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The Narrow Path 10/16

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 16, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/16

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 16, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg where lives for an hour each week afternoon taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith or production of a different viewpoint from the host would like to balance, feel free to disagree with the host will talk about it. The number you give you a number but the lines are full, so while I give you the number, you may want to take it down and call in a few minutes because every few minutes lines open up. So right now you get a busy signal to call but if you call if you met you can get through very possibly the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 now a couple of announcements maybe 300 Sunday night if you happen to be in Indiana anywhere near Indianapolis or Lafayette Lafayette is actually where I'm going to be speaking a battleground more properly I'll be speaking on Sunday night there'll be some discussion of the kingdom of God in the gospel but from memory Q&A and that's that's in Battleground Indiana Sunday night from 5 to 7 PM and that if you want information about that. You can find it at our website.

I'll be speaking of the battle ground Bible church also. Next week I'll be speaking in Oregon in a few places accepts me for use with the mission. Mornings next week in Oregon but there's a couple of public meetings that uses mission classes are not open to the public but on Monday night the 19th and on Tuesday night the 20th. I'll be speaking in the Albany area. I'll be speaking in Albany on Monday night and Tuesday night and shed just outside Albany Oregon now this tribute Q&A's, but I should say this, the Tuesday night our meeting a little church that has plenty of room for anybody who wants to come on Monday night were to be meeting in a home and the space is limited and they we want to if you want to come on Monday night. That's of course this coming Monday, you need to RSVP and the people who live there will give you the address and let you know if they've already filled up which they might fill up before you call, but if you call now you can probably get your reservation and of course doesn't cost anything just to limited space. So first come first served. That's Monday night in a private home in Albany, Oregon, and then Tuesday and a little church outside Albany and shed Oregon into.

You can find the specific information about those things again at our website.

The narrow that's the narrow you just go to the tab that says announcements and scroll on down to the date of the event you're interested in knowing more about all right where we have our lines. Let's talk to these callers and get and get some room for some new colors to a John from Jackson, Wyoming.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling Dave Jackson know the joy in the peace that I received from knowing the Lord, but I've been thinking about comparing that to the religions around the world. One of the religion of the julienned volume of all that have been written in the benevolence that is been in the name of Christ amended anything compared to Mohammed. Many people do good work. While lots of people do good works, and that's kind of what religions are mostly about his being good at being better than you would be if you weren't in that religion. And as far as the joy you and I don't I can answer for anybody else because of course joy is a subjective thing, there's a lot of people who call them subscriptions go to church, that wouldn't testify that there full of joy but the Christian faith has been characterized by joint.

Certainly, the book of acts describes the early church is always rejoicing in and full of joy. I mean, that's one of the main features you read about in the early church in the book of acts, and certainly those who really know Christ and really walk with him know that phenomena they know that that joy unspeakable and full of glory, that the Bible speaks about but I wouldn't say that people in other religions or even the atheists don't don't have the ability to say I'm a happy person to. It's just that it's you know you can be delusional ugly solution will be happy you can actually be living in a delusion, and ventilation can make you happy being a Christian isn't about being happy although joy and happiness are certainly a byproduct of really walking with God. Paul said that the fruit of the Spirit is love and joy and peace, and other things too but joy is high on the list so if you're a Christian, full of the Holy Spirit. Then joy is characteristic of that and that's why there's been so much music written in the Christian faith that most most religions do not feature a lot of singing. Actually, some them have chanting and prayers and things like that. But music is largely a characteristic of Christianity cannot say no other religions have any, but certainly as you mentioned there's a huge volume of hymns and songs and spiritual songs that seem to just come to bubble up and emerge from the lives of people who are full of joy in their salvation.

So as far as comparing it with other religions I you know, I know that I've heard preachers that you will never be happy until you come to Christ. Some people never been sad until they came to Christ.

Some people never suffered persecution until they can.

Christ, it's coming to Christ you don't do that for the happiness it though. There is certainly that is a byproduct and something like happiness or joy can be experienced. If you're delusional in some religion that is true.

The reason for being a Christian, obviously, is because it's true Christian is true Christ is real and that that would be something that would be worth following. Even if there is no particular subjective reward that we had for because I frankly I'd rather be unhappy.

Another have garment touch with reality then to be happy and have some suspicion and delusional. That's just me, but I think what's not just me. I think that people who care about the truth were not in it for the emotions but the emotions are there. So I think what you're trying to say is that the joy you have in Christ you doubt that people would have without Christ. I think I think that is true in the sense of the joy you have is the fruit of the spirit which is a deeper and greater thing than mere happiness than just feeling it'll that all is well and things going the way you like them and you're enjoying yourself. Christians can be joyful even when they're not enjoying themselves as when Paul and Silas were thrown in prison in Philippi and the beaten in their print stocks. I don't think there enjoying themselves at all that they saying they praise God and worship God.

There were rejoicing in the Lord and that's what the Bible says is normative for Christians, even persecution pulses.

We joy and tribulations we rejoicing tribulations help many Christians listen to say why don't rejoice much relations and I say well that may be because much of what goes under the title of Christianity today is really kind of sub biblical it's chemists abnormal. Christianity is a no and if you don't have the joy of your salvation, then I would if I were in that position. I would certainly keep searching.

Keep searching for a deeper and more life-changing connection with the Lord because some people. They believe in Jesus but it doesn't look it up fiddler that affect their life very much coming to Christ. I think the life that really yields that joy is a total surrender to Christ where you actually have given up your own agendas you've denied yourself and even taken up your cross and follow him, but he he gives you joy in the evening the suffering which is sounds probably crazy people who don't know that phenomena, but those who do they just know it's reality.

Anyway, I appreciate your call I can't answer for the other religions that you're asking about, but I'm sure that there are people who are Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus that say I'm quite happy. Thanks, find the Lamb, but of course the real question is, is there religion true. Not doesn't make them happy.

You know going to the bar and drinking all night will make you happy perhaps but it's not the same thing. It's not been in touch with reality is, in fact, the more you drink the less in touch with reality. You are so the question is do we want to be happy or do not want to have the truth.

I member of AW toes are said if I can either have the truth or happiness.

Give me truth. I'll have eternity to be happy.

I don't have you happy now is always at the truth of eternity will be happy for me if I if I live by the truth.

Johnson was Mr. Massachusetts. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling kind of question of the lien, all about the Jews they killed Jesus until the prophet singled out the possible and he had there not been the current heartfelt opponent in their nest to the Gentiles that they need to state the result of a always Philip Clement Griffith in a rampant component to the utmost. That's where it along. And in my pilot that mean forever altogether or to the end wondering when you're in unit of the grant has come upon them to the utmost.

You think you have something to do with 8070 or the final day of judgment.

I absolutely has to do with the 8070. In Jesus in Matthew 23 was rebuking the Pharisees and scribes because their ancestors had killed the prophets, and they that is the current generation that he was addressing adorned the tombs of the prophets in respect of the prophets and said if we had been in the days of our fathers, we would've killed the prophets and she said you hypocrites. You admit that you are the children of those who kill the prophets. Now you go ahead and fill up the measure of your fathers meeting your father's killed all the prophets failure to kill me, Philip, that the Philip the cup of wrath, as it were a cup of iniquity. Him and bring on yourselves and a few verses later, Jesus said all this will happen on this generation so that the judgment that Jesus said would come upon the Jews because of their filling up the iniquity of the fathers by killing him.

He said would happen in that generation.

We know that historically it did.

There's a horrendous Holocaust.

We came upon the Jews when the Romans came in 66 A.D. and when they destroyed the temple and exile, the Jews were slaughtered million of them in A.D. 70, that is the wrath that Paul uses the same language and first wrestlers.

He says that they fill up the measure of their sins always. That's the same Term that Jesus used for that generation. He said about the wrath is come upon them to the utmost. I think what he means is it's it's hovering over them ready to pounce like a sword of Damocles over their head and Leslie turned to Christ they are facing a horrendous judgment and I and I think it's the same judgment.

Jesus spoke about. So in my opinion, we says the wrath is come upon them to help us. I think he is alluding to the student. Horrible Holocaust that was impending. Only only a couple decades off at the time he wrote others might just assume that talked about the ghetto the last day. Great white throne judgment in the lake of fire and things like that. I suspect that most of those who suffered, not Holocaust also will express the lake of fire, but I don't think that Paul is thinking of the last day judgment at that moment he could be-I can't read his mind, but since he is language so much like that of Jesus and Jesus refer to that which would come upon them in that generation.

I think Paul is probably referring to the same thing when you use the same language.

Appreciate your call bro started David from Eugene, Oregon David, welcome to the neuropathic for calling.

Quick question.

I laughed and witnessed in one of great do you think his salvation would have been in jeopardy.

Well, we don't know much about the state of his soul. He certainly was a compromise with God's lifetime mean he is as a Nazirite.

He wasn't supposed to touch a dead body, but he talks not only dead body, but that did the corpse of a line which is unclean animal.

No Jews. Slows he was not supposed to touch any good thing from the grapevine, and yet he went to parties and such, and kind of ignored the restrictions and he wasn't supposed cut his hair and he finally broke and had allowed that to happen and that for a woman dent who was apparently a prostitute that he was consorting with Simon. Obviously he was not a godly man not, at least not in his daily behavior. Now, to what degree in his heart he really kind of wanted to be God, and it was this week.

I do not know. I know I he didn't advertise by his behavior himself as a godly man but he did. We assume he repented it in the end there where he said God know what he actually doesn't. He doesn't really speak words of repentance EP praise for God to give him one last opportunity bring vengeance on those who who poked his eyes out, but he he was in, in the sense calling out on the name of the Lord.

So I think we should understand.

He died a man of faith.

In fact, the book of Hebrews in Chapter 11 list Sampson among those who are said to be those who received a good report through faith. So despite his personal his personal indiscretions and failures.

He is apparently regarded to be a man who of faith either early in his life or late evening of the right of Hebrews is insane when he might be same when he is doing all these feats of strength. It was through faith until the writer of Hebrews also specify the what might be that when he called out on the Lord of the end of life. The right of Hebrews sees that this is act of faith.

You know Sampson is an enigma. I knew a man in the Jesus movement who was a very powerful evangelist and I think a very sincere one, but a weak one he had and he fell into sin. He repents and then later it followed soon again. He finally actually died of AIDS because of having fallen in sympathy but he was he was trusting Christ at the end when he died, but you know he's a weak man in and that his former pastor at his funeral said he reminded him of Sampson had a very powerful anointing from God for for winning souls and things like that but his own characteristics up and down and you know I think whether that was true that man. I'm just describing or not. That would be certainly true of Sampson seems to me so you know if he hadn't repented that point if he in fact did at that point, would he be in heaven that we wouldn't know because we don't have enough records know whether he repented prior to that point, you know, when he got his eyes got his hair cut off in real was grinding mill like an animal for the Philistines. There's a good chance that he kinda repentance little easier to give up your sinful ways when you're blind and in chains you know is not partying anymore consorting with gnostics so I mean it. He may have come to his senses like the prodigal son. Bible says the prodigal son was in the pigpen.

Eight he came to his senses and repented my guess is that probably Sampson did that we don't have a specific record of him doing so the next question I with listening to your show was probably about a week ago you were talking about when Jesus had told his 12 disciples that they would get time I 12 1212 and also went for dinner quite understood it right you did with Bill of court part of 12 Point with Jesus not getting Judith benefited out like not pre-determining that he was going to turn him over and giving him every last chance to back out of what he waited essentially in detail. Well, I suppose that's a possibility that I wouldn't necessarily read that into his statement. That is, of course Judas was still among the 12 when you said you 12 of us on 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel that would seemingly include Judas but we have to recognize that as the as the after Jesus rose from the dead, and in the book of acts.

The 12 became sort of a became sort of a which is a technical term for the apostolic leadership even when they weren't on 12.

For example, Paul says in prescriptive 15 that Jesus appeared on Sunday night of his resurrection to the 12, well actually Thomas wasn't there the first time Jesus appeared in Judas wasn't there so the really only 10 early 10 bases if it be up into the 12 the 12 meaning the apostolic group.

I think the 12 becomes like a term for the group of apostles, regardless what number of them may actually be there now. Judas, of course, left the body of apostles and it says in acts chapter 1 that he fell from his position and went to his own place in the Navy appointed Amanda Matthias to replace him, and Matthias was then counted. It says with the 11, so there still 12 alarming.

It's like the body of apostles is 12 in number, but who's there at any given time. I don't think the Bible so to I don't think you're too technical about you know that I mean Judas was part of the 12 when Jesus made the statement you said you 12 he might element specifically you 12 naming each one, but rather the body of the 12 the body of the 12 which Judas removed himself from and someone else. Matthias came in will sit on the 12 thrones, so I think it is. Sometimes you think that you will how could you say that when Judas was among them. But when we recognize that the later after Jesus died and rose again, the term, the 12 try to became just a term for the apostolic leadership of the church of which there were 12 but it may not always have the same 12 Arabs. It was not because Judas left that some people don't think it should include something Paul should be, but that's that's a different discussion and I don't I don't think they intended. I don't think God intended that Paul, though he was an apostle would be part of the apostolic 12 they were to have a ministry to as as Paul says in Galatians 2 to the circumcised and he and his apostolic group including Barnabas and others were going to be uncircumcised. So there were the 12 who were apostles to the Jews.

And then there were others. Paul and Barnabas and others who are apostles to the Gentiles, but the 12 opposite purpose of the debtor being 12 and the first group is because there were 12 tribes of Israel and there is deliberately an attempt to, as it were.

Mimic Israel. Jesus is creating a new Israel. Israel had 12 tribes.

The church was headed up by 1212 meant initially to anyway. The short answer is that no I don't think that that we would have to assume because you asked whether Jesus thought maybe Judas would repent because even a sergeant just even if you thought Jesus could we know that Judas did, and therefore if Christ is humanity didn't really know how it would turn out for Judas. He still couldn't assure Judas that he would be one of the 12. So I think grace as you 12. I think he needs to do the apostolic body called the 12 will sit on thrones ruling over the 12 tribes are judging the 12 tribes of Israel. Thank you very much okay David, good talking to you.

Thanks for your call John from Oregon city, Oregon. Welcome to the neuropathic circling. Thank you to quickly destined of the protesters will statues of anyway.

Tore down a little more you put Exodus 20 was forced to do so to justify logos in the morning. The purchasers have the deletion question is Matthew seven and James 512 is not taking oh just let your newbie may do what comes of more than that is evil so it can come by one minute ticked off of office and put him on the verbal told him not to do it to question okay as far as the protesters turned out statues.

I don't think any of them are thinking in your mind, we should turn these down because the second commandment says we should make graven images so that that's not really their motivation. Whether it's right or wrong to make statues based on that command would be a separate issue and I will answer that I'm making statues is really not forbidden. Although it sounds like it. The second branches you shall make no graven image of anything in heaven or earth or under the earth and see them says and you shall not bow down to worship that out making graven images of some God actually commanded Israel to do that Moses is to mimic a graven image of the bronze snake on one occasion, even when they made the tabernacle if they were to make gold images of cherubim, which is images of something in heaven, and to embroider cherubim on the curtains of the tabernacle. So God actually commanded those things. So it obviously when he said you shall not make any graven image. He didn't mean that.

He meant don't make any graven images, and bow down to them. Don't bow down to anything other than God, so to make an image and bow down to it and worship it would be a violation of that command simply to make an image can't be a violation of interest God would've violated himself or commanded the violation of it and having them make the cherubim and in the bronze serpent and so forth so that I would say no. It's not necessarily wrong to make statues. Now, if you make a statue of Amram Lincoln or of George Washington and you more or less in your heart you venerated or worship it or think it's a sacrilege to damage it, then maybe you are venerating a statue more than should make the statute should come down but I don't think there's nothing wrong with respecting somebody enough to remember the portrait or statue or something like that and I think that those were tearing them down are not the least bit interested in what Exodus has to say. I think her turn them down because of trying to destroy the country altogether and to so that answers a note from me as far as you Jesus saying not to swear oaths. This is something we have to understand in the context of the people he was talking to end and the cultures talking to in those days people took an oath to verify something that they were solemnly agreeing to today, we would require a signature on a contract don't trust anyone, even if they take notes and rightly so mean.

Married couples always tickles to be loyal to each other half of the divorce each other. So, obviously, are also not worth much, and that was truly becoming true in Israel to because the Pharisees had made in the system of alts by which they could say I took a self that was nonbinding.

Jesus talks about this in Matthew 23 he took it off by the temple.

They didn't deserve binding if it took an oath by the gold of the temple basins binding suggested throughout the whole system corrupted system. Just be honest.

Just let your yes be yes and let you know me know and don't mess with the oath because that whole system is become another way of deceiving in the hands of the Pharisees, so that's why he forbidden the that's why James said no if you go beyond this and followed this whole system comes from the evil one that I need take a break. We have another half hour cannot don't go away your listing to the narrow path my Steve Greg. Our website is the narrow and I'll be back in 30 seconds. Thanks for joining us will be back. Tell your family and everyone you know about the Bible radio show that has nothing to send everything to give you the narrow path with Grant when today's radio show in Denver go to your social media and send a link to the narrow, one can find free time on your teaching blog article verse by verse teachings and archives of the neuropathic radio shows and tell them to listen live right here on the radio.

Thank you for sharing with their supported the narrow path. Greg back to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we have another half hour ahead taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith or if you have a difference of opinion from the host on the balance comment free to give me a call right now as I said at the beginning of the program half hour ago, our lives are full. They keep getting full they we use them up for a call that we talk to scholars open the lineup and then someone calls and feels it right now. That's what's happened. If you want to call you came in a few minutes you might find a line has opened again the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our next caller today is Paul from Oakland, California Paul, welcome to the neuropathic signaling yes or no" using subliminal notes to MacArthur was moving out with your folder with you so long because that bet against Christianity having not using hypnosis your subliminal body are well and overcome your regular law issues of the chosen that that the blog well I have to say that I have no experience with hypnosis and I don't know what the experience is of a person who is under hypnosis. I know that hypnosis is used to help people quit smoking and things like that. I know some psychologists use it and it is my opinion that probably for some it actually works directly a different question not does it work that be the pragmatic question the real question is, is it right. Is it something that Christian is a consistent with with Christianity. Now that's more questionable. I don't know the answer for sure, but I will say it is not a biblical solution to sin problems.

The whole purpose of the Christian faith is to overcome the power of sin in your life through the power of God presages God for that. He it says he died to save his people from their sins. Some people think he came to save them from the penalty of your sins, merely that Ashley came to Dr. save some penalty results from our sins themselves.

And Jesus said that anyone who lives in sin is a slave of sin, and he said therefore if the sun shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. So he wants to be free from the slavery of sin and of course some people do go to psychologists and psychiatrists in old self-help groups, twelve-step programs, hypnotists, and so forth to overcome things in their life that you will call them addictions or something else.

But there really sent me the things are trying to get over our sins in their lives and the question is, is this the solution to the sin problem that the Bible presents and recommends the answers that would be no now it's a secondary question, is it evil is its demonic or whatever. I I don't know enough about hypnosis to know whether it is demonic or not, I wouldn't choose it myself because I think that if I want to solve a biblical problem. I want to follow a biblical means to doing so. If there was some other way to defeat sin, then through the power of God and the death of Jesus and the resurrection of Christ and the Holy Spirit then Jesus would've had to come.

I mean if hypnosis were doing or something else if if the goal is simply to defeat some bad habits and you can do that through any number of ways that don't include Jesus, then I'm not really sure why Jesus had to come in as Paul says, he said if if salvation were through works, then Christ died for nothing.

If there is anything that really got the results God wanted that did not involve Jesus then that it was a hair horrible waste on God's part to come have Jesus suffer as much as he did. I personally think that we'll all the solutions to our character problems and symptoms are found in the gospel and in Christ, I don't say that all Christians have found that solution because I think many Christians probably haven't really found Christ in the sense that they're supposed to.

Many people who come to Christ, do so with a great deal of hesitation or holding back major faith is not very fully. Can you might be little I do know sketchy and other not sure if they believe the car trying to believe, but in the early church true conversion and true walking in the spirit which is a Christian. Was seen as that which delivered them from the power of sin in their lives that had captivated and before Paul said in first grade 6, beginning at verse nine he says do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites nor thieves nor coverages, nor drunkards, nor revile or store extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God and such were some of you but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.

A lot of Christian teachers feel that in place of the word addiction. We should use the word idolatry. A person who is controlled by some substance. Let's just say if it's not a physical control. Obviously your body can become physically addicted to alcohol so that you can't really if you do stop here to go through some physiological problems there are some addictions that become physical or physiological, that you might in some cases need some medication to go through the DTC or something you know I don't know what to do with the solutions for those but if if it's not a physical thing if it simply that you just can't stop doing something because you want to do it or it's your craving it or whatever. That's what those are 10 things that the Paul lists here that his readers had formerly been. It even talks about sexual misbehavior, toxic drunkards which we would certainly follow: alcoholic drunkard and this is how his readers who were pagans before he converted them were living.

They were messed up, and yet he says you are cleansed now, not by frankly not by going through twelve-step program or or hypnosis or anything like that. He said you're cleansed because you were sanctified, you're justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. Paul said in Galatians 516 walk in the spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of flesh. Now most people were going to say hypnosis hypnotist or someone else to overcome a persistent problem in their life that persistent problem would fall in the category of works of the flesh with its drugs, alcohol, anger, any number of things. What they call sex addiction porn addiction. These are nothing else but works in the flesh and pulse if you walk in the spirit you will not fulfill the lust of flesh that is walking in the spirit is the Christian solution to these things and yet walking in the spirit is not the easiest thing in the world because there's no spiritual warfare were involved in, and we have to really be frankly all in all, and committed to living a holy life and trusting in God and being filled with the spirit and this is a frankly it's a full-time life.

It's not just what you do on Sundays. It's not what you do when you remember to have your morning devotions or something.

This is a whole life commitment to I'm going to be committed to filled with walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. That's what the early Christians did and when they did, they didn't fulfill the lust of flesh, which means they didn't have to go to counselors.

They didn't have to go to twelve-step so you have to go hypnotist and 1/2 doing that because because God provided through Christ and through the Holy Spirit, the freedom from these things now. I'm not na´ve, I know that many people are praying there know they're trying very hard to overcome certain sinful things in their lives. And it's not happening for them. They're not overcoming them as they should.

And you know them. I sent Steve you know it's like to have an addiction and you're right I don't I've never had an addiction. But I'm a sinner. I know it's like to have sin in my life. I know what it's like to it'll be imperfect into succumb to temptation. So I haven't wanted to. It's just a matter of degree and I'm sure that a person is, they would say addicted is so is bound in a much greater degree than I have ever personally experienced but it's not a different in-kind. It's a different in degree and God is powerful and Paul listed these things these people were bound up in before and said this innovate.

They're not free. Christ is made up through the Holy Spirit, smooth and free Jesus said if you continue in my words than you are my disciples indeed and you'll know the truth and the truth will make you free. So if I find that you alive sins of my life that I'm not really conquering admiration I'm to blame myself for that because Jesus said if I continue in his words and Paul said if I walk in the spirit. While both of them promise on him to be free from this on a macro view fulfilling the lust of the flesh, so II frankly blame myself for my failures but I don't live in condemnation over it because were under grace and the grace of God itself helps us in our time of weakness, but we have to be totally focused on Christ. Every totally focused on God and that's not an impossible thing. It is impossible for someone who's not really converted. If someone who really went forward to raise their hand when they were just told you if you accept Jesus in your heart you go to heaven when you die and they didn't have any sense that they were surrendering their whole life to the Lordship of Jesus. Well, those people. I'm not really sure. I called him converted but they certainly aren't normatively converted if they haven't totally surrendered Jesus, that's all that's what he demands and nothing less.

He said all authority in heaven and earth is given to me what that means. He's the boss over everything in heaven and earth. If you're not dealing with side effects. If you got something else calling the plays in your life, then you haven't really in a sense surrendered totally. It seems to me to Christ Lordship if you do he'll give you power which after your gift every day recognized I'm owned I'm not my own. I been bought with a price.

I'm a slave of God and God is my rescuer and my Savior and my Lord and King. I'm in.

That's can be a reality, not just words that some speaks if it's not reality. Then there's a full surrender that remains to be made, and I'm not saying that if you make that full surrender. You'll immediately have no temptation or immediately have total victory. I know some people who got totally saved every totally committed to Christ as a married couple who'd been smoking couples packs of cigarettes a day off since they were teenagers and they were there for about 30 of the time and they got saved, and they really wanted to quit smoking and they didn't find it easy to him two years to quit but they were determined equipment return to follow Christ and they finally got over it.

So it's not always the case that such victories occur without protracted battle, but if you're committed to Christ, you got the rest your life to become perfected two years feels a long time where you're going through it, but these people are looking back now that that was like a blip in their Christian lives in a small thing. God is not impatient and is not shocked when you fail, you should see the things he sees every day people do around the world and he's not shocked when you fall back into your simply not pleased either is not pleased that we sent but he's patient and if you're walking faithfully with him, trusting him of C could be filled with the spirit and obedient with. I believe that the overtime and it may not be as long as he feared that it will be you'll find that these habits are dropping away because you are changed from glory to glory into the image of Christ. The Bible says so. I think sometimes people use hypnosis in psychology and psychiatric drugs and other things for quick fix which would you have time to get rid of the troublesome aspects of their sinful life when in fact the real thing they need is to be totally surrendered to Christ and it won't be a quick fix necessarily.

It may be that it will take a while but if you follow Christ for your life and for eternity. You got while I mean you need to keep fighting the good fight he needed you.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Prince Plaza power somewhere in a warfare zone for whole life and that's what were signing up for select some signs up to be in the Army in the Marines during wartime and other the kind of expecting this is given theirs were some challenges here but they think it's worth it. And there to fight the enemy until they defeated that something Christians need to be really prepared to do. I don't know how well that's a fitting. Whatever it is you're facing right now. But those that, in general, at least what the Bible teaches that is hypnosis demonic.

It might be.

I don't know that it is. Some people think it is it something I have no firsthand knowledge of so I can't really say that. I know it's not. I know it is not the solution that God has given in the Bible for these things I would rather trust God's methods and solutions then that man's let's talk to Terry from Buckeye, Washington Buckley washing.

Sorry about that. I Terry yes and now have my bare years now. I doubt that died years ago. Now you believe that I am a Christian I know I am.

There's joy that comes with every day and not not been here 20 years of marriage and begin years ago were another child little drop of family back together and at the same time it's strained relationship.

Save your phone is, breaking up, but I I I followed your story.

Think adequately what is it you like for me so I understand that that I understand that they wanted child bed is not know how that is okay. I'm good have to put on hold as you can't hear me when speaking to you. I you been a Christian for about four years.

I think I heard you say and your wife know I'm not can you hear no I don't think currently not a company on hold again. I currently not aware of speaking so I'm putting on hold so that at least the audit reveal here if you listen the program later. It sounds like you're a Christian, a fairly recent convert who is married to non-Christian and the Bible does say some things about that.

In it, and frankly Paul and prescriptive seven makes a distinction between the obligations of married people who are both Christians. On the one hand, and those who are not both Christians on the other and he says that Christians were married have no business getting divorced and if if they have separated the need to get back together again or remain single. But this to the Christian has greater non-Christian pulses and prescriptive seven versus 12 to 15 that the believer should not initiate a divorce that the believer should stay in a difficult marriage blots if the unbeliever decides to depart and abandonment marriage, the believer does not have to feel like you don't divorce is not an option if your wife is not a Christian.

She just won't stick.

She won't live with you anymore. She leaves then divorces, apparently in an option for you pulses the brother or sister is not under bondage in such cases, but I will say this, having a seven year old child, you say well it's really hard on the child sent for your marriage to be the way it is, statistically, it's even harder on children when people separated almost all children of divorces when when there are no surveys taken. So for the research done say they would rather that their parents have stayed together even if they were not happily married the summer exhibit self restricted by The parents find a happy marriage because happiness is not the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to lay down your life for others and especially of children delayed on your life for children and I and I have to say I spent 20 years in a very difficult marriage never occurred to me divorce because I don't believe in divorce at all, but my wife left the family and mine. I could do nothing about. I tried to stop it but I would've stayed in that marriage. Though it was difficult and might not have ever gotten any easier, but the divorce is very very harmful to my children and it almost always is statistically not a lot of people justify divorce by saying well you know we are always fighting you know it's not a pleasant home situation. It's better for the children not to see us fight sort of separate that some of the children want the children want to stop fighting the children want to start learning to love each other and that's what your obligations as a Christian is your wife's obligation to, but she's not a Christian you can't be sure that she will do it because you might not care what her Christian obligation is but you do. So I think all I can say, and I I really would've gotten. I give a more nuanced answer, probably if I got more detail, but I couldn't get you to listen to me and I had a pigeonholed site and hear the whole story, but from what you told me I'd say you really need to stay with your wife until such a time. If she decides I'm not staying with you anymore.

I can't stand living with a Christian man anymore.

If she leaves well then then you don't have to stay in that marriage but it you should at least wish for the marriage to succeed and for your marriage to become a better environment for your children. Sometimes things happen. You can't control but is much as lies in you pulses live P at peace with everyone if possible.

If your wife won't live in peace with you while you not responsible for her doing that. She's a responsible agent before God to, and if she destroys your marriage amendments.

There's not much consolation saying well she has to answer to God for because your marriage is still destroyed, but there are tragedies all Christians go through and I've been through one or more so I would say you need to work on that marriage and if your wife won't work on it.

Then of course you gonna decide whether you know she wants to stay in the she's got decide that if she does then you can just be a loving husband and lay down your life for her as a Christian is supposed to do and and suffer the lack of the of reciprocal love from your wife. Just think how much God has had to suffer the lack of reciprocal love for Israel when he loved Israel and they worshiped other gods, other demons and so forth. And frankly, the church is sometimes going to idolatry and and displeasing to, but he stayed faithful God is faithful and we need to reflect God's faithfulness in our marriages to our lives so you said you're not looking for an excuse to get divorced but I couldn't get from you.

Really, what was your asking for me so I'm just answering the situation as best I heard it from you. I appreciate your call and I'm sorry for your situation very sorry for your situation.

I can actually feel your pain on the circular. Been there was talk to Joyce from Basel, Washington Joyce, welcome to the neuropathic for calling high having, where we go. I believe the whole member who believe believer and they could not believe we are in fact think that anyone having right now that we're waiting carefully for the resurrection might come back and put on the imperishable client for 13 and first printing 15. Well, there are two views in your family and they are the views that exist in the church. What is the view that that when you die, your soul is essentially either nonexistent or at least unconscious until the end of the age when Jesus comes back and raises the dead and then you wake up you been cut asleep. The doctors called soul sleep. Some people who hold don't like to call it that, but that's that's the official name for the idea that when you die you not aware of anything until the resurrection comes and even if that's 100 years from now you not aware of the passage of time. So what what's it matter to you, and it's not it's not any subjectively is not any worse because if you just die. And next thing you know you're awake and Jesus has come.

That's not not a bad deal. But that's not what I think the Bible teaches the I think the Bible teaches that when we die our spirits do leave our bodies.

Paul talked about being absent from the body of fees if he can be absent from his body that he is not his body. His body is something he lives in and he can be there or not be there, just like I can be my home were not in my home and pulses were to be absent for body when we die and he refers to as being present with the Lord.

Some people say what were present, but were not conscious. God sort of just takes care of our sleeping soul until the resurrection. But that's not the impression I get from say reading the book of Revelation for John sees the souls of those slain under the altar say how long the Lord before you avenge those who've shed our blood. They don't seem to be asleep.

Of course it is symbolic that it still tells assuming that that's the image we get we don't have any alternative image. I personally believe and frankly, most Christians do, though there are some who held the ultimate view that our spirit does go to be with the Lord as you said, and then when Jesus comes he brings us back with him to be joined with our bodies which never went anywhere except into the ground into the dust. When we die our bodies go to the dust but we don't we go to be with the Lord. And when we come back with him.

Our bodies are reconstituted resurrected glorified. The Bible says and that being so we are put back into them and that's where we live forever. Paul said in first Leslie chapter 4 and verse 14 he said, for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with him those who sleep in Jesus leaving Jesus as his euphemism for God and Jesus. Those who have died in Jesus bring with them when he raises the dead. And as Paul goes on a few verses later talks of the dead in Christ shall rise on charts and out of time. But there are two views, and Christians can hold either one of them, but I believe the Bible favors the view that we go immediately to be with the Lord. And then we rise physically in the resurrection, and we will live. We will no longer be absent from the body present in abundance again.

So I'm out of time you been listening to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg we are listener supported.

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