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The Narrow Path 10/27

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 27, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/27

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 27, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Wouldn't good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg and we're live for an hour each weekday afternoon, taking your calls if you questions about the Bible of the Christian faith you'd like to ask. Or maybe you see things differently than the host would like to talk about that you're always welcome to do so here, so feel free to give me a call.

The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first color today is calling from London, England, and that's good repeater hi. Welcome to the neural pathways for calling the local two quick questions. 63."is a priority on completing agree with it because she implies that there are other important things in the student teaching quote.

I think "these will be severely important to sing and I saw Steve to Houston on the second question is growing(s) of cleaning cartridge not even come to believe this. Christie will remind families to seek a career success. Career runs hibernation to each his own gentleness from Jesus. We need to be disciples fishing regarding crimes, for that when I look at Jesus and the closest stage curriculum so seeking success in the world being the star pools we truly exclusive and not just one.

Ask if seeking success is a web/equal sake. Okay, it was a good click good questions that first of all, your first question was are you correct in thinking the kingdom of God is the most important things that was your first question, yes okay well yeah I would think so.

I mean, Jesus told us to pray for the kingdom to come and I was the first petition in the prayer he taught which raises it is the most important hourly soft top priority. Then he said, as you pointed out in Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom. Better get his first in priority and all these things be added to you. He also said in Matthew 2414, the this gospel of the kingdom must be preached in all the world is witness to all nations.

Then the end shall come by just made very clear kingdom of God is like a pearl of great price, which a wise man would sell all that he had to obtain. It's clear that the loss of everything if if that's what it took, would be a worthwhile loss. If you gain the kingdom of God. So certainly the teaching of Jesus is that the kingdom of God is all important now that the second question about success by that you mean worldly success is a little more tricky than that because it really depends on what you're calling is now you say when you look at Jesus and the apostles seeking new let's say business success or financial success doesn't seem appropriate. Well, if you are like Jesus or the apostles in the sense that you are a full-time preacher you know then, of course, seeking financial success would be a very wrong motivation for that because you were not supposed be motivated by money. If were in the ministry as Jesus and the apostles were now when you get in the book of acts, of course, find thousands of people become disciples of Jesus every every Christian is called a disciple in the book of acts, and most of them are not preachers. Most of them have other things that they do we know this because, for example, Paul mentions in prescriptive 12 that there's lots of different Gypsy says it also Romans 12 and it's he doesn't indicate that having one gift or another is more virtuous because he says it's the Holy Spirit that distributes each teach one the proper gift now.

A person is called to be an apostle alike. The apostles were I would think to be quite a mistake for them to make it one of their goals to be financially successful. Especially when Peter, one of the primary disciples and spokesman for Christ, as had the same limitation silver and gold. I have none but such as I have given IV, of course, Jesus told the disciples freely you have received, freely give. So you're not supposed to be seeking money for the ministry to sell the word of God is something that many New Testament writers indicators this sign of the false prophet so you know what a person is called away from ordinary work in order to be in full time preaching work that I believe that any desire to become rich at that work would be very very foolish. Not that it's wrong to be rich now. The Bible does say it's a disadvantage to be rich. He said it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. So doesn't make it sound like it's very enviable to be rich you may well if you're supposed to seek first the kingdom of God and yet it's harder to get in the kingdom of God. If you're wealthy that it would not be one of the major goals of a Christian on the other hand, depending on what your gifting is of God has you in a regular kind of a job and that would be. I think most Christians are called to remember. Paul said, with reference to the general church population. He wanted them to learn to live quietly and work with their hands and provide for themselves.

They said that all in first Thessalonians chapter 4 he said in Ephesians.

Also in chapter 4, he said him that stole a lot of steel no more.

But let rather let it work with his hands that he might have something to give so you people who are working full time in preaching aren't out making making money because they can, frankly, are forbidden to charge for that and therefore they receive gifts from people who do work and it looks like most people, according to Paul, actually working pulse of those who don't work should not eat so in other words, if you are called to be a preacher, then yes, I would suggest that you look live by faith. I would suggest you don't charge anything for because I believe that that tends to corrupt preachers and it certainly is a disobedience of what Jesus said about freely receiving and therefore freely giving but if you are called to work in a business whether you're self-employed or working for someone else. I don't think it's wrong, you should make money.

Your primary motivation, you should make integrity, your main motivation, but frankly God may bless you. If you have a lot of integrity, you may be recognized by your superiors or by your clientele that may increase and you might actually become quite wealthy many Christians through just being honest in business have become far more wealthy then they necessarily expected or cared to be. Now, of course, that being so, doesn't mean you've compromised two to be diligent and honest that your work is a very important thing for Christians to do, who are called to do regular kind of work, and I think that's a lot of Christians who are, but of course once you have the money that you have to realize this is not mind this is Todd's God has possibly God expects me to steward this money guy you not.

I have a lot of money. I have a lot of responsibility to find out what is a God wants me to do with it. So you know Paul did say one of the gifts of the spirit is the gift of giving, and I would imagine that somebody who's called into regular business and makes a lot of money and it would be among those who have that gift, there might be people who've inherited money here won the lottery or some like that who have allowed anyone who's got money, especially if they have more than they need is easily a candidate for one who has the gift of giving. Paul told Timothy in first Timothy chapter 6, I think, is verse seven temperament sure is that you warn those who are rich in this world to not be arrogant or be trusting and uncertain riches, but to be rich in good works and ready to distribute, you know that is ready to give away or give a lot of away so a person is a lot of money is to be told to be ready to give a lot and that's that's a good thing. So I mean if if if you are called to preach, then I would say the model Jesus and the apostles who were in fact called to preach concerning finances and so forth. I think would be an excellent model to follow the model I personally have believed in and have followed myself because that is my calling, but but if I weren't called to preach, but I was called to be in some kind of ordinary work, I would seek to be alone or great testimony to God in that place of work and I would hope that if it's God's will.

I might be promoted and and maybe make more money so that I have more to give.

It's not wrong to have money. It certainly wrong to want to be rich for your own sake. Paul said those who want to be rich fall into many temptations and the snare and many hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. That's in first Timothy six. I forget what verse probably not a person 12 or so I'm guessing so anyway, those are my thoughts about it. You shouldn't necessarily look at the life of the apostles and Jesus in terms of their financial policies as a model unless you are called to that same kind of activity that they were but if you're called to work it out job then of course you know if it should be your first priority to be wealthy and successful, but it should be your first priority to to make the most of that job both as an influence on others for Christ, and also insofar as you prosper in network that you will have much more to give further promotion of the kingdom of God. Those my thoughts suitable depends on your cooling yes one less question for me as you said. If Susie will also think it means the street beside the pesky basket palm so sleepless and sends him to wait. Additionally space beside Ben's rhinology also Susie Paul said that you should desire you should desperately desire or eagerly desire the best guess. He said especially may prophesy out to prophesy is something that can happen whether you have any other gift or not.

Energy might be called in the gift of Ministry of helps are giving or showing mercy or expectation, which means encouragement, or any number of other gifts that Paul may list elsewhere. But he says prophecies like a really good gift and you should all seek to prophesy because frankly, that won't interfere with you doing something else.

Suppose your ministry is that you worked at a factory or you work at a job, but of course it when you go to church you the gift of prophecy could still function to review so animated that that wouldn't interfere with you any of the calling. Now some people are prophets, but Paul suggested, not all are prophets he said are in first vintage 12 near the end there. He said, are all apostles are all prophets, are all teachers. Certainly the question implies the answers no, not all are apostles are prophets or teachers and yet even those who are not prophets, that is, those who don't hold an office of profit may on occasion prophesy.

Even some bad people have been known to prophesy like Saul in the Old Testament or Baylon they were not prophets of God, but that is that that wasn't their role, but that they could prophesy and Paul said in first 2014. You may all prophesy one by one, the church may be edified. So to desire to prophesy is is desirable is a good thing, regardless what your main calling her gift may be, of course, prophesy is something that is almost always something done in the church so it's been in the church gathering but are calling in life isn't necessarily related to what we do in the church gathering the gift of giving her helps her showing mercy to support you to be doing. Frankly in and out of church probably mostly outside of church so you know what you do with your weekday life does not have to interfere with something else you do on one of your gathering and those are my reflections and yet we appreciate all right Peter, thank you for your call – it YouTube on okay. Let's talk to Mark from Vancouver, British Columbia. Mark welcome to the neuropathic for calling the little story about the blind men who are to describe an elephant. One has to leg one has a tells one has a new one has detailed whatever the moral of that little story basically is to give the poor employment. Note we can get the whole picture correct. Yes.


Now some of the thing is when I look at the middle four positions of the Godhead. I don't want to have to be very smart. All you have to do is say okay I like to cut the planetary position electrical pituitary position at the unitary position to cut the oneness position very clear picture of it. I don't have to very smart-two would just be honest and open to do that we do not agree with us sufficient. Well, I'm not sure I would agree with the client as far as the size and sitting with the elephant model because the real the real suggestion of the elephant story is that nobody, although everyone thinks they know there are things in the invisible world. Since these are blind men. Everything is in the visible world, including elephant. There are things in the invisible world will think we know something about and we've each examined only a part of it. Certainly if we had all of our perspectives put together, we might gain weight recently gain a better idea. The idea of the story is basically that we shouldn't think that we see the whole picture because we only see a part of it now. These different views of Trinity by Didier unity mean Unitarian oneness.

These are not parts of the picture.

Each of them is a theory about the whole picture and in others, God is not one side of God is not Trinitarian and one side Unitarian one side oneness but God is one way these are different theories about what he is, that I would say this about the elephant thing, we don't have to blind men, we don't have to be at the same disadvantage essay of the Buddhist and Hindu in the Muslim and the two in the sky discussing who God is, because we have the revelation given us. Jesus is the light of the world's open her eyes and therefore you know what we can see the elephant as it were.

Now when it comes to the different views and the gods of the Godhead. As you say you know all of us who have these different views are looking at the same Bible while reading about the same Jesus and real and each one has a different opinion about what Jesus words actually mean on the subject and so skinny. The fire triggered by the siren on. So it's not quite the same thing because the elephant is not just his tail, or just his legs are just a stronger justice tester just as ears. He's all of them put together, whereas God is these are four different theories about what God himself is the ministry of the history of Anthony bothered. I think I've heard his name, but I'm not sure, certainly not familiar with okay one quick question before illegal and that is we cannot say that the essence of the most important essence and point of the doctrine of the deity of Christ is not so much bleeding that Jesus is equal to the father but in the aspect of bleeding that Jesus is worthy to be worshiped as God.

The glory of God the father. Well, perhaps there certainly are some evangelicals who would not agree with you some of them think that you believe that Jesus is God is like the mold which is nonnegotiable.

Hill to die on you. I do believe I do believe Jesus is God.

Of course, but if somebody was mistaken and thought maybe he isn't God. Maybe he's like some of these other views hold, but they still worship Christ followed Christ in glorify God through doing so. I'm not.

I'm not positive that this would be the dealbreaker.

This one thing to be the dealbreaker lease the Bible doesn't say it is. It is in the minds of some people of the Bible Bible does not say that. So yeah I guess may go to Greenfield that thanks for your call. Let's talk to Paul from Peachtree's city in Georgia.

Welcome to the narrow path. Paul, thanks for calling one of your electric gate on the day and you suggested and that Jesus was God because he calm the storm and I was thinking about a lighted 222 Nazareth man accredited by got accredited by God America wandered in time, which guided him him him money and through him to their something about that particular miracle that you think of the special K and do you know of an example in Scripture where were told they will be a miracle because he didn't know why I personally don't believe that the Bible teaches that Jesus was able to do miracles because he was God.

However, I do believe that hit them miracles he did demonstrate that he is God now. I think he I think you can God even without doing the miracles and he might even have done the miracles without being God. After all, the apostles did miracles and many of them similar to the ones that Jesus did they work God to pop the prophets of the Old Testament did miracles raise the dead, but they weren't God either.

So the fact that a man does a miracle from God doesn't nationally tell us that he is going on the case of Jesus.

We know he's God from other factors and the kinds of miracles he did were in order not not just to show that he can do spectacular things and therefore he must be God.

Since Elijah and Elisha did spectacular things and so did Paul and Peter and others and they are the fact that Jesus could do spectacular things is not intended to prove that he is God, but they illustrate that he's got the kinds of things he did are parallel to the kinds of things that only God is known to do and they they connect Jesus with the person of God in some specific ways. For example, what she said he was the light of the world.

Many open the eyes of the blind is not the only person in the Bible who open the eyes of blind but all or who raise the dead. But he said he's he's the resurrection life. He he did things that illustrate what he claimed about himself and in the for example, in the case of walking on the water. This is interesting because none of the apostles, frankly, did that particular miracle, nor did they ever still storms, even though Paul was see with the storm that almost sunk the ship and he never stilled the storm. Could he do so I don't know a permit was led to do something he couldn't put these two signs.

I think connect Jesus with God not not in the same not just by saying that only only if he was God. Could he do them but he was God. We know from other things up in the New Testament and we can see that as he did them. He showed his connection with God because in the Old Testament, for example Psalm one of seven. It talks about how God steals the storm and the sailors know when the client him. He stills the storm and in their immediately after desired Haven. That's exactly where the story is told of Jesus telling the storm when he was asleep in the boat. It also says in more than one of the Psalms that God walks on the waves of the sea, and of course, is Jesus did without. In other words, I believe God could allow some, like Paul and Peter to walk on the waves of the sea if he wanted to but he never did.

And I think that's because the miracles Jesus did were in order to to bid and prove he was God because they were miraculous but they pointed to his being God because they were the kinds of things that the Bible specifically says that God alone does.

And of course God could allow a man to do it like warming.

Peter walked on the water. He was a man, but he only did at the behest of Christ. The fact that Jesus you know was seen walking on the water was, I think, no doubt to call back the imagery from the Old Testament how God walks on the waves and see which is a figure of speech, of course, but in other words, I don't think that the miracles Jesus are are what proves he's God or they certainly point that direction. There's lots of things for which we don't have absolute proof mean in the secular world, but we have plenty of good evidence for them. For example, we don't have absolute proof of a divine creation recently got a ton of evidence for and that we may not be improving entirely to the skeptic, but the fact that we believe in creation is well supported by that much evidence.

I think the same could be said of Jesus miracles the fact that he did miracles doesn't prove he is God. Since a lot of Americans were done by people who make no claim to being God. But the fact that he does claim to be God is Wells's claim as well supported by the miracles would be surprising if he didn't do miracles and he was God, but they they are evidence that are not proof in my opinion I okay appreciate your call. Let's see here we have it somewhere before the break one or two minutes only. I'll take a call, but I will hold you over if necessary after the break Mike from Aurora, Oregon. Welcome to the neuropathic Sertoli looking for someone seven about the size of yes witness on earth with the spirit of water in the blood.

What is the water blood is that like baptism connection. There are quite a few theories about that and I'm good have to just say I don't know one of the theories is saying that we know what testifies to Jesus being God or being who he is, as opposed to the Gnostic versions of Jesus is was heard with the voice of God speaking as baptism, which is a water and at his death shortly before his death in John 12, which is the blood. I have trouble believing that that's what it means but that's what many commentators suggest Paul John himself in John chapter 19 sought Jesus pierced in assigned salt water and blood come out because I testify that this is true I who saw it testify that in the water and the blood could possibly refer to the water blood became a Jesus side which proved he was dead and had not just one but then that would leave open the question why does he link that with the spirit also. This is ace this is something which I'm pretty sure John's readers knew what he was talking about, but it's one of those times in the Bible we we we realize were reading somebody else's mail is like listening to one side of the telephone conversation it note you don't know what the other person saying you can have to guess at it from what you're hearing the person you're insane, and these people John and his readers had a relationship. He ministered among them, and they knew a lot of things and share a lot of understand that we don't have an there are times when we like it or not, that we just got to say you know I think his readers notice… But frankly no one now knows for sure.

And you can tell that by reading all the commentaries on the different opinions. So I have to apologize that I can't tell you what it means and I I wish I could thank you for calling listening to the narrow path that were not quitting.

You love music by we have another half hour so don't go away. The narrow path is listener supported. If you'd like to help us pay the radio bills which keeps us on the air. You may write to send the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow I'll be back in 30 seconds.

The book of Hebrews tells that do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the narrow count with family and friends.

When the show is over today and wanted to go to the narrow they can learn and enjoy your teaching articles verse diverse teachings and archives of all the narrow path radio show and be sure to tell them to tune into the show runs here on the radio listeners demoted the narrow path and do good welcome that the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and where live for another half hour taking your calls placed to questions about the Bible or the Christian faith. Maybe you just see things differently than the host wanted balance comment. You can call me here in this half-hour. The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 next collar is Michael from Detroit, Michigan. Michael looking to the neuropathic for calling high and talking about Scripture that was left in the event that clarity is the Greek copy of the Bible and that is second to me that all Scripture is God right now I I was doing website not in the Greek have a different meaning of the Greek word for Scripture is glacé and the word for inspired is breathed out, exhaled Paul is referring there. Of course, to the Old Testament Scripture because he is just said that Timothy had been taught in this holy Scriptures from his childhood. Now, of course, when Paul wrote this. The New Testament didn't even exist yet, and Timothy certainly had not been taught from childhood, from childhood, from anything other than the Old Testament because his mother was a Jew and so when he says all Scripture I think is continuing to speak the same Scripture that he mentioned the previous first that Timothy had been taught in since childhood side of the Old Testament that he said by the way I I believe in the authority of the New Testament to I believe the New Testament and the Old Testament are both are given to us by God. And I agree with everything they teach now, but took the call yesterday was arguing for you liked almost the inspiration of the King James version of the Bible and we were discussing. Then the Greek word Ionia's which appears many times in the New Testament in the Greek and it's the word that the King James version translates either as eternal or everlasting, and he was tell me what this is such a verse it says it's everlasting or eternal use in the King James version of the Bible.

I said well, but in the Greek it has this it's this word and I couldn't seem to get past. He didn't seem to realize the Bible is not written in English. It was written in Greek and Hebrew, God never wrote an English translation of the Bible. The King James or any other English translation, none of them are written by God are inspired by God. The original documents were in the King James version is a pretty darn good translation of the Greek and Hebrew. In most cases, but every English translation has areas where it has to make a decision about the meaning of a word I word that may have more than one possible meaning in the translator can't listen to write the amplified Bible, they can't put all the meetings in there so they choose a meeting in the King James version chose in the various places where the word I audiences they chose the English words everlasting and the words of eternal for identify Ionia's and and also the noun ion when I was telling him as the Greek scholars now of course understand those words better than they did in 1611. It's not like Greek scholarship, remain stagnant, semi people are always studying these ancient languages, and learning more about them and that the most authoritative Greek scholars who write the lexicons NetSuite find out what the Greek word means lexicon, they would say Andrew that in the time of Christ. Word Ionia's it had to do with something related to an age and while there are not entirely clear what it means pertaining to an age or lasting foreign age. It means something one of those two out Ionia's is also used to translate the old testament Hebrew word bola which every time you find the word forever or eternal in the Old Testament. It's the Hebrew word alone but the Septuagint translators the Jews who translated the Old Testament into Greek from Hebrew. They chose the word ion and ion. Yes, these two words to translate hola hola means lasting for very long time means you know that it's it it indoors beyond the point that we can see the end of it. It can refer to something that is everlasting to but it's not the meaning of the word itself.

It's amazing I can talk about something that's that's that's never an end and say it's good around a long time. Or I can cover something that is going in but not soon and say it's been around long time. So I mean the expression enduring for a long time can apply to things that are in fact endless or not answer the question then becomes when you use that word in the Greek or in the Hebrew are you talking about something that's truly last forever, like the eternal God. For example, God is eternally never and so so the Holland God or the Ionia Scott. This would be talk about something that really has no end. But when it talks with the everlasting doors of Jerusalem. These are not endlessly this world to be burned up in the doors of Jerusalem will be burned up to and when it says that a slave whose offered his freedom.

After seven years and wants to remain a slave should have his ear pierced and then held Servicemaster forever. Again, that's the word along. In the Old Testament, but we know that that servant is Marcus Servicemaster into eternity.

Sometimes the word does refer to something that's eternal, sometimes not. The difference I had with our friend who called yesterday and he was from the same town. You are here from Detroit.

At least, is that he thought that if the King James version uses a certain word then that settles the matter and certainly no one who knows much Greek would agree with him on that and I don't know very much about great that I have studied those words up pretty well, and that lexicons in and I happen to know, at least enough to know that he's making assumptions that is not safe to make and rapid program okay Michael I appreciate your call and in case I didn't speak directly to say I agree that Scripture is inspired by God but I did it was it was inspired to Rogers who did not write in English they wrote in Hebrew and Greek. So the best we can hope for.

If we don't read Hebrew and Greek, which likely most of us do not including me. Best we can hope for is that we we use an English translation where the translators didn't make any real serious mistakes and that we we can't be sure about that unless we look in the lexicons and so forth. Anyway yeah, some he thinks the King James version is as authoritative as the Greek and Hebrew will just have to agree to disagree about that. I can't say I can't see any reason to believe such a thing is that all right, let's talk to Pat in Connecticut.

Pat, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling you in understanding and perhaps perspective about it needing to spend Scripture and wondering on a PC problem with it are summarize it for me summarize it quicker and summarize it funny okay so I God father son. The Board of Directors, King James version refers to God on and when you read the book of John 1721 Jesus prayer went back we would be one. They are one and that we would be 110 and from leading authors such as Waxman and John been here perspective I get is that it's all about authority. And then of course unity and what would you take Aaron what I just said well I mean everything you actually said since biblical enough. I'm not sure if the things you said are essay specific enough to nail down one view of the Trinity over some of the alternative views of the Trinity. The idea that God is a Board of Directors with the father-son Holy Spirit board directors.

I'm not. I'm not real comfortable with that excuse me something with her parents.

Just because I think it it it treats God as if he is a material being, and you and yet I think he's a complicated spiritual being and it's hard for us to really understand. I don't know if we have any analogies in real in the physical world for it, but I'm inclined to believe there's only one God. But his word and his spirit proceed from him just like my words proceed for me and and yet his word is personal like he said as it's a person to and that is the word that became flesh and dwelt among us in became a human person. See God is personal.

He's gotten personal traits but is not a human person until Jesus until the Word became flesh, and he became a human person that the spirit and the father you know our are still seen as having some separate function or some separate identity from Jesus, apparently through eternity because Jesus spoke about the father's been different from himself and even spoke of the spirit as being different from himself and yet in other ways. He said the father and I are one and you did quote from his prayer in chapter 17 of John where he said, I pray that they may be one as we are, which obviously we are one in a sense that does not preclude a Suite 3 multiple persons so there's much mystery of the Trinity. I think that in marriage authority. A woman under her heart and yet we are one year there would be a picture on when it talks I forget which which chapter our current credit card, you know, guided Christ know the head of the man. At first I think 11 three gotten so so I mean I agree that that the picture of man and woman of the month. Flesh is an illustration I often use and target the Trinity.

I guess what I'm saying is I would have a hard time nailing down a definition of the Trinity that I could be certain was not lacking in any aspect because we don't have in the Bible, a place where the Trinity is really explained to us, there's just not even a single verse that explains the Trinity and therefore we have to take what we have we have the factors there is only one God.

We have the fact the father is God and Jesus is God the Holy Spirit is God all all are stated be so and that Jesus is not a in all senses the same as the father or the Holy Spirit.

So you know II just kinda leave a lot of those gaps open because the Bible does. I think I think it's the impulse of theologians.

Of course, to systematize everything and that can be helpful, I believe, but on the other hand, there's times when we can't systematize things in an absolute with absolute certainty and I don't know what we need to really people are uncomfortable with you Board of Directors simply because the understanding that we kind of run with throughout, but does it sounds it sounds famous like three gods seven, three gods are having Muslims and Jews would particularly objectivist actually think the disciples would've to because they were Jewish, but three gods. I don't think is something allowed but I know you're not. Same three gods but when you talk about, there's 33 guys like a committee or Board of Directors and got together their God.

That's you know it's it's very very difficult to picture. Three persons being when the person that I not about thinking James version. Here again I don't have these referent thing that really can gain well that's in Colossians 213. I believe for Paul said no to 9 to 13 29 in Colossians Paul says that in Christ what all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. You know I extrude modern translations usually don't use the word Godhead, but use something like deity or something like that are the divine divinity or something. I don't know the God word Godhead is a strange word that the King James tracers created to to refer to the Greek word that the translating which means something like divinity or deity, but it's a word that was formed for that, I think, and it's hard to know exactly what Godhead would mean if it were not taken in some specific context like that doesn't is not a word that conveys real clarity in its own as a as a language word as a vocabulary word like my position is, you know Eileen a little bit toward the way that the Eastern churches chosen to describe the Godhead or God, and that is they say that the analogy of the sun gives light to us in the daytime the sun in the sky is like God and that the heat of the sun or the power that comes from it, which is heat is so is like the spirit and that the light of the sun is like the word or like Jesus, but Jesus is like the light of the world comes comes forth from the sun and the light in the heat of the sun are not something different from it. They are part of it. And yet that you can speak of them differently. That is, I can talk with the light, and some without making a reference to heat of it parking talk of the sun itself is a is an orb in the sky without specifically referring to the heat or the light but each.

Each has its own identity of the sword and end, and you can't really separate from them because this is the sun is is in existence. You've got the light in the heat of it so so under pretty well now if someone in authority on someone you know there's even where you know he's going to see you there or you know, I will say this, I'm not sure. I'm not sure how your conservative party but I would agree with you if what you're saying is that there's Jesus is under restart of his father that very very clear in the first alluded to, well, yes I mean I believe so.

I think being under the authority of the father.

In his case is different than say for the rest of us were all under the authority of God.

But Jesus was under his authority and yet possessed his authorities, like it was delegated to him the authority of God was delegated him.

So he says all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Jesus said in Matthew 2018 so delegated amount. Yes, we are Jesus that he gave us authority over serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. So he has given us authority to act in his name. In terms of the warfare that were involved in here in the world. We don't have the authority had in the sense of you know, everyone has to obey us and all anyone has to obey him when sums authority that means people have to obey them and I think we can save in certain situations. Demons have to obey us, just like that obey Jesus because he gave us that authority.

But he hasn't made us kings and lords. Not yet, we will reign with him when he comes back, but right now were were subject to him and were not necessarily supposed excess authority over anybody etc. children. I suppose you know or or anyone else lives in a hierarchy, like if we're the boss in the job however supposed excess or or or or ruler of a country. There's a certain authority. We exercise that just says God's people in the world and his soldiers and his in the field here. You were not supposed to given orders to people, but we certainly are in a position to give orders to demons. Insert case because that's the authority has been given test.

Listen, this is a deep subject, and one that we could go on about except I have so many people calling I and so few minutes left. I should take some more calls.

I appreciate you joining us today.

I will talk next to Patrick in Bellingham Washington. Patrick well, welcome to the neuropathic for calling you so that's the week. We love our enemy, I would do the way Jesus said you you bless those who curse you. You do good, though good to those who persecute you.

You pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute that that's what Jesus said to do. That's what loving and your enemy is.

It says in verse 44. I realize the verses lot shorter in the Alexandrian text, but that all these features of this verse in Matthew 544 are found in the parallel in Luke 627 to 28 so Jesus did fail these things, even if they're not all found in Matthew so gospel in all the manuscripts but if you mean how do we carried out where we don't resist the evil person. Is that what you think you know you think 43 through 46 merely so you say we need to be like a father. The father loves everybody he sends his reign in his goodness in the sunshine on the evil and on the good in others, God sends blessings on his enemies as well as on his friends because God is bigger than that.

You know me into if we say well you know God hates these people and he's angry at them any justice, they've really gotten to him and therefore he wants on the wall at sunrise on whether our people who God finds intolerable and has had to remove them from the earth, and of course the sun doesn't shine on them anymore, nor the rainfall in them, but it's not because he really doesn't have any patients is because there are people whose rebellion is hurtful to others and ultimately into God's purpose is American, so at times like Herod, he took amount and angel of the Lord's Tuckerman. He was eating with worms and died, or other something that God has his own reasons for taking some people out, but frankly all of us are to be taken out even his friends are to be taken out were to die. The point is that God loves people because they are made in his image like our own children. We love our children and even those who are in rebellion against him. He told the story the prodigal son to show that God is like a father who still sees the rebellious children as his children when when the son came home. The man said, will my son was lost from Allie's found hazy was Bednar's life knows it's his song. He still stuck and he was when he was lost. You're still my son lost.

He was my son did, but now he's found so your God. God loves everybody. That doesn't mean he doesn't have to punish people. God deftly has to do what's just and right ultimately and he's gotta clean up the universe someday and that's going to mean removing those who are unrepentant and those who are harmful at this point is not removing them, but he still does not withhold all mercy from them because he is a said the sunshine on the field or the rain on the field of a farmer does not just does not discriminate between where the father is a Christian or a Satanist so Jesus is be like that be like your father. Don't just love those who love you don't just greet those who greet you. If you do, you're just like the publicans and tax collectors who were pretty scoundrel.

He kinds of people, but you said you have some is your enemy. Love them now is if the person is in.

That doesn't mean you submit to them. It doesn't mean that you encourage them in their bad behavior.

It just means that your you don't hate him, you pray for you, bless him if they're in trouble. You do a says if you see your enemies. Donkey fallen under slowed and you'd rather not help but these as you go ahead and help you help it up again. Now both of these cases you're helping somebody who's described are some who hates you, or someone who's your enemy. So even the Old Testament says to those who hate you and Jesus was not making this up from scratch. This is a this was an ethic and in the oldest parts of the Bible and so we are to do that all right will thank you very much for your call. Our next collar is set Tom in Seattle, Washington Tom, welcome to the neuropathic for calling the biblical verses on why God hides, good run believe that that we can only seek him and find him to God's grace the way of humbling us what that could be in the Bible doesn't necessarily talk about God hiding from us, but the psalmists sometimes complain that God seems to be hiding so we can we can as we can conclude that maybe God doesn't always make himself in his presence felt. Or is it does make himself doesn't reveal himself as quickly as we'd like them to do so if to seek yeah I think your theory is a good one that you know it it humbles us. It makes us it gets our attention and makes us seek him know if he was just always, if you greasy finding whenever you snap your fingers. You'd easily taken for granted and also you'd feel like you're the one who's in charge. You're the one who rubs the lamp in the genograms. I did not mean the bombing circuit were not the ones in charge.

God is available. He hears our prayers. He loves us. He provides for us. He he make sure that not one of us falls the ground dead like a sparrow.

None of them fall the ground. That is, will God's very involved in our lives. But as far as revealing things to solicitors.

We give the command.

He's not can play the game, he doesn't he doesn't put us in charge.

He's in charge roughly high back. I know I will say that he I wouldn't say that he doesn't willfully hide I'm saying I don't think the Bible specifically speaks of him doing my that he might, but I don't know that I could affirm from Scripture that it does. II could not deny that he does.

God God the God does what he wants to do and and certainly to make himself scarce or seemingly scarce has been the you know what many Christians and godly people in the Old Testament have experienced that God you are used to feel your presence are used to see her at your activity. My life more. I don't now I actually I usually call that going through a tunnel. Honestly that you know when you're on the right road. You still go through tunnels sometimes, and God does that to test your faith to see if you turn bad, and there's instructions about that in Isaiah chapter 50 it says in verse 10, Isaiah 50 fences who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of his servant who walks in darkness and has no light. Let them trust in the name of the Lord and rely upon his God so it basically recognizes that some people who were godly during the dark, but after just trusting God and that's Isaiah 15 verse 10. I'm out of time. Thanks for joining us listening to the narrow path.

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