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February 25, 2022 4:47 pm


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February 25, 2022 4:47 pm


Steve talks about Ukraine and Russia today as the war there intensifies. Michele Woodhouse joins in the last segment to discuss her campaign.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble watching going on the Russian invasion and I would encourage you and I'm loudly doing this with my students in my US history as well as my civics classes to make sure you look I look at the pictures. There's some brutal stuff out there, because war is hell. War is brutal. It's the real world. You don't shield yourself from it. You don't hide in an Netflix or or are paramount plus or Disney plus or whatever. These are real people that are really dying there's injuries.

There's death there's mayhem there's destruction that we really haven't seen anything like this that I haven't seen anything like this truly in Europe.

In my lifetime. It's been since World War II. Since we saw anything like this in Europe and out and it will continue. I've got a bunch of different stories here today that I want to share in the morning I get a call from our friend, and my sister in Christ, Michelle Woodhouse is running for Congress. I think it's North Carolina district 14 you got put an asterisk next to everything anymore around here in North Carolina as they've gone through all the back-and-forth in the court system but she's done at sea PAC political. The conservative political action committee group that meets once or twice a year and all the big names are there to Santos and trumpet speaking to Ted Cruz, and Rubio all those types of people leaving from North Carolina, Mark Robinson or Lieut. Governors down there and Mark Walker. I had a chance to speak.

I think yesterday so Michelle Woodhouse is down there she can a call and let us know what's happening in any highlights what are conservatives talking about down there with respect to Ukraine and Russia and the other presidents can be given his State of Union address next Tuesday that will be interesting and probably painful. So just just so much to to consider in some vets to watch, but you should be paying attention, but even more so than that we should be praying for the people Ukraine and for the leadership there for leadership around the world that's opposing it for God to deal with prudent accordingly and for the protection of the adjuster regular citizens and the soldiers that are fighting and there's plenty Russian soldiers that probably don't want to be there but they don't have a choice, so there's a lot to pray about. So please make sure you doing that at least as much as we are turning on the TV. We should be being in prayer without ceasing, but some really inspiring stories are my son just sent me a couple of pictures of Zielinski Zielinski's the president of Ukraine who I was a comedian and actor before he was in an Netflix series where a teacher becomes the president of Ukraine and this guy actually becomes the president, Ukraine, and all great yeah. However, the picture that my son sent me this.

For some, I sent this and I'm shown it to my friends on Facebook live in YouTube lives of you go to the Steve Noble show page on either place back on YouTube a cell phone that lasts they're probably gonna take me off today from saying something bad about prudent. Who knows her China.

But Zielinski's out there and I'm showing up people on Facebook live from my phone. He's out there in full military gear without the helmet on the armor all the studies that's awesome that he's out there doing that man is out there with his people. We rarely see that in America we really see that around the world anymore as the elites gonna run the show please. A normal Guyanese out there doing it is out there this people. That's awesome, which is should be a reminder that if you think you're just a normal person, you can make a difference.

That's a lie that's a lie from the pit of hell and it smells like smoke. That's Satan telling you that you're no good. But if you feel of the Holy Spirit myth here dangerous. Don't forget that, especially in prayer to God that he's the president then you got the mayor. The mayor of Keith. It's an honor for the people of same key have keep keep keep whatever you know it. It is key, which is the B capital of Ukraine, the mayor of the Talley clinch Co. was a world heavyweight boxing champion, a multimillionaire. Okay he could be blown out of there. He could be gone. He could be you could be sit in the island somewhere hanging out because he is a millionaire multimillionaire heavyweight boxing champ. You know he's doing, he's the mayor of keep and he's in military gear and looking at a bunch of pictures album and he's out there is got that look like a 50 caliber machine gun, then he's got more of a handheld machine gun is like on the side of a highway downloading the bullets in it and he's out there fighting for his people for his country. That's inspiring. That's awesome. And then to be heard now this one we don't know if this is real but the internets, going bonkers and that the Internet says it. I guess it's mostly true right, the ghost of Keith Beard about this guy.

So he's allegedly a fighter pilot, the ghost of key women seen this in a while and now they're saying he shot down six Russian planes in the past 24, 36 hours.

So there's video of this is actually flying and as you 25 which is baseline what was what amounts to a Mig jet. I don't know if you find an American jet. I can't tell from the pictures, but they have video of that. You know the guy flying over the city and ace pilot is one that, but with at least five confirmed kills that this ghost is indeed real and managed to get 10 confirmed kills you be at AA's so is out there.

This easily taken down six Russian jets and maybe that's true.

I don't know will find out some of the stuff will shake out. But these are ordinary people, which should inspire all the things Hayden it's a mix inspire all of us to to that you're capable of way more than you think you are. And when when the push comes to shove, you gotta stand up. In this case are standing up for this, like love your neighbor as yourself.

That sounds familiar but love has no greater thing than this. Then one lays down his life for his friend right so this is super inspiring. Then there was this one Ukrainian Marine sacrifices himself to blow up the bridge lessons from the Ukrainian military, the general staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released a statement Friday via social media reporting that the Talley's cocoon of Italian engineer had voluntarily undertaken a mission to mine out the support structure of the Kennett Jenna Chesky bridge near the key before Russian forces could cross it because of bringing tanks in right now. But now that you got another story with her starting to land troops down there. The black seat chicken did not have time to flee the blast zone before detonating the explosives and informed his battalion that he would be blowing it up regardless the Armed Forces reported that subsequent explosion was immediate and afforded Russian efforts to mobilize 13 column over the bridge Ukraine's Foreign Minister Demetrio Cabela Culebra noted that the last time foreigners attack. Keep took place in 1941.

He said this horrific Russian rocket strikes on key last time or capital experienced anything like this was 1941 when it was attacked by Nazi Germany, while Ukraine defeated that evil will defeat this one-stop prudent isolate Russia sever all ties kick Russia out of everywhere. Then there's another thing and then another thing truly inspiring and we need to pay attention. We need to pray for these people.

We need to be inspired by these people. We need to be willing what these people are willing to do up there called for willing to risk your life, your neighbor's and Steve Noble will be right back to back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show talking about Ukraine today.

I had theology Thursday yesterday although I will be here all next week had enough to San Francisco with our youngest daughter going to spend time with our oldest Hayden who's just out there and flourishing in and I've never been there myself so that'll be interesting I might do a couple of Facebook lives on their just share a little bit about what I'm experiencing will see maybe not.

I'd rather take a week away from social media, radio and just spend it with two kids and leave it at that. So I'll be back on dwelling on next Friday so be off all this week so Monday and Friday next week will play best of show couple of great interviews that were in replay from last year and then Tuesday, my buddies, a Stu Epperson junior who owns and operates the truth radio network.

Many of you are listening on truth radio stations will be there and in the seat Tuesday and then on theology Thursday and then my buddy Chris Connell, Pastor Chris will begin on Wednesday but Monday and Friday will be two excellent interviews that I did last year. How it's just brilliant people, important topics so tune in that next week. They'll still be a show here nothing on Facebook or YouTube live on than God will be back week from Monday. Okay so still back to some of the stories really just amazing.

This starting officer some amazing individuals, including the president who's out there and come back here with his people. The mayor is a former heavyweight fighter and a multimillionaire. He could've been gone, but he stayed in. He's out there.

I walked right in school carrying automatic weapons, machine gun, immediate, and he's a pig is a heavyweight boxer.

Okay so this guy's tough so he's out there that's awesome. And then there is the story of the Ukrainian Marine who sacrificed himself to blow up the bridge to keep us some of the Russian tanks from getting into key and then there is this one, a Russian warship there's actually a video Ukrainian soldier on the ill-fated snake Island was live streaming as Russian warships opened fire and wiped out the 13 soldiers stationed there Russian warship issued a warning to the Ukrainian border guards on this island also known as snake Island only be told by one of the guards Russian ship go blankety-blank blank.

Zielinski held the 13 soldiers and said they were all received a hero of Ukraine's military there was like the guy that couldn't get out the bridge in time.

He sent him to blow it up anyway so he died trying to defend his people, the president and the mayor which is awesome and then I did this video is great this video Ukrainian woman confronting a Russian soldier went viral. She wanted her to put sunflower seeds in his pockets and the point of that in Ukraine is so at least some flowers will grow in your killed so fiery Ukrainian woman went viral for her reaction to Russian soldier mean she just walked right up to the guys in full combat rig a gear body armor automatic weapon.

I mean just look at top and she walked right up to him gets in his face.

You name woman dressed in nearly all black and wearing white winter hat was seen in the video, shared social media telling off a Russian soldier and suggesting you carry sunflower seeds in his pockets so that when he is killed on foreign soil. Flowers will sprout from his decomposing body off the watch my language or location she's language but them in your pocket. She stoically told the soldiers, only sunflowers will grow.

We all lie down here is all she spoke in fluent Russian case of she's like right guys face elsewhere in the video and the guys trying to he stayed calm. Thank goodness elsewhere in the video, the woman could be heard yelling and telling the soldier your your occupants your fascists what the blank are you doing on our land of all these guns from this moment your curse, she said, I'm telling you you blankety-blank blank blank came here uninvited. She called him a couple of things right in his face.

That's courage, right. So you know when the last time you were in a situation this is going back to the book of James. We need to let you know what you should do your nervous you are fearful you're worried about your own. Maybe it's just your own feelings. Maybe it's what people think about you is an awkward moment even want to speak up and say anything and so you paled.

You are a coward. This should inspire you. She's stepping up to a Russian soldier invading intercountry and she's willing to put her life on the line for us to speak the truth. You guys are invaders, your fascists. This is evil scalded what it is. So James says if you know it's right and you choose not to do it. That's a sin that's a sin of omission. So, be inspired by these people just awesome in the midst of all the darkness and the pain in the death so some other things very serious things going on over there.

Here some other people that are brave, check this out of you seen this Russia, Ukraine, antiwar protests continue.

Where in Moscow, St. Petersburg and prominent Russian celebrities join you know you cross Putin you can end up poisoned and debt protests in Russia continued during the second day of Putin's war in Ukraine with prominent Russians joining in major cities across the country.

Russian authorities arrested over 1700 individuals Thursday as citizens took to the streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities to denounce the invasion of Ukraine and demand an end to hostilities, but approves plan was to end the protest and deter further ones from popping up. He has failed miserably fresh protest started Friday today with prominent Russians in the entertainment business sectors joining at great personal and financial risk further hundred 50 people or so, were arrested Friday that's today Ivan against a popular talk show host on state run channel 1 state run posted a black square is Instagram added rote fear and pain. No to war.

This show is not going on the air since his post in the channel claimed it was a scheduling issue.

While reports indicate that he's been blacklisted. The Guardian reporter will seek the guy survives wrapper ox see Myron canceled six sold out Moscow and St. Petersburg shows saying I cannot entertain you when Russian missiles are following on falling on Ukraine. Great job bro. Even the daughter of oligarch and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has spoken out posting on her Instagram quote the biggest and most successful lie of Kremlin's propaganda is that most Russians stand with pew man Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Prescott's daughter also posted note to war on her Instagram account got its backbone in your anger do not sin.

But if you never feel anger about anything that could be a set be inspired by these people awesome and we need to pray for them. Ukraine claims it is killed nearly 3000 Russian troops are fighting back about 2800 Russian soldiers have been killed in the first 36 hours of the invasion, Ukraine's ministry defense claim Friday Deputy Defense Minister Hannah may LER said Friday that Russian troops also lost some 500 armored vehicles to an aircraft in seven helicopters are another story today that the Russians have rolled out mobile crematorium's where they can completely burn up a Russian soldier's body in a matter of seconds. Why would they do that because Putin is smart like the devil he's smart, you want a bunch of dead Russian bodies laying around for the people. Everybody and their brother. Now the cameraman right. This is the first time we've seen a major land war like this in Europe where everybody around.

The scene is gone and smart phone, superseding all kinds of footage Russians not release any casualty figures course earlier Friday, Ukraine's leadership made several urgent pleas for help. Although Ukraine is not a member of NATO and that's Zelinski the president this morning we are defending our country alone, just like yesterday. The most powerful country in the world looked on from a distance. Russia was it was sanctions yesterday, but these are not enough to get these foreign troops on our soil.

Only through solidarity and determination can this be achieved go Pres. Zelinski awesome. Pray for him to another incredible story.

When I come back right after this noble to see the noble show going to some stories and a lot of encouraging and really inspiring things in your city and out of Ukraine by the bloodshed in the destruction and the human toll and it's just unbelievable but as a madman and satanic to the core ureter. The child of the devil.

A child God right so pollutants might say he likes to claim is like part of the Orthodox Church blob Loblaw share your faith by lyce a shame if it, but what I do right so I don't care what he calls himself.

Just look at his forgiveness for his rotten so that's just a mess, but this is Ukraine invasion slower than what Russia expected because of these types of inspiring stories. Ukrainian people are just amazing because are fighting for their land, their neighbors, themselves, their family, Russian military forces have not made the kinds of games expected in Ukraine and a face more resistance than anticipated. According to a senior US defense official who said not to say his name.

After two days of war. Ukrainian command-and-control still intact. No population centers have been taken can completely control of, and Russia has yet to achieve air superiority with Ukraine's air and missile defense capability.

Still working Russians of lost a little bit of their momentum. The defense official told reporters speaking on background the official added.

In general, we assess the Russian forces are encountering greater resistance and expected that ever happen here. I'd love that. For the for that to be the story.

We still have that mojo in America.

I think a good number of Americans to the official also reacted to a video of the Ukrainian border guard at the ill-fated Dmitry Island also than the snake Island told Russian aggressors go blank. Russian warships fired a wiped out the 13 soldiers stationed there.

It's both gutwrenching and inspiring, the official said of the video and certainly reflective of what we've seen the last 24 hours, which is the Ukrainians being willing to fight for their country and do so bravely, the official said the US as indications of an amphibious assault underway to the west of Mariposa with thousands of Navy infantry moving ashore near the southern southeastern Ukrainian city three main fronts of the Russian attack remain key with the Russian march having slowed to the capital city because of resistance dark, Eve and Kiersten with forces circuit continuing to move in that direction, but splitting up to go northeast to Marable Dundas.

Meanwhile the Western party. Ukraine is been largely undisturbed.

That's closer to NATO okay which is what takes you this story NATO deploying response forces for the first time to counter. NATO Secretary-General John Stoltenberg on Friday said that Russian Pres. Putin has threatened the alliance by telling it to withdraw forces from member nations or face consequences. He's a madman. This goes far beyond Ukraine still Stoltenberg worn this is about how Russia is actually challenging contesting core values of our security then warning that NATO should withdraw all forces and infrastructure from almost half of our members. They said that if we don't do that if we don't meet their demands. There will be what they call cortical military technical consequences. He had the leader of the 30 member alliance said that in response to these threats NATO has for the first time deployed its response force for collective security. Stoltenberg said the US, UK, France and Germany are among the NATO nations to have deployed forces in the lead elements to assist response force.

We have to take this seriously said yeah no kidding. So is that now that I've had a couple people as if you think this could be World War III. I don't pollutants trying to reconstitute the USSR, but he knows if he goes too far. The NATO forces in conjunction with America is going to squash but then you got China.

Nary a phone call with G the other day and she supports him and you know they're watching America watching Biden that we didn't do any sanctions until they actually went in there watching Bidens and what you think she's talking about what he think he's dreaming up the same thing. He's been dreaming of for a while Taiwan. Let's see what this guy does not update.

I don't think Bidens coming off particularly strong with respect to what's happening in Ukraine, so maybe she's like a Cisco deal with the Taiwan issue. It's ours anyway in the Taiwan acts like an independent country. This could take it over what we going to do sanction China. I'm not saying we commit ground troops, but did a lot under Obama.

That's only when in Ukraine before an annex Crimea under trumpeted nothing. I think because Trump was a wildcard. You don't know what terms going to do maybes go to some crazy that American citizens would hate him for an overreaction, but he was certainly people thought he was capable of it. So poop does nothing and then within a year fight comes in he goes back into Ukraine. That matter than an indication of how Biden and he has a ministration or view by despots around the world. I think so feel free to disagree with me. This is from Shapiro bench Pharaoh, here's my pertinent data Ukraine and how he just shattered the world order the invasion is been a long time in the making country to Putin's protestations, and those of his apologists. The invasion of Ukraine was never about concerns over Ukraine joining NATO. First off the claim that Ukrainian membership would threaten Russia's borders is absurd on its face Estonia and Latvia have been members of NATO for years and both border Russia. Furthermore, the question of Ukrainian membership in NATO is been a relative dead letter since proximally 2010 that with some people said in the past estimated routinely 20 years for that to happen But bunch up thresholds yet to get past in order to be a member of NATO, so Sica could happen overnight. So Ben writes what drove Putin answer comes from Putin's own mouth just days ago he gave a militant speech in which he said, quote Ukraine is not just a neighboring country for us.

It's an inalienable part of our own history, culture and spiritual space since time immemorial. The people living in the Southwest of what has historically been Russian LAN have called themselves Russians. He added that Ukraine had been created by the Soviets. And that it was time to reconstitute the Russian Empire quote the disintegration of our United country was brought about by the historic strategic mistakes on the part of Bolshevik and so Soviet leaders set the collapse of the historical Russia known as the USSR is on their conscience.

According to Putin Ukrainians are being subjected to tyranny by Western powers is offered a variety of excuses for his action.

This is Ben Shapiro writing just today. He says that he has been welcomed into Ukraine by separatists in eastern Ukraine, but he is invading Kyiv itself. He says that Ukraine wants its own nuclear weapons a wild accusation.

Given that Ukraine gave up its 5000 nuclear weapons in 1994, at the behest of both Russia and the United States. He says that America does not need a big and independent country like Russia around. This is the answer to all questions.

The real reason Putin is moving now is threefold. Rights Ben Shapiro first. Russia has a major advantage right now, natural gas and oil, Europe, and spent the last decade destroying its own energy capacity at the behest of Greta Thunberg and company simultaneously. They have shipped an enormous amounts of Russian carbon-based fossil fuel one third of all EU natural gas natural gas is provided by Russia at this point in the price of natural gas, which is low in the 2015 to 2020. That was Trump is now skyrocketed, giving him tremendous bargaining power is a reason that the West has thus far exempted Russian energy markets from sanctions. According to the State Department. It would do too much economic damage so because they're not getting their stuff from us. They're going to get it from him. Whoops we should be supplying natural gas to them. We have the biggest reserves on the planet would go get it.

Goodness gracious. Second, the West has demonstrated utter incapacity to challenge Putin's prior predations. He invaded Georgia in 2008, and no serious consequences. Crimea and Lou Lou Hansen and domestic in 2014 no serious consequences, even while the United States complain about pollutants Ukrainian adventure special climate envoy John Kerry maintains that we must work with Russia on climate change.

Did you see this clip is maybe sick quote. I hope Pres. Putin will help us stay on track with respect to what we need to do with climate. He's killing people in Ukraine you want to talk about the temperature of the earth right now.

John a fly around on your Gulfstream while print has no reason think that any conscious consequences will be either long-lasting or significant. That's true.

Third, this Ben Shapiro envisions a reimagined world order is for sure. He clearly lost for a return to Russian glory, and he sees that China has oriented itself under cheesy peeing toward a similar purpose.

Both Russia and China see themselves as enemies of the United States interacting. Accordingly, Putin believes that if he takes Ukraine and she takes Taiwan the West we put back on its heels. The unipolar era of American power will be effectively ended in a multipolar world in which Russia plays its historic role will reemerge bingo.

It is this most important rationale at the West simply cannot understand. As it turns out cultures around the world value more than access to bank accounts in McDonald's and G and the mullahs all think in terms of historic greatness, Empire and national glory.

This is particularly true in Russia were Stalin still bears a 70% approval rating, while Americans used to believe in a higher purpose. Shapiro rights for themselves. The mere increases in the GDP no longer in the West were not concerned with things as bases, national mission of the legacy Western civilization. We are in other words a week course. Putin knows that she knows that the mullahs know that all which means that Putin's invasion of Ukraine is merely the first crack in the dam that holds back the flood tides of global chaos know it then doesn't understand is eschatology if he understood eschatology be like boom you know. Hey, I should had a V-8 you know they this is pretty obvious what's going on. Ultimately, our material comforts are premised on a global order with the United States at its unchallenged cut Putin's challenge that order.

The West seems unlikely to respond were too busy blowing out our debt and navelgazing about climate change.

The gender fluidity with suppose it's systemic racism of income inequality. Russia and China can't touch the West in terms of wealth or military might, but without a higher purpose.

No country of any GDP can stand up to the naked aggression of nations animated by grim purpose of their own. Yet good bench for Overgaard back with Michelle and noticed taken up early in the morning with our youngest daughter goes her oldest son is in San Francisco. Never been up there myself and excited to go there and check it out. Looks like just a fascinating place an amazing topography and everything else there yeah yeah I know all the other stuff that we hear about in the media and things like that so but are not to become not going there to play Mr. conservative and I'm going there see my son who I love and appreciate and to spend time with my daughter as well so I'm just can take the week often and not be seen noble radio guy just to be a dad and that's an awesome thing.

So I'm not on next week okay be back God willing week from Friday. So let's go to our friend Michelle Woodhouse who sometimes is in the studio sometimes is on the on zoom in the here in North Carolina but today she's down in sunny Florida at sea pack or there's a bunch of crazy conservatives down there, which I appreciate Michelle how are you I'm great how are you I'm doing fair to middling as my father used to say. So I'm good thanks for asking. Before you talk about sea pack do we know which district you're actually in these days since we finally I think of landed the ship with all the lawsuits and everything she out there somewhere. Hey there Michelle, I don't to earn I'm hanging up on Michelle so watch out for her calling back from Vladimir Putin or something. I do have a story from this morning that hey Mark you sound like Judge Joan of you to work through that theologically, so Michelle's going back will students be proven right messing with the phones messing with the system I put on hold and then I'll pick her up this evening at Michelle Becca's Dragon hey Michelle, I can hear you now. Thank you. Okay boardroom your landline where my running and have the ruling gang from the plane for every number will be the 11th congressional district made at the scene of the far left County, North Carolina, where Nork would like to thank you and emailed before we got on our call that Gen. assembly had filed a lawsuit or training hate man to bring core down you know multi candidate. What are the voters in North Carolina want no record venting down in Congress general family. They wanted to be able to vote for number think here about making sure that they got representation at there to serve them and take care of them.

Need to get that straightened out and in many taking care arcane and exactly right. And that's other people need to know who they're voting for and represent them.

By the way, to be a part of the Michelle's campaign Woodhouse for in that's the number four okay Woodhouse for right now. The 11th of this district will sue happens as this goes forward, but going down to see Pat coming.

That's kind of the epicenter of conservatism when they meet once or twice a year as a candidate at somebody's been involved in conservative politics for years. Michelle is a follower of Christ somebody loves the country and has a is a biblical worldview and his brave you're not a rhino you're not part of the machine in terms of your worldview and your positions you're not there to kinda please the rhino Republican machine you're there to do what you know the Lord will call you to do and to represent your people well which is why am I gotta get you this letter, which is why am openly endorsing Michelle and that's a pleasure and an honor for me. But why go down there for that to see pack all my apartment down her community where incredible life put together an incredible you would love a weight gain will and I really love her from a great opportunity to interact with incredible comparative from all across the country. In fact in front of her leg at a Korean radio interview yesterday and then Kellan fired. I hear people are saying this is my first ever Pat Pat and Levi brought a great member of our campaign team here at senior and wonderful to see so many young people like him here that are fighting in an engaging and ended being filled hold in their faith and their conservative believe and not all follow working followers of Christ. You can feel the Holy Spirit here.

You know that these are people that are no spiritual warfare that we are in a battle. They are country that we are seeing darkness on the last inspiration, and to be around others that are like-minded and follower and rate incredible two days that's awesome. And so, with Russia invading Ukraine and I spent most of the show talking about it in images and video in the news that were getting very very difficult very, very dark.

How does that affect you as a candidate for Congress Michelle knowing that you know when you're in Congress and you're in the house. You have a dual job really you're dealing with trying to help your own district was going to be district 11 there in western North Carolina. While at the same time you're a member of Congress which is a national governing body and they deal with things with respect to how we engage with other countries around the world. So how is the Russian invasion of Ukraine impacted you as a candidate look at really thinking held land surveying what we know when a Republican in 20 will be paid by our president, we will be faithful to policy and ethically foretell policy in Ukraine and he indicated their conservative have to stand against the failed foreign policy ministration will not heal Ukrainian people during standing and fighting and trying to protect their land and their communities in their homes again for Russian invasion and their human spirit and and members of Congress. What we have to do is make sure that we are making the right hand and to protect the natural resources that are there now like making the first of many try to make I'm dirt at no and every one of our theory today. We know our era and are tasked with this administration and go anywhere when the Republicans aren't hard to be ready to stand firm on the principal. This is a great point and so when you're down there with a bunch other conservatives at sea pack besides the obvious with Ukraine and Russia and what's going on internationally.

Of course talk about shine on them. Looking at Taiwan and their gauging everything right now watching how Biden and his administration are reacting. What are some of the other big topics that you guys are talking about down there to back this week. I really failure that mandate the fluidity of direct and will really hearing a lot of great time Today around health practice network anything and everything around quarter were issued human trafficking. No mandate and really love to hear from the date has been so many around the bottom of the ballot driving her mama. There earlier today with an 11 credible in Virginia and my children found a book in her time library and then realized that there were more and more block in her hateful public library Northern Virginia pornography that the school board and liked what he had to say. He kept saying it and building an army of other mother and parents were so concerned about that and their movement is strong here and it wonderful to me at gathering around getting into rhyme at the local level to board city Council ballot anytime by privately and cure rate coming in the primaries, Darren and congressional rate all day.

The end and again in Your life and you look at getting conservative character makes a whole lot more in your life.

And then the congressional rate and so we've got you incurred every lift or take the time from the bottom that's great yeah and that's not you know, I saw that article with a bunch of his Loudoun County moms and then he saw activists whether you agree the recall process are not even out in San Francisco that was a school board throughout the two other people.

They didn't want to wait the election, but that's people taking action because they don't like what they see.

You can't just complain.

You actually have to engage that's why we appreciate Michelle without so much I would house for is the website would house for the number God bless you sister. I appreciate you and look forward to having you back in the studio sometime soon and will be awesome.

Thanks Michelle talk you later welcome and if you live in you to live. Stay with me up and silver to pray for the people Ukraine.

This is noble on the seasonal Michelle God willing I'll talk to you real soon.

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