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REShow: Ian Rapoport - Hour 1

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August 17, 2022 3:26 pm

REShow: Ian Rapoport - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 17, 2022 3:26 pm

Rich reacts to Aaron Rodgers publicly calling out his young WR’s for dropped passed and incorrect routes. 

NFL Network NFL Insider Ian Rapoport tells Rich why Jacksonville Jaguars players are thrilled the Urban Meyer debacle is in the team’s rear view mirror, when we can expect a decision on the Deshaun Watson suspension appeal, says if Zach Wilson could take the field for the Jets in Week 1 following his knee surgery this week, breaks down what’s gumming up the Patriots’ offense, debates possible landing spots for Jimmy Garoppolo, who has the upper hand in the Seattle Seahawks’ and Carolina Panthers’ QB competitions, what he’s hearing about Trey Lance’s up-and-down 49ers camp, if the Bears will trade disgruntled LB Roquan Smith by Week 1, and what to make of Aaron Rodgers publicly calling out his young WRs’ mistakes.

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Hello Chris Brockman, rich with a run around wearing the same shirt today are we wearing blue okay dark blue somewhere great is 2004 is a Thursday night football and all network jackets 20 oh that's the king of swag you not think that everything I do is get a backup TJ Jefferson how you love these guys but screaming at Brockman like yell at each other. I love that man out to see the very passionate just put on the non-sum for the people at home if I was mad I be like a king over Skip Bayless to fighter divider you that's my the rights we get a great show right here colonics a talk he is on this program. BYU coach. This is how desperate I am for information on Zach Wilson is going to be up and around right now as it was okay, please tell me that the audit that's how I started the interview, like the ball apart like a big puddle of Zach lately me so sad is something we stopped in Rappaport on 18 minutes and in that part of is one of the reasons why I gave him a ring. Did you see his tweet yesterday when we went all fear that Zach Wilson weak ones, not off the table is not often that seems irresponsible surgery. What yesterday we climbed 3 weeks later is four weeks before right before or on the side of caution on Joe Flack go into that broadcast well in the time and manner and care about you and your happiness. I want Zach to be as healthy as possible to give the chance to barely win games, says that I want him to go 4 to 6 says the guy who's got all sorts of issues on offense right now is inflicting the quarterback start in a brawl. You talk about that later is not top of the show material today to all my good of my dad that set time. Your attorney can help you, look at that time a training camp because I mean things are accelerating this only three preseason games this week is going to be the sort of trust for the week and down its common man is, that hard knock is common. So what's happening and told him right so you guys, this is the last last chance you're going to get Louis Rick will be here on the program. He's getting set to call Bears Seahawks Thursday and Falcons jets on Monday go so Louis Rick, always great to chat with one of the top minds on television talking ball Michelle Monahan will be here in studio that was going to sit up straight and clean your workspaces is the show I will not be here is no cc understand understanding of your prepare for first pitch. That's 19 hours now. I got a half-day substitute.

Do you have one not missing Michelle Monahan once wrote you broke listen to what you that's why got a Dodgers game right now wants to what sport is done with sport 127 innings in town of the MLB's socks from New York, that's perfectly dismayed that there are two intent in the last nine games upon the rate that's the stadium they should change. So lots of talk about this program likes to stay put, were were were in the mood and have more dumb candy takes Nero 79th birthday, so there's lots to there's lots to discuss today for start up for bids on this program. Now I know the price of the two Harley so first item up for bids on this year edition of the rich eyes and show is a seasoned line season-long story arc, as we say in the business there is in the NFL this week to week storylines and then there is an arc that goes through the entire season where you take a look at the bills. That's a storyline for the entire season. Good day they're expected to go to all the way to the Super Bowl and maybe when it so that's a season long storyline arc. That's partly that's a Hollywood terms, and it is the screenwriter's terms of scriptwriters, and are characterized it's not like you putting animals by two it's it's it's an actually handy, you know, design or shape an arc so here's a storyline arc for the entire season. How will the Packers offense look without Devante Adams how it would be able to navigate a full 17 game 18 week season with 12 not having 17. How will that look Marques Valdes scamming MVS as he's known in GB. He's now in KC and I pointed out how he's going to fit in quite well there. I think and know alum Lazard. It's time for Lazard to step up to be a number one guy and Randy Rogers is been talking him up and believes he can be in a more nave and that his tongue firmly planted in cheek in his first press availability of the summer saying that he is gone from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer as well.

His position as Devante Adams referred to Derek Carr in Vegas. How's it working with the kids are the kids all right. Romeo Dobbs, who was drafted at the position this past year. He called the first touchdown of the preseason nice throw from Jordan love what about practice. That's where things have to come together. That's when Aaron Rodgers gives that high sign is somebody that little look right.

How's it going.

Apparently, that's a great this is a man who chooses his words very carefully.

He understands that what comes out of his mouth. Certainly when it involves behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts about an issue that he knows is going to be talked about he knows is a season long storyline arc.

He knows when he talks about that stuff. It will stand out any talked about it this is what he had to say after apparently a Tuesday practice that Doug didn't go all that well with his young wide receivers dropping surpasses young guys, especially young receivers.

We gotta be more a more consistent lot of not a drop slot. You know, background decisions, run the wrong route you really are better in that area drop the most reliable guys out there preparation in the responsible is most important. There's going to be physical mistakes. We talked about your not there and dropping the ball on and somebody else behind you is in the rights of all the time.

The castable is man's, really is simply a best guess. Season starts and whatever those guys on the rocks as I trust the most in the guise of trust.

Most a lot of it is just this simple responsibility in the offense way before you know body positioning and movement and throw all that stuff it's doing the right spot at the right time you run the right route that is public, the professor calling out the students need to show your work a little bit better.

You need to come to class more prepared you need to get ready for the big test coming up on September 11 in Minnesota. So says Arun Rogers and this is unique.

He doesn't usually do this sort of thing at all. What is usually do well. We actually got a glimpse of what he usually does behind-the-scenes in practice in training camp with young players to hold them accountable and usually these folks have therapies and cues already lined up everything's usually buttoned up because Arun Rogers expects it, and you don't want to disappoint him. Arun Jones told us exactly, that when he appeared on the show last month is our leader to get everybody going on everybody accountable and to a high standard greatness are you doing something in day out with him. Can you give me an example of how he does not please call me so we might be like in the huddle and it might be called, he might get line of scrimmage just to see you been in that type of study and take up the plate got a signal and really give God a little chat to communicate, but you weren't in your playbook known at play in the new bill, one who talked you clear to the time I hated who I trained it on to you and you see them doing a lot of the younger guys and Internet and they know hey like that again is because I want to be in the field.

I got another you seen him do that to somebody on a certain play and then when it comes time to actually use it in the game uses it to success and then they'd kinda share a moment like member member back in July. Back in August. That's why we did it happen many times. That's what it's about impact if you're not going to be perfect, but you you get it down and you make a mistake which will make that mistake again and you learn from it and then when it's time to go execute Eagle executed look back at those moments, another teaching and learning moment and you think you really thank him for that which one of these wide receivers in weeks three weeks four weeks. I was gonna thank him for that. Is it Dobbs Touchdown pass, but easy. He's a rookie Juan Winfrey your three once we got Mari Rogers hereto for him who's going to step out because it's Watkins calm at the wide receiver position in Lazard and one of them goes down in your fourth receiving your fifth receiver who's going to step up and Rogers is on the case and he has felt compelled to say something publicly.

I will add another Rogers phrase to the equation. Relax REL AX he's got it. He's got it.

But if he's going to start throwing around this can be some drop season, things of that nature. Somebody is going here and you know is not to feel the pressure will be Rogers. It'll be the players don't catch the ball and then essentially Gutekunst right the groceries who shop and form August 16 370 August 16.

Remember that date when Aaron Rodgers stepped out to the microphone and talked about family business people outside the family.

So there is cause for concern right now, but Rogers has a process you heard about it with Aaron Jones. Maybe he is just switching up the plate. The last second to see who knows what's what. Because he knows now is the time to do it now's the time to do it, heaven forbid, week one. September 11 looks like week one for the Packers last year. Remember when they got the doors blown off. Remember that in Jacksonville is the saints couldn't play in the Superdome because the hurricane and so remember that boy. It'll be Devcon one they are because everyone will feel they don't have the horses last year that wasn't the issue. Member I think was a coward, said that Rogers looked like he didn't care something like that.

There is no wondering like the weird conspiracy that he is taking. He was tanking because he wouldn't have his contractor is an unhappy camper still as he came back late to the wasn't there in the off-season was Rogers fault. And of course as you know they want up being the one seat anyway so I guess REL AX 17 in a row. After that, but the guy REL AX is for you felt the need to say something but opinion that that's part of the storyline. Season-long storyline arc for the Green Bay Packers is still no pressure for none know. I mean, what is he can put pressure on himself to keep throwing the ball exactly where it needs to be pecan controlling the youth and the greenness of these Green Bay Packers receivers.

How can he control what he can do is coach them up and put the pressure on them. Amen this is Arun freaking Rogers in the remaining window of his career could last as long as Brady's window of at least 45 but right now is a pretty big year but I'm still a pressure. The pressure pressure is elevate these young kids while his superstar status he's trying. He's called a mountain out in the media now so they know this is part of his arsenal as well, but he hasn't really had a pull out because he's cocked if update apps leading the charge last figures just keep an eye on all the that's all I don't take the cheese at the past the Packers and stink on ice packs that Jesus can be out there throughout the sports media world. Don't take that she's on the Packers not to take. I just told the Packers she said not to take that cheese that's correct. I did think that let's take a break right here on this program. Ian Rappaport will join us next. I believe he's an Jaguars camp. Cannot wait to talk with him and then not will also have Louis Riddick on the program talking more ball 844204 which is the number for your daughter talk with us back here in the Rich Eisen show 844204, which numbered lots, pop in the National Football League. As always in the middle of August. On the cusp of the second preseason week, which in this now shorten preseason world. This is the dress rehearsal. This is it. This is where a lot of robbers you meet the road joining us on the Mercedes-Benz fence online. I believe from Jaguars camp is none other than our friend rap sheet himself from the NFL media group Ian Rappaport how you doing you what's going on there. They fired up about Javon Walker.

They made the right choice in their minds and they see Trevor Lawrence in urban Meyer is not not the coach anymore yeah I come up in any of my conversation, not not a lot of people are saying anything like make you believe that we had in my capital, he had not caught up with every single person that is your tongue firmly planted in cheek here in his own is her longer funny that I talked about your coaches here and right really like good good good right like Doug Peterson is great is great about those guys very different from the urban Meyer receipt of a fire that talk to little different now, and I think like you know you don't have to. Coaches not only make everyone and I think that's okay you can put really hard, you can coach beyond hard. Take away like, looking back in the urban Meyer thing, it would not a lot of coaching that was not here last year like I had no idea which of the largest going to be I don't know anything last you just really like Coach well and that kinda sucks, but I think it could be better this year and no effective interesting trade on Walker does seem to be the real deal. You know there's some things going on something some things going on in Jacksonville. That's the headline from the Rappaport here on the Rich Eisen show what is going on with DeShawn Watson and the disciplinary appeal what you got for me on that.

We are still waiting for the PRV to make its ruling get the longer you wait, and an expedited appeal.

If the two sides reach a settlement and there is no reason for their willingness to settlement with no reason comfortable clothes made it clear they want a full year logic that came out very publicly and somewhat uncharacteristic fashion and stated that he wanted to year and why DeShawn Watson has six-game pocket right now from Judge Fewell, Robin show there is a chance that the two side than the meeting somewhere that acceptable place, and manner settlement which would mean no DeShawn get to spend more than 16. Potentially, the league gets less than the year. They want also mean and it doesn't hang over the entire season. None of this is good all the bad is that the best of the bad situation in just that it's over onto the longer you wait the more likely it is a settlement happen, but we'll see if one actually so there is conversation between the lots and sign the players Association, together with the NFL to see if they can actually avoid a rule and coming down, which would then lead to potential legal action so that that's neither side wants a legal action so what you're saying right now.

I mean know you never live it like don't think about those game day morning I want to kill Elliott federal court like you know you want it cut the top right of the federal court. Note that Lawrence Taylor Taylor Ian or his tail said in a city run, log hammer made. I think it Victor Rick Soto, Mike Taylor, oh boy, lots and lots around. I don't have one in, I don't have my Taylor is my daughter.

That's what's her name and the name is Taylor T a Y LOL I nearly so. So yeah so you want that, and shall not want the federal court so if they can come with some sort of think I would make you Rappaport here on the Rich Eisen show the what is the story that's out there right now that actually whether it is a quarterback competition or or Zach Wilson that will affect week one that you you you you deal with certainties can affect week one right now. I Rick I know you're going through it and it will you know I was going through because you are literally the first person I texted when the news that I might come. I think that was my duty to words. I sent so I think that is likely you look at what bunch I know you had that not by a bunch noncontact buckle look around and everyone on Twitter is speculating like Jimmy T, you know that You didn't have any bad digging little of that and hang on. You actually think the ACL is okay and I heard that there was a little sugar league PCL and I'm like okay let great modern ACL like bone bruise, which is something not nothing, and surgery something not nothing, but to kidnap like Mike, you have go black opera game are no more like you might by going to plague the okay so you said it's possible. Week one to so he said based on an outside chance you know and I judging something from a month from now or three and have now living like that hard never want to do that job.

They yet week one is still in play get a chance, but probably more than why is Socko being mentioned over Mike like it's all about the inside of what the Jets might do if Wilson does need extra time we got for me.

I mean, it felt like a really good training and like you know judging the common coaches in judging the pipe selling and trading only difficult year.

There's someone or many someone who came off mentally and like is only a couple of days into joke lack of an I do not get the said and all that ejector and Jimmy Jean like to get this and that it's going to be joke lack of a quarterback and is and that whole thing. I think really really really really interesting to me and then staying in the seized what is going on with the multiple playcalling in New England.

What's your sense of that great. I enjoyed I don't peek Belichick.

You know it's like inner football thing. No one really understand and he definitely understand a lot better than I like it really matter who the caller is like whether it still judge your Mac Patricia Bill Belichick really change anyone to change my life right but it is really fun. Try to figure out that, where we are. I think the patriot will try to figure out how to work but I know that Joe judge will be involved. My Patricia who do a lot of stuff and should be aligned will be involved bow bow check. I think last year with heavy heavy-handed the more heavy-handed I bet that in like there's been many years you know you believe is going on Fox like they get that and Amanda sign.

I would assume this year to every other year that one. This is just and he just won't say what the processes he says there is one and he says it's too long to talk about is right when he said in his recent press conference and we have the time to graduate and I like him on a Friday afternoon about like the evolution of the fullback is cool now I was my favorite is true not wrong you been there done that in you been part of that fray. Okay yeah when you're on the beat here like okay cool, I'll transcribe last question of the other be writing like great. I got the fullback question Emap report that rap sheet right here on the Rich Eisen show, so Drew locked getting cold. That means it's going to be it's going to be none other than Gino Smith taking on the mayors which makes that an interesting scenario. How do you see this affecting the quarterback choice for Pete Carroll now in Seattle and it just Jimmy G at all somehow figure, and it is still what you got for me will not go. Everyone Jimmy G get seems to be the way. You know, send them right after the 49ers don't want it I want you to grapple siding okay let's say you're giving grapple what they do that, and I'll get my 30th is the day of the Jan the day of reckoning so you be free to look around that night in the knob. I just on the 31st first full day of freedom for him.

You're more about you. I am not I'm not one of punditry, how good you think. I think you little better than people think. You know, but I understand what you're going for all all all bikes keep going to going To that we don't know how but Jimmy G. Historically, there are some quite a neck injury week 12347 will be in might it make sense to just wait you know what I'm gonna chill and jump on the big bandwagon I can find that there is an argument to be had that bad weather you know 846 like that it really matter matter to me but not waiting makes sense rather than say I want Seattle like the at some point I'll be a very interesting discussion on. What about the Seattle aspect of it is this not to be Gino as the leg up because Drew locked in this game design yeah you know all you really want. I could care all he really wanted full and fair evaluation. Unlike duct for two years like not total for private suck but that is like to back out to me one start Gino and start July and July play with the one contracted not delicate went very well to start the game and then fishing would be made. No could be had locked Starley three and then make it Like you know the long time between the three and ended the season that awful, but Only throws a wrench in plan, what's the scoop with with the Carolina quarterback situation for me there support.

So the plan was to make it after after New England joint practice game so that would be probably early next week may feel it a leg up. Still, the Baker Mayfield I would be surprised not to start a leadoff like you got there now and I was there and Carol I would like to follow Charlie Baker look at that point, like better quarterback. I'm so maybe that's the way it should stay not. I don't know when the make a final decision. I would expect the unexpected events lock so because there is a sense for me is why else to trade premised on the guy you saw my last year's Automall minicamp. He saw all May and now you're me, even though it was truly no skin off their nose and he wasn't like a provisional draft choice to draft from our right so the question is, is white.

Why wouldn't it be him. Certainly when they're playing Cleveland week one my word.

What would you do that you know is that it I think you know I got what I and you would not give up draft. Unlike me know that I think allow map out of happened during the drafting man my tweets ready during day three of the cosmopolitan organelle govern your terrace and number that you already a lot good to go anyway just never happened and it took forever. Donald was what they want to achieve.

I don't think they make trade so that that's probably it.

Overall in the city offered the ability to make big plays no dolomitic on the and I would imagine you probably noticed that there time to throw something you like, how that happens, Baker will be more sure, that'll last one for you since you were just mentioned the draft right there. Ian Rappaport know you were the tweets about Mayfield being traded all set. That never happened and going into that week. It was depot meaning you're right, it was good to be like once again to get trade because he's demanded one part of his reason. I heard that story from maybe from your right I mean he was there he was yet we heard that you were there hanging out right and so I sent one of our producers go down a decade and the decline and believe there hanging out talking on now. So isn't it amazing how that all got taken care of and it just turned out to be money I guess and and Lance is the guy there. What are you hearing out of 49ers camp.

Now that it's actually quiet. There on that front. Yeah you know what I'm talking about. All I know downplay that my understanding real and the fact that you see the losses for going to carry on that. I think that's a good thing that help deal know could I think it had been happy all the way to avoid all this wanted to be traded at some point so like I can't pretend that none of that happened, but I do think it will be done in a better place. Going forward as forestry land of the report out of camp and been okay sign that the greatest camp and made a lot of outlays and accuracy.

So that's probably what it could be mean you know he's completely near 50% of the past. Big cats play I'll be like, like, but I expect you know what you wanted. You want to give you some explosive plays a little more than Jimmy G gave you below Jimmy G took him to tell an interesting sort of up and down, but not at the beginning of late week one in Chicago have to do with Rochon Smith on the other side of the ball is.

We shall see. That's certainly a fascinating situation a lot differently. I know the Bears would still like to get a deal done and no low, low point in his letter. You know really left it open as far as like the owner stepped in and could probably do that no will say something and getting done. It's possible but expensive. But on a player here, so I sent the last one but you're too good. I got one last one for you is give me a couple minutes on the 20 Rappaport is talking about arm Rogers calling out his young receivers.

What you hearing out of Green Bay. That's maybe concerning war enough to raise Rogers's level of concern to do something he rarely does, which is where his concerns publicly we got for me on my lap and the media. And you know will make it too much like this seems to be a thing right like Aaron Rodgers not to anything back yet to do anything by it. Like what you like about how many years we spent analyzing his future look like you know he is a smart guy who means what he said so you need to be a little better and know now that we know of on the same page with front office what to anything like better or else this him calling attention to like make sure recon up. If not, I don't know but deafly not nothing definite to keep alive the next two happy you. Thanks very much.

Safe travels. Let's do this again greatly appreciated. I do hope to see you soon, we will right back at you. That's enough for that rap sheet you on the program. He's young is to talk to you that the Mets have a little trouble this week doesn't run Austin rubrics, goodness of the notice I stop following the sport. About 72 hours ago while on August 14 right August.

Since the 17th right yeah what's early nine got done. It was like 70 old strand grass is still hundred percent that I might have to declare him the winner of your date work because you don't Give you all and agree he'd just tapped out. Let me see just what this whole thing not mean that I stopped watching watching Nicholas Rafael Demers home is against the law like East and serious adverse seen that before. All he done between the times we all the time between caps, do it with all stepped in the room they while the league of the dog inland course but dogmatic Joan was yesterday and can't wait to you hear this if you already have it out for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all opponents monster Ms. Natalie in the conversation where's on a mouse and Andre was number one is not even going back before you know Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andres were able to go in headline that the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts

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