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The Narrow Path 11/13

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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November 13, 2020 7:00 am

The Narrow Path 11/13

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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November 13, 2020 7:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

As radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week afternoon taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith. Well, this is one place where you can call will discuss it. Quite frankly, and if we don't have the answer will not pretend that we do.

If you have a different viewpoint from the host. You can call and talk with that as well right now are our lines. Full but you can take this number down and call in a few minutes lines will be opening up the number is 844-484-5737 skip that number handy 844-484-5737 first color today is silence is been waiting long as it looks like it's going to be Amy from Texas Amy. Welcome to the neuropathic for college.

I appreciate your program. Called, before yesterday I was thinking here, brought Carol and then suffering from chronic kidney. Yes, the next color that followed him with a man who has struggled with homosexuality and had called and various times your program and I he was overcome with compassion and multitiered right and up because of the other brother who has chronic headache and I just wanted that one brother called had compassion. I just wanted to let him know if you think that it was such a blessing to hear his amount of compassion that I was convicted because I had compassion… Level passion for the brother who had the chronic headache. It gets what I want to say is that I had heard testimony from a Christian man who had left the homosexual lifestyle and he explained that what he had come to believe is that he called himself emotionally gifted anything about his childhood really felt emotion very deeply and strongly for others and would cry and just the culture throughout him that he was homosexual, but he realized that really he was just he caught himself emotionally gifted and a I just wanted to throw that out of the, and a thank you to the brother who had so much compassion for the other man who is suffering from chronic headache this okay well that's good, that's a good word and I appreciate your sharing.

Thank you. Okay God bless you. Thanks for joining us for caring dog next to a leader. Allie from Novato, California.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling Bluestein view of the local jewelers cold.

It's only an hour only in our day was well loved financial more than five so you do a wildly of something want to slap me for going 15 is an answer dog all alike you log on shoes of Ruth rural. Children born of the. So. Before my real question people follow so moved words ministry focus on the good Lord you will store theology I don't know you don't – they solve everything you have for those foods which are due.

Even as a believer almost psychologically good people worse.

The other members usually involved the problem of frogging some people thought almost all public school forever probably have about so well you know what I think about these kinds of deliverance ministries and I know I've been familiar with them for about 50 years now and have to say that some of them are pretty wild and I don't know frankly, that there is a ministry in the New Testament corresponds to what they call deliverance ministries.

There are certainly exorcisms, the apostles, for example, were known to cast out demons. Apparently Philip did so. Also, he is not an apostle. So there. Jesus indicated that Christians can do that but as far as somebody who makes that their specialty we don't have any example that in the Bible and it probably we may be cautious about your recognizing people as having such a legitimate ministry to be cautious because I also want to be cautious not to want to debunk somebody who God may have, you know, given special expertise in that area but I do know that many so-called deliverance ministries.

They do go pretty wild really go pretty far out they receiving see every problem in a person's life as being caused by demon and needing exorcism and there certainly is nothing in the Bible that would indicate that Christians are just full of demons about their there's a lot of things in the Bible talk about Christians and send and overcoming sin and things like that certainly were told if we walk in the spirit we will not fulfill the lust of flesh. It is saying that if we have the demons of the flesh cast out of the sky. I don't think there are demons of flesh. I don't know if there are demons of pride in demons of lust of executor could be. I mean, the Bible does speak about such things as works of the flesh and and for that reason I know people say well see there's not a demon of flustered about it demon of alcoholism is not a demon of pride or knowledge. That's just the flesh well, whatever you say. That's just one of use the word just your limiting things and you better have a good reason to limit them that way you know I will say this if you got a problem with lust or greed or pride that is the flesh that is the flesh, but I don't know. It's only the flesh in every case, because I'm not sure but that demons don't try to get hold of people through those kinds of things to me. Their works in the flesh, but the more you surrender to the flesh, the more you establish, say, a habit or even a bondage to a certain kind of way being, and I'm I don't understand demon possession enough to know how necessarily demons always would get into somebody, but I can't rule out that you know becoming in bondage to certain sinful patterns that are of the flesh. I can't rule out that they might not.

In some cases you in in bringing demonic power to I don't say that with any certainty because I the Bible doesn't really tell us how people come under demonic influence we we encounter people demon possessed in Scripture and we encounter exorcism, but were never really told how they get in so as well.

You know and determine a demon of lust. That's just the flesh. Well, maybe, maybe, are probably a lot of cases it is just the flesh but I can't. I don't know that we can make sweeping generalizations like that without biblical warrant, because unless we feel like we have great expertise on the whole subject of the unseen world and I I don't know that anyone has that kind of expertise so I don't broad brush all deliverance activities as if they are you know misleading, but some of them certainly probably Army when when someone thinks that there is a reason you crack your knuckles is scheduled to demon on a 5X encounter people who had that position, you see that they've become a little bit overboard.

Maybe a lot overboard and try to see demons under every bush I don't believe that all people have demons of the Bible does say that Jesus cast demons. Other people everywhere he went, but he didn't catch demons out of everybody is no suggestion that everybody needed to have demons cast out different different people different problems or Jesus tested help them with and one of the kinds of problems and some people had was demons in them. Jesus drove them out now. Therefore, I do think it is a tendency of many in deliverance ministries to interpret everything that strikes them as abnormal and a person's life is being demonic. I remember back in the early 70s had a friend in California who wanted to go to Bible discipleship school of some kind in Texas. I don't know who's running it or anything about it but he did have a nicely hitchhiked from from Texas from California to Texas and that he had his hair was a little long and that course when you're hitchhiking out the sun. You get a lot of showers and stuff you can face you smelly and dirty when you get there and we got there they told him that he had a demon of longhair and a demon of DL now say I don't think the demons cause longhair.

I think that's a rather natural process. If you don't cut your hair tends to get long and I don't think that Jed Beale is is a demon.

Either that, I think that's quite biological so there are people clearly who who just have such a overcharged a super naturalist worldview that everything is CEO either directly from God or directly from demons and I think there's 1/3 category and there is just plain old nature by nature, we struggle with sin. We are flesh by nature to get video if you have a son without think about for many days in a row. I mean so I do believe the demons often need to be cast out of people.

I do believe that I believe that there are people who are demons and I've encountered them on occasion, but I don't I don't think everybody I know has demons and and so I think that that's that's what I can say somebody who's got a deliverance ministry.

That's all they do remain.

Usually that is the case if they say they would deliverance Mr. that's what they do that cast demons up well in order to have plenty of business you have to find a lot of demons, you know whether there really there. Nothing. After some diagnosing of people is having demons trust they will need their services.

So I think there's a natural tendency for people who see themselves in that role to over diagnosed the problem and in honestly lotteries people don't seem to be very balanced I mean I've met some people who say they have deliverance… I'm not saying there are Christians are just not very balanced medications so those are some of my musings on the subject of your question and I hope that me give you some insight. Maybe not talked to Jacob from Fife, Washington Jacob, welcome to the neuropathic for calling.

I don't think that's Jacob Jacob you're not going to move along the Haida okay okay if you don't talk long. Well, I asked you what's up did you call for some of you I wondering about the Bible from the body of Lord I wanted that are being's well. Paul does talk on vision and second Corinthians chapter 12 that he said he doesn't know if who's in the body or out of the body in chapter 5 and second Corinthians. We talked about as long as we are in this body we are absent from the Lord. He says and second crickets 56 and he says two verses later in verse eight we are confident yes will please rather to be absent from the body to be present with the Lord. He's actually talking in the context but die and in Philippians chapter 1. Likewise, he talks about the prospect of dying and he says he's eager to depart and be with the Lord. So obviously Paul believed the Christian guys they leave their body and they go to be with the Lord until the resurrection. After which the body is raised by Christ when he returns.

But so I don't think he's our motivation at all in that particular case, but he is in another case where he talks about a man who division and East impulses article fees in the body or out of the body.

Obviously that's a similar kind of concept because Paul apparently believed that a person can be in their body or they can be out of the body.

He didn't know. In this case, which was the case, but he obviously thought both of those were possibilities so Paul believed it's possible for person to leave the body and he and in the one case in second crickets. 12 he specifically talked about being caught up into heaven and seen things and hearing things that he can't repeat but in the 07 chapters earlier when he talks on he's while were in the body were absent for the Lord. We want to be absent from the body present or that that's target death are going away to be with Christ, not not really talk revisions all right.

Thank you for your call Jerry from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Maybe top insulators of the Pittsburgh stoop Jerry. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling so don't mind what you say I can't really say what you're saying because your voice is distorting our maybe could you pull away from your phone little bit and talk to them it's distorting too much freedom said what you sent that could be yes okay I want little Christmas on resources like January 2 do that Christmas song right but what you want to do that to me what you want to quote a Christmas software, you make a specific point yes absolutely okay you better watch out you better not shout you better not. I'm telling you I Jesus Christ is coming to town when you're going when you away so be good for goodness for spamming that… To have the mind of Christ was posted no longer generated 90 in the light by the faith of Christ with an inmate question. Well what were put Santa Claus in the place of Christ, and I'm not the whole world is almost united and that they took it took to know you not to talk about Jesus and the government restricts the conversation of Christ is coming down because God kick in to talk about Jesus. Okay so you can't give a sermon. Thank you. I appreciate your call. Let's talk to Paul from Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the neuropathic Paul hi yes I'm still here okay. You example. So many people. When you have so many people trying to convert you and you still look so cool and it helps me just to listen to you every day going on and make when it comes to invasion. I think a lot of things don't start at the visions, like when I started smoking from 40 at the time you tried everything to quit in 19 of the jokes and okay got amount of cigarette quit never picked them up sent that never had time to think God taken that whatever when he takes it, if not more like a demon that he took because no matter what. I could quit. It was time that is a possibility that is apostasy.

Like I said I don't know anything more about demons than I can get from the Scripture or from the very little experience I've had in dealing demon possessed people. And that's that's not enough for me to know to what degree people who have problems that we might refer to as fleshly may have indulge the flesh are surrendered enough that they've given a foothold to the entry. For example, Paul says in Ephesians chapter 4, he said, do not let the sun go down on your wrath, neither give place to the devil now in Galatians 5, Paul says that wrath and anger.

Those are works of the flesh, but Paul suggested if you give if you yield to the flesh. If you become angry. The verse before that says be angry but do not sin. And don't let the sun go down on your wrath, neither give place the devil it sounds like perhaps even the wrath and anger are in fact works of the flesh that if you yield to them and if you give them place. You may in fact be giving place to the devil in ways that you don't know, but I am not sure exactly what that looks like, but it certainly is something to avoid in that civic. The most we can draw from. Likewise, the habits that are addictive like cigarettes and alcohol and drugs and things like that and for some people.

Things like gambling or pornography or things of that sort that get a hold of them. I would suggest that that begin certainly is simply indulgence in the works of the flesh, but it about for all I know and I don't claim to know much, but for all I know it may also result in some cases in people are coming under the power of demons that keep them in bondage to the self appreciate your testimony that may that may fit well into the overall paradigm of suggesting a John from's Frisco, Texas.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling you today radio down, maybe I'm here echo okay okay I got testimony and emotional.

I will call it emotionally anything I think it is needed because I mean dealing with my own problems and just having a compassionate person saying they wanted to maybe take their live. I found it very touching your life who called and said that she was blessed by what you've shared. Why is she I think she was basically saying we don't we don't have enough compassion.

Most the time and and that the compassion you expressed was something that she was. She found refreshing and a blessing because your disclosure sensitive to the pain of other people. That's you know there's not enough of that are in fact I was talking to somebody yesterday is not a Christian and they were talking about how even another Christian date they feel the pain of people more than more than a lot of friends do.

There there amazed at how much, how many were friends unlike themselves just don't really have any compassion at all for other people are just so self-centered faith. They feel nothing for others and them when they know that somebody's hurting register growth is not my problem, and so this person was telling me that he was know he is in a Christian is saying that he is shocked at the lack of compassion people have for others and how the process because people are quite narcissistic.

Now, many of them and all he cares about themselves. Anyway, I appreciate your appreciate your call yesterday and today in the and I think that's where she was coming from. It's very unusual but pleasant to hear somebody so moved. As you are over 70 soprano, I have that name that I was so lit by what even came by law.

My question is I I've been praying for that person.

Ever since I heard. I hope they know that in my question when I pray every day like I pray before I leave for like my prayers are just so repetitive light.

Thank you for the day. You know and thank you for your blessing that you give me please tell why screening is an please take from me in a please help me to walk in the person that you want me to be and headed there and light light. I'm I'm kind regurgitating what I said every day the day before the day before and then I hear people say praying. If you don't have that era and then it doesn't flow from you. Naturally and well stated if you're a believer, then the Holy Spirit of God does dwelling you know you can certainly pray that God will cause or allow the spirit to God guide you in your prayers and put on your heart. Things that he wants you to pray about this repetitious prayer we might be mindful of the fact that Jesus said in in Matthew six that we should not be like the heathen use vain repetitions in their prayer but not all repetition is vain repetition vain repetition would be when you're just mouthing a lot of extra words repeatedly thinking that the repetition is going to have more impact like whelming.

Frankly, I think the way that sometimes the Roman Catholics are encouraged to say 10 our fathers and of the present okay when you make your confession say 10 our fathers, and 10 Hail Marys of self within and so they just rattle off 10 recitations of the Lord's prayer and I think we can do that to.

As Protestants we can, we might just pray the Lord's prayer all the time. So much so that were not even thinking about. It's not even not even expressing anything that's in our heart anymore.

It's just a habit and that would be vain. I think what it's never vain to be thankful to God even if you're thankful today for the same thing you're thankful for yesterday. I frankly I think we should be thankful to him every day for certain things. You know, I forget sometimes but generally speaking it's my habit to thank people who do things for me and like like my wife cooks for me every day and I usually thank her for the good meal and I don't feel like I'm being vaguely repetitious because it's a different meal that I think of her before you not to be to be interactive with God, and to recommend hey I got his mercies are new every morning. So this morning I got new things to be thankful for, but the same kinds of things is negative for yesterday just new instances of it and got nothing God is ever bored or are tired of hearing us say thank you for things if we really are thankful and so I think the main thing is not to worry about that. I pray this too many times, but rather having previously times am I still thinking about it were imprinted in my still expressing something that's genuinely in my heart if it is, then I don't think you can repeat directional the Lord's prayer itself contains the line. Give us this day our daily bread nurture.

Praying for the bread for a single day. That means are expected to pray tomorrow for your daily bread, and executing the fact that you're asking for something that occurs daily suggests that the prayer is to be pray daily and yet it's the same prayer, so it's not wrong to repeat the same prayer. The main thing is that you must be really in your heart, praying that you're really addressing God and expressing something that's genuinely on your heart.

All right, I've got pardon and I hold for you gallop up. John hold here until after the break with a break coming up here and it will be back in about 40 seconds listening to the narrow path are website is the narrow and please stay tuned, I'll be right back with another half-hour can be small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to welcome you to give you today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow we'll find time audio teachings blog article verse by verse teachings in the archives of learning and enjoying the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path.

Greg will pass radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were live for another half-hour taking your calls you have questions about the Bible or anything like that you'd like to ask on the air. The number to call is 844-484-5737 and outlines and filled up again.

So right now you get a busy signal to call but call in a few minutes. You may find a light has opened the numbers 844-484-5737 and see we were just talking to John from Frisco, Texas before the break and were to come back to hear something more.

He wanted to say so hot.

I John, welcome.

I'm really sorry that I left so living the lifestyle that have been in and trying to come out of and I get on the church or unit of the yoke to live other believers. Every time I've been in the current situation: oh, I didn't feel like I was around the right people hang up any I mean I know there's a patient out there that do that when you know that lifestyle running amok in taking over and cramming down people around me like were true believers hate people like that. Then you walk, you're saying that when you go to churches in the past is what you felt judged for because you have struggles with food with homosexual family decides that it felt uncomfortable light.

The last church I went to line the faster you the F word right in front of me about not the curse word. But the derogatory explaining and though I mean when you're reaching out to people and you want them to be believers. You you don't need it would lovingkindness the non-transitory is no direct word to me that you heard me in front of a room full of people like crap and I well you know it's true there are special ministries that reach out to homosexuals and sometimes help them though. It's important that persons like yourself if you want to follow Christ in your struggling with temptation, then the church should be a family that assists you in all to to overcome the just like if you have any other temptation to me for you to be struggling with same-sex attraction is not really totally different thing.

Then for you to be struggling with her but say alcohol or drug addiction. And there's people in the church who come into the church with those addictions are those problems and generally speaking, the churches attempt to help and I would think that there's a growing number of churches. Certainly, the past few decades that are sensitive to the fact that there are so many people who struggle with that attraction that I would think there'd be a lot churches fact that I would think most churches to be quite welcome. If somebody like yourself and attempting to your disciple and help you. So maybe maybe just going into the wrong churches that are certainly judgmental churches there churches that don't represent Christ well at all, but I can't tell you of any particular church. For example in your town in Texas that that I have an acquaintance with me and I remember Frisco's. It looks like you you've hung up now so I can even ask you.

I'm not sure where Frisco Texas is a week is near Dallas yeah I'm I'm not familiar with the churches in Dallas.

I'm afraid I'm right we have listeners in Dallas and I spoke in Dallas very recently, but was in a home to home group so I have to say Ike I don't know who to recommend. Maybe somebody who is in the Dallas area will call in with the suggestion and then if you still listen you can hear it.

We also have there's a website called Matthew it's Matthew and there's a number of resources their vendors associated with us but there's a place I think where people can put in fellowships in various areas that they either either they're in or they're looking for.

Of like-minded people and I don't know what's there have never visit that site because I'm not looking for that but it is a resource for people like yourself who don't know where to go and and I'm not sure how many people have added you put anything there but you might want to check it for your fellowship resources in your area or just keep visiting churches and you think if they don't like you. That's their problem. Seems to me if you're seeking God and you want to follow Christ and you're just looking for fellowship and help in somebody's unkind to you or something that this is not your problem that's there's we have to be.

I know your sensitive person. We know that, but, but you don't have to be so sensitive that if they are unkind that you that you can't handle it.

You need to be strong in anointed God knows your heart and people often are not very much in touch with God. Don't have his heart toward things.

But I deftly keep keep seeking because with the particular struggle sure you're having. You really need some fellowship and some support from the body of Christ. I I believe God will lead you to the right people. If you if you do a little bit of looking into that and I'm sorry that it hasn't happened yet. Previously, let's talk to Joseph from Albany, Oregon Joseph, welcome to the neuropathic for calling Michael sure I live in Oregon. So the question of style situation with her governor Kate Brown. She is now starting next week that it can be mandatory for all churches, no more gathering than 25 people and all restaurants are closing down etc. etc. my Christmas Eve was what are your thoughts on that with governors like putting regulations on churches. Well let me just say first. Other more than 25. First of all I want to say that God never ordained the government to make those kinds of restrictions. The Bible does say in Romans 13, and in first Peter two that you know God has ordained government to punish criminals now punishing criminals is a very different activity than restricting Christians for meeting together so those Restrictions are not within the sphere of the authority of any government official, which means that if you ignore them you are not ignoring their authority.

They don't have any authority to say that anything that's not what God authorize governments for, and so he when you submit to the government officials when they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. You are thus submitting to God because God ordained them to do with this was that when they do with their forbidden to do or what they're not allowed to do. They don't have any intrinsic authority. There is no authority except from God. Paul said, and therefore if they're not if they're not excising the authority God has given them, which is defined as punishing criminals and protecting innocent people if they're not doing that. Only when you're doing something else there there outside their sphere than there they don't have any authority at all over the Christian. Nonetheless, I would say this to you know the Bible does not command you to meet in groups. More than 25 you know that's that's an important point to make because some churches they defy the governors and and that's fine if the governments make no illegitimate calls like that then I think we have every right to defy them and just ignore them and keep doing the right thing, but but we may get into trouble with the government and that's coming Christian sometimes historically have week because we can't compromise on our positions. We often not so much in America but in many countries, certainly the early church in Jerusalem, and so forth.

They got in a lot of trouble to government because they would not submit to the government when they made when they gave orders that are not there not authorized to give and the church wanted to continue doing what they're supposed to do, so they ignored the government authority that's the right thing to do in those situations interested.

However, we don't have a command from God that we must meet in groups larger than 25. As a matter fact the group by meeting when I go to church is less than 25 people so it wouldn't have any impact on me and we meet in a home so I'm not saying that Christians must meet in small groups of homes but we have a choice in it. If you're in Oregon and your church.

You can have a choice. You can say well working ignore what the governor says and were to meet anyway and maybe we'll go to jail. Maybe we won't. And if we go to Supreme Court if we take our case, the court, we might win.

You know, we might have to be fined first and have to get our money back when the Supreme Court rules our favor, but these governors have no right to to get those kinds of restrictions but but they don't know that they don't have it right and the police don't know that they don't have that right.

So if were granted if organist defined them.

We better be prepared to be jailed or fined or something else like that can be challenged at a higher level but I mean that's the inconvenience we have to accept that something John MacArthur. I think is willing to accept peace is been very vocal about the fact that his church is to continue to meet no matter what the governor says and that he is of course facing you legal challenges on that but I I believe he'll win. On the other hand, if you don't want to engage the enemy like that in that way and you don't want your pastor jail.

Remember there's always the option of meeting and group smaller than 25 and you know it is so as you can thumb your nose at the government when there when they're making illegitimate demands or you can just do an end run around them and say well we have to meet in such big groups giving small groups will be homes and and then will be a lot more like the early church because the early church met.

So that's what I would suggest you okay will thank you for taking my call. You I appreciate your call Joseph, thank you for joining us by not okay we have an anonymous caller from an anonymous place. Welcome to the neuropathic. I hope you know I'm talking to Chris I can't username the UK yes it okay your little quieter than normal so that he was my question today about prayer and onto the situation is experiencing so down know when I experience periods of success in overcoming certain temptations involving the Internet. I start to pray for notches continued success in overcoming output also for, the whole industry of all that could just be done away with and, in praying for those who are in the industry, and that the culture would in its attitude toward that would change what I find that when I pray for these broader areas outside. It is my own personal success is.

It feels like I guess like a spiritual attack in terms of heavy temptation comes on when I prayed. I mean, I'm guessing it's just because that's enemies's not liking my prayers again this I'm dismayed to say that the attack in others temptation. It feels strong that it kind of scares me panic praying for the things so well. One thing you might do is pray with another person or to when you pray for those that does mean temptation will come upon you, but you'll be shouldering that burden along with some other people little distributed little bit but I've nothing is are you are you married no one I say, that would've been helpful because you could always have your wife totally have the only password to your computer and that she has to open the computer and everything to use it and it sounds like.

Treat yourself like a child. But frankly, if you don't have them work self-control that a child has, then supervision is a helpful thing I would suggest this maybe seems a little radical but you know of society colonial law you without computers for for many millennia. Of course we become very dependent on them for a lot of our shopping and for a lot of our business, especially if were not going to work in word you're working online or whatever but to the degree that you can avoid using your computer at all, to that degree you can have somebody else keep your computer for your something in and maybe that's not realistic is what I now I am married if if I had a problem with Internet porn something like that or even simply with Internet shopping and I couldn't control myself and just spending our money going that having if there's some way that the computer is defeating me spiritually. I would definitely in my case, I just have my eye, I just change out the password on my computer so I didn't know it, and let my wife and then I wouldn't use the computer except when she's when she opened it for me when she's able to look at it again. It sounds like treat yourself like a child.

Don't flatter yourself. If you can't control yourself, you know, someone has changed diapers for your summer has put off rearming self-control is a mature trait and lack of self-control is an immature trait so to the degree that you don't have self-control you really need to have external controls and somebody else supervising you would be one solution that you weren't really asking about how to control the Internet porn, but so much about how to pray about the whole matter without it bringing greater temptation upon you and react to the right II would say again, I would say partner with some other Christian if you know some of the Christian who knows God, and who prays suggest hey either some things are pray about, but I feel like I'm fighting a spiritual battle here all by myself and I may be taking on enemy. That's too too big for me alone, and so what we pray together about this. Could we get together once one of pray for this might seem a strange thing to suggest to some because I don't know how many Christians really do this anymore. Or maybe it was fairly commonplace and I was a young Christian that if you you know if you needed someone to pray with you there were Christians ready to do that because everyone I knew was really try to walk with God and believed in praying people do that as much anymore. I'm not sure how many Christians really believe in prayer anymore or how many Christians really want to be bothered with it, but I would hope that if you're not entirely devoid of fellowship that you could find somebody who will join you in prayer, but you might even if you go to if you have a church we have a group of people you fellowship with and and you should have some then I would say to suggest some real we really have, to recognize the law of our brothers have serious problems with addiction to Internet porn and and I'm praying for the downfall of that whole industry but every time pray for it seems like I get attacked big time so I'd like to have fun more help, praying for really frankly it was done with the devil scare you off because if the devils doing that to your giving of a blackeye that's wise, back at you. He's you've engaged him in battle. Most Christians don't most Christians just like the devil run free and do what he wants to do. But when Christians rise up and say no not on my watch humor in it were to fight you off on this devil will dump his residence as well. If you're to fight back you know.

But if you engage in a group against him. I believe remembering Jesus, talk, talk of the value of two or more agreeing on on something being done. I believe there's certainly prayer of an individual person is powerful. It says in James the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

But I it seems to me that the Bible suggests that the combined prayers of more than one righteous man even has something more potent about it and I would guess the best thing I would suggest I would not suggest you stop praying for that necessarily because then the devil has fought you off.

You know you you hit the devil gave a blackeye he gave you blackeye and and then say okay I quit here Yolanda. I come back at him given to black icing on this is a fierce fight.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers the rulers of the darkness of this age of spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places and and yet we can win if we don't give it up, and I think Christians do give up too early because frankly, this kind of thing happens and it's very it's not the easiest thing in the world to find a group of Christians that really are interested in praying together diagonal like I used to make an announcement on the air every week.

I was living in Santa Cruz California at the time and I would announce that Wednesday night at a particular church that was open to me to meet with anyone who wanted to meet to pray for revival and I went there every single Wednesday night and one sale. Usually there is one other person there and I think once there were two people who showed up and in my whole radio audience is in on I'd make is not you want to pray for revival will get together right here to do it. Come on out and and they didn't sobbing on for it, but it's not always easy.

People find people who care about the kingdom of God, who care about defeating the enemy who care about holiness who care about prayer or who believe in prayer and this is sad because were talking Christians are. These are things that Christians supposedly are all about. So you gotta wonder what kind Christians were talking about here, but I hope you can find some did I that's that's my suggestion coming. Maybe there's something else you can do but that is what I would suggest, and I could possibly be a solution. Now that I think you'll still be battling you still be in more that I can't go and check in my church group that even your pastor, your pastor on an autumn pray just say you know I want to get together with you once a week or every morning or twice a week and pray specifically about this because I've got a problem I'm trying to overcome and and so do a lot of the people in the church and so a lot of pastors by the way and I and I think we had to be pray for this I mean any pastors as well. I'm pretty busy and do that item and he had to find another job, not as a passion all right thanks the Arkady love is thinking about. Thank you. Appreciate your call.

Russell from Oakland California.

Thanks for waiting.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling.

Yes hello so so II called to her a call earlier asking about how someone may be present or whatever. So our first wanted to make a comment on that and then I had a quick question okay okay quickly we really are running out of time today okay okay so my comment about possession was in the Bible it says can't member the book, but it says somewhere near you know not to take part in no social sorcery or or barbecue or magic or stuff like that which if you looking like the Strong's concordance.

I think it was a word magic actually mean it was a barbecue nose like drugs so I wanted to say that you know drug use could be a path or possibly make you vulnerable to know my experience, I tend to agree with you. Yeah yeah okay and your question was there and the question is, so a lot of our stuff going on. There's a lot of stuff out there no going around and with it being a worldwide thing and not just American problem.

Also worldwide pain got going on and are talking about know they got 600 million doses ready to distribute all the stuff in possibly more lockdowns in the dark where in all the stuff and not study the book of Daniel and in revelations in those prophecies and kinda feel like I know her out on the timeline and if they were to come out and say you can't work you came into the store to buy anything or anything like that unless you got proof of vaccination and there is already research and investing being down by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in micro.Inc. in baked. I know that your wondering if the vaccine might be the mark of the beast which is what quicker way think that your Senate the answer is I don't see the mark of the beast as a literal ship or or vaccine or anything like that.

However, whether I see it as a mark of the beast or not I think would be a very sinister thing yet not everything that sinister is what revelations refer to as a mark of the beast but but I do think it be a very sinister thing and I certainly would not voluntarily take a vaccine, if there's any possibility that it had some kind of a microchip in it, but frankly, even without the microchip I wouldn't take the vaccine less if if they help me.maybe take it or something like that and I wouldn't expect to go to hell for it.

I don't think it's a sin to take a vaccine, but I do think I do think the science behind it is too difficult for me to to vet and I don't like to put things in my body if I have any reason to believe.

I don't need them there or don't want them there and I've never take vaccines anyway. Never got a flu vaccine nor have I seen any never had the slightest temptation to get it.

I don't think it's a sin to get it. It's just something.

Frankly, I am not sure why people voluntarily get things like that, but that's their business. I would see a vaccine as something optional and I would take the option of not getting it now if there was a chip in it to.

I'd I'd most vociferously and violently refuse to sell but that that will, in my mind that would not make it the mark of the beast and that's partly because I have a certain understanding about the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation, which is that which does not make it something like that.

But it lots of things.

There's nothing I wouldn't do which I would not regard as the mark of the beast. They just things I wouldn't do because as a Christian, or simply as a individual with my own idiosyncrasies. I would not want them so anyway your question I think was is that the mark of the beast in my thought is, well, you know, by some ways of thinking some advice on people's interpretation of Mark Teresa could certainly be a credible possibility, but I don't see the mark of the beast that way in revelations have a totally different way. Understanding it.

We don't have much time left, but Carol from Sandra even went a long time.

I can only give you what a couple minutes of most go ahead and believe in the Holy Spirit, you should be in your life come with addiction having you going to a 12 step program. Now you don't need to go to him in prayer and usually making BBQ and the second totally disagree with you that we cannot serve with the medical community because Beloit had taught me to put a mask on my door without once reminding me impressed upon me to follow the rules.

I don't understand where you're coming from The same with the Holy Spirit is leading me in my life I totally disagree on how ironic you are a kind man, but I don't think he follow the Holy Spirit.

I really don't. I thought well I think we maybe we not hearing the same ways each other, which means either are not hearing correctly or unit or maybe saying different things to you anything to me and others more than one possibility. Here I would say you have a lot more confidence that you know what God is saying about everything that I have. For example you said Jesus will tell you to go to 12 step program. I'm not sure how you know that Jesus would say that I don't I don't initially require people to 12 step programs have addiction slots people overcome their addictions by being delivered and why go to 12 step program. If you don't need but you're pretty sure you know what God says to everybody. I guess into you to so I can't change your mind normally try don't have time. Anyway, I appreciate your call always we always invite people to call who see things differently listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. We are listener supported. You can write to us at this address. The narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 in our website is the narrow thanks for joining us. Have good weekend. Let's talk again Monday. Gutless

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