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Contentment 101

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June 24, 2021 1:24 pm

Contentment 101

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 24, 2021 1:24 pm

Contentment 101

Joined by Grant Castleberry to talk about contentment Steve teaches us about contentment and the lack of it in society today. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble hogwash. Okay here on Thursday on the same noble shell. This is out of the Bible.

Two passages of Scripture for you and then will welcome Pastor Greg Castleberry back to the show today. Philippians 411 through 13 not that I speak for up from want, for I have learned to remember that learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am so very American. I know how to get along with humble means and I also know how to live in prosperity in any and every circumstance. Any and every I've learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That's where that comes from to get that in context, then first Timothy six okay 6 to 12, but godliness with contentment not is good not is decent.

Not as average but Scripture says is great gain.

For we brought nothing into the world and we can take nothing out of it.

But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that data? Really food and clothing and what I have a lot. I have a little I have contentment. Okay so today Greg Castleberry. Welcome back to show how are you man doing well good to see you be back capital Community Church in Raleigh, North Carolina capital Community is the website so I saw that you preach on this really just a few weeks ago and that trip my trigger because contentment is really has become over the last 10 years, probably one of my favorite topics biblically and theologically.

I think it is a massive problem in the church. I think most people are incredibly discontent they don't know it because they haven't really grappled with what contentment is in the first place and there's a lot of things about contentment, grant that I think people look at that ago. So the is the opposite of contentment, ambition and drive. Is this somehow is it wrong for me to have career aspirations.

If I want to build my business get another degree make some more money is that me somehow being the opposite of what Paul is talking about. And of course Paul had major ups and downs but that that's it and I struggle with myself and I'll tell the story are little bit but how to get on your radar screen for what took you down the road of preaching on contentment will one I'm doing Bible exposition you know that so that on the road to talk about contentment. I do it one that I plan to speak on it now is just it was the next I got the first Timothy six hello and it was the next few verses and until our congregation first Timothy chapter 6 is like the Goldmine the first Timothy because there is just so much truth just right there in that final chapter courtship get through the other five chapters are an important to get the chapter 6 and then Paul lays out to Timothy this just absolute golden nugget to this young man laboring in this difficult circumstance in Ephesus. This truth about contentment. You gotta imagine his circumstances were difficult to his circumstances were hard and then put is. Let me give you this little secret.

Let me give you this godliness with contentment is great gain. Craig K. Great guy. When I first started studying this again goes back to the fall of 2010 and into January 2011 when I taught on it. I was like I how many things in the Bible does the Lord tell me okay this particular thing great gain.

Almost like there's an emphasis there that there's something the Christian life is is really good and just great. But in this particular thing that just like with the spotlight on it that I hadn't really noticed before, and in your years preaching in the before then. Thank you for your services nation in and in your years of preaching and teaching the word of God is contentment something that you had wrestled with personally, when you encounter this verse. How did you first approach I think we all wrestle with contentment because were all human. God made us to be satisfied in and that's kind of you know, getting into talk to about earlier about defining what contentment is.

I set out to study this. That was that was one of the first things I did. I looked it up in the Oxford English dictionary and really when you're talking about contentment you're talking about a soul satisfaction. The sole sufficiency that you have a sufficiency that is regardless of the circumstances that you ran regardless of the wealth that you have, regardless of of the burdens that you're curing you have some type of sufficiency. So understanding what contentment is, was really helpful and yeah II think it I think it was a struggle for me.

I think it's a struggle for for every believer you said to come to this place were we can say that I am satisfied in the circumstances that I'm in Jan and I am working through that right now I've got some back issues and working through right now and it's like okay in MI content. In this circumstance, even though I'm facing this this pain cannot be sufficient here. Not that I don't want to go right on praying I am pleading with God for the paint for them to take away certain course, but but cannot be you know them. I counted all joy in this circumstance, would you put contentment that perhaps based on that, and in kind of the same arena as joy.

Joy is different from happiness, joy, rises above joy is not harnessed to the circumstances of your life and contentment in many ways is us at a soul level is you're talking about the sole sufficiency sounds like it's kind of in the same realm. I think the related, but I would distinguish contentment and joy. I think contentment is. It is this like we do find it a satisfaction and then the joy is that bubbly overflow of heart of happiness that that may or may not be always be there but it's it's the I think that would be the difference well I need to know if we look especially 2021 2020 and some people go through the entire term presidency but let's just look at last year. In particular, I didn't see hardly any conservative evangelical Christian theologically speaking work or politically speaking, that showed any kind of level of contentment right it was okay. The elections rigged the COBIT thing is rigged. All this stuff is a train wreck the country falling apart. Everybody's lying. Everything is politicized. This is just horrible. Everybody is pulling their hair out and it's all just crumbling down around us, as opposed to contentment which could look all that square in the face and say those are all serious things, but yet a different level I'm good I'm good I'm really good actually. It's great gain, but I'm experiencing in the face of all that when the world you do what contentment where the Greencastle burial right back back is noble to see Bill of sociology Thursday today back at it after grant Castleberry capital Community Church in Raleigh, North Carolina capital are in the market for a new church family or just trying to settle into a church in and so today talking about something that I think for most of us we don't generally think in terms of contentment. I content I lack contentment discontentment but is a huge issue for all of us as you consider are you satisfied with where you're at in life and that brings into question. If your content does that mean that that somehow passed 70 that's apathy you just going ahead. This is where I'm at, whatever. I'll take whatever I'm given and not just be to sit here and take it, that's fine. What about ambition when light when I taught on this back in 2011 January February 2011. That was a big question in a upper-middle-class class Sunday school class that I taught is ambition. Somehow a problem for Christian because is that the antithesis of contentment.

If you're contentment in what you chase and stuff for what the you're honestly not content of you chasing bigger job the bigger paycheck bigger house the nicer car. Maybe the uplifted skin under your chin and spoke. Not content with the way you luck, and we see that, don't we, and we see our cars in our house the way your house looks and what kind of wardrobe you have a run around trying to make ourselves feel better and that maybe you do that was sex, money, power, whatever it is. Could it be that you just don't understand what contentment is and as a Christian you can have that Paul talked about it that he learned to be to be content.

And then he talked about that godliness with contentment is great gain. So this is a Perl to be a quiet, acquired, and it would make a huge difference because I think grant that if we were really living a contented Christian life. We would really be oddballs, especially in the melee that is American life right now, American culture, American politics, I would say that that I'm a pretty content person now, but I'm obviously in here five days a week engaging in this garbage going on. I'm very active. I have a heart for this nation of a heart for young people have a heart for the church. I'm a go-getter but yet I still have more than probably any other time in my life.

The level of contentment that is it is godliness with contentment is great gain and that now at 55 I'm like okay I think I'm beginning to really understand what that means yeah I you know God wired us to desire to be content. Everybody's looking for this. It everything coming. Paul talked about being content but this is a cute like we talked about earlier. This is a human issue. Humans are desiring contentment.

I even saw one time a perfume in the mall called happy like I spray my cell their fragrance and I could have shown how contentment and of course finally that's that's ludicrous because as we talked about contentment is the sole sufficiency in the way that God designed us to seek contentment is along two axes profit and pleasure profit and pleasure and by profit. I'm talking about material wealth, but it's more than that it's it's whatever you think might benefit you, whether it's getting ahead. Maybe it's achieving something. Maybe it's fame it's it's it's something that you achieve something that you possess something that you get or you talk about pleasure. And of course you know all about you were talking about sexual pleasure all talk about food regarding about experiences. We talk about vacations were talking about family life. You know, so God, those are all innate desires that God placed in us to seek this contentment in those things and even see it in the ancient world with the Greeks.

Yeah so the Epicureans, their philosophy was we are going to seek contentment as much as we can do pleasure right you know so it's eat drink and be merry merry.

Tomorrow we die and got the reason why were here is to pursue pleasure in the Stoics were the opposite.

They said in a note that the wise path is the stiff upper lip That were going to endure suffering that that life is a challenge here that that suffering, evil will happen in the question is can you endure can you accomplish can you achieve that was the Stoics This is it age old problem of people looking for contentment and the Greek word that they use is our turkey and just mean sufficiency now. What's interesting is that Paul uses that same word Corinthian's and he says not that we are our turkey. Not that we are sufficient in and of ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God.

So this is the real secret of contentment is that Paul says that our turkey that the same word that he uses in first Timothy 66 godliness with our turkey is great gain. It's from him and so God wired us and designed us to find ultimately that satisfaction in his person and so that's why your that's why you can have a billionaire who is not content you are Tom Brady or Tom Brady talked about it all you different sports stars Hollywood stars whatever they get to the end of the rainbow to get the pot of gold and they they grabbed the pot of gold and the next day, like what's next.

That's right and that's that's been that the challenge for a lot of people. I think a lot of us really struggle which is why we struggle with idolatry.

We bounce to this we bounced that we try to find something. Moses gone for little while of ships not working.

Let's let's build another greater goal.

Let's make a gap in the source McAllen makes a lot of sense and put back in the kind of reverse back to what kinda got me down this road so it's late 2010 I'm on the radio. On Saturdays I called action started 2004 I got to be a big fish in a small pond, a lot of media that go to Christian troublemaker in the triangle was Steve Noble okay also. But not but I'm still running my house meeting company and doing both doing all the stuff that's going crazy and chaotic and I like praying for the Lord just get me out of my business. I don't particularly enjoy it is just a means to an end.

I want to do ministry full-time blood of the just whining through all my stuff out there and not negligent. I was I was not content nothing's happening. So I go on a mission trip to Thailand because that will solve it in and spent a lot of time by myself and came back and literally the next week. I took myself off the air. I took myself out of the Christian ministry things in men's ministry stuff I was doing. I just went pretty much silent and said to Gina, my wife and to the Lord is that I listen I don't have a clue what I should be doing here and I have no contentment. I'm just restless and unsatisfied and I'm just gonna sit here for a while and be quiet and if all you want me to do frontloading that if all you want me to do is be a father and own my small business really good business. That's fine. I'll do that and then I'm like, that's when I ran into these verses that were talking about today and I like what I don't have any contentment.

I'm just like running to and fro from this that that the other thing, trying to make myself feel good and that's when I started the study and then the first day in class when I turned around, taught this class couple months later I had this thing that was not like us like a happiness survey can have a contentment survey that used internationally only seven questions is basically gauging your cannot grant your gimmick basically give yourself a grade for where you're at in life is so this is a north Raleigh.

For those of you not familiar with the area upper-middle-class Primus white, but a nice place to live. Successful people, up-and-coming bullets should be content people this content and so we all take this test and like okay were integrated right now and see how we do and so we get the grades back and 80 people in this class and our average grade I kid you not, is a 68. Essentially, were all looking God in the face based on where were at what we've achieved what we have and saying you know what Lord to give you a D+ and that's when all of us, went we have a problem and I think most of us have the same problems. Lack of contentment we can keep talking the grant will be right back. And if I could just get a little bit more. I could little bit more if you have a little more ratchet into the mind. If I could prove my health if my kids started to turn around if my bride would start you know, get in line. My job, but start to take off. If these things come into to come into focus and get to where I wanted to be.

Then I'll be satisfied. But until then I'm just in a fight scratching and go after it. I'm to be a go-getter and try to achieve my best life now and I think that even though Moses wouldn't stand up in church and give that testimony.

I think a lot of us live that way and because were struggling with contentment and this is really a personal subject for me to study. I've been doing it for over 10 years now, and in God's done some great things in my life on this but I think I had almost no contentment. Back in 2010 and this is a very difficult thing to wrestle with because are we killing ambition. Be all that you can be which is kind of the American way is this just be the poor be whatever and just sit there and don't do anything you just kind of ideas where IMAP is my station life and just suck it up buttercup and that's all you get what you do with that, the issue of contentment, theology, Thursdays, or working our way through a couple passages of Scripture here. Pastor Greg Castleberry is here. I capital community church here in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Again, great, great to see a welcome back and just really appreciate the time it's great to be here, that's fine is different than usual gig yeah but it's a great it's a great opportunity to go to work together is reverently unwelcome in in just you know this now by experience and for those of you if you're newer to the shower Facebook Liber YouTube live I do not do like it standard interview type stuff I don't have a list of questions we all live very conversational lives or we should we should so we that's what I do when I have a guest on III make sure I know enough to have a good conversation, but I also want to remain curious and so that I can be space the people jump in on the conversation.

It's almost like you're at a party and you're listening to what some people are talking about rooming house are part of the conversation. Okay, let the conversation were trying to have your say get to guys that love the Lord love each other and in her trying to grow in our knowledge and our wisdom of all things that the Lord gives us the ability to understand and so that's what you hear when we're doing a show like this, which is working our way through it just like you guys do everyday so that's that's the part the approach are right so you are talking to John stop up here on the commercial break for pic on Facebook like the stuff they could hear but you read a book about by John Stott which is a fascinating title was the I like it. It's by a guy name Alister Chapman was writing about and he wrote a biography of John Stott just passed away a few years ago and the biography was entitled godly ambition, which was is an interesting yet is an interesting title.

But if you know John Stott I think it's a fitting title because he was a very and vicious person very, very ambitious, though, for the Lord. And so, as were talking about.

Okay, your contentment is not at odds with your ambition.

If your ambition is constrained according to God's will know if your ambition is I want to be rich. I want to just maximize my own pleasure.

I want my name tidy up there. I want wealth I want to just send it on myself like the prodigal son will then your outside of the will of God in your ambition is not a sanctified ambition. So God can honor that you be like Loki, I am filled with glorious purpose. God but God made us. You know that you read Genesis 128 the creation mandate, be fruitful, right multiply. I think one of the reasons why people aren't content is because are not productive enough. That's a great point. What are our mutual friend Jim Young on Facebook. Life was like, what about contentment. Could it could produce apathy and I sit there and go as a Christian, a biblical Christian, I can't really make a case for apathy other than weight waiting on the Lord, but that's an active decision. That's not even apathetic. So maybe some people are content because they're being lazy right in and the bite is pretty clear bellies in the end, and the reason why they don't feel satisfaction is because are not being productive. According to the will of God. Now this is a beautiful thought in terms of laziness and productivity in striving for things. This job description of a Christian and getting to the finish line glorified in Christ and hearing those sweet words well done good and faithful servant to Lascaux. Look that up to some study on your own and that one but but so are you telling me Lord that my job is to be enthusiastically faithful fruitfulness is God's deal. That's his side of the equation is on my side of the equation so is like, I've got a great sales job to put in a business context. But imagine I can get Peter rewarded based on how many people sign up. I just got a work hard and work with intelligence and with integrity, and then on to get eternal rewards. And God takes care what people actually sign the deadline. That's pretty cool. I like that job description that faithfulness the tribe which requires energy and expediency in effort so apathy just doesn't appear Christian in your apathetic you're doing this right to go to St. design is to be productive, but he also designed us to be satisfied in him the right that that's what contentment is. So there's a real sense where the Christian should be content. But even if he had all the things in the world. He wouldn't be satisfied in them right he wouldn't be completely satisfied because he doesn't see God. Yet, the way he will on the last day so so there's a real sense were contentment isn't even what it's going to be in the future. And so even we should be able to be content in all circumstances but not but but not completely satisfied with it, if even I had the most wealth and the most everything that that I can imagine that that's part of the distinction.

The other distinction I think that we need to make in and talk about and when I was preparing to preach on contentment a few weeks ago. Capital I went back and retinal Puritan name Jeremiah Burroughs and he wrote a book called the rear jewel of Christian contentment while and have you read it know, but I guess it's okay. They have an inner purity got bags they don't have you done what they've done like that with modern modernized language uses the language in the book he says you need to constrained the bigness of your heart to your current circumstances even even though you might have ambition for something else. Even though you might be striving to do something for the kingdom.

Even though you might desire to have a better situation for your family right that that's a legitimate desire. I desire my family.

I desire my kids have a better education than I did.

That's it.

That's a legitimate desire to go but what if you can afford that right now so you constrain the bigness of your heart to your current set circumstances and say okay will this is what God has given me right now yet today. Today ended, and then God blesses that Mrs. not Neil not mind out your will be done. God blesses that any gifts that contentment now that's a be content with such things as you have.

Yeah. So that's where you go okay today as we all know are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Your life is like a missed a tear for moment and it's gone. And then you're like okay so if if I get there. If I get there in six months in the year and five years of retirement. It is that moving okay that that's great and that's fine and I think it's fine to pursue those things as long as you're not worshiping those things but then can you be content with where you're at today and if you're not content with where you're at today you're not gonna be content tomorrow. That's this out. So this is this this is why it's the secret yet it's if you're not content today. Yeah, you and you don't know how to be content today you will never be content when you're making the 350 using the wrong formula right so it so it's coming back and saying, not my will, you're with your will be done. God and what whatever it is you have me going through. I am going to be satisfied in God and find that sufficiency in him and you know it's that that's a challenge it's it's easy to say what happens when you're carrying a bulletin that that you want lifted so bad yet. And because it's not just desire for for things. It's also a desire for things to be taken away. You know what happens when you're when you're facing a difficulty in your life. God, I just want this removed. How can you be content to in that circumstance, you and that's Paul with the thorn inside and praying and asking God, not once, not twice but three times to remove this from me and that's one got to hey listen, my grace is grace is sufficient for you, and my strength is made perfect in your weakness. And that's worked contentment to me is like this. I I remember the Lord. I remember his sufficiency and what is done for me what he is doing for me what he will do for me what's already been secured for me and so in the midst of everything and when I stop and I lean into that contentment.

That is, there are ready to Christ that I can chemical that's right. Oh that's right that's already in my bank account that's already in my checkbook that's are you my back pocket.

That's already in my possession. I could be fully satisfied.

Okay, cool.

Then I get back to work hopefully for the things the Lord but there is that it's almost like this little jewel you have that no matter what you got this oxygen you have it you have. It's a done deal is that you realize you have it, and then pull it Outlook should be content know how to navigate your way to it know Paul says in Ephesians 1. He says you have every spiritual blessing in heavenly places. While so it's the eternal perspective. Okay, it this life is short. Why do I have what is God give me in the future. And then it's the present perspective that whatever I'm forever on that right now God's providing God loves me. God is taking care of me is right, yeah. It's all it's all him.

It's always it's always Providence on the child.

He's reminiscing that all of this stuff. This secret is only available if you are in Christ have to be in place. You must be born again to be right back in the normal show theology Thursday the house in Raleigh, North Carolina capital community church a little too straightforward. Grant, we get a little community nice and double what your service times on Sunday 9 AM 90 imperfect nice and easy, straightforward, were talking about contentment today, working kind of off of two passages of Scripture. Philippians 411 through 13 not that I speak from one drive learned Paulson learned this happen.

Learn to be content in whatever circumstances I am while you do that can you say that no matter the circumstances. Good, bad, a lot a little things going well at home. Things are going well and good health, bad health, good job at job. Can you say that you've learned to be content. No matter what the circumstances, and in first Timothy 662 12 but godliness with contentment is great gain. Just decent.

Not much is good, but great game. So, God is there telling us if you have godliness which we should understand that with contentment, which is little more elusive than that's great gain and that's that should catch our attention especially in up in a kind of a reward-based society that we live and we said okay I want that I want contentment so that you're not tossed to and fro like a double minded man and up and down and back and forth and you can't you can't listen to Sean Hannity more. You can't watch the news you can't pay attention to twitter. Nothing should because it just drives you into a spirit in you just ticked off in a mess and that's a problem if that's how you're spending your days.

I would say that's a pretty good indication that you don't contentment what what what how would you help us diagnose that pastor. How does a person know. Look at what can be some tells of. I don't have much contentment in my life, from your perspective, what would you see, I think it's interesting what Paul says right here in the passage you just mentioned in first Timothy chapter 6, he basically he doesn't elaborate much on contentment.

I think he assumes that the audience who knew the Greek word would know that he's talking about sufficiency along with godliness and he's been unpacking some of that in first Timothy, but he immediately goes on the offensive against this whole profit mentality in terms of I can find my sufficiency and somehow gaining something gaining gaining project more is the answer and so I mean, so this is this is a diagnostic, in and of itself.

He says we brought nothing into the world and we cannot take anything out of the findings of this is I mean you can't do anything or put anything radical in this. You sent it.

If you love the things of the world you need to realize something you can't take it with you. You brought nothing here in and like Job said you ain't taken anything to the next world. That's right that there's no U-Haul's behind her classic the clathrate tourism but it's true. In it, and it's Pauline Paul. Paul does what Paul saying is that that everything here is fading and temporal and so we have to cling to what's eternal and that's why he says in verse eight he says by if we have food and clothing with these will wheat we will be content because we were clinging to what's eternal and the contrast he says, but those who desire to be rich in other ways talking about believers is he's not talking or people who claim to be believers, but he saying those in the church that desire to be rich.

They fall into temptation plants. The temptation, the devil does a bill that levels the one who tempts they fall into a snare and many senseless and harmless desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction out so it's a it's a cataclysmic fall and once in one scene has you in this this temptation. What's the temptation. The temptation is that you would compromise your integrity that you would do something for the gain of money for the gain of profit and once you compromise Satan's got you right because you can go back and then you just keep going further and further and further down that road, in any says you fallen into this trap of destruction in any says for the love of money. So, not money, yet is not not not that money is bad. We note Gayatri God created money you. He says the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil, because then you're like the drug addict and use that we talk about gateway drugs and marijuana to laced marijuana to cocaine to this event to stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper, darker and darker because none of that stuff in a satisfy engineer reprobate mind you can't figure that out so your items in a double down down again. So tell them again. So the diagnosis. I mean as a pastor, but I would all ask is what you living for the question.

So what are you living for.

And if the answer is some sort of profit.

Answer I'm living to to accomplish something I'm living to make more money or its import of some sort of pleasure answer I'm living for, to experience on a 72: a week and had ID chalice and that's right will the mouth speaks was in the heart is and so at that point, you know where their soul is and where they're seeking that contentment and so now the question is how do you get to the gospel or if there already a believer. How you reorient them back to the things that matter and and in Scripture speaks everywhere on this. It says one you define your pleasure in God. Psalm his right hand are pleasures forevermore. So you say look, you need to turn to God because, as the deer pants for the water so your soul should be panting for him because he's only one can satisfy that desire and then for profit. Jesus spoke to this as well.

What is it profit a man she gains the whole world forfeits his soul. What really matters what really profit you is eternal. Select let me reorient you on this desire back to what really matters.

And then when you when you can align yourself with what the Lord then they get your mind right your soul right, your thinking right then he says we give you the desires of your heart because the desires of your heart actually started matching hit okay backup that's Colette make sense now get a lot of the things like yeah I know that I know that I know that but doing that and trusting the Lord with the outcome. Unlike godly works every time a straw you have to preach to yourself absolutely close to so you're always going to on this side of eternity. You're always going to be having these desires and wrote you know Satan is going to be whispering in your ear what you have is good enough right and in your can what you really need and is more and so you have to you have to learn to preach God's word to yourself. Be content in all circumstances, be content with the things you have.

That's Hebrews 13 I think that that I striving for that godliness with contentment is great gain weight gain. Yeah I know it's in seat. Make your requests known to God and the peace of God will be yours. And then he talks about okay listen. Dad knows what I need right doesn't. Dad knows what we need, that knows agreements right your wife, your kids, he knows my wife needs my kids need.he knows all that, and so you get a trust that is gonna provide for all that now. Sometimes we put conditions on the okay let me. I did this once in my class. Speaking of the class earlier I said okay only sales that God already provided something if our house burned down, burned on the ground whatever reason It's an accident. How many of you would take us in a week two weeks.

Whatever help us get some clothes with this big class only hands went up. Okay cool. There you go. He's Artie provide deservedly see that yes okay let me make a little more difficult. Let's say I drive my business into the ground by being just a big idiot. I waste a bunch of money and make a bet punch bad decisions and clearly in sin and I drive my business and how many of you would still help and started popping up his peer pressure is okay so I'm in your house for like you say papacy we ask to have a whole big area over garage that you guys can find work out great. Nice has bathroom and were there for a month at six months, would you start to go hasty like to get a job I probably would be going on in the drivers enemies worse than a believer look that there you go. Here it is again God saying, if at all train racks because the body of Christ.

My love for you. I've Artie provided Marty Marty and the other end of the really fine, really well. Now it doesn't we say fine, and then we put it into an American context we start talking to conditions on that. But her father really does know what we need and he's sovereign and in control so that the this has been one of the single most helps to me and contentment is knowing whatever I'm going through right now whether it's good or whether it's bad is exactly what he wants me to be going through and in whatever I possess because he got all in because he's sovereign and and this is the promise for the believer that all things work together for good to those who are called according to his purpose in all things grant what that include when you have lots of things little things good things everything everything all things all things so it it's a two-way street.

The good things and the bad things there exactly what God wants me to carry right now what God wants me to possess and when you get there man that is freeing, because it means that that the job that you missed or you think you miss more or the house that you you're like me and I should've bought that property like five years ago, but God obviously you want to buy the right operating because I didn't so and then Robin in a and I can rest in the providence of God over my life and God's love and compassion and patience with us even when we make bad decisions because each artwork is all-time with we may may make bets pray about it.

Seek counsel about it. Don't think that we should do as Christians, but you may make a bad decision but guess here's the awesome thing God already on the other side of that bad decision and nothing is wasted in this economy to the federal government and so he's getting even use your bad decision. Bill used to profit you build you mature you and bring glory to himself. And so what do you really have to live offer. His honor offers honor. Wow, that's pretty nice thing yes and then that you can rest and find sufficiency and, therefore, be content that grant Castleberry great having you think is really a Leo conversation today really appreciate you. Capital Community Church capital Community is way too simple, yet a lot of thinking like that like this is the noblest ignoble show, God willing, I'll talk you always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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