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The Narrow Path 10/13

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 13, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/13

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 13, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow pass radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and as we usually are we alive today for an hour with open for lunch yesterday was an exception.

I'm traveling at this time.

Back east on Indiana today. I was in Missouri yesterday show time and we were in a little tiny town where we just couldn't find an Internet connection. Strong enough to do the broadcast from. So we had to play recorded program yesterday. Today were back on normal procedures and normal format were taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith or any such thing related. Feel free to give me a call if you see things differently than the host and want to discuss that difference. Feel free to call about that as well at the moment is not going to be the best time to call however curves outlines a full but if you take this number down and call in a few minutes, you may very well find a line has opened up the number to call is 844-484-5737 fax 844-484-5737 now I should announce one to be in case any of you are in the regions that I'm speaking in the next couple days tomorrow which is I guess that would say Tuesday Wednesday night in Evansville, Indiana. I'll be speaking on the four views of Revelation at a church called one life church West. That's one life church West in Evansville, Indiana, and the address and information can be found at our website about that at one life church West in Evansville Indiana tomorrow night at 630. The I'm speaking in Indianapolis and that information is at the website as well. If you happen to be in Indianapolis or near their joint assets. That's Thursday night at 7 PM to nine and that's is to be. I think just a Q&A for those two hours and reluctant.

See you there.

Couple days later on Sunday night. I'm going to be speaking in battleground Indiana at the battleground Bible church and that information. All this information is at our website.

The narrow and for those of you in Oregon. That's might seem pretty far from Indiana but next Tuesday a week from today I will be speaking and having a Q&A I'll be actually in Oregon.

I'll be speaking at the youth with a Mission base in Salem for the middle part of next weekend.

On Tuesday we will be having a meeting at the location and shed. Actually, near Albany, Oregon, and that's open to any of our Oregon listeners.

You can find that also have a website now humming to be in shed Oregon on Tuesday. If I'm in the Indianapolis area on Sunday night. Well get a flight that's not what I'm doing. I'm traveling by on road over the road on this trip we been in many locations to too many to fly to a but I'm really flying out to Oregon for this a few days in the middle of Mexico fly back to Indiana and drive home to California so that's what things are looking like here so if you're an Oregon listener.

I have been target for a while. Even I used to live there in the Albany area shed I'll be having a meeting a week from tonight and the rest the meetings in the rest of this week are in Indiana Evansville Indianapolis and battleground and if you find all those meetings listed at the website. The narrow that's the narrow under announcements and you're welcome to join us at any of those meetings already first calling today is Lisa from Hillsboro, Oregon Lisa, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling all my my button is not working here studio could you activate her call for me hi Lisa and my family who only think you think we can make that happen to me in game Dragon in your life that very thing you can memorize roaming and rely NID one and found out he started researching the NID and Q Rick that he found that some of the people that were on that committee can make that ideal brimming questions and he said that one of them you know anything about making and breaking of the Bible.

Any well honestly anytime you go online and look for critics of the ideal gifts for the same information. I don't knows information is true or not. I don't know if there was a Wiccan on the editorial staff. Another could be. I've heard that there was at least one homosexual on the staff. I've heard that before. Most the people were saying bad things about the NIV. By the way, I don't care for the I'm, I'm not a fan of the NIV what most people are saying bad things about it would have to say similarly bad things about the new American Standard version of the English standard version and frankly any modern translation. The the removal as they might call it of the latter part of Romans 81 our obscurity. What is who do not walk according to the flesh but according to spirit and that's at the end of verse four it says the that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk notes earlier that the King James actually has outlined earlier on the universe one. It's not found in the oldest manuscript and that's what NIV doesn't have that line, who walk not according to the flesh recordings were at the end of verse one it isn't. It is at the end of verse four and all translations included and so are the NIV is not trying to deny that we have to walk not according flesh recordings.

They just do not included the end of verse one of Romans eight because no modern translation will modern translations use certain manuscripts that date back further than the manuscript that were used by the King James and the new King James and those earlier memberships do not possess.

Do not contain that particular line at the end of verse one, so they do have it in verse four as all translations do so. It is thought that since the earliest manuscript don't have it up into verse one and later made scripts for which were used by the King James do have it that perhaps somebody working from the earlier made scripts had transported that line from verse four to verse one so that you haven't found in some of the later made scripts. This whole issue of which manuscripts are closer to the original is a complicated thing. And most people who write critiques of the NIV are not very complicated thinkers. Most of them just assume that if there's a difference between a modern translation of the King James version.

That means the modern translation is flawed and or even a conspiracy to obscure the truth will there are some differences like this between the King James version and most modern translation all modern translations but they're not based on any conspiracy other based on the fact that the oldest manuscripts available differ in a few ways from some of the later made scripts that were only of the elements that were available to the King James translators. What I'm saying is there are differences, but they're not. There's no sinister thing behind. Now I don't I don't know if NIV had a Wiccan on their translation board. However, the NIV was published by Christian publisher and with Christian editors and if there was somebody. I'm sure they hired the translators that are based on their knowledge of the of the original languages and we do not try to sneak Wiccan doctrine that there is no Wiccan doctrine in the NIV there's no pro homosexuality in the ideas of if one of the transitions homosexual. It didn't affect the translation. This is almost no when people don't like the NIV likes that it's not my favorite. I would recommend it if you're looking for extremely accurate Bible and experts suggest you should use. But people often get very unfair and they they want to make it look worse. Maybe that it is not coming. I don't like the NIV because the translation philosophy. It follows is too loose.

It's more of a thought for thought, rather than a word for word translation and that's not the kind of translation I like to use but if you want to add something sinister lives it all in and there was this conspiracy to obscure this or that doctrine. I don't think any doctrine that you find in King James is absent from NIV, I think all the doctrines of their it's simply that when I study the Bible.

I would like to I'd like to read it in the Greek and Hebrew, but I'm not scholar enough to do that so I want to have a translation that gives me as close to possible word for word translation and the NIV doesn't even attempt that doesn't claim to most modern translations don't claim to the new living translation does not, frankly, most modern ones did not so I like the new King James, I would never say it, or the King James are the only Bibles was having, but the ones that are not the King James or the new King James do have some phrases that are not found that are not in them that are in the King James and some people just make long lists of comparisons. Here's here's these verses in the King James or here's the same verses in the NIV and look how many things are left out of NIV brother picking on the NIV a little bit unfairly because NIV is not the only transition Lisa's out all new translations to and that's not because they're trying to omit any doctrine, it's because they're trying to be true to the manuscripts that they think of a better manuscript. Not everyone agrees that the Alexandria techs are the best scripts but the ones who do are trying to give an honest rendering of in most cases I think I like a lot more than I I'm glad Randy realized that one can have a completely different based on different meaning you can do what I always recommend is that you use a good translation for your regular reading and when you want more clarity you can have another modern translations more or less kind of which was a paraphrases it a little more and it made it put a spin on it that you would've gotten. But it might be a well-educated spin that the scholars are doing.

I don't want my translators putting their spin on my translation but I don't mind reading separately from the transition. I'm using what they think it might be because it may sometimes it gives you an angle that you would not otherwise have sought to condemn new translations and or even I'm not going to condemn paraphrases, but I would say if you're using two different translations to consult, then why would highly recommend that you get yourself. Also I Greek English interlinear New Testament because that has the Greek text with the literal English words under each word and you can then say okay my new King James reads this way of this verse of the let's say the English standard version reads slightly differently. I wonder which one is more correct when you can look in the Greek English interlinear and you can see what the Greek itself says then you can say okay I see why the ESV did it this way, or I see whether new King James.

At this rate, I favor that anyway I can go on and on about the translations with my lines folder so many translations in so many different ways to critique them but yeah if you go online and look for critiques of NIV to find some pretty conspiratorial critics and I'm not. I'm not with him I don't I don't necessarily believe that the NIV was a conspiracy to corrupt the Bible I just think it followed a translation philosophy which many others do. That is not my favorite all right.

Maybe will see you next okay, thanks for your call okay my pewter is not hanging up on these people. Okay, let's go to Rich in Las Vegas. A rich, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. Congratulations on the baby today is all that we are changed from glory to glory and steering comply of the prophet starting at the glory and conversion and ending with the glory of glorification at the recollection when he said he was confident God's work in the church at Philippi would be completed on the day of Jesus Christ were not in time when he said we believers should be changed by resurrection why network glorification occurs on the last day, when the resurrection takes place without being accepted. It is not possible that the process of sanctification for the believer continues beyond the grave.

Intermediate state. If we don't have any specific scriptural passages that expressly state that it is something we can infer from the pastors.

We do have is Hebrews 1214, where the author said pursue holiness without which no one will see the Lord well I'm not sure if we can infer, but I don't think we could exclude you know I mean that's killing the Roman Catholics have their purgatory, where they believe that somebody who's saved enough that they shouldn't go to hell, but not perfected yet, they would go to purgatory and there they would be made under go up a purgative or a purifying purging experience and become more holy and then they go to heaven.

The concept, the idea purgatory is not taught in the Bible that the concept that some people when they die, even other saved might have some level of improvement that needs to be made and perhaps can be made after they left this world is. I don't know that that's anything that we can rule out. I don't know if the versus your credit witness is necessitated or necessarily inferred but maybe they will. Maybe that's what they're referring to. It is true that we have references to being changed into his likeness on the last day in first John three says, beloved, now we are children of God. It does not yet appear what we shall be. We know that when he shall appear, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is kind of sounds like it might be instantaneous. All of I'm not sure if it's instantaneous or not we do know that in this life are growth in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. As Peter refers to or as Paul refers to changing from glory to glory is progressive and not instantaneous and I don't know of anything in the Bible it would save the moment we die. Suddenly all that distance from what we have arrived at in this life to that which God wants us to be all that distance is just covered in an instant when you die I did I wouldn't I would be sure that all so it may be I don't know if it's open, it may be that in the time after we die and before Jesus returns. That is before the judgment that more perfection continues, but that's something I think the Bible's silence about unless some of those verses might be taken to infer. I don't think that they do unmistakably so, but it might be one of the things we could hold open is a possibility from some of that information that's not really so explicit decoding. When he appears, we shall become like him.

So yeah is that not referring to when he appeared in glory likely so I believe so, although you know is what it doesn't say when he appears, we will become like Mrs. when we when he appears, we will be like him, which could imply that he will not appear until we have reached that point, when he appears, we will be like him might mean. We will be he will find us in a condition like him, but I think it's more likely and more common to assume that when he appears that he's given make us like him.

At that point, I have don't have details that nail down and more time in the intermediate state than they did in their short life on earth I could see how they were better than they were better.

That's when I started subleasing along. I know that's true that's true but I mean there is like there's deftly believers who suffer martyrdom probably are much closer in in that profit than others.

Considering that I decided that similar to Christ, but it is I don't think it's so much a Roman Catholic idea become their own copy ideas.

More of like you have to pay for their sin. More like a just a just punishment like paying for themselves, but what open my idea to this contact was Jerry Wald when he talked about the possibility purgatory, but from a Protestant standpoint words more about think education is more about becoming more like Christ, not paying person that started on the cross. But you know throwing the whole idea purgatory with the Reformation is similar to other thing that the conference did you know just anti-catholic but maybe not right.

I it's very possible the reformers overbalanced and the pendulum swung beyond what they should have a rich that's interesting and see thoughts and will leave those out there for it to be a chewed on yet all right got my cement. Okay, let's talk next to Willie from Tiffin, Ohio Willie, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling your recent fine. But there is a quick question one, but what we understand from history with you on going on in the tainted. Would that mean for I know okay okay great.

I appreciate your call.

Thank you.

Okay, so what is the healing daily in the gospel your galea means good tidings or good news. But what is the news is honest-to-goodness, so it's not it's not a message about Helen condemnation things like that would some people make of that much bad news, even if they tag on little bit of good news at the end. The good news that Jesus preached.

According to Mark chapter 1 verses 14 to 15 was that the kingdom of God had drawn near and in Jesus of course said in Matthew 2414, this gospel of the kingdom must be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, and that's what Paul said and asked 2025. He said he'd gone among the people preaching the kingdom of God and the so the kingdom of God is the message what is the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the assuming of total authority as King over all by Jesus Christ, which he said after his resurrection had happened. He said that all authority which means rulership has been given to me in heaven and earth, so the message is that Jesus is now the King is seated at the right hand of God on the throne, ruling that he is not is not dictating to the world. I mean people will Jesus really, how come there's much evil while because many people are not the knot in his kingdom. Those who turn to Christ are those who accept him as king and Lord in their lives and begin to follow and obey him, and the collective number of those who are his disciples so described is so they are his kingdom there his subjects.

He's the king and the ideas that the kingdom of God is a growing phenomenon as more people become followers of Christ or G7 must, in his day the kingdom of God is like a little mustard seed but is grown up into a great tree. He said it wouldn't have in Daniel chapter 2 and verse 44, he had indicated that the kingdom of God in Nebuchadnezzar's dream had been like it's a little stone but it grew up integrate mountain to fill the whole earth, so the kingdom is the collective society of those who acknowledged and they knows Jesus is King not only with their mouth but with their lives.

They submit to him that he's there. Lord, in fact, not only in theory, so the gospel of the kingdom is a call well it's an announcement gospel's announcement. It's the announcement that there's another King Jesus is the King. That's good news because if he wasn't everyone would be doomed to continue to serve Satan as their king Satan had a kingdom and Jesus came and defeated him. That's good news. Jesus is now raining and his kingdom is righteousness and peace and joy.

That's good news. Satan's kingdom is in any of those things. So this is the good news of the kingdom of God.

Now a lot of people want the good news to be about where you going to die. And of course it has ramifications if the if you're part of the kingdom of God. That's a kingdom that lasts forever and so you live in it now and then when you die you will later live in it again later on in the resurrection. So it is.

It's it has ramifications for eternity, but it begins here the call of the gospel to call people to surrender to the king and to submit to him and to live obediently to them so that they are now part of the society on earth that recognizes him as King proclaims whiskey and obeys him as King.

That's the kingdom of God and what if we don't preach that containment well we might not get people say they might respond to a different gospel but positive increases the different gospel, let him be accursed even if it's an angel from heaven, so one could wheat. We know of false gospels and some of the cults perch and we generally think well those gospels are the true gospel so people except those gospels may not really be saved and the same would be true if were preaching something other than the gospel of the kingdom which is maybe not, but I think of the many times people just hearing about Jesus.

Get truly saved because their hearts are convicted by the Holy Spirit and they they do surrender to Christ genuine. But if they don't think that saves and not really interested in following Jesus is no salvation and unfortunately some people preach the gospel as if that is true heart say forever. The Bible doesn't say that in any part of its text is not well I need take a break here, but I do want to say I just wrote a couple of books on the kingdom of God. The first one will be released in about three days from now and go to Amazon look at my name Steve Greg, the book title is empire of the risen son already preordered it will be shipped in a couple days now. The narrow path is a list of supported mistreating our website is the narrow I will be right back gate and narrow is the path that leads to life, continue the narrow path. Everything in today's media show is over and enjoyed my visit in the narrow find free topical audio teaching blog article writers, teachings and archives of narrow Panamanian shadows rethinking for supporting the narrow path that Steve Greg remembered the narrow back to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and will live for another half hour taking phone calls. Once again our lives are full but I give you the number anyway because if you want: few minutes. These lines, some of them will open up another number is 844-484-5737 state for four 484-5737 John from Westminster, Massachusetts. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for going Michael. I picked up the imitation of Christ wonderful it is and I noted very strong on solitude in the hermetic style menu responded with an interest in coming out the whole latter half of the Middle Ages. I wanted to ask you think the way, the campus described hiring solitude on you think it's extreme and how do you think solitude plays in the Christian life and how you extracted the amount that and community that is necessary yet.

Well of course he was a monk and everything he wrote was to people living and devoted life in a monastery more or less in solitude with something valued in that society and in the community and so there was time set aside for not everyone is called to be a monk, though I think many people would find it very enriching if they could live in that kind of community it's not it's not what everybody is called to live in.

Certainly the imitation of Christ does not require that you live in a monk community and if you don't then you probably won't be able to have quite the time on your hands to just go off and be alone for hours of time with God that some people do.

Even people who don't live in monastery sometimes can arrange their lives that way. I would think people retired people who don't have to work much for letting them so forth might or even people who work at jobs and in this is me for a long time I've been in full-time ministry for quite a few decades now.

My first 12 years during which I was ministered almost full-time. I was also working almost full time, but I would. I would always choose jobs I never had a career outside the Mr. because I didn't want one. But I would doubt when I needed to I take a job that I would choose jobs anytime I could like janitorial or washing windows or something like that or mowing lawns or something that would not require a lot of brain activity. I didn't want to become an accountant or something like that would have been thinking a lot about my job because I wanted to meditate on the things of God you can. You don't have to go off in into a cave somewhere to have solitude with God.

You can find it if you schedule it into your life, and some people get more than others, and I'm not saying that you know the more solitude you get, the better. There's probably a certain amount of solitude that is all that's going to be beneficial to you and the rest of your time should be spent serving other people being in you know community life because Christian is not just me and Jesus being a Christian doesn't mean I just as long as I get my soul straightened out.

Nothing else matters. Frankly, the opposite of it very purpose of Christianity is to love your brother and love your neighbor and to do good and to promote justice and do the things Jesus said but those things in themselves are of no value if your own inner life is not of a good quality will Paul services unify as I give my if if I bestow all my goods on the poor. If even if I give my body to be burned. If I don't have love it, it's nothing and thousands doesn't serve a good purpose for God so I have to my inner life nurtured. But that's just preparatory really to serving the world and to ministering to my brothers and sisters in the church and functioning the gifts. The spirit solitude is not the only part of the Christian life, and it may be a part of the life of many Christians don't have the luxury out me and let's face it throughout history. Most Christians have been peasant farmers probably and or or visitor who really worked son to son, son, sunup to sundown and yelled the idea of Ellis God in heaven for a few days alone with God that just be a dream that they would never have possibly doing Christianity doesn't call you away from society, except maybe for short times.

If you don't get away from the noise and the influence of other people at all, even if it means just getting up an hour earlier than the rest family and going to find a quiet place to pray.

If you never get any time alone with God. I think your spiritual life is going to become stale and in week but the Christmas is not primarily solitude and so when you read Thomas a Kempis in the book of the imitation of Christ is yet realize he's writing to people who live in a monastery like himself and just have to take that with a grain of salt. And if you're not living in a monastery then the principles are true principles of hate get alone with God and in some quiet quietness and solitude is a great thing meditate on the Scriptures, and so forth.

But not having to have the lecture to do it as much is Thomas a Kempis's original readers did nonetheless it's a great call to modern Christians to restore something that isn't found naturally in our in our lifestyles and that is solitude.

We need to get alone.

Sometimes to just pray and meditate on God and as I said if people are in a job that requires a lot of their attention, as long as their network or whatever those should be limits, solitude to get but if you if you have a job that allows it, then obviously you can take time, even while you work and be getting your work done properly and still be meditating on the things of God. That was that was what I did and chose to do what I what I was earlier my life. I had to work a regular job. I appreciate your call brother.

Talk to Bill and San Francisco California bill. Luck into the narrow path. Thanks for calling all regarding the common quick question because it was regarding the union chocolate Catholic Church that I wanted became an adult Catholic will rebuild the there was no about feeling more, feeling the all the just quadruple in that kind of like 100 what your thoughts will not why were you raised Catholic will cover.

Not here. Catholic now okay yeah well I me there definitely are people who feel different things in different religious expansiveness.

Realize that Hindus and Buddhists and Mormons all profess to feel certain things to we don't really count that to be approved with the religious ideas are correct.

But some people I mean genuine Christians who are real followers of Christ do seem to respond to a more liturgical kind of church practice. They feel holier they feel more reverent or they feel something I feel closer to God in the situations and you know if they really are closer to God it'll show up in the way they live, and I've got no objection to people having that more liturgical temperament and sounds to me like that's probably the case with you because you felt something when you took communion at the Catholic Church that you can feel elsewhere now.

I myself am very different than that in my temperament.

I don't have any interest in being liturgical.

I don't find anything in Jesus teachings to his disciples say in the summer on the mountain or anywhere else or in Paul's teachings that that incurs a liturgical approach to worship her or to discipleship, but they didn't forget it either size and also I think that it's one thing one thing to bless one person nothing about another. I do disagree with the Roman Catholic idea of transubstantiation, and that is of course related to the Eucharist. There, but II believe a person can have a mistaken notion that is a notion that I consider to be a mistaken notion about communion and still try to connect with God there so you know I guy I want to say I won't dispute what you said you all been more actually more healing. Can you run a statistics statistics about that quick on the yard look bald grew up pretty good.

FDA denatured and sold all the much all throughout all the quality people while viewing from STA Catholic Army doesn't like polar opposites. Yeah, I don't know anyone who's as anti-Catholic as the SDA church. It worked like she got killed during you will achieve your neurological called biology log all one-way. That's wonderful and and and there's no reason there's no reason why that can't be God's healing you but you have realize that people have been healed by God. Other churches to them is not the Catholic Church itself that brings healing. It's it's Christ who heals in his insulin on different kinds of churches, but did your questions. I need to move more quickly here you wanted one on some of the wall. Your medication issues and yelled all by you don't stop there mechanically sold his body like a tripod and often prayed often. I was told bald and that no work so you wonder what I think about medications yeah okay okay I think I get there a little quicker if I bring this up okay so I I personally believe that the things many people take meds for are not physical or physiological conditions.

Obviously there's an awful lot of medicines that do treat physical conditions but there are also things that are not as near as I can tell physiological conditions for which medications are often prescribed and some of those appear to be things that are spiritual issues. There's something we have to realize that the Bible speaks to people who had lived under stress that had depression and fear and anxiety and things like that to and even who were mad and who are who are who we take crazy or mentally ill when I call them today we might rephrase people's schizophrenic or paranoid schizophrenic some of those cases were in fact caused by demons, especially in the latter category in the Bible, we find it by being exercised of demons people were cured of conditions and behaviors that today we would probably give the meds for and others like anxiety and depression. Things like that which we also give people meds for our treated in the Bible as if they are, they have to do without your spiritual discipline your spiritual your faith in your obedience to God and things like that and the Bible indicates if you walk in the spirit of the fruit of the spirit includes, of course, joy and peace, which are the opposite of depression and anxiety and so I'm not saying that there's never been any physiological route to people's anxiety, or to their depression there probably sometimes is because brain damage or chemical imbalances, things like that, even even prolonged loss of sleep, things like that sometimes mess with your brain and that can cause people to be a little crazy and that being so, I'm sure the there are medicines that may help with that. My problem is that we live in a society where anything that there is a medication for people just run to that and for example if I'm feeling depressed instead of wondering what's real. How might I apply with the Scripture says about this more effectively.

Or if I'm afraid if I'm anxious how I got home, I apply the scriptural truth in the way that Jesus and Paul and in the early Christians that all Christians had to before their meds for these things. Maybe. Maybe these things are symptoms of something that is at root a spiritual issue with me and God.

And if that's true, and I simply medicate that I'll never get to the root of it. I like my grandfather, now deceased would never take aspirin and is his reason was they said if I have a headache there something wrong that's not the headache that's wrong and something causing it, and that means or something that's not quite right, and he didn't want take drug aspirin to mask a level I don't want to be unaware that something is wrong.

If there is, and although I wouldn't make. I would give advice to avoid aspirin for headache. I do think that many times the things that medications will mask our real spiritual concerns which once they are masked by mythic medication may prevent us from getting to the router so I believe there are physiological problems that medications are good for.

I also believe there spiritual problems and those medication may have an impact and impact on but it may not be God's preference that we medicate them.

He meant it might be his preference that we modify whatever it is in our behavior inwardly in our faith or whatever that would so we don't need to mask them and so that be my personal approach to the next question. I appreciate your call.

I need to try to get another one enter to before were done here, let's talk to Quinn from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Quinn, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling the live and I like that little that's right great. You know I got an example I got the email are I don't support Republican and jump, maybe a tree with them down the right leg but I agree with but making an assumption and then they're going to step lines of fact and that in the D little bit about Bible verses were familiar with the start convert.

He wrote it all. The revised revision. He was the need translation 40 years. He found it lamer in the older version.

This verse of that verse able to find first century commentators like partly in order to people that would make comments versus the grant that is true and that's that's the truth that Irenaeus, in particular sided or at least alluded fairly clearly to certain verses in what we call the long ending of Mark, which is marked chapter 16 versus I think 92 20 and that ending of Mark is not found in the oldest manuscript which happened to be themselves later than Irenaeus's time, which means Irenaeus site who lived before our earliest name for copies of the New Testament quoted from passages that are not found in those earliest ones and that which means he had an earlier version that did have them so this is me there's the idea of know which passages in the Alexander level text. You know, actually our original and which ones are different. That's a complicated study. In many cases you have to take it case by case, especially with the long ending or marketing but but there yet. II wouldn't say that one sentiment Scripps is always superior to the other.

I think that the truth is that there are some flaws in the Texas receptors which the King James use anything for some flaws in the Alexander text. I appreciate your call.

Let's talk to Martin from national city, California Martin, welcome to the neuropathic chapter 2214. Surely this will not be purchased from you to see the Lord God and what is the point you make that verse yeah okay okay since his part two from you till you die business well yeah I'm not sure is meeting but is perhaps something to throw in the mix when considering the question I appreciate you waiting so long to say that Gary from Gary New Hampshire. Welcome to the narrow path. Michael saying my Lord will defend that you did that in the Bible.

I don't believe so. No, I don't believe that that line is is Bible okay my question.

I drive by house and he has a sign out in his front lawn and with that in the Bible and I get you could be me. There's there's a lot of similar kinds of things that I just don't recognize that specific wording from a passage at thank you okay thank you, But I Jim from Texas. Welcome to the narrow path, probably didn't think you were to get to it. We did like the direction of the estimate you are all resurrected on the last day at the same time right side 20 teachers on the ratchet that the churches can be wrapped up destroying Jesus teaching stroke dispensation was altogetherů Point think they do have some way of making their own explanation that I don't think you be valid one.

Most systems of theology can explain most verses in the Bible that are less to save verses that seem hostile to their view, they can import ideas that are there, but I think if we just take Jesus words at face value, he said, as you said in John 528. He said the hours coming in which all who are in the graves will hear his voice and come forth some general resurrection of life, and some to the resurrection of condemnation so he saying there's an hour, where everyone comes out of the gate at the same time now. Elsewhere Paul tells us obviously that the dead in Christ will rise. Just prior to believing in Christ be rapture so the rapture and the resurrection occur seemingly at the same time. Essentially, with the dead rising just shortly before the living so the rapture and the resurrection would occur at the same time as the resurrection of those who asked Jesus calls are resurrected condemnation. Also, Jesus did say four times that when he speaking of his own people. He says he will raise them up on the last day now raising them up. Obviously, according to Paul in first Thessalonians chapter 4 is raising the dead and raising the living that is he'll resurrect the dead and rapture, the living, and he said Jason Hill raise them up on the last day of the last day would mean well I guess would mean the last day there's no days after that and therefore we can expect the resurrection and the rapture to occur on the last day. Jesus said that in John six verse 39 in verse 40 in verse 44 and verse 54 so in John 64 times.

Jesus is a racist people on the last day.

By the way, he also sees the judge the wicked. On the last day. He says that in John 1248 so easy to raise the righteous judge the wicked all on the last day. That's why the Bible speaks all the time about the come the day of the Lord, or that the day of Christ or the day of God, these expressions are used in the New Testament to refer to the second coming of Christ. It's the last day and it's when all the dead will be raised righteous and unrighteous, and of course the church be rapture. It's also the last day of the earth because there will then after be a new heavens and new earth.

Some people think of the millennium before the new earth, but Jesus words don't leave any room for an technote no place in the Bible does except for perhaps a popular interpretation of Revelation 20, which in my opinion can be interpreted better a different way. But apart from Revelation 20 there's no suggestion of the Bible of the millennial kingdom or anything like that between the second coming of Christ and the new heavens and new earth. The effects joins the second coming of Christ with the new heavens and new earth. In second Peter three. He says the day of the Lord which I take to the second coming will come as a day as a thief in the night in which the heavens will be dissolved and the and the elements will melt with a fervent heat and so forth, is that we according to his promise. Look for new heavens and new earth, so he's not looking for millennium Peter was looking for millennium for the new heavens and earth to come at the day of the Lord which will be like a thief in the night so neither Peter nor Paul nor Jesus had any concept of a rapture that came anytime prior to the second coming of Christ, like 77 years earlier.

Three nephews earlier.

They believe the rapture have on the last day and because it is the last day there's not a thousand years longer on this earth. There's no no more days after the last day, but in the new heaven and new earth. There's no days or nights. According to the description Scripture so that the day at the end of this present life and in this present world, I should say is the last day there be no more days after that, according to Revelation 21.

I hope that's that's helpful. I think you are the one who figured that out on your own before asking that I agree with your conclusions, listening to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg were alive Monday through Friday when possible the same time we are the archives of show are on a website. We also have a mobile app is free program anywhere in the world. The archives and lectures on the app, just like the website is the narrow downloaded for free and you phone path is listener supported.

If you'd like to write to us the address is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593. Thanks for joining us start again tomorrow. Douglas

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