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The Narrow Path 10/14

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 14, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/14

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 14, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The welcome Susan Arafat's radio broadcast modernist is Greg in our lives for an hour each week. The afternoon radio and over the Internet stream. Also maybe listing on our mobile app if you don't have the mobile app you may want to get it that we don't have to depend on being near a radio listen to the show on your phone and passions as well and many lectures that from our website. The website and the Apple are the narrow path talk the narrow path, to life the Q&A format we do every day been good for 23 years on weekdays and we open the phone lines free to call if you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith and would like to bring them up for conversation. You may also call if you have a different viewpoint from the host would like to disagree, feel free to do that. The number to call is 844-484-5737 fax 844-484-5737 tonight.

I am not speaking in Evansville, Indiana. If you happen to be anywhere near there. You may be interested. I'm speaking on the four views of Revelation.

In a single lecture starts at 630 tonight and it's set at the One Life church west the West refers affected the West campus of this church One Life church west in Evansville, Indiana. The address and time is posted on our website again that 630 tonight or tomorrow night I'll be speaking in Indianapolis and if you're anywhere near there would love to have you join us and get information about the location and time of that gathering simple by going to our website.

The narrow and looking at announcements and look at tomorrow's date which is of course Thursday, October 15 now on Sunday I'll be speaking in Lafayette Indiana so I got three speaking engagements in Indiana tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. All of those can be found at our website and then I'm next week I'll be teaching in Oregon, near Salem, near Albany, Oregon on night. It's Tuesday night and you may want to check our website. If you're in the Oregon audience and want to join us. I think that'll just be Q&A time but love to have you join us there section should in a little church in shed right near Albany. Anyway, that's next week Tuesday night so you want to. If you're interested in any of those gatherings just go to the narrow and look under announcements and you'll find all the pertinent information all right aligns itself also will talk first of all today to Paul from Delray Oaks. I'm assuming that's California something to California town is critical.

Mark Brown thank you to heaven will have very concrete people knowing their lives not there old will be.

So overcome darkness to that will be oblivious.

That's a very good question, not really told in Scripture whether will be mindful of our friends and relatives who on their however it would seem to me that if we were mindful of them that would somehow inhibit our joy.

I mean after all, if if one believes that our lost relatives and friends are like employment inflames down below us and were partying up in heaven with God that would kinda dampen it. I think I just knowing that people that we loved our our sufferance. Now there are some ways that people have explained this. Some have said that when we are at with God in heaven we will not really be aware of them. I think that's part of your question will we be aware of them. In other words, will we forget them well.

We totally forget people renewing that were important to us in the past.

I don't necessarily think so. And the reason I don't think so is because that would suggest that God has to raise for memory certain parts of reality that we would not be okay with you if we knew it be almost like God has a secret escaping from us because he knows if we figured out a new or remembered. We really got upset with him or with the situation. I don't think we can in the less I think you know more when were with Christ as so you and I don't think that will just forget about them. Some people give an alternative answer is a well will be so in tune with God's thinking at that time that will recognize that what has happened to them is really just a really right and will will not grieve over will realize that although they were special to us, subjectively in in this present lifetime, yet objectively seen they were really criminals against God, and they're getting what they deserve and therefore some of argued that we will be sympathetic with the fact that God has put them in hell. Now, of course, the question of what hell involves is another question that is brought up in this connection, there are people who believe that the traditional view of hell of a place of eternal conscious torment is not really taught in the Bible as little them.

It has traditionally been taught as if it is, but there is an argument to be made that the idea of eternal torment consciously is not really the biblical teaching, and some feel that instead people who are not saved will ultimately be just taken out of existence so that they would be suffering anymore. That would someday make it easier for those in heaven who knew and loved them to endure, to know that there relatives are not suffering eternally. Although they haven't made it to heaven. Another view of hell out there it and this was held by many Christians in the early church was that hell is a place for God will allow some to come to their senses and to repent and to be saved and if that's true, of course, that would also mitigate against the sorrow we have that they're not there so there's a lot of on love and explain things is actually quite a bit of balls in the air, as it were, that have not landed it definitively for it for our knowledge, no.

God knows it's not like there's is something definitely that is the answer to question. It's just that since the Bible doesn't address it directly. There are different issues that people have appealed to biblical interpretations and so forth that they think might answer your question I can't answer it. That's I will say this, that if it's if it's necessary to your happiness that you will not remember people who aren't saved want to their then it will not be something that will be in your consciousness. I would assume all right appreciate your call Paul.

I don't I don't know that's right answer, but it's a feeling when I can give because we have so little information given to us by Dennis from Detroit, Michigan Dennis, welcome to the neuropathic circling. Thank you very much for taking the call. I want to know America is being spoken of in Jeremiah 5051 are both chapters 50 and 51 and if you would say no, please explain. Jeremiah 5012 because it appears to be talking about America and last you use some other version.

Besides the King James version.

Well, like I don't have any objection to using some version other than the King James version, but it says in chapter 15 verse 12 of Jeremiah your mother will be deeply ashamed. She, who bore you shall be ashamed. Behold the least of the nation shall be a wilderness dryland and desert you were talking about Jeremiah 50 1250 verse 12 because it use the King James it says it talks about behind her most of the nation which appears to be the last great nation comes on the scene, and that's a big difference from the least of the nations. It appears to me yeah behind her most of the nations of the King James Wortham the least of the nations with modern transfers understand that to mean I think I think they're probably correct in the modern transfers probably more correct in saying that he's referring to the least prestigious of the least powerful of the nations that he's referring to there rather than the last one to come up because of being the last nation to come along is not particularly significant humming. The point is that the the nation of Babylon will be despised by even the least nations that once it were the most inferior to it. Not necessary once it came up later. I don't see America in in the process against Babel. Jeremiah 1551 or a prophecy about the fall of Babylon and of course there was a historic fall ballot and there's every reason to believe that Jeremiah's predictions were about that and when you come to Revelation. You got a Babel and there to others battling the great mother of harlots. The identity of that Babylon is is very much disputed and it's almost certainly not the same Babel and that was in Jeremiah because that Babylon fell after after Germans time but long ago, from our perspective, but in Revelation. There's many theories about what tablet is and and and there are certainly many who have suggested Babel and in Revelation is America. That's not my personal view, but there are a lot of thought that my own my own way of understanding Revelation is that it's primarily about the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. I think that Jerusalem is being called Babylon there just as Jerusalem is called Edom and Sodom. I'm sorry Egypt and Sodom. In Revelation 11 eight. In other words, the names of pagan nations are assigned as nicknames for Jerusalem because Jerusalem has become pagan and so the names of nations that Jerusalem despised and looked down on as pagan are now without your it is so like in Isaiah chapter 1 where he said to Israel, unless God had left a cement remnant we would become like Sodom and Gomorrah and they start speaking to Judy and calls it Sodom oh Sodom and Gomorrah. It's a way of you know basically insulting them, saying, you are just as bad. So in Revelation 11 eight. We find that there is that it says there's that city that is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified. Obviously reference to Jerusalem and Sodom and Egypt, I think Revelation, which refers to Christmas Sodom and Egypt also refers to it as babbling so in Revelation. I'm not one of those who think that babbling is the United States have a different view in Jeremiah. I don't know very many real Bible scholars who think it is the United States and since it's addressed to babbling and there's not a clue in the passage that means anything other than babbling and predicts the fall of that which actually occurred after was uttered so taken in its natural sense as being in about the nation. The kingdom of Babylon would be the way I think is the most responsible indigo. Okay, let's talk to Jacob from Fife, Washington Jacob, welcome to the neuropathic circling a level V things yet okay so you tell me about five things that you think of the Bible you wonder if I think they're in the Bible is interesting though, I direct them together on the Bible okay quickly get one. A lively version to add undivided the Lord.

370 and a good place for you regularly myself for it and I have to sit at and five. Thank you to call. Well I don't really promise reconciling. They all kind of metaphor of the flight actually supplemented to visit one of the five is not relevant to the same subject at all, but to say that when Jesus comes back.

He's gonna raise the dead and rapture the church is the consistent teaching of the New Testament until you mentioned first Thessalonians chapter 4, the dead in Christ rise first.

Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. That is the resurrection of the rapture which occurs as is the passage of substance. When the Lord himself dissents from heaven with a shout now when Paul said he's willing to be absent from the body and present with the Lord in second grade. It's five or in Philippians 1, where he says I'm eager to depart and be with the Lord, which is much better he's referring to Donnie and leaving his body. That's why he tells of being absent from the body. If he did leave his body. He would not be absent from it, but the ideas that he and all of us are not really our bodies. We are a soul that lives in the body. The body is our house. The body is our vehicle that we operate through in this world and when we die we leave the body were absent from it. Paul said, and so as I understand it, Paul believed Abdul. I also believe that when I die on my spirit, my soul will depart from my body and will be with the Lord. But the body will remain behind, and that's why am absent from it. Now the resurrection it was spoken of in first Thessalonians is from the body itself is raised. At the second coming of Christ and obviously when my body was raised. I will live in it again it will be coat glorified and it will be a supernatural body but it'll still be my body so of the passages mentioned so far.

Paul believed that when he dies his spirit goes with the Lord when Jesus comes back then when Jesus comes he brings with him and this is an actual phrase that Paul uses in first, excellence for things verse 14 or 15 and first first Thessalonians 4, so he brings our spirits back with us raises our bodies and we live in them. So that's how those are harmonized the idea that will all be judged like a sheep and the goats is also part of the whole picture when he raises the dead. He raises not only the Christian debit the non-Christian daddy brings them to the judgment, which is what Jesus describes their in Matthew 25 beginning verse 31 that Jesus calls all the nations before many judges them separate between them like sheep and goats. The sheep go to eternal life, the ghost everlasting judgment and punishment so all these verses really are part of one consistent picture.

They're not really in conflict with each other, the one you mentioned, I think, is not relevant to the to the others is in John 14 or Jason in my father's house are many rooms and I go to prepare a place for you in that passage, Jesus is referring not to heaven and not to the end of the world. He's actually talking about his going to heaven.

At that point to prepare a place for us in his father's house to his father's house is the body of Christ here on earth. God dwells within us. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Paul refers to the service of the temple of God and theirs. There are several references to that Hebrews refers to us as God's house and and Jesus himself indicates that the many rooms in his father's house are individual people who are part of God's house we are God's house.

Paul and Peter says in first Peter 25 that we are living stones being built up into a spiritual house meeting at Temple God's house is the temple earlier in John's Gospel, Jesus referred to the Jewish Temple as his father's house are said do not make my father's house a house of merchandise. My father's house there is the temple.

It does not refer to heaven. Some people unfortunately feel that it does. But it simply doesn't. There's no place in the Bible that heaven is called God's house in the Old Testament you do read of God's house was referring to the tabernacle or the Temple of Solomon. That's God's house in the New Testament in the early stages before the new covenant comes Jesus refers to Herod's Temple as God's house and then later, of course, when he says to the Jews. Your house is left to you desolate.

He is no longer think of the temple as God's house but there house and he tells his disciples up in the upper room. My father still has a house and got many rooms but he actually says in verse 21 of the same chapter he it is that has my commandments and Dustin.

He it is that loves me and my father will love him and we will come and make our home or with him. That is our dwelling place with him. Our rooms will be with that person knows that the person will be a habitation of God, and the collective of the all the people who are the habitation of God make up the house, the church, the body of Christ she's had to go to heaven to prepare a place for us in his body because he didn't have a body on earth before he ascended, he himself was the body of Christ entirely when he ascended, he became the head and part of his spirit which had been in his body upon all his followers and they were incorporated now into his body.

It was because of the coming of the spirit that we now have a place in the body of Christ and this would not have happened if he had gone away success go away to prepare a place for you. He also said a few verses later if I don't go in the spirit won't come same thing. The Holy Spirit comes and places us in the body of Christ, and so the body of Christ is the father's house. This is stated numerous times Paul says it first Timothy 315. The writer of Hebrews says it in Hebrews 3, six, and I think 313 if I'm not mistaken, Paul says that in the final verses of Ephesians 2, Paul calls the church, the temple of God in prescriptive three and also in second Corinthians 6.

These are all different places where the New Testament identifies the church, the body of Christ. The people of God collectively as God's house. The temple of the Jewish temple was no longer his house in heaven never was referred to God's house and neither in the Old Testament nor the new do you ever find heaven refer to as God's house a people get concerned about that. They say, but the Bible says God lives in heaven where he lives everywhere. It's true he has a throne in heaven. The Bible says that but he lives everywhere and there's nothing ever referred to as his house except the place where he lives among people on earth.

His house is here on earth among our houses and he lives among his people in his house.

That's what the tabernacle was that's what the temple was, and that's with the body of Christ is now so that's not really related to the other passages you meant mentioned about the second coming of Christ.

This is referring to what he was going to accomplish.

Upon rising from the dead and going to heaven and sending his spirit to us. Alright let's talk to David from Portland, Oregon David, welcome to the neuropathic circle that connection barely hear you're really garbled really garbled.

Are you in a bad spot for yourself right now you know you sound better than you did at first.

Go ahead with your question. Okay well okay, here it is anyway Chronicles we read a lot of bad men of renown that would like to kid that they could kill everybody that yeah and so my question people the superheroes related to the media offspring of the sons of God in this broader Nevada mill actually some of the mighty minute. David actually killed off the Giants.

David of course killed one of them.

One of the Mifflin is a worry, he probably wasn't one of the original message. He was one of the giants of Dave's generation and and Goliath had a father and four brothers were all giants. Also, as you read about the exploits of these mighty men it's clear that some of them actually are killed off the Goliath. Four brothers. So rather than being the giants they are the men who killed the giants now when you say these men something through what is recorded of them. Sounds like you amazing, almost super. Actually, they were simply just superior warriors and one man could often defend one spot and kill off a whole lot of attackers one by one as they came. The reason this is mentioned is because it was explained in other words, these guys got their names on the list of David's mighty men by doing the kinds of things that ordinary men don't usually do but they were in a sense they were just mortals and not supermen like from krypton or anything like that.

They were and who were just valiant and very skilled in the morning.

It's amazing that there were so many we know that God was on David's side in this situation, God no doubt gave assistance. These men just like you gave assistance to kill Goliath. So David was certainly not a superhero. In the section we think of it with supernatural sugar, but he was a great warrior and so are his mighty men, and that's what were supposed understand about I think is my name. They were in fact just strongmen. So many bad noises in your phone that I had to had to hang up on events are subject to earlier executive. Just answer the question that noise screeching. Okay, let's talk to John from elk Grove, California John, welcome to the neuropathic for telling good text chapter 49 at the end of verse six. I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the end of the earth at the NIV version is that returning to this is one of the passages nice and it's called a servant of Yahweh polymer song. There are several in this section of Isaiah and the servant of Yahweh is spoken to in this way in each of these passages, and in some cases, the servant of Yahweh is identified as Israel. But it's obvious that in some other cases it's referring to Jesus, for example, Isaiah 53 is one of those passages if it's the last of them, Isaiah, and it's a very clear reference to Jesus the way I think were supposed understand it is that God chose Israel to be his servant in the earth to bring the light to the Gentiles is mentioned here, however, there's a passage in which God says my servant, Israel's blind, they failed. They didn't bring forth any fruit, and so we find that Jesus the Messiah is called to step in as the role of servant were Israel failed so there's a sense in which the commission to the servant is to Israel, but they don't fulfill it. It is fulfilled by Jesus who is the of the epitome of an Israelite. He is the I personally believe that the Bible treats Israel as a type and shadow of Christ which would mean a historical reality that looks forward to Christ and Christ is the fulfillment of it. So he's the true Israel he said is the true vine in the Old Testament Israel was the vine. He is the true son of God in Israel and in the Old Testament Israel was God's firstborn, and so forth that lot of the titles that belong to Israel everything, including servant of Yahweh in these passages is applied in the New Testament to Jesus. So it's like Israel had a role they didn't fulfill it. So God raised up one from their midst.

One of the seed of Abraham, who is the Messiah and he fulfilled it. So I think it's Jesus who is spoken of as fulfilling this promise although Paul quotes it. He and Barnabas say that they have this commission see their part of the body of Christ.

Christ fulfills this in like to Gentiles through members of his body like the preachers of the gospel.

Paul quotes it in acts 1300 anyway have to run a hope that answers your question adequately and recently my lectures on Isaiah would clarify that more in detail. Thank you for joining us were not done with another half-hour coming, but we do take a break to let you know the narrow path is listener supported. You can write to us at this address. The narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow I'll be right back again to nearly the path that leads to life into the narrow path.

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Thank you for supporting the listeners to put it near the path that Steve grand see when the narrow narrow pass radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg. We are live for another half hour taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith we see things differently than the house doesn't want to balance comment feel free to give me a call number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and for those of you who weren't listening to the first half hour just one announcement tonight, tomorrow and Sunday I'll be speaking in different venues in Indiana now. Right now I don't think run a radio station in Indiana recently on in Indianapolis so we probably have people who now listening by way of our app or online. So if you're interested in these meetings go to our website.

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I we got a lot of calls waiting right now their lives are full. So let's talk to Joe from Seattle, Washington Joe, welcome to the narrow path for calling Dave at 20 a tort and starting in verse 23 Alden recently arrived in Rome. He had some of the Jewish leaders home and he had begun to share the gospel with them. Some of them except that some reject it. He got exasperated and that's when he said in verse 28 therefore let it be known to you the salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will hear it. My question is why did he speak generally about the fact that the Gentiles knew it.

Here it is, makes it sound as if it's all-encompassing, said more bandwidth at CeBIT and then the Jews had yeah that is I believe what he was saying and partly because it's true there are certainly more Gentiles who have received the gospel than there are Jews who have done so.

That's partly due to the fact that there's a lot more Gentiles in the world and there are Jews, it may be I don't know if anyone knows this figure but it may be that a larger percentage of Jews have become Christians than the percentage of Gentiles. I don't know that's true might not be true, but we do know that when you take the total number of believers in Christ, the overwhelming majority are Gentiles and only a relatively small percentage are Jews, so he is quite correct. He's not saying that every Gentile would receive it anymore than he say that every Jew would reject it, but as a whole as a whole, the Jews did not show up in the numbers you'd expect to receive the Messiah that had been prophesied to them for so many years you would've expected all or most of them to receive it. But the minority of the Jews who did receive Christ is shockingly small and and yet the Gentiles who had never shown any real interest in Yahweh, the God of the Jews through Christ being preached they have been brought in by the by the millions and tens of millions so I think you simply saying that the Gentiles are to be more responsive then you guys are which he says it by way of irony because obviously his preaching of the Messiah in the Messiah's promise to Israel to choose the ones you would think would be receiving a single year rejected, but surprise, surprise the Gentiles will receive Jesus and yet noted! I'm looking at the new King James at at verse 28 when he makes a declaration so it's almost as if you know he's really and I don't say being hyperbolic but well clearly is not as not being hyperbolic is simply exclaiming something that's an irony. Jesus said the same thing when those in the Roman centurion came seeking help and and he exhibited great faith in Jesus and I've not found this kind of faith and all Israel nurses a Gentile man in the occupying army of Rome that's occupying Israel and this man has more faith in Israel's God and in Christ then then Jesus had found among the Israelites themselves, and he then goes on to say, and many will come from the East and the West meaning other countries outside Israel and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of God and is as if the sons of the kingdom which is a reference to the Jews themselves will be cast out into outer darkness. At least this is meant to be something that shocking. It's not so shocking to you and me. If weird if we are Gentiles who become Christians. Probably the vast majority of Christians, we are Gentiles, so there's no shock to us. But at this point, Jesus had not been preached to the Gentiles ship and the Jews assumed they were the chosen people. They were the ones of us. I would say and maybe some of the Gentiles would get saved to maybe in a trickle, but not not certainly more than the Jews, and she said yes can happen that way. But many will come from East and West sit down in the kingdom of God. While the many of the children of the kingdom that is the former heirs of the King of the Jews would be cast out so that is yeah that's the teaching of Jesus that the teaching of the Old Testament to and that's what Paul says is strictly speaking, true. Okay, let's talk to Malachi from British Columbia Malachi. Welcome to the narrow path, expelling on well thanks and something about Revelation 20, which they brought with it you don't believe it is a thousand year reign raised the return of Christ, correct and Revelation 20 way, something that Peter said as the rest of the Bible.

Descriptive chapter and chapter 17 on when and where the thousand year reign that then understands. I suggested that I pooh-poohed Revelation 20. I do know by no means do I do that I don't disregard it. I mock my habit is to exegete the passage and so I probably exegete the passage in Revelation 20 more thoroughly. If you list my lectures Revelation probably more thoroughly than any other teacher you've heard since you've never heard is I hold that you said that you said Revelation 17 to the end are pretty much the sequential. Maybe they are and maybe or not we don't know that to be the case, the visions of Revelation do not necessary follow each other entirely in chronological order.

For example, Chapter 11.

When the seventh trumpet sounds. It's pretty much the end of the world and the judgment of the world and the nations of this world have become the kingdoms of our God and of his Christ and his reign forever. But then the next chapter and it goes back to the birth of Jesus in chapter 12.

So you see that revelation sometimes is looking at things the future. Sometimes they're looking at the pastor in my opinion of the events of well you that's your understanding is not. That's not my option. I believe I believe that Revelation 20 does not necessarily have to follow in fulfillment.

Revelation 19. Now even the.

The interpretation of Revelation 19 may be less determined than you think. For example, when you see Jesus riding on a white horse striking the nations with the sword out of his mouth. I'm pretty sure you probably think that's the second coming of Christ, and I could be constantly open the possibility it will use to teach and what I was always taught, but many commentators have believed that that's not a reference to the second coming of Christ, but to Christ writing for through the world conquering the world to the gospel which is been going on for the last 2000 years, and so me. There are different ways to interpret that. But assuming that you interpret chapter 19 is the second coming of Christ, which many people do and then you read about the binding of Satan for thousand years. You seen that is sequential, I'm not.

I believe the binding of Satan is described elsewhere in Scripture and passages that are giving apocalyptic visions. For example, Jesus in Matthew 12 said that he had bound the strongman was spoiling his house was strong and Satan separately and therefore Jesus indicated that he had bound Satan and that's why he was able to cast demons out and spoil Sam's house that way and Colossians 215.

It says that through the cross, Jesus disarmed the principalities and powers and show them openly and triumphed over him and it is defeat of Satan in the print as a power source said take place at the cross in Hebrews chapter 2 in verse 14 it says that Jesus through death destroyed him that had the power of death, that is, the devil now we know that he is not thoroughly destroyed.

He is in exist, but he's been deftly he's is the loser. He loved Jesus conquered him now, many people throughout church history effect most most your church history have believed that the binding of Satan. At the beginning. Revelation 20 is symbolic for what Christ accomplished against Satan at the cross and it in verse nine when fire from heaven comes down and consumes the devil and is in the enemies of the church that that is the second coming of Christ, because Pip Paul said in second Thessalonians 1/8 of Jesus will come in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God and who don't obey the gospel so that the majority view throughout history of the church has been that the beginning of the 2000 years is marked from the first coming of Christ and that the second coming crisis found after that period of time and is found in verse nine.

After verse nine we have the general resurrection and the judgment.

And Jesus, so that would happen on the last day so the last day would be when the resurrection and the judgment take place. And that is after the fire come down from heaven, which was identified as the second coming of Christ. So the thousand years that lie between the binding of Satan in the in the burning up of Satan worksite taken to be a symbolic number referring to the whole age of the church between the first and second coming of Christ. This is called all millennialism and all virtually almost all Christians from about well, certainly from about five 400 A.D. to 1880 from almost 1500 years almost all Christians held this view out before that time. Some people held the view that you hold that there's a future millennium, but not every so the view of some and since the early 1800s. That view has become popular again. That's called premillennialism.

So the view you hold is called premillennialism that the view I hold is called all millennialism, it doesn't really matter which fuel is more popular versus surprising.

It was surprising to me to work sites I was trained and to be a premillennialist I didn't know because my teachers simply neglected to say. Or maybe they didn't know that premillennialism is the minority view throughout church history and millennium the majority view that the majority could be wrong, but as a shock to learn that almost all Christians are history held such a different view than what I was taught. So that's why don't make the same mistake of not letting you talk about profit being thrown into the lake of fire, Lewis chapter 20 verse 10 and the devil. The decedent was patented lake of fire, and the false prophet are already been there for a period of time. Time is described with the thousand years have witnessed that you had the faith to think be there. They didn't come back already since I was nine at the camp think about and the beloved city was Jerusalem.

Fire came down from God and devoured them all the people that came up against the script of the reason the same reason St. Thomas is because they've never left the that's that happens within this present age before Jesus comes back it's the it's the fire from heaven. Verse nine is the second coming of Christ by the sound of the camp of the saints mentioned in the previous verse is truly on earth. It's us and then Jesus comes back and went after Satan has made a siege on the beloved city, which is of course the church. Yeah, I think, rather than take all the points right now and try to argue them. I would prefer to suggest that you listen to my lecture on revelation 23. Everything is free at the website camp and I donated once I've debated each other because I'm not old roots. Hebrews person in his butt. I don't know what he thinks of the millennium, but the point is I do go over every single verse and execute compare the rest of Scripture with it in my lectures, which is something I can't really take the time to do now with the full switchboard, though I do appreciate about Africa by now. Okay Alan from Lebanon in Connecticut. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling both of you (thank you so yes, thank you very much. Now I'm sure. I'll start reading from one Corinthians chapter 12, or 27 for Christmas dinner Bible you mentioned it in passing an exclamation early to show you are the body of Christ.

The individual members, but it my better times.

I dialogue with India, one from Punjab one their founders city upon the water to time that our centers are part and parcel of God. Now with the pantheist. My understanding is when we when it's written, you are the body of Christ in the possessive by light on that and how do we position all all body of Christ are departed by the Christ thing that were part and parcel of God that clear.

First of all, I don't know the groups that you're dialoguing with the say on what they are. If you want what you need to urinate on a need to know they are but the idea that our souls are part and parcel of God is certainly a statement that I will doesn't make and therefore we would not have any obligation to credited with being true. If it is true, it's not clear exactly what sense that's true. So I I wouldn't really I wouldn't have my starting point for harmonization. Be well. Our souls are part and parcel of God. So how do we work with his other details if again if if there's a sense in which our souls are part and parcel of God of the Bible leaves that unstated, and it's not explained how how that would be so. In which case it can't really be a Christian doctrine or Mr. biblical doctrine. Some things may be true without being taught the Bible.

For example, I was born in 1953. The Bible doesn't mention that but it's true. Anyway, the Bible can mention thing that can be true. Things that the Bible doesn't say anything about but if it doesn't say anything about it that it's not part of biblical theology. Sorry this idea that our souls are part and parcel of God is somebody's somebody's wording of an opinion that they have. I don't feel any obligation to agree with that opinion, necessarily, but when it comes to the idea of the body of Christ when pulses you are the body pressed against me that my physical body, my hands, my feet and my my organs and something that that is the body of Christ you is plural in the Greek it's you Christians collectively are the body of Christ and each of you is a member of the body of Christ, so he's not speaking about my body is Christ body. Of course I belong to Christ. But that's not the point is making. He saying we are the we are the body in which Christ is embodied just like Jesus born in a mate in a manger in Bethlehem. That baby was Christ body now.

He's the head and we are the eyes and the and the nose in the hands of the feet and the members of his progress with Paul teaches in prescriptive 12 so what he sees is that the spirit of Christ which animated and empowered Christ has now been given to his followers, and the possession of the Holy Spirit of Christ makes us, the embodiment of Christ and each of us have the same spirit, and therefore all part of one body, but we don't have all the same gifts pulses that each one has a distinctive gift that the Holy Spirit is given according to his will, but the gifts that he's given us function to identify the part of the body. We really arming them just like that your hands do one thing to feet to another thing so you would have one gift I have another gift and that would identify six different parts of the body, but that of the same body were not of different were not theirs. Not only is not thousand body stressors. Only one we all belong to that already sent to Dale from Sacramento, California Dale, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling all your cremation.

I learned a lot. Thinking out.

I my question is on revelation 1316 to 18. And I don't know if you have it there or not but it has to do with the monarchy released yet.

I'm kind of getting tired I did it Christian for many years that I'm getting tired of a lot of believers to keep saying that we can get it shipped in our body.

Chicken her head and it shook their hands, but I get so tired of hearing these armchair theologians listed and I would like you to please explain that so that I can be educated once more you help me with the dispensationalism. Now I need some help with that.

Okay well I have to say that many of the people who say that are not strictly armchair theologians. Some of them are very very prestigious theologians of the dispensational camp. I disagree with their camp. I disagree with their theology, but they're not just me they're not slouches is not like because I disagree with them on the good theologian they're not. It's rather I there there experts in their field. I think there I think there'd camp is mistaken and they do say that now they say often that the mark of the beast is in fact a computer chip that will be placed in us. And since there's a lot of talk about that in the news that gets them all excited say all this is that this is the mark of the beast you know Bill Gates is gonna force us to get our covert shot and it's gonna contain a little chip and then were doomed. We got the mark of the beast will come a chip under the skin is not a mark to market something visible.

In fact, that's the point of a mark you mark something so it's identifiable and so I don't think that the chip in the hand is a mark but when I was younger. The same people that very same teachers were saying that the mark Reese would be a laser tattoo on the hand before now. That was that was the you know the cutting edge sexy technology of the times in visible laser tattoo that could only be seen under a black light or something that's old technology. Now that so so 70s so basically they the same teachers have given up on the laser tattoo another center chip because that's what sexiness was and is now the if if it goes the way of the laser tattoo and some other thing comes along they'll be saying that's the mark of the beast of the mark of the beast is not anything technological as near as I can tell.

I mean if it is the Bible certainly doesn't suggested the mark of the beast on the forehead. For example, is probably in principle very similar to the mark of the name of God on the forehead of the saints in the very next verse in Revelation 14 one. John saw the hundred 44,000 of the father's name on their forehead.

While the servants of the beast of the servant of the beast name or mark or number on their forehead or on their hand.

The idea is a fairly well-known one in the Roman world of the time in and sewed the readers of Revelation would would not of been mistaken about this, they would recognize that having a mark on your hand your forehead indicate your somebody's life because in the Roman world. Runaway slaves once they were caught were often branded riser master on their hand reformat the hand of the four head are very difficult to cover with clothing more listening.

If you got any parties showing usually your hand or your forehead would be one so you could very easily conceal whose slave you were if you had the mark of your master on your forehead or on your hand out God's servants have his name on their forehead.

According to Revelation 14, one of the others have the devils or the beasts name or mark on their forehead and have good now as Christians do not literally have a stamp on their forehead with God's name neither in my opinion, do this devils worshipers and followers have his name or's stamped on them or implanted on the everything like that.

This is a spiritual condition. A person is a servant of God. If they love and serve God and the person servant of Satan and his system if they love and serve that system and so being a servant is symbolized by having your master's name on your forehead or on your hand and this is a symbolic way. I believe of St. throughout the world. People are either the servants of Satan or the servants of God that you have Todd's name as their master honor for him or are the devils. Now the hand of the four head in, but in the Bible sometime represent your works, your hands represent your works, and the forehead or the place between your eyes is your thoughts in Deuteronomy 6.

God told Israel to bind his law into their hands in between their status before heads, and the Jews who wanted to take every literally would wear flankers that have boxes that they were on their foreheads or on their hands that have scriptures in them, but of course I didn't mean where printed scriptures in a box on your hander Freddie meant he wanted their thoughts and their actions to be governed by, to be bound by dogs will which is revealed in his law he is there to bind his words, his laws on their hands and forehead assemble of governing their thoughts and their and their actions works by God's word and no doubt the hand in the forehead. In Revelation also suggests that the person who's got the devils or the beasts name and number on their forehead or hand and they are recognizable by the way they think and the way they act just as Christians are recognizable by the way you think and the way the act and so it's saying that just is us a slave in the Roman marketplace. One could easily look at them and see who's master whose slave they were. Who is our master by the mark on their hander Fred.

So when you meet a person and you see how they think and how they act. It identifies him either. As of follower of the devils way of God. I think that that's what's being said in that passage about things and induce chips or laser tattoos or anything like that. Thank you so much already and thank you for your call. Good to hear from you. Tom from San Francisco. I only like a minute to want to take it or is it too little, I don't know. Thank you for taking it. I wanted your views on Catholicism and client okay will Christian science is not Christianity because it does not recognize Christ for who the Bible says he is. It actually thinks he's a scientist it's actually the First Church of Christ, Scientist, they think Jesus does miracles by exploiting natural laws or spiritual glycosides and steps that it wasn't.

But he said he did it because he was so bringing the kingdom of God and and and his and God is working to very different things so they don't get not a Christian organization, the Roman Catholics, many of them are true Christians and I believe many Roman Catholics are following Jesus will be in heaven but I think the organization has been very much corrupted and I don't I don't recommend Roman Catholicism as a religion or as a as an institutional religion, but I don't condemn all people. Roman Catholics just don't condemn everyone is a Baptist or Presbyterian or someone else, even though some people in their leadership might be wrong.

I'm signed out of time I come out there like 10 seconds listening to the narrow path radio broadcast.

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