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The Narrow Path 10/19

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 19, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/19

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 19, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrowcast radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week. The afternoon during which we take your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith in you like to discuss those with me. You are bring about those questions or differences of opinion.

Feel free to give me a call. The number is 844-484-5730 7F 844-484-5737 and I'm in Oregon at the moment, though I'm not finished with my cross-country trip I was yesterday in Indianapolis and as of this morning I was there I flew out here to organize I'm speaking a few times here in Oregon. Just this week, and then going back to Indianapolis to drive home to California.

I know it sounds crazy, but this is when the youth was a mission in Salem Oregon wanted to come so so I came. And while I'm in the Salem area. I'm going to be to have a couple of evenings speaking one of them is tonight and the others tomorrow night and they're both in the Albany area mellowing tonight is very small. In fact, I don't haven't heard it.

It may already be filled up at it's an RSVP only because it's in a home because you can still call and find out if it's full or not. Tomorrow night were in a church in shed actually just outside Albany and that is that that's got plenty of room. And so if you're interested in joining us to go to our website. The narrow and there you will want to click on the tab that says announcements and then you'll find all the information you need about these events so just want to know about that if you happen to be in Oregon and of course a lot of our listeners are so that's tonight and tomorrow night alright and as for today, right now are going to go to our callers. Our first color is from Oregon, Lisa from Hillsboro, Oregon. Welcome to the neural pathways. Thanks for calling you tomorrow is this question-and-answer time. All-knowing mind my blind mind for the care and yet 99 and I'm okay that's fine thanks and thank you. Well, it certainly does seem like God changes his mind in Scripture because it actually uses the language of him change his mind.

You know when when Nineveh repented, says God changed his mind and repented of what is due to deliver in the other places like that. In fact, in Jeremiah 18 verses seven through 10 is that any time God says he can wipe somebody out if he repents he will change his mind and not do it. Now most scholars would say that this language of God changing his mind is simply accommodating language is anthropomorphic God is speaking of himself or their God as if he has the same kind of mentality we do about which he does not, in every respect but he does have some respect and someone says God change his mind. I think what many people would say is this is anthropomorphic language that saying that God did what we would do if we changed our mate seem to change his mind and it speaking as if he was a man relating to us as we as humans so that is one viewpoint.

Another viewpoint is that of the openness theologians skinny gutter before the morning to have slept in this the first time a spoken voice has not been used to dabbing on your point wearing a mask anyway. The other views the openness viewing date and they believe that God doesn't know everything about the future they believe he knows everything that is really knowable that is to say something that is predictable because it's going because he's going to do it but say or something that would happen by the natural course of events like where the planets are to be thousand years ago.

Even a good computer on earth could predict that God knows instantly, but they would say he doesn't know the decisions of people to make before they make them, and that's called the openness of you and it's got a lot of adherence today. I don't myself hold they would solve the problem that you raised differently than the first suggestion they would say God did change his mind because he thought something was happening and then unpredictably someone changed the way they repented or whatever and then he changed his plans is mine.

I've always tended to take the first view that God does know all things, but that the Bible speaks of him often, as if he doesn't know certain things that he actually does, and we have examples that plenty, as when God came looking for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. After he sinned he said Adam where are you he asked as if he didn't know and answer them here in the bushes. I'm naked and got and how did you know your naked did you eat of the tree that I told you not enough messy God is talking like he doesn't know this doesn't have nothing to do with him, knowing the future. This just has to do with him knowing where Adam is at the moment, and of course God knew that, but he sometimes speaks and sometimes the Bible speaks about him, as it would have a man who doesn't know things this suggest perhaps because God is so much bigger than us that he asked him to reduce himself to our size. In some some respects in order to relate with us and I think that that would be the main answer that Orthodox Christianity normally would give is that these cases were it says God change his mind. Really he knew what to. He knew what was going to happen, but from the standpoint of the reader from the standpoint of man.

He seems to change his mind and that's called anthropomorphism. If a person doesn't take that view, the probably taken openness. Which would be the God doesn't really know everything it's going to happen until some of it.

He does not tell them to action happens. So those are the two possibilities. I suppose I don't know the third one that some people say there is 1/3 year and that is a God that he does know the future that he can deliberately shield himself from knowing the future about certain things you probably have it.

That is, it still suggests he could know the future so that would be weeks of issue of how does God know the future but it also would have raised the question, why would God shield himself from going.

If he knows why would he why we just forget on purpose. That view has never struck me as a very likely one.

So those are three possible let's talk to Darrell from Sacramento, California Darrell, welcome to the neural pathways for calling the to two questions weekly you like it was God thinking we had the repentant and I want to know if what the repentant John that we are and repent for the kingdom of God will contact plug well yeah I'm into to repent means to change your mind and as a result of change your mind to change your direction basically is John and Jesus are both saying that the people who heard them needed to change because they weren't ready to enter the kingdom of God and had to make the proper change of thinking and of living to accommodate the fact that the king had come in his calling upon them to live under his Lordship. Yeah that would be universally true, because until we are submitted to Christ, we are well were living for ourselves are not living for him. And since he's the king.

If we don't live in obedience to him. That's a crime that said that's treason against the king and so in order to be on right terms with God.

We need to stop being treasonous. We need to repent and be submitted to Christ, so that's a change of mind and direction that ever needs to make in order to come to Christ, so the authority we have surrendered his plan right. Jesus said all authority in heaven or in heaven and on earth were given to him after he rose from the dead, and so if he has all authority that means he's the boss in an effort authority means is the one who makes the calls and if he's the boss and we have been abandoned then were well were in rebellion said were treasonous against the king. So that's why were called repent, you question God does God think I'm not sure what you mean he's looking being his adhesive intelligent being what you call a knows every thought he he he thought everything for you created.

You and I don't know to what degree that's true, but thinking is a is a process of processing information and… God deftly seems to process information is a thinking being an intelligent being. I'm not sure how could something could be intelligent and not think you know little more thought well known even even if he knows even if he knows the future that's thinking. Knowing something is thought consciousness awareness. Yes, I mean the answer is yes, God thinks. I appreciate your call.

Let's talk to Earl from Roseville California lotto California next calls from California also.

Hi Earl, welcome in the Bible will not enter the kingdom of God. That single Christian man entered into a sexual relationship with a woman outside of marriage with to prevent symptoms or prevent him from entering the kingdom of God and churches today allow about anyone to be part of the congregation and the church is both to represent the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the actual church, not the visible church. I mean, there's lots of buildings that have the word church in front of and and people meet there and some of the people who meet our real Christians and some of them probably are not the true Christians comprise the global church, the true followers of Christ are disciples of Jesus collectively are the true church. They are the true kingdom. They are the ones following the king and of the true church follows the head which your course, the same people to follow him as head obviously follow him as king. Since is not any different between those two things so the true followers of Christ are his kingdom and belong to his kingdom. Now what churches may do what institutional churches. They do is irrelevant to that because they are not equivalent to the kingdom of God and institutional churches. Just apply Corporation formed by some people and put it with the word church in front of it and they have meetings there mean the real churches founded by Jesus Christ, formed by the Holy Spirit and people are in it as soon as they become true believers harasses their believers in the baptizing. They come into the kingdom.

They are part of the true church. And that's true regardless where they go to church or even if they don't go to church sometimes I think we should be in fellowship with the point is that a church that does that allows people to fornicate and still consider themselves members of that church is obviously demonstrating is not really the true church is the true church. Paul said those who are fornicators are not in the kingdom of God. So they're not in the body of Christ. That is if they don't repent of coarsening of people are your people fall into all kinds of sins were true Christians I mean people are weak. Jesus said the spirit is willing about his disciples but the flesh is weak and we find the Christians to stumble into sin, but they repent.

If they do so because they don't want to sing because they want to please God, or someone doesn't want to please God.

If that's not the whole life goal. While there may have been converted. They still have the old heart. The that they had before before they pretended become a Christian.

So you know a real Christian is not to be a fornicator by habit? Fall but they will repentant system to do it but if a lot of times churches have people in the churches that are living in fornication or living with their boyfriends or girlfriends and and having sex outside of marriage… Not that sort Christians do is not a follower of Christ, so should not be affected by the mingling among the true Christian Scott know anyway so one. I'm not sure what you mean by the church is the defining the defining of the true church in the beginning of the defining of the true character cried right and entered people who do not follow cried going to church and mingle among true Christian well any church in any us you know any congregation that aspires to be the representatives of Christ or a segment of the true church would practice church discipline.

You know that is it you know if the church really wants to be a church.

They really want to be a sampling of the body of Christ and have the real Christians attending there within the have to do it. Jesus said to do. Of course you can't follow Jesus without doing what he said to do and that he said that that when people are unrepentant sinners. They should be there soon should be brought before the whole church and they should be called to be, to repentance. And if they don't repent.

They should be excluded like a Republican, or a patent so Jeremy, that's Jesus instructions but Paul repeated them. Paul Paul also spoke several times about the need for church discipline. A lot of organizations that call themselves churches don't practice church discipline because maybe some of the biggest tigers in the church in their congregation are also living in sin and then have to kick them out and they lose some money on the deal so they just ignore it, but they're not following Christ.

Of course, in a church.

The church is any true assembly that has that calls itself the church has got to be sampling of the whole global church in the global church is made up of true followers of Jesus.

As I said true followers of Jesus sometime stumble and fall, but they repent, and that's what even when Jesus talked of church discipline. He said that if someone sends you go to him privately try to get them to repent. Hopefully they will if they do, it's all good. If they don't then it has to be taken another step in if they still done after that. Then you take it before the church, and if they don't hear the church, then you kick him out because of Jesus, so Lana church is simply that they they they will announce if yes, they that they don't practice that they don't want to practice so they should simply take the word church author sign they can say were a religious Jesus fan club but were not church Bible.

If you are Christian and as you come across someone who's married or not, you know, hang out with armored teachers different from him, don't.

I just want you that's not quite how it reads in in first Corinthians 5. It says he says I wrote you an epistle. This is in verse nine he says. I wrote you an epistle not to associate with fornicators as I didn't say I didn't mean the fornicators of the world is to avoid then you have to go out of the world altogether. But he said if anyone calls himself a brother that is because of a Christian and their fornicators is don't have anything to do with donating it with the reason so it's strictly an issue of whether summons claiming to be a part of the church claim to be Christian because the church is consistent. Christians notice of the churches. So if they claim to be a Christian but they're not living for Christ.

Then there living in fornication don't repent within consciousness about associate with them. That's what he said in first. It's five okay, let's talk to Margaret from West Covina, California market.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling knowledge by helping everyone in the Bible that talk about cremation. No not directly as you read through the Bible. It's it seems that the evidence that people look forward to being buried honorably and usually they want to be buried with their family with their ancestors. If possible, they were too far away, but this was simply a cultural preference, even of the Middle East to have back then in many Eastern countries now are what we call honor and shame-based cultures real honor and shame are extreme strong motivators and to and to have an honorable burial so that people remember you respectfully was something that really mattered to people not because it mattered to God, particularly me, not because God cares what happens to your body.

When it dies. I don't care what happens to my body. When it dies. I'm not going to be in it anymore and God will raise up from the dead. Whatever happens to it so you know it's the Bible doesn't tell us to be worried about those kinds of things, but in the culture of the Middle East, which is where the Bible stories are, you do find you note Joseph wanting to be buried back in the promised land.

Though he died in Egypt, and Jacob also was taken back to the promised land. When he died in Egypt.

So you where you're buried how you're buried, how much mourning was done about it. How many people respected you. That was all something that people during their lifetime wanted to know the Army.

They wanted know that when they died they beer respectfully treated and burying the body rather than burning it was considered to be the more respectful way to inter the dead and so that they sometimes burn the bodies of people they wanted to dishonor some enemy or something they might burn their bodies and that would just be a way showing disrespect to them. That's all very cultural.

The Bible doesn't anywhere say that it's more desirable inside of God, or to be buried in cremated or or that is offensive in the center got to be cremated.

A lot of pastors I know feel very strongly against cremation and I talked and I have never been able to get an answer of why that would be an issue to them or to order God. Sometimes they say will because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit will.

It is while you're in it is the Holy Spirit doesn't stay there when you're gone and the dead body is not a temple of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is living there at the time when the body is dead, and some say go out but they God's going to have to raise the dead, so we do want to burn it up around my God is going to raise the dead.

Doesn't matter if it's burned up what what what can we do for the martyrs who were burned at the stake.

If you can't raise ashes from the dead. He made human bodies from dust in the first place.

He shouldn't have any trouble doing that so I mean everybody who has died, 100 years or more ago is dust and ashes already so even if they were burned.

God's going to have to raise dust and ashes so that I may visit these arguments against cremation. Don't they don't make a biblical sense. And that's my mind and I make logical sense but suddenly I like you said to some people is a very important thing I don't I don't see anything in the Bible that would forbid cremation or would make make it inappropriate for Christians Asian well like I hear you are at and I you not carry it to have burial but I never asked and I mean you don't think that your youngest child, you want to be buried or cremated and my daughters had a fit because I so much money back. I just told myself I never asked in an I'm going to have the dairy only make the low member visited or you need. If you're going to be buried mechanically.

You're not really there. Well, I mean they are technically correct but I mean there's nothing wrong with honoring your parents or your child or anyone was an honorable person by giving them a burial which is done respectfully and so forth is not nothing wrong with that but it sent.

It's not one of those things that is commanded in the Bible so your choice was quite legitimate and so is there something if they said hey why spend so much money on burial. I kinda feel that way to remain. If if it was legal to just bury me in my backyard.

Then I guess I go for that. But you can't do that legally. So I think you know I'm I'm I prefer to be cremated and I don't really know. I think it once I'm gone I don't care what they do to me, she, Margaret, thanks for calling All right. Let's talk to Joe from Seattle, Washington Joe, welcome to the narrow path you know what I mean, I may just have to interrupt our college and pick up on him celebrate the let's get started. What you which, all you know what Joe hit the wrong button to start over again. Please okay thank you for taking my call to put a question a day. Hopefully they're both quick. Several places in Scripture where is essentially God gave them up, gave them over to their stand like Romans Romans 128 is one example of the question is, is it possible when a person has been given up in that manner or them in turn things around to repair and actually get back and get in fellowship with God and in part two is displaying to say God gave them up and God hardened their hearts. Well when God gives someone up it it midseason stop trying to convict them about what they're doing is good. Just let them go their own way.

I suspect that once that happens, they won't repent, because they won't file conviction is hardening their heart.

Yeah it could be the same phenomena in different language, but certainly will.

God hardened someone heart, it's because they have been rejecting him and he's pretty much taken away the free choice to repent so I would say that there giving some over to a reprobate mind or giving them or hardening the heart would all probably refer to very similar if not identical phenomena where God is just decided okay I gave you a chance to give you a lot of chances didn't want to. Some take any chances way and I think that he's ceases to convict them of sin. After that, and which would mean, of course, then they won't repent any take a break, but I hope that's helpful. Joe listening to the narrow path we take a break will have another half-hour coming up.

Don't go away. The narrow path is listener supported. If you go to our website. The narrow you can find out how to help us down here. I'll be back in 30 seconds. Stay tuned. The book of Hebrews tells us, do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the narrow Family and friends. When the show is over today and wanted to go to the narrow they can learn and enjoy the free time on your teaching blog articles verse diverse teachings and archives of all the narrow path radio show and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio chairlift and do good. The narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and will live for another half-hour taking your calls. If you'd like to call in with your questions about the Bible or the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint from the holster he like to talk about that.

Feel free to do so. We have some lines open as I speak. So you could get through if you call right now this number 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our next call comes from mug dominance and from Syrian Sacramento, California Don, welcome to the neural pathways for calling.

Thank you.

I like to know how you understand all that he showing a great mystery that we shall not all sleep, that we shall all be changed, well that's that's first Corinthians 15 around verse 50 verses I show you mystery.

We shall not all sleep shall be changed in a moment and attractive and I at the last trump for the dead will rise and then we who are alive and remain articles on services.

We shall be changed for us is that there's two passages that talk about this, but the one your your language using scum from first directives 15 so you're running why that's a mystery or what or what is he's actually describing her what I'm I'm just wondering how you okay well I would mix it together with his discussion on the same subject in first Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 16 to 17 in both places. He talks with the resurrection of the dead is basically addressing the question what happens to Christians who've died when Jesus comes back.

What happens to them cases to be raised that their bodies be raised and then the living Christians will also be changed and raised at that time in first directives. 15 he says will be changed in first Thessalonians 4. He says will be raised sobs. They were raised and changed at the same moment, and this is when Jesus comes back when Jesus comes back he erases all the dead, and he raptures as they call it the church and so that's what Paul's target of those places so have been anything to do with being all in all well. I recall hearing that you know certainly yeah it says in first 2015 earlier that when Jesus returns when he's conquered all his enemies.

He'll hand over the kingdom to his father so that God may be all in all, and as such the same same.

Same time I believe it's the same day the last day okay all right, thank you for your call. All right, let's talk to Brett from Everett Washington grant welcome to the narrow path is for calling. I don't agree with everything I want. To get your take America knowledgeable American notes are in our Peter 213 talked about how every person be subject to the higher power it gives the example governors who are below him who will act as intermediary. My America today who the Emperor. Well, I don't think that if there had been some other form of government computers that he would've given the same instructions. He's just talking about our governmental leaders. He said I think somewhat influenced in his writing. At first Peter by some of Paul's writings, especially Ephesians in Romans that Paul in Romans 13 said that all government officials are ordained by God to be executioners of God's wrath on those who do evil so so when Paul and Peter wrote we have no real if Emperor Nero was the was the Emperor and so that was the one in authority. But if it had been some other ruler.

I believe it was said the same thing because Paul said there is no authority but that which is of God, even Jesus, when he stood before Pontius Pilate, the governor procured her from in and got in Jerusalem. He said you would have no power. If it wasn't given to you from above, so I think that's in any nation. There are legitimate authorities and and the Bible says that they exist because God wants her to be legitimate authorities who will punish the evildoers and that's what Peter says in the next verse. On the one you quoted in verse 14 says he sent to punish evildoers and appraise those who do well in Romans 13 says they are God's executioners of justice or of wrath on those who practice evil so the government officials, whoever they are, who are authorized to to perform criminal justice and protect the citizens, that's who he would be talking about.

So it would there be different forms of government in different countries and different times but the general principle is that all authorities are appointed by God for that purpose.

So yeah so in our country. Of course the people are are the rulers and and we we choose public servants and we give them authority to do certain things if they if they are well acting within the realm of their authority when we submit to that if they're not acting within the realm of their authority when we don't have submit because they don't have any inherent authority other than what's given to them and especially if they make laws that forbid good behavior and punish good behavior in them and and they don't punish criminals of end of course those those authorities are not the ones in Paul's and Peter are writing about. Because the target is okay. How we as Americans today not a valid full command. For example, you're familiar with John MacArthur and that Betsy undergone taken. I don't know if you remember about a month ago president from Friday afternoon.

Maybe lately, maybe early May.

Pres. Crompton said a reporter in an interview. I wanted the church is open this week and John MacArthur. The Lord blessed them into a Pres. Trump at his word and that were going to open this weekend and the state of California put in an emergency injunction obviously gave MacArthur call the lawyer had their say and MacArthur. At that point you made… So my question is when governors or even if the president were were to command a law that obviously conflict with what is the standard judicial authority in our country that the Constitution what a Christian be justified in obeying that law. I personally think so because the cost is is is the supreme law of the land and every officeholder puts his hand on the Bible and says he swears that he will uphold the Constitution. So even the officeholder when he takes office is essentially same in this office I will support the Constitution.

So wherever they don't support the Constitution they're going against their own health and and are violating the law of the land Constitution is the law of the land and so the person holds office would then be of course the usurper and would be a criminal. I heard a lot of commentary over the last several months that totally neglect that point that treat American America under the Rome under number and that the one-to-one correlation and whatever the government that the president that we have to obey and realizing a lot a lot of Christian teaching is is so simplistic that it is clear when you hear that they haven't thought very carefully about any of the principles of the Bible.

They're just finding out proof texts which they quote to that sound like they make them what they want to make but you know you have to really understand what Paul was talking or what Peter is talking about what God's talking about when he gives authority to you authorities.

Now we don't we. We are an unusual nation in history because we are constitutional Republic and therefore you said who would be Caesar today while in America, the Constitution is Caesar, I couldn't agree more. Okay.

Thanks for your call you to Color is Tony from Henderson, Nevada. Welcome to the narrow path 20. David, for your ministry. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit only came upon the prophet.

Well, not only on the prophets but but chiefly on the prophets, the Holy Spirit came on some of the judges to the Holy Spirit came on off meal and came when Gideon came on Samson and so forth. And they were not profits for their judges and then out when Saul was anointed king the Holy Spirit came upon him, but later when he rebelled and David was anointed king that Holy Spirit left Saul and came on David so you can see that in the Old Testament Holy Spirit wasn't on everybody who is a believer that certain people were anointed by the Holy Spirit for certain special ministries and that's what where the Old Testament is different from the new covenant because in the new covenant. Every Christian, every follower of Christ, has the Holy Spirit and that was one of the things it says in John 739 it says that Jesus when he spoke of giving living water to the thirsty he was speaking of the Holy Spirit it says for he was.

Not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified a set so until Jesus was ascended into heaven, and can import out the Holy Spirit of the church, the Holy Spirit did not dwell in all of God's people, but he did come upon some of them for special tasks in the Old Testament people in the old wood following people Holy Spirit. Well, it would be mean Abraham was justified by faith that says Abram believed in the Lord and was counted to him for righteousness. So when it comes to justification. They were saying the same way we are now by faith in God now obedience to God was the way that it would be demonstrated that somebody had faith in God. If somebody had faith in God and they didn't obey him while we would have to say there's a disjunction of reality. There they must not really believe in Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 goes through the Old Testament characters from the beginning through the prophets and Sasha help each of them. Each of these characters, by faith, did whatever it was they did and what we find them doing by faith is obeying Todd know by faith Abraham, when he is told to leave his country left his country by faith. When is told off Isaac. He offered up Isaac by faith Noah was told to build an ark and did so and so forthcoming. What we find is that when people have faith they obey. That's true now. Also I'm in if a person says their faith, but they don't obey well then the Bible says is no reason to believe that their faith same in the Old Testament the general population will be very difficult just to follow God without the Holy Spirit well before the law was given before the law was given. You just have to pretty much follow whatever instructions God might give. If you have them or follow your conscience but you have to like Job, for example, Job was a righteous man. We don't have any evidence that he had the spirit of God upon him but he might have.

You know, he said that it at one time. The secret of the Lord dwelt in his tent. I do know that means it sounds like God's communing with him. God was so letting him in on his secrets and stuff so people did. Here's some people did hear from God, but the ones who didn't. I think we just be expected to follow what they knew was right at what they had every reason to believe is right in the honor God in John three, and talking about the Holy Spirit is any teacher of Israel will have a Holy Spirit house you understand what he supposed to not be a teacher and understand that John the Baptist was a teacher and was filled with the spirit well. Nicodemus was a student of the of the law and the prophets, and Jesus was surprised that anyone is familiar with the law and the prophets as Nicodemus should have been, or frankly any of the Rabbi should have been. They should have known that the age of the Messiah be the age of the Holy Spirit that God frequently talked about how we can produce spirit in the time when the Messiah comes in images. It's stated in Joel.

It stated in Zechariah stated in Isaiah stated in Ezekiel and in other places God said he's going that time when synthesizers of the Holy Spirit in exegesis target every born of the spirit now of course Jesus was using language that was difficult for Nicodemus to process your being born of the spirit is not language of the Old Testament, but they idea that one has to have the Holy Spirit has to receive the Holy Spirit. Or that they, the coming of the kingdom of God and be accompanied by the coming of the Holy Spirit would be information from the Old Testament that Nicodemus had been aware of. Okay, great. Thank you to her three weeks ago I heard one of your callers blown away after your answer blown away many times.

You and your daily radio program how often after a call if you go wow thank you Jesus for that answer or thank you Holy Spirit for giving the understanding when I was talking with that person. I don't know how often happens after radio show that happens from time to time when I'm when I'm aware of. Having said something that that that really affected somebody I have to say that a lot of times when people say that the goblin I am not even sure what it was about what I said that maybe I'm not even aware sometimes and have said anything very profound. Most of the court.

Most the answers I give are just from my own study and teaching the Bible through the years on and I guess I don't know I guess I'm not always aware when when something is going to be hit somebody very profound.

Yeah, I do deftly give credit to Don. I thank God for that because I have many times in my life learned wonderful things from the teaching of the Holy Spirit as I've studied the Bible and a lot of those things are the things that people say impact them so that all the credit to God's protection stomach. God bless you already.

Next callers to move from Fort Worth, Texas, Tim. Welcome to the neuropathic for going to question the correct font to the homeless and an alert on the street corner. On one hand I know it will help the needy set on the other hand, we don't know, providing money to contribute to their drug and alcohol addiction right in the Bible of course giving to beggars giving to the needy to the poor is advocated all the time but people in that society were not beggars unless they were blind or crippled or had some disability and they be ashamed to admit that society simply didn't honor laziness or people who who would just wouldn't work now panhandlers out on the street.

Some of them probably can't work. I'm in. They may have obvious disabilities, or they may have disability that we don't know about, but but it's not always obvious that they can't work and you know when when people were begging in the Bible times and people were told to give them is because they really didn't have any way of making a living. Other than that they go hungry, they couldn't work member there is time when Luke 16 that a man's was told he should be fired from his job and he wasn't sure how it utilizes what to do. I can't dig as he is probably too old to do heavy labor aces. I'm ashamed to beg someone to do it if he calculated another way to to get along. But it's interesting that Jesus telling that story, which is apparently says the mantis is a new reason to be unemployed. He said I can't dig and I'm ashamed to beg so what I like to. He was probably about likable announcements or they wouldn't beg. If they didn't have to. It's shameful To beg it was a humbling thing now in our society. There's people who have just got used to the fact that if you don't want work something or someone the government. Some of us could take care of the and in fact I would say that when I don't know how many conversations you have the Holy Spirit left some standing at the bottom of offramp and wants money. I've been told they make a lot of money. I don't know that I don't give in that situation. Not much anyway. The good Dr. to if he looked like a really needed to shake it fitfully. If they do fully, and I've been full before but I would give to the poor.

If it was somebody I knew something about their situation and I knew that they were deserving. You know I mean if they if they are truly incapable of working, then I would want to help them if they are hard-working, but they still don't make enough money.

I want to help them you know if it's if it's a single mom who can't work assisting with your kids. I want to help me. There's things like that.

If someone has a situation which is a legitimate situation where they are needy and they can't do anything about it and that's what I would want to attend to.

But when you ask a homeless person say what why don't you go to the homeless shelter because there are homeless shelters in most towns that you want your homeless shelter. The answer of, I've always gotten his well they won't let me some drink want to take drugs in the homeless shelter while then.

Some people really want to live under a bridge or somewhere else rather than have to give up the habits that that that enslave them and that have put them where they are and I don't think were obligated to support their habits okay thank you okay – Tim Mexico will write to Peter from London and I assume that's London, England hi Peter, welcome question asking TT David E say not going the way it will be the instrument. Therefore, previous self man and saying that I am my not. Previous self, being a man, but being strong and in my second question relates to evangelism and disposition Rob a bit timid and shy, and just wanted to know how you can be a bit absent back down when preaching the gospel to people in the crowd. So well when Dave is telling Solomon his son to be a man. His courses anticipating Solomon becoming the king after himself and he was about to do that so is basically same for man, rather than a boy he'd been a prince been taken care of by probably attendance himself with all his life. Now he's cannot be the man of the house, but he's probably means also be manly, not just be the man that the brave be be be a leader in LBP.

What a man is supposed to be.

Don't be a coward. I David was of course going to go on and tell them to do some unpleasant things like to get rid of Joab and and shimmy ion something like that, which were to be unpleasant that David had not been man enough to do it.

David had been a little too soft and he knew these guys deserve to die, but he just didn't want to do it, so he left Solomon so I mean it is leaving Solomon with responsibilities that are not easy ones, and not least, ruling the nation so is your son to be the strong be manly, you know, Paul. Paul tells the Corinthians that way to in the King James near the end of prescriptive 16 it says quit yourself like mint which this means be the man of the manly and that's maybe sometimes we just have to be courageous because the world is not going to appreciate what we are doing or what we had to say.

Now when it comes to witnessing me. You see your little timid that Lotta people are you maybe not cut out for grants and preaching on the streets.

That's not everybody's temperament and certainly isn't everybody's calling about the Christian should be. As Peter put it in first Peter chapter 3 in verse 15 we should be ready to give an answer to anybody who asked us a reason for the hope that lives in us and we should do with meekness and with reference says he knows we should be kind and we should give answers for our faith the people who don't understand why we believe what we do as far as evangelism goes. Frankly, evangelism isn't everybody's calling. Paul said that God gave some evangelists, and some pastors some teachers and some other things were apostles and prophets of so evangelism going on preaching the gospel to groups of people is not to be what everyone does. But you should be unashamed of Christ enough that you would speak for Christ, at least in among friends if they are speaking against him or if they are deceived about something. If they are following something you know is false.

You as a Christian not to be false for you to correct them might be the right thing to do. Although sometimes it might be better hold your tongue for better time. It you really need to be led by the spirit.

But I don't think you need to feel ashamed if you're not always out there preaching the gospel because some people make you feel you know guilty if you're not doing that because that's what they're doing, but that might be their gift and not yours. I would just say that you should be prepared to answer for Jesus whenever you have a chance to answer for Jesus, and you don't have to feel like after force situations that are unnatural. Some people do that very well. I don't I don't talk to strangers and just start talking about God out of nowhere.

I do love to talk about God if they want to talk so I look for opportunities to come up but I don't feel guilty if I don't get that opportunity.

So I just say you know.

Don't let anyone else you into doing more evangelism but if you want to reach her friends just like properties and to have conversations with them and and don't too pushy about it. Perhaps that's all I could say I don't have time for anymore. I'm sorry to say I'm glad to hear from you in London though.

Thanks for calling him, even listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg. Our website is the narrow thanks for joining us. Let's talk again tomorrow –

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