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The Narrow Path 11/18

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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November 18, 2020 7:00 am

The Narrow Path 11/18

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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November 18, 2020 7:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the Belfast radio broadcast letting Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week. The afternoon taking phone calls. If you questions about the Bible or Christianity or for the different viewpoint from that of the host.

We welcome you to join us on the air and the bring up the subject they would like to discuss or would like to have answered all we had one line open at this point the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first call today is from a Lior Allie from Novato, California is Ali. Welcome to the narrow path you don't think you'll Goodwin's said global, double ramble on too much question somewhere in there, and the comments went on on record your request, we are because you can reach Gujarat about mouse clause. You were hearing from old silver. You know the nicest way you have no idea what she's talking about and I'm not saying this because you know I'm trying to be pro career fund Pro code that simply you cannot tell another man that he's not hearing from below. First of all, because if you're gonna do that you have to tell 2.3 billion Christians, but none of them are hearing from the Holy Spirit because everybody had their own use of the people we are just so tired of people attributing say God from God, and they have to arrange from God, and they know this happened on the rapture that may hear from the Holy Spirit comes to parents and all it does is make a mockery of God in my opinion, and most people think good through June the Holy Spirit good not procuring your hearing from your own conscience.

That's for your own subconscious mind or what I call know there is a higher so not knowing the psychology too much, but higher part of our shul. Intuition knows that and I guess I guess, but I don't understand this. How people can attribute and say that the Holy Spirit told him this and told him that when I think most people even know what the Holy Spirit screws without case. Most people would agree, you wouldn't be all denominations beliefs is even among people in the same church so okay. I don't think I think of except the fact that I think a lot of what are you is just me and a marketer pin it on God anymore because of all that we need to be careful about doing that because because when somebody says well you're wrong because the Holy Spirit told me your Rockwell. If you've only got the Holy Spirit telling you that I'm wrong and I have Holy Spirit to then I think it's a stalemate now.

If you have the Bible on your side and you say you I believe the Holy Spirit has directed me to see it from this Scripture this way and edits and and it contradicts what you're saying. So I think you're wrong.

I can accept that with any problem.

Actually, I don't know I don't I don't have a problem with the woman saying that I wasn't here forgot I have never taken people seriously who said that to me anyway unless they had the Bible on their side and that's something that was lacking in her phone call, but on the other hand, there's nothing wrong with telling somebody if what they're saying needs to be corrected from Scripture and the Holy Spirit does speak to Scripture.

He inspired Scripture and he might even we might even speak to you or to me in such ways to bring the truth of Scripture to one's mind and edit at a particular time. I think that though what we have is a lot of cultural difference in the body of Christ as well as theological difference in there some people who are from a Christian culture that has somehow encourage them to believe that God is speaking to them every time that they have a strong opinion about something or anytime an idea comes in when they're praying for example, as it will God as part of this and God told me this well you know I want to take some. I think God does tell people things I'm not going to deny that. But when you say that this thought came to my head.

Therefore it's God. That's not necessarily so. I mean, it may be, but it may not be so I'm I share your concern. Now there's of course other people who don't think God speaks to us today at all except to the Bible and I wouldn't affirm that myself because I think the gifts of the spirit are still for today but I think that there's a certain cultural charismatic schism that that wants to attribute to God and to a revelation from God that everything that they have a strong opinion about. And so I I share your concerns about that Ali and my lunch if I should take another call. Let your log of all your God told God told me that his heart procures knowledge and yeah yeah yeah you met some Baptists and Lutherans are present for The right hi, I Appreciate hearing from you.

All right we talk next to John from San Diego.

Welcome to the narrow path. John: hello when you know I haven't really read Jessica unless I had her book I wore on the saints, and she was of course involved in the Welsh revival with Evan Roberts and I you know I read about some of the great things in the revival, but I never read very much about the personal life, or are the writings of Jessica unless I will say this in her book more on saints. From what I understand she took an awful lot of the supernatural manifestations of the revival to be demonic and I have in their retirement. Charismatic community you are charismatic to think that she missed the boat there that she was missing the fact that they were true charismatic true supernatural phenomena and that she just thought all such phenomena were demonic. That's that's a critique I've heard of her, but I have to say that I've had her book commercial for years. I've never taken the time to read more than a few pages of it. Not because I didn't think it worthwhile. I just there were other things more worthwhile for you to read time so I can't speak authoritatively but I do know that her book Warren saints. I think she along with Evan Roberts identified a lot of things that went on in the Welsh revival as is be demonic distractions.

And whereas I guess there would be that the matter opinion for some some people say well she may think you're demonic. We think they were the works of the Holy Spirit. So I will. I do think though as I was saying to the previous caller that there's a certain charismatic mentality that is not very critical of things that profess to be from Holy Spirit.

You know the Bible says do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God, and because many false prophets have gone out the world and enters false signs and wonders also mentioned in second Thessalonians chapter 2, so there could be some false prophecy there can be false signs and wonders, and therefore, just because something happens that appear to be supernatural or unusual in a revival meeting. It doesn't mean necessarily that it's the Holy Spirit could be, but that would have be judged before one could say for certain now.

Apart from her book on that subject. I'm not really very familiar with Jessica so I'm afraid I won't be able to do much in the way of giving and informing critique about her right thank you John for your call.

Appreciate it.

See Sue from Everett, Washington. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling me think you I would like to understand the concept of there being a number. A friend of mine and I were talking you know it. I had what about absent from the body present with the Lord is heaven we stay forever. And in that conversation came.

There is 1/3 had and seven tent and I don't understand that at all and how to turn off the air. Okay, thanks for your call.

Appreciate that the Bible doesn't mention anything about 1/7 heaven. There is a mention in second Corinthians 12 near the beginning of that chapter of Paul's target he knew one who was caught up into the third heaven and most of the commentators including myself would say he's he's actually speaking of his own experience, but he does refer to the third heaven, and he does identify with paradise. He says even unto paradise third heaven even into paradise. So he uses the word paradise interchangeably with the third heaven that he doesn't explain what he means by third heaven there is no and no other place in the whole Bible mentions the first or second or third heaven or any beyond that so you know we we don't have that one passage which is just a brush with the terminology now. I want to say this, the word paradise. Although Paul refers to third heaven is paradise is not necessarily the only use the word paradise paradise of God is a reference in some cases to the Garden of Eden or to the new heavens and new earth. And when Jesus returns. Jesus said to the thief on the cross today, you'll be with me in paradise. And I don't think they went to the third heaven they might have, but most believe otherwise. The Bible indicates Jesus were done at the grave or in the shale so I think paradise in the Bible has a very generic usage. I don't think it's a proper name.

I just like except for paradise California.

I don't know of any place that has a property in paradise but lots of places we might speak of is paradise legacy of Hawaii as well is paradise in our tedious paradise or wherever we like to go this beautifully colored paradise. And I think that that's probably not too different than the way the word paradise was used in biblical times because the word paradise is a Persian world word that means a pleasurable park pleasure place a Parker scenic place and so it's probably used figuratively. Just like we would perhaps target the Garden of Eden is paradise so it can be referred to as the third heaven Army, the third heaven can be purchased paradise and other places that are paradise circle could also be referred to as paradise. In other contexts, but the third heaven I'll tell you since the Bible nowhere gives the clues about the third heaven, but only has mention of it. Most have assumed and I'm going to go with the general assumption that it's referring to the fact that we can find in the Bible. Three different places are realms that are referred to is heaven.

One of them is of course the atmosphere around the earth for the birds fly the birds fly through the heavens, the Bible says heaven and the other physical heaven would be if the universe out beyond our atmosphere where the stars are the stars of the heavens or of heaven. And then of course the third would be the place for God's. The Bible says God's throne is in heaven is our father in heaven now, when at work when Jesus called Jesus our father in heaven. He didn't mean in the sky. He didn't mean you know in the atmosphere, find out the birds or or out in outer space. Because Paul said that we all are very near to God in him we live and move and have our being.

So I believe that the what heaven is the place where God lives is a reference to the spiritual realm were God and the angels who are spirits dwell and so that's why think are spirits also go when we die our biases were absent from the body. When we die, but were present with the Lord present with the Lord would be in heaven that he asked his art is at the eternal home know it's not even it's not even Jesus is eternal home. It says in first Thessalonians, when Jesus comes back, he's going to bring with him those who died in Christ and where he's coming to is here earth. The Bible says that he's going to inherit the earth.

The uttermost parts of the earth for his possession says in Psalm 28 and so are we working inherit the earth. According to Revelation 510, and even Jesus own statement in Matthew 55 where he says the meek shall inherit the earth, so working to live in a new heaven and new earth. At least that's the last scene in the book of Revelation is that of a new heaven and new earth that set where there's no crying, there's no sorrow and there is no pain and there's no sufferings, no sickness, no death, and where there's no more curse, so the new heaven and the new earth spoken of. That way is because it's like Genesis 11 God created the heavens and the earth will basically create new heavens and new earth, and the new earth is free without a curse, just like it was from God first made it before Adam and Eve sinned, and that's where God intended for people to live God never intended for people live in heaven that's not really is not human. The realm of humans says in Psalm hundred 15 in verse 16 it says the heaven, even the heavens are the Lord's, but the earth he has given to the sons of men. So he makes very clear distinction in the Scripture. Heaven is the place for God and the earth is the place for people and select Psalm hundred 15 verse 16.

So anyway that's I think that covered all your questions are member if there's any more than he had quite a string of them, but that should cover the subject. Okay Dwight from Denver while walking to the narrow path lexicon, headlight yes are on their listening to Dr. Kim Kimmell authored gray space. Being online and he was mentioning that Plato referred to four different types of personalities and partner temperaments or temperaments you write you place much weight in those different types of personalities. You know, I'm not sure what difference it makes.

But something makes a great deal of of difference.

You know, Tim LaHaye, who became especially famous for the left behind novels before before his writing a lot about Bible prophecy. He wrote several books on the four temperaments. These came out back in the I think in the 70s and the 80s and he you he wrote several books from a Christian point of view on the four temperaments and you could probably find them if you're curious about it. I never was very interested and I can't say whether it's right or wrong because I can't say why necessarily it would matter it might matter in terms of our being more appreciative of people who are different than we are and say will that's just one of a different temperament, but we could we could learn that lesson. Even if we knew nothing about the names of the four temperaments of that person's phlegmatic you know it was one of them, or melancholy, which is another one of you okay I don't need to know those words to know that someone with his moody or that somebody in with his has private personality so I you know I said I think it's reacted negatively to it. Not because I believe it was. Not true or anything like that. I I just felt like it's kind of makes people too introverted. I think that any time people begin to much look at themselves.

They will I'm on this arm that night and they take these tests to find out what they are and so forth. I know I just I think it's too much of a focus on myself.

I mean, it doesn't matter what my temperament is I'm required to be like Jesus and required to maybe maybe I tend to be melancholy. Well that I need to cheer up to be more like Jesus made him sanguine. Well, maybe I need to adjust myself to be like Jesus. From there, where I am. I need to change and ready to become more like Christ on the doubt deal with temperamental issues that are that either were born into mirror or or nurtured into me and my upbringing but I don't really see how changes anything about my duty as a Christian I think it more or less distracts me from my duty as a Christian I think Christians need to be focused on Christ as much a possible and then the you know where change from glory to glory in his image. So it whatever point were change from wherever one of our beginning point is I don't know that hurts us to know I don't have a name for it, but I don't think it's ever heard anyone not start or not have a name for it sounds to me… It's a's right peripheral peripheral wall that helps a lot. Thank you so much all right appreciate your call.

Dwight God bless you Mina.

All right, let's talk to Mike from Dallas, Oregon. Mike looking to the neuropathic circling percolation between people who use the home and on the last time he started getting into plain Dragon online friends very dangerous. Any demonic and not associated with that game.

And in Ephesians, Paul talks about the forces of evil around now watching her like their guardian angel watches well. I suspect I suspect that there are were never told exactly how we were never told that were never promised that the aim lightly and were told that the Angels guard us if we if we fear God were never told that the demons are always attacking us. But we we should never be comfortable in any kind of assurance that there are not, and what we can't see them with their eyes so we know there are millions of them are there great a huge number of them swarms of them are sometimes described in the book of Revelation that I believe that even if demons aren't in the room with me right now and I suspect that they are, by the way I cite just I suspect I don't know but if they are alerted for this or if they aren't, they might be 10 minutes. Now I don't know.

I don't know when the demons are to be showing up and I don't worry about it much because the if you walk in the spirit and you where the armor of God, then you know you know how to respond whenever a demon comes with it so employees against you. The things you do have to live with the super naturalistic worldview, and I think that maybe rest. A lot of people fall short. They don't believe they kinda believe in the supernatural, because their believers but saying God and that was okay yeah there is a God of the mighty believers Angels, but they might not bring them in. There's different degrees of awareness of the supernatural people have.

I think our worldview has reshaped entirely by what the Bible says, and therefore we have to believe is a devil and his demons and there's Angels and there's God, and so forth. And that way the soul or spirit so so you depending on how how biblical your worldview is the reality that you may be attacked by the demonic is so is is with you all the time. I mean, you don't live in fear, you just living you live in preparedness is production Dragon skills. I've never I've never watched him play the game.

Have no idea what it involves I member it first came out since it came out in the 80s and there weren't as many video games out then is there are no of course, but I member when I heard people plan it concerned me, but to say it concerned me doesn't mean I have any real knowledge of the harm it does. I do remember reading some critiques of it again that it didn't give me a very clear understanding how it works out at these these games you play online with other people that you don't, you who are there.

I know how that works I do.

I've never had any interest in, and have never had never been tempted but I would say that right. I would just say that I not a lot of time is wasted playing video games, even if it's entirely pure. I would think that limited time should be spent in any videogame because there's an awful lot that you haven't processed yet. The average person of God is actually requires of us. I mean anyone who is not read the whole Bible once or twice or three times and is spending versus watching video games. It's really wasting a lot of time that could be put to much better use and anyone who has read the Bible, a great deal should be meditating on Scripture day and night. Now I I personally, I think we should always have the mindset that whatever were doing or thinking about were were viewing it through a Christian lens were on or what we know to be true.

What we know to be scriptural and therefore innocents were meditating on Scripture, even when were in conversation with people are seeing something in a commercial or or play the game or doing anything and I just don't know. I mean, if a person is truly a spiritual Christian and there met him Scripture day and night. I don't I don't think they that they should be deprived and occasional diversion watching a TV show or movie once in a while is not really forbidden, but I think that even when you're doing that you should be viewing it through the lens of your Christian worldview and of what the Scripture teaches now I don't know what to what degree these people who play these games are doing that you know and I don't know to what degree there wasting an awful lot of time to be put to better use, but I'll tell you I would never write judging the phrase I would never have allowed my kids to doubt my kids are adults now and I couldn't stop the infected. I'm sure Mike my kids do play video games are there millennial's, you know, but I don't ever I'm never around them. When the plaintiff bites yeah I've heard I fly all I can say is I don't feel very comfortable about that kind of a game, but but I don't know much about it. There are people who do say that the the role-playing and all that stuff can easily open you up to demons and I wouldn't be surprised if that's true, but I can say that authoritatively while okay okay yeah I know for myself and he is not a believer will not follow like his mother and idea, and so I'm concerned that in his easiest world open door could be mean. You might want to might want to just a little research on the game itself because I've never really done that. I'm not that into you might like a little research on the game, and even talk to your sensei care what's going on here you're playing this is what is truly happening here and then if you sense it.

If you assess it as something that's demonic and it very well may be. Unbeknownst to me, it may well be, then you could also always say well he's in your house. You don't really want that end in your house the right necessity. Deuteronomy do not let the abominable thing in your house so that would be a good thing because it's it's unknown to us exactly to what degree bringing that kind of thing in the house invites demonic activity. It sometimes seems to I don't know that always does, but I just wouldn't want. I don't play around with David's. I don't be in their backyard. Another beyond solid ground with a position to fight them off yet. Don't take okay helpful. Thank you.

Okay brother, I'm sorry about your son. I think a lot of parents listening have the same issues of their children. God bless you for joining us about the Muse explained that does me were done we were only halfway done. We got another half-hour so don't go away. We just take this moment at the bottom of the hour to let you know that the narrow path is a listener supported ministry. Many ministers on the radio either are supported by a church because it's their pastor, preaching on the radio or they may be supported by commercials and sponsors will have any that going on here so we just depend on people like you if you'd like to help us down there. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 go to our website, you can donate there if you want to. Everything set free of the website.

Website is the narrow I'll be back in 30 seconds.

So don't go over to chemicals, you know, the narrow path radio show is Bible radio that has nothing to sell you everything to do the right thing and share with your family and friends. Tell them to tune into the narrow count on this radio station narrow when they will find topical audio teachings blog articles and diverse teaching and hard times of the radio shows you know listener supported Nero With Steve Greg share which you now have Steve Greg and will live for another half-hour taking your calls. Questions about idly like to bring up. I will be glad to talk to about them.

I do want to while I'm there are calls waiting, I do want to answer question came from a prisoner in Hawaii named Cody and Cody has written to us with questions before, and I is not an always quick to get to them because we get so many calls but once think I should just get a prisoner chance because the listen but he can't call in from the correctional facility where he is. He said my question is on October 22, 2020 the pope spoke from the Vatican and said homosexuality is okay in the church. Is this the falling away, or the place of the abomination that makes desolate okay well first I didn't hear the Pope said and I will and if he says homosexual is okay I guess I have to ask, did he mean I am not sure said that by me because I didn't hear it, but it is that if you're incorrectly then he he might be saying that a homosexual person is still loved by God and can be accepted by God but without Messerli in in implying that they can practice their homosexuality.

You seek to be homosexual means that a person is attracted to the same sex, but be attracted to somebody doesn't mean you're doing anything evil about it, that's a temptation to have different temptation than I do as I'm never attracted to the same sex. Not that way so but I'd be tempted, sometimes with the opposite sex, and therefore I can understand the difference between temptation and sin because I would never act on it so person who's homosexually inclined may live a celibate lifestyle, in which case they are they are okay.

Now if he means that people were practicing homosexual fornication are okay well then, of course, that would not be correct.

It's not okay to practice fornication either heterosexual or homosexual know fornication is okay and advises fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of God and the pope who doesn't tell people that would not be helping people find the kingdom of God he might affect the encouraging behavior that would prevent people from intricate pacing. Is this the falling away the abomination of desolation. I don't I don't believe that Paul's reference the falling away in second Thessalonians 2, or the reference to the abomination of desolation mentioned by Matthew and in Matthew Jesus in Matthew 2421 2415 I don't think those are talking about things that are happening in the end times. I realize it. If you listen to a lot of Christian radio. Most of Bible prophecy teachers or most Bible teachers seem to be implying that these kinds of things that are in these prophetic passages are about things are happening in the end times. That's one view and a lot of people hold that you obviously I I hold the view that many of those things that people have historically or popularly I should say thought of is referring to the end times are really referring things it already happened in history. They were they were future women are predicted. Of course, lots of waters going into the bridge in the 2000 year since those prophecies were made and there's every reason to wonder whether in the 2000 years after the prediction that have taken place, whether anything in this 2000 years have been the fulfillment of those predictions, and in my opinion a great number of them have been so I'm not really looking for the future abomination of desolation or one in our time. Likewise, the falling away, which is only mentioned in second pestilence to is it's I think that happened in the past two as my own opinion so you asked me if from the Pope declares that homosexuality is okay. Is he committing the abomination of desolation or is this a fine way know, but I think that if he's encouraging normative home as normative homosexual behavior than of course, these he speak against the bottle speaking against the apostles. So he and others who speak against Christ because the apostle speak for Christ authority Christ gave so I don't. He said that I don't know exactly what he said he might've said something like that, but I'd have to know exactly what he said and how we capture because I myself would say if somebody is struggling with same-sex attraction, but like every good Christian there avoiding fornication this or not having sex, then they are not. There's nothing for them to be ashamed there struggling with something I don't struggle with and I greatly greatly sympathetic and exit to them for that.

But then I have my struggles are made every human being has struggles different temptation, but temptation is not sin. Sin is when you succumb to the temptation and, therefore, if the Pope is just saying out a few tempted with the same sex and don't feel bad, just live a holy life, but if you're if he says it's okay within a holy life to exercise your homosexual urges and fornicate. I would not I would certainly disagree with that very strongly and I think he's not teaching what Christian leadership, teaching practice. He's leading people astray into something that the Bible says will keep them out of the kingdom so I don't think spiritually. Should ever do that. That would make them a false teacher. Of course all right. Let's talk next to Eddie from Napa California any welcome to the neuropathic for calling Allstate just a question. One of them have to do with with prophecy and like you said earlier, you know God can do what everyone and I took them out of the box he could do whatever you want now.

Everyone 20 so when I read one talks about that God work through profit. In the latter days, I spoke with Jesus right after Christ. There was a couple of profit right so is there profit like they were back then and is teaching a form of prophecy. That's one question and then the other one was this in the book of Job, and I went around in circles with a few people on this it when I read it and I know it's just writing you know it. God instigate the enemy. To check out Joe young. He didn't get instigated. But anyway, Steve.

My phone is cutting on the radio and thank you for taking my call. Okay, okay, my pleasure.

Thank you for joining us current on his first profits go. Some people think that Hebrews 11 indicates that the coming of Christ and the age of profits because the writer begins the book same God who at various times in diverse ways spoke in time past to our fathers by the prophets has in these last days spoken to us by his son, which he goes on to describe as being of course much superior to any profits.

Now he doesn't say here that once the sun has come. The guy doesn't speak for any profits we know of course, as you pointed out, there were profits in the church after Jesus had come agate. This is the one whose name is most prominent in the book of acts is a couple of times. We have him showing up and prophesying future things and he doesn't seem much different in his ministry aggressive only small specimen of his ministry, but I can't tell from that that he's any different than an Old Testament prophet would. Paul told the church of Corinth let the prophets speak two or three electives judge. Now the prophets have prejudged because they're professing to speak for God, and we don't want to be accepting something as from God if it's let's say a liar in the Bible does indicate there are false prophets so we have to be careful not to just leave everything that some is as if they say there profit they still stand subject to judgment. Judgment of the word of God. If they don't speak according to this word, there's no light in them so I believe there there are people who prophesy and the right of here is not denying that he just say that our fathers before us before Jesus came only had the prophets to to for him to speak through but we have something much better with Christ. But having Christ doesn't mean there's no use for profits anywhere anymore, then there's no need for teachers to trip Christ teaching that Christ came teaching but that doesn't mean there's no other people who teach the Holy Spirit is continuing Christ's ministry through his body gives gifts like prophecy and teaching those kinds of things to different servants of his who are part of his body and therefore he is continuing to speak to us through the ones that he give such gifts to use. It is, is teaching the same things prophecy. The Bible actually makes a distinction between those things. In Ephesians 411, Paul said that Christ gave some, apostles, and some prophets and some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers that he made clear that those are different.

In fact, and near the end of second Corinthians 12 where Paul is talking about the various gifts we just read this passage 40.

He says in second correctives efforts first crickets.

Trotsky verse 28 it says God has appointed these in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, so for now, however, the first second and third should be understood whether it's an important certain chronology is clearly makes a distinction God has given first apostles, third teachers, so the first and third would be the same thing so I don't think that teaching is the same as prophecy. I don't think that preaching is the same as prophecy.

I think prophecy is what it always was in the Bible, God speaking directly through a person in an oracular way that is giving an Oracle and you can generally tell the difference a teacher talks about God, a prophet speaks as God, saying, thus says the Lord. I know I will do such and such and the teacher never talks that way and lessees lapsing into prophesy because actually meant for upper, a teacher might prophesy and a prophet might teach, but prophecy and teaching are not the same phenomena Job and I was real clear in your question Joe. I think you're asking the God unleashed the devil on Job as I recall, your question, yes, we can say he did in the sense that Job was protected until that point from the devil's farm in the double sense of himself to God, while the devil doesn't always tell the truth. We might expect them not to try to get away with lying to God to his face and he says you know I've not been able to afflict Job because you put a hedge around him, so I can't touch anything that is his or him so we can see that that hedge that God in place on Job prevented the devil from doing anything to them. And if God had wished he could to The hedge there until Job real died, went to heaven. Whatever went wherever he go so the fact that the devil says will let me add them. Let me do things to amend that I'll show you he's not your faithful servant. You think is a Gazan okay you can do this but not more. That means a God did on lease that were not entirely.

He kept a leash on him but he let him do things that his the headship around Joe previously would've prevented the devil from doing what this means, of course, is that God protects his people from the devil's tax unless, as in the case of Job, God sees fit to test and I think that's what we see happening is that God saw fit to allow Job to be tested in these ways, and the devil is the tester verse with the word tempter meets tester and so the test was full on Job's loyalty the same as Adam and Eve's test, the devil, God love that of the devil to get to them to and to test them to test their loyalty.

Actually, every test that the devil brings to us is a test of our loyalty to God. And that's true whether the temptation is an allurement to some pleasure or whether it is pain and suffering that we have to face or whether it's a new persecution or whatever this is, these are tests and that's what our life here is for to be tested because God is looking for loyal servants that he can hand over the throne to the Bible says Bible says that if we endure will reign with him when he comes.

He's going to have some of it is raining with him and but he's not everyone ready with him. If they're disloyal that's why Jesus said to the church in Smyrna. In Revelation 210. Be faithful and loyal. Be faithful unto death, and I give you the crown of life. As you reign you have a crown like I have if your faithful or loyal so we once we understand that's what this world is for. It really it makes a lot of things that just makes life different to you. We view life differently and I think more sensibly because so many times sufferings to seem nonsensical. I really don't have any. There's no reason that that person should suffers a nice guy.

Why would Job have to suffer like that. Why would I have to suffer like that have to and I have done nothing wrong.

Well, I mean, that's it. It's a test were part we have were in this life, for one reason this life is temperament really lived about 70, 80, 90 years and then week then we have eternity face and what God has in mind for us is that in that eternity would reign with him. So this whole life here is the test of our loyalty to God to see who he can trust and give authority and power to win when he comes back.

So Jesus comes.

That's why there's a judgment because everything we've done will be examined and those who been faithful will reign with Christ. Those who not will not and every trial and test we have is is basically part of the whole program to see if were going to be loyal to God when there's temptations to do otherwise. Adam and Eve failed that test Joe pass the test. Jesus was tested in the same way if I could Bible says in Luke chapter 4 verse one that the Holy Spirit led Jesus out to the wilderness to be tempted. Tested by the devil.

So Jesus himself had to go through testing and of course Pastor test so yeah Job, God did allow the devil to come after Job and theirs and it is no way to read the first two chapters about agreement that's fact people sometimes don't want to believe that because they think it makes God look bad, but actually if they think that God has them on this earth to avoid trials and that God has to explain himself when he allows us to go through trials they haven't figure out what they're here for you, then figured out that they're in school and when you're in school you take tests if you fail the tests you don't graduate to pass the test you do and that's what were doing. If you thought this is a playground, you are wrong. It's not playground.

This is a school classroom and a battleground is the enemy is the one who's testing us and would like to destroy us if we will allow ourselves to fail. All right, let's talk to Steve from Newport Beach Steve, welcome to the neuropathic for calling you hear me okay yes it okay good I'm in my car and Don I turn the radio down, but that Oakley everything is coming through so I was your show quite a bit and I think it's pretty interesting. I like your patient and you have a good in-depth view of the Scriptures and an open mind and I like Alex wanted to say I am. Carry on. There's a lot of interesting things going on these days and down.

Thank God that now was allowed to leave the Bible over the last 25 years and just studying the fell in love with the Scripture my life and live in a league read together and some just fantastic things but in either case, without boring you to death. I was curious what you thought about that second Corinthians chapter 13 verse five when I can go on a diabetic picture starting with that one just to see how you feel exotic salmon yourselves as to whether you're in the face prove yourselves, do not do not know yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you, unless you indeed are reprobate what I think about that. Well I think I think that we have to remember what Jesus said in Matthew seven that on the day of testing of judgment.

Many will say, Lord, Lord, we prophesied in your name we cast out demons in your name we did may worsen him. He'll say I never knew you depart from you workers of iniquity.

So obviously there are people who think that they are Christians and even have reason to believe that Christians, because they've done the kinds of things mentioned our lease. They believe they have and and yet you find out a rude awakening on the degenerative they never were Christians. Jesus never knew who they were never recognized and so I think what Paul is saying here is that you don't just so we don't end up in that class of people who are so shocked and chagrined and and are not saved, we should examine ourselves we should put ourselves to the very test that he's talking about, see if you're really in the faith and yeah and payment Jesus Christ and you mean at the pretty compound statement which which makes us who love God and believe in God. It gives me chills you now just reading that thinking about what he's really saying and Don yeah I just FYI kinda had had to share the well Christ is in us and we do have to examine ourselves to see if that's really, if that's applicable to us or to out someone else other than us.

It says in first John chapter 3 in verse 24, it says now he who keeps his commandments abides in him and he in him that his crisis and you and your and him if you're keeping his commandments and it says and by this we know that he abides in us by the spirit whom he has given us so we we want to test ourselves to see if where the faith well we know that he abides in us because we keep his commandments. And because his spirit in his aggressive services will have unknown spirits and me.

Well, do you have the spirit of Christ or don't you. Are you would would people who around you say well I I since the spirit of God in you, or they say I think your bitter spirit or arrogant spirit or something else in the spirit of Christ is is quite unique and you know it. Christians are supposed to have that spiritedness and we know that we abide in him and he abides in us. If if with the spirit and also in first John 413 just usually a page over it says. By this we know that we abide in him and he abides in us because he's given us of his spirit so possessing the Holy Spirit been obedient to his words and by the way, the fruit of the Spirit is love. Jesus said by this all men. All men will know you are my disciples, if you have love one for another, but that's the fruit of the spirit.

If I have the spirit that I love. If I don't have the spirit I don't love. If I don't love. I don't have the spirit solving this we should test ourselves as a policy and make sure that you are one of those Christ is and then we neither have the love of God and if we don't then think we got Houston. We got problems here that all yeah yeah love you now II feel like that I think and I think that's the thing these Jesus referred to reason some people prophesy cast out demons and do mighty works. His name, and they apparently didn't do the will of the father, but what's the will of others that we love one another, and Paul remembered first with your circuits and if I speak in tongues.

If I prophesy if I do mighty works. If I cast you have such faith as I can cast them out into the sea with my faith in our favor and give up my body to be burned.

If I don't have love it counts for nothing. He said you versus a prescriptive 13 so so he said the same thing. Jesus is your leg there are people who have these gifts, but they don't have any love, and if they don't have love. Then there are Christians to counsel without love, it doesn't count for anything with what God is love and as he says in first John and now right have. If you don't have love, you don't really Howdy, how do you know if you have love. How do you know if you have love you not because you're putting others ahead of yourself you doing staffer others what you would want done to for it to you.

Your giving to those who have genuine needs. If you have something to give you our patient of people if they are if there annoy you.

You're like Christ and that's what that's what the spirit of Christ. Looks like it if you look like Jesus to people then and I think you probably qualified as a true follower of Christ that I think right on my opinion last thing is that I think the word were going to be in some pretty interesting times up ahead all the worldly things going on.

I think a lot of people are very aired in August, up locked down the serious stuff going on, but I think it can be very important. It can we stay close to God and trust in him because can get pretty pretty intense. Most likely were not accustomed to following God in the land where we have no freedom but damning the fruit we've already had the freedom take away some of the states had no even meet for Thanksgiving coming this crazy I mean the freedoms we know we know which party wants take away all our freedoms and if that party wins is that party actually wins then we will will have to learn what Christians and the Soviet Union had to learn what Christians in China, but the Capulet might of North Korea yet.

Right now, if at the other party if the other party wins we have to live with riots in the streets, but frankly I'd I'd rather you will survive the Wrightson Street and have my freedom then to live and have my children and grandchildren live without any freedom to openly speak up for Christ or order Stanford's righteous and I think that's that's certainly the direction that one party must take us handed get. I'm almost out of time here, but I appreciate your call.

I agree will thank you so much and may God bless you. Thank you, Steve, Michael from North Texas. I only a minute or two, but you can have it if you wanted to hit a bad battery will want to have children that that could be destined to happen (rather live so be condemned to hell. There's no guarantee that they did and it worked in a Christian family serious, the answer would be, and I have to catch up to going to be cut off myself.

About a minute and I would like to answer for. Can the reason I think Christians like to step children is the same reason Christians do anything and that is because God wants us to. Because God commands us to be fruitful because God, you know, if God tells us to do something a it might be the very thing it's going to break our hearts, but if it's his will for us to do it then we do it and we do after you when we obey God, then we then we and we have to trust God with the outcomes of things because God knows that we don't and we can't control outcomes. You're right. The children we have could end up in hell but ill and we don't have control over that of the children have may have to live in a miserable state like children around the world do in poverty stricken nations and totalitarian nations, and so forth.

Our children might have to also admit the question is does God want us have children or not. Do we want to do. We want to have heartbreak. No, not no-nonsense heartbreak and at times like this. Many people say why would never want to bring a child. I don't blame except God wants you to your God is one who gives children like arrows in the hands of a mighty man and if if in horrible times in the past. Christians didn't have children, then we wouldn't of had some of the great heroes of faith and some ignorant revivals that came about. So just going to have to trust God and do the right thing. I'm sorry can't go further out of time listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday were listener supported. You can write to us at the narrow path PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or website is the narrow thanks for joining us target tomorrow

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