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The Narrow Path 10/5

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 5, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/5

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 5, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow pass radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each weekday afternoon, taking your phone calls. If you have questions about the Bible about Christianity that the Christian faith. You're welcome to join us on the program if you want to talk about those things. Maybe you have a different view from the host either within the Christian community that where their differences of opinion or maybe you're not part of the Christian faith in you have differences of opinion on that basis, feel free to give me a call. Be glad to talk if you want to the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 tonight I am speaking in the Houston area in Jersey. What is injury village Jersey Village north of Houston and are are we filled up for tonight or not, but maybe not okay it's it's an RSVP thing, because it's in a home. If you're interested in coming tonight. I believe it's 7 o'clock and that's used to be a Q&A it's going to be about the kingdom of God, followed by a Q&A in case he shows how much I know about them doing exams I'm speaking different place almost every night. On this trip I'm traveling and we were in Arizona speaking a couple times and we've already had a couple times in Texas is a few more times in Texas I tonight will be in as exhibit Houston area tomorrow will also be in the history but South in chocolate Bayou and events can be tomorrow night at a church. The pastor there Steve on this trip. Friend of mine and that we were mutual admirers of Vic and Dalby speaking to his church. I think that's adrenal present Q&A anyway. Something probably both. Probably a lot of these places have as we speak on the kingdom of God obvious a speaker. Many of the things and while this is not a book tour it.

I think I've been asked to speak on the subject because I do have a new book on the subject of the kingdom of God. That's that's hard. Well I just found out yesterday it came out already on Kindle. It's not could be out in hard copy on Amazon or anywhere else until October 15, which is obviously only about 10 days from now. But if you're red. If you just can't wait to get the book and you got a Kindle app who doesn't. You can then get it on Kindle right now and read it. The book is called Empire of the risen son, and of course the word son is spelled SON Empire of the risen son. It's about the kingdom of God.

It's the first of two books. It was going to be one book just got too big. Submitted two books and the first book.

As I said will be released in hard copy about 10 days now. The other one is probably at least a month behind and not sure. In any case, both books are complete. The both of the publishers and I'm just waiting to see them come out but I'm active for that reason a lot of the places I'm going have since suggested specifically me speaking on the topic so that's tonight. Also, tomorrow night, which is in chocolate Bayou and then the next night.

I'll be in the Dallas area, so tonight and following tonight. I'll be in Texas. After that were heading further east and I'll be in Arkansas and other places further east eventually in Indianapolis area so were away from home for a few weeks. However, it military people stay in our home, so don't try to break in Oregon it's a it's well defended. I'm kind of joking but that's not not untrue. So just want to know you going to seminary I were away from home for X number of weeks you just come same houses unprotected, but it is not. It is not unprotected.

Anyway we have angels also gathered around the house watching it for sweet. We asked for them and there was, her request is requested away what we have our lines filled as I've been blithering on we've seen the lines Philip and some to go ahead and talk to the callers here again if you want to call him later in the program. There will be opportunities lines to open up if you called me a few minutes now. The numbers 844-484-5737. I just realized I didn't give any specifics about what I'm speaking all these places, they are at our website you can go to the narrow the narrow and look under the tabs as announcements and if you scroll down to the property. Josie the specific information. All you need to know to join us. All right, let's talk to some of these callers. Here Paul from Peachtree Georgia. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling you about the US expectation of the new covenant, they reject you Messiah and how you see their view of Jeremiah 31. What they don't leave it fulfilled and he was late to talk about.

Well, I have to start out by saying I've never really talked to or inquired of an Orthodox Jew modern Jew concerning what they think the new covenant will look like, I can only speculate, since they don't believe Jesus established the new covenant that they believe it will happen when Israel is gathered because in the context of Jeremiah 31. There is discussion of God gathering Israel from all lands and so forth.

And that's really what Orthodox Jews are anticipating believe the Messiah will come and he'll gather the Diaspora from all the different nations and bring them back to Israel that's associated with the coming of the Messiah in their mind and and then I suppose when it says out younger to make a new covenant him to write my laws on their inward parts, and my ways on the heart and they'll all know me, and so forth. I suppose what they just would imagine that I mentioned they would say that means there will be general turning to God peoples Israel's hearts will be right with God.

They will turn to God, build it be embracing his covenant anyway. They have not previously and and they would be justified in thinking that some if if Jesus in fact had not fulfilled it, and if was unfulfilled.

This would be a very justifiable if looking at it because for God to for some of it for Jew to have God's law in their heart is something that, for example, David spoke about in Psalm 40 now than the book of Hebrews tells us that this statement of David is really to be attributed to Jesus but David did say in Psalm 40, verses six through eight that that that is that God's law was in his heart and so to have God's law in your heart would perhaps be seen to them as simply a way of saying you know they they love his lovely we are not rebelling against this law is not been imposed upon them against their will. It's it's right in the basic core of their passion is to keep God's law. We know that was true.

David, it's also true of Jesus because Hebrews applies at him and the idea of God's law being in the heart.

If I were an Orthodox Jew, which I'm not and I don't really know if they follow this way, but I would think almost certainly they would think that God writing his longer hard to simply an image for them there after having God's law in their heart certain figure of their hearts be changed and there there keeping of the law been pretty much the way it was supposed to be. They didn't. They're not looking for is Hebrews does in abandoning of the Torah law there.

There they don't believe for example that the sacrificial system has been done away. They believe the Temple be rebuilt every priest every animal sacrifices so they would, of course.

However, they understand the new covenant, they would see it as including the behaviors of the old covenant, but adding to the outward behavior. Perhaps a changed heart toward the law now-Orthodox Jews listing in and I got it wrong, feel free to call it because I'm not to. I'm not the only one allowed to speak in this program you can you can tell me 500 just might my knowledge of Judaism which is certainly not comprehensive. Modern Judaism would make me think that that's probably how they would speak when and how they could in a sense reasonably speak if Jesus is not the Messiah, Jesus didn't fulfill the safe than that. So it seems to me only the most logical way to see it but I think there's a better way to sit, since I do believe that Jesus is the Messiah and that he did fulfill that. But if you really want an authoritative answer, give talk to somebody who either has either is it Orthodox Jew or hesitantly studied their views on many things that I have not studied their views on their Talmudic and I haven't started to tell him about much but certainly I know the Jewish people who have listened to note on this program either intentionally or unintentionally, and feel free to give me a call if the if I got that wrong because I am not beyond making mistakes about what other people believe the number to call if you're interested is 844-484-5737 all right our next colors Frank from North Texas Frank. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling the area well. I'm well, thank you first of all, I should be seeing you Wednesday night Richardson Texas great look back at all and in place.

My wife and I should be able to make it. Looking forward to diving and listen to you on the radio. I have met yesterday in person. I'm looking forward to that limited to my question last few wind phases in the church within 30 and coal different to leave Buddhism and Islam, and goes on and on with About 10 or 15 of It Struck Me As Funny As He Read All This You Know the Information about It. That How Little Hope and Joy. PC People Have Been Thinking with Phil Was. Scripture Came to Me with the Last Verse in Judges When It Says That Says That Israel Was, without a Cane, and the People Did What They Saw Right in Their Own Eyes and in My Taken It Too Far Not Seem like the People Who Start the FICA Joseph Smith the People Who Start the Different Things That Does Not Seem like They Want Things the Way They Want, Not the Way It Says That in the Bible. Well, I Don't Have Again Obviously I Would Have To Take One Comes People's Motivations, I'd Have To Take Their Word for Them Unless They Explain Some Motivation Had That Was Obviously Different Than What They Were Speaking about What They're Doing. I Don't Know Their Motivations.

I'm Sure There Are People Who Are like That. There Are People Who Want to Reject the Bible and Want to Reject God and Want to Reject Jesus and Would Rather Substitute Him with Something Else. I'm Pretty Sure Joseph Smith Would Fit in That Category Because He Was a My Mind, a Charlatan, but I Wouldn't Say That Mormons in General All Fall into the Category Think That There Are Mormons Who Probably Think That Joseph Smith Told the Truth, They Probably Think That He's Got It Right in the by Following Him. They Believe That There Doing Exactly What the Bible Wants and They're Not Did Not Following Their Own Will.

The Following May Be Joseph Smith's Will That They Believe It's God's Will.

Joseph Smith Himself Course Knew Better Because He Had to Perpetrate a Great Hoax in Order to Start the Religion but There's a Difference between Being the Deceiver in the Deceived of Course Is Not Desirable to Be Either You Know yet but I Believe the Deceived Especially If in Some Sense They Have Been Deceived in the Context of Not Having Much Light of Themselves As Somewhat Less Culpability on Their Part Confer on the Part of Deceiver. So Yeah There Are People Who Just Want to Do What They Want to Do, and They're Not Submitted to the King Jesus, so That Would Explain Why They Have the Have To Fill That Void. If the Narco Do What God Wants to Do What Someone Else Wants Him Who Is the Greatest Competitor to God. In That Respect, but Yourself to Okay for You Wednesday Night. Thanks for Your Call. God Bless You and Stephen from Wilmington, Ohio. Welcome to the Neuropathic for Calling You to Talk to You. Yeah Yeah I Was Wondering Why Christian Think That the Book of Revelation Is Mainly about the End Times Instead of 70 A.D. You Think There's a Number of Reasons. And like I Can Speak Somewhat Knowledgeably about This Because I Used To Think That Myself and I Know Why I Thought It so I Can Tell You Dance like I'm Pretty Sure from My Conversations with Others Who Believe That Weighted We All Kinda Have the Same Reasons. One Is That Were Very Unfamiliar with the Kind of Literature That the Book of Revelation Is Were Accustomed to Reading Literature As If It's Written in Literal Terms and Most Christians Are Not Familiar with What We Call Apocalyptic Literature on the Jews and the Christians of the First Century the Ones to Whom That Was Written Works Entirely Familiar with A Lot Of Books Written That Sound a Little If We Would Read Them.

They Sound A Lot like Revelation, but They They Knew That They Are Part of It Kind of Literature That Was Making a Point Symbolically and Go and and and You Know When You Read the Gospels Your Reading History When You're the Book of Actuating History Is Posting Pretty Literally and When Paul Wrote His Letters Mostly Just Talking in Literal Terms to People so You Can Expect Lisa, You Should Take the Bible Literally and You Should, If You're Reading the Parts of the Bible That Are Written in Order to Be Taken Literally.

But There Were Parts the Bible Which the Original Audience Would Know Very Well Are Not Literal, Just like We Know That Daniel Is Not Being Literal When He Describes the Babylonian Empire Is a Lion with Wings Coming Out Of the Sea As a Symbol for Babbling or the Media Persian Empires a Bear with Three Him. Whatever. It's Got Three Horses Mouth or Something like That. You Know When Daniel Uses That Kind of Imagery. There's No Question It's Symbolic, and Daniel Facet Sink in the Book of Revelations of Rick Scott Apocalyptic Visions and It and I Don't Know Why It Is That All Christians Know That Daniel's Visions Are Symbolic, but Not All Christians Recognize That the Visions of Revelation Are Symbolic in the Same Way. In Fact, Many of Them Are the Same Same Symbols That Daniel Used so We Were Not Familiar with with a Great Amount of Biblical Books or Any Other Kind of Books That Use That Kind of Imagery so It so We Tend to Read Things Literally Unless We Have a Very Good Evidence Not to, and in Many Times We Have Been Told. As Christians We Have Been Taught Well about the Prevalence of Apocalyptic Literature in the First Century so That the Christians Will Immediately Recognize It When It Was Written to Them. Another Thing Is It Because We Take It Literally.

We Have To Say. Will Those Things Haven't Happened yet. Obviously These Are like Science Fiction Movie Stuff Amina Could Happen in the Future Because Who Can Say What Can Happen in the Future.

Maybe Anything Could Have in the Future, but We Certainly Would Say That Hasn't Happened yet and It Certainly Is Never the Time When 1/3 of the Ocean Turn to Blood in the Third and Sufficiency Perished in Hundred Pound Hailstones Pelted the Earth and Those Things It Never Happened and Therefore They Say Well If the Bible Is True Must Be Targets of You Hasn't Happened yet and Again This Is a Problem with Not Realizing the Nature of the Book Greatly.

Assuming These Are Literal Descriptions of Phenomena and That If They Are Certainly Never Find a Time When Male Happened so They Must Be Future.

I Think That's the Main Thing and Then of Course the Other Reason Is Because All the Teachers That They Have Listened to At Least the Ones That Have Influence the Most Are the Ones Who Assume That Revelations about the Future and As You Know, There's Different Views. There Are Teachers like Myself Who Believe That Most of Revelation Is about the past and There Are Other Views to but the Most Popular Teachers of the Largest Churches Who Wrecked the Best-Selling Books and Have Most the Radio Programs on the Christian Stations They Assume That It's about the End of Time, and in Many Cases They Identify Some of the Visions Revelation As It Is Coinciding with Things We See Happening in the World Now Which Again Tends to Confirm That John Was Writing about Things That Were Very Much in the Distant Future. From His Point of View and Though There Still Future.

From Our Point of View, They May Not Be so Far Distant This Is. I Think the Main Thing Where Unfamiliar Is Apocalyptic Literature and Therefore We Assume That These Things Have To Happen Literally, We Know They Haven't Happen Literally in the past and since We Trust the Bible Be Truly Free. We Must Have To Happen in the Future and That of Course All the Teachers.

Some People Have Heard and I've Heard I for Teachers of Various Views but Not in What Has Many People Only Heard the View That Some of the End Time so They Just Take It As a Default Viewing Many Don't Realize That That View Wasn't Held by Christians throughout History Had Some Relatively Modern View That There Holding yet Okay Stephen, I Appreciate Your Cover All Right We Get on Kindle Today. Are You Going Couple Weeks and Get the Hard Copy – Minor Okay Jeff from Dallas, Oregon. I Mean, Don't Dallas Texas. I Knew It Was Dallas Texas but I Used To Live in Oregon Just down the Street from Town Called Dallas.

So This Kind of Reflects Jeff from Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the Narrow Path.

Thanks for Calling the Question Set up a Little outside of Cloud Came down and He Would Meet with Their and Also Go up to Mount Sinai to Meet It. Just Need to Well That's a Good Question That the Bible Doesn't Answer My Assumption Would Be, and This May Not Be the Correct One That My Assumption Is That in the Initial Contact with Israel and the Giving of the Law That God Wanted to Make an Impression of His Separateness from Them, and of the Fact That Only Moses Would Be Allowed to Really Go into the Presence of God Because He Was an Unusual Man, but the Majority of Israel Would Not Be Allowed to an End and the Fact That He Later Was Able to Meet with Moses in a Tent Which Was by the Way, Still Remote, It Was Still outside the Camp Was At Least up on the Mountain Would Suggest That God Has Had Come down to Dwell among Them, As He Promised to Do a Number on the Mount Sinai God Was about to Wipe out Israel When They Made the Golden Calf and Moses Interceded for the Reasons If You Don't Go with Us and among Us, and We Are to Go and so Perhaps in Order to Let Israel Know That He Had Forgiven Them at the Behest of Moses Intercession and That He Was Now among Them. Perhaps That I'm I'm Guessing That May Be One Reason Why He Allowed Moses to Set up a Tent of Meeting Actually Ground-Level, Still outside the Camp.

Not so Far Away from the People That He Had Promised to Travel with up on the Mountain If He Had Never If He Never Camped. If He Never Appeared in the Tent at Ground-Level down from the Mountain, Then God Could Be Perhaps Seen by Israel a Little Bit like the Way the Greeks Saw the Gods on Mount Olympus. You Know That Their Inaccessible New Orleans.

It Really Ever Seen Them but This Most Believe That There God Supernaturally Appeared to Them on the Ground Because Especially with the Begin to Travel. We Know That There Is a Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire at Night Cloud and Daytime Fire Night That Will Actually Lead Them If You Can Picture You Know, like People, Following the Path of a Tornado or Something like That. And yet It Would Stop and Then It Would Hover over into the Holy Holy so That Means There Is There's a Clear Supernatural Was about This They Can See God's Face Remained like That, but They Could See That He Was Present in This Way That Made Him More Real and More Personal. I Suppose to Them Then If He Had Just Been an Unseen DD I Hid in the Dark Clouds of the Top of It in an Accessible Mountain so I Think That the Original Meeting between Moses and Mount Sinai Probably Had to Do with Emphasizing That God Is Lofty, God Is a Far above and and with the People Who Had Not yet Come into the Covenant with Him He Would Not Be among Them. But the Covenant Was Made on the Mountain and Then Because of the Covenant God Promised That He Would Be among Them, and That That's Kinda the Way I Would Just Assume This Change Took Place, and Perhaps the Reason for Right Okay Jeff, Good Talking to You. Thanks Your Call. Steve from Valley View, Bellevue, Washington. Welcome to the Narrow Path Makes for Calling You Working There.We Forgive Others That You Will Forgive Us If We Don't Forget about My Question Is No Life You Have Trouble Forgetting Themselves with That Payment. Not Forgiving Somebody.

Well, the Bible Never Even Never Even Implies the Existence of Such a Phenomenon Is Forgiving Yourself.

We Know We Do Use That Term in Modern Times, and We Even Know Kind of What It Means That You Know I'm Kicking Myself for Doing Something I Did Something Kind Ruin My Life and Are Complicated Things and You Not Give Anything If I Could Turn the Clock Back in Go through That Patch of My Life.

You Cannot Do That to Forgive Yourself Is to Pretty Much Put It behind You and and Move on. We Call It Forgiving Yourself and There's a Sense in Which It Is a Menu You Have To Release Something As a past Issue No Longer Relevant, or Some You Can Change but This Time She One Who Did Rather Someone Else to Get to Forgive but the Bible You Know I Think the Bible Teaches That God When We Repent Forgives Us in His Opinion of Us Is All That Matters. And I Think the People Who Saved You Have To Also for Yourself Are Addressing a Problem That the Bible Helps the Christians Will Not Be Struggling with and That Is It's All about Me.

You Know You Know Jerry, I Think the Early Christians to Whom the New Testament Was Written, Had Come to Christ by Denying Themselves Take up the Cross and Realizing That They're Not the Focal Point of Anything They Don't Have To Please Themselves and Forgive Themselves They Need to Be Approved by God, Not by Themselves. You Know, I'm Looking for My Own Approval of Myself and and Something Stupid I Did or Evil. I Did That. If You Have Repented of.

I'm Still in It. It Hurt My Reputation Hurt My Self-Image. It Hurt All Give Thanks I'm Still Is Obsessing with Myself, Missy, and the Bible Doesn't Want to Encourage Us to Process Ourselves. The Idea Is If You're Christian, You've Already Made the Transition You're Thinking That My Opinion of Me Is What Matters Is Not Men's or My Opinion, It's God's Opinion and If He Forgives Me That's Good Enough.

And Though It's True at That Very Moment We Are in a Sense, Forgiving Ourselves. That Is to Say When Artery Holding It against Ourselves Perennially. I Don't Know That We Need to Absolutely Forget What We Did. Sometimes We Need to Remember to Be Humble Because It's Good That We Don't Forget Everything We've Done Wrong Unless We Begin to Think Were Better Than We Are, Because God Does Make Us Better and Want to Get Better and I Think Were Pretty Good to Remember What We Did Back Then.

I Don't Say We Should Be Remembering All the Time. What We Did in the past, but I Don't Think It's an Estimate Actually Forgetting the Main Thing Is That, Remember That It's Not Our Opinion of Ourselves That Matters God's Opinion of Us and so to Target Forgiving Ourselves Make It Sound like That. We Need to Get Our Own Approval and so We Forgive Ourselves and of Course in Humanistic World That's True in the World Is Not I Need to Correct for 30 Seconds. I'll Be Right Back.

Small Is the Gate and Narrow Is the Path That Leads to Welcome You to Have Nothing to Sell You Everything You Today's Radio Show Was over, We Invite You to Visit the Narrow We'll Find out the Audio Teaching Blog Article Verse by Verse Teachings in the Archives of Learning and Enjoying the Thank You for Supporting the Listener Supported Narrow Path. Greg and Back to the Narrow Path Radio Broadcasts Steve Greg and We Are Live for Another Half Hour Taking Your Calls since We Do Each Day.

At This Time. If You Would like to Try Sex Have a Couple Lines Open, Which Is Not Often the Case.

If You Have Questions about the Bible or Disagreement with the Host You like to Bring up for Conversation. The Number to Call Is 844-484-5737 844-484-5737 and I Just Say Again since the It Is upon Us That Tonight. I'm Speaking in the Houston Area and Jersey Village, and Tomorrow I'm Speaking in the Houston Area in Chalk at Chocolate Bayou and Then the Next Night I'm Speaking in Dallas so I Know We Have Listeners We Have Run Radio Stations in These Areas so If You Live in One of Those Areas and Want to Join Us.

You Can Go to Our Website. The Narrow and You Get Details about Where and When These Meetings Are Some of Them Some of Them Are in Private Homes in Chocolate Bayou. It's Going to Be in a Church, but in the Address Will Be Found Their Website but in the Home so We Are Asking People RSVP.

That Way the Hosts Can Give out You Know Their Address to a Finite Number of People Rather Than Posting on the Website and Also They Can Keep Track of How Many People Are Coming so They Know If There's Too Many Are Not so Anyway. Oh, I'm Sorry in Chocolate Bayou Is Old Okay in Dallas You in Dallas, Especially in a Hotel Conference Room so I Forgot That It Was Can Be at Home but It's a Hotel, but Used To RSVP Anyway. All That Information Confusing As It Is to Me. I Can Be Crystal Clear to You. If You Go to Our Website. The Narrow and Look up under Announcements, the Dates in Question Which Is Tonight Tomorrow and in the Next Night, All of Which Are to Be in Texas All Right. Let's Talk Next to Richard in from Phoenix, Arizona Richard, Welcome to the Narrow Path Is for Going from Years Gone by. Okay, Good to Hear from You yet to Hear from You All the Time. So Anyway Talk to You Again and I Got a Question for You.

Pretty Simple One so We Happened in Galatians of Integrations Five Qualities You Know Prices to Stay with Way from That People Would Do It Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God and We Come to the Pharmacopeia Part Which Is Basically Drug Use Magic Potions Used in Cultic Worship and Stuff to Yell into His Worshipers to Fall into Incantations and Stuff like That. So My Question for You Is I Would Take It That in Ancient Israel. This Is Also Forbidden and Where Would I Find in the New Testament a Specific Reference to a Prohibition against Using Drugs and Mystery Religions, Cultic Religions and Things of That Nature. Well, I Don't Think I Don't Think the Law Mentions Drugs Specifically, but It Does of Course Mention the Cult Both in Deuteronomy and in Leviticus in Deuteronomy Chapter 18, for Example, Verse 10 It Says There Shall Not Be Found among You, Anyone Who Makes His Son or His Daughter Pass through the Fire, Which Was the Form of Child Sacrifice to Malik.

This Is All One Who Practices Witchcraft or a Soothsayer or One Who Interprets Omens or Sorcerer or One Who Conjures Spells Are Medium or Spiritist or One Who Calls up the Dead.

Since All Those Who Do These Things Are an Abomination to the Lord and so He Basically Lists Almost Every Kind of Cult Thing That They Were Snow. It's Now When Paul Uses the Word Pharmacopeia in Galatians Chapter 5 As One of the Works of the Flesh, and He Says Those Who Do These Things Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God the Word Pharmacopeia Obviously Has Etymological Connection Starwood Pharmacy Starwood Pharmacy Comes from It and Therefore It's Understood to Have Something to Do with Drugs Now.

I Don't Know All Not All Commenters Will Say the Same Thing but It Seems like the Drugs in Question Are Hallucinogenic Drugs or Alton Consciousness Altering Drugs Which Were Used Not Recreationally so Much As It Is in Our Cult Ways That You Were Just Describing Not Using Them Recreationally Would Been Any More Acceptable but I Don't Know That People Were Using Rec Recreationally.

I Think There Are Largely Used for Our Cult Rituals and so in a Sense, the Forbidding in the Old Testament of All Our Cult Involvement Would Include the Forbidding of the Use of Drugs in Our Cult Practices.

Now Again I Don't Know How Common It Would've Been in the Old Testament Times Are New for People to I Guess That Smoke Opium Things like That but I Don't Know How Much of It Was Really Known As Part of the Occult in the Old Testament, but I Think That the Main Concern Probably in Both Passages in the Old and the New Is the Coldness Rather Than the Drug Itself, but Consciousness Altering Drugs Are Nonetheless Contrary to What the Bible Indicates We Should Be Doing Because While Again the Bible Because the Bible Doesn't Mention Opium or or Cannabis or Anything like That or Hashish Which Seems Strange Because Some of Those Things Certainly Were Available in Those Days. I Think They Must Not of Been Used That Much by the Jews Because the Law Course and the Prophets Were Written to the Jews about Their Issues, but but Alcohol Was Frequently Mentioned and I Know That Hosea, for Example, Said in Hosea 411. Is It Harlotry Wine and Enslave the Heart Now Wine in New Wine Does Not Forbid the Drinking of Wine per Say, but Obviously Many People Drink Wine Excessively and Enter Come to Getting Try to Get a Buzz or Worse, Try to Get Really Drunk and That Is Something That Were Worn That Takes Away the Heart. The Heart of Our Sin in the Bible Is Is Your Inner Spiritual Man and It Says in Proverbs. Guard Your Heart with All Diligence for Out Of It Are the Issues of Life That Sent Proverbs 4 That Might Be Verse 23 from a Mistake It Could Be for Safety. Proverbs 4 but Guard Your Heart with All Diligence Out Of It Are the Issues of Life and Jesus Said the Same Thing When in Matthew 15 When He Said, Out Of the Heart.

Ill Comes out All These Sins That People Commit to Come from the Heart. So You Need to Guard Your Heart against Allowing It to Be Corrupted and and When the Heart When It Says That the Wine in New Wine and of Course Amused by That. The Overuse of the Abuse of Its Other Consciousness Altering Use of It That Takes Away Ordinance Leaves the Heart. It Clearly Is Saying It Spiritually Dangerous and You Know Just Anecdotally My Generation, the Baby Boomers.

Of Course, Was Use A Lot Of Drugs Experimented and Drugs Lot More Than Our Parents Generation Probably Did Weave and Have Some New Drugs That Didn't Exist in Our Fair State like Palestinians over. I Didn't Use Them.

But I Certainly Almost Everyone I Knew in My Generation Who Wasn't a Christian. Use Them and When These People Became Christians, They Often Said, You Know That They That These Things Seem to Open Them up Date They Thought at the Time to Enlightenment and Things like That. But Now That They Become Christians. They Recognize It Was Not Enlightenment Is Deception.

It Was to My Cell Soul Again. Anecdotally, I Would Say the Consciousness Altering Substances Certainly Enslave Your Heart, or At Least Make Your Heart Vulnerable to Demonic Interference, Deception, and Possibly Even Possession so Those Are Just Some Thoughts That I Don't Know of Anything in the Old Testament Specifically Mentions Pharmaceutical Drugs or Even Accursed and Have Pharmaceutical Drugs That They Had Natural Things like Opium in Those Days, but I Jews Use It Much on One Thing You Mentioned about the Pharmacopeia. Have You Ever Read Idea Carson's Little Book Titled Exegetical Fallacies. Yes, Many Years Ago I Did Read That like to Love Yeah I Got That Book Admit That at Times, but He Points out That to Take Words from the Greek New Testament and to Read Back to Them. Anachronistic Meanings Is Completely in an Utterly Wrong Pharmacopeia. As an Example of Where Somebody Would Say I Will We Get Our English Word Pharmacy from It and We Do That He Says That It's Completely an Exegetical Fallacy to Assume Now That We Can Read That Back into the Galatians Passage and Assume That What Paul Is Talking about Our Pharmaceutical Drugs Examples to like Baryon English Equipment Being Various Letters.

That Kind of Think so. Could You Comment on That and Will You Agree with Gia Carson on Those Points. I Do Agree on This Point. I Think Another One Would Be an Example I Don't Member Gives Us but He Might Is the Word Dumas, Which Means Power and an Crossover Dynamite Conference. So Sometimes Precludes a Well, You Will Receive Doing This on Those Returns Are You. That's the Word Country Are Right Dynamite Comes from What Is True. I Worked on My Desk and Generous but Doesn't Mean That Anyone in the Bible Times, Had a Concept of Dynamite so I Wouldn't Do That to Do That Would Be an Anachronistic Misuse of the Word.

Because Really I What's Really Important How the Word Was Used in the First Century Greco-Roman World.

Yes of Course I Agree with That. You Can't Say That since the Pharmacist Makes Tylenol and since You Pharmacy. Pharmacopeia Is a Sin and We Got Our Word Pharmacy from Formative Information Take Tylenol Be Ridiculous. Of Course There Are Principles That Are Not Ridiculous to Apply Because As I Was Saying You Know We Don't Have Any Reference to Consciousness Altering Drugs at All. In the Old Testament, and yet They Had Wine They Had Alcohol in End, There's Every Reason to Believe That the Problems Associate with Altering Your Mind with That Substance Would Be Easily Transferable to Altering Your Mind with Any Kind of Chemical Substance and Having One Who Started Really Look for. Not All of a Person As Legalistic As I Was Looking for a Specific Statement That Forbids the Thing That They Want to Do It.

If There's Not There That It's Okay to Do It and That May Be True of Some Things, but Certainly Not True of Things That in Principle Seem to Be Forbidden or Their CM Schism in Principle Something and and Even Though the Specific Thing You're Concerned Doing Is Not Mentioned, It Might Be Condemned in Principle of Life. What Is What You're Saying I Agree with This Is That You Saying That It Doesn't Really Matter What It Is Enslave You. It's It's Not a Good Thing with the Alcohol with Recreational Pot Whether the Anything Even Patient. He Says You Know All Things Are Lawful to Me but Not All Be Brought into Bondage Anything Eating Certain Foods, Yeah, You Don't Get Only One Food to Be Idle to Nothing. Nothing Should Bring into Bondage or Is the Next Time I Talk to You This Week Sometime. It's Going to Be along the Same Lines of Reasoning. I Want to Take up Your Time Now, but It's a Book That's Come out by Bryan's My Rescue and He Talks about How Language Used in the Ancient World to Do Certain Things and Not to Call You about That This Week Because When Asking about That. It's Really Interesting. Thanks for That Info and I'll Talk You Later in the Week Okay with You.


Okay, I Think It Might Seem. Benjamin from Hooksett New Hampshire Looking to the Narrow Path. Benjamin from from Chapter 8 Verse Two Out Of the Mouth of Babes in Nursing You Have Ordained Strength Because of Your Enemy That You May File in the Enemy and the Avenger. I Find It Interesting That David Indicate That God's Enemies Will Be Overcome by the but My Question Is Who Are the Enemies of God. In Particular, Who Is the Avenger He Referred That's a Good Question. I Have First I Point out That the Way We Read It in Psalm 82 in Our Old Testament Is Translated from the Hebrew Text It Says You Out Of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings You Have Ordained Strength in the Septuagint, Which Was the Early Greek Translation of the Hebrew. It Actually Read Somewhat Differently Out Of the Babes How to Mouths of Babes and Sucklings You Have Ordained Praise and Jesus Quoted That Verse.

Of Course, from the Septuagint, so He Quoted Thou Hast Ordained Praise. Some People Feel the Subject Septuagint Might Actually Closer to the Original Hebrew. Then Our Later Hebrew Manuscripts Are That, in Other Words, the Septuagint Might Preserve the Original Wording Though It's a Translation from the Original Better Than the Manuscript in the Same Language That Have Been Passed on, Perhaps, Have Been in Some Way or Another, Slightly Altered It. That's That's Hard to Know Cardinal but Jesus Apparently Approved of the Septuagint in This Particular Verse and Set It in Any It's One of Course These Children Were Praising Him on Palm Sunday As He Is Riding into Jerusalem on a Donkey and His Critics Was a No Duchess Either Saying Things That Are Inappropriate.

Namely, Basically Calling Him the Messiah and His Critics Didn't Believe He Was the Messiah. So He Said Will Having to Read That Out Of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings You've Ordained the Perfected Praise, Which Is the Septuagint Version Now That the Point Here Is Jesus Insisting That Because of the Enemy and the Avenger. And so I'm Not Really Clear If When David Wrote It. He Was Thinking and End of the Wording That Jesus Used or the Wording That We Have Now in Our Hebrew Masoretic Text Which Is Represented in Our English Translations, but I I Tend to Think Both Are There. I Mean Both Thoughts That to Perfect Praise Is Not the Opposite of That Is Perhaps Part of Ordaining Strength That There Is against Spiritual Enemies That David's Enemies, I Don't Know Which One She Had in Mind. I Don't Think David Knew Very Much about the Demonic Realm or Even the Devil, Simply Because There Was Much in the Old Testament Ever Revealed about David Knew There Were Demons Because His Chief Nemesis, Saul Had Been Afflicted by a Demon Had Been Ill. Demon Possessed an Evil Spirit Had Come upon Them in and Made Him Throw Spears at David so David Certainly Knew about Evil Spirits, but As Far As the Idea of a Realm of Dark Spirits That Are Attacking and Trying to Get Us to Sin and Deceive Us and so Forth. We Have Information about That in the New Testament, but Not Much in the Old and I Don't Know If David Was Thinking of Spiritual Enemies like That. I Think David's Enemies Were Usually Normal Kinds of Enemies King and His Enemies Were Political Enemies Either of His Own Country like His Own Son Absalom or Others Shimmy, I and Others of His Own Nation or of Other Nations Now. He Said That God Has Ordained Strength Out Of the Mouths of Babes in Seconds He Might Simply Be Saying This Because I'll Tell You the People of Jerusalem Who Who Were Not. That's before It Became a Jewish City Is a Jebusite Sitting David Conquered and the People, the City Said the Blind and the Lame of the City Will Repel David's Forces.

Now They Were Great Really Get out Mobilize the Blind and the Lame What They're Saying Is We Are so Superior to You to Your Arms. Your Armies Are so Unimpressive That Even If We Only Armed Our Blind Underlayment Still Beach That It Is Kind of a Is Obviously a Hyperbole.

They Didn't Mean It Literally. David Might Be Saying Something Very Similar about His Enemies, That God Can Defeat Them Using the Babies among Us, Even Though Even the Little Children, S May Be Sufficient to Two to Defeat God's Enemies. If God Is against the Base of Course I Don't Know If That's What David Mentor Not but I Don't Know That He Had a Concept of Spiritual Enemies.

So Not One Is As Well-Developed As We Have in the New Testament so He Might've Been Saying Something Very, Very Simple, Using an Idiom Similar to What People Have Said against Him When He Attacked Them That You the Most Inferior among Us Could Defeat You and He Said about the Most Inferior among Us Can Defeat Our Enemies. Assuming That God Is with Us If You Know If Were Praising God for Honoring God and God Is Undersupplied That David Didn't Live Late Enough to Know the Exact Case like This Wasn't the Babes so Much That It Was the Defenseless.

In the Days of Jehoshaphat, Who Is One of David's Later Descendents and Was King of Jerusalem after His David City. They Were Surrounded by Huge Army of Three Different Nations and Very Much Overwhelmed and Unable to Defeat Them in a Prophet of God Came to Jehoshaphat This in Second Chronicles 20 and Said You Know Don't Worry, This Battle Is Not Yours. It's the Lord's Fact You Won't Even Have To Fight You Just Send Your Musicians out There and Your Singers and Have Them Praise God, Have Them Sing Praises to God and God Will Take Care Of Things for You and so They Did That, and When the People Began to Praise God in Song God Confuse the Enemy.

They Made Them Kind of Insane so They Begin to Kill Each Other and Is First-Inning Hunted Fight Them That the Defendant Enemy Was Defeated by Themselves by God for an Image into Confusion Which Gary Which Basically Showed You Israel's Defense Is Not Due To Their Own Military Strength, but Because of God and and yet Was Done through Praise and through Worship of God so It May Be This Reason, Which Later the Septuagint Took the Phrase Ordained Strength and Change It into Perfected Praise. I Don't Know There Are Things about the Wording Here, Especially Mention of Babes and Sucklings That in Terms of David's Meeting or Even the Meaning of the Text Septuagint Translators. I Don't Know Exactly How They Were Meeting That I Made a Suggestion but I Don't Know If I'm Right, but Jesus Use of It Actually Made It Literally about Children Who Were Praising Him and Ann Marie Criticized for Praising Him and He and He Was. He Found the Words of the Septuagint of This Passage Useful Saying God Has Perfected Praise from the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings Now He Was Saying This to the Two, the Scholars Using This to the Scribes and Pharisees, and They Were like the Experts and in the Babies of Course Knew Very Little of the Experts Are Saying It's Inappropriate for These People to Proclaim and Use the Messiah. Let's Die When Jesus of Other Silent the Rocks Themselves Will Cry out Which Are Even Less Capable of Praising Them and Understanding Things the Children Are Is Kind of Pointing out That the Children Were Seeing Things God Was They Were There They Were More in Touch with Reality about What Was Going on.

Then Even the Bible Scholars Were Is a Little Bit like What You Said in the 11th Chapter of Matthew Where He Said I Think You Five You've Hidden These Things from the Wise and Prudent, and You've Revealed Them to Babes, Which Is Again Used the Same Term Babes. He Was Hungry He Was Not. Actual Babes Babies in That Particular Same Event People Whose Intellect Well, or At Least His Education Was No Better Than That of Little Children Most People Probably Fairly Illiterate and Contest the Educated Pharisees and yet God Revealed the Truth to the Babes, As It Were for People Who Are Analogous to Babes of the Results and Had Hidden Them from the Wise and Approve the Educated Guys Who Didn't See the Truth and There May Be Something of That Input and Jesus Statement Nero Hears These Pharisees. They Don't See That Jesus Is Messiah Factor so Far from Seems That They Think Is Blasphemy to Speak of Him in That Way.

And Jesus Could Be Same Well It's Hidden from You Apparently Believe Babes See It and If They Were If They Didn't Announce What They Knew.

The Rocks Themselves Would Announce It so I Mean These Are Some of the Things Involved in This in the Setting Where This Is Quoted, but It Leaves Some Parts of Your Question Certainly Not Unanswered Because I Don't Know If the Answer Is Really That Available to Us Be Nice If It Was Okay Benjamin Thanks for Your Call. Appreciate Sorry Couldn't Be More Insightful.

Let's Talk to Joe from Seattle, Washington Joe, Welcome to the Now Catholics Are Telling Back to See Dr. Don at 27, Which Is Primarily a Catalog Trying to Get the Right and Go Back to Timothy 316, Which Says All Scripture Is Profitable for Doctrine with Group Correction Instruction, Etc. What Are We Supposed to Learn from This Travelogue in Acts 27 Well Were Supposed to Learn. I Guess the Truth of the Matter of Paul's Travels There Are You It's It's That the Passage Is Not Nestlé Thick with Spiritual Lessons Because It Is Right Simply Historical Narrative but I Mean We Do Have Jesus Appearing or an Angel Jesus Preparing to Paul and Predicting That They'll All of the Very Shipwreck the Ship Be Lost There. We Know Life Lesson Certainly Is a Way to Take Divine Knowledge to Be Able to Predict That Paul Was Able to Predict It Happen Just As He Said You Know There Are Things That Happen in Paul's Life, Which Show Because His Whole Life Demonstrated the Reality of God and You Got Some of That in Here, but Not Every Line in the Bible Has a Depth of Spiritual Meaning for Us to to Get out You Know When Paul Said All Scripture. First of All, I Believe He Only Had the Old Testament Scripture in Mind Not and I Not Say That I'm Not Saying That the New Testament Scriptures Would Not That This Couldn't Apply to Them, but I'm Not Asking How This Could Apply and Think about Was What Did Paul Have in Mind When He Spoke, and We Know That in Second Timothy Chapter 3 Only Couple Verses Earlier He Had Said to Timothy Wert Back to Two Verses Earlier in the Verse before Verse 14 He Says, but As for You, Continuing the Things Which You Have Learned and Been Assured of, Knowing from Whom You Have Learned and That from Childhood You Have Known the Holy Scriptures, Which Are Able to Make You Wise for Salvation through the Faith Which Is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture Is Given by Inspiration of God, Etc. Etc. so He's Just Referred to the Holy Scriptures in the Previous Verse That Timothy Had Been Instructed in from His Childhood, When Timothy Was a Child That No Part of the New Testament Have Been Written.

In Fact, Paul Hadn't Even Gotten to Lister yet to Evangelists and Nobody in Lister of Work Timothy Grubb Had Even Heard of Jesus, Much Less the New Testament, None of Which Was Had Been Written yet.

So This Is a Timothy the Scriptures. Timothy Had Been Instructed in Word the Old Testament Scriptures and We Read That He Had a Jewish Mother Who Is the One Who Apparently Taught Him from the Jewish Scriptures, but He Said Those Scriptures Were Able to Make Him Wise under Salvation. He Says All the Scriptures Are Profitable When Paul Wrote That There Was No Collected Writings Called the New Testament.

Of Course Some of Paul's and Most of Paul's Earlier Letters Had Been Written at This Time, If Not All of Them and Maybe Some of the Other Books to of the New Testament, but We They Had Never Been Collected into a Group Called the Scriptures They Were Simply Isolate Letters, Letters and Historical Documents That Were Circulating in Which at a Later Date Were Collected into What We Call the New Testament and Then They Were Called Scripture so When Paul Said All Scripture Is at the Time of This Writing, There Were No New Testament Scriptures. Timothy Sure That You Certainly Had Not Been so He's Talked of the Old Testament and Basically Same As Though We Are Not under the Law. The Old Testament Scripture Still Are Full of Spiritual Truths for Us and It Doesn't Mean That Every Single Verse Is Getting Healed. A Profound Truth but but There's No Part of the Old Testament That You'd Want to Exclude As If It Could Be Beneficial to Spirits and I'm Sorry to Have To Come off Here Because My Music. I Okay Got Publisher to Listen to the Narrow Path Radio Broadcast. My Name Is Steve Greg and We Are Live Monday through Friday at the Same Time We Are Listener Supported. We Pay for the Time on the Radio Stations but We Don't Sell Anything or Have Any Sponsors or Even Take Commercial Breaks. If You like Help Her Stay on, You Can Write to the Narrow Path, PO Box 1732 Macula CA 92593 or You Can Do so from the Website. The Narrow Thanks for Joining Us.

Let's Talk Again Tomorrow

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