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The Narrow Path 10/29

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 29, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/29

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 29, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my my name is Steve Greg and our lives are usually Monday through Friday. There's a little mishap at the studio yesterday so we were forced to play a recorded program then but were alive today and for well the foreseeable future, and this is true, Monday through Friday and has been for the last 23 years, actually since 1997 we been on the air and we take your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith or if you have a difference of opinion from the hosted perhaps the comet should be balanced by some of your insight. You can call me here on you to give you the number of the lines of full you can called in a few minutes and maybe a line will be opened up the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first caller today is John from Oregon city, Oregon hi John, welcome to the narrow path that's recalling will you do is will is will I will what you learned it be fulfilled. Well depends on the interpreter how man I personally see it fulfilled and not chapter 12 but that's some people see it in other places as well.

It's a matter of interpretation. Daniel and Revelation all of the discourse of all places where people see things differently my own understanding is that 70 A.D. is not really found in Daniel very often. It seems to come up at the end largely but it is found in Matthew 24 and the all of the discourse and it is found in the book of Revelation. In my opinion, will we both agree that you 2421 Daniel 12 one.

We agreed on the somewhat what one would be here? So who who who who was the general name that sacked fulfilled conquered Jerusalem is asking. Yes okay don't you know that's easy to find out history was well right okay so I just was okay for me to say the tightest sectors. It was titled, how is it because the verse before 12 one make it really clear that the general is attacking Jerusalem that he comes to his lunch will help cool that's not how tight the tightest segment tightest. So from there will the very same thing storyline Oracle. If you look at Daniel 11. If you follow Daniel 11. It's one storyline from Alexander the great until at least and to take as epiphanies. No one disagrees with that. I hope and yet there is space between us is the king of the North and South, the King of the North became the South most the time became the North is a different king of the North than the previous one mentioned in the South is a different one than the previous mention this is going through a period of 300 years summarizing things and I believe that at the end of chapter 11 and in chapter 12 it brings it to its final close, it doesn't mean that the person that spoken of in chapter 11 is going to be still living at the time that chapter 12 takes was, in fact it says is not.

He comes to present you read that yourself. So he comes to Zambia, so it's not 112 time well at that time. Sure going that moment you think it means the very moment that the man dies then suddenly versus tribulation okay to disagree about that, but that's okay there's nothing wrong. This agreement, I talked to Lisa from Hillsboro, Oregon Lisa, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling me remember my course in particular I'm talking about my time there I will like sometime I'm running what I'm not feeling like me.

I'm fine well in the book of Proverbs it says twice, there's a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Now if something seems right to a man that means it feels right to him.

It feels like it's the right thing by the way you feel about things isn't always reality and what seems right. Isn't this a way that will that that aligns with the truth from so if Proverbs actually says it twice. I don't have reference for me. But I know it's in there twice because I taught Proverbs many times in verse in verse it makes very clear that you can't trust something just because it seems right, especially if you have a word from God to the contrary. In other words, of God says one thing that you feel something else.

Well how how is it that you place your emotions above the integrity of God are your real emotions always correct. Have you as you have your emotions never misled you. Obviously anyone who's intelligent would have to and honest. My emotions have misled me a number of times in relationships and out of relationships and you know in investments that your emotions lead to wrong. In fact, your emotions are probably ledger on sometimes in your theology so it doesn't really matter what you feel. If you have factual information up against what you feel in the Bible, is factual. By the way my wife looked up these verses in Proverbs for you if you want the reference it's Proverbs 1412 and Proverbs 1625 people say the same thing so that's what I would point out now. You're right, we live in a time where couple of generations have been encouraged to just go with their feelings to not worry about facts or arguments and we now have some younger generations don't even want to hear anything other than what they want to believe what they've been taught to believe and unfortunately, church has people like that to your one of those people. I can tell that wants to know what the Scripture says not anyone in the church wants to know what the Scripture says they want to know that what they want to feel is okay with God and then exited everything and wanted to know the truth and you know it says in second Thessalonians chapter 2 that because they do not receive the love of the truth and by the you can use this passage also with your friends because if there are the Christian's retirement here or not she's gone okay okay I don't know if your friends are Christians or not, but nonetheless it says in second Thessalonians chapter 2 that those who do not receive the love of the truth. God sends them a strong delusion so that they might believe the lie so that they may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Absent second Thessalonians 2 verses five through 12 CV 10 to 12 so those are the things I would say to them you know what you want to believe it should be the truth, even if it's on an inconvenient truth, you know, and many truths are inconvenient. Unfortunately the most inconvenient truth is is that we are sinners and that were in trouble with God and that we have to go his way and the truth will set us free, but only the truth will so if if someone says why didn't you know I've always just I've I just felt that God would do this or that of everything. Well think is asking what is the what's the basis for your feelings.

What is the credibility level of your feelings again. Have your feelings severed deceived you before and course your friends if they're not entirely stupid and Myers will tell you, of course, their feelings have misled them at times, for they know of things they used to believe and feel. But they now don't anymore and so that would be my advice to speak to such person. Okay, let's talk to Don from Vancouver Washington Don, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling.

I had a question on Portland Mall coming election is a very important election and dislike the urge others to do that well certainly is good advice. Amen.

Don't say thank you yes you don't say they don't pray for it and they can't blame anyone else than themselves for the destruction of this country is that takes place, and it's yes not. That's not melodramatic. That's what were facing. So I did this last election.

I let my prayer know and appreciate okay Don, thank you. Call okay Damien from Boise, Idaho.

Welcome to the narrow path lexicon hi thank you question my first question is I'm going to let you when Christ filled their fallen state that mean that they blocked Holly my first question in my second question is about when the sons of Israel are complaining about parenting our great pain. The consequent of their parent that will going on in the air that might be quite yet. I kind of like the whole black lives matter.

There things that they did there some type of reparation back because of an quick leg or whatever and I had had a friend of Jeremiah and eco-by you that will what was really going on now. It is valid actually. Ezekiel 18 is a very important scripture against the mentality of the social justice movement because the social justice movement thinks that you are guilty because who your parents are what race they were, what economic class. They were, and maybe even just what gender you are to the truth is, no one is responsible for anything that their parents did or grandparents or great-grandparents you go back for generations to the time of slavery and frankly nobody alive today was involved and therefore nobody has a responsibility for it's not you don't punish the descendents for their father sins and that's very strongly stated in the Bible, and none in chapter 18 of Ezekiel and also in the law of Moses itself and the judges were forbidden to punish his son for his father sins. So anyone who thinks that that's a good idea. Again, they may become better feelings about by the Scriptures, reminding reminder of your for okay yet about how the church of Ephesus well anymore salvation while they have left their first love and he says remember therefore from where you fallen repent and do the first works also come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place unless you repent now this is a threat to the church as a whole, not to a particular individual is not target an individual whose life the first love that the church has left its first love in the church can be removed. It's candlestick lampstand can be removed, which means the church can be removed.

It's no longer be one of the lights in the world for the gospel site and of course the church is gone.

There is no city of Ephesus today and there's no church in Ephesus today so now what ever happened to the individuals in it. Just because a church is under judgment doesn't mean that there's no one who was saved because he says to them in verse seven.

To him who overcomes I will give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God. So we've got a church is made up of individuals.

Individuals in the church may be safe while the church itself gets lost. Remember, in those days all Christians in any town were in the one church of that time and so if the church was going downhill. They didn't really have much of an option to the church anyway. But they didn't have to go downhill with that they have to lose their first love.

So the church is threatened with having its lampstand removed and that is a threat that in fact must've been carried out because they're gone now living on for centuries, but individuals. Those who overcome are said to eat of the tree of life which is in the paradise of God which means are to be in the new earth and have eternal life. So the church left its first love. That is, it became less loving as a church corporately.

Interesting that a church all the seven churches. Revelation are accused of having a particular dominant characteristic about them, but in each case, there's a promise to be over comers that is those who overcome the peer pressure and the downward trend of the church, and who remain faithful unto death. Those are the ones who can have salvation. So it's not necessarily saying the church lost its salvation as if to say, everyone in it was lost, but the church disappeared. The people who died, though, who were followers of Christ were saved just like you and I gotcha felt real quick question about the gate so they sick kids were saying the consequences of their parent right know they were paying the consequences for their own since they were saying our fathers ate the wild grapes but our teeth are set on urgency. In other words, a proverb that was saying why should one generation to the bad thing and the younger generation suffer the consequences. Ford and basically is a because I don't say that it was not true because the soul that sins shall die if you if your fathers were bad and you turn to righteousness, you won't die if you if your fathers were righteous and and you turn to wickedness, then you'll you'll die so the idea here is every individual answers to God for the guilt for their crimes or or for the responsible and reward for the good works so it's not.

It is essentially saying if you paradise not because your father sins because you're sitting your fathers indeed may have sent, and they may have been that you started the trend of downward decline in your society, but you're still part of your still declining here Stephen not following God, so don't blame this on your fathers.

This is on you. Okay cool. I think you don't like okay thank you very much for your call. God bless you to all right annex colors. Jonathan from Ottawa, Canada Jonathan, welcome to the neuropathic circling the fine. Thanks. Okay, I had the pot go well for you, my question is, generally, and then I'll get the about how or even partial credit, have interpreted pre-of the Gentile. In Romans 11 and from what I gathered, I believe you thing that could be reached when Jesus return then probably are looking at something numeric number known only to God beyond that, I heard other interpretations, like the other folk like dog crap likely keep David before, but you didn't actually get that they think it's already built right before or at 7082 point but I heard that are different. I heard someone that is billed at the conclusion of all own unique ministry Gentile and I heard another view on you. He numeric, but rather read relational enrollment in many contrast to different Greek word word, let alone on the great birthday them, and basically I think you try to get across the idea that one is talking about a restoration victory verse two. A falling away of cutting off peak in the contract between a and E makes a big deal about word never being you strictly numerical come from the Bible so that I gathered that my interpretation of that Gentiles. Thanks to our relationship to God the father having been born again, saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, that you getting out so you get all that well I think so determine the fullness of the Gentiles is only found one time in Scripture so obviously don't have any other places to compare it with to see how it is used elsewhere. It's only found in Romans 1125 and that's where Paul said, for I do not desire brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, less some some of you be wise in your own opinion that hardening in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles is coming so the hardening and part of the Gentiles has is still going on so I don't know how I know Don Preston believes everything was fulfilled in 70 A.D. and that and that the church came into its its glory. At that time that the glorification of the church and everything took place in 70 A.D., first of all, I don't really see how anyone could really argue seriously that way because the church in 70 A.D., I mean after sending it was certainly not more glorious than the church before. If anything became more compromised others to suggest that any perceptible improvement of the church took place after 70 A.D. over let's say the apostolic church before that is my mind misguided, but as far as whether the fullness of the Gentiles to refer to a number of Gentiles or a qualitative improvement.

I don't know.

I don't know if it can be that are not because that it doesn't really have a doesn't really have another place in the Bible uses the term first to cross reference. I would say this though, that even if we talk about the fullness in the sense of the full victory are the full glory of the fold. You know whatever inherited the Gentiles restoration project that didn't happen in 70 A.D. coming that I would see them still future. Whether were talking about a number of Gentiles or the quality of the Gentiles conversion. So I just don't see that is a very good argument to me.

Okay so when a way of thinking about it. I was told of all welcome into the spiritual drug history, but that was a mythically applicable point that the ministry will not really revealed and obvious that the door to the Gentiles like okay at the point of act 15. Why couldn't you say at that point that that with the Coleman well frankly it's as partisan parties happened is, until that happens, it seems like Israel had an ongoing history considerably longer than that. Even to this day, and the hardening is still present.

So I don't think I 15 would mark the fullness of the Gentiles. Now you know the full awareness of the mystery of the Gentiles have a place in the watercress of the Jews. It didn't.

That didn't come about in 70 A.D. Paul had that revelation he was writing about it in Ephesians and Colossians name in Romans chapter 16, which was a long time before 70 A.D. before 60 as far as the Romans, assuming the books of Colossians efficiency probably written between 60 and 67, but no one believes. Paul lived to be the 270 A.D. so if is the mystery being revealed I was going to happen in 70 A.D. then Paul let the cat out of the bag real early. My question and think about something a little bit different. At the end of the unrelated want to make a point about black-white matter like they don't like to be labeled a group like all black people are like that.

Blah blah blah they don't like that "going get away like the audit at pocket black-white movement didn't want to have it laid the left of the left always is hypocritical that the left has no legitimacy in terms of truth and in truth, is not a left-wing value method to demonstrate reference is also true in Québec truth think they care about power. They care about winning and you can see how the left one in the Bolshevik revolution and in Maoist China and everywhere else of the left one. They did so not by following truth but by lies and propaganda and by stifling the voice of opposition Sunoco here. The opposite side.

That's not what people do who are interested in truth solving the other not a truthful group.

I appreciate your call. We've got a break coming up here. We have a lot of calls writing we have another half-hour coming and so this is not the program at this point I need to let you know that the narrow path is listener supported, which means that I'm not a time that leads to life, continue the narrow path. Everything in today's media show is over and enjoyed my visit in the narrow find free topical audio teaching blog article writers teachings and narrow path video shows we think you for supporting the listener supported. Now, Pat, Steve, Greg member, the narrow back to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg in our lives for another half-hour taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible to the Christian faith or see things differently from the host you may call and we can discuss those things. The number to call is 844-484-5737 as I speak. There's one line open. But if you call and find all the lines of ~just call back in a few minutes. You may find another line is open. They do all the time.

The number is 844-484-5737 Eli from Riverside, California. Welcome to the narrow path and thanks for joining us all thank you for taking my call. I wanted to know your take on patient by 11-on Halloween Saturday in many churches might church that I have painful legal activities for the family, especially since the hair of the actor that you patient by 11 church. Should any do any type of pivoting during Halloween that basically were keeping a devil.

I mean Halloween I believe what's about three years ago one make this part like Christian, you know like people praying Christian people pray for the now court, you have to change so I just want to hear your take on back and out to get amp it up by thank you for your call well versed you mentioned is Ephesians 511 says have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them and I think that there are things about Holloway and the way it is practiced that are unfruitful works of darkness. Of course Halloween is even which is Sabbath now, and a lot of evil is done secretly on Halloween, but a lot of things in Halloween are are more like innocent and as you said, Colleen actually had the Christian beginnings, it was out all hallows Eve is All Saints even, and there were Christians who did kinda superstitious things to commemorate the saints, and they thought the demons would come out in force on that night to oppose the honoring of the saints, and so they they made jack-o'-lanterns and things like that.

From what I understand to scare off demons and maybe even put on scary costumes out. This is what I've read.

I have heard several different things and so you know you gotta believe what you would have you believe it when you find out some source. It seems good. That's right, you know it originally it was a superstitious Christian holiday and and then it was taken over because it corresponds with some things that the witches value and so now it's seen more as you get the monsters and witches and those kinds of phenomena associated with it and therefore you have a choice.

Isn't that when you're celebrating Halloween. Are you continuing a practice that was started by Christians for Christian purposes and which has been taken over by the dark side but it's really really belongs to Christiansen survey, originated is that the way to look at it. That's kinda how I look at Christmas. Some of the things in Christmas that some of the ways that Christmas is started off on the dark side but were taken over by Christianity.

Now if they were taken over. Generally speaking, not regarded to be related to darkness and evil and paganism and so forth. And one could argue that Christmas once was at least winter solstice was once a pagan holiday and Christians kind of the co-opted and whether they should have or not is is maybe something that could be debated, but the fact that they have means that very very few people think of Christmas as a pagan holiday mean there might be some there are a few pagans in the country that is the old pagan religion and they still probably celebrate the winter solstice as they did in the past, but but really 99% of the people in the country when they think of Christmas there thinking of something that's associated with Christianity and so it's not really a pagan holiday, and even the things that are done on it that used to be done, and paganism. I don't know that they're done in paganism anymore, but they certainly are done without any reference to paganism in the transformed holiday. I'm not a holiday person. I'm not. I just don't care about politics as far as I'm concerned, all days are like and so it doesn't matter to me what people do on any given day as if his eyes and they're not sending and I would say that about Holloway into churches. You know it may seem that there compromising with the world when they have costume parties are, or things like that and give like candy induced things, but frankly, I don't know that wearing costumes for kids is is a sin in itself.

If it was not done on Halloween. If if little kids dressed up like cowboys and Indians so forth like a used to do as a kid. It wasn't Halloween nestlings just playtime. Kids like to work costumes and pretend to be things so I don't know if they do it on Halloween, it's any more sinful than stated in any other day of the year. I would say that anyone who's even remotely involved in the occult is sending and if Halloween is not called holiday for them. Then they they certainly shouldn't do it in the church should never think that's okay. But the church is probably not thinking of itself as celebrating a pagan holiday there probably just it is a time to for the kids to have fun and maybe even an alternative to kids celebrating holiday. The fact that happens on the same day may just be logistical if you want to get kids off the street from going trick-or-treating and you're having alternative if you have it at the same time. That's probably the best way to keep him from doing both. So a minute could be just logistic. If if it's because you know someone thinks that October 31 is really really a different kind of day than all other days and and it was the pagans that say who decided that was true. While we don't have to agree with them but that I don't I don't agreement with anyone about October 31 or December 25, or any other day being different than other days. What makes a day different is if you think about it differently. I didn't even your birthday. I don't really think much about my birthday. I realize it's not a pagan thing to celebrate your birthday.

I just don't see how my birthday is different than any other day. So the sun hit the earth is gone around the sun, 365 times since the last one and now outcome background the same position. Okay, if that's significant in some way.

I have failed to see how it is so so maybe I'm just a Scrooge or something but I just don't have any. I don't get alarmed if people celebrate holidays or if they don't sell America to criticize churches that do something as long as what they're doing isn't really pagan summonses was pagan because on October 31, then I think the person says that may be putting too much stock in days and seasons and so forth, which Paul said he didn't want his converts to do in Galatians 410 I think it was all right.

Let's talk to Susan and her larders. It's going to be John from Jackson, Wyoming John, welcome to the narrow path transfer calling on the subject of Christ in the can to get in your opinion, would extend grace to believer is not sure couldn't say for sure whether Christ was God or not, will deity probably agree with that. Would he think it would be a dealbreaker for somebody to come out and buy that Christ is the norm over or Jehovah witness. Well I say and say no indeed that he is God, and they deny the SNB version be very sacrilegious to be an insult to God if they are, let's just say in the same state of mind as the apostles were before they knew Jesus was God and that would be some years after they began to follow date they came to know that he was God and they didn't know it when he called them from the Nancy didn't know they didn't know Ali was going around with them for three years, but they did come to know that later on.

Remember, on even on the last day he was with them before his crucifixion, Philip said, show us the father and Jesus and have I been so long with you, and you don't know me basically saying you don't know me you don't know about you, me and the father is surprising to me would like you've learned by now the Jesus I think had only revealed it, and in subtle ways, and frankly, I think the New Testament has enough clear statements about the deity of Christ to require anyone who is very very knowledgeable of the New Testament to believe in the deity of Christ, but I think a lot of Christians are believers or people want to be Christians are not very conversant in the New Testament, and they're not very good at putting together passages that sound different from each other.Evans got a mind that synthesizes information well that's something I've always tried to do is synthesize all the things of Scripture so that my view will agree with every statement Scripture, but when you know somebody here's you know that Jesus someone said Jesus is God and yet they read in the Bible. He's the son of God, and they don't know how those two things go together, they might think they're being faithful to God and faithful to Jesus by keeping that separation between Jesus and the father is coming. They need to be taught. Of course people need to and the disciples of Jesus certainly made that separation initially but then they they were taught the Holy Spirit led them into all truth that takes a while for some people, and so you know I'm not gonna be the judge.

I let God be the judge at what I do is instead of deciding that if someone doesn't see it as I think they should see it instead of my deciding that they're not saved, which is not my call to make.

I'd rather just teach them to see it the way significant newsletter know why I do think that make the best arguments and hopefully persuade them, but if there if they can't see it's I'm deleted in the hands of God to decide what the status is with him to come down to the storage Jesus will just can't believe a little to move the Mormons have the historic Jesus in there: coming but you have to come down to the historic Jesus that I agree it has to be this historic Jesus were talking about, but again the disciples were walking with the historic Jesus and they still didn't fully understand all of who he was and I think that's entirely possible for someone to believe in historic Jesus and still not fully grasp what he was now the Mormons, of course, if they know their theology. They know that the Jesus that there church teaches is the brother of Lucifer and is not in any sense God and therefore that's the if they read the Bible, they should easily find out that that's not correct but again they they read the Bible through the grid of what they've been taught and their teachers can certainly be blamed. That's why James said teachers have a stricter judgment because most people are fairly dependent on their teachers for their first impressions and once they have their first impressions even when they read the Bible to sometimes see it through the grid that their teachers created for them and they can't see easily what say. I mean if you were, for example, I am in. I don't know into what denomination you were converted, and if you're still still in the same can denomination.

I'm not.

I was in particular denomination was converted now on my visa different somethings, but my my first teachers definitely presented me with a grid to read the Bible through, and so I saw when I read through the Bible initially, I saw everything the way they did because of the screen and prevented me from seeing things that that were against it.

That's the human mind does that so that's what took so long for the beer Reformation. I think that's why so many godly people in the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages didn't understand him directly likes St. Francis of Assisi or parallel most of on rollers of these Catholic people.

Mme. Gillam and so forth. These people who had who love God, but they were seeing everything through a grid. Even Mother Teresa in her lifetime.

She is a wonderful godly woman but but she saw the Bible and increasing through the grid of the Catholic Church that she had been raised in our life that we might say what she should've read the Bible well enough to get around that well we could all say that about people who hold wrong doctrines we should be up they should read the Bible better not be mistaken, but use a number many things a person could be mistaken about and still be trying to understand the historical Jesus trying to send the Bible that there struggling with things that they prejudices that they've been force-fed so I mean I'm I'm not trying to make an excuse for people who don't believe the truth, I think that whenever I meet someone who does believe the truth might desires to convince them of the truth because I think that's all that's our role is to give them all the all the truth and the reasons for seeing it that way, but we know those who just can't see it that way for whatever reason, maybe were not good at explaining it.

Maybe it's never explained in the four then we have to let God decide whether they are his true followers and not because the disciples were true followers of his before they knew he was God's son and I'm not. I'm not making excuses for these people are saying it's okay. I don't think it's okay for people to be wrong but it is something we have to live with wish. I think Everett should be seeking to be right that is to seek treatment have the truth. But if, in the time of our seeking, we retain some views that were mistaken about. I don't think God necessarily hates us for that or is going to condemn us for them that I'm not God that's is how I see God as I see God as one who really wants ever to be saved and is frankly I think you'll save everyone he can find an excuse for saving which is why there are some people in the Old Testament commended for their faith, who were pretty raunchy people exams, and of God. God is more inclined to save them to down but of course if somebody to rebel against him he can't save them unless they cease being rebel but if there if they're not rebels against them, but they're just making an want for them as an honest mistake. I don't really see God as the time you guys as well.

You know you weren't omniscient you didn't understand everything about straight to hell for you and that's just not how I see God semi-many Christians do, and they may not like my approach, but the last thing God wants ever to be saved and the only ones he won't save. I think once he can't because they're in rebellion against okay Gubler she's on text or call all right.

Let's talk today from Howell, Michigan Dave, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling through yes her great, great, all the times you your knowledge of your very read to my point Road strong light blue type of John Wayne American and I would like to have the time. The Babylon overnight, but when it comes to things like taking up arms. I'm sure Franklin and Jefferson Washington.

They had these things were in their mind craft and snow with things like getting crazy communis icons descriptors catalysis know the Nebraska student to engage in these behaviors reflect on what the Bible told about that well when it comes to Civil War that's not that's a hard call, because depends on what the wars about if you're warring to save you all the black people from slavery. A Christian might easily see that that's something that God would would favor but others might think not. Obviously, during the Civil War there were people who thought that God was not a post so it makes it very difficult to know if it is the side you're supporting us all. Right now I do believe that at this moment in history. This particular country is divided into two sides and the sides themselves are certainly evil versus good that doesn't mean everyone on each side.

For example, I believe the one side is coming is very evil so very it stands for things that are evil doesn't mean everybody was on that side fully understands that and is an evil person. Likewise, I think that the other side stands for things that are good but does mean that everyone is on that site is a good person that might be bad people who happen to see it the same way as good people doing these issues. I don't feel like be very good. I would, but I would not feel comfortable in engaged in a war against fellow Americans who I did not know to be evil even if they were supporting but say a party that I know to be evil. I don't know if they know that to be late. It's it seems to me that very many people in this country are ignorant of what's really going on, partly because there's been a news blackout for the most part in the media and things that you and I know because we we actually do some research to find things out. We know there's some real evil on the other side but the news media doesn't really publish that the impact Facebook and Twitter and those those companies have refused to allow there to be enough information out there to let people know how evil one sided and that being so, you might find some people on the other side who they don't have the information you have and therefore they don't know they're on the side that's evil. I don't know why the recent stupid because frankly anyone should know that there's one side in this in this particular election.

For example, that is for killing babies right up until the moment of birth.

That's their official position and some leaders in their movement have been in favor of killing babies after point. If the parents don't want them.

Anyone who says they that's not true is simply not paying attention hasn't hasn't read know what the Democrats say just name them the Democrats they are the ones who read the platform platform. You know they want to kill babies and and generally speaking the other side does not want to kill, but if that was the only issue that be enough to say one side is purely evil.

A week we would say Hitler's evil because he killed innocent people he killed millions of them about 6 million were told, but we've killed 60 million babies who were supposed to be protected in their mother's womb there and and and there's one party and say we should keep doing it and more.

If that's not evil than the Nazis are not able to patent the Nazis were evil. That's the point season is evil and so is anyone else who has the same evil in them that the Nazis have so hot but I still wouldn't you know I'm not. I'm not the type to say I disagree with you I think your evil sin to kill you.

So engaging in a civil war would not be my my choice to be in.

I'd rather war with words and with ideas because I don't know but that the person I might be fighting, possibly even killing her from war that they might not be a true Christian who is just not is informed and and I just would feel terrible to think that I might kill somebody or hurt somebody who's a brother in the Lord will follow questions like what song to foolish. I obviously all I think people gotta hand it is a lot of no conditional Americans that this is maybe you know maybe something is not quick. Maybe you need to be made in the only way to do that will stand as a stand does need to be made and certainly law and order. Americans far outnumber the members of antitheft and I would say that the stand up to them would be a righteous thing to do. I would think that frankly you would need to use lethal force, even though they sometimes do they throw bricks and things like that.

I mean, I would think the police with rubber bullets or beanbag. You know shells for shotguns that won't kill people but will stop them and then put them in jail. I mean I'm for law and order because that's what God made government for is to punish evildoers in the presence of the well to protect those who are innocent of this country and many of its larger cities is simply abandoning that and is very evil for doing the governance are evil and the mayors are evil, who do not allow the police to do their God appointed job and frankly it seems like most governors and mayors that are doing that are on one side of the political spectrum, but I do think that you know if the if the police are forbidden to stand up that I think the citizens should stand up but not necessarily go out there with guns blazing shootdown people. I think these people Frank I think I think, and if this is our people who are pretty much loser people anyway. They can't have the courage of your convictions are saved when were mass you wear a mask as you. You want to do something bad but you don't want them to know that you believed in doing that. So is this a chicken that their cowardly losers and they're not tough, I mean.

They're tough when somebody hands them a pile of bricks and says listen, the police won't shoot back the police won't stop you go and break things in coping and kill people even receded recently.

These are just cowards, but if someone says listen all the citizenry is stand up to and they're gonna frankly use force against you to press, not deadly force, but forced nonetheless mostly scours or figure just go running like this, though likely, ideas may, I think the bottom line. It will tell us beyond a shadow of a doubt whether the ending of that nature was the problem with that be correct if we are walking in the spirit. Yes yes my beliefs okay thank you God bless America. Thank you so much okay thank you God bless you and I will.

I want to take another caller but it only get about 30 seconds. I don't think that be good. Sometimes I say will you take 30 seconds semester yes but then they really can't say what they want that for some going to have to say no more calls today because I can hear that music and just about a minute, I think, and are less coherent about 10 seconds so I should just sign off by telling you the narrow path is a website as well as a radial program and on the website.

We have hundreds and hundreds of resources that are free and nothing that's for sale. That's the narrow We have lectures MP3 files you can download for free of the weight of the radio program going back many years. Also of my teaching verse by verse through the whole Bible, and other teachings like that. So you want to check out the narrow if you like to see a topical index of subject calls from the show. You can listen to for free. You can go to another website that's Matthew or write to us how you go to our website and donate if you want to. The narrow Let's talk again tomorrow.


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