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The Narrow Path 11/6

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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November 6, 2020 7:00 am

The Narrow Path 11/6

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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November 6, 2020 7:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to Arafat's radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were alive for our afternoon with an open phone line for liberal give you you can call if you have questions about the Bible or Christianity will be glad to talk to about that.

If you have a different viewpoint from the host so you're welcome to call about that as well. Again, the numbers going to be 844-484-5737 and at the moment it looks like there's one line open 844-484-5737 are couple of announcements. One is if you happen to be in Southern California tomorrow night.

I have a meeting in note to macula that doesn't happen very often. Usually about once every two months. I suppose it is. So just yell for anyone who wants to come and have us fellowship and have a Q&A and it's very casual.

Starts at 630 tomorrow night. And if you're interested. If you happen to be in the area and near enough to come you can go to our website. The narrow and look under announcements and annual find a list of worm going to be including tomorrow night into macula so we want to know about that. The other thing is out yesterday, a man in Patrick called who it sounded like he had lost his job and is very distraught and I hope you will be listening, because after the show I received an email from somebody who said that he works of he thinks he can help Patrick and maybe others like him to find work is not some kind of a multilevel ring. He works for a hiring a career agency usually works with the veterans apparently but he said he'd he can.

He can you help out Patrick. Also, if Patrick happens via listening at this moment, or, frankly, anyone who would like to be in touch with him what you want to do is get in touch with me just like to meet and asked me to put you in touch with Mitch Gilbert.

That's Mitch Gilbert or just tell me that your interesting, the guy who thought he could help people find careers. Just let me know who you are and I'll pass you along your information on to him. And so I hope that'll be helpful to some really go to the phone lines now and talk to Carmen from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hi Carmen, welcome to the neuropathic for taking my call. Also, thank you for your ministry blessing to me and my family and I know many others as well. Thank you very much that I prepared a significant amount here that I would like to try to squeeze in going to jump right into it on if I did not speak speak quickly but hopefully not too quickly listen to your recent debate with quit date and meaning of the term or term Israel in the New Testament.

I want thank you Anthony very early and one that debate at hearing Chris question you on this inspired me to call in regarding another given in the Frederick interpretation of Scripture. So I'm calling with a question about the use of the creek coordinated by Jesus and the writers of the New Testament.

One of the additional premises of federalism is that there's no evidence the Jesus of the New Testament writers use this word of regeneration in a special fence that would suggest that he was talking about anyone other than his contemporaries in about a year ago I would've definitely agreed with that assessment. However, looking at this with some fresh eyes in light of some of the research I've been doing. I think that I would challenge the claim that it does appear to me that there is a significant amount of evidence that both Jesus and the New Testament writers did often use this term. Jeanette buried her special dance and that there are two points that I think it would raise that should raise our suspicions mentally. Regarding this, and I wanted to quickly run this by you and see what your thoughts were on the subject so I want to be respectful to the other callers and yourself not take up too much time, but would it be okay with you if I just took a couple minutes and read through this point very quickly and so quickly circle had shook the first one he is is both yellow discourse and finally Joan easily recorded to have described his judgment on his generation and he says that they would eventually be held accountable for the murders of all the prophets of all the way back to the murder of Abel by Kane. Now the statement could have potential implications on our understanding of the justice of God. On the surface. The concert got them to justice as expressed in the Old Testament laws regarding capital punishment like I tried to think you apply for life etc. that even if we can square this statement with God's perfect justice, perhaps by appealing to the difference between corporate versus individual accountability or hyperbole of some sort but it is very interesting to Jesus uses language that is directly in opposition to that used in Jeremiah 31, which when compared to Zechariah 14 is obviously talking about the judgment on Jerusalem in 70 A.D. there in Jeremiah 31 God said the day is coming when all people pay for their own sin and not the sins of their fathers. It seems very strange to me that Jesus would explicitly describe the wicked generation being judged or the sins of their fathers. In the context of his own prophecy, which is addicting the same event as Jeremiah. I would hope Jesus would have a good reason for doing this. You tell me how versus what is the verse you're looking at in Jeremiah 30 10 leave look very quickly here. I have it have it up okay. Jeremiah 3129 through 32 92 30 okay so says in those days they shall no more say the fathers of eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge, but everyone will she die for his own iniquity. Okay, now I'm not sure that I would say that that is a you know, I'm not sure if that's a reference to the judgment of 70 A.D., I think it likes it tight. I heard that that the poor, and I think it is become conclusive when you look at the air. Jeremiah 38 through 3080. Compare that to the verses in Zechariah 14 nine through 11 and it's very clear that Jeremiah is talking about the exact same thing. He refers to the tower panning out the corner gate whole valley. The city never being uprooted or demolished as all paralleled in Zechariah 14 nine through 11, I think just I think in Zechariah chapter 14, he some of the new Jerusalem out of the stock about the city of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., I believe. Okay I'm I Zechariah 14 begins my time in 70 A.D. over then it goes on to talk about the God's protection of the true genuine Jerusalem, which I think is the remnant church so your interpretation little bit different from what I heard from other project partners okay so I let you comment will be just as you wanted to give several examples of this could go over rather long.

If we did you do can you give me order to rule quickly are two examples of one another. If you want if you want to me I can I can I can answer your call right now but if you I didn't want to catch up before you had time to make points wanted to make sure your paper so you can I give you time to do that. The other point that I wanted to raise was that the New Testament writers seem to go out of their way to associate Benaiah of the Greek term for generation number 4290 Frederick to recognize that as of the number of monthly Jerusalem was under siege in first century, but it seems that the significant people speak on that because you forget to cite just before for example very quickly that the recorded genealogies of Jesus, which matched Matthew described that his generation Thursday related to the number 42.

Because Jesus records 42 generation total and for you. Further, he divide them up into three groups of 14 as you're probably aware, and most want solid anyway think that that's related to the numerical value David Tigre name and likewise in any links, genealogies, place with David at the 42nd position in 77 recorded generation that he has, and these genealogies are obviously of about leading up to the birth of Jesus and in connection with the birth of Jesus we find in Revelation 12 that the birth of Jesus and the attempt to bleed into the 70 A.D. judgment. It relates to a mission. Revelation 12 mentioned the birth of Jesus in context of the 1260 decree of the Dragon, jumping because I know you in advance for him to talk so fast, I think you're leaving probably most of our listeners in the dust and frankly me to. I'm not following your sentences by not understanding what how they add to the argument so maybe we could just very briefly so you you disagree with my saying that when Jesus said, this generation will not pass until all these things are fulfilled in Matthew 24 that I'm saying he's part of the generation that was living at that time. Now you're saying it has a different meaning. Could you just maybe summarizer quickly what that meaning is without without Messerli defensive and I want I want for the door. In my view. But just so will know you're actually advocating. So I believe that Jesus was referring to his generation of the wicked people of his generation as a representative of AA complete the class of the wicked. In general, stated that he was speaking to them in terms of an apocalyptic sense of his that the term generation referred to both his contemporaries, but also he was speaking about it in a in a secondary center even a more significant scent that by referring to the wicked of all time. Basically all the way back to the words and in other words, is not just talking in 70 A.D. Zagreb 70 deep and the judgment of all the wicked within the world.

When Jesus returns correct that correct yes okay well appreciate you sharing that that's not necessarily self-evident to me that I am not to try to refute you. I did like timeshare a budget called okay great okay brother Douglas Heine okay Dave from Lake Tahoe.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling debut. There do we need to slide his volume up or anything. I don't have any control over. Okay Dave got it were not hearing as I have to go move on to the next caller, Stephen from Wilmington, Ohio Stephen, welcome to the narrow path expert calling hey Steve, how is your day going good. Thank you yet.

I went to your opinion on that what your opinion on Christian parents laying there kids played the video games to play. What you feel, play video games games while I I have to tell you I'm totally unfamiliar with video games.

I've never played one of my Lai never had an interest in even finding out what they do and therefore I don't know much other continent younger content. I know back in the way back when video games are pretty new and back in the 80s. As I recall, our early 90s, perhaps I remember hearing about some of the videogames having tremendous violence and gore and and of course encouraging bad values and so forth, which we also true of television and in a number of other things in our society. Having parents really need to be mindful of what kind of influences are are getting into their children's heads split that I don't. I'm not Smith games.

I can't say this game. That game is okay or not okay. I would say this that forcing my kids were raised before there was much of a videogame craze.

And so, like I wasn't around and they weren't around when these things were coming out some pretty ignorant of the whole thing but I would just say that play video games be very much like watching movies or watching television. I should think or any other cultural influence, with the possible exception that if you're in a plane of a first-person shooter kind of a game you for your you're the one doing the maiming the zombies or what are you doing I I imagine that could get into your soul a little more than a few just an outside observer of a bit of bad movie but I think that I think that would be up to the parents to decide. I know some parents like to give their children some measured exposure to the things that they're going to be influenced by, or be exposed to when they're no longer at home. Sometimes parents will monitor those kinds of things and I would imagine that there's a great number of videogames appearances. I wouldn't want let my kid watch that all played out all but there be other games probably more or less harmless or would it be a very difficult.

I was a bit impossible thing for me to broadbrush all videogames because obviously I mean I myself back when it was in the 80s or whatever was there. Played some Pac-Man to fill your donkey Kong, but I hardly those are hardly qualifies videogames and were at a Roth are still around or ponder whatever those are just really rudimentary rudimentary games on everything so realistic now in the graphics. It's it's harder not to become involved in it like you would in a movie and I saw, I mean it's it's a new new degree of danger that needs we watched out for and I would you I would you know if I had kids I was raising again today. I would love to have a smart phone until they were old enough to earn money and buy one for themselves and even then I don't know if while they're living in my house.

I don't know if I'd let them you know, keep it overnight, and I probably have all the smart phones in the house and home locked up until morning and let them use it primarily for phone calls and photos and maybe a few other things but I really want to monitor that actually I probably give my kids to just flip phone so so they could get in touch with me but you I'm I'm I would not I would not feel any obligation in raising children to keep up with all the trends in media and social networking all those kinds of things that are so commonplace for kids. Now I don't think those have been healthy for relationships of the exhibit healthy families are are not semi-with my kids never have any access or exposure to any technology that would be the case, but I wanted to be very limited and very monitored until I knew that there were absolutely trustworthy. That just like you. You all right publish Stephen good talking to you Andrew from Everett, Washington. Welcome to the narrow path expert calling you on the question that I have is about like to develop prayer how often or how long should Christians pray about a particular need, because like a lot of the dark. The cheerful lady friend of the like if we break too many times with an ongoing document the devotional or did you need the data look like children walking their parents believed I didn't get a more divided by their children are condemned for something for you guys. The second part of the clock. Like when we pray, where and when should we file to got let your will be done. Like for example like the flock you be a lot of like I've been praying for present promptly thought she should I say like a been the end of the prayer what your will be done 100 will convince with the ultimate question sure well I believe that all of our prayers either need to be a condition verbally by your will be done on earth that is your will or at least if it's not spoken that that's what's in our mind. And God has to know that that's were were resigned to his will, were not using prayer as a means to get what we want, using prayer, hopefully to advance the causes that God wants and if he doesn't want what I'm praying for that. I hope you won't grant it even if I can't see any good reason for them not to. Granted, I hope you won't. If it's not what he wants is again prayer is not our way of twisting God's armor. You making wishes to Jeannie in the lab who owes her some kind of neighbors. We are God's children who are concerned, we should be concerned entirely with his project and with his kingdom, and with his enterprise is involved in so we know that he knows best, but he often will not act unless he's invited now as far as your so I do think that your will be done. That's what Jesus prayed when even prayed of the most important of all, Percy ever prayed, probably, which was father figure will let this cup pass from me and you said yet might not my will but yours be done. Certainly if he could pray that within we should two and Jesus told us that we should pray your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And I don't think that means just in a few things in earth as it is in heaven means as completely as in the same totality that his will is done in heaven.

We should pray for his will to be done on earth as well. So submitting every prayer to God's will is absolutely necessary.

John said in for in first John 514 that if we ask anything according to his will.

We know that he hears us. And so I'm I'm all about that. As far as asking are too many times for something in him getting bugged by it. We have remember how many prayers. God hears every single day from people around the world's gotta be billions billions of them every day.

If someone wants to tell you yeah but you know if you pray 100 times has been the best, really. You stress got out. That's really ataxic patients. I don't think so. I think if you prayed every day of your life for the first things are good things as you waited for them to be fulfilled and granted, I don't think that that adds very much to the amount of prayers.

God is listening to all the world in a given day, and I suspect he's very patient or else he wouldn't have made himself available like this. I don't. I never found that I was impatient with my children when they asked me for something repeatedly unless I had said no to them if I said no to them. I didn't want them to keep asking, but you know I think that God would never be upset with us. If we keep asking for something that we have every reason to believe is his will and he is not said know about it so I would consider consider consider continue praying I mean Jesus gave that parable in Luke 18 of the woman, the widow who was the victim of injustice, and she went to a judge and he would listen to her and she she just kept coming, bugged every day.

She bugged him about it he finally said okay, okay, I give in now, of course, the judge in that story is in the same position.

God is in with reference our prayers, but he's not like God.

This judge was said to be somebody who didn't fear God and didn't care about people either, so he is unlike God, God cares about people great deal and what Jesus is saying, of course, is that if a judge who has no interest in your case can be prevailed upon this way, how much more can God who does have an interest in your case be prevailed upon but we don't always get our prayers immediately answered is not necessary because God isn't in favor of it. In fact, Daniel chapter 10 tells us that when Daniel prayed for 21 days.

It took 21 days for him to get an answer, but but he was told by an angel your God sent me here today you started praying. So the very day that Daniel offers prayer God readily granted it, but the delivery system from God to Daniel was interfered with by demonic powers answer Daniels continually praying and fasting probably had a lot to do with the persevering through that resistance and we may have to do that to we we have to beware there is demonic resistance to the kingdom of God. And when were praying for God's kingdom and his will be done. The devil's nocturne adjusted back and take that lightly is resistant. That's probably why good prayers often take long longer than you think it would to be answered. But if you're pretty sure you're praying for something that's God's will keep at it because God's not going to get worried but the devil might have. That's good with my I wear him out, they did about God with you. All right, enter text. Your call. God bless you John and Sacramento California law to the narrow path extra time.

This is John Salinas.

All my life. So Sacramento Lord, when are you there on are you the John is my friend John from Salinas. I'm John that your friend from Salinas correct that we were driving north. It picked up KFI a and I just couldn't resist calling for old time sake and saying hello. I don't have great theological put it like that person called her did that made my head spin a little bit but I have two questions and that has would those of us who live in areas in which your program on no longer on a local radio station. Do you have an app that we could listen to that's likely that some of the programs have yes we actually do. If you go to your app store. You have an iPhone or android phone, iPhone docket with the applicant you go to the app store and just to search the narrow to search for that and it'll go see a nap. There are, you can download for free and then you can let listen to the show live or an archives later if you want to on your phone or your other device and you can also listen to the lectures from the website there so you pretty much access more on the app than you do on the radio that they may have another put their clearcutting out there.

Are you in a bad spot. Johnny thinking about spot on your cutting out badly.

I might be IM I apologize. I just did area. Reading okay it. If you lose me.

Okay copy to use hello to your wife and the next time we get that immaculate will come over and see okay great. It's great to hear from you and say hi to Lorraine for me and we hope to see Sarah in the car as well.

However, I can't do it. Take care that look okay get the apps on God bless you will do minor, by the way, I would say this that John was the station manager at the Salinas station. It was the second station I ever went on our first station was in Oregon and Albany, Oregon, and we were there for the first year and then the second year we went on the station in all and can't Salinas California and John and his wife were managers.

That station front and then they retired when they retired I don't situate but that station kinda went to pot and under new management.

So so were not on the air there anymore, but John is a very long time friend of mine is station manager.

All right, let's what we know what we got. We have a break coming up here about about a minute and then we have another half-hour coming on so don't go away listening to the narrow path radio broadcast, as you heard me tell John we do have an app you get for iPhone or android where you get your absence. The narrow app and you can hear this program live or later there's archives going back many many years. I think, and lectures from our website and our website also has all these resources it's the narrow We are listener supported and we pay for time on radio station so if you're interested in helping us stay on the air. You might want to write to the narrow path PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or as I said, you go to our website. Now everything our website is free. You don't have to donate to get everything that's there but if you want to die. You could do it from the website as well. The I'll be back in 30 seconds. Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life, the narrow Pat everything in today's media show is over and enjoyed my visit in the narrow find free topical audio teaching blog articles. Ms. Nader's teachings in archives and narrow path video shows we think you for supporting the listener supported narrow Pat Steve Greg remembered the narrow back to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were live for an hour, half-hour more we've had a half-hour already. We have another half-hour ahead of us to take your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith, feel free to join us. The number to call is 844-484-5737 in order might do those in Southern California that we do have a meeting tomorrow night into macula. You're welcome to join us there if you go to our website.

The narrow and look under announcements. You find everything you need to know about that meeting tomorrow night into macula California and again if our friend Patrick who called in yesterday very distraught about the loss of his job if he is listening or anybody else who is very distraught about the loss of the job.

I was contacted yesterday after call from Patrick and a man I don't know contacted me and said his job is finding employment and careers usually for veterans and for disabled veterans. But he said he can help other people to and so if you're in that position and you would like to contact this gentleman email me that is just say I'm interested in the guy you know who might be of help me find a job and I'll send you his information to contact him all right where talk to Neil in Phoenix, Arizona Neil, welcome to the neuropathic that mind changes that Donald Trump would be the next president will there's just a lot of crooked going on destroying the steel erection. I would drive through every belt that Joe Biden has typically been to him and I would like every honest guy has to be granted to every honest about the drama, I just want fairness. Yes, I appreciate that.

I think that there's an awful lot of people listening who have been praying for that very thing yet so it's a shame when it's evident that corruption is involved in the election process. That's true no matter who wins.

If the person wins because of corruption and cheating and lying and stealing votes illegitimate. I'm not really sure how a person who wins that we could live with himself knowing that the nation legitimately elected somebody else but that he himself has seized power, as it were, with a bloodless coup and saw me and we are praying for justice to be done. We are praying for God's will be done and again I think most of us Christians. Most conservative Christians, and we believe that Donald Trump will govern in a way more suited suited to Christian concerns than than with Joe Biden, but not everyone listing believes that there's a lot of people who listen to Shoaf for some reason, who think otherwise I'm not sure why they listen because everything about my program is about the Bible and what it says. I'm not sure how anyone who would be familiar to bottle would hold that view, but that some do and so I don't think there to be praying for Donald Trump to input.

I know probably the majority of our listeners because they do uphold biblical values would be very concerned about this are praying I think I think maybe this election this week has done more for getting Christians to pray than much of anything else in the whole year's.

Although the substance of a lot of things this year that has elicited desperation and probably prayer is Randy from Sacramento, California. Welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. Calling the broadcast last December people calling it right birthday. On this day or that they are figure out what kind of bothers baby could Jesus said it's better to 24 hours of the remembered remember me because my birthday I die.

And now you have born-again birthday.

I don't know on something.

Christ never even told without you and the disciples. The disciples must not of celebrated Christ's birthday. I mean, they never have recorded beadwork of the year was so it can't be something that they were very concerned about and I agree with you that concern about the date of Christina Christ birth or even the celebration of it is not something that's a basically a biblical obligation at all Christians, of course, to celebrate Christ in many ways is likely to do something sinful. In doing so and therefore I don't. I would never come out and say Christians can't give gifts on December 25, or any other day of the year. Frankly, if they want to remember the birth of Jesus on that day I I've said before, I'm not really one who cares very much about holidays at all.

Include amount birthday so it's not really and is not initially I've been aware almost all my life. The 20th 25th of December is not Jesus actual birthday, but I'm not against people who want to celebrate his birthday. In doing so. On any given day. They want to as long as they're not failing just to celebrate the rest of his life and his death and his resurrection and his current rain. I mean I agree with your sentiments, edit video, it's more important to obey than to sacrifice and and the you know the word Christmas is based on the word the master Christ's mass.

It's a Catholic term that refers to the sacrifice of the mass done on December 25 and I don't I would never be involved in that kind of celebration, of course, but because I don't believe in the sacrifice of the mass but I will say that too many people. The tradition of celebrating Christmas is very meaningful as they get together with family in ways they can't do most the time and and if they're very godly Christians than there there are focusing on Jesus. Obviously, though, I think this is implied and what you said many people across the world celebrate something on December 25 and they they use the name Christmas for but they are not Christ followers are not Christ lovers are not the money be atheist, but if you're not atheist, they might even be church people but they don't follow Christ. Some people do, but many people do not and if somebody doesn't follow Christ and they celebrate Christmas. It seems rather hypocritical because after all, you celebrate the birth of somebody important. You don't celebrate the birth of someone knows ever heard of is not considered to be worth remembering. But if Christ is worth remembering at all. If he was anything that he is what he claimed to be. He's the son of God is the Lord he's the King of Kings. If he's if he's anything other than an ordinary man. He's all of that because if he is not all of that and he said that he was then of course he is a very bad man so we would want to celebrate the birth of a bad man and we also would not want to celebrate the birth of the king without living in the light of that reality. He is the king. So when people are not living under his kingship and Lordship. It seems extremely hypocritical, maybe even self condemning to celebrate his birthday.

Well thank you very much for the traditions of render the word of God over and over again. That certainly has happened a lot like start date will appreciate what they don't all miss it. Not everybody misses the right. Some do. Thank you Randy for joining us today. Okay our next colors Teresa from East Haven, Connecticut, and by the way, we do have some lines of "you're interested in joining us. The numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 treason welcome to the narrow path things for calling you all on someone about that that we something about collapsing click way that it collapsed and will know that that one part one.

Okay, I certainly didn't say the Trump was a Christian and when people asked me always that I can't say what is not. People were well let me repeat.

Let me repeat back what you said. I said because you you may have heard me wrong or you might have heard me right and just. You disagree you said you didn't appreciate my saying that Christian should be against corruption in and my statement had to do corruption in the election process corruption where they they they don't allow all the votes to be counted properly. They bring in a bunch of extra votes that were invalid. All of them for their favorite candidate none for the other me this is a corruption of having given any attention.

Are you listening to the news aren't you paying attention.

There's not incredible.

The goal will well get our information information from someplace really program single and I think that you want, but by that poorly to people like Chris everything remotely like that about Mr. Trump. I've never lifted up that man as if he is a Christian, I never lifted up as even if he's a good man. I don't know if he's a good man. I don't know the man I the truth is I don't know, Joe Biden, either. I know what he stands for, because it's I hope I know because he is… Line he tells us what he stands for and Mr. Trump tells us what he stands for. So I don't care about you know what kind of a man were to arrive. I carefully stands for. I don't care about a man is is because he's not going to have any impact on my Christianity, even if the events the next present outlaws, Christian, or even if I have to go to jail for saying the things I say on the radio and I and I consider it to be very real possibility and some some future date of I'm still he's not affect my Christianity my walk with God is not related to who is the president, but but but really what kind of policies are enacted, has a great deal to do with who's the president as we see in the last four years mean Donald Trump changed a lot of things because it different policies that are from those at the previous presence at and the changes he made.

I think are for the better so it's not something I idolize the man I'm just looking at what he does and I think a bad man or ardently to say man who's not altogether good can nonetheless do some good things and so I'm not you like you make it sound like I'm placing Trump on some kind of a pedestal is a I'm not one of those who does that. But I do know this.

The people vote against Trump very often are extremely hateful toward him as a man they hardly ever talk about his policies because they despise them so much for his personality and and therefore they must assume that the person who votes differently than they do must just love Donald Trump now I believe are supposed to let everybody but I don't particularly Donald Trump more than I love the average person. I my vote has nothing to do with who I love or hate has to do with my stewardship as a person who has some responsibility to leave to my children and my grandchildren a better country to live in a free country of country they can continue to serve God without being in jail for it where they can speak plainly and to have an influence on their friends without being silenced and you know so I'm I'm in favor of the candidate that's in favor of that. It doesn't matter who, yes, if Joe Biden was in favor of that. If Joe Biden was the man who is good in a promise to do more to give more freedoms freedom of worship, freedom of speech and if Donald Trump was not advocated those things and I would of course look for Biden I is not the man I'm interested it's his policies. I think you got me all wrong. There but when I said I said there's a been a great deal of corruption. I'm talking about in the election process and it was, is, how do you know that has simply what they been doing the last three days not paying attention, apparently. But anyway, I appreciate your your call and was at people jobs. What we wait what you talk about. You can't put people who whom I putting down.

I'm sorry I'm sorry excuse me, I can do that. I didn't doing like okay I'm afraid I could trace I'm afraid were not communicating and I've got a lot of people waiting. I did clearly I did clearly address this and you didn't hear it apparently. So if you want to go back and listen to the recording of the program on archives, you'll see that I answer the very things you're saying and I can't understand why you're repeating them. Okay, let's talk to somebody who hasn't had a chance yet like Ryan from Garden Grove, California Ryan, welcome to the narrow path for calling the first time I heard you talking I'm just really appreciated your tone and your patience and a good listener and follow think so.

I have the Trump ticket to the seven trumpets blaring the billing of the New Age know if I did hear it.

I wouldn't agree with that because I haven't totally different outlook on Revelation that's price. I'm not surprises people out there saying that because every political development has somebody out there try to connect with the book of Revelation.

Well you Trump for a reason you of the cross is put out there for a reason and the ramp to the back end of the remnant of it and I think we are kind of leaving that now my messages. I would benefit him to clean up the mess of the old age that started about Moses coming down the worship coming down Mount Sinai with the 10 Commandments and seeing the Jews worshiping the cow that's not a story about them getting angry to the original title that that and getting angry because the listing of the old age. The tortoise will Ryan. I've heard that before now. Time like I've lived long enough to know that there will always be people who favor that kind of interpretive approach the Bible. It's very contrary to my own approach the Bible, but I but I appreciate you have a chance to say it because we do have an open mic here is talk to Hank in Denver, Colorado hi Hank looking to the neuropathic for calling about will of the little no interpretation of new clean linen, will he find faith in the growing lots now the production that he may not find right well there's there's two ways to read this verse because the word earth is the Greek word Gay which can also mean the land and much of what Jesus had to say was related to the condition of Israel. The land that is the nation of Israel and what he said when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith in the land would be a very proper interpretation that though it could be translated earth. Also, which makes it ambiguous because if you talk about, will he find faith in the land. He's looking at his own land is looking at his own country, Israel, God's country at the time and he would hope to find faith in the land. Remember, he said to the centurion. I've not found such faith in all of Israel and knows he's not finding faith in Israel now.

Not much. I wonder if I will when the time comes for the judgment. Now if you talk about finding faith in the land than the judgment that he has in mind might well be the judgment that came on the land in 70 A.D., of course, we know historically that there was there was a community of faith in Israel to the Christian church who escaped that judgment, they fled from the nation of Israel before the Romans came in and destroyed it so there were some that he did find some faith in the land, but there are small minority. Unfortunately, and he's just raising that I think is a wistful kind of challenge to us all, or to his generation.

Anyway that you know it's possible since he's not finding much faith in Israel as he speaks, that there may not be much at the time that he he comes in judgment upon them now. If on the other hand, these type at the end of the world. At his second coming at the end of the age which is personal. Most people take it and will he find faith on the earth.

I wouldn't think that would what I don't think it would fit as well. The idea that we we know from the Bible that there will be faith on the earth. We know that you look at the coming of Christ there to be righteous, who caught up to meet the Lord in the air. We know that there's going to be those who in all art reign with him. As a result of their faithfulness to him and and some of them apparently will be caught up even at the time he comes back. I I'm not really sure which way he's looking at this, but I think I I'm inclined toward the view.

These talk about when it comes in judgment against Israel in 8070 will the land have anyone left it or who's actually believed them.

Since at the time he was speaking. The nation was pretty much turned against him and his disciples followed him, but they would be dead before before 70 A.D., most them and and so he just I think is musing. I don't think he's he's asking a question, but of course his disciples don't know the answer, so I think the question stands almost as rhetorical as something of a amuse about you and him. The other is not much faith here in the land now, but will there be when the crisis comes with the many and is not answering that question, but the fact that he asked. It is very possibly rhetorical. I'm not sure hello not all right, Hank, unless you fix your call. All right, good talking to you talk next to Mark from Groton, Massachusetts or Groton hello Mark, welcome, welcome Billy longtime listed out here on the East Coast. First thing I would like to let you know that a lot of you listeners are praying for Biden to be elected president and I think you are getting a lot of you know create new with you know where you're talking about ballot you brought in itself.

There's been no evidence of that. My question is why all the things the Bible says I just don't see how a Christian can can support Donald Trump was president and one of the reasons that you find it difficult well yard broke down a few things that I know in the Old Testament somewhere.

It says that this was to Israel that they should welcome the following in the land you know if you watch the news. He's cut way back on the number of immigrants your way back from hundred thousand next year. He proposed it could be like eight or 10,000 know something about your position about this.

So are you thinking the border, should you be totally open and anyone who wants to can just cross linen and live off the welfare system of this country never worked. No Biden wants Biden said it went during the Democratic primaries.

The interviewer said how many of you candidates I would give free healthcare healthcare to illegal aliens and every one of including Mr. Biden raised his hand course he was slow to slow to do everything that he he he looked on nature of analysis for his answer.

He raised his hand and therefore he is set that illegal people coming in here will will be there.

Healthcare will be paid by the taxpayers who who who legally are here and who work to pay the taxes to make that happen. So I don't think that's I don't think that's justice to well illegal is is the term is undocumented not know what women really don't we use what we use the word illegal. We use the word illegal to speak of subnets against the law. All right, so you can call them undocumented. If that's less offensive to them, but we don't change the fact if they came here against the law. That's that's illegal, and therefore they are illegal here rescue refuge here flotilla from the war zone. Something that that make them illegal. For example, the Guatemalans, the Guatemalans that were coming up here in the in the Hondurans were coming up here and those are caravans I don't think they are fleeing from war. They were fleeing from poverty and from just about that government is true, but if everyone who's in poverty and has bad government were permitted coming here without any kind of vetting or anything like that you think or do you think of any particular left in the other part of the world.

I don't think the taxpayers are paying for everything will shower twine. I heard guy from the 60s and 70s.

Dr. world, who had he has a large following still lit kind of a cult. I think he wrote a book. I don't know his first name you want to book Jesus, God. He come to the conclusion that God God and therefore to all his followers are primarily victor very wearable victor, wearable church with his daughter and asked the reason I asked is because Victor wearable was the founder of a group called the way and they definitely I did have his book. I think he did. They did not believe Jesus is God.

So you have heard of. The last thing I'm not sure I remember how he spelled his name WERWIL or something.

I'm not really sure.

I really appreciate you showing your lot well doing and will see what happens with the election but you have a great biblical my level is the procedure call very much like to join. Thank you for listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday at the same time we are listed or supported. If you'd like to help us down there. You can write to us at the narrow PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The where everything is free, but you can donate if you want have a good weekend publish

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