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REShow: Sarah Tiana - Hour 3

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October 14, 2022 3:19 pm

REShow: Sarah Tiana - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 14, 2022 3:19 pm

Chris Brockman's significant other Sarah Tiana joins Rich in-studio to reveal how Brockman almost blew it when the first started dating, plays a round of ‘What’s More Likely’ where they weigh in on the Patriots-Browns, Vikings-Dolphins, Falcons, Seahawks, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Bengals, Giants, Saints, Ravens, Trevor Lawrence, Jonathan Taylor, Chiefs vs Bills, and Cowboys vs Eagles, shares a great/embarrassing story about Brockman meeting Keyshawn Johnson once at the L.A. County Fair, explains why she’s predicting Quinn Ewers will lead the Texas Longhorns to the College Football Playoff, and more.

TJ offers up his Fantasy Football advice for NFL Week 6, and Brockman put his money where his mouth is in ‘Sneaky Good Games’ featuring the Bills vs Chiefs, Buccaneers vs Steelers, Patriots vs Browns, and Jaguars vs Colts.

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Rich-Xiao from the rich show studio what you wanted to do with course young man doesn't deserve to have it all the time. Xiao charges to coach Randy confirm sources and the rich lozenge alone over three lot on the shuttle 210. We settled every body watching us on every Roku device because the Roku journals free all rogue devices with everybody watching on Samsung smart Amazon fire TV if you're watching this on the Roku app. We appreciate that were also free there. It's free to get the Roku app in the Roku channel is free on the Roku is a way you can stream us for free on the old Internet tubes on your laptop and all desktop computers we say hello to anybody maybe missed the first two hours of this program prevent misstep Brandon Staley, the Los Angeles Chargers head coach or missed our number one with Ian Rappaport giving us the latest on what is going on in the National Football League injury fronts and quarterback controversy fronts. If you missed it is our YouTube page for some of it are essential for all of it when rearing at the end of the start right away on the Roku channel 210 right here on the rich. I wasn't sure were pleased to have a frequently mentioned individual but never tested only mentioned never tested very few people called in all them never tested in person that's changing right now you joining us on the rich eyes and show is somebody who we adore him to stop talking about is if she's not sitting to my right. You can check out pylon on prime video we talked about it with tantalum last week and also the person who is riling up CBSSports inside college football.

The comedian writer and producer Sarah but I hear you. Have you been here with cage brought around young children yet are of this program only happens morning fetus fans on the latest so Chris are like I feel like when I had kids, I immediately now had two male children that had just lots and feeding keep from falling down just as the this morning. He peed his pants right now he was looking me in the eye and what that means. Like I'm paying you know that I'm I'm damn I like to do that I had to be okay so will or will not be weird if I do the same percent for the rest of this interview. I'm so used to it. At this thing really shocks me anymore between the two that is interesting for those who were listening. Sarah you are rocking a wonderful Braves pennant sweater and that's not like a hockey term anything. It literally is a sweater and it's funny because I've known Chris way longer than prior to you and Chris being together never really heard them talk about Braves baseball football never never go higher register about things can really sneak over that and know you're a lot about George was his fallback position for Syracuse right all the time now. Will they win okay wasn't a process was was it right away. Did you have a bit hello on those things. I mean, I didn't have them hello from the jump.

I mean I saw him at the comedy store on the patio and I was like that's my boyfriend and it took me like six months to convince him about the yeah-year-old Booker Chris Byrne manager yes about eminent and then he would just text me like how's it going it's great you like this guy doesn't know he's doing is conversational ever you are going great. How are you if you don't just text me random questions. I'm not in a banter with you over text is not how you get to know somebody doing miracle child cage brought on Valentine's Day because I was tweeting about the Grammys and so is he an apparently he follow me on Twitter and I did not follow him and he was like oh boy, do you want to just go to Dave and busters and I quit watching the Grammys and I had to scroll back through to figure out who you and him and I was like no I'm already in bed, but if you want to go out tomorrow. We can busters yeah I like this you like I was a I mates. I had a show eight that I had an out and then ended up being really fun and I said I know your Valentine and then she's like, by the way, my birthday is tomorrow once more likely back then, then likely not now. Well hey what a courtship anything on Christopher. You know he's not a planner. He doesn't think ahead is disappearing like flies in that picture that you looked again at the same conversation about Susan on the photographs of our children in the in the Polaroid would be facing as well yeah yeah you are here and congrats on your gig with inside college football and CBSSports. You are welcome. And then of course the NFL pylon show that tantalum does out of phone network yes and your you are is integrally and stuff. Pretty cool because that it's really fun to kind of combine your love things right is comedy and sport, which is also terrific. So you know, here's what to do on this program, you know, because you're one of the rare guests where you just did this with Stonestreet actually in the sport. At last I just hang out do art.

We do our regular stuff. Let's do that for the moment Chris Brockman you plan for this right you did the last library I left home alone with our child once more likely our Friday staple with Sarah Tiant hanging out with us and you. You will chime an appropriate okay okay here we go with our terrific production going.

Never say never but never thank you very much.

Let's go go for Chris, Brian, what's up guys going is not a text exchange like big game in Ohio again patriot row. Yes, you see a lot of running of the football this week job NFL leader rushing yards from Andre Stevenson had a huge week last week was more rushing yards from Andre Stevenson Conrad 161 last week jobs high for the year from Andre.

I'll go with Vermonters Stevenson I'll do what you think me like I'm crazy yeah I bulldog situation here early to become a chubby girl that would I'm still here, but I actually think it's good to be more thinking because I think that the going with my okay this is the line that Brian Billick was on this program multiple times hates the most.

What will Bill Belichick always takes away one thing you love the most, and he always would be like no other coach decides that only Belichick is the one who takes away your most prized weapon to figure out how to stop this run to say I know Jacoby percent. Let's have him try to beat me with with Amari Cooper Donovan Peeples Jones and knowing it's going to be a pass happy again because it's sappy happy. I let's go down to Miami. Richard is not top 10 worthy in your mind and then a team that is even of the divorce record receiver to haul in 100 yards and a touchdown just to Jefferson retiree Justin Jefferson yeah I take Justin Jefferson all the way and fell until I met Sally bashing out like you made some walking and walking around ping-pong table shop yeah cross my fingers that is just and everything that I have him and Kurt cousin on my yeah that's the handcuff you have together is them together yet which is double point when working.

It worked out.

Three out of the five weeks cousins points in your leader with two no crazier league than this guys like go to leave the house for the knots I always leave that I chose to leave the house is your smart smart yeah okay I didn't realize were doing the Sarah Harris of the three home dog often upset found his this one.

I mean, I think I only think about what your real real On your fandom from the equation 5 and oh this year against the spread we are. We play our games a lot closer and obviously like the at all, just lots a running back, and we've been trading in the past John Selleck. I deftly take the Falcons at home and play better all just for the you know what the 49ers turned into the proverbial face from last year at the back side. I always lose games they're supposed to win and they win games.

They're supposed to live. Last week was one of supposed to lose that one last week.

I guess it was just so bad with Matt Ruland and Baker Mayfield. I let you know when this is why the lid you home dog Google disrespecting Smith on women players of the month awards and then we'll just have them try to focus Seattle 33 Seattle in the game interesting.

Absolutely tuning Sunday Chris go to kind of struggled so far this year, throwing the football. So, go quarterback to throw more TD passes Rogers and Brady Brady only has one game this year with multiple TVs. Rogers to what he thinks they like you got your Rogers has an injury finger things the ring finger. I just I think they say Rogers because Brady has entered go Tom because Rogers is looking up sauce got to see saw some sardines can look at Romeo dogs.

Dogs cannot be in the wrong spot when Williams was back there will be like with the help is happening. I will say the Jets are.

I will say all really ask. Yes, AFC AFC North team get a road when Bengals Raven.

Although Bengals does not go back to the Superdome that came back in that spot. Mr. Ellis was the point now early early game took off so the folks there will have to swing oil on in New Jersey Giants revenge game. I just like the giant R Realty is very good and I think their defense is what keeps them in the game.

I would take II think the Giants where a lot of borrow 1.2) those parts we got another thrilling AFC South battle jaguars Kohl's 96 Selleck, Chris.

What's more likely that Trevor Lawrence gets his career 300 yard passing game or Jonathan Taylor back this week goes off 150 a touchdown. All I remember how that jaguars against the rest I can't remember the priest out the real crap that it's one of those again you what's more likely. So I think neither is issue. Sometimes you go so charts you want to talk about this game and this is a rematch of the shutout that occurred in week two. Turning right around here.

I'll go Jonathan to also.

That's what that's more likely here. Yeah, I think that I think I agree with you on the takes out her house to big games biggest somethings gotta give somethings gotta give the radio audience is one thing you like quotes like a some bill second-half defense know that only given up seven points and second year or Kelsey's TD barrage yes four straight games against the bills with a touch.

I will go see both only seven second-half points. Both PJ Kelsey's scoring a touchdown in the second half.

None of this counts against the bills.

He scored four games in a row. What what what gives Kelsey get shut out will finally give up second is pushing off chief nation with my raters. She says second-half teams. I would say that giving up points in the second half because the teeth are stronger in the bills will give up more second-half points than normal, and Kelsey won't go off Strat on the last line of Mariucci and Mas one more combine ER seeking power on the ground, Ajay Brown, Devante Smith, Ajay Devante in the year yeah Eagles game. Yes yes yeah Eagles are no joke joke, and I think that Cooper rushes not seen a defense like this and I think the stop the rush on the way to the pass and to be potentially long like the Cowboys will wind up saying how stocks can see the defense. Yeah, I mean I think the angles have the advantage because they have Jordan Davis run yeah I don't think he starts that he played very well when even Georgia bulldog Jim to refer to him as Christopher is one of those who does anyone else for 40 was Christopher yeah is my mom are little because we love quest very good job. Sheila just limped his way to first base middle of all that one man on top for still to nothing UNIX beautiful October day in New York City.

I game all afternoon. So what don't work regular hours.

Gay city never sleeps.

Chris never sleeps is usually empty sky sky watcher stands home runs like with a homerun and he says that what is the short porch and Yankee stand home will homerun clock as he flicked his wrist and doubled and tripled his way to the Tampa Bay rays really fun just like as a joke writer.

The short porch is really great for jokes is so much fun break will want to know all some some on some sports comedy all combinations that you think would work that we need to remind ourselves a little bit more okay.

He's teaching Jefferson's fantasy advice is is the pulpit ready to open which numbered austerity is here to take us to the weekend on the recharge. What's the fastest ball sport in the world, not baseball, not tennis. It is in fact the sport of jai alai spelled JAI ALA originating in the Basque region of Spain and played professionally in the US, most notably in the 1980s, jai alai was making an unprecedented comeback. The ball reaches speeds of 150 miles an hour the action is intense and the danger factor is high six person teams are professional athletes play the sport at the magic city fronton in Miami Florida I invite you to check out all the action Monday and Tuesday at 5 PM and Friday night at 7 PM go to jai alai or download the free jai alai app in the app store sport with its intensity and athleticism is well worth watching.

Check out all the action of jai alai matches are played similar tennis with a player or team required to win two sets to win a match each that is played up to six points. It's a sport you need to check out jai alai Monday and Tuesday at 5 PM Friday at 7 PM influencer.

It's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. There is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life. Her name Elizabeth Taylor. I'm Katie. This is the story of the original.

This is Elizabeth I Elizabeth I time you listen here on the terrestrial radio network on the recharge and show you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on Westwood One by what's one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One sports. If it's the FL it's on Westwood One's videos NFL pylon start tantalum and searching on. It was also the CBSSports inside college football: stir up are you yeah I'm just resting the pics they get wrong. Okay which is many many before you get it to the college football world what's what you're sorry that you talk about how it's so embarrassing that Chris told Nomar Garciaparra that they had the same birthday. He really freezes up when he meets celebrity I love say that I think a better situation is even worse line. We were had a baby.

We went to the LA County fair and we see Keyshawn Johnson and he is buying an ear of corn. It's Keisha checking the latches went to shower and you are not something I think he's trying corn no did not have openings sent to him. I doubt we know that we now need to get Keyshawn on the program. Chris let me a lot that he was buying core to know as many or as many people around as many people to me as a professional athlete right one famous enough in this town particular so I don't know any of that.

Okay, but might my question for you is you wouldn't remember me I always said to me was corn hey kisan: I remember being in Vegas once and I getting pizza that with the one with the Luxor, and some was like Joe love you, Dan Patrick show bro and I was like oh thanks Chris, I've gotten. As you know, I've gotten love you all. People thought it was probably probably got Dan Patrick and Mary never once thought I was probably pretty bad as it was like that's all that came out of this bad leave is like the Homer Simpson Jeffrey back think we should do and you you know this happens, you also have the comedy chops to make it work okay. I think we should do and I'm in again. This may be difficult because I know that you have a family unit and child together and you know Chris not being home more than he's already, maybe out is a problem but I think we should have Chris stationed in some supermarkets on the west side of Los Angeles where we think there are enough celebrity and its Chris. Sort of like a candid camera walking up to celebrities in the produce aisle and all he says is whatever yeah okay broccoli ha Larry David actions are its Chris accosting celebrities and unsuspected unsuspected moments of clutching vegetable as we know is not applying searching on your okay so inside college football on CBS. I know how much you are diehard fan bulldog football and just college football in general is this inevitable Georgia versus Alabama or what the home of SEC football pretty much right now in Alabama taking on Tennessee and will be prior to that game this weekend, so I think this year that Texas is the team to beat. I think Texas Longhorns when you I think is the future. Even though I know arch Manning is coming there. I think when yours is the most fun quarterback to watch in college football right now, obviously, I think Georgia is so great defensively that they keep our guys in all those games and I definitely think Alabama it's I feel and I decided to Chris about this a couple weeks ago just about how very hard for me to look at Bryce young as that is a Heisman winner when he can be taken out of the game and another quarterback comes in and they still went right to me are not a huge difference maker. If it's plug-and-play.

I think your coaches difference makers. That's just like my own two pieces. I think before you continue what you think Texas will continue on when the big 12 and make the college football playoff yesterday. A problem problem. I think they are a big problem really big problem. I think I have all the pieces together and I and I think he could see that Quinn Ewers is the difference maker because when he's not playing for them when he's out these last few weeks they had. They struggled so much more offensively. He came in and was lights out against Oklahoma like it was it was night and day right and and so I think he I think it also could couldn't you know create a little bit of quarterback comfort controversy with arts coming there next year, like where could Quinn go after this. If he doesn't want to stay intact whilst CJ Stroud gets drafted as the Buckeye fan base already feels the owner because he sat in the last year's out you not like he could come anywhere like that.

There so many incredible places that this kid is going, but I think one of them is for sure the NFL. I think he is so much fun to watch though.

I hope they do a really great job. As you obviously want Georgia to win and I always want to split it out very nice to see new teams with new talent coming up so how nervous were you I Vegas he told you I talked to him saying hey how you doing right now is like she's not home she's still lapsing in my room because I was writing up stuff for the other games in my room yeah multitasking try.

I tried job for yeah little bit of a break as that was SEC network in your hotel room in Las Vegas that I was watching it on my computer and I was watching other games on regular TV watching games and, with blood gags jokes material like I know what the other guys have pics I'm trying to watch those games to to like find any details on when I'm researching games today and don't have access to some just reading all the articles and in tweets about those games to see like what is happening in Southlake just kind of stock lines that I'll keep in the college code as it is Nick Sabin funny. Can you make fun of him like his I make fun of all of them in X. CBS puts them out there are not one that you think is the most you know right for, oh, I think Sarkissian is the most right for economy seasons.

Also like he's wearing these funny jacket and you know he's played like he's coached for a lot of colleges, so there's always those jokes about like how he still coaching for the other team because he's helping them when funny part now is not now. He now points on Llano just Academy just making fun of sure. I mean how many more Jokes coming back like I think it sorry run its course yeah I think they assist like it is also like not that dynamic. Like his personality like anything and sometimes it can be antipolitical side and want to go and stand south and them like you don't want to kick a team when they're already down Michigan already struggling and talking about the fifth 19 lost the spot because suddenly somebody thought Clemson was pretty good. I just only thing Dabo is right for comedy, especially with an IL staff at Lincoln Riley's only son to make fun of because of money and LA like anything you can find those kinds of topics just Jimbo and Nick Sabin had a whole beef in the off-season, nothing that Jimbo likes more than beef. I like it I like it. Just think the funniest thing Dabo does is run down the hill and sometimes not going so fast running down that hill. I mean always got to do is just catch a cleat wrong or whatever those words then you got material for got material through photos. What about the guys on on on the show L Adamczyk that I mean I started off pretty light. Yes, as I didn't want to overwhelm them or make them hate me right away, so I'd like slowly worked my way and every week I get a little bit meaner highchair. But then I try to make jokes about myself to kind of balance and you can make them yourself suckers what the vision that I thought I would look like when I was on my bar mitzvah day on my day on my book and I look like when I grow up. That's what you know just didn't work well. I always told Chris like he was like what like I always thought he was one of the hottest words In the country and the fact that I am now on the show with him is you got a crush on Adam so yeah yeah okay I made in the income line. There you will.

Well it's been so bored but different type of matchup zone broke talking about good understanding of watching on the Roku channels in separate rooms right now trying to not look at the baseball well, do not look pretty good in the middle loaded all you friends despise, because he was going back and forth rightfully so, with the fans back in and he with bases-loaded hits one so damn hard that Cortez jumped up grabbed when it landed right on his ass and threw them out somehow. Five. Hopper from his behind break strut for now I christen I read Tiffany had it says birthday party right there. Angie and Carla. Stan comes up and then you yeah I said them the Billy I was like corn. Now is like you can't love a guy like skit and under team careful don't know the Billy goes the prize he didn't pull a hamstring at the buffet line and Chris because he's drinking out of the ladies riff and I ignored you completely on their own will.

Heavy hitters at our table. Yeah, that's true. You can allow people to talk to you. He was my plus one that I know I know you were to his birthday party. I'm trying to make him like a more like global all around, you know, when I met him he had never even traveled even have a passport and I didn't even know that handle that as well go travel guy that's I said I'm like you're not travel guy just because he never tried it. I treat my dad very similar work like to trick them into trying new things.

My dad like he never ate hummus and one day I was like do you want some bean dip while it being that hindsight treat them very highly complained about the price of somewhat lengthy failed. I fill out the whole thing for him and then at the end he said less about the cheapest of all time and code show just a little old that sometimes a phone call got your got your fancy pricing and Chris Brockman skim El Paso Texas.

Let's get a gauge and hang on for long time.

It's make sure you get departments observe going on in. Say hello to Mike Friday want to get what I want to talk about my mom that she loved the day morning and that you have so well say thank you all and I'll be back on during the morning on Sunday.

I was trying to be respectful to all court want to talk about the Packer but I know you're on cloud nine and I'm good. I need a shot of the dilemma coupled by what you know you concerned about your Packers is John Alexander on your concern about losing to the Jets you know about that. I mean like a course living or at home.

I mean, I do have confidence that we do have the broccoli so like I told you on the word about the same existing when CMC North when it's all said and done about it.

Hang in there, but have found so sure I would actually like to see you again say I am on for me to register on the cheek. Sarah had friends there and she should book that you would like.

I would love to talk to Sarah Rosario in your home and in all parts Chris blast some weird stuff, kingmakers that's what I'm writing these out now on my the game why and Shawn McVeigh said the team is working to the situation out with personal reason also declined to say whether he thinks Akers will be a part of the team's working through some things will all little while.

I mean if itbut yeah I mean because I thought the way that he was playing before he blew out his Achilles came back last year and how he looked coming back from his Achilles that this year would be your friend.

Yeah, I thought this would be a big year for makes sense that it could be something personal going on me.

So let me and who knows, I don't know use notes will be back with that statement will take a break. He's not part of your fancy it was and is punch punch a special two-game top five in the Bronx and the Indians are acting like they just won the World Series and spits me off all the guardians that's how they just got a renter on were focused were focused and were were going to break and will be back on the Roku channel was Chris Brockman's family advised TJ's fantasy advice and take you to the week Mercedes-Benz printer manual more than just doors you are unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing and be your own boss and steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every sprinter ran his bill designed and equipped to let you hit the open road take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big, bold, fun and exciting experiences off your bucket list only Mercedes-Benz prevent let you live, work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path will take you in with 16 body types.

Your choice of a gas or diesel engine in thousands of ways to cost about this program is capable and versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions wherever you want to take up so now is the time to discover what it is.

Most weight on market potential insider Mercedes-Benz sprinter CBSSports inside college football Sarah Tiana is here big games this weekend. Alabama and Tennessee just to name one TJ's print statement. Visiting my Michigan Wolverines and NFL pylon prime video with you, Sarah, Tiana and Dieterich Killam that's on every Wednesday prior to Thursday night football. Are you allowed to make fun of the recyclable significant in the opposite way we conduct last Broncos Colts game the greatest game we've ever seen and why is it made way for so many great athletes to shine light Colts entire backend that they know you went yard so I can't wait to see the commanders bears breakdown.

I think we should do is you should make some sort of a reference that one touchdown is similar to watching businesses rocket take TJ Jefferson are you ready for dispensing fantasy advice on this. We will know I love is always wrong to want to be right, which is basically all I ask is that you listen to something I like to start you off with is not him. These guys will not not lead you down the road single rewrite were talking about. Jerry brought the charges right number one against number two wide receivers this year. Number two, starting court slot Brian Callahan great job locking down the inside so Russell Wilson and son might get the looks I'm saying.

Stay away from Jerry JK Dobbins, another one he was using the two-minute offense last trick played 100% of the two-minute drill plus Chrissy's coming back on the back. JK Dobbins's insistence, he is not let him slide this week and Kyle pics. I don't think I need to say and I thought maybe this will be. She don't know if that's there but you brother Kyle Pitts is going to stay on the bench is healthy to plaintiff's right number of assistance please please please please lead you down the path of glory milk and honey.

Yes, you guys know about Marjorie right. One last year in the preseason laundry out of the specialty readings stat right Brown's the 32nd run deep and also ranked 31st contact with Andrew Marjorie Stevenson filled with broken tackles so people run wild this week. This is going to be back at LSU. We went through seven touchdown problem but I think Tyler Boyd is in line for payment like to pick something that a lot of guys are talking about someone or something. His brother Alex peters's participation increased 75% five steam targets steps will increase because I don't know what's going on brother's insistence on the road to riches and plans to real things and that is the gospel fantasy gospel according to Jefferson, can you dam the home plate umpire and the punks will attempt allowing judges to the bottom of the strike zone.

No idea. Yeah I lets get close about NBC news emeritus Tom Brokaw introducing Chris Brockman's gambling advice once again contest likely for undisclosed competitive guys. I yeah three and one last week, 981. Overall, let's keep the good times roll in two totals into dog Jackson Indianapolis Jackson was 96 something under under 42 is this going to be under 20 to take the under Pittsburgh. Also going under 45 1/2.

There I honestly don't know how Pittsburgh scores any points in this game so that it left Buffalo and go to dog patriots on the road there to run wild all over Cleveland.

TJ just told you there when the game outright and Kansas City Buffalo but usually I give Patrick the homestand points points at all. Yeah, I think that the Chiefs +2 half okay very good. George picking taken like no time. Every time a podcast earlier today they think Pickens is not the answer they think Pittsburgh might drop the quarterback next Wednesday to this is the one on the writer probably know the other stuff that the Steelers are one start in your already abandoning come to you. Never say never but the speed of the game as they learn apparently my new starting point. TJ said that over to check out prime video ones that I and CBSSports inside college football Sarah Tiana thanks for coming on sinking great for the fun stuff will be back to wrap things up on Roku in a moment for everyone else. Let's chat Monday.

Let's Ross Matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell Hussein hello Ross this week Chelsea handler. Basically another dog that she had to care of another.3 rescue dogs and only two hands anyone person too hard to do. I recommend to Max okay hello Ross, available wherever you listen

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