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The Biggest Generation on the Planet?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 5, 2021 3:12 pm

The Biggest Generation on the Planet?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 5, 2021 3:12 pm

The Biggest Generation on the Planet?

Guest Host, Chris Connel, and Pepper Elliott come on the show today to discuss Generation Z and how conservative they are.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network's ties with his noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble this is a noble show that this is not Chris, Steve Noble, this is Chris Connell. I am Steve's equally obnoxious friend and it is great to have you guys with us and somehow my speakers on my laptop so that there was a computer. Was it me. Oh man, I didn't think it was on at all anyway so my apologies technical difficulties here how y'all doing today will not listen.

Today we have a great gasket with us on the Steve Noble show and the reason why want to bring them on, was because we are living obviously and very on precedent at times, and as such we are facing such uncertainty and my guest is what I would consider be an expert in the generation Z young people who were born between the 90s and what the early 2000's and we have this whole wall culture thing going on right now we have division like we've never seen it at least.

And in this generation. Politically, we've got the covert situation. We've got mask don't match vaccine don't vaccine we've got the black lives matter movement. We've got the situations in our in our culture with gender, gender identity, right, and sexuality sanctity of life and Steve Mary's equity of our gender is a mention and I'm really curious what is a generation Z what they think about all the stuff what are they think about what's going on on the planet and my guess enemies up in a moment ago to manager some here in a second you've heard of the greatest generation that what you generation. Currently Jens. He is the biggest generation on the planet absolutely biggest generation the planet. So welcome to see noble show pastor Pepper Elliott is probably the greatest youth pastor in my opinion, that I know on the planet right now and you are you pass across assembly which at Harvey.

I also work there myself and you been ministering to the generation for a while you but youth pastor for five years now six RI and married years, you and Carla married now, sick almost 6 years and that you got two kids right you absolutely up so you been ministering the last six years and before that you were involved in church ministry. You also grew up in the church. I actually went to college with one of your uncles and I think I just missed your mom and dad.

I thought we were around each other, but not as much.

First off, talk to me about generation Z like what age range are we talking about we talk by Jens he right now. Yes, right now Jens he were talking about college, coupled Jens ears are just coming out of college. So they're starting to get into the workplace and then you're talking about, definitely into high school and later middle school right now as Janelle Phyllis, coming up behind them into the beginnings of middle school so basically students right now who are from middle school to college is the bulk of that gin Z community.

Okay, so that generation has grown up with iPhones you to tick-tock and I've lost track of all the other social media tools are out there right you have a very conservative view of the world right you are an evangelical follower of Christ and I've sadden your services my kids of setting your services at one of us on that's involved in youth ministry now and the messages that you teach and the way you preach are not very woke now right or not very woke at all.

You have a very conservative view about gender identity is a very conservative view about 60 of marriage think the of life right. I'm curious how the Jens E generation responds to that teaching and I'm also curious how much of that crowd that you're speaking to is just kids grow up in the church, or if you're getting kids are coming from outside the church.

Jens he is a very spectrally generation as a whole.

Meaning, so you you will have. You have kids, you obviously have a family that is very solid, very in Christ you can trust that they're getting adequate biblical knowledge presented on the home front, but there's a huge spectrum of everything where you have this group of kids who are attending and they attend because that's what they're told. They're supposed to do because their parents are more of the traditionalist type and you got a bunch of homeschoolers. I know that is true, that is true I will say were working on that, mainly because are working on commissioning kids. It has very little to do with being no anti-homeschool.

Some people might present it is that but something I like share their students all the time is in order to call yourself a Christian, you have to have a mission field and were given a very clear job description and I see there's there's a bit of a hunger for that in this generation.

And I think that the roots that they're developing are really good and I believe that because of essentially what you're talking about. How do they respond to what they're seeing around them Jens. He internalizes a lot of things and a lot of people mistake that for being a knock on their their character how they handle things socially.

Also it causes them to get lumped in with millennial's, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, I like it like a giant if you could define a difference because your millennial that right so if you could find a between the millennial's in Jens E what would you define that the biggest differences between the two generations. Now a lot of a lot of what I'm about to say isn't going to hit home for a lot of listeners for the next few years it's gonna take a bit of time. It's not to be until he have a voice in the voting box and things like that on that there to begin seeing this take place. Like I said, they internalize a lot there. The generational difference between millennial's and gin Z is the largest generational gap that we've seen in American history, which is insane by single largest. The largest was a big gaps yes in the last hundred artists I mean everything is getting flipped upside down so you think about the outrageous nature of the millennial right color my hair the brightest color possibly can. I want to shake my fist at the system, millennial's get cues a lot of entitlement. True or not but the good and yeah get accused of that. Absolutely yeah never knew a world in where they had to be like in the hustle and grind of it. You know they got the benefit of having the the naïve nature of their young life leading up to as teenagers feeling like they get to just go get whatever they want because they're told that everything that they do is fantastic. There is a hustle mentality and gin Z the millennial's don't have across-the-board I think if you look at the traits of millennial's, you're gonna find conflict with the traits. My guess is Pepper Elliott youth pastor extraordinaire across assembly. The biggest generation on the planet in life you have access inside major major were back. This is the Steve Noble show, but this is not Stephen… Chris Connell is equally obnoxious friend fill in for him. Steve and I are friends for several years here and got a cribbage getting work together several years ago in a Greg Laurie event been friends ever since and Steve because once a lot of hey man, I'm gonna be away can you cover love being on the radio and I'm not sure anybody else does or not but I like doing it, along with a podcast and I something.

It's the put in my head a while back that he may want you grab a youth pastor, having come in the studio is talk about generation Z and the whole what culture and so I guess today is Pastor Pepper Elliott welcome good have you here the Steve Noble show and you been you pastoring for six years and grew up in the ministry. I always feel like Pepper that anybody who is in ministry and grew up in.

It should get an award because I I didn't grow up with it and with Philippe my diet should say this on the air, but I'm going to my wife and I have talked about our kids going into the ministry and I'm over my dead body. Firefights like that is so not the right attitude and I'm like I know you're actually right. If in my kids recall that would totally support them. But you know I'm always amazed because I feel like anybody who grew up in it.

You do get to see behind-the-scenes ugliness of ministry. Unfortunately, because ministry is people and people are messy and so there's almost no way of avoiding that and I think some kids grow up in the church getting less of that in and some get more you know and I know you talk to me about some of the stuff you had to walk through. But I always figured an accolade for you to be involved in ministry, you got two kids now right little girl little boy and you got a youth group that runs gosh, I think when you're low nights is 180 students on a Wednesday night.

Plus, you have another their church is grown so now you have another branch of youth ministry that what 30 to 50 students on top of that, I think you did a youth camp with how many students went to youth camp hundred and 74 yeah that's me and that's a lot of the hormones in one location to gather.

Yeah, I remember talking to you before you went to camp you like this. Is there presently voice and afterward like argument smoking for a week as I have is amazing camp. You're also your your your youth group is involved with a missions organization called speed the light which provides transportation tools and other items for those who are spreading the gospel around the world are you set some audacious goal for your students. Teresa, this isn't money.

The parents are giving what your goal this year for the students. Okay so first of all I would say that I started out the year. A man of little faith where you are like $20,000 is going to be a big year right and I went to this event that was about taking water wells in Africa and I really felt like the Lord really put on my heart to go and and I was like okay and as a result we left, saying $50,000 and where at like 40 yeah so they're killing Jan you in the years not over and and and you you not really done that through him.

Even if you think you have it on the through fundraisers really just on through. The students are saying hey you know you know let's let's give our resources exactly and then is this this water well thing right which is which name you call death to something. Yes, we basically started a clothing brand called death to the water crisis and we've used that as a means to raise money today. Water wells in Africa through a group called world serve that partners must be the light. You will serve is amazing it is to do good work, so sorry want to buy your merchant and help that out seriously were they going to get it. My goodness, I guess. Use an email and thought about it like this is one of my dearly never thought about your youth group website. What about that were there be a site to go to. I mean if if you shoot us an right will get you something to happen. It's pretty sweet March. Actually I was at some on right now but I don't know about the biggest generation on the planet right now is generation Z 90s and early 2000's right is where that is at and so those are right now like middle high school.

Maybe early colleges. Connell where that's at your millennial yourself. We talk about the wool culture and everything going on and we were talking during the break. About this Eifert statistics Beaufort statistics regarding this generation that and and that I want to talk about some these issues. I will talk my gender identity I want to talk about social media, but for a moment I want to zero in on this.

Do you find it's true that you are seeing this generation dealing with more mental health anxiety and stress. Then you anticipated because it statistics show that this generation, some of it because of just something like COBIT in the culture and everything going on some of the rare are expressing stress levels that were tantamount to having PTSD out of a you not going to war.

Are you seeing that with your students is interacting with as well. Absolutely 100%. Yeah, there is there is an an insane amount of stress and anxiety that comes with growing up and cancel culture. I mean, I can imagine, asking what's a tripping that's youth that part of it is the cancel culture. I think it's almost the biggest thing, especially since that's directly related to social media you're talking about a generation that doesn't know life without social media. I mean I'm I'm from the MySpace generation will rewrite in the sing off the ground aim chat chat rooms Alessa right but they only know social media and so since that such a major investment of their social reality, to have them being canceled in such a way that no cuts out from under them that the job they might have, or the degree that they might get in the school.

He might be able to attend. And now you have a kid who's 10, 11, 12 years old who's trying to figure out whether or not they say something online in 1/32 blip on a tick-tock that could possibly cost them when their 35 years old.

That's a stress it's just absolutely insane and unnecessary when you talk about kids that age you know talk today were going to a prayer retreat and he sits up to me about this cancel culture and and you said my experience is that this tendency is actually a very conservative generation yup could you explain to Steve's listeners what you meant by that. Yes of this is funny now. The general idea of of politics or views that have deal with politics is that the older you get, the more conservative you get the baseline for this generation what they're showing is that there actually the most conservative generation we've had, possibly in the history of the not so counterintuitive I met so I would I would say the exact opposite. I would say no, no, no, they're the least conservative.

How can that be possible. So I was reading this article actually from Forbes and Forbes him and you to say balance new source. There's no such thing right versus clear that out right but Forbes is writing about this generation and about specifically why the left why progressives should be so concerned about this generation of people right you're talking about.

Not only the most fiscally conservative generation.

I'm here talking about a massive chunk of these kids. I think a symbolic 12% have already started saving for retirement.

They've Artie started putting money aside for retirement 12% 12% yeah, 22% something something around that that range, 22% have already built up a savings account and and things like that on their own, not not do their parents not to their parents did this for them. In fact, we see that Gen X is a very much do it your way foggy free type generation of the parents aren't necessarily instilling is it something that they're seeing is something that they're gaining information from this this whole unit information age, and they're taking this information, and in the responding that information they're taking the heart because they're internalizing it, their thinking on it or spending time on it and so it's producing this conservatism that is absolutely unprecedented.

The biggest generation on the planet appears to be the most stressed generation on the planet were here with pepper Elliott youth pastor extraordinaire talking about GNC and the wool culture. This is Chris, Philip or Steve Noble will be right back after the break. Welcome back to the Steve nova show this is not Steve Noble this is Chris Connell. We have a great guest today as I was pastor pepper Elliott and pepper is not as nickname that is actually his birth name back. That is amazing and a great family got a wife, two kids is been youth pastor the last six years got a massive youth group and Alyssa, ministering to the biggest generation the planet which were talking about today. Jan Z and you said something over the break. I love to start off with and that is how do we communicate to the Jan Z generation because I was on your antidote about my sons are both Jen's ears and their upstairs. We lived downstairs, pretty much, and so to communicate with them. It used to be. We could yell up the stairs.

But then they have the earbuds in, and then we would I would use a two way radio thing in intercom that will that in work either. So now we could walk upstairs were to be lazy.

We text them like Lily hey guys do you know dinner is ready in on it and am in the same household you know and that's literally the best way to communicate with Abbott that probably is nothing doing what you say but let's talk to this.

Did the generations that are Jen's Ian and give us your thoughts on the best way to communicate with Jan Z lime notice that, in growing youth ministries versus not growing youth ministries.

Currently, what I'm saying is that the youth ministries that are holding tight to the projected direction of the generation based on what millennial's were starting to fall short their starting C students leave their their youth ministry and mass because they're not accounting for we talked about earlier that large gap between millennial's and Jen's ears, who said no we are looking at that and we don't want any part of it and so they're having a hard time communicating to them and there's these other youth ministries who are willing to notice who Jen's he is nothing in order to communicate the first thing that you have to figure out is who are these people right couple negatives about Jen's Alex out negative still like you know say the best for last. They're pretty terrible at connecting nobody to screw that there terrible.

They're terrible at inferring things they want to be direct their slow to open up. They have a short attention span. Now, as a result, I believe that they are over diagnosed with ADD ADHD as burgers and autism. I think that they look at the same things don't exist exactly. Now they deftly do, but for us to see this sharp incline out of the blue. It cannot possibly be well if I listed those as negatives for whole generation will and those are a lot of the negatives that you see with people who are ADD ADHD have as burgers autism some on that spectrum, I would go so far as to say that they are undeveloped in those areas, but that there undeveloped mourner truly then naturally write the ADD ADHD as burgers autism those things. Those are naturally occurring things that are in them right. It's is part of what their makeup is but we talk about this whole idea of like nature versus nurture. I believe that a big part of the reason is her negatives is because they're not nurtured in their life in many ways the fact that their social media generation thinking that literally socializing is the Internet that is a make any sense to us but to them makes perfect sense and I can imagine anything else that would be where the nurturing has an effect on that nature of the whole generation. They're insecure in their overly self-aware. That's just a fact, all of which all of the things I listed. I think this this goes back to the nurture write all of these things terrible connecting terrible at inferring so to open up short attention span, insecure and overly self-aware. All of these are accepted at home and they're not generally challenged. Why because her parents are mostly Gen X and Gen X is scared to death of being seen as overbearing or demanding.

Besides special degeneration or yell for them you they felt was overbearing and demanding. I will be being a Gen X or myself. I grew that up. And so the fears and we see this generation after generation. Write the fears of the generation before final to the weaknesses of the generation that comes in after now as far as positives there kind they're accepting they're curious there submissive and honoring, which is pretty incredible. Now obviously a lot of them are teenagers. But if you compare them with teenage millennial's right much more submissive and honoring and I can tell you this. The only way we could probably do a youth camp with the staff that we had for a whole entire week with 174 right would be if by and large, there is an honoring aspect there.

They're not out of control and reckless part of the reason for that is because they're primarily concerned with what others think. And if you're concerned with what others think. Then you not to do something that could potentially cost you in the social arena. They also have such little social capital that they can't afford the cost and the social arena and so I think this also goes back to why they end up being more conservative. They're easy to culture, which is phenomenal. If you're a good leader if you're a bad leader. That's a bad thing.

This would scare a lot of parents that wonder whether they should put their kids in public school or whether they should put them or whether they should homeschool them their way to easy to culture. I believe that there are people that you can put in their lives that can help benefit this this thing and turn that into a positive.

Instead of being a negative and I believe that relates the last think they're hungry generation, and they're hungry for what millennial's don't want right millennial's want spectrums millennial's want choice, but Jen's he wants yes and no, they want black-and-white. They want you to tell them the truth and to be honest and direct will. That's because you're not getting any of that exact culture exactly in they see the product of that in their older brothers and sisters right like I'm a millennial rye sisters gin Z right and were the only two in the household so she got to watch my generation hustle and struggle in a bad way and they've compensated for that in different ways that they see things and so part of that leads that more conservative mindset of right and wrong yes and no black-and-white and and if you'll put leaders in their lives, even if it is leaders who, like me, I'm only with them on a Wednesday or on a Sunday, but I could say that I could have more influence in a student's life being more clear with my yes and knows and right and wrongs, then a teacher who's with them five days a week who is giving them a spectrum of belief because they don't identify with that in online look us up woke culture. It means social awareness being alert to social issues, racism, discrimination and injustice right. You're telling me some very different with what I expected.

What I expect you to say was that I am experiencing gin Z being very woke you're actually telling me that's not with the case now pepper some of that because you're dealing with kids in the church a lot or you think that's just generally true of Jonesy.

I think that it's easy to mash millennial's in gin Z together and and not see where that.

Okay that split begins because they internalize so much so you look at these young people who are making noise and it's hard to tell which group are they with like which which segment are they with now. This isn't to say that there aren't very very liberal or progressive.

Jen's ears there out there obviously are, but I would same.

They're mostly that way because of how they've been cultured less so because they are naturally built. So what about the issues of gender by gender identity. For a moment to the definition of marriage on the D in general viewpoint within the liberal part of our culture that says you know pro-choice is the right choice right are you where where is Genji standing on that I you fly because are you I'm assuming their coming and going. Hey, you know, we should embrace gender identity embrace. This embrace that. What's the viewpoint of your experience a check this this out this is actually pretty crazy thing. It's in that same Forbes article that I mentioned before, oftentimes millennial's have been criticized for being notoriously liberal, but it looks like the generation right behind us has completely rebuilt the UK study at the Guild did a survey of almost 2000 adults and found that on issues like gay marriage, marijuana legalization, transgender rights and even tattoos 59% of gin Z respondents described their own views as conservative and moderate 59%.

Now contrast that with 83% of millennial's and 85% of G Gen X who responded to the same questions in the opposite direction truly interesting so when I talk about a gap I mean you're talking a jump of 85 write 85% to 83% between a Gen X millennial. This is typical trajectory but then you jump opposite spectrum from 83%, 85% saying that their views or are quite or very liberal and now this group.

This group of Jen's ears saying 59% of them are moderate to conservative that is a wild jump.

Okay, now what about the issue.

Pornography prevalent in our culture. Jen's ears, you gotta have students or deal with this right now but what you what he what is your viewpoint what you seeing their experience in their viewpoint with pornography. Yeah, I think the mainstreaming of pornography has led to what we've seen as a client of subscribers that are males within gin Z and pornography. So that's been one thing then youth ministry and seeing that is a strong battlefront.

The people representing and I feel like they're missing it a little bit because there doing these, you know, let's get all these Jen's emails together and talk about why they should watch pornography.

While there so over exposed to it is not even exciting anymore. Like if they watch a Colón commercial perfume commercial. They're seeing it. You know into them is just like what I will have time exactly however who we should begin speaking to us within gin Z females are on the increase when it comes to watching or subscribing to different pornography outlet I think is being marketed. Yes, it absolutely is and I think it's because they notice the trend before the church did and so they hit it and they went after the females because they knew that's where they need to go so we need to go there to talk next about biblical literacy. The Jen's a generation. The biggest generation on the planet not to serve the most woke generation of the planet as maybe some of us think Satan will grab back with have really youth pastor extraordinaire hear the volleying lookout area.

You have my belly button rings at Tom's house. After a talk show. This is also interesting talk about the biggest generation the planet right now gin Z between the 90s and 2000s.

They are the generation of follow millennial's, who are the children of Gen Xers like me and in fact pepper you and I are are one generation apart right because because your parents and I went to college together your pure uncle most of things youth pastor here in the Raleigh at last six years been involved in youth minister along the mat grew up in the ministry you got two beautiful kids and got really blessed you with a great youth ministry and folks will know more about youth ministry when they go where they go online somewhere or what we yeah can hit us up anywhere C.a.youth that's art.

That's our tags or handle all right and then you want to see Tyler back at you got an incredible assistant, you name Austin who alone is awesome. Shoot us an email use that cross would love to connect with you and if you have students love to give them and if any parent is having a hard time there teenagers you will have the answer to every one of their questions yeah and I can solve like major counseling issues in one session. I'm sure you get pairs of like please help yes what can you tell me there is no 12-step revelation from God at all. That's gonna work, man.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, the best advice my dad ever saw Art said he heard about parenting.

I'm the oldest of three boys was the doctor who delivered my youngest brother said to my dad in the hospital. He said well Tom if you just keep alive you're 25 will be fine.

Enterprise knows what they're doing yet I don't rent cars at €20 yes or you can drink but you can't rent a car arts with the biggest generation will culture you said hey there really more conservative than people think. You, they're very insecure in the I would just look at our culture and see where all cultures and secured is just incredible uncertainty not to open a can of political you know worms, but I also think currently it looks like nobody's eating our country so it so I think there's just as vacuum of leadership right now. Where is this generation. When it comes to biblical literacy, home, the questions they have about God.

The questions they have about the Bible on do you need good apologetics when you're talking to students whether there in the church, not theirs because one of my arguments that I think happened in my generation was we we weren't. We should have been our generation the Gen Xers probably should have more apologetics in conversations because we were really raised generation that which is saying hey just believe the Bible right to go to college you like will know it's a good question under thought about that in but I'm curious what your experience as a youth pastor with knowledge the word of God. Obviously somebody students Robert Holmes, where profit is a lot of exposure to the Bible right so maybe that's not a good example. But talk to me about the biblical literacy in their viewpoint on the Bible and Christian values biblical literacy is as close to zero supercar probably could get that change how you have to teach them 100% yet now you give me an example like if you try to teach something in you went old man. I can assume they know this will how does that come out so like a big part of the reason we went to strictly expository teaching which is not old-school right like the guys in John MacArthur doing unethical guys like verdict, but the reason we went to that was because of asking a question like hate is a minor who Jonah is one of the more common stories in the Bible. There's a million cartoons about it kid finally got got the guts to raise their hand and said, didn't he have a big boat owner you know where that situation.

We don't even know like the basic stories and so there is massive illiteracy which is not, however, felt no sound because there multiple generations removed from the value of the word of God in the home right and and so what we've done with the expository teaching is hey let me put the word of God in your lap. Let me walk you through it and let me show you the power of what just a couple verses can do this can literally revolutionize the way that you see the world in the way that you live your life just by what you know it.

Let's look at Mark chapter 4 verses 11 through 17 and just in that few verses and you have the students come up to you.

Afterwards you may be not been around this before and there like how did you do that might well this is how you you do that, let's empower you to do that and now we've got students in her youth ministry and this is the craziest thing to me running around talking about biblical precedent when if you ever had a teenager say the Stewart site that one was a cursing Alyssa's with Bob Steve's list would like to hear pepper in a R pastor Paparella youth pastor cross assembly here in my North Carolina talk them insane Monday morning prayer yeah is not called me to want you know I asked the Lord, and he said no I'm not even up at that point myself.

But honestly, we were curious about whether or not Lord would speak at such an hour but honestly it started with me. I felt like I wanted to get better about disciplining myself to pray want things we say all times. It's not service until their sacrifice, and I believe that God shows up more willing to give of ourselves in and sacrifice something and so I decided I had asked my leaders which one of you goes to work. The earliest and I wanted to account for them and they had said they go to work at five cells like a cable it's gotta be before five. So we do Monday morning prayer at 430 every Monday. Every single Monday. We do not take monies off my kid was born on Monday. My wife said are you going to sit where I said you can come to bring Mike in this world without brand are you kidding we have middle schoolers so I'm guessing you have like just a couple student show flatter how many show up that now.

I mean, we had we had quite a few. We had middle schoolers you have Heisler for parents.

Somehow they talk to parents and the driving him, which is a credible as a dad of a teenager that might be the only thing to make me mad is if my kids said please drop me off like up as a pepper okay what music he played his 430 think that a couple parents to come to me there like a my kids of this limit is limited so you were when I bring.

And what's funny as we FaceTime the men they've done it from their bedroom house is a cool thing.

It's really cool. Well, you know, what about are you seeing a hunger for the word of God. Jonesy absolute.

What kind of response you seem to the gospel with them. I would say a deeper response than we've seen in the past you mean by they they want the charge of the word of God, which is to taste and see right.

This is the charge of the word of God that we would taste and see that the Lord is exactly who he says he is and where the millennial wants to conform the word unto itself right they want to see themselves in light of something greater right and so you have this generation who is looking at the word of God like prove yourself to me and you seen just as I've seen time and time again in the word of God and in our own lives were when we 70 God's presence, and we say prove yourself. He shows up enough is been happening on Wednesday nights. This is been happening at our events and I believe a lot of our growth pattern comes from the students who are saying oh snap.

I now know I now have tasted for myself and that's the power revelation and when you have a generation that's actually hungry for revelation itself.

It gives God the opportunity to show up and do his thing instead of having to have him break down all of the things that are that get in the way of him being able to speak to you, which I think is happened a lot with the millennial generation is that God is spinning a mass amount time through the power the Holy Spirit breaking down all of the obstructions to experiencing him with them. They just want to know how much does much of the home still matter. The home matters greatly. I will say I'll say this, the greatest stumbling block for Jens E. Is the patterns and habits of the home.

This is why we need to take upon ourselves as parents right in and it's challenged me as a parent to be a shepherd. I can no longer just say I'm – right. I have a biblical role is been set before me to shepherd these kids and I have them for seven days a week so I get a shepherd for seven days a week and if I start taking days off. It's gonna have you know as soon as take a toll on this can have an effect and I think the subtle habits of what I say and what I do. It greatly affects my kids and with Jens E that's the case because that's what begins to define their norm and if you have a student who is absolutely hungry for the word of God and yet the word of God is not a prevalent reality in their home and now I'm asking my 14-year-old to be the biblical leader or the the center of the standard of the word of God in my home, which isn't fair isn't their job isn't what we see is biblical responsibility. And so it is important now more than ever that the family unit comes together and and takes a good hard look at what the word of God presents as a biblical family unit.

So mom and dad still matter. Yes, and I would say this generation is hungry for debts, hungry for debts, millennial's were a fatherless generation. This generation is the next generation removed from a fatherless generation and so now that hunger for dads. I think what I see a lot is students are drawn toward our ministry. We have a very strong male presence within our ministry of men who are willing to step up and leave a song sees only then do absolutely.

I think most most youth ministries do I think what I've seen from a lot of people have come in from other youth ministries is they've noticed the ratio of male leaders to female leaders and they been shocked by that number. There's a pretty normal ratio of male to female leaders and by and large in youth ministry it's dominated by females. Most it's most likely going to be college-age females that are serving in youth ministry and we don't see that Mars and its it shows the power of when you have that strong male leadership that we see in the word of God in our ministry so we were talking with the biggest generation on the planet today to see double show with the pastor pepper Elliott youth pastor cross assembly. It sounds to me like despite pastor pepper despite how confused a culture is that God is still moving in young people's lives and there's still hope in the gospel still works still works and if you are a parent of a Jens ear or somebody is an influence on them. Hear what pepper said they needless that the standard men expert on another program powered by the Truth Network

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