't like it they don't want to submit to the truth and so there's a number of factors. It's not just seeing gifts the spirit or hearing about them or even experiencing them. Remember, Jesus said people can experience gifts in spirit without them being saved. He said many will say to me that day, Lord, Lord, we prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name and did many mighty wonders in your name.

Now say I never knew you. I believe in the gifts of the spirit and I have experienced them.

Not all of them, certainly. But some of them I fully believe in them but I would never actually think that a person who's having trouble believing in the supernatural will necessarily be convinced because they see somebody action if the spirit especially the places that you usually see people doing it only drive many people like this.

I don't much time I want try to get one more call in appreciate your call. Janet Paul from New York. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling waiting that I found out about through that I met on mine. I took a late clearly and so and going to the Scriptures.

I have studied the Scriptures and have come to believe about Israel and France wanted to say that an authorized teaching on the narrow path that that one quick question if you have time on the list with you and as I got two minutes or so and that is you at your take on that sure excellent.

I appreciate your call.

You wanted to hear it on the air. So go ahead and hang up and I will answer you hear the music about a minute and half. The last thing Jesus disciples asked him before he ascended and in acts 16 was, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel. McKenna dodged the question and said it's not for you to know the times of the seasons of the fathers put in his own power, but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and to the outermost parts the world now knows he didn't really answer them. And I think the reason is because he was about to leave and there were things that he couldn't explain to them it with the present from a reference but he had told them just a few days earlier in the upper room in John 16 verse 12 and 13. He says I still have many things to say to you, but you're not able to endure them yet but when the Holy Spirit comes, he will guide you in all truth, and he will remind you of the things I've said and so forth to help teach you all things, so Jesus knew that he was leaving his disciples with incomplete training and what to answer their question would've required a fuller knowledge on their part of the meaning of the word. Israel and of the word kingdom.

The question is, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel that that was a very legitimate biblical Old Testament hope Dodge and return it restore the kingdom to Israel, but in the New Testament after the spirit came in leather and they recognize that they are not all Israel work called Israel or of Israel. That is the remnant of Israel starts looking in the kingdom is not the political think they thought it was if this is a spiritual reality is community following Jesus Christ without the political structures of our kingdom, so those were things there orientation about the terminology that you was not adequate and because he just had to wait for the Holy Spirit to teach them that so just dodged the question and said is not but I wish I could give you more time but I'm going to cut off your seven seconds eliciting the narrow path, we are listener support.

As I said earlier, our website is the narrow Check it out.

Everything is free. There the narrow Let's talk again Monday

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