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The Narrow Path 11/23

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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November 23, 2020 7:00 am

The Narrow Path 11/23

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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November 23, 2020 7:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
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The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to broadcast what Steve Greg Moore live for an hour each weekday afternoon with an open phone line that you can call if you have questions you'd like to ask about the Bible or the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint you'd like to balance comments with you can call me at the number I'm about to give. But I'm also going let you know in advance.

The lines are full, you will get through if you call right this moment, but you probably will if you called somewhat later in the broadcast. So have this number ready 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 RNR first color today is Rez in Novato, California. Welcome to the narrow path rest. Mexico did you do about good things will work to keep Pres. per flow suggestion box cars so will you losers were sooner users, moon, question mark summit was regularly sent us truly believe in universalism but I think there's could be a lot more people can be saved and not saying I say this because I'm 46 years old and as I've been working through a lot of my problems.

I realized a lot of things that were inflicted on me in the waveguide people are because of your parents and actors because of their parents and so a lot of people just operating on almost like a default setting and you know what I think would Jesus father forgive them for they know not what they do.

I know in my case I really don't know what I've done until I continue to just evaluate my life so I'm wanted to say that you get your thoughts about that and the other thing I want to say was if there all men are created in the image of God, which I believe described in the sun for one, that means to be good. This destructive Christ is all men Muslims who are people of the you know even aborigine tribes that don't know what my wonder is somehow accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. If Christ created everybody now becomes activated because she's the clock created in his image and all mental do we need to tell people about Jesus. If we do is just choose, wake them up and line their get that Christ did you know him from birth is is good to be activated that's counterbalanced with that.

Well, some of the things you've mentioned.

I don't know that I'd be in a position to answer yer name because some of it's not really found in the Bible there is something, maybe a little similar to some of that found in John chapter 1 verse nine, where it speaks of Jesus as the true light who gives light to every man who comes into the world so it it's basically saying that Jesus gives light to every man that comes in the world and that he is that light that enlightens every man comes in the world so there is some light in all people, whether it's because we are made in the image of God as we certainly are or whether it's because Sarah got his putter conscience and people or he simply committed himself to communicating with people and therefore there's some degree to which he is given a measure of revelation of himself to people.

It may be little more than the awareness that there must be a God out there may be little more than the awareness of some things are right and wrong and that any thinking person would realize some things are right or wrong thing must've been determined to be right around by some one above us, and anyone who thinks clearly would know those things and and therefore probably a lot of people who have never heard of the Bible never heard of any religion possibly hurt me different from the religions of Christ, and they might they might have some light that we don't know about because Jesus is the one who gives light to everyone who comes in the world. Then we have to assume that everyone comes around has some light and and and as it says in John 19 that light is Christ, so their response that light would be in a sense a response to Christ even if they didn't know who he was because he is that light, and if they if they shun the lights like John chapter 6 is people to relate light comes in the world and they hate the light so they hide in darkness. Well then that's that's their reaction to Christ even if they never heard of Christ and if they you'll love light.

If they seek the lightness in their desire is to be more enlightened. That's a positive response. I would think to the light which, if God counts out like to be Christ and it's hard to know exactly how that factors into the possibility of your salvation but you did ask you know if everyone has some some little bit of light in them. Do we really need to tell people what Jesus we need to tell people about Jesus.

Because the the light of nature is not enough to really tell them everything we know about Jesus.

They may not even know that Jesus has come to the earth. They may not know Jesus died for us that he rose again that he's enthroned and he's the ruler of the universe and he commands all men ever to submit to them. Those things are not necessary things that you would gain by simply having a basic knowledge of conscience or or of that there must be a God or something like that. Those things are important things and those of that's what the gospel is that we preach the gospel to them so that they'll know it and be become a part of it. Now I say part of it. I'm not necessarily talk about heaven per se. I believe in heaven. I believe it Christians and who knows, maybe some others may end up that I don't know the Bible doesn't tell us who all will end up in heaven and who want but we know that we who are who follow Jesus will people who follow the light. They haven't never heard of Jesus.

We don't have any specific information given to us about that but I would say that even if we could say well, some people could go to heaven even if they never heard about Jesus. If we if we if we took that approach, it would still be no argument against preaching the gospel because for people to go to heaven is not what Jesus came for Jesus came to establish a kingdom over which he reigns, and to recruit into his kingdom is your followers and and so even if a person would say because his whole life ignorant of Jesus, but because they follow the little light.

They had God gives him some kind of a break and he doesn't send them to hell, if that's the case, it would still be that they had missed that one opportunity on earth to serve the interests of God in this planet, which is where his interests are, and he made the planet. They put people in charge of it and his desires that people have dominion over it and failed. Therefore Jesus came to rescue that in and re-create things as it were. Create a new kingdom where he is the head, and he wants all men to be part of that now people end up in heaven but were never part of that.

Then maybe they've dodged a bullet. But God hasn't gotten from them what he made them for he hasn't had the members of Christ's body serving in the world doing Christ's work in the world, which was the body of Christ is here for.

They've lived without knowledge of you know Christ so they can't really escape the demons and or their sin in their life. Jesus saves that the idea that Jesus might God might forgive people for something he sees in them that we don't know is there is.

That's his business, but our business is to make sure everyone knows that Jesus is the King and that he is recruiting all people to be part of his kingdom.

Part of his body and to do his work in the world to rescue the world and the soul. If we don't preach to these people will never be part of that and while even if they managed to get to heaven somehow because the mercy of God, God will have failed to receive what he wants from them and what he wants from us is holiness of loyalty and obedience and service, and that's what he made us to do and it's it's a shame if God doesn't get what he made us for as he deserves. Appreciate your call to John in Massachusetts. Welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. Hi Steve can hear me okay sure okay I have two questions for you in Alaska, and not so my first question is if communion was so different in the early church when I'm reading about in the first 20 more like a potluck thing on how how is the way we do it today justified and then my second question is James mentioned that we would need be judged by the law of liberty. Can you explain what the law of liberty is and why freedom isn't oppressive in Christianity and a lot of philosophers have mentioned we are condemned between freedom and action quite impressive. The ability to choose.

So. So why is freedom a good thing in Christianity. What is that while liberty to talk about that. Yeah you are right at believe that the way they did communion in the Bible is considerably different than the way it is usually done in churches today usually in churches today. It is a a brief interlude in the general worship service where people take a little tiny sip of wine or grape juice and take a little tiny piece of bread and it's all ritualistic. It's all symbolic. It's it represents the body and blood of Christ in the early church as we know from reading first Corinthians 11. They were sharing a meal, and we know this, also from the church fathers and what they said about the agape feast of the domain fellowship of the church in the in the apostolic times and shortly thereafter for the next century or so was not primarily a lecture service in an auditorium. It was it was table fellowship at a meal and that's that's obvious. Again, from reading first 11, but it's also obvious from reading with the church father say even Jude mentions the false teachers who've come in and invaded your agape feasts so the Christian gather was more like a meal then it was like a a meeting but there was teaching in the lives of course, as far as we know they they were taught every day, at least in the early church and a course we can be taught every day to now with a lot of opportunities for that but but as far as eating together. That's the real specialists about getting together as Christians and it was you know the communion. Therefore was a meal that was the center of their meetings in their meetings also had some teaching had some I'm sure some prayer and some singing, but it was the eating together not not a symbolic eating necessarily but an actual full meal and that and that full meal was done also are members of Christ. It may well be that were not told to specifically but were it's not were not told otherwise, either. It may well be that at that meal they interrupt the meal briefly to hold up a cup and hold up a piece of bread and salad seat.

This, in the memory of Jesus blood in his body. They might've done that or they might've just simply regarded the whole meal every piece of bread they put in their mouth every sip of wine they took was to be a time of remembering what Christ done for them on the cross. There's much that we are not told that's the problem. The New Testament tells us very, very little about the communion meal and what it does tell us is pretty much contrary to the way we practice most churches today.

As far as the church fathers go they tell is somewhat more.

We don't have very many testimonies in the early church to the protocol of a meeting, for example, how things are done and I think in fact, some of those things even changed a bit over time.

I'm not sure I'm not really sure that they would insist upon a particular protocol. They just Ozzie did it one way, and seven other. You asked if the modern way we do it. It could be set considered legitimate. I I would say it could be considered legitimate. It's it. I'd much rather do things the way they did it. New Testament, I don't think there's a legalism about it in the Bible that you have to have a have a justice way.

But if you don't have it in full meal. Of course, you're missing some dynamics that they considered to be important so you know there's there's not much told I do have a lecture on it on the on the Eucharist and in communion somewhere on my website and I go into detail how your other questions about James calling the law of liberty, which is the law of love. The law to love your neighbor as you have yourself, what we follow, we follow the law of liberty, they called it that because in keeping God's standards. We do so happily because we have love in our hearts that the Holy Spirit puts in their and God's standards simply are all simply the outworking of philosophy of love in your heart that then you want to serve and and do good.

That's what your heart tells you to do and when you get to do what your heart tells you to. That's liberty now. Philosophically, we might say, but there's a great burden on those of liberty because they have responsibility let's true God apparently felt we could handle that is true. Animals don't have any responsibility before God. Apparently what we do because we can make choices or response with righteousness.

That's it is an oppressive well I don't think so. Not if you want not.

If you want to do good if you don't want to do good. I think it's pretty impressive but you know if you don't want to do good. You're not a Christian anyway some flight who cares just do your thing and live with the consequences. In the next life or whatever but I mean if a person wants to good, and anyone who doesn't is not really converted.

Then they then they get to do good.

It's not such of it's not not so burdensome. It says in first John chapter 5 this is the love of God that we keep his commandments, and they are not burdensome. So yeah, I don't see it is such a bird. True, there is a burden on of response for all mankind in general and those who hate God, which is perhaps maybe the majority they must find a very burdensome that they have to make choices and suffer consequences for them. But those who want to please God. They want to make the choices that please God. So in that regard requires so it's not really such a burden. In my opinion, certain certainly I don't find it to be so, but some may think real Christians generally would Stephen Lakewood, Washington.

Welcome to the narrow path, transfer, and I want to ask you to make a major announcement to let me indulge my first question is, I suppose I could look it up online and do my own research, but I'm getting in the habit of losing her program was called by the landline hosted by two Seventh-day Adventist namely Doug Belcher could be debated about the Sabbath musical question about federalism because not many people believe in plagiarism basically said it was heretical to distinguish between partial credit for the printers and trying to follow the singleness most people to leave and dispensationalism's tourism, but that he and his colleague Dean Ross called historicism revelation makes the most sense at that boy to go. My question is coming from something he said he said first 100 Internet? What are some who was only talking about what he might not even know about impartial printers and then his toes was him or not the partial print is growing rapidly just that your next question. I don't know. I don't know if Doug Batchelor is familiar with the nuances of different predators views to say that only a few people believe in predators.

I would say that's fairly true of the full predators when it comes to the partial predators and I think that the I think that's a very dominant view is not is not is not not as popular as dispensationalism said he needs it.

Certainly yes it's a fast-growing view but it's it's also view that Scott respectable leaders serve through for the past couple centuries who you thought that that's the best way to look at the book of Revelation.

Now as far as historicists there used to be a lot of historicists most Protestants used to be. Historicists, but ever since the late 19th century. Other views of Revelation have been predominant, and now there's not very many, historicists, the Seventh-day Adventists are. Historicists they there may be other groups that are, but I don't know very many. So I would say that historicism and predators and were both minority views and that in today's church, however, historicism did have a lot of proponents, especially from the time of the Reformation until about the early 20th century. So even though not many people are. Historicists now there have been times where it was the predominant view now I don't know if there is ever a time when predators was the predominant view so it may be that throughout history there's been more historicists than predators.

I can't say I don't know, nor do I care.

I mean if we are to if were concerned about counting noses to determine what's true, then we have to reject both predators men historicism, which I'm sure dispensations would like for us to do, but we don't we don't decide truth on that basis was your second question time will come when men will not endure sound doctrine after shucking to themselves teachers use initial turn away their ears from the truth to be turned away, and shall be turned unto fables that was second Timothy 4324 Steve you have been through many questions about the Sabbath to officially ask you for the record heart mind and soul. Anything that God demand if you thought that was keeping was part of the Christian curriculum you do it in a heartbeat.

You are doing it because you are trying to get out of doing component law requires no not the Christian, so you choose not to. Legalism is just as bad as lawlessness not love the one certainly I would do whatever I believe the Bible says that I mean that's I deliver my whole life to doing. I've never understood quite Doug Batchelor's view on this when he and I debated he kept referring to people who don't keep the Sabbath, but who keep the other nine of the 10 Commandments as trying to get it a 10% discount. He said offer of keeping the law well frankly Pfizer give myself a 10% discount. There's other laws, and there I give myself the discount on and keep the Sabbath to Sabbath keeping is easy, it means sit around just around read the Bible. I do that every day anyway so I don't mind doing that on Saturdays are you saw me and not others. I'm not trying to avoid keeping Sabbath because somehow it's distasteful or or or that it's not you know too much work or too little work or whatever I don't. I never understood why he thought people would try not to keep the Sabbath simply because because they wanted to avoid keeping the law and me.

There certainly there.

Certainly other laws that are more of an imposition or would be on me. Certainly then than keeping Sabbath were great, but I mean you can't really judge somebody's heart about some like that are of course subject to Sabbath.

If I have any reason to believe the Bible wanted and required it not just Doug Batchelor makes it sound like it's a hard thing to do and that people are giving themselves a cut in the in the cost of being a Christian when they cut out the Sabbath requirement like like that's a hard thing in your argument, take the easy way so I will keep the Sabbath. How could it be taking the easy way to rest on Saturdays that I don't understand that thinking on his part to make sure you don't mind, but Matthew website talking to from talking to you okay okay you did let me just tell our listeners know nothing about it. Matthew 713, is a website that this this brother works on and Sonata and some other people work on it to and it's it takes a like radio radio calls from this program and puts in the topical index and does a lot of other things to so go ahead and tell us more about about the link website for you for two years and two major ways you can access the question is, by the date of the show and describe the questions and Plenum that way when the second way the brand-new topic index and just been looking about the last six months we can find just about go to that question topic and questioned on that topic now emphasizes nobody really knows what something is performed in the Facebook group for a long time.

You can share individual questions so you really really like and people say they have disputed witnessing or evangelizing you consider an individual questions and document you think about it and not like going to the date of the question. Sex section and will call you all address and contact people you know that when you need topic mood, but eventually it will be changed.

I've been told by Jimmy Wright who also created the website that you can share individual questions and that's pretty important Facebook not even know you could do that okay appreciated and I think Steve told me before. There's like I think I think there's over 10,000 questions indexed. There is a pretty amazing feat. He's been working really hard on it. My wife also works on that website somewhat and and this other man that he mentioned is also there's there's it's it group of people actually three people who live in very different places far from each other who are cooperating on that website. That's Matthew 713. People often write and ask if they can get the notes for my lectures on something or another well the notes are posted there, Matthew 713 all the notes for my lectures that are available that I could send you are there to take break a with another half-hour coming up are you listening to the narrow path, we are a listener supported ministry. That means we don't have commercials or sponsors or anything else without taking a commercial breaks in the lower run here but we do have to pay for radio time so if you'd like to help us down here you can write to us at the narrow path PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593. Our website is the narrow that I website is Matthew Ours is the narrow back in 30 seconds stated small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to welcome you to give you today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow we'll find time audio teachings blog article verse by verse teachings and the archives of learning and enjoying the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg and Eric pass radio broadcast Steve Dragon were live for another half-hour taking your calls. If you'd like to be on the program. You can call this number 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our next caller is Ian from Tallahassee, Florida Ian, welcome to the neuropathic for calling you. You turned down strangely quiet because like you, even on the phone tonight year while my volume on my unit is turned all the way up as it is every day so that I do know things are different at the studio and I'm not at the studio but it's clear now have a quick quick call that John and from that Texas area and then our quick question for you from the second Chronicles 2112. I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area about two years and as originally from the Portland area and I'll say that the political in my opinion, political ground, have played a big part much bigger part in dollars and so sometimes it's tricky to find a church that feels more Bible centered without some of this stranger extraneous cultural influences.

Depending on what kind of service style looking for on.

I've had really good experiences with the Lutheran Church very Senate and that there actually there their desk during density in the church is that on Metroparks and then I would definitely listen to sermons before gradually placing one particular case, but I do know the diocese of Dallas as well as the Anglican church in that area taken a stand for biblical views on marriage and Bible act and the likes of the night look into those young sure there's a lot of churches like that around the country and I know he was for those who don't know John from Frisco who has come a few times. He has struggles with same-sex attraction and he's looking for is like for fellowship in that area where he I think we won't feel to judged or suspected or whatever, but by the way, Matthew which he mentioned a moment ago. It also has some kind of a listing.

People can add to it of fellowship options in different geographical areas, and I don't know how many are there at this point it's kind of a new feature, but anyone who has a of fellowship that they highly recommend and that would be perhaps likable are amenable to the kind of people who listen to the show certainly can can post it out there.

Matthew 713 for the help of others.

Okay, so what is your question today. Chronicles 21 talks about Your Mom and Waiting and Mentioned in Bruce 12 Elijah Sending a Letter to Change Your around and Went to Imagine That with This Different Way.

If You Think It Might Be Elisha.

Elisha Would've Been Alive at This Time. Elisha Answered Second Chronicles Also Has a Typo Years You Connected 18 Years Sure How You Dealt with That. I Think That Might Be a Possibility Blonde. You Are Right There Sure What It Is. It Is a Big Problem Remain with with the Second Chronicles and That It Has Elijah the Prophet, Writing a Letter after Elijah Had Left the Earth Because He He Was Gone at This Time so There's Been a Number of Suggestions in the One You Made Is Not an Impossible Solution That It Could Be a Typographical Error Made Scribal Error Made Somewhere along the Line, and That It Was Richly Elisha That That Is Very Possible.

Other Suggestions Have Been and I'm Not Saying That All of These Are Equally Plausible or Equally Respectable, but Some of Thought That Elijah Might've Written a Letter Jordan Prophetically before He Went up and That the Letter Was Then Delivered to Him after Elijah's Departure.

To Me, That Doesn't Seem Very Likely. So I Wouldn't Necessary Take That View Some of Thought Well Maybe There's a Different Elijah the Prophet Who Lived Also That We Because There's Lots of Prophets Who Are Unnamed Maybe More Than One Was Named Elijah, but That Doesn't Seem Likely Either Because Ways Introduce Sense. I Could Be the Well-Known Elijah the Prophet. One Thing Is Your Chronicles Doesn't Mention a Larger Elisha Elsewhere As the Books of Kings to Other Covers the Same Period of History.

Elijah and Elisha Ministered in the Northern Kingdom and Chronicles Only Covers the Southern Kingdom's History and so Chronicles. Unlike Kings Covering the Same Time.

Doesn't Even Talk about the Ministries of Elijah and Elisha, but Here, and That Makes It Makes It Very Interesting That There Would Be Such a Such a Statement Here and You Know It Could Easily Be One of Those Things of Which We Know There Are Many Where a Scribal Error Has Changed One Word for a Very Similar Word by Accident and Elijah and Elisha Could Well Be the Names Couldn't Switch Here That Would Resolve the Problem. But Again the Promise Chronological. Elijah Was Taken up in a Whirlwind before the Time of This King, but in and, Therefore, That This King Would Receive a Letter from a Straight I Will Say This, and I Do This Would Not Be Amazed If You and I Don't Hold It, but I've Heard It Suggested That You Know When Elijah Was Taken up the Bible and Say What Happened to Him after He Was Taken up and Some of the Sons of the Prophets Thought That He Might've Landed Somewhere Because They Sent Database and Other Team Search and Rescue Team Everyone up to See If They Could Find Him and They Didn't Find It, but It's Interesting That It Was, It Was Not Entirely Settled in in the Minds of the Witnesses Whether He Was Taken up Permanently into Heaven or Whether He Just Carried Away by Whirling Somewhere and Dropped off and There Has Been At Least One Suggestion I've Heard That Elijah Was Still on Earth That Had Been Taken up Anything.

Some Other Place That He Wrote a Letter from There.

So I Mean There's There's At Least Three or Four Different Suggestions to Me. You Don't Not Knowing Which One Is True or If There's 1/4 One That I Don't Know about. I Think the Idea of a Textual Corruption through a Copyist Is Probably the Best Suggestion You Know I Thank You so Much Already and Thank You for Your Call to Talking to You Marie in Sacramento, California.

Welcome to the Narrow Path. Thanks for Calling Hannah Hi Again with the Cracking of the Red Lion, a DVD and Found My Documentary and Research, 22,000 by Dr. Leonard Moeller and He Genetically Fixed Scientific Learning by Sweden Have To Do with Hard at Exiting Our Chapter 14 When God Count His Habit People Turn Back and Take a Detour at about 18 Mile Dry Riverbed and and They Go to a Place Called P Her and Add the Documentary at Fourth and Meaning. The Amount of the Collection and Fear That Their Location on the Bay, Where the Palatinate Beach Formed by a Divine from the Dry Riverbed, Standing Rock and Add That Delicately Wearing a Huge Group of People Where High between the Huge and Mounting an Event for Which It Filled Event Fee. Even Now It That They Think off of the Klapper and They Show They Met There Are Finding on BT Guide and Thinning Camera Remote Control Camera down in the Gap Can Be Found in Red That Extended from the Beach. I'm Clearly a Car to the Other Side with Another. Imagine outside Which Need to Have the Water Not Laugh Out Of It like Hiking and They Found.

I Sat at the Floor and Golf That We Handle. Harriet Will and I Was Very Convincing Because I Don't Know If I've Seen the Same When You See That I've Seen That Presentation More Than Once from Different Sources and You Know It. It Is Fairly Convincing. There May Be A Few Problems with but Not As Many. It Seems to Me As There Are with Traditional Ideas You Know If You Can Picture the Geographical Region. There Arabia Is Separated from the Main Body of Egypt by Triangular Piece of Land Which Is a Peninsula and It's Called the Sinai Peninsula Today and That's the That's Where People Traditionally Have Thought That the Israelites Wandered for 40 Years and and Where the They Think That the Amount Horeb or Sinai Is in That Sinai Peninsula Now They Would Have the Israelites Then Crossing the Red Sea on the in the Gulf of Suez, or Somewhere above That of Course the Red Sea Really Is More Properly in Hebrew the Sea of Reeds All That We Have Seek All the Red Sea, but It's It's Called in Hebrews the Sea of Reeds but They Crossed, and It We We Don't Know Where It Is, but Traditionally It's Been Kind of Associate with That Branch of This of the Red Sea That Is We Call the Gulf of Suez out the Triangular Peninsula Is Flanked on and on the North by the Mediterranean Sea and on the West by the Gulf of Suez and on the East by the Gulf of Occupier and and so This New Theory Is That They Didn't Cross the Gulf of Suez or Anywhere over There.

They Crossed the Gulf of Aqaba into Arabia Now. I I've Seen the Claims of Their Chair Was. I've Seen the Pictures of Them. I Have To Say, You Kind of in Some Ways after Use Your Imagination Suit Your Real Records Are All Covered up with Coral and Things like That Mission. The Shape Is Not Exact but You Could Kind of See It, but Yeah I I've Heard There's a Land Bridge There Site. I've Heard All the Things You Said I Think.

While I Can't Say Because I Haven't Studied It like Some of the People Who Make up Their Specialty Have, It Strikes Me As a Very Reasonable Argument Because Paul Said in Galatians 4 That Mount Sinai Is in Arabia Yeah and Arabia Is Not the Sinai Peninsula, Arabia Is across the Gulf of Aqaba.

From There, and Therefore It's in Another Country outside of Egypt and outside of the Sinai Peninsula.

But the Reason I Would Say That It Also Makes More Sense That They Would've Crossed into Arabia across the Gulf of Aqaba Is Because If Paul Said That's for the Mount Sinai Is and by the Way, There Are Some Photographs of a Mountain over There That Looks like It Could Be Mount Sinai under Some Other Artifacts of Our Former Campgrounds and Stuff of the Full Amount Could Be Happy Yeses like You Been Burned Bright and Something That's a Good Eye to My Mind That's a Good Candidate for the Real Mount Sinai and Moses of Course Was in Midian, Which Is Error. Arabia, When He Was Tending the Sheep of His Father-In-Law and While He Was Tending the Sheep He Went to Mount Sinai to Tigre's and That's Where He Met God Help. It's Hard to Believe He Would've Crossed the Gulf of Aqaba with His Sheep to Get into the Sinai Peninsula to Get to Mount Sinai. There the Traditional Spot. It's Much More Likely That If He Was a Shepherd in Midian, Then Then the Mountain Where He Was Separate Sheep Is Probably in Midian, to Which Is Modern Arabia so It I Think. I Think That Theory Has Merit.

II Wouldn't Know I Would Die for It, but to My Mind It Seems to Fit A Lot Of Things a Little Better Than the Traditional View, the Main Problem with It Is That in a Very Short Time.

The Dislikes Had to Cross This Whole Landmass That We Call the Sinai Peninsula and Yard Five Measured before I Forget How Far Does It Have a Quite Some Distance with Sheep and in Livestock and Children so Forth and Happy Moving Really Fast to Get across There in the Few Days That They Had to Do It but Not Necessarily Impossible When That Three Week Trap Maintain That That Had Freed from Airline above the Finite Thing about Weight and I Am at Half Day When They Came down. I Learned File and Caning Commissioner and at so Emphasized That They Traveled Day and Night Because of the Pillar of Fire and Cloud with Them Is Able to Travel Longer and If They Could See Dan out so When Jethro His Father-In-Law Come to Help Mother Because the Dilemma of Giving the People and Count Them to Delegate That Mounting Leg after a Live Band Midian Right so I Hear You Saw. To Me It's a Very Good Theory. I Don't Know of Any Mortals Laws Are Lethal Flaws in the Theory so I Would Say II Kind of the Lean toward Okay Marie, Thanks for Your Call Lesson All Right John in Lake County, California. Welcome to the Narrow Path You Yes If There Will Okay You Will Bring It in and Out Of the Wind Made It My Hand and I Have Pupil Question Wanted to Kill Her and If You Have Time to Second One You Know, I Can't Believe You Counted Them in Armenia, and I Can't Believe toward Arminian View and One That You Type When I'm Not Ready Think That I Don't Have the Bible Politically Little Time from Work and It Was That Why Did the Gate and Many Will Go through and You Will Find It Will Will Go through and You Will Find It Right Now.

The Fact That You Will Find It Implied That There Some Kind of Effort Going on on the Individual Part Because God Has Predestined Somebody Is No Reason to Find, I Mean It Got a Good Argument. Well, since I'm Not a Calvinist. It Sounds like a Good Argument to Me That I Think They Would Say Well the Fact That God Predestined People Doesn't Mean That He Didn't Also Predestined the Means That They Say God Is Only Predestined the Ends, but Also Means and That God's Will Is That Some People Find It through Searching. You Know Ends and so Forth. But I Seem to Imply That There Are Going on When I Get Concerned about How the Kids and I Think You Brought It up Right in the Fact That Nothing We Could Do to Change It. If You Think What You Want to Obtain That Really Bothered Me.

I'd Always Been Bothered by That. They Would Say They Would Say Well, No One's Going to Be Saved. Who Doesn't Want to Be Because the in the Process of Saving People. God Regenerates That God Unilaterally Changes Their Heart. That Doesn't Change the Fact That before He Did That in Their View, They Were Haters of God, Because All People in Their View Are Haters of God until the Regenerated so That Means That They Were People Who Did Not Want God, by Definition, If They Were Totally Depraved by Calvinistic Definitions at Missouri, Haters of God, and and Therefore for Him to Unilaterally Regenerate Them Change Their Mind That's Taking Somebody against Their Will and Change of a Mind like You Might If You Drugged Somebody and Make Them Compliant.

You Know, I Mean Every Calvinist Hitler Uses Illustration I Have To Say Is Much As I Have Understood Calvinism by Talking to Them Reading Them and Debating Them Their View Amounts to God Taking Somebody Who Hates Him and Unilaterally Making Them Love Him and I Is That Much Different Than a Guy Giving a Girl a Ruthie I Mean She Doesn't Want Him She Don't Want Him and When She's in Her Own State of Mind. But If He Can Do Something against Her Will That Forces Her to Change Her Mind Will Then Then You Know He's Got That She's Willing Right. I Will I've Always Had That Problem. I've Always Thought That Your Site yet.Predestined Somebody Because of His Foreknowledge Okay 50 Is the Ultimate Beginning in the End, but There's Gotta Be Some Kind of Effort on Individual That That Is Free Will, Where You Where You Have Your Own Volition Yeses. Anything Else This This Whole Subject Is of Course a Very Large and Long-Standing Debate and Therefore You Know We Can't Really Cover Nouns in the Fumes We Have Here. I Would Suggest You Go to My Website. The Narrow and Look under the Tab That Says Topical Lectures in There You'll Find A Lot Of Lectures in Mind That on Everything but There's a Set of Lectures Called God's Sovereignty and Man's Salvation Is All about Calvinism and Arminianism. It's Very Thorough. Quite A Few Lectures and It Goes through All the Points of Calvinism in All the Scriptures They Use in All All That and I Think That I'm Not a Calvinist. So It's Good to Come out.

Not on the Underside of Calvinism, but It Will Get to the Conclusions without Neglecting Any Argument or Any Scripture That the Accountants Make That's at My Website. The Narrow and the Lecture Series at the Topic Lectures Tab Is God's Sovereignty and Man's Salvation Side to Suggest That That's an Interesting Topic to You Might Want Might Want to Go There. Okay, Let's Talk to Jun and Louis California Hi Jim, Looking to the Narrow Path, I Have Never Really Researched Tithing. I Just Thought It Was 10% and Then There Are Other Places That You Want to Donate and I I'm Blessed to Have Some Money and I Do Both with Now and and I Had Kind of Made My Mind, Which How I Wanted to Go and a Friend Said They Are Very Definitely Different Thinking Tithing Is Supposed to and or Donations, and so That's Caused Me to Rethink and I'm Wondering Your Take on Okay Well My Take Is This a Tithing Is Intact Different Than Donating Blood. Tithing Is Not a New Testament Practice in Its Old Testament Practice and It Ties Means Tense and God Told Israel That They Need to Support the Levites Who Worked in the Tabernacle and the Temple by Bringing 1/10 of Their Produce Each Year in the Harvest Time and Bring It to the Temple and That Would Become the Food for the Levites.

Now That That Practice Was Never Recommended in the New Testament That Is Not Recommended for Christians. It's True That Jesus Mentioned That the Pharisees Who Were Not Christians and Jews. They Were Jews That They Had Paid Their Ties and They Had Done Well to Do so. Some People Think Will See.

Therefore Jesus Tells Us That We Should Do It Now.

He Told the Pharisees That They Should Do It Because They Were Jews. They Were in His Father. There Were Christians.

Jesus Never Told His Followers to Ever Get 10%. Instead, He Told Us to Be Generous to Help the Poor Ends and Too Few People. He Said Sell All That You Have and Give to the Poor, but the Idea in Christianity Is We Don't Own 90% and God Gets 10.

God Owns 100% and We Stewarded a Re-Manage It for Him and so the Way That All of Our Money Is Used Is to Be Done to the Glory of God. Obviously, Supporting Her Family Supporting the Church You Attend. Examples Would Be Consistent with Glorifying God, but so Is the Helping of Poor People. If You Send Money to Some Is True That Does Good to Starving Children in Haiti.

That's As Much a Gift to God As It Is If You Give to the Church. There's No Nothing in the Bible That Never Mentions the Local Church, by the Way, What We Call Local Churches Don't Are Not Found in the Bible in the in the Bible the Local Church Was All the Christians in a Town Nowadays a Local Church or What We Call Local Church Is One 501(c)(3) on One Corner of Town That Operates Totally without Respect to the Interests of Another 501(c)(3) to Come to Two Blocks down and Likewise That the Whole Town. Those Kinds of 501(c)(3) Churches Don't Didn't Exist in the Bible Church Is Simply the Fellowship of All Those Were Truly Christ's Followers and All the Followers of Christ in One Town Are Single Church and All the All the Followers of Christ in the Whole World. Our Signature so If You're If You're Giving to Christians around the World to Meet the Needs of Missionaries Later Say or or Ministries That Operate around the World or or Anywhere Even in the Nation Anywhere If It's a Worthy Ministry You're Giving to God. If You Help the Poor. If They're Worthy of It. That Is to Say If They're Not Scam Artists or Something Claiming to Be Poor but That's Giving to God, so There's Nothing in the Bible It Says You Should Take 10% and Give It to Your Local Church.

Since the Bible Knows Nothing about Local Churches.

As We Know Them Today.

Nor Does the Same Thing about Christians Tithing. The Fact That Almost Every Pastor Teaches That You Should Pay a Type II Local Church. When the Bible Doesn't Have a Word about It to Raise Some Suspicions of What Motivates Teaching, but I'm Not against Pastors. I'm Just against Them Not Teaching Truth and That Is Something That Is Not the Truth. I Don't Your Your Money All Belongs to God and Someday Will All Stand before God and Say, so Let's Bring out the Ledger and See How Used My Money. Oh You Use It for You. I Thought You're Supposed to Use My Money for Me and and That's How the Christian Needs to Look at at the Whole Tithing and Giving Issue so I Don't I Don't Believe It. Tithing Is Is Taught Anywhere in the New Testament, Jesus Didn't Teach It to the Disciples the Apostles and Teach It and the Idea That If You Give to Your Local Church Is Entirely Extra Biblical since the What We Call a Local Church Has No Parallels in the Bible.

I Appreciate Your Called United to Try Take Another Call Just on Almost at a Time Here Raylene from Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaii Hi, Yes, but You Speak Quickly Because Robin Sometime in My Life Good Feeling. I Was Very Young and I Got Back My Dog Right Now.

I Could See and I Could Feel Different from Everybody Island Ways That People Could Tell Me Different Incarnate Suicide Happened and Damien Not to Leave It There Because Were Out Of Town for the Program but Sounds like a Dynamic Experience Shared with Us Listening to the Narrow Path Radio Broadcast. My Name Is Steve Greg. We Are Listener Supported. If You like to Write to Us.

You Can Write to the Narrow Path, PO Box 1732 Macula CA 92593 or You Can Go to the Narrow Website. Everything Is Free. There You Can Donate Let's talk again tomorrow thanks for joining us

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