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The Narrow Path 11/3

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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November 3, 2020 7:00 am

The Narrow Path 11/3

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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November 3, 2020 7:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

It was a narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were live for an hour each week afternoon with an open phone line for you to call if you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith of the Christian life or any other concerned Christians have or if you have a different view from the host.

Feel free to give me a call and the number to call is 844-484-5737 is 844-484-5737. A couple of announcements so tonight a church in Oregon has a resume meeting were which I'll be participating in answering questions. I think there are questions about apologetics.

I believe that's tonight at seven you resume meeting and you can join it if you want to.

I think if you go to our website.

The narrow under announcements tonight state you'll find.

I think everything you need to know to hook up to that. Also, for those of you who live in Southern California this Saturday night into macula at 630 we have our our regular or occasional Q&A time meeting. If the love of Christ Fellowship into macula and so are. That's also at the website. If you're interested in joining us. Check it out. The narrow under announcements and a list of the phones and talk to Andy in Arizona. Hi Andy, good to hear from you.

What's up hi Steve, I think my call beauty and are doing well.

Sure we are and I went nice agree on okay great yeah I know you can down the road. There just ordered just got your your book empire of the sun on Amazon and quick reviews are starting to come in so looking forward to that. Read but today I wrote my question down, listen to your reply while I'm off the air, but here is to what degree does your enthusiasm about the kingdom of God and your knowledge that it will never be defeated that it will last forever give you some solace about the seeming death of our nation and the steady erosion of our liberties as we've known it. Do you sympathize with Christians who are losing sleep about writing. Tierney and what would you say to the most distraught people Christians right now.

Well yeah, the kingdom of God is indestructible, but it does go through times of persecution. Now you know if if our hope is for the success the kingdom of God were on the were on the winning side and that's can happen if were hoping that it will happen in our lifetime before things get really bad for us. We have no assurance of that now. I think it's I think it's reasonable for Christians to be concerned about the rise of totalitarianism. I mean even if it's only concern for their children and the grandchildren and their well-being, but of course our greater concern is got to be with the fortunes of the kingdom of God and and to tell you the truth, our country for many years maybe a few generations has has really drifted from God and and frankly, we can't really be surprised if God says well you been thumbing your nose at me for now two years and you know I think it's time for you to to pay the piper. That is, you had all these freedoms of how this prosperity you've had all this so comfort and security for all the frankly all the years since World War II and and and what if you done with you you just simply become carnal, you become worldly you consider your own wealth in your own things and so I'm to take those things from you. I know that's I'm not speaking as a prophet. I'm saying that if that is God's attitude.

I wouldn't be surprised. I wouldn't think it was anything we should moan about but wish because we certainly deserve it. Now maybe, maybe you and I don't. Maybe women serving God faithfully, but were part of a nation that has turned from God. And when when godly people are in a nation under under judgment then that means well. They said they suffer to and it so anyway you know I'm I'm concerned, but I'm mainly concerned you know about the next generation or so. I'm also well frankly I'm concerned about you know persecution of Christians because I'm a wimp and I don't I don't like the idea being persecuted, but I'm I can't see any reason why should be exempt from it.

When much better Christians and myself died as martyrs and if I had to die as martyrs known could complain that that's unfair having no could complain that I deserve not to so I mean we just have to beat we have to buck up and be courageous and trust God and and know that very bad times could be ahead. If I probably they are but and and that might be true no matter who wins this election because even if there's a stay of execution for four years by a certain out term of this of this particular election. That's still four years remaining. What's gonna come after that amino less and less the nation turns back to God as it's only good before your reprieve from some of the worst things that could come down suddenly otherwise so. Africa course I've always believed that I would like to see persecution in this country and not in the sense of being a pessimist but just realist when I was 17 and I was reading about Fox's book of martyrs as reading about Richard. One branch is regular Corrie 10 boom different people.

Some of these were only our parents generation and they went through horrendous things as Christians just because they were Christians at that after World War II most that fell away and the read and just we've never had taken seriously the idea that we might be persecuted badly at that. But we might but we should be praying we should be seeking God's face and humbling ourselves so forth. And maybe, have mercy on us. I'm certainly praying for that and you know that if it is not having our attitude has got to be, even if I die or farm put in prison or if I'm silenced or whatever.

Well the kingdom of God stood a crush all this bikini was Godzilla crush all opposition and those who stand in opposition should be very terrified they're not because they're so callously gives the things of God minute and then he believe in God, but the be surprised and it'll be horrible for them on a new you really need to pity people who are bringing upon the world. This disaster and there are many of them so some of them are even calling as those Christians in voting for such a thing so it's amazing thing to me but I'm in blindness.

The Bible says those who don't receive the love of truth. God will send them strong delusion to believe a lie and certainly are people, including those in the Christian Who have not really received 11 truth. They love their doctrine of the love their denomination they love their position or whatever, but if you don't love the truth more than anything then that your subject to be diluted by none less than God himself will send strong delusion is a judgment in our country has had more like than probably any other country in modern history. And yet we have hated the light did not love the truth and therefore a strong delusion has come over us out what we can do about it remains to be seen. I mean, we need to be faithful and speak the word and be faithful unto death, and maybe will have impact or maybe we won't. Maybe this is the generation that will be related. One anyway don't mean to be gloomy but I don't want to be no unrealistic either. I know that you being realistic as well appreciate your call, Andy and in a in times of persecution. Some people do survive and you know what to see how the church there's after some of that you know the Soviet Union recruit church suffered under communism for 70 years at least what two or three generations and and get the church survive underground church they didn't have quite the same surveillance technology back then to hunt everyone down. But if were not so addicted to our cell phones in our other things are convenient to us. It's a little harder to keep track of us afraid if we have to go underground and I wrap my some melodramatic if it does, it only sounds it to people who've never been in touch with reality about this kind of thing.

All right God bless you. Thanks you for calling John from Columbia, South Carolina. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling a number good.

Thank you. You can hear me okay yeah John: what are you doing in South Carolina. I usually hear from you from Portland well yeah blue I didn't think I'd be able to win their established South Carolina in the next good brother will happen.

Are you leaving the old dental mothers were beguiling here in Columbia now now okay great job.

You know, I think I got a good question. I'd be curious never been this one before, so will post on Facebook an objection to the idea of America first in their objection was a strange one to me.

They said we said America first was a heresy because nowhere in the Bible's business would ever indicate that the gospel should go to America now. I've never heard of anybody saying America first in a theological contact I gospel contacted the national policy contract is not illogical.

Never heard of a theological statement and the minute and this question came to mind.

Do you think anything in you and your mind can you think of an arm theological statement of theological heresy. Well, no, I don't think you would be referred to the hearsay thing to be in a different category. It would just be just be wrong. Just be lifeless if is not a religious doctrine and yeah I mean, if somebody said that they thought the term America first means we need to evangelize America first. I don't know anyone who's ever taken that many firms is a very strange thing for them to say I think that you know people who said America first. In some cases, might be a bit idolatrous of America, but I don't think always II think a lot of people realize that if America becomes weak its light to the world which it has been in the church in America has been saying missionaries for centuries that we we impact the whole world in many ways culturally and so forth that our impact on the world will be diminished and are billed to help the world to me. Whenever there's a country in crisis who sends a if not us. If we are weak, then we will not be of any use to to the world are due or to kingdom a large, that doesn't mean that God can't raise up somebody else and if if America goes down and the church in China prevails in which is one of the fastest growing churches in the world or or the church of some other country rises up and have some other country is used by God in the way that America has been used in the past. I love and that's the and that's that that's that's fine to me that if the kingdom of God continues to prevail is fine obviously is less convenient for us but let's face it we had a lot more conveniences than most people the world had so made we've had our share conveniences now time for us to find out the rest the world has been living like in many cases I don't say that. I hope America remains strong because I think that America has remained a strong influence for justice and for freedom and things like that through his history. On the other hand, I mean if the country is going to go fully into darkness other than its influence may be dark influence in my it's better doesn't continue to have that kind of preeminence in the world but I would say that in American history and recent in the last century or so Americans save the world from you horrible totalitarian powers a couple in a couple world wars and has done a lot good for a lot of people's you the American way of life in American philosophy has in fact pulled more people out of poverty than any other system has on me. I think it's good for the world and is good for God's kingdom for America to do well as long as it isn't an influence for evil. And that's I guess what is sort of in the balances right now, which we will go but yeah I mean you got it.

If you question is can you think you heresy without being theological doctrine. I don't think it would really classify as heresy in the classical historical sense network curious to hear your thoughts. Appreciate the okay John could hear from you. God bless you walk congratulations working out of Oregon yeah I have a lot of friends still in Oregon and I and and I used to live in Oregon of course I am glad not to be there but I'm I jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. When I moved to California and I wouldn't mind being out of here someday either pool to see how God takes care of things. Let's talk to Tyrone from Oak Harbor, Washington Tyrone, welcome to the neuropathic for calling you do well so my question has to do with the cold challenge of wondering if Jeter had if Jesus could have seen if he chose to not get to talk with my answer and effortlessly right. Well that is one of the controversies that has been discussed in theology. There is a doctrine that is considered by most to be the Orthodox teaching which is called the impact ability of Christ. The doctrine of the impact ability of Christ teaches that because of Christ's divine nature.

It was impossible for him to sin, because it's a blog for God to send now I don't I don't see any support for that doctrine. The bottle and I mean it is true. The Bible does say that Christ was God in the flesh, but the part that says in the flesh is very significant. I think some people forget that Jesus was God in the flesh and just accuse God and that would not be agreeable with what the Bible teaches.

Now as a person in the flesh, although he had been you know God had not been in the flesh before Jesus was born, I coming in the flesh.

I believe he became vulnerable to the temptations and to the weaknesses of flesh. That's why, although God can't become tired cases became weary.

I God you cannot be ignorant of anything but Jesus was ignorant of certain things, as he himself said he was you know he God is God cannot die. But Jesus died so I mean to say that God not sin and that and that that means that Jesus couldn't send is a non sequitur.

And yet that's the only way I've ever heard it argued when people say Jesus couldn't say, well, then that would be suggesting that there was nothing of a real humanity of theirs is really taking no risks.

By becoming a man. In the end, and I think that the Bible indicates that there was something very significant about the fact that Jesus managed to resist temptation and it's that will be not surprising if he was only God and and was incapable of sinning like God is incapable of it, but he was a man and there's many things God.

God cannot, God is not vulnerable to the Jesus was and so I'm thinking that Jesus has much free will is you and I do.

But on the other hand, let me just say this I don't know that Jesus I don't know that his fleshly desires were as strong as as ours, and in terms of temptation, but the Bible says he was tempted always like this.

It may been a strong but he did have, of course, the divine nature to to fight them off, which we also do now to since we become partakers of the divine nature bottles but we can still and I think he could he could be didn't at when the Bible says he was telling all points like we are, yet without sin. I think of St. that's an amazing thing. You know that he face the same temptations we do and managed not to sin.

So he's hardly worth mentioning if if sinning was not even in his wheelhouse about something he could even do so. I think it's more amazing that Jesus didn't send because I think if he had chosen to could have, but his inclination may been so much against it that the temptations didn't hit him as hard as they do Oscar's week were maybe not as committed to God as he was, and is like is like could I know. Could I kill my children well it's physically possible and pick some people have done it and I'm not necessarily more superhuman than those who have done that but I don't have it be totally contrary to my nature to do it and have Apsley no temptation ever to kill my children so solid I could say why.

I guess I couldn't do that. I don't think I could commit that sin not because I'm sinless, but because it's so contrary to me and not because I can't make bad decisions, but because it's so countrymen nature so it's probable that one could argue that the question both ways. One is that if Jesus you know, even if he had the power to sin, it may be that he was so disinclined toward that there was no way can happen.

Like that some today so Orthodox it at that time.come.yeah outfitting long-lived wonders doctors work with this. It will close to God and God could not be tentatively seen… My class that came from that wonders Dr. you know I don't think he came from the oneness doctrine, but I think it was because I don't think the oneness doctrine has been prevalent in Christian theology through most of history, there have been some who held it, but I think even Trinitarian's would normally say that they believe in the impact ability of Christ that he could not sent but that's not a position I would take because the Bible doesn't say it and it doesn't even say it even sounds sounds counter intuitive. You know that if he was a man innovative, God can't can't be tempted sin.

But the Bible specifically says that Jesus was tempted with all SINCE we are so right there. We have no evidence that Jesus was could succumb or at least he could confront challenges that not all fathers never confronted you know without being in the flesh. Also noted place. I cooler call a meeting of any kind give allusion to the fact that he had a wheel Eagle or pointillist deposits very good point because if he had called for 12 legions of angels that would yeah he would even deliver that women wrong because he's it would not be his father's will. You know member. He said delivery from take this cup from me. If it is your will, but not my will yours. So he surrendered his number nine would you if he had called on 12 legions of angels who taken the matter into his own hands and doing his own will and serve the father's will. Which is technically ascending and he said he could do it but he just didn't so I guess I also Jesus. I guess himself said that he could soon use or die, so yet I considered you more credibility to the fact that he lifted and he examined nature would have empowered me to think P did in knowing that his this temptation was much greater declare that we are able.

Like last all, I strongly appreciate think all right Tyrone great hear from you think Prof. Carver publish okay John from Jackson, Wyoming. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling Steve hi hey would you agree with the statement, if you're saving faith is in Jesus plus anything else, then that's not biblical faith.

What are you sick. I agree with that, I agreed that it be awfully hard to know how much of our faith. We put in anything else.

Or maybe we can certainly say I trust in Christ alone, and it may be that is the right thing to say that is the biblical thing to say but I don't know to what degree even true Christians unbeknownst themselves depend on their own performance somewhat which they shouldn't but a lot of times we sometimes have doubts about our salvation. If we if we succumb to temptation and that's not in evidence that were not saved.

Let's redo it all the time and not repenting.

That would be evidence of unsafe yeah I mean I'm never comfortable with that.

That statement thanks okay today I thank you for going – if okay let's see here Maryland in Lebanon Oregon.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling.

Comment J's so strongly about saving born baby that will grow for a person like that, then we should be so ranking colony and texting on makers to pass the night begins at conception act.

That's a great suggestion.

I think that that's very sensible. I know I don't know is there is there an act like that sort of on the table that there considering out there should be.

I don't know if there is I think good well get. I think Krista should definitely write to her centers about golf course. If the if if Christians will vote against pro-life, a pro-life president and vote for a pro-choice president that I don't think we'll get much activism from them in terms of trying to test such an act. I think that's certainly would be the only righteous way a nation could view the situation. Life begins at conception, because that's when growth begins things that aren't live don't grow so baby with scissors zygote it's growing and it's got human DNA such as growing human so to kill it is killing a growing human measurement a living human.

So it is not to think otherwise is nonsense and it's amazing how many Christians try to justify their hatred for John tomorrow is Iraq and I can endure babies being aborted by just can't endure from his present well listen, Paul endured the Roman Emperor who put him to death.

Labor, we can endure some things but we have to read protest Christians appreciate your suggestion. Rejecting regular just for a few seconds and we have another half hour coming up, so don't the way you listen to the narrow path we are listeners importing you like to help us.

You can go to our website. The narrow and then sue meeting I talked up for tonight. It's actually tomorrow night. Tonight I'll be back in 30 seconds station tell your family. Tell your friends tell everyone you know about the Bible radio show that has nothing to send everything to give you the narrow path with Grant when today's radio show in Denver go to your social and send a link to the narrow, one can find free time on your teaching blog article verse by verse teachings and archives of the narrowband radio shows and tell them to listen live right here on the radio.

Thank you for sharing with their supported the narrow path.

Greg radio broadcast Steve Greco were alive for another half hour taking your calls about the Bible and the Christian faith are different viewpoints of post you can call in. I need to correct myself.

I did say at the beginning of the last half hour that we have a zoom meeting available tonight and I was forgetting. This is Tuesday. I was Wednesday. Wednesday tomorrow night with a zoom meeting that you can read about and join if you like at our website. The narrow under announcements talk to Stanley from Honolulu, Hawaii. Welcome to the narrow path Stanley for calling me all is going.

What are your feelings on adding anything to the word like in the large fair anything after all the great particular I like to know about the chest that because I it helps me that helps me when I say my prayers but like the lobby my butt comes a burden to me when I see Jack to judge me by so I let you what you have to say about it. Well, when the Bible says don't add to God's word and don't and don't subtract from God's word.

It's not entirely clear what that means a lot of Christians I think wrongly think it's talk about don't add new books to the Bible, but of course Deuteronomy, which was one of the early books of the Bible said don't add to God's word in your many books. The Bible written after that I saw something or how many books to to add or not not have, but it does. It certainly means not to alter it and not to perverted in any way by putting your own human ideas in their or or by subtracting any of God's ideas, but to basically be faithful to it as it is, as it is given. Now, you mentioned the Lord's prayer that there is, in some manuscripts. In fact, the ones followed by the King James version of the state for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen that that last line is not found in the older Greek manuscripts however the reference to forgive us our trespasses is or or debts is actually in all the manuscript so you don't need to worry about that that particular line being in no invalid about it, but frankly, even if Jesus didn't tell us to pray that we could certainly pray it will forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. That is, Jesus teaches in many places, that unless we forgive others. We can't expect God to forgive us.

So for us to pray that he forgive us as we forgive others would be quite biblical even if it wasn't originally part of the prayer, but that is that is a part of the prayer that is in all the manuscript so there's not really anything that that's not an added thing the Lord's prayer as we know it is the same pretty much all the main scripts with the exception that the older man scripts leave out that last yours is the kingdom and the power of the glory forever. So, and that in those words are actually taken from first Chronicles from credit.

David prayed so so in other words it's it's not really a it's it's a biblical idea whether Jesus had that tag onto the end of the prayer or not. We don't know because the man scripts are not all the same about that but but even if Jesus didn't tag it on its part of a biblical prayer for the Old Testament would be really saying something.

Adding to the word of God in some way that would be corrupting all right. Keep thank you Stanley Cup lecture to Peter from Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling.

Thank you Steve.

You just alluded to just a few minutes ago about is not called, trying to compare prompts flying with murdering babies on you when emotions are involved. That my understanding of come to include your emotions are involved. Intellect is at a disadvantage so that we had like they hated Nixon, but there is no comparison to the hatred of Trump Street.

Someone coined her for nautical word unhinged from any kind of reason. So when this person was talking about setting that trumpet lying which is not a crime unless you're under oath that is aligned with were standing killing babies and trying to argue that totally off the scale and his brain must be blended with this poison of others. Hatred I think the eat the better argument was that it will if flying is not a crime. How can you justify and I think he was so consumed with hatred that he went overboard, claiming that it was murder, and he could defend it against him flying.

If any of his pro-abortion crimes.

They have schooled them up. Rowboats never say they are for abortion. They are pro choice state never see. Therefore abortion and I think that would've been way better way your you're very brilliant and very erudite and don't criticism but I think just saying that all our politicians lives.

This is true, but to compare lying with killing of babies just totally indefensible. I agree on the but he could only come to that conclusion because he was so filled with his hatred of Trump is obvious and hatred is not a Christian virtue either.

Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer and no murderer has eternal life abiding so an abortionist was a murderer does not have eternal life abiding in certainly a person who who empowers an abortionist life by giving him legal rights to do what is is illegal and murder is illegal, that person would have to have to doubt that they have eternal life abiding in them. And if someone hates another person, especially another person claims be a Christian then then that person is a murderer and has no internalizing that. That's just what the Bible says I'm not making this stuff up.

That's just plain plain speaking from Bible so I mean, a person can disagree with the with any any candidate.

I strongly disagree with Mr. Biden because he lies more then prompt us far more than he lies in the things that matter.

I mean Trump I know when I asked people what did Trump lie about movies.

Will he exaggerated the size of the crowd, it is rally okay well a person should exaggerate perhaps with that. But the point is I don't know that Trump is ever lied about anything that has been really matters in the sense of affecting anybody but but his opponent certainly lies all the time and changes the story back and forth, partly because he doesn't have enough memory left.

I guess to know what he said before but the truth is, he has no attachments of truth at all. And the and as I said, I think Mr. Trump at least has this is here. He kept his promises, which no politician whose ever run for office previously of high office has done so, sign ramming your automated killing babies is the one thing while killing innocent people is the one thing that will destroy a land Bible says it defiles the land and it says it actually says in the Old Testament concerning Israel that if Israel would shed innocent blood that nothing could atone for the land except the death of the murderer. Now in the New Testament we don't call for the death of abortion doctors so forth.

And when Christians go for making that happen. I think there I think their city but in Israel. That's what God said a murderer would have to be put to death and you know I don't think God is change his mind about how bad that is, God doesn't change. He may not require us to carry out the Old Testament sanctions on sins and crimes, but he does so he doesn't feeling better about it than he did when he said that Solomon, anyone who thinks that abortion is not the major issue in this country. It is the major sin of this country. There's lots of since this country but the biggest one is killing millions and millions of innocent babies who are made in the image of God and therefore to poke your finger in God's eye because he values them and you're saying I don't and I don't even carefully. If the cut to pieces in the womb and tortured in the womb. If they die horrendous test and I would never be II couldn't stand to die the same way I go crazy if I physically cut pieces, you know, one piece at a time and arming the visits of the just. I think he directed there not thinking somebody.

Of course, many people use the term Trump derangement syndrome, and I'm even if I were not in a interested Trump's policies. I would not want to be involved with any derangement syndrome about anybody if he and I wouldn't want to be part of the Biden derangement suits syndrome, which makes me incapable of making rational judgments. But I do know that's must be the strong delusion this percent of the country because these Christians even think they support a man who in all ways is ungodly and a liar and disgusting and embarrassing on what one of the things was brought up as it Trump was an embarrassment to this country. I don't think you have any possibility been embarrassed by her present anymore than we could be if Biden became present who can't even talk straighter. Think straight and remember where he is or was. Wife is in homage this to my mind, having a person who doesn't think at all is good be very embarrassing to not but I'm not I'm not voting for you know that the candidate that will make me less embarrassed in front of the world. Let the world think what they want.

I care what God thinks and as a Christian or even as a God-fearing person for not a Christian and who doesn't care what God thinks is asking for whatever disaster and judgment comes on this nation and we know were teetering on the brink of it but we don't know how which was going to go but I appreciate your thoughts.

I agree with your thoughts and thank you for joining us. I share information, Arizona.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling all in their God and post on why I cry and cry and my father. Now the church you went to visit the United Council, church, you are more lists and I believe moralism is mistaken.

I don't think you're denying Christ anything. I think there wrestling with the difficult issue and I don't think you're getting the right answer. From the difficulty is that Jesus is called God in the Bible as soon as the Holy Spirit called and so is the father. And yet, each of them are spoken of as separate from each other and yet there's only one God. So how can this be, well that's that's it's mysterious thing in the doctrine of the Trinity has been formulated to try to put all the data together and I believe the doctors Trinity is true, but I can certainly understand how some people seeking to understand the truth would have a hard time knowing how to put that data together and Mike might reach a different view and you know the United Pentecostals I think are mistaken in their moralism, but I don't think there denying Christ per se.

They're not denying that he is the crisis of first John tells us whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ, the same as Antichrist. Well they believe Jesus is the Christ.

They just believe differently than I do about you know where were God the father was when Jesus was on earth because they believe that the father became the son and the sun became the Holy Spirit does not three is only one God, whose manifest in different modes at different times of her skull moralism, but it is a is a doctrine that is considered to be heresy. Historically, I don't think it's the kind of doctrine that a person would go to hell for because a does not necessarily fail to honor Christ infected it does on her, which is I think misunderstands what God only God die while well yeah well I mean I don't use the term son was the flesh of God. And I'm not sure what that means in the mind of person uses it. I would say that the sun was God in the flesh which is saying a little different music God managed to take on human flesh. Human nature and lived as though you are a unique man. The only one who's ever existed.

Who was God it in a human form, but now we save that sounds same thing saying he's the flesh of God. I don't know.

I don't think he's the flesh of God are not sure that term means. I believe he's God in the flesh which means there's he has the divine nature and the human nature. I'm not sure. I'm not sure if these are some people might say he's the flesh of God, meaning that God put on a costume of a human body, and he wasn't really a human being is this wearing is in disguise as human. I don't think that's how the Bible would would represent. I don't think that he was only that he only looked like a human being.

He actually took human nature.

He became part of the human family. He became the second Adam and that some of these things are mysteries to deep for me to understand and I don't really feel like I need to understand them is certainly Jesus never explained it so it must not of been something he thought the disciples had to know if they didn't have to know what, I guess I don't want but I know I would like to understand better.

I think there are some things beyond our grasp, and I'm willing to let that be the case.

Appreciate your call lady from Santa Anna, California. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling, the election.

716 2012 3393.

Click down by its fruit trees down right and delete since I can keep it in the spirit, love, joy, peace, blank will bring down this so people who are running for election judge by their fruit of joy peaked tender again on foot were judging us, whether they're good Christians and we certainly could be that would be the very way that we would determine are they good Christians well if so it will be shown in the fruit, love, joy, peace, jealous self-control, faithfulness, and so forth.

Yeah, that's absolutely the way we just we judge and evaluate a person's spiritual you know state and and we should but I don't think were voting on who's a good Christian. I think were voting on who's going to do well in leading this country.

We don't really have any mature spiritual Christians running as far as I know so we can just stay home and not vote at all, or we can say which of these people is gonna do the job that were hiring them for electing a man is simply hiring a man for job and so the question should not be how good a Christian as the LSU elicits a Christian job. You know, I suppose, but it should be, who is competent who is motivated. Who is going to do this job in a way that will not destroy the company. You know, and so were not. I don't look at either Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump and evaluate their Christianity because they're not running as Christians. I mean, if they probably both would say there Christians but so does everybody run for office or circus. We know most people run for office are probably not Christians but but they're not running. As Christians their running for president. That's a very different thing presence not a spiritual level role it's administrative role will be able to follow God like you got that following Jesus and being dental and kind and long-suffering Kendra will be able to follow the Lord better. Certainly, to be able to follow the Lord that that doesn't mean they be able to leave the country well I mean you need you need. If you hire someone to lead a corporation, you don't just want to hire some just because he's a nice guy you hire because he's not destroy the company because he has the skills and he has the drive and he has the know-how to do it.

That's and that's what we again were not hiring a pastor the church here were hiring a CEO of the count of the country is overdoing so you know we have a choice between somebody who actually is a true leader. He may be a hard hard to take. And in his personality, but he does know how to lead. On the other hand, we have a man who doesn't know what he believes in.

He might be a nice guy, although I don't think he is serving. He's got this nice guy persona. But the people close to him say not so much. Saw me he knows how to play the role he's been doing it for 47 years are lit listen if some is been nothing in his whole life except a politician and is on it for 50 years you know what politicians do. They play roles they manipulate voters that's that's how they stay in power now Mr. Biden has learned that well he stayed in power for 47 years, so we know that he knows how to play a role because that's what successful politicians to Mr. Trump is not even a politician pizza.

He was never in politics before he became present, but he was at well yeah he was a TV guy but he was not.

He was not a politician and and now he was an actor. He was himself TV he played is that he played himself, and I don't think he was acting at all. I think he is maybe he might dramatize a little bit but he's, you know, he lays his cards on the table. He says what he believes and then he pursues what he believes. I have not seen Mr. Trump say that he is will do something or that he believes something without him making some moves in that direction. Some of them very strong and some of them, of course, are not with his power to do unilaterally, but I'm not. You know I'm not here to for promoter candy. I'm just saying that when it comes to judging a candidate we if we can use the fruit of the spirit well then I guess we be looking for someone who's going to be running in a religious organization, a Christian organization, but if were going to be looking for someone who's going either.

If the option is to drive this country to bankruptcy and to ruin all or not. Then, being a good Christian is really what's them.

The most important thing for that job.

It's the most important thing for any person's human destiny, but it's not all that when you're hiring someone for a position you hire someone who can do the job will ring point like not fruit he told I mean I think it is extremely important and well that Scripture that purchase to particular Scripture is John the Baptist telling the Jews that if they're not going to bring forth the fruit of justice which God has been recorded and there to be destroyed in 70 A.D. that's a John the Baptist protecting their and it's true. Everyone who doesn't have very good fruit is good is going to be judged. There's no question about it, but that's not a prediction about who's going to win or lose election. Thank you for your call.

Good talking to you Michael from Watsonville, California how you doing good to hear you.

I got in under the wire. Yes, continuing to watch the debate between a pair and related code apologist yeah seems to me that the core issue is epistemological. How we know affiliate.

Some of the challenges put forth by atheist are that if I believe something.

The issue of belief. I believe that there is data here. If I believe what whatever the theology is a philosophy that's not my direct experience is something that I been told that I read so I'm a bit of a person you would acknowledge a person simply gives lip service to the biblical teaching that would not change the person write the way of knowing the truth of Jesus would have to occur on a deeper level would would you say that's true. Yes, yes, absolutely. Hello, I think the most of the atheist you know that they say okay you can't know you can't know something simply intellectually make any difference, but they don't seem to be at least most of the built-in to be offering any alternative doesn't really go anywhere.

Well, okay, so what would your question be my thank you again today were basically an agreement that what I would call them knowing of the heart. That's the primary instrument or means spiritual understanding. Yes, love the mind's function is important to after we are the only creatures as far as we know they have minds like our own and their quite amazing things. I think that God is interested in her mind as well as her heart. The thing is that a person will not seek God if they are convinced in their mind that he doesn't exist. If they are convinced in mind that he either does exist or may very well exist, then they may be inclined to seek him with her heart. You know, God said you will seek for media. Finally, when you seek me with all your heart, but no it's cacique for God in their heart if their intellect tells him there's no one out there is nothing to seek.

Why waste your time so I think that the mental persuasion that there is a God, or at least that there's a very very good chance that there's a God is the approach that most I think Christian apologists take the you're trying to work on the first entry way into the soul, which is the intellect and then the course if somebody is persuaded that that their atheism was without warrant, then they may be open-minded, especially as God works in their heart or as things happen the life survey realized the need for God, that they may pursue him whom they now know could in fact be there and if they're desperate enough to make different try find so I think the arguments that appeal to the head. Have a place but they do the head itself is not enough to make you Christian, you can certainly intellectually agree with the Christian truth without surrendering to them without loving them without embracing them in your heart and if that's the case then I think that's what we have, say, sub sub Christian experience. Hey brother, I need to go.

The music is mostly playing right now, not hearing it but it's imperative and I've got only a minute left, so thanks for calling me again the blessings of the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we do this Monday through Friday. We honestly supported, which means that money that comes in is not advertisers, but we don't advertise anything. We don't sell anything.

We just let you know if you want to hear some of it we pay for the time on the radio and the money has to come from somewhere seven times, somewhere we stay on, you could be the someone got our website. The narrow and see how to sports if you'd like to. Otherwise just take was there for free. There's a lot sucking up tomorrow

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