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The Narrow Path 10/23

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 23, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/23

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 23, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to but it was Steve, Greg and I am alive at the moment, but I may have to just as studio play recorded broadcast of my voice to break it up too badly. I met a storm in Indiana not able to get sober gives Internet signal here so it's a it's always bad.

We just need to have a recorded program today. I will try to take a call in an studio you can let me know if the terrible because I want no matter the number is 844-484-5737 and will just try this call and see if this works out. Bill coming from Nevada. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for doing all of their crime to the early church yes thank you I will ask you all as a believer. We are all children of God. His father got my heart and I realized that it is God differently. His oldest son, Jesus Christ, and so we all become at the height of would always say to me once you start seeing everybody. They all not that he quoted Scripture about what everyone right so what would you question me to question me questions about my going automobile you all know that's what the Bible teaches that the Bible teaches okay the Bible teaches that what is done to a believer is in fact done to Jesus because he we are his body.

So yes it is correct to think that we should look at other people as other Christians as Jesus. So yeah that's a good insight. I happen to agree with that. Thank you talk to David in Eugene, Oregon David looking to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. Absolutely. Thank you, Steve, Mike, longing for verse 11 and 12 and it's where Paul is to make our ambition to be deleted to lead a quiet life, work with our hand in mind our own business so that people respect him being in first Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 16 he says rejoice always pray continually give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus, so he has to good commands there from Paul and so those commands compared to what the word told Jeremiah in Jeremiah 15 about being set apart for specific purpose and how do we know were to be set apart for a specific purpose beyond what Paul said in Thessalonians, so soon as Paul gave general instructions to Christians about making a living and being decent and honest and rejoicing always and giving thanks anything that you're wondering if that's the whole of it or is there something more specifically, God wants some of us to do and how would we know is that you question. Thank you. That is, that's exactly what my question okay well you know I think that's when God has a special task for someone Hill. I think you'll know what I think he'll put it on their heart. It's not for us to be frustrated, wondering, I mean the Bible certainly gives us plenty of instructions that will generally have lived please God and some of those verses you quoted would be good examples of that. You just do that if God has something special is going to do. It's his. It's basically his responsibility to kind of inform you of that and we we should assume that not everyone has really, really unusual things are guys going to do limit is millions and millions of Christians around the world and most of them are no doubt supposed to be just living godly lives in and being perhaps outspoken for Christ and in their life.

Your testimony for Christ.

You know it on in the book of acts. In chapter 2, when the church grew immediately and one day from hundred and 20 people to 3000 people, we read that the apostles every day boldly gave witness to the resurrection of Christ, but the 3000 people set regularly under the apostles teaching and and they ate together, and they broke bread together, and they prayed together in fellowship together at it, but it's interesting all the witnesses being done by the apostles at that point later on.

As Paul put it, God gave in addition to the apostles. He gave prophets and evangelists, and pastors and teachers, and not everybody is one of those those all of those are like public ministries, so that's that's not really what every Christian has but we shouldn't have to assume that everyone is going to be called to something highly remarkable or highly visible, but when Christians live as Christians from a live holy lives in loving lives just the community of believers becomes a powerful witness that everyone has a gifted spirit, but some of the business. I like the gift of giving the gift of helping or the gift of showing mercy. Or at least that some of the gifts that Paul lists in Romans chapter 12 so as gift of encouraging is the gift of leading. These are all in on different kinds of things people do some of them don't get a lot of attention and some of them are simply done in the course of living is living the Christian life.

I mean if you for example if you have the gift of serving in all likelihood you had some kind of ability.

You had that would be useful to the body of Christ that you would feel inclined to serve people with and if you have the gift of giving in all likelihood, God would be giving a little bit of extra money or a lot of extra money in and you'd have it on your heart to give it to people to get to. Showing mercy back everything I mean you could just tell pretty much what your gift is in many cases just by doing what comes naturally as a Christian because when you have a gifted spirit in your spirit filled believer woman doing that does come naturally to its maybe it may be supernatural, but your supernatural person, so it you know just what you do nationally is what God wanted.

God wants you to drop everything and be a missionary to China.

He's going to get some kind of special insight to about that and you'll feel it you'll know it and so so I think that this verses you read if every Christian just did that except for the including the people who are called to ministry, we have a very powerful testimony of the church to the world and it's the way we live is the primary test. Remember Jesus said this is how all men will know they are my disciples, if you have love for one another and even said first Christians. 13. That he signified you all these magnificent gifts and things that I don't have love.

It's nothing so you know when you say you know how do we know what else God wants us to do there might not be much else that he wants to do than the than the wonderful thing that all Christians are supposed to do that is to love people and conserve people in the available to God to speak or act whenever an opportunity arises. So I am not of the opinion that everybody has a the kind of calling that you need to have an angel of the Lord. Say you're called to do such and such, but if you do have that kind of special calling. It may not be something guys let you know about yet and maybe some you'll know that later, but if he is he wants you doing something is going on your heart to do it, and frankly, opportunities will arise to do it to because that's how God puts you into services. He opens the doors to do things that you hear something that you should do and so I don't know why me what do you do I get whatever job did you work actually at a local and I mean outside failed states and my wife and my kids were really involved in our local church here. And so you know we want serving at our church and I like to be able to talk with clients about the wording kind of like that guy down. Frankly, that might be that might be the whole of what God wants you to be doing at this point, and that if at some point he has something more out of the ordinary that he wants you to do something special that not every Christian is necessary doing. He can let you know let you know if he's calling you if you get a call of God, you'll know you got the call of God. I believe that aren't getting very very helpful. Thank you. Okay.

God bless you and appreciate you calling today.

Now I'm not sure how well my Internet hookup is work but so far we've gone through to cause her to continue hoping it'll work out. I don't know how strong my voice is coming across a studio. Let me know if it's not doing well. David and another David and also okay good it's working fine David in Auburn, Washington. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling let you in the family resources and grown potentially for a month after the year then start to think that my question to you really quick is here working in that where I work I work in the public school district and I encounter people all the time and sometimes in the conversation. Also convicted, not so much because of something I did wrong but it might be made more in the context of the conversation that are going on around me like I agreed to be the year you know the crude humor to gossip and slander. So my question to you would be when Jesus encountered situations like that around the people he was what he did around. Do you think that he collected anybody in every instance, or do you think that he just removed himself from the situation and I would I would love to take your answer off-line place.

Okay, okay, thank you for your call. Okay, so how did Jesus react when he is around people who are being crude, or whatever we we don't have specific descriptions of how he did that but we do know that he accepted invitations to parties which were attended by the lowest form will immorally of people in Israel. The prostitutes in the tax collectors and the ones who are generally regarded as the sinners and he is.

They seem to be comfortable around him and he seemed to be comfortable around them and he loved him here. He said he was like a physician who is going to the sick and so you know he it if they use crude language which I imagine sometimes they they did because he was a feast with them to be not only talking to him but to each other and so forth. He probably saw a lot of behavior wouldn't be very much like the way he would act but but he was full of grace and truth. The Bible says and so you know he might say something if if it was necessary that I think Jesus probably felt the way I guess maybe I could be protecting the way I feel when I'm around sinners like that I don't like that kind of language, and electric, joking, but I can look at them as people who they don't know much better coming there.

They don't know any other society I'd love you. Sometimes they notice that I don't speak clearly having been in a secular situation where some connectors of your Christian archer that had you notice it because you're not usually that unit testing and stuff which was surprising. That is surprising to me that that would stand out for them, but just being an example of the impure yourself if some because until you don't want to laugh, you know, I do know that you not be like a prude about it but you. You don't you don't encourage it either. So you might just smiles and I don't find it that funny but I mean you don't have it on a sound like something affairs either because Jesus wasn't meant to realize that Jesus was quite popular among those kind of people and that would suggest that he didn't behave like the Pharisees did because I don't think the Pharisees were very popular around those kind people because people probably felt very uncomfortable around the Pharisees because of the judgment they were experiencing, we have to remember that people's real problem is that there alienated from God and everything else they do is a symptom of that and and that's a sickness.

I mean, it certainly is a sickness that they're responsible for because the can repent. If they know to do so, but still in me. Whether they're responsible for being an eye condition. Not that's the condition they are in and and as such they are blind, they are numb to the things of God. It may be and so I would say that if people are behaving in a way that so contrary to the ways Christians, notably one should probably assume they don't really know much better if I because of Jesus. And when they were hurling insults at them ways on the cross and pounding nails intimately said father forgive them. They don't know what they're doing. So I imagine it's how Jesus sort of viewed the course people in the fallen people in society, with whom he read, to whom he reached out. I think the main thing to realize is it's not your duty as a Christian to judge non-Christians. Jesus himself says in in John he did not come to judge the world, but that the world through him might be saved. His income to condemn the world because the world is already condemned. It says the seller. John three so I would suggest that you know it's not our place to judge the world of Paul said it is our place to judge the church I'm impulsive very clearly in first contents five. He said you know those were outside the church. We don't judge those people that's got God judges them, but those inside the church which are have better judge because FS is church discipline, and I realize it. Christians tend to feel like the duty is the other way around. I think like we should be your point the finger at all.

Our unsaved friends about other sins and kind of turn a blind eye to the sins of the church such as the opposite of what the Bible teaches about us as we should be confronting sin in the church and leaving it to God to judge those who are not in the church is not ours to judge. We can tell them the truth. And when Jesus said he was like a physician going to the sick.

Notice the attitude of a physician, torta patient is hopefully compassionate toward them not self-righteous in a physician just because he's not sick he doesn't notice a per se shame on you had very basic like it should be well like I am. You know he's he's there to help. He's there to minister and that's what Jesus was. He said that's how that's why he hung around non-Christians so somehow I think we need to do if we aren't already. That way, we need to recast arson role when were around offensive people, people who made it or not even trying to be offensive.

Maybe they just don't even know that their behavior is offensive to people like ourselves or to God.

So we have to really be gracious if we aren't full of grace and truth were not really like Jesus because that's how he is described as being hope that helps.

Let's talk to Don from Snohomish West Washington Don, welcome to the neural pathways for calling the pleasure. I believe the Christians will be given rewards based upon our lives and the medications that we that we will not be judge and New Testament verses that lead me to believe we will in just three quick versus James 31. My brother, not many of you become teachers.

Excuse me.

Let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.

Second Corinthians 510 for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ. Each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done, whether good or bad in first Corinthians 314 and 15 if anyone's work which is built on intuition will receive a reward. If anyone's work is burned, he will suffer loss, but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire.

So my question is referring to a judgment related simply to be related to some type of punishment rebuke reckoning by God well and there's another repeater talks to the Christians and he says if you call God your father who, without partiality, judges, everyone according to his works past the time of your sojourning here in fear he says and he started Christians.

So there is something to fear of the judgment now there is no hell. There's no hell or condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, so I don't know if we can if we really having that we call punishment in the sense of a negative thing that's done to us or if it's rather ashy as you are wondering whether system of forfeiture of rewards that we would've had in our salvation is based on our our submission to Christ.

But that not every who submitted to Christ does as many of the same kind works or disciplines their own actions as well as some others do. Or, you know walks are strongly in the spirit and sometimes fall some people fall more than others and I would say that there is something forfeited and to give the punishment may not be so, so much that God exacts some proactive kind of punishment upon them as they live in eternity.

Knowing that they didn't please God is much as they could have and that they didn't receive such rewards as he wished to give them an eternity is a long time to live, lacking something dominant, something that you could have had an assignment.

I imagine would be some regrets there but it does seem since there is no condemnation to Christians, but there is a judgment of Christians, and it is a judgment we should be sober about and and diligent to to to be prepared for. I don't think it says that the judgment is that the that we go to hell if we don't do enough good work trimming the graph. It certainly is not agreeable to New Testament teaching, but it would be rather out we we don't please God with our lives as he's made us to remember the Bible says, by grace you been saved through faith and that not of yourselves. It's the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast. But the next verse says, for where we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, that which is forwarding that we should walk in them. So he has it. He has works good works in mind he's foreordained certain works for us to walk in and if we don't walk in them. Well were missing were missing the boat were were not missing salvation but were missing our purpose in life that God had for us. And of course God is ever generous and so the fact that he has works in mind for us is that these are works. He intends to reward us for. But if we don't do them then there will be reward from them and that's again eternity is a long time to be missing something or you could have had, and to know that that would be certainly perhaps more of a punishment than we like understand at this present time, I got the ship okay or next caller is Ralph in Connecticut. Ralph, welcome to the neural pathways for calling LII.

I called you the other day and unfortunately I got cut off. No, I don't know if you can remember. Why do you refresh my memory has a lot of things that happen in your opinion what you said there were different level. Well, yeah, I actually thought that question got answered the others there's not very many scriptures that talk about hell and the ones that do them.

There's not very many that talk about levels of hell, but there's a couple of things that give the impression three things out so the first thing would be simple justice would be be simply unjust for everyone to receive the same punishment who is not. Not all committed the same crimes and since the buses the judgment as it is of works me some sense when they go to hell because they didn't believe in Jesus and they all didn't do that. So we all deserve the same punishment that the same crime.

The Bible doesn't say that there be judge for not believing in Jesus. The buses are to be judged by the works, everyone will be rewarded by their works every every verse in the Bible that talks of the judgment mentions that is were checked for deeds for our works and is not one that says your judge because you didn't accept Jesus as your Savior and of course, the Bible does tell us that you turning to Christ and submitted Christ believing in Christ, that these are the things that that deliverance from judgment, but when the judgment is described. It's never about… See if your name if you believe something else about what you did so justice itself is suggestive because judging each person according to their works. Why would he do that if uses to give a blanket judgment everybody regardless of what their works were that would make any sense. It would be just now the other thing I would say is that and I think I brought this up.

I'm not sure is that Jesus said that the day of judgment will be more tolerable for some lost people than for other lost people there all lost but there not some have a more tolerable judgment which seems like it's more lenient or less, less severe, at least, he said that, for example, Sodom and Gomorrah the day of judgment be less less more tolerable for them than for Capernaum. And then of course Jesus in Luke said that the servant who knew his master's will and didn't do it will be beaten with more stripes than the pursuit didn't know his master's will and didn't do it so these. There's not much there but these statements certainly inclined me to the belief that people in hell will not all receive exactly the same punishment. There must be degrees of punishment that would fit you know there that what they deserve. Well hell I mean not the word is where does the Bible define how family.

I don't agree that no Christian said sure I would agree. I would agree that I would agree that those who are in hell are separated from God that does mean that all mean being separate God is merely separate said the same thing. So, I mean scriptures I gave you they say something and that's what they say to me that there's different degrees of punishment and if you then you can okay appreciate your call and I need to take a break you listening to the narrow path and that we are listener supported ministry if you'd like to help us stay on the air. You can write to the narrow path. The address is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 and our website is the narrow You can donate from the narrow or you can just take the hundreds of resources that are there for free. Please do we want to have them. I'll be back in 32nd stucco away. You know the narrow path radio show is Bible radio that has nothing to sell you everything to do the right thing and share with your family and friends. Tell them to tune into the narrow path on this radio station narrow where they will find topical audio teachings blog articles and diverse teaching kinds of radio shows you know listener supported Nero With Steve Greg share with you now.

Looking back to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and were live for another half hour taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith you'd like to bring up for discussion.

While we welcome you to do that.

If you have a different viewpoint from the host anyone bring that effort conversation we can do that to you can write and you can call me you can write to you not to get on the way, you can call me at 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 scullers Maxime calling from California somewhere in California hi Maxine, welcome to the narrow path extra calling.

I like to know your thoughts on and connected the angel I have looked up and commentaries and I seem to be very little knowledge on that and I wondered what your thoughts works on them and I'll take it up the phone here okay mixing thank you call well there really is very little knowledge on that because the Bible only has a few verses on an admin. The verses that are there. Have some ambiguity to them and have been interpreted different ways, which makes it even harder for us to have very much knowledge about them. Apparently we don't have to know very much about them, but there are a lot of people who think they know a lot about them because I've seen whole books written about them than FLM and even the unit of the book of Enoch, which was a Jewish book before the time of Christ, it has something to say about them, but it's not an inspired book and it's apparently researched effective speculation, which is what anyone would have to do if they speak you know with certainty about the Knoefler that what what we have what is written in Genesis 6 is that there are the sons of God. At a certain point in time before the flood sons of God saw and were attracted to the beauty of the daughters of men and took wives of them and had children with them and and their children became mighty men of renown. Now the passage does not say anything about the Knoefler being the products of these marriages, but it does mention the Knoefler and were around in those days that the verse early on, I am not looking for passage where it says there were Knoefler in the world. In those days also now to say there were Knoefler in the world.

In those days doesn't have events that's in a statement serve an aside, it doesn't say that the Knoefler and were in any sense related to these marriages is just like two other times in Genesis was telling the story of Abraham. It'll it'll give the aside of the Amorites were in the land in those days I came out, but they were Abraham emigrants to this usually interrupts some narrative about the story of Abraham as the Amorites when the worldso to say that the Knoefler were there in those days doesn't really tell ascending about who the Knoefler and were now the sons of God are often it's disputed who they are. I think a great number of people have heard that the sons of God are angels who fell. There is some basis for referring to the Angels of sons of God, although as far as I know the only only basis for that is in the book of Job and the sons of God are mentioned a few times in Job in such a way that gives the impression that it's referring to angels, so the sons of God may be angels, but not necessarily because the term sons of God is used much more frequently in the Bible to refer to godly people.

People who are followers of God. In Hosea Israel is spoken of as real when they become when they repent, and when the funds will be called sons of the living God in the New Testament says flooded. Now we are the sons of God. It says in that's in first John and insect and the gospel of John in chapter 1 it says as many as received him, to them he gave the power to become the sons of God sons of God is a term for godly people, and most of the occurrences of that word in the Bible and its is that we both the old and the New Testament it, it may be, and it probably is the case that the term sons of God refers to angels in the book of Job, but the question is what does it refer to in Genesis 6 and in one view is that the sons of God are in fact angels who were sexually attracted to women and so they settle down started families with them know it says they took wives of them and they had children by them. That's like start a family. Now a fallen angel in my mind would be a pretty, I don't it would not be not be human thing angels not a human being and so I'm not really sure how an angel would reproduce with a human being because you species that are not the same cannot interbreed and angels are not same species as human and if someone would say well in the Bible. Sometimes they appear as human while it's true they do appears human.

That doesn't mean there human if from what we know about humans and other species as they have a distinctive DNA and angels don't have that DNA you know and and DNA. By the way, the DNA you have is something you know, a combination of DNAs of your parents and your grandparents and so forth.

So the specifics of your DNA speak of a biological history going back to Adam in your life for Adams amino. Angels don't go back to Adam. Why would they have DNA going back to Adam site and without it, how can they reproduce with women, so I have serious problems with the popular view the popular view is widely held by the Jews, and as I say, it was popularized by the book of Enoch. There are a number of Christians who believe it. I think even the Scofield reference Bible way back in 1909, held that view and have an MSP and a lot of among modern teachers. Michael Heiser has popularized that you though it was around it's been rental my life. Some men when I heard from him as no surprise, but I have trouble with. I just have trouble believing that angels have of the biological equipment to have human babies or half human babies with human women, so I'm more inclined to think the sons of God. There has the meaning that has most of the time in the bottle.

That is, referring to godly people, men who are godly and they were attracted to women who were not not daughters of God.

Marriages human women numbing sorbet. The mentor human to, but the men are not only human but there godly humans. The women are human, but they're not godly and so I believe it was like spiritually mismatched marriages and their children were not necessary. The nestling, the Bible doesn't say anything about their children being the Knoefler says their children were mighty men in the earth, but says there were Knoefler in the world. In those days, and also after that, when the sons of God went into the daughters of men, children report so there was Knoefler that around.

At that time to. But before that, so it makes it fairly clear. It seems to me the nestling are not the products of those marriages and and if those marriages did involve angels mating with women as some people think that still wouldn't make the Knoefler and their offspring. The Bible does not save the Knoefler spring. By the way, the word Knoefler is only found twice in the Bible. One is there in Genesis 6 is also found later in numbers 13 when the spies who spied out the land of Canaan came back with the report and they said there's giants in the land.

That's also an excellent and so what's interesting is that's a long time after the flood. The nestling that are described in Genesis 6 would've had to be wiped out in the flood. In fact they were I you I don't know exactly what impact they had on bringing on the flood that they were. They may have had a corrupting influence in society where they were.

I think they're just giant people just like a life.

Life is a giant person he was not half angel and half human. He just a giant guy and there are giant guys and in Old Testament times.

The reason whole races of a fairly giant people like my Goliath.

So we see some of them even after the flood, but if we would ever believe nestling have to be sired by angels, then we have to assume that even after the flood, some more angels came down and did the same thing. So the baby nestling in the promised land for the spies to find and report about. I find that the most reasonable suggestion. Some people do and I'm you know it's not. I don't have an ax to grind about it.

I'm just saying I don't think there's much of the Bible to tell us with an excellent parent mentioned and that and I think all scholars agree that that refers to giants and most would agree giant people. Though there are some who want to make them giant half people, half angel and so there some some kind of weird species like that a person can believe that they want to. It won't change anything because of course whatever happened before the flood has been washed away millennia ago, so it's all just a matter of curiosity rather than kind of a practical issue for Christians. I appreciate your call Pat from Fort Worth, Texas. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling China now tell me about glad your special judge.

I just are you willing to be judged on the judgment you got a judgment that lightning you just Ali just resizing that's precisely what it means and means the next. When Jesus says in Matthew 71 judge not that you be not judged very his the measure you use to judge others is the measurement will be used to judge you and Jesus is assuming that the people he's rebuking are people who judge mental but they're not there not any better than the people are judging in some ways they're worse because he says how can you say your brother, let me get that speck out of your eye when you got a beam in your own eye, so he saying listen you're trying to correct your brother you're trying to do in tell him he's wrong. A needs correction need something done to him and and yet you got it the same thing worse than he's got. And then Jesus you hypocrite, that's says you hypocrite, first get the beam out of your online then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. So he's not saying it's wrong to get specs that he rather decide if your brother has inspected sides actually very loving thing to do and that's a metaphor for judging your brother but if you judge your brother when you got same problem in spades. You know then you're being hit. So what Jesus is forbidding his hypocritical judgment that you're right over. In John chapter 7 Jesus said, I things in verse 24. If not mistaken. He said that judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment. So obviously, just as it's wrong to judge the wrong way. It's wrong not to judge the right, we are required to judge like you got one more point that to got a call today.

Good to hear from you. Some of these lines for our break after my ear might be my connection to enemy schedule continue show despite the bad connection John in Vancouver, BC, welcome to the narrow path, things are coming.

John, you really need to generate enough hello hi John, did you turn your radio off.

Are you there hello hi John, yes, go ahead.

This is the very one now question I want to ask a lot of other people when we have a glorified body when it came about that as I Started so we can have complications. I couldn't have down here on earth does that make us a rundown of what may and is going to like and what we might be doing just leisure time. That aside, and with our heavenly father met friends and wrap and give you the answer to that way I can hear my by you so much for your welcome. Thank you God bless you. Well, what will we be doing in our glorified bodies.

You know I could guess, but I wouldn't have any basis for believing my guess has any merit.

The Bible tells us almost nothing about eternity.

It tells us it does tell us that there be no more pain, no more suffering or reaping them or sickness. No more death. That's it. I guess that's a pretty significant description… That's all in one verse beyond that were not told of you. Do any of the same kind of recreational things that we do now are full even want to, you know what God has told us very little about our eternal glory and he's told us very little about hell. Both are mentioned, but we have the both are affirmed to exist, but that beyond that might not much is said about them. A few things are said with a very general so I could I could guess, but I'm not usually the type to do that. I mean, when there's no data available. I will say this though, and I'm sure after this on their number of times and people to assess question is that when I was a little kid, I asked my dad what heaven will be like and he said what heaven will be when you're in heaven you you'll have everything you want now. I frankly that was a good answer for child and I still believe it's true, of course, the way it's taken by a child is a childish way and for and I probably got the wrong impression, even if it was a good answer, because what to be told I will have everything I want does not at all. Tell me what I will want at that point. In fact, as a child I couldn't even know what I would want as an adult because Paul said when I was a child I thought as a child I spoke as a child I acted as a child when I grew up, I put away childish things and you know I don't think like a child, and when my dad told me that I pictured you know like Willy Wonka chocolate factory of my own. You know some like that and endless toys. Maybe I own a Toyota choice for us to store and in and I'd would have silly thing adjusted to keep it play with, you know that I need this kind of thing. That's how children think and I got a feeling that just as I don't I wouldn't want those things now. I don't think I would want them in heaven. Either but many things I do think I would like now might be things that in that form when I'm in that different. You state of being. I might not find any interest in the particular things that entertain me now. I'll certainly see things differently just like I now see things different. Even though I saw them as a child, so when not when we see him face-to-face will be like him. The Bible says and so I got a feeling that the artistes will be perfectly united with his tastes and I don't know the item of Jesus like you got play soccer or something or watch it. He might, though we don't read it from doing it when he was here, but I just don't know.

I don't know what we will want to do because we will be a different will will be living in a different order of being much more different from our present then childhood is to our present and others big gap in the mind of a child between the mind of a child of mind of an adult.

I think the gap between a person in our present flesh in this present world and our present carnality levels. I think gap between that and in the mind will have when were with him is even greater. What I can say is if you can imagine what you will most enjoy now. I mean it if you could just write your own.

You know your own story of your life and all the things you think are wonderful now take that level of joy and enjoyment that you think that would provide few realize it probably when you are you and in your glorified body, you will have joy greater then you imagine that it might be found in many other things. I also told on the Aristarchus these are true stories and ethically illustrate this reasonably well, but when I was little kid, a neighbor kid told me about sex and he wasn't hundred percent accurately is accurate enough that to gross me out and remember thinking I you I don't golf and have sex. It sounds horrible of course I didn't know when is a little kid what happens when your hormones change and so forth. In the course when I became a man I put away childish things.

But the point I agrees I give that example is because adults find a great deal of enjoyment of sex enough so that some people practically worship out wears a child can't find anything about it.

That would appeal the middle and so if God told us right now and described his what it is that will be enjoyed when were with him, and when were have glorified bodies. It may be it it it it might be that wouldn't appeal to the song as it will why would that be any good.

Why would that be; you know, and so I think I just left it frankly left it to our imagination but I don't know if he wants is even to be imagining units on I can only imagine like that's true. You can only imagine.

You can't know because God hasn't told us so right now if you think Gail played sports is the thing that would make you really excited will just know that the whatever excitement and joy that would give you.

You have greater joy than that though it may have nothing to do with sports and in that day. Remember, it says in Psalm 16 concerning God, he says, in your presence is fullness of joy and at your right hand are pleasures for evermore. So when were in his presence in his right hand is divvied out to us what he's had in my first for all eternity which you know I have not seen and ear has not heard and has made and entered into the mind event will sign in his presence. Fullness of joy, which is something that even going to a sports event probably doesn't provide right now it might distract you from sorrowful things. But it's not the fullness of joy that will have in God's presence.

So I got a feeling God can't probably even describe it to assist probably reasons why it has not entered into the heart of man man probably doesn't have the frame of reference to process it.

Just know you won't be disappointed if you make it there, you'll be very disparate if you don't, okay, let's talk to Benito in Newcastle, Washington Benito, welcome to the narrow path I am. He is not acting on a regular good good to have you. Okay so in a number who I love dearly and frequently need Christ as Lord and Savior, but he had been involved with a I. "I like the light guide and quite and they believe that only African-American, Native American, and Laura like to go to heaven because they are part of the pipe. The 12 tribes of Israel and also that not true self. Blessed yet that you value product that assumes that assumes I guess that that must assume that God is a social justice warrior because he's only going to give advantages to those groups are disadvantaged now okay yeah yeah and I am now filled three Dr. about keeping the commandment and I know I can come to abolish the commandment but we are objected by by numbered blood and the use of the Scriptures you John chapter 19 verse 17 through 18 and white collar family good. There is no no not good no good, but one that got but doubt will enter into life, keep the commandment in the you that right you that God will keep all the law. Imagine I think I'm getting a real bad breakup on it may be that my voice break. I just bet is your spectator because there must be a bad connection at this moment but felt, what is your question guy I guy can mostly follow your sentiments by Okay was much better yet, how can I leave my brother to me that you'll have to keep trying to translate all you do is believe in the Lord to be paid in that direction. Well I'll say this, probably giving him a resource, something to read or listen to would be the best thing I can suggest rather than just in a few minutes we have left to try to outline everything be good for them to know.

Let me just say that I don't know if you've been to my website before it's the narrow there are hundreds and hundreds of lectures there but somehow I could specifically recommend some of their free everything's free so there's like 1500 lectures and you can listen or download all of them for free or any of them. But if you go to the narrow and you click on the tabs.

His topical lectures. There should be is a series there called Hebrew roots or Torah observance. There might be both, and these three short lecture series. I gave on on this very matter, but also I would suggest the series called genuinely following Jesus is genuine, genuinely following Jesus is called and that it's about discipleship and I do deal with the relationship of the Old Testament law to the Christian life and I do it differently than your brother dust.

I am, I don't believe that we are supposed to keep the Old Testament commitments but we are supposed to Christ commandments are supposed to love our brother and our special love as he loved.

That's the commandment he gave us but the commandments that Moses gave are not the commandments that are for the believer event.

Their part of the old covenant and Jesus brought the new covenant. The Bible says that where there's a new covenant, the old covenant is made obsolete.

That's in verse 813 cell MNE so I mean, Jesus brought a new covenant, and if if the Bible says when there is a new cover.

The old code is obsolete, then one has to ask if the old covenant is obsolete and why would the rules and regulations that belong to a covenant applied to somebody who's not under that covenant I made one waited tested. But I do have those lectures that would answer his questions more thoroughly for his issues okay sweet Greg for a unique 13 appliqué you got what you okay Benito God bless you, thank you for your call.

We don't much time, but maybe Linda from Auburn, Washington get something inherent got a minute or two, go ahead, Linda and I intend that I writing who he can fit it in Marion and have you Hebrew word Elohim. My high-end like that anyway. Elohim technology guy and had a good holiday. You may actually he connected at that minute, not intelligent may I katana – yeah Michael Michael Heiser brings a lot of yeah Michael Heiser brings a lot of that information to I just say that not none of that has any bearing on what I see on the explanation. I gave because even if you take Elohim, which is the word God in sons of God, deny Elohim, the sons of God take Elohim to refer to beings with supernatural power, which is not a necessary we don't take Elohim that when Genesis 11 it says in the beginning God Elohim created the heavens there. Don't believe a lot of God did so, but it can mean God. Even so, the Knoefler, not them that that is there's no connection in the passage between the Knoefler and the sons of the Elohim, so that becomes well irrelevant to the point that I was making.

I'm out of time and start to say even listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg. We are listener supported.

You go to our website and see how to support us if you want to take anything their free. It's the narrow thanks for joining us. Let's talk again Monday.


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