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The Narrow Path 11/11

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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November 11, 2020 7:00 am

The Narrow Path 11/11

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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November 11, 2020 7:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrowcast radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and were live for an hour each weekday afternoon with open phone line that's a live program you calling it ask questions about the Bible of the Christian faith or Christian Christian beliefs or practices. You can call if you disagree on any point of your Christian you have a different viewpoint on something. Then the host has or maybe about a Christian and he just disappears.

The whole thing. Feel free to give me a call. Be glad to talk to you here. The number is 844-484-5737 now we have lines open right now. That may not be true. Let's say five minutes from our mail Philip but if you want to get through. Now this a good time. 844-484-5737 and we have canceled the meeting that had scheduled for November 28 in Buena Park because it is so close to Thanksgiving and read some of our monthly meetings. We sometimes just cancel him with her just to close the holiday because we find it.

Attendance suffers. So if you are one of our board and park attendees.

Just know that we've changed. It should be reflected on the website that were not having 28 November meeting in Buena Park and of course it's Veterans Day. So we want to thank all the veterans for the sacrifices they made a clue.

My dad, Darrell, Greg, who was his veteran also and still living World War II veteran 95 years old as of a week ago and so we want to just be thankful for what we've gained even though we may be on the verge of losing much of it because of the recent election will say hopefully we will not, but we do remember that there are many people who died and many who did not die but who put out the risk during the war's various wars to try to help us keep our freedoms which we have kept you know the Communists said that though we would not lose our freedoms to them in open conflict, but through interior infiltration and that of course is what we have seen happen in our culture, but they haven't made us completely and therefore what the veterans have fought for has not been lost yet. We hope it shall not be all right. Let's talk to Richard in seal Beach, California. Welcome to the narrow path. Richard, thanks for calling long I need you all and thought my own planet. And you cannot hear me. I said you cannot hear me cry.

I need you to.

I didn't hear any part of the second question because I was trying to stop you.

So you could clarify your first question, and then out here. Second, what was your first question about the Philistines. I couldn't quite get how your voice is okay.

Jeremiah 40 weeks on all will likely be unique without the Philistines actually came from.

I think the island of Crete and it may be that Crete had association with Greece in those days. I don't know if it did or not those ancient times Greece as a civilization rose much later than the rising of the Philistines. The Philistines were on the coastal regions of Israel before the Exodus, so were talking about long time before the rise of the Grecian civilizational Grecian race but you know the Jews hating Greeks. Let's face of the Bible, the Jews and like Gentiles much at all. But when it comes to modern Jews. I don't know why they should hate people who were not involved in any of these things of the Philistines did the Philistines have become pretty much extinct as a race in Old Testament times, it's been a couple thousand years of said been a Philistines around to say their Greeks is not really the same thing as in modern Greeks are not the same as the Philistines, but to truly they did come from the same region of the Greeks are anyway. Why would anyone want to hate people for things. Their ancestors did II can't say reason for that. I know some people do, but I think most Jews are more reasonable than that. I made the Egyptians. They were hard on on the Jews. But the Jews have had peace treaties with the Egyptians and haven't messily hated them so yeah I don't really see that is a question that I can answer. I don't know why they would hit them because of things that happened thousands of years and why do you think you need to leak. No Daniel in person. The Bible doesn't actually predict anything about the languages that things be written. The reason it is a test was written in Greek is because that was the language of the region of the of the whole Middle East and and the whole Mediterranean world. From the time of Alexander the great.333 BC Alexander conquered all that region and an established cornea Greek is the lingua franca of the entire Empire and so by the time that the New Testament writers came along there living in a Greek speaking world. And that's why they would write it a great I don't think there's any national is a special spiritual significance to the language of the old and the New Testament written language is just language will control that region of the Roman empire. Still, the region was controlled was Greek speaking.

Now it's true that in Rome and parts of Italy summits on the people spoke Latin because that was the Roman language, but the Romans had to learn Greek just like everybody else did. So Latin was used. I think in Roman courts and in Roman a business at least governmental situations, but Greek was the language that people on the street spoke and even if people in the street in Rome could speak Latin. I'm not sure they all dead but if they could. That would not make it really advantageous to write to people throughout their the empire that spoke only Greek or board, at least among us. We speak Latin, but again I don't I don't think there's a spiritual significance and in the languages that were used in the writing of Scripture. Some people think you know Hebrew well that was really spiritual or holy language, but I don't see the bottlenecks really teaching anything about the value of particular language. I appreciate your called to see Michael from Northern California and welcome to the narrow path.

Ask for calling it likely yeah hi reference to the democracy because the Greeks were the ones that created the democracy in and acting in with 5BE what was referring to the democracy and some some prior thing that was said by the earlier caller. He was speaking of the piracy of the Roman empire and in the Greeks and who really own it was the democracy and the Greeks came in.

He conquered the Romans and to 280 BC and it's always been of Greek democracy is spoken of in Daniel that the Greeks would rule in for so long and then there is a kingdom that would be set up forever and ever. It would rule from cloud management spoken of in Revelation okay whatever I'm I don't I don't understand the significance of that. But is that all you have cited your question. See what I wanted to bring up with very vital point here in revelations that come across and I wanted to know how you felt about these verses versus six through eight are revelations chapter 17.

Okay now this is that's not the great harlot.

So what are your thoughts about that would make so gay a woman you know and it speaks to those that would marvel after it, and that they would slay the saints and they would doesn't drink drunk saints and with Maureen, so it sounds a lot like today's new age church that is of the democracy of the Greeks. When they went through and conquered the world and they set up a Bible that was based off democracy rather than what was off the original context that that came Kaleo Hebrew Kaleo Israel of the Israelites.

I just have to say I can't make any sense of what you're saying Saul and move along, but you know II don't I mean I don't I wouldn't agree with new age church.

The New Age movement is quite a deviation from Christianity, but I don't really see that I could slap the New Age movement with the guilt of being blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus. I don't I don't really know any New Age churches that have slain martyrs for Christ. So what you're saying really doesn't seem to make enough long since meant to say thanks anyway appreciated Daniel from while Pennsylvania somewhere in Pennsylvania. The name of the town. I can't pronounce Aliquippa Aliquippa Algonquin Native American ice I said they told you might pick a pistol Pete Maravich went to my church, document management, the truth for the Yankees.

Henry Mancini, are you are you from this radio program. Are you familiar with this radio program okay this is a question of group I know I know okay well 50 years ago and I did not grow up like you. My dad died when I was your old epigenetic school and I was, what is your question okay: anyway I didn't get all damn when I came home. The 70s because I couldn't quite get into praying to dead people, which the Bible condemns in Deuteronomy for sure.

Maybe I'm trying to even contact the supposed spirit of a dead human being and the one in the other verse I can remember.

My eyes are almost gone.

So I have to listen to the Bible on your audio what really got me on top of that was in Revelation and this is what people have come back at me with and it's so secure it in the same block goals of prayers to the Lord and they use that as the prayers – quote saints" okay, I'm sure you know that verse I camping on chapter 8 in its revelations Revelation chapter 8 when the elders the elders brought the bowls of incense to offer up to the Lord and says the incense they offered was the prayers of the saints.

Now apparently apparently your frame of reference is imagine Roman Catholic. Is that correct okay so so this has to praying to saints, at least, that is your Christian has the saints while you put your take on evolution Revelation okay climbing my view, my view of it is that it's about to describe the judgment that is coming down on on inhabitants of the earth. In my opinion it have to be Jerusalem, but regardless of that, that there's a judgment this report out, which would be described as coals of fire from the altar and cast down on the earth but preset that hating this is the offering up of incense from those coals to God which are the prayers of the saints.

Now, I think the imagery there is trying to tell us that the reason that this judgment is come is because it's in response to the prayers of the saints. Now the Roman Catholic Church sometimes indicates that these prayers of the saints are offered to or through the saints the same time on earth.

I prayed and there being offered up through the saints in heaven. I think that's reading too much into the passage. It is probably one of the elders probably does represent a redeemed person who's who's offering. This puts a priestly duty that's been offered up incense like they did in the temple in Jerusalem, but it's this is in heaven, and the offering of the prayers I think are not Nestlé prayers that are prayed to dead people, but prayers are prayed to God and are just being conveyed as coming up to God and like incense offered on an altar and because of their prayers.

God is vindicating them by pouring out to the coals of fire on the earth, so that's I don't see that is any reference to praying to saints are praying to the debt so I would agree with you in your concern about that. I don't believe the Bible at all.

Supports the idea, praying to people who have died and I don't think that passage would support that are really sexy Gary from Nick well or night nightgown on archer California summer in the California welcome you doing today thanks hey I was wondering if there is a difference or dichotomy between Genesis 127 two God made us in image made male and female, and then into 22. That was before he was born into 22 whatever you put Adam to sleep and took the rib out and then he became there I met there. I'll hang up and let you explain it okay. I appreciate your call Gary. I think perhaps the problem is that you're taking. Genesis 2 as if it is chronologically subsequent to Genesis 1. Now if you're reading through a history book. Normally you would expect the events of chapter 1 to precede the events recorded in chapter 2 because you're moving forward through history.

This is written a little different than ordinary history.

Genesis 1 is a it is simply a summary of the creation of the entire heavens and earth and all life forms in them in one chapter, going through six days of creation on the sixth day.

It does say that God created man and woman and so and then God sees anything that he made an hands very good when you get into chapter 2.

You see another story of creation that talks about God created the heavens and the earth and other things but it focuses on the creation of humans. Now the creation of humans was summarized in Genesis 127 as God made male and female. Now in chapter 2, it said like a sidebar talking about that very fact that God made male female is giving it's more like a focused in account on what happened and how God did that so in chapter 1 it just mentions that God made male and female. Chapter 2 is like a second account that focuses only on that one thing the making of male and female, and so talks I got make a man from the dust. The earth and it talks about him taking the rib out making the woman and so forth. Now this is not this is not supposed to replace or be in conflict with or even speak of things subsequent to the creation of man and woman in chapter 1 it simply going over that verse and expanding on that verse just like in them. We just have things called magazines before there is Internet.

People used to get magazines. They were like made up of pages and stuff and they had stories in them, and sometimes a story in a magazine would be several pages long, but on one page that have a box without insert recalled a sidebar that would give more details about one little element in them and the whole story so the story of several pages long.

Might might cover a lot of points but it might say something and one at one point that the magazine feels there should be more information given that so they have a separate box with. For further information about that at one point, and that's what Genesis 2 it's it's a sidebar it's basically we've already read that God created male and female, but we've been given no detail about how that happened and so having summarize the whole story of creation in chapter 1 he goes back to that one event, the creation of man and woman, any details, more so. Genesis 2 is simply telling the same story of God making man and woman, but he's expanding on it because it was so compressed into so few words in the first chapter selects that's the purpose of chapter 2.

It's not it's not were not supposed understand that in chapter 1 God made male and female. In chapter 2 he met another man and another woman and that's how some people think of it, they don't realize that this is just an expansion on the first reference to God only made one man one woman. The Bible teaches. And that was Adam and Eve. All right, let's talk next to Tom from Denver Colorado. Tom welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. Oh good well it's not over the pump. Burial was a lot of cough. Words still have a chance to update them on. My question was regarding people you know who you been in all religions included good. Maybe Google crushed and even Christian. Suitable custom and traumatized such a degree that you know that almost allergic to hearing anything about God or reading the Bible. It is normal here back into old and they just want nothing to do with religion and advice would you give people the truth that type of situation.

Well, what I would suggest is that were not interested in talking about religion ranks and talk about reality. Religion. I mean can be can be more or less in accordance reality. But the reality is not religion. The realities of person that's Jesus, God is a real God.

If people have had bad experiences with religious institutions or religious people. Those are not the same thing is having problems with God himself. Because God is not those people and people who misrepresent God can definitely drive people away from God and that and they bear a lot of responsibility for that. I think the degree to which any religious institution is put in bad taste in his mouth toward God's is a very serious offense and Jesus said it's better to have a millstone put around your neck dethroning the sea and be guilty of doing, solving many many churches, many religious people who have misrepresented Christ and driven people away from Christ. I really have a lot to answer for. But if somebody has had that experience of being alienated from religious people and there's a strengthening of pigeonholed her circuit here that many people had that experience our but I'm here to see here okay my my free and my problems my computers frozen up so studio would you might hang that collects her want to hear those noises get back to Tom. The person who has had a bad express with religion needs to consider that religion may not be something that they should get near but they should get draw near to God. God is the ultimate the creator, the lover of humanity and the Redeemer of humanity and everyone who's been created and is exists belongs to God. But we have also drifted from God, religions, different religions of the world try to kinda give different ways of getting back in touch with the divine. But we don't get in touch with God through religion we get in touch with God through Christ. There's no one but Christ, through whom people can approach the father so were not talking religion or target a person here Jesus. The historical person was the son of God and became down-to-earth because God loves people, religious people sometimes are not very loving like like the religious people who crucified Jesus the Pharisees and the chief priests. The most religious people in Israel. They killed Jesus because they hated them. Jesus is not so religious as it was the religious people that hated him. It was the sinners that loved, not because he was a sinner. He was far from it. He was pure but he was loving toward sinners. He was like he saw himself as a doctor going to sick people. When he went to sinners is very compassionate role. The doctor plays toward sinners.

That's how Jesus was stored sinful people.

Jesus saw people's second broken and in need of help, has a shape that have gone astray don't have a shepherd. He called this.

Is this a compassionate view. Jesus is very unlike sinners in the sense that he didn't sin, but his attitude toward sinners was one of tremendous compassion and that's what he died for sinners he died for us and that's because God who loves us sent Jesus to do that now that's a very different thing, then religion were talking about people coming into a relationship with this God who loved us enough to send his son to die for us and it's this relationship with God that transforms us out of the kingdom of Satan. And that's where all the abuse and evil takes place into the kingdom of God, which is righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit so obviously you can't confuse the kingdom of God with religion because people in virtually every religion often do not seem to be righteous or peaceful or joyful the kingdom of God is righteous and peaceful and joyful. So to be in the kingdom means you actually come under Christ. You come and receive Christ in the role that God sent him to be, which is our King of our Lord. And when you have come to Christ as your Lord then you are forgiven of all your sins, you become a child of God and you receive eternal life, and you become a follower and companion of Christ and this is a very different thing than religion. So if somebody's been burned by religion or by God talk. Don't know what has been burned by God because God doesn't. God is good and God doesn't know betray people. God never breaks his word. For example, God is never cruel mountain. It wasn't God, it may be people who talk about God that it burned, but you can do an end run around those people just go directly to God himself and that's your home.

That's everybody's to go to God through Christ.

Listen, I can't go further. This of the moment deserved break coming up. We do have a half-hour still ahead so don't go away you take because our lives are full and calls this car. I just need to make an announcement that I make every day that the narrow path is a listener supported ministry. We don't charge for anything. We don't sell anything with Army sponsors. We just stand there because people who listen sometimes think it's good to keep us on the air if they do and they send some cash that we should give. That's the radio stations and that's how we stay on their you can help us out by going to our website. The narrow there's a donation to their or you can just take what's there for I'll be back in 30 seconds to go away.

Tell your family to everyone you know about the Bible radio show that has nothing to do everything to give you the narrow path with Grant when today's radio show with them for your social and send a link to the narrow, one can find free time on your teaching blog article teachings and archives of the neuropathic radio show and tell them to listen live right here on the radio. Thank you for sharing. Listener supported the narrow path. Greg cast Steve Greg and were live for another half hour taking your phone calls right now the lines are full but if you take this number down and call in a few minutes you might find a line has opened up the number to reach me here is 844-484-5737 and you can call if you have questions about the Bible and the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint from the host will be glad to talk to about that.

Let's go to the phones and talk to Ken from Whittier, California can welcome to the neuropathic scholarly yet hello hi dad. Two quick questions. Number one, doesn't it burst back up a regional Genesys flat second Peter three the world that then existed parent being flooded with water. Number two. How much did Christ know about the father that he was Christ was aware that all things were created by but not complete science behind it. For instance, he still at the child had to study the Scriptures to questions. Now tell me in what way you're getting a regional flood from second Peter 36. It doesn't sound like it's titled in the world that then the HPN yes existed right so that would mean for Eatonton Christ kind the world that then existed would be the Roman empire.

So in the days of Noah the world send existed, would even be a much smaller area well the world that then existed.

I'm just means the world as it was before the flood, as opposed the world since the flood because he goes on to say, but the world that now is is kept in store for judgment of fire that will happen at the day of the Lord. So I think that there is there is a world before the flood, and there's the world since the flood, I don't think you talk about necessarily a region.

It is true that the word world in some contexts can refer to a region like the Roman Empire. Sometimes the New Testament calls the region of the world Empire the world that this means that the word world only and always means that I think the evidence from Genesis is that the world that was flooded was the whole planet because it says the waters rose above the highest mountains. How would you contain a flood within a certain region. If the water level was above the highest mountains and then it took a year to go down.

I'm in a regional flood sometimes water comes quite deep into an area but when the rain stops. It drains off in a relatively short time, but the rain of the of the major of the flood of Noah ended after 40 days, but it was another year before the water was low and that's because I had to evaporate rather than run all summer. It would easily run off in less than a year, if there were places that had not been flood water can run off to distract me from the description of the flood that it was regional. Some people think that it was I think a I think the language of suggest otherwise. And your other little okay yeah I know it yet. I had to be some hyperbole involved. If it's about the highest mountain I see that alternate way of wording that you pointed out, then existed but yet I guess read a little awkward have to think it over. Okay okay the question whether it was how much did Christ know Valley right here. No how he created the world.

Just know that he created the world that he and his father had sent him, and he knew what the father's plan was that he didn't know it from birth as a baby.

He was just a baby. He didn't know anything babies don't know anything. But you're right here to learn how to read. He had learned stuff in the Bible says he did when he speaks of Christ.

Growing up as a child. In Luke chapter 2 it says he increased in wisdom and in stature and in knowledge of God and man. So our favor with God misusing but he did increase in wisdom as he grew up, which means he didn't have all wisdom when he was little he had to learn things.

I don't know when Jesus came to understand his special relationship with the father. He certainly knows much of the father, as is the Old Testament taught, because seating the Jews new things about the father from their but Jesus knew more than they did. For example, by the time he was 12 he knew that he was God's son. I don't know what that all meant to him. At age 12, but he speaks of God as his father, which the Jews did not generally speak of God as their father when he spoke to Mary, Joseph, why did you seek me you should know I was about my father's business or another translations in my father's house meeting got his father so we know that by age 12 he knew that he and his father had a special relationship. He also had a connection with God where he received revelation and even God spoke to him out loud from heaven. At times, and we don't know exactly. You know the depth of his knowledge of the father, but he certainly knew more about God the father than anybody else obviously mean is there is there some reason you are wondering about the particular parameters of his knowledge about God the father all know I get it. It causes me to 100 paid that much in regard to Genesis.

The very rapid he used it. I don't know whether he's just using it as a point of reference that something that the audience can understand or if this is through or if I don't okay so you want to decide what you're wondering is whether Genesis can be trusted and stories on the occasions when Jesus speaks of it favorably. Did he really know what is talking is that we are suggesting well in a way I'm trying to think how much did Crites. He if he wanted if he didn't have full knowledge of everything as it relates to creation to the slide will hear about this. Now let me answer this way I could. I believe the Jesus when he was on earth took on himself. Limits to his knowledge about certain things and he said that he had limited knowledge I mean. And yet he never he never affirmed anything that he didn't know to be true. For example, when the disciples asked him when his return would be. He said only the father so I don't know that the father only knows that. Okay, so he admitted that's one of the things he didn't know that the father did know, but he didn't speculate either in others he didn't affirm something that he didn't know he he said that because he didn't know what he couldn't affirm it.

You people if they're careful in their speech can avoid think the same things that they're not sure. True, you know, and although Jesus may have had limits to his knowledge, we don't have any reason to believe that he had to say misconceptions or and certainly not that he present that he spoke any misconceptions of if anything Jesus said was untrue.

Then I'm afraid were stuck without without him because we can't trust him if he could be wrong, and what he affirms that he might be wrong and anything he affirms, and we wouldn't know anything for sure about him. But if we know that he always spoke the truth and that's what he said the pilot said for this purpose. I was sent in the world that I'm to bear witness of the truth even said I am the troops I would say this, that although Jesus didn't speak about every subject when he did speak. I believe he spoke the truth and if that's not so that he's not who the Bible claims him to be and who himself claimed to be so if when Jesus did affirm the story of Adam and Eve.

For example, in Matthew chapter 19 or the story of the flood.

In Matthew 24 or the story of Cain and Abel, which is reaffirmed in Luke chapter 11 I think it is or he also did so in Matthew 2320 affirm these things from Genesis I believe we have to trust them on that.

And if we say well you know he didn't know everything will neither do we, I mean if he believed in those things and we don't want in the world would make us think that we know more than he did about yes I agree, certainly knew everything the father felt he should know. Okay so another is my point is, my point is, if you're wondering if if you're wondering if his limited knowledge and in his incarnation could disqualify some of things he said I'd say well know, because if he didn't think he didn't know he wouldn't affirm note no honest person will affirm things they don't know to be true expression of Jesus.

I appreciate your call and hope that answers the question array from Henderson, Nevada. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling hello hi hi Rick yeah I get basically a two-part type question scenario is that I moved from the Midwest to basically get away from the weather therapy because that get this condition that weather. Dynamic changes in weather create an exacerbation of my continuous headache and so I've had. I prayed about this now for I actually had had a condition before it continues.

Headache and IAM have prayed about it and had people laid hands on me and not on and on, on the hope that whole gamut and so the first question is at what point is my complaining and anger about my pain. Well, I don't think we should ever be angry.


And I mean I yeah condition. The condition actually have at the angry at myself because it probably something that I did well. It may not be something you did righteous people suffer. As a proof of that. John Joseph Joseph Milton. This is another prevent David to Jesus and the apostles know righteous people know suffer so says something angry about it. I just think it's if people are angry. I always wonder who the aggregate after angry God, then I think that is a sin after angry at the disease. I'm not sure what good that some in the disease is not a personality that you be angry that you might be angry that the disease that comes in a vague way. I just don't think it's productive be angry at something that you can't change. I think that we have to trust God that if this is something that he wanted to have healed. At this time he would've done so. Especially since you said you have hands laid on you and pray for and so forth, and the fact that that has resulted in healing must mean either that someone didn't have faith but I'm not getting laid out on only got didn't want to heal and that's that I could accept because God doesn't always want to heal.

He does often want us to endure trials of various kinds for a number of reasons. I would suggest maybe my lecture series which are serving a website free lectures called making sense out of suffering. And I think that would explain why I sometimes God does not heal. I believe, but to be angry at God and he'll eventually becomes a matter of your you're missing your chance to pass a test here.

I mean Job had a horrible suffering, including physical pain, and he said you know the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

Blessed be the name of the Lord and gelatin for decades well known was not it was not, but it would certainly are and what it would've still been the right thing for him to say if it did last for decades. We don't know we don't know how long it lasted. Obviously he was being tested and his test may have lasted only a few weeks or months.

We don't know but if if the test last for 10 years or more whole lifetime it still a test and still response to this is to be the right. The same thing in every case, and that is that we recognize that we have asked God to remove the suffering and that he is not just doing so must not be as well. Member Paul said in second correctives 12 get this thorn in the flesh, which was tormenting him and he said he prayed three times that God would take it away. And God said, Jesus spoke to him said my grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in your weakness Always very much tormented by the sickness, but he said well okay so I'll then I'll all rejoice in my in my in my sickness in my weaknesses and so forth. So, that is, that seems to be the godly would respond Jesus. Of course, suffered horribly on the cross and is anticipated he prayed that God would spare him off. It and got didn't. And when when it was clear to Jesus that he was going to be arrested and Diane got didn't answer as he wished.

I said well the cup that my father has given me.

Shall I not drink it. It was actually the devil and the bad people are bringing suffering from but he saw as the cup his father gave him because his father had the power to relieve him of it and he prayed for God to decide to say no to that and so God's. I'm quite up on all that and stated that got onto the second part, of course, I know you familiar with that first Corinthians 619 to 21 you not know that your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit within you have from God or not your own for you, but with the price to glorify God in your heart and your body.

So elect to what extent is and I've been cousin having gotten really thin. I can't question my mind needs to be on this earth, though I am day. I'm very active in trying to persuade people like Garrett regarding the deep state and things like that. Having tried evangelism things like that been pretty active but not successful and fair way to make me wonder why I'm on the earth, so I can't justify myself for being on the earth suffering, so I've been praying for an early death, and so and and actually yeah for my for my age. I take great care of my body but I'm wondering if you know if I'm not number one in my extending my life number two what point does one have to take care of the temple and I'm not basically religious about it, but then I'm wondering well paying out.

It may be.

I'm spending too much time on it and maybe if I let myself go should speak like a lot of Christians are fat and this, let me go will I die early in get relief from my pain at what your thinking, well, you kind rambled around a lot of points there but I guess among the points you're wondering about is since you're in pain and you actually find more relieving to die young, and of course anyone who is in chronic pain must sometimes feel that way. Mr. terrified of death which Christians are not just say this is what it says your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It's not referring in first Cricket 62. Your obligation to keep it healthy is not even talk about the health of it he said about the obligation to keep sure sexually pure.

His target about how you don't want to sleep with a prostitute because you become one flesh with her and you will involve Christ, and that in your you're defiling the temple so that the reference to the body of the temple is to encourage us to treat like a holy thing and it's not, it's ill.

The health of the body is that the main issue is that Paul was unhealthy, but he had. He kept his body pure temple was not compromised by his ill health because the health of the body is not what's even the concern here in in in the description of it is the temple, but you certainly don't want to destroy it. You don't want to commit suicide.

Obviously I'm in a Christian would never want to do that or they might want to at times with her.that would not be recognized as an option if you say well maybe I should take such good care of my body because then I could die earlier you might or you might not just let it go south going like you said, get fat and unhealthy and so forth. You still I live a long time to just be more visible as beef fat and healthy, at least at this point you have pain, but in an underage of health. You don't know how much you might compromise her health might live as long as the next person whether whether you take care of yourself and that's God's decision with the leave that decision Scott. I don't want to seem callous because I know how horrible it must be to have constant pain I don't get headaches. We often provide doing such a wimp. I can hardly function with a headache, but I people close to me have headaches very frequently recurrent chronic pain a lot and I just don't know how how that must be it must be horrible and I do sympathize, but I'm not in a position to help unfortunate as I can't make the headache go away. I can't make suffering go away. None of us can make suffering go away completely and in some cases, nobody can. Because of the kind of sickness. It is the kind of problem with this.

I don't know the causes of your pain, but so I can't do a thing about it, but I can tell you what the Bible teaches and the truth may help although it may not make you less pain and pain. I would say that God allows us to expense pain so that we are driven closer to him so he can learn to trust him so he can learn to resign our wills to his will and to and to be shaped by our suffering into people were more like Jesus. More loving, more trusting, more humble these things. The Bible says are brought about by suffering so that would be.

I can't say much more that I mean II realize it kind of ramping out all over looking for some kind of relief. In sum, answers, and I wish I had the kind of answers that would bring physical relief. I don't have those answers but I do know that Christians around the world. Throughout history have suffered and suffering is a very normal human condition, but Christians have God they have his grace.

If there trusting him that his grace to help them through suffering and I don't know I can't. I can't guarantee that your life will be very very painful for the rest of your life. I hope it isn't, but I don't know but but it's not our it's not in our power is not our writer should say to end our lives prematurely. I think we need to do. We can be good stewards of our bodies. As you say you are and that's good and you know to to draw near to God and try to help other people turning to God. And when God feels that we we have no more functionality in this world when he thinks he can get nothing more from us of value and he'll release us from this this veil of tears and I take us to be with him where there is no suffering or pain of any kind. So that's all I couldn't really say to your situation. I wish for me whenever I hear about people like yourself in chronic pain of obviously I my heart breaks. I wish I could do something to to make it go away.

But that's not in my power apparently not yours and possibly not in anyone's power except God said if he wants us to continue to suffer for a while. That's that can be good for us. That's what the Bible says says in first Peter chapter 4 in verse 19. Therefore let those who suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him and doing well and doing good as unto a faithful Creator so there are people who suffer. We all suffer sometimes. According to the will of God says that those who suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him. At first Peter 419. By doing good. He also says in first. After five verse 10 is May the God of all grace, who called us to his eternal glory by Christ Jesus. After you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you so Peter says your suffer a while. But the God of all grace obvious will give us grace is called us to his glory and his good perfect us after he suffered a while, we'd rather be perfected without suffering but we don't really make the calls about that God does. That's why Paul when he prayed three times that is sickness ago I got that's not what's can happen.

My grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in your weakness.

Paul said in the same book. In second Corinthians chapter 4, he said in verse 16.therefore we do not lose heart even though our outward man he means our physical bodies is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment and he gave me as a lifetime as a moment compared to eternity is working for us. This affliction is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory while we look not at the things that are seen, but at the things that are not seen for the things that are seen are temporary, but the things that are not seen are eternal so we he says we keep our focus on the things that are not seen, rather than the temporary things. Sickness is a temporary thing. Pain is a temporary thing. We don't focus on that a week of absolute can't be unaware of it as were suffering unaware of it, but we keep our eyes looking at the things that are eternal. The prize God himself, his faithfulness, his goodness, and so forth. That's how we respond to suffering ever has suffered but not every response to it in a way that's going to be helpful to themselves or to the glory of God. My my sympathies for you and your condition sounds terrible and I'm sure many will pray for you John from Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the narrow gap and I have been if your radio is not turned on. I appreciate all you do and especially for you that you talk to you basically had me in tears this guy would you talk to you as I mean I had a question of my own bed and we need answering in the Scriptures that you and brought me to tears. I can't remember the last time I cried while well thank you for that and I the guy in nitrate and we all struggle with something in the matter known. I know it's so sad when you see the suffering that many people go through, and especially you know when you don't remember her talking to me. I don't remember now talk to you in living the gay lifestyle in and out of it.

While I'm not sure if I'm remembering your call specifically because we talked to a number people in those conditions, but what was it you shared was before. Just bring me up to speed.

China cannot abandon a guy called and that he felt the man trying to get me a couple of resources, addiction, and then all that other I mean I'm actually in a law firm word that Kerry spoke with that guy that what she said. Irene and I would just say I am not worried about my problem at the moment I did not bother him and don't give, don't let yourself go. You gave a heartfelt, really. Stated John, I sure appreciate your call. I wish we could talk longer. The music playing tells me I have to get off the 30 seconds so I'm sorry to go longer, but I appreciate your kind words and I'm sure people will be praying for you with your struggles, just as they will be for that proton who has some paint heart rate, who is pain listening to the narrow path. My name is Steve Greg. We are listener supported. If you'd like to help us down the air. You can write to the narrow path PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website.

The narrow Let's talk again tomorrow –

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