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The Narrow Path 11/17

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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November 17, 2020 7:00 am

The Narrow Path 11/17

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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November 17, 2020 7:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

No good afternoon and welcome to broadcast for joining us today. We are on dailies as we are right now for an hour each week afternoon. It's a live program. Although some of you may be listening on a rebroadcast on some stations but from 2 to 3 in the afternoon Pacific time. That is our live broadcast hour and day.

You're welcome to join us if you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith or disagreement with the host you'd like to discuss. Feel free to give me a call. The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first caller today is that Alan in grass Valley, California Allen, welcome to the neuropathic for calling me on Luke chapter 18, where he taught what rich man asked him how we can inherit the kingdom of heaven, and it seems that he'd been preaching repentance is the answer. Up to that point, but he told him to sell all his good and come and follow him and I'm wondering why it seems the bar was raised to this man. Well, repentance would include this. That is to say to repentance where we must repent versus repent of our rebellion against God and come under his rulership which is our rightful place he owns us he made us, and he owns us yes and therefore the fact that we have not been obedient to him, is something that we have to repent of. In order to get right with that we need to come back under his leadership. Now that would mean that you cannot have anything else in your life that competes with his leadership. You might remember one man came to Jesus and set it off.

All you review. Gotta let me first go say goodbye to those of my household juice as well.

No man putting his hand to the plow. Looking back is that you know worthy of the kingdom of God's in Luke 14 Jesus said, unless you forsake all that you have. You cannot be my disciple, so to to repent means to instead of living for yourself your living for God instead of doing what you what your agenda is you do it. His agenda is now if Jesus tells you give way all you and all you own and give to the poor.

Well, if he's your king then you obey that if he tells you okay give away half of it. Let see Zaki as, for example, who is a dishonest tax collector until he met Jesus that I'm giving half of my goods to the poor, and I'm gonna repay those I've robbed fourfold in Jesus and salvation is come to this house so he didn't make ever give way hundred percent, but he gave separate instructions to each person and he did so based upon his knowledge of what they would need. For example, Jesus knowledge that this man's riches were more valuable to him than obeying Jesus was proven true because the man because he had riches chose not to obey Jesus. He chose his riches instead. So Jesus had impacted no and Jesus has us all packed and he gives us all different instructions but are repentance and coming into the kingdom of God involves our surrender of everything that we have on as our agenda and everything we own and even of our lives, if it comes to dying. That's what involves because that's what every person from the day we were created should have been doing that is surrendered to God not messily give your whaler our possessions only. Only if God tells you to do that, you know, but but that a man is required to do whatever Jesus says is a given. Since Jesus is our God and our Creator and I repentance is when a person decides that they can stop rebelling against the creator and start submitting so once a person wants to submit to Christ, you know this man said, what would it take me and Jason well and in your case you have to sell. You have give to the poor.

You know the guy was actually a pretty good man. Other than that he been keeping the law of Moses all his life. He was a decent guy a moral character, but Jesus had special instructions for him. In fact, a special invitation. He said so what you good report and come and follow me G system that ever get a pretty special yet special privilege of the garden wanted so it's clear that you remember that the man who had a legion of demons. He begged Jesus I want to go with you to go with you and you said no you go back to your house and tell your friends about what gobs of use and not everyone is invited to walk around with Jesus and this man was given that invitation, but he didn't take it so I think this may show that he had repented. So the point is it repentance actually is something for which there will be evidence if you've changed your mind. In the event on the matter that is most important, namely who are you going obey. Then it'll show up in your obedience to God in your surrender to his will and this man was actually being tested on that very point. Would he do it if he did he could be a proof that he had in fact repented that he is now to follow God instead is always his own possessions, but I think that's very clear right well I appreciate your cover my talent. Thank you God bless you Mina okay I John in Oregon city, Oregon. Welcome to the narrow path. John, can you hear me okay yes but you need to turn your radio off, because I'm hearing you and me. Okay Ariel, okay, thanks. So thank you all. My question to question you want the image and distill in Daniel chapter 2. What they were. Well Daniel actually gives the interpretation of that. He said that the head of gold of the image represented Nebuchadnezzar or I think almost all skulls in the.

The Babylonian empire. The Nebuchadnezzar is the leader of because he said the in the chest of brat of silver. It represents the nation that would conquer Babylon so I believe the media Persian Empire and then the belly of Ron to be the nation would conquer them.

And that was the Grecian and put Alexander the image of the whole when it represents a series of world empires from the time of Daniel's own time from Nebuchadnezzar on to the Roman Empire, which is the fourth empire, the legs of iron in the feet of iron and clay, and then the stone is said to be the kingdom of God.

You see that verse 44, he said in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up the kingdom that will never be destroyed.

It will not be left to others. He says, and it will consume and break in pieces. All these kingdoms, but it will never be destroyed.

Jason and then extend next verse.

This is what the stone was that you saw the stone is the kingdom of God established during the time of the Roman Empire. The fourth kingdom. The question we know it extended anyway. So how about Rome what was the pre-money all millennial juvenile you know I don't. I don't remember reading about Jerome's eschatology.

You know he's famous for mostly first translation of the Bible into Latin behavior course. He wrote other things. I don't remember if he spoke on the subject. He might have many of the church fathers before Jerome and perhaps even in his time did write about their eschatology and they were pre-millennial is what you will about all the stone and he didn't fight image also much in Jerome's commentary on Daniel.

Okay, you wrote you wrote the final.

Of all the empires of gold and silver balls a lot a lot name of the Lord and Savior was cut off without hand that is out corruption or human speed or bite without talking copulation organs and by birth virgins rule. After all, empires had been crushed. He became a great mountain and filled the whole millennial minute. If the stone hit at the final.

Of all the right and what was the last of the empires. The last 10 told the site like Revelation chapter 17. The 10 kingdoms are 10 kings of the end time. Why would you take it that way will look at the way the image described. It's a human image. Its head is NOT Jewish. They are gentle assessment) that has nothing to do with what is point-to-point making the point I'm making is that the head of gold is the Babylonian the chest of silver was a media Persian which followed immediately after the Babylonian is a conquered and then the next one is the belly bronze, which is the Grecian which conquered the media person apartment in the fourth kingdom conquered the Grecian that's wrong and we don't read of any other conquering kingdoms, or until the stone which is the kingdom of God and were told in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up the kingdom so we have four empires Babylonian media Persian, Grecian, and Roman and then we have the kingdom of God. Now the legs of iron are identified as the fourth, the feet and the toes are not indicated to be something other than the fourth in private. There is no gap at the ankles. For example, there is not another empire that conquered Rome and became the seat and there certainly isn't anything to suggest that the Roman Empire, which is the legs is separated from his feet by 2000 years because of your revived Roman Empire in the end times it doesn't exist yet. So I mean where do you find a gap at the ankles. There I don't see what will Bible Bible they don't even know Roman Empire and their no want because you know nation that's turning everything that will be evened identified so they would make the okay but I asked you but I asked you where you see the gap. I see the gap gap right there between the iron in the clay is not what I want to seek after anywhere in the passage you see it now. Pretty important actually see it in the passage question I I see what you know this is book. In fact, I had an epiphany for the news but when I came back in Israel I told you I was his and when I came back I started writing a book about that epiphany and I was studying. Daniel and I found a gap between you speak in both okay Okay so so what do little horn of Alexander the great little horn will we know little Christ. No, we do not we do not, why would we believe that in chapter and chapter 7 chapter 8 yeah I don't care about Jerome. I don't care much for Michaela Daniel Daniel Rhoda Jerome didn't okay so let's look at the book itself, and not worry about what anyone has said about what I say about it. What you say but what Jerome said about what anyone senseless. Just look at the passage itself. We have one I don't have the whole story. I don't hear the story I want to talk about the subject. Okay, if you're if you're simply telling me that you you see a gap between the ankles in the feet and the image in Daniel two because you had an epiphany with meeting a divine revelation about it.

Well, okay, who can argue against divine revelations that you'll just have to believe that until you decide that may be. Maybe Daniel wrote what he really meant instead of something that Revelation. I gotta take another call because you know you you leaped away from the text and and and and went to a private revelation that you claim to have had which I cannot I can't denounce your private real revelations but I can't confirm it either have to go with is the Bible itself, and as I read it the seat are of one piece with the legs and there's no mention of any gap between, for example, the ancient Roman Empire and some future revived Roman Empire which the dispensations have created in their imaginations.

There's nothing there, nothing in the Bible about a revived Roman Empire in any part of the Bible.

All right, but I appreciate your call and to bed. We had to get off off the topic. Okay, let's go to Iranian tech Dallas, Texas, a you I'm fine thank you all and I got you recorded it was about the gentleman that needed five about the play will portable prayer ministry at our church and I just want to give up a number contact about it. Yeah, that's John Johnson, Frisco, Texas.

He referred to my number people in the also running to say this, I I don't know how to reach John from Frisco… Listening, so if you want to get a phone number if you get up the phone number and if he is listening.

I he can take it down to call you okay 98749 Gandhi 469487487 let's rest to see 4926 okay if I hear from John from Frisco and he wants to get that number and even take it out. I got okay thank you thank you Ronnie, appreciate your call. God bless you. Okay if freedom from Indiana.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling last week or couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if you told her that the word church was only found in two times in the Gospels. I'm not sure if you only two times in the Gospel of Matthew yeah Matthew 16 okay since then I've been thinking so and I found three more times is a single word church. First Corinthians and Gospels in the Gospels right you. I mean, I've been a Christian for like over 25 years, but I had no idea how to get started. You know the services expediently. And if Jesus didn't tell us a whole lot about the church or you know how to you know I don't even know if you are asking you because you always get new scriptures that what I'm looking for or can we based our you know the way we start we will we will can we pray, we welcome everybody we you know you know that none of those practices. None of those practices are prescribed by Jesus, or even by the apostles.

Now there's nothing wrong with sex, and who could criticize praying or walking into the church building. I can't.

I think those are fine things. If we saying we take an offering, we have a sermon. Nothing in the Bible forbids those things, but those are just the customary things that church began to do at some point as it developed in the centuries. Jesus did not actually describe his his disciples having church meetings per se.

I'm not buddies against it. I'm just saying he didn't.

He didn't talk about a congregational meeting.

He did, he did indicate in many ways that he expects the company of disciples to be interactive with each other and probably to meet just like families meet, but he didn't ever indicate any liturgy even ever indicate any particular religious behavior with a group of people and that's what we now have in the church is now I'm not saying Jesus would be against it. I'm just saying we can't take any of it from his teachings because he didn't give anything as far as we know Jesus didn't even indicate that the church would have religious meetings per se now in the book of acts when Jesus ascended, and the Holy Spirit was given.

We can see that the apostles formed the church in Jerusalem and eventually other churches began to form outside Jerusalem as the Gentiles began to be evangelized in other parts the world and the wheat we do see them having certain of. We don't see protocols per se, but we do see activities in acts chapter 2 skews me toward the end of the chapter there.

It tells us about how the disciples would get together.

That is all the believers were get together and they would. It says in verse 42. They continued steadfastly in the apostles teaching and fellowship, and the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Now were not told that this happened in religious meetings they may have the apostles teaching sounds more like a classroom situation, but it could well of been entered. Meeting much more like what we picture as a church. Is it we have to be careful not to import art visions of church into passages that don't necessarily describe them. We often naturally enough, what were familiar with. We read right into the passage because we figure they must of done things the way we did, but they did receive teaching from the apostles that was probably in some kind of gathered assembly now whether they did that in the same places that they were breaking bread and praying and and fellowship thing we are told this. This probably refers mostly to a whole social life in a whole community life of the believers. I don't know that we should say that this is its description of a church meeting, but they certainly did meet me. How could they all 603,000 people, 70 apostles teaching lesson. I'm actually positing a house house get private instruction instructional's 3000 people so they must've met for that and in meeting date. They broke bread together now did they do that in the same meeting hall where they were. They receive the teaching could be. We don't know exactly where they were meeting, sometimes meeting the temple porches sometimes are meeting in homes were told from house to house and says so.

We see that first 46. They continue daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house so it sounds like maybe they the apostles did the teaching of the temple in the breaking of bread part took place house to house, and they also involved in fellowship which certainly is not messily restricted to a church meeting. In fact, I get most of my fellowship outside church meetings when you go to church meeting. Are you often don't get much fellowship about some do, some people do, but others sometimes it's going here.

The summer go away. Don't get a fellowship fellowship is a relational thing takes place in in your social life as a Christian with other Christians and then in prayers now II believe they did, I did.

I think they did pray in groups. Though I don't know if all 3000 of them at one big meeting like Joel states church or something like that in a big old huge auditorium.

If 3000 people all prayed in one meeting, they might have or they might've broken up into smaller groups to pray for each other.

In other words, this is we don't read anywhere of Jesus or the apostles mandating a certain protocol or liturgy for church. However, it has become. I should say logistically helpful for Christians to meet on a certain day of the week in a certain place and do as many of these things as possible together only because our lifestyles these days don't seem to allow as much for us to get together with people in smaller groups or on on on on your daily basis. Some people who are not employed may very well be able to get together on a daily basis with other people. I don't dream the Jesus movement, Chapel Costa Mesa, where I went every night of the week they had meetings every night a week now they were teaching meetings and worship times they didn't break bread or have group prayer, earning a course to be a prayer but but they met every night and and I was largely because we are bocce teenagers and the unemployed or for employed.

At least we didn't have family obligations wives and children and so forth, take care of, so we are of late night to go and go to these long meetings every night is a wonderful thing. I wish we could still do that. I don't know of any church that's doing that right now but it was during a revival, and it was great and I think that it may have been that way. In the book of acts.

Also the like.

Again, I have the tendency to import what I'm familiar with the vision so that into the text night.

I don't want to do that they may not done that.

But in answer your question, the only real description of the church church order that we have is in first Corinthians chapter 14 and and for strengthens 11 to and and me. There's about church arrangement like leadership. We have some things about that in first Timothy three and Titus one. But we don't really have a passage anywhere that describes a church meeting in detail in such a way that we know how to walk into building it from start to finish.

No exactly what the apostles did week but were at liberty with the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. So as long as spiritual people who love Jesus get together and do with the spirit leads them to do, then I think you're doing a good thing. It's entirely scriptural in others. The Bible does not nail down for us a standards liturgy the idealist church liturgy of the church calendar… Sacred days and things like that all of that stuff came up later after apostles were dead and in some cases many generations later another not really part of the biblical idea of a church meeting on the other hand, to say that they're not in the Bible doesn't mean that they're bad so again I believe that as Paul said, and he said this in second Cricket 317 where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. The main thing about a church meeting is for the spirit of the Lord to be there and guiding and if that is the case then there is liberty to do it is different. Every Sunday you don't have to have a weekly structure you can but you want to make sure you're walking in the spirit that's most important thing the site take a break here and also thank you for joining us today. We have another half-hour coming up and this is just notification at the bottom of the hour, the narrow path is a listener supported ministry if you'd like to help us pay the radio bills and that's where donations goes to the ring and you can write to the narrow path PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow under announcements will be back in 36 gains in nearly the path that leads to life into the narrow path granted has nothing to me today but everything to get the radio show is over.

Go to the narrow you can study and enjoy the three topical audio teaching blog article teachings and archives of the narrow path radiation.

Thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path granted the narrow narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and were live for another half-hour taking your calls if you'd like to join us. The lines are full right now so you can't call in at the moment, but if you're calling it a few minutes you might find a line is open for you the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 now. We had planned later this month on the 28th a meeting that we usually have only every couple months in Buena Park, California just one announced anyone who hasn't seen the website announcement that that that meeting for this week week from Saturday guesses is now canceled.

We we really cancel it anyway because it's so close to Thanksgiving.

We find that when we have meetings close to Thanksgiving. They're usually not very well attended. But then of course now in California. Here, there's an alleged danger of coded if people get together so we were being asked to not do that.

But we were planning to cancel that meeting and we just want to make note, if you were thinking of going there and you haven't noticed, at our website that we cancel just want you to know so you show up in find no one there.

All right, let's talk to Al in Knoxville, Tennessee. I welcome to the neuropathic for calling. Question always been taught that upon excepting Jesus Christ as your Savior mainly written down the law.

Looking for is a place with Scripture that he wears he will block your name out the Calhoun Revelation 3 file.

We also see Revelation 1313, 817 eight that he knew you before the foundation of the world in the book of Lot was written so I'm just curious as to where he Scripture says he brought yeah I don't know of any place in the Bible. It tells of him writing our names in the book, there are references to people having their names in the book and but it doesn't say when they were written except as you said in Revelation 13 Ada talks about those who have been written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world now from the foundation world may function to tell us when they were written down that at the foundation of the world. God wrote down the names of everyone in the book or from the front foundation world may speak of the whole historical process that people have had their names added to the book of from the beginning of the world till the present time is saved as they turn to God as they become saved people that their names are added and this is in their names been written in this company's names are written from the beginning of the world could suggest not that everybody's name was in it from being an orbit that the first names were added. There and as you go through history. From that point on, more names have been added so that you know there's names in their and that it been written there since the foundation of the world. I don't you know I honestly am not really sure, but I do know that the fact that Revelation 3 says that there is a danger of some having their names blotted out of the of the book of life is is it raises questions if if there if there actually names not to be in their because they didn't endure to the end all you that every person create name little applicable law, and upon, where they were drawn to him.

They chose not to accept him he bought about me understanding predestination. Those verses deal with the fact that he wishes known sheepherders someone is aborted.

Someone who maybe don't have all their senses for mentally water from conflict). You just go and their names were. But there's a point if they don't accept that. He won't like him. He didn't want to do. That way you will feel somewhere. I can't really think of anything that would make that an invalid interpretation of the limited data we have, in fact, it might be the easiest way to understand all the passages correctly. In other words you say in the book of life.

Simply reverse the book of people who live and in everyone who's ever lived.

All art are counted as being initially in the book of life, but they can be blotted out by their by their rejection of Christ, and so forth.

Yeah II can't. I can't affirm that that's what is the case, but I I've heard that before and it's it makes sense to me. There are a number of different views about this.

I've heard that they're so limited data on it in the Bible is not the easiest thing to affirm with certainty that that's the way we should see it but but if you're asking is that a crazy thing say, not at all given the data on the subject which is very limited. It would not be at all crazy to take that position about will be on the lookout.

Don't ballparks with home probably be God for all. Therefore, this helps me understand if I look at it this way for me. I would always predict nation versus not hard to understand a lot of work for your ministry.

Well, thank you for calling out to talk to you by I think at some friends were moving to Knoxville Tennessee maybe hook up with them in touch with you to get there and leaving California. They are talking about going that direction. Okay, let's talk to Clark in San Diego, California Clark, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling Clark yet. Welcome Jan there yet steep last week you talk about more labs paid ministry. I have a question on that. If you have a young minister who is married and has a family, little kids to three located if he is not a. How does the support himself. Well I was in every position I got married was 19 and I had a child. By the time is 20 or 20 had a child so I was a young minister with the wife and child and I just figured that if God wants me to be supportive ministry. He'll support me now.

In other words that I won't have to charge now.

When I was actually starting out I was not in full-time ministry. So, I actually worked part-time and I got some income that is surprise income because I never knew where it's coming from. Through them, and says people make donations to give me gifts for my support and that I would also earn some of it by my by my taken side job but as the ministry began to lay greater demands upon my time eventually didn't have time to take a side job and is in full-time ministry that I had just trust God completely for for unexpected gifts and so forth and I have to say that was 50 years ago I started I've lived 50 years without any salaries from a source and a guaranteed income from a source to slip by for having faith. Yes, pretty well for you. Not God not know that Ashley speaks well for God because it's it's actually God that comes through their II have not always had great faith, not at all. In fact, I don't know that I have great faith. Even now I don't I don't claim to have great faith just claim to have a God who is so faithful to keep his promises. So I just sent my life up and and my convictions up in such a way as to let leave it to God to keep his promises. You know if that takes great faith and I guess that's great physician. It shows anyone should be able to have the kind of faith because you either believe God tells the truth, you don't know Jesus said seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things be added to meeting all the things you need course, I did have to follow all of Scripture, including the part where Paul says having food and clothing, we will with these things, be content because it had to be content with not much more than that. A lot of the time, but let me just say this if you know a young minister who is pastoring a church is in full-time ministry. While if I were in that position and I was not if I was in that position.

I think what I tell the churches I'm going to serve the church for free but obviously I need money from some source of anger.

I'll just trust God to provide it. If the if this church, it wants to give me some money once in a while or monthly or however you want to do it. I will I will never turn money down was given to me freely, but I'm freely giving Jesus and freely received, freely give. That's what he said minister. So as a minister I cannot sell the word of God. I can't even sell ministry. Remember what Peter said to Simon the sorcerer your money perish with you because you thought the gift of God can be purchased with money and I don't believe in selling the ministry or anything that cost me nothing so but on the other hand, I don't discourage people who want to give and you know a church that wants to keep a minister you available to it would be wise to contribute to his support adequately so he doesn't have to do less ministry and takes side jobs, but my God.

God decides those things you know if the if the young minister says to the church underserved freely. But, of course, my family has to be supported. I'm not asking you to support it. I'll trust God to support but you may want to contribute and that's fine. You might my services church will not be connected to any money that this church gives me because I'm not working for a church, ultimately working for God and in he's the one who provides for now. If the church doesn't help them out and end money doesn't come from anywhere else.

Either then there's couple weeks ago he could get part-time job to supplement his income, which is what I did for about 13 years, but I wasn't pastoring a church. I was an instrument of full-time so I would think the church be wise to get him to regularly give him what I think would be best.

Well I got of his best, but this will certainly recommend this what George Mueller did what he was pastoring a church is a young man young father and he felt he should not charge sorry so he just put a box.

The back of the church and said listen, I'm not to take any money from this church although they were giving the salary he turned it down and he said if you feel led of God to put money in this box you will live off of that and so that way even have to get a paycheck from an organization called church the real church the people of the body of Christ were actually able to support him as God laid on their hearts. Now I want to make this clear. And I hope you made it clear what I don't remember what I talk about this recently but as I type it from time to time I have a whole chapter on this in mind my new book but you know I don't judge anyone who doesn't do it this way you know if somebody says well you know I want to serve God that I can't do without money and I can't and I don't really believe that I can fully trust God about this without having someone with skin on whose promise to pay me every month. Well II don't judge him. I mean, to his own master he stands or falls. I've never judged anybody who didn't want to live the way that I want to live but I do believe that the way I live is the way that first Jesus lived. I don't know. I don't think anyone ever wrote him a paycheck from a source I don't think the apostles received a paycheck for many corporate bank account anywhere either.

I think people supported Jesus and people supported the apostles and people have always supported the ministry when it's been God's ministry see one thing about this is if God doesn't supported that may that's a good idea if you're in the wrong business should you because God and the IRS. You yet another problem right well that's that's an interesting thing because if you don't ask for money and people give you money that's that's nontaxable. If you have to be kidding me, right well yeah yeah I mean is, if frankly, funds are audited, they just would have a hard time believing this lightly for 50 years without ever receiving a paycheck from any source and and I and I don't take money, you know from speaking to get concerned like that so I just figured Jesus Jesus and the apostles of a guide to this for me to take your more traditional ministry as a guide if they want to update thank you for your time. Thank you for your answer on your program that I should thank you okay John in Jackson, Wyoming. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling these Christmas seasons go deep quickly upon us and I'm sure there's been many stories about the birth of Jesus in your opinion, how important virgin birth list okay okay well I think the virgin birth is significant because it tells us how it is that Jesus was more than a mere man if Jesus was not born of a virgin. Then she and Mary either had had sex with Joseph over some other man and therefore Jesus was strictly speaking, a man and nothing more. Just like you or me.

You know we were born of a natural human couple who copulated and produced a baby in and babies as fully as human as they are nothing more. Now, if God, however, was one of the parents and a woman, a human being was another parent then that baby has something from God and something from man that is a video he's come through the human family through a human mother who has an actual genealogy going back to Adam, but he's also got a part of him.

That's not from human source but from divine source and this I think is what really justifies our calling him the son of God. Now there is a traditional view that Jesus was the son of God from eternity past. Well I'm I'm open to that, but I don't see it in the Bible. Bond is never tells Jesus the son of God for eternity doesn't see was the word of God and even that he was God or in the form of God that we were told that he was divine, not a question about that. As Trent fires the term son of God. We don't actually find anything in Scripture, telling us that he was the son of God from eternity past, we do have this interesting passage of the angel speaking to Mary and announcing to her that she was going to have a baby and it Mary said to the angel. This is in Luke 134 and 35 Luke 134. Mary said to the angel, how can this be, since I don't know a man knows I've not had sex with a man I don't have a husband should not yet married and how can I have a babies what she's asking. And the angel answered and said the Holy Spirit will come upon you the power of the highest will overshadow you, therefore meaning.

For that reason. Also, the holy one who to be born from you will be called the son of God so according the angel of the reason that Jesus is called the son of God is because Mary didn't have a human husband but the power of God overshadow her and provided you have the genetic information of a man otherwise would've provided an and therefore because of that.

Her senses go to call the son of God. Now there may be other reasons to: son of God, but this is the only reason the Bible tells us is called that and so I would say the virgin birth. Apparently is a fairly essential warrant for recognizing Jesus is more than human being more than just another son of Adam, though he was not to through his mother, but he's also the son of God because of the virgin birth, so that be my my understanding of the significance of that horrendous talk to a Rich from Spokane, Washington, rich, welcome to the neuropathic for calling really simple.

Why did they call sign in okay.

Whether there is a political party called the zealots and I think I think all New Testament scholars agree that by calling him Simon Zullo Taser the salad. It's telling us that he came from that kind of a background he had been part of zealot party be like calling somebody a Democrat or Republican or libertarian. You know so you know if the if Jesus had you know I'd add some of the departed Democrat party might be called so-and-so the Democrat, especially if the if he is the only one in their apostolic group that had been a Democrat Summit beat if there been several or something then maybe it would be a nickname to stick lots you notice if Jesus disciples were mostly libertarians and one of them was a Republican might call him Joe, the Republican because these stands out from the others in that way so the zealot party was actually very militant party kind of a sort of a NT for kind of a party in a way, just kind of day they were attacking Roman soldiers. They were trying to drive Rome out through guerrilla warfare and things like that and because God will possibly possibly within the it's hard to know me.

They were they were freedom fighters okay now freedom fighters might might be motivated by their faith in others they might be zealous, observant Jews who love God and love Israel and think that God wants us Romans driven out and so there you go there zealous religious freedom fighters or they might just be secular minded Jews who don't like being crushed under the heel of a Roman oppressor and their ready to rise up against some could be. I'm probably among the zealots there probably were you believing Jews and ants and secular Jews. Lots of lots of Jews were's secular in their day in day-to-day life and motivation so so wasn't strictly a religious party but it was kind of army was started by.

It started by getting Judas of Galilee and six and in six A.D. and he was. He held that it was unlawful for a Jew to pay tribute to Caesar because that's acknowledging Caesar as their king when in fact God is working.

So Simon's melodious, I'm sorry. Judas of Galilee who founded the party certainly had religious motivations but I can't say that after he was killed and he was he was killed before Jesus ministry began, the party that followed him some of them are probably following him for religious motivations, others just because they were freedom fighters who didn't like being oppressed sure not to look not necessarily a good thing that you develop my point is that like that. We if we call somebody a zealot today, especially Christian, zealot work were probably saying something relatively good about his zealous you know these guys want to seel you know I mean, the Bible tells us we should have the seal for holiness and zeal for God and so forth.

But the word zealot.

While it could mean that even in biblical times it. When used as a title like it was with Simon's Lotus is almost certainly a reference to him being in the zealot party before he followed you okay all right well thank you very much.

I appreciate your call, church, okay. Our next caller is Bob in Hillsboro, Oregon, Bob. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling yesterday you had a collar that was asking a question about the rich young ruler made a distinction between entering the kingdom of God and inheriting the kingdom. Yes, and I wanted to know if you can speak about that a little bit and specifically said that there would be those that would receive a crown thrown in a scepter and I was wondering where that was in Scripture.

My reception is very good, some just to listen on the radio okay okay thank you yeah and I don't think anyone in the Bible says it will receive a scepter that I did say that the Bible certainly tells about other sitting on thrones and also having crowns and a crown in the thrown in a scepter all go together all emblems of ruling.

I don't know that will have literal crowns or literal thrones, or or certainly literal scepter so everyone could one could remove the word scepter from that list without changing anything about my statement. The point I was making is that to inherit the kingdom is what happens when Jesus comes back and those who been faithful unto death have now have the crown of life. And I don't sit on thrones. With him, and reign with him. It's like when a when a prince inherits the kingdom of his father usually screws the fathers died and he's turned or or in his lifetime is, oldies turned it over to his son. He now is really where his father once was. He's inherited that just like a person might inherit a whole world of fortune from her father are a king leaves the kingdom to his sons, and so the Prince. The children of the king and that's what we are will inherit what children of the King inherit. That is the kingdom and so will reign with him is really what the doctrine of the Scripture is now entering the kingdom is something that we do now is evidence in Scripture that we have already entered the kingdom in the sense of becoming subjects of the King is the King a kingdom is comprised of two elements. A king and a people who are his subjects and if you have both a king and his subjects you have the kingdom. If you have people but no king you have no sub you no kingdom.

If you have a king but no subjects you advocate, so having a king and subjects society governed by King is a kingdom, but you can see that when we enter God's kingdom were leaving the kingdom of darkness and coming into the kingdom of God as subjects to him. He's the king all authority in heaven and earth has been given to him and we acknowledge that embrace him as Lord and King and we are his servants is his followers, but he has said that those who are faithful in this role when he comes, will be rewarded with the rulership member, the parable in the 19th chapter of Luke about the nobleman who went away to a far country to receive a kingdom and to return and he left while he is in his absence. He left responsibilities in the hands of his servants gave them up. You know you gave 10 of them 1 pound each to invest for him and after long time. He came back, having received his kingdom, and then he called them it's okay, you were faithful you produced your 5 pounds for the one time I gave you. You rule over five cities and you another servant you you made 10 pounds of the want to give you rule over 10 cities seek these. The man goes away to been to be receive his kingdom and that's what Jesus did choose one away to sit on this to receive a throne that is now seated on and he'll come back, but in the meantime, those of us who are in his kingdom are his subjects and we are stewards of his stuff and we are aiming to make him to enrich him through our labors and then when he comes back he he rewards with rulership. Those who have been faithful so that's the difference I'm making between entering the kingdom's that's what we do now and inheriting the kingdom. Is that what happens when Jesus comes back and just made it very clear. For example, in Matthew 25 I mentioned yesterday that when the Son of Man returns in his glory and sits on the throne of his glory with all his holy angels, and then he'll call all the nations before him and separate them as a shepherd separates the sheep and goats and then later Don says he'll say to the shape inherit the kingdom prepared for the foundation of the world. So that's that's what happens when Jesus comes at me, inherit the kingdom, and that means in the capacity of rulers.

We enter the kingdom and the capacity of not rulers but actually subjects] type of attainment. I'm appreciate all that is called listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg.

We are on the Monday through Friday for an hour doing the same thing at the same time we pay for the time on the radio.

We don't have sponsors to commercial breaks. We just depend on listeners if you'd like to help us down the air. You can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow thanks for joining us. Let's talk again tomorrow

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