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Theology vs. Worldview

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 10, 2022 10:34 pm

Theology vs. Worldview

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 10, 2022 10:34 pm

Theology vs. Worldview

Steve brings Dr. Renton Rathburn, from BJU Center for Biblical Worldview, to discuss theology vs. a modern worldview.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Everyone just ties with his noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your house normally exercise my ability to think what I'm doing right now you are about my HLV for month. Think Dr Pepper. Okay this is what I want to think Dr Pepper hears the song recall this, but I want to turn it into a Christian not not pepper your pepper but it's Christian okay this is what's going on in America. I'm a Christian you're Christian he's a Christian she's a Christian when you like to be a Christian to and that's about as easy as it is, you just identify okay so today on theology Thursday where I talk about theology versus worldview.

But let me set it up, and I often use numbers and kind of a numbers geek. I have been all the years that have been on the radio because as Ben Shapiro says facts don't care about your feelings.

So let's look at some facts here in America you know the Christian nation America" those of you on Facebook like you could see me doing that self identify Christian that's the person that said a hate, what's up, what's your deal faith like oh yeah I'm a Christian.

Okay, that's 69% of the American population will self identify as a Christian, 35% will turn around and say actually what what your deal. Faith likes what Christian non-Christian. I'm actually born again Christian. Well, okay, that is up.

The game 35% of Americans will actually say their born-again Christians. How many of them will dare to say their evangelical Christians because that's got a dirty word now 28% then you get this. Next thing this is all from George Barna research he does every year is down so many times it's in the last six months.

As you know, theologically born-again Christian.

So if you dig into their faith and why they think they're Christian. They're going to end up getting to the point where they say yes I'm born again don't get there, they will identify themselves that way. But once you find out you scratch the surface of the profession of faith you'll find out that they actually understand being born again.

28% then there's this final little bitty number integrated disciples. These are people that have and live out a solid biblical worldview. Okay, so what do they believe self identified Christian adults here some problem, 72% argue that people are basically good. 66% say that having faith matters more than which faith you pursue.

So that's I'm a Christian that's not the certainly necessary for you. 58% self identified Christians believe that if a person is good enough or does enough good things.

Guess what they learned their way into heaven. That person a Christian.

I have a problem with that. Self identified born-again Christians okay so say this, however, 77% of them member they say there's up there born-again 77% of them say, having faith matters more than which faith you pursue 65% say there's no absolute moral truth groups. 61% say that all religious faiths are of equal value and back to this one. 60% believe that if a person's good enough, or does enough good things they can earn their way into heaven let's go one more self identified Evangelical Christian. So these people are like KM, I'm a self identified Evangelical itself resting on the skip that one. Let's go to logical born-again Christians right so they get it they really do get what they still have some problems with their worldview. 56% say that having faith matters more than which 151% say that all religious face are of equal value, and 40% of these people theologically born-again right. These are actual Christians. From what I can tell, but 40% of them say there's no absolute moral truth.

So we have this kind of problem with their theology. We should be surprised that only 6% including hopefully you and me and certainly our guest today are actually living out a biblical worldview have a solid biblical worldview based on a solid theology and actually seek to live it out. Not perfectly, but we move in that direction. Renton rap bun who is a doctor 6 and counting. Are you done yet Renton I'm done your job okay my marriage that's very good director of the BJ you center for biblical worldview expert in apologetics who also by the way, was a medical specialist in the US Army in the National Guard. Thank you for your service taught in colleges of regular secular college and has been a worldview specialist and current consultant for BJ you press which is some of the materials I use in teaching and so super excited Renton I have you on the show and that you're passionate about worldview. I'm passionate about worldview, so will it will have a lot to talk about but walking the shell that was not really long-winded intro, sorry about that. Thank you for having me right so when you hear all those statistics and I know you study that stuff to Renton what your what your reaction to that because that's a pretty sorry state of affairs. Yeah, if you're if you're just you're not used to seeing day by day no students or people from outside coming in talking about being a Christian than things like that.

Stats can be kind of startling but when you deal with young people a lot as you do and as I do. It doesn't surprise you as much because you see that there is this there is in our culture. This huge disconnect between how I identify and what I really which is your triggering people now just saying that how identify and what I really am at and so you're either.

Of course Bob Jones University as well as a seminary and I asked this question kind of I guess cynically. Why does a Christian university that's almost 100 years old. Why in the world you even need a center for biblical world so they have it all figured out.

I mean, is that white are going to Bob Jones University letters like that will many you know I'm not trying to be mean the other Christian colleges, but many colleges look at Christian education as having an education that has been neutered of all the bad stuff and they kinda make it into this kind of this neutral thing and then you have this Christian experience on the outside so you know you have the chapel or you might have some Christian stuff that you do with and really going to class. You have this you know this neutered education that's nice and clean and pretty and and precise and and maybe your teachers are very very conservative Republicans or something and that's what a lot of that's what a lot of people you know start a lot of Christian Christian colleges are turning into and we want to make sure that we are being intentional about offering an actual Christian education of the words were doing education actually differently because of our of our Christian worldview. And so how do we were coming up on the first break but how do you define a worldview for the average person to be able to understand it. Okay for a general idea of worldview. It's basically your assumptions are values and your beliefs that help you interpret the world so is it like you're wearing glasses.

Normally, I would wear glasses.

Is it like that. That's one I've always usually got your glasses on right now and everything you're looking at is filtered through that with you.

I mean, I think I think that's a lot of that's a good way of looking at it and I think that when it comes to worldview.

You have to remember that data doesn't just sit out here yeah you know, slaps us in the head. We actually have to interpret the world yet, so we have to interpret the world. That's when your worldview comes into play now will balance when a guy with degrees and had a six no one theology.

Thursday will be right back. Looking back at Siegel to Steve Noble show it is theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones seminary and today you University Karen Rathbun is here in the house today, director of never biblical worldview degrees in dolphin is taught not only in the Christian college environment, but secular college also served honorably. The US Army in the National Guard. Thank you for your service in that regard. That change to talk about worldview. We were just in a vibe here. Go back and forth rent did. I saw him recently when I was down for the core conference when I broadcast from BJ you what two weeks or whatever it was just an excellent presentation during the day and then I saw him that night over dinner talk about warcry for spiritual battle which is all about prayer, which is awesome but I think will probably come back. I don't know that will have any time for this today and if we don't. Whatever I don't care because will get back to its eye.

It was incredible, and from a military perspective, in talking about using a bayonet you can't that's doesn't just slide nice and easily into your opponents stomach you actually need to get into it now. Which is why these military guys make some noise, and that was I've never really heard that kind of way of describing what were doing with prayer and terms of that being our warcry and pulling that right out of Ephesians 6, it was awesome. So were deftly to get to it. I just don't deliver to get to it today so we'll see what the Lord does with that, but it's great to have year-end and and I'm just a blessed and finally get to know you and excited about what what the future holds for us when we do theology Thursday together looking for due to excellent so we were talking about a second ago that you were mentioning some people that were saying. I think we use the world world views the world word worldview too much like I can imagine you on campus every week to talk about worldview running the center for biblical worldview I talk about all the time of my students what I'm talking about US history or civics or Christian ethics. The world worldview shows up all the time is to me it's so all-encompassing and so necessary it's all all over the place when summary said you I think we use the word of the phrase too much. What was your reaction to the accident think this is super important to get our compasses in the right direction yeah will you know. At first my reaction is oh I hope he doesn't say that to Loudermill lose much but he but the real what really made me think of is the fact that we don't live in an equal comparison to the rest of the world.

It's kinda like act asking if a fish knows that it's wet so the secular world out there on.

They have a default worldview that the culture either will ease them into or has already coerced their ideas into them through through the you know the work of public schooling or whatever it is that it just becomes the air they breathe like you had mentioned during the break the secular worldview really is the rain that's pouring down and we must respond to and so that response is us thinking okay, how do we get, you know what's going on. You know how do I begin a thought process that I'm sorry.

How do I get a thought process that really stands back and looks at how I interpret the world. I mean that you don't typically in a secular world you're going to get this maybe maybe in a logic course and so one of the one of the classes I used to teach ISA teach intro to philosophy and ethics and things like that but one of the one of my favorite classes and teachers logic because logic was the one that I could start getting these kids thinking about okay what are the things I need to interpret the world around me. Because data does not just smack me on the brink. I got to understand it and once I say the word understand what I'm really saying is what's the process of interpreting the world around me and we have to do that we have to do that in a way that is in constant battle with the rest of the world because it is not just like spring showers bring May flowers.

This is like behaving in a monsoon so the rain was pouring down on you from above, but it's also because the wind it's coming at you from the sides and the front and the back and then the whole ground is flooded so you have to really be pretty aggressive getting the right umbrella.

You gotta deploy the umbrella got were galoshes, all that kind of stuff because he just got signed and in your thinking. All I'll be fine.

No you're not. And so we see this with the numbers again back to Barnett when we look at 60, 65, 70% of students that grow up in the church walk away from their faith. By the time they finish college as they walked down into a monsoon and they weren't ready, because that this is where I really want to focus went to church but didn't have a good theology and that they don't have a good theology there biblical world. These can be like a piece of Swiss cheese. That's right, I'll tell you what I really miss is something I I preach all over the place, not just because I work for Bob Jones University but I really don't believe people understand what's waiting for for seniors in high school as they go off to a secular school. I mean, here's the thing. I mean I was God blessed me with being able to keep my job for 15 years teaching in a secular world, and I appreciate that, but I learned a lot from it as well. One of the things is, you know, we know we live in a world where it's very expensive to go to college and so our first thought always is noble, what about the community college nearby.

What about the local university and are still plugged in the church and all that sort of thing. And so what you know what, how could this go wrong and so they have this movie called God is God is not dead yet. First one of the first was always best.

So anyway, they have they have this little this kid going to the professor. Is this angry guy in his leg is like, who's the Christian and hear news like I'm a Christian is like to get you your little delight to go down the yellow brick Road turn right but anyway the point is that doesn't work out it's it's almost never that way. What happens as the kids get in the classroom and the teacher does what most teachers want to do is to gain their trust and I've seen teachers say hey how many religious people. We have been here no raise her hand will go home and that's great for you in a cynical world is awesome that you would on your face and they stick them step-by-step through us a system that I've seen that leads to what I call sophistication where they hand them something super sophisticated in a bundle that the kid can understand and can digest actually makes them feel smart and feels like maybe I'm not the dumb kid in my family and maybe I am smart and a connector identity to it and then they take that by the end of the semester and say okay with you to keep that sophistication I gave you you can't believe the book of Genesis. You can't be a Neanderthal anymore yet that's done so now the kid thinks what turned to mom and dad don't understand what I've learned by pastor does understand what I've learned and they just keep it inside and it begins to eat at them, and there's lots of answers for it, but the professor has found a way to keep them quiet and keep that faith dying inside them because just like when you're talking about Darwinian evolution on the origin of species.

What how convenient is that that I can now I now have scientific proof that God doesn't exist. Therefore, there is no ultimate moral law.

Therefore, I can eat drink and be merry. I can chase chicks I can do what ever I want to do because unfortunately the sin nature of mankind like Puritan writer once said the seat of every sin exists in every human heart.

We we want to get rid of it in our sin we want to get rid of it. We want to construct the case that we can kill God so that I can live. However, I want to see your fence in that direction anyway. Then you have an effective professor who gains your trust makes you feel sophisticated now. Your poor parents. They just stuck in the last generation. And now you're liberated near free nuclear power you want, I can hear the hiss of the snake is the same game it's been played over and over again is your theology good enough to support a solid biblical worldview talking to Dr. Renton Rathburn today.

He's the director of the GU Center for biblical worldview on theology Thursday. This is Steve Noble so many more radicals to go down without all the back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble, show theology Thursday with their friends that Bobby and seminaries wellhead GU Bob Jones University stay talking to Dr. Renton rampant who's got 6, not one, not two, not three breeze whipping for, not 566 including a page the apologetic from Westminster theological seminary in Philadelphia, so he's the director be GU Center for biblical worldview and they did it again. So like I hear everything in your room right now so don't drop a coin or talk that's good right there. Just make sure you're projecting will be fine. Anyway biblical worldview right so let's talk about Renton Canada connection between theology and a worldview is if you don't have really good biblical theology which takes time and development, and training your world is going to suffer is this will end and there's okay.

So yes, there's a there's a two horned idea here so the first part is if your theology is at a very low level and you have a lot of ignorance in your theology. You have very few tools for your worldview and you've got to have those tools and the more sharp and the more clear your tools are, the better your potential of your worldview. You so you know a few a few days ago. I'm teaching in class basically telling the kids students told the students that you know I spent like half the class you know we were really on theology of the time I was talking about the fact that we need to be known for how we love each other on campus, so you need to learn how you know how can you show love to a town student who comes on campus and feels like you know how to I really fit into this place and you've already made friends with your dorm.

Students dorm friends and all that sort so if you can have your friend set you don't really need to friends and all that sort of thing.

How do we show love and and I think I got some feedback from that lecture where some us as well and I really appreciate that. But you know how my supposed to understand the value of what you're saying. I said said you mean is what I said the first have a class to be on the test yeah how we gonna assess you know how Dwight you when we need to know about the first part of the lecture. So what you need to know about the first part of the lecture is that doesn't matter if you learn all this stuff and you you know pile the stuff in your head and you vomited out on a piece of paper some day for a test. It matters if it's hidden you in the heart, and you are playing this out and from day to day and so you have this you know you have the tools that theology provides for you and that's really important.

But those tools have to be used just like what you're talking about with the bayonet bayonet to be really pretty if you hang it on a wall it's meant to got your enemy and if you're not using the tools then you're wasting them on your wall and and and I a trite you know we especially here at Bob Jones were trying to get the center for biblical worldview to teach these kids that although a worldview does happen in your mind. It begins in your heart you has to begin in your heart yeah and then and then it builds, piece by piece and block by block so that you're capable of is if you're this and we all know this if your glasses are off. That's a huge problem very for now you work when you start wearing glasses is about a year and 1/2 ago. Okay see no corrective vision. Before the know I probably needed it, but I did what I know they keep messing with your audio. So just try to ignore my mind. So here's what happened to me. I actually got accepted. The Air Force Academy. So when I was in high school I had perfect vision sometime between 18 years of age and 27 years of age. My vision deteriorated so when I finally went into see an eye doctor I didn't even realize I was off going to see an eye doctor probably just a regular thing or insurance or whatever was. Then they start showing these and then they put you know they put the thing they start giving all these different corrective lenses and also none, like well okay that made a huge difference than the day I got my glasses Renton.

I put them on.

I walked outside, and I'm thinking there's no way this is normal. I have to have like supervision.

Nobody sees this clearly but my point is I didn't know how off my view was until he got corrected. Then I can see clearly. So the a really robust biblical worldview I stuck in my students this week about it. I said that the guys how many of you are stressing out about the condition of the world what's going on in the news or what's happening with COBIT or whatever and everybody always hands brought stressing out how to social media stress you out to tick-tock stress you out if you don't get enough likes or shares does that stretch you guys are losing your mind because you're interpreting the world without a biblical worldview so you runaround freaked out all the time and when the Bible says that you can actually live without anxiety setting aside clinical stuff you think that's impossible. But I'm telling you, if you develop a good Christian worldview based on solid theology. The world starts to make crystal clear since the child freak out anymore. When the lemon tree drops a limit on the ground and Michael of course it did and we we don't outgrow that as we get older. Right right our anxiety just changes over the politics and were concerned about you know Joe Biden were concerned about the you know what's going on in DC and those are think those are fine things to be concerned about. But that's not where are bad Not where our words are are our ward is a spiritual war that sound super nonacademic that sounds kinda crazy and and everyone starts thinking about you know how disguise charismatic when you start talking about the demons and you start talking about Satan and saying that's where our words yeah because we talked about this and this is then talk about warcry figured out later. Josh took what you warcry we look at people like the prairies actually does work right. You mention the bayonet because when you guys trained to learn how to use a bayonet Renton you are and stick it in into like a sack of potatoes were you know as a tree to tree in order to penetrate a tree. It takes some effort and some gumption right. That's why you gotta go. Yeah, that's right, it's gonna get in there and when we look at this and think in terms of the spiritual realities of it. I just don't think we look in the flesh, and I tell people your you're paying so much attention to politics, you're missing the spiritual battle which is really just as real if not more so, yes, will, and that's and isn't that the eye, the irony of the whole thing is that you know when you start saying well. Our battle really is and you know these politics are concerned about, you know, they start thinking all will you're not concerned about her country concerned about all the things that are going on right now and there's like no I'm so concerned about it. I'm willing to go to where the real battle and and and start fighting for real instead of because you know this is another against all the media we we have access to including including conservative media sure, but you know when we digest all this stuff and we start thinking this is the problem. Biden is my problem. You know, Pelosi is my problem, and these are my problems.

We become so impotent and what we do about it all will wait for voting day and you know and that's fine.

I'm not against voting bubble bath. But what I am saying is that it turns us impotent when we have these weapons we have this armor that has been issued to us and it's sitting on our mantle because we think the wheat and this is what happens with my I tell my students to the thing that you think is the weakest thing you have is actually the most powerful thing you have in its prayer. Now we would never say that no not on the quiz. The quiz we went stick for an opposite well in the world to say the most powerful weapon in my arsenal as a Christian prayer. Yet, I'm to spend way more time watching Fox News and listening to Ben Shapiro, whatever is noble, then I will and prayer. So were actually living in the flesh were not living in the spirit we get frustrated when it doesn't work because were you know and we and we were like kids because you like it. I get frustrated with with you. I've a 21-year-old I've a five-year-old, seven-year-old course. It's a long story but the point is that you know we get frustrated with our kids because you say you know you gotta try this and they'll try it for two seconds ago. It doesn't work like I you're so immature you should be more like me than what we do is we we spent 10 minutes in prayer and that was hard because you know tend old minutes trying to think of what else do I want, what else do I want and we know we get those 10 minutes and relate we go to the rest of the day, not speaking to God again because we did our 10 minutes right everything. This isn't working. I did 10 whole minutes prayer doesn't work dated 20 miniature modern-day Spurgeon and so again you mention this in the warcry for spiritual battle. Prayer makes us dangerous with which we will talk about the four segment of the show we get so frustrated because we don't see anything working in the one thing that works.

We don't do we do it is obligatory thing. Listen, we all know we should pray in every Christian's going to say what's up with the weakest link in your Christian chain and their overall good thickness prayer and look around and you go well with the natural result of that, just take just wake up and pay attention. It's really sad and disturbing were coming up on the brakes on. Stop us there but when you come back on on taxes are warcry for spiritual battle. Prayer makes us dangerous. No no no no no, we don't need more prayer.

What we need is Donald Trump.

2.0 we need to be saved back in the office that happens Merrick is coming back to God. Maybe America will save America wanted to get DJP in the office is and be fine. By now Trump in and then yeah I'll pray for him. When we went first document wrap and see no one call. It needed the PJ's to welcome to the party for all the theology Thursday with Bob University or BJ's seminary doesn't mean we can have fun.

That's why we throw that in there once in a while. By the way, talking to document wrap and today the director center for biblical worldview, highly trained, highly educated gentleman himself and also serve the nation admirably think that the re-one of the reasons I play secular music is because it sometimes it forces a worldview conversation so people think the why in the world would you play secular music and I don't why does that offend you because it's secular okay but what what about is that a catchy tune. Can a biblical worldview. Select my number one band of all time. Since were talking about it is the police.

I love my favorite. Not the gator Brothers, the police who all three as far as I can tell our pagans okay but my biblical worldview.

When I hear that because I know where their talent comes from their not willing to give God the credit, but I so this is an amazingly complicated group of three musicians series. I mean, I've a musical background to source like a candy. It's like I listen that music and go get his guys are glorifying God.

But I know where this comes from and I know where the creativity comes from and the beauty of that creativity and the beauty of the music, which is a highly complicated thing I can look at my father in heaven. Go hey you know what, I'm so sorry that they're not using it for your glory. But in a way I can glorify you anyway because I know where that stuff comes from and so I can listen to secular music that some stuff I woke at him to get in the way back machine and that's can it take me back to who I was and I was 18 and I probably should be spending time there so I know that but then when I watch the news or what. I watch a movie. I'm filtering everything through a biblical worldview.

I engage when I watch a movie and like that's true that's a lie that Satan I know how you can use this. I know I could. He's tickling my ear.

I get that here, but I can glorify God and that because that's a reflection of his truth. A biblical worldview for me just like takes the whole world and the whole experience of the Technicolor yes exactly, because what you're talking about is how do I interpret everything that comes through.

If it is how I say to my students everything that comes through the holes in my head right your your your eyes. Actually your your pupils or holes and when photons bounce off stuff it goes and those holes sound goes in the holes, you know, take smell of all the stuff and this is data that has to be interpreted and that becomes a facet of sophisticated work that has to be you know you training for an students think that interpretation comes naturally and what I would say is that people's what people want you to believe comes naturally, you want to be an intelligent thinker, you have to be someone that is able to see what they're trying to teach you and run it through your filter so going to church in another itself is not enough now know and that's and it's not enough in that if that's where all the training your your gun you're going to get you know you could have a church that has that has a lot of programs for your training and that's wonderful. But you know, even when your pastor says hey don't take my word for it when you get home go over the first and see if I'm right see if it if if what I'm saying is correct. That is all work that's done, even outside the church that needs to be done now this is you know this is something that we struggle with today.

The church needs to be that Fountainhead of of your beliefs and how you how you maintain your faith and things like that.

As we have seen you know that in today's world church has become the things that has a purpose for a certain time for certain moment, but to submit yourself to authority in the churches discipline to submit yourself to God's know who God put as your shepherd even when he says things that seem to be offensive from the pulpit and all those sort of things you know we need that discipline and that takes a work of biblical worldview to know what that means we have Christians out there there like one want to be a member of the church I go to church, but only to be a member of the church will member puts you under authority where you are held accountable. That's a biblical worldview and that is all that takes sacrifice and work and it gets ugly but that's because we live in a sinful world. Not because we worldview yes of the application of theology is where it really where we get into a biblical world in where the rubber hits the road right so that that's why just going to church even if your Goldstar Christian family and you take your kid to Sunday school. Then they go to church service and they come back Sunday night for Sunday night service and they come back Wednesday night for supper and Bible study at four times a week an hour pop, that's four hours a week from kindergarten to 12th grade.

That's ought great job in that's an ace. That's an A+ Christian family. That's 2400 hrs. of godly input. However, if they go to public school or private school ever they go same.

The time kindergarten to 12th grade that $16,000 then you add Netflix, Instagram, social media, iPod air pod this that nothing all the digital stuff that's another 16,000 32,000 hours of mostly godless times anti-Christian input versus your 2400 hrs. over that same period of time by going to church. It ain't enough, now that's right and in the training you know you know even in the training there needs to be intentionality. One of the things I found even in Christian schools and this is what worries me sometimes known Christian schools.

We have you know they're supposed to be built around a biblical worldview which means has been built around the Bible, we have the kind of training we need to have the Christian schools took that's take that seriously, so that they see that this is an essential part of their training to be scaffold through Scripture with basic beliefs and then more complex beliefs and more complex beliefs. We do it in math we do it in science were not to let 1/7 grader take physics because we insist that they go through pre-algebra, algebra, geometry we have and do all the sort of stuff. The way they're supposed to do it. We have that kind of intentionality with the training that we put forward with the biblical worldview is the Bible is the is the center yes so that I loved. I just wrote that down the scaffolding I build a scaffold which takes time. A couple things he only roughly 4 minutes left.

Believe it or not, you might be saying praise for heightened number one.

Two questions how do I self assess. Is it possible how I self-assessed my own worldview.

And number two how do I strengthen or correct okay self-assessment is difficult is I think it can begin with constant Bible reading that is intentional and regular and it takes a prayer that is intentional, regular duty bound prayer that's that's the start I would also say who. Who do you see as a mentor in your life if you don't have a mentor in your life you are walking a lonely road no reason. Titus two is a real thing. We should be having mentors in her life that says that Telus uncomfortable things and you women have good women's ministry and that's wonderful, but men need men. We live in a time where relationships have become so sexualized. We haven't realized the need we have for men to to be able to communicate to each other to confess their sins to each other to hold each other accountable men can say things to each other that are rough and hard and we can stay friends right. We need to take advantage of that and then in terms of like improving because one of the things I noticed in linear sessions at the core conference. There were certain apologists that everybody think yeah but you didn't exactly have a cheerleaders outfit on. So who if you can give us one or two people to read or even one or two books to regret what would it be all for were referred for worldview.

Yeah, I would go and I know this sounds weird but I would go to John one and read mortification of sin or some other books: sit in temptation. Any time that John Owen, I know was a Puritan and I know the it's outdated or whatever she does surgery on your heart when you read what he has to say and improvement starts with mortifying your sin was John Owen. That said, if you don't start killing soon. It will start killing you got it and at the heart of improvement is a is a heart that is a repentant one as if you're pouring a bunch of worldview stuff in your heart that's got a bunch of holes in it is a waste of time absolutely get your heart rate but then in terms of that scaffolding are building a biblical worldview from a or talking about actual biblical worldview training.

Just give me one thing out of your night. I would be remiss not to plug BJ you press yeah so we have we have two books out there that are just incredible. There's a biblical worldview book for sixth-graders that can be used just on your own. You could be used in Sunday schools could be used for fifth graders and seventh graders. It's amazing, then we have a biblical worldview book for typical worldview book for 11th graders that is outstanding as it gives you the building blocks of what a worldview is what a biblical worldview means and how to apply that in many different areas were even people that teacher at the seminary added chapters to that book well yeah that's awesome so I'll find the for everybody listening or online, off-line, those myself.

I'll put those links up on Facebook my feet today on my Facebook page so they can have that because like I read was saying that the scaffold so scaffold this is here in your house. It just doesn't appear outside. You have to build it piece by piece plank by plank and that's what we all need to work on your freaking out because the state of the world. Most likely your worldview need help somewhere to work on this will continue to have Brandon on the show as we continue to build this and the next time will actually get to the whole prayer thing will do that and it's been great having him in a great first time and will do it again Pray together were done with the noble show, God willing, we'll talk again real soon and like my dad always you ever another program powered by the Truth Network

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