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The Matter of Life

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May 9, 2022 1:14 pm

The Matter of Life

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 9, 2022 1:14 pm

The Matter of Life

Steve brings Tracy Robinson on the show today to discuss “The Matter of Life”, her move she directed, as well as abortion.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your whole work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders.

Grace and Watson through no sacred call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well I certainly hope you work at a church yesterday where you had some unwelcome visitors because some of the pro-abortion people Pro and then I let a lot of people say that they're not pro-abortion. I mean, that's a nuance that if that makes you more comfortable, that's fine, but I certainly pro-abortion are all for it being legal, which means you're right, yet they minor an article he kill your babies out on a play clip for you today of somebody that was allegedly cracking a joke about whoever leaked the Alito majority opinion and hopefully praise the Lord. That'll actually be a final opinion when it comes out but when people say hey I'm not I'm not for abortion. I'm just not for it being outlawed that there's all kinds of crazy subtleties that people play around with and so yesterday I had the opportunity on this note, and as we been paying attention is for the last it'll be a week tonight at about 13 8:30 PM Eastern time. My good friend Mark Harper.

We got a lot of things in Christian movies together over the years and out several weeks ago if not over a month ago he was like Steve. Steve, you gotta see the matter of life you check this out this is a new opera like documentary and as you know I get I do have an opportunity to see a lot of Christian movies and documentaries in a very involved a lot of different things and have been for years. I was like yeah okay but yesterday I sat down I had a chance by my lonesome yesterday to sit down and watch a screening of the matter of life, the matter of and it broke me. It reminded me of when I watched unplanned for the first time I visited that movie set and kinda knew what was coming my way, but the first time you watch it. If you've seen unplanned. You know that some of the scenes are very disturbing and very powerful. And so that happened to me again yesterday on a number of levels that it broke me and I was weeping and I was fighting my rage in my anger and my disgust. To be brutally honest and it was just beautifully done. It's eight special tonight event coming next week Monday and Tuesday, May 16 and 17th at the Fatima eventually have to go to the matter of is the website the matter of I put the links up on Facebook just a little while ago and and for all of you in my radio audience. I Artie looked it up, it's going to be in Raleigh, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point Salsberry Asheville Greenville South Carolina Richmond Virginia Salt Lake City Utah so it's going to be in a theater near you and note the timing.

This was certainly not there. They didn't see this coming. How could they have yet that's exactly what's happening that the matter of life is coming out right on the heels of everything going on regarding the reversal of Roe versus Wade.

The director is Tracy Robinson. We were trying to jump on zoom earlier but didn't can get that working so here we are on the phone, which is just fine.

Tracy Robinson, the director of the matter of life. Thank you for calling in friend how are you you're very welcome and thanks for making the time.

I know it's probably an insanely busy week for you but let's up it when Pete when you come to bring it up in the elevator just meeting somebody and you mention the matter of life and this documentary.

How do you describe it to him and then I want to back up and talk about how you got to the point that you made sure while I documentary that clarified for you and we come at it from the embryology philosophy behind that and we can make history and powerful personal story and so what's what led to that because when you when you read on the on the websites of you guys are looking at the matter. The matter of you know you you kinda described yourself before us is a pro-choice Christian, although that was nuance like like a fair amount of people. Tracy, you are like a him personally pro-life but I don't think I should be able to force my beliefs on other people how to that that change for you right well I wired are not you done promotional video or a pregnant report enter enter California and I like that I would personally pro-life. I would never get an abortion, but would like to enforce that we talked other very much in the mushy middle very apathetic at when it came to abortion I was and tell my friend at the center there invited me to an apologetic conference and the topic was to be the case against abortion, I thought, well, I'll go and check out my pro-life friends are talking about and in less than two hours, the speaker Schliemann entry thinking to clear can fight argument for the full humanity of the unborn child. From the moment of conception and he also invited us to look at the aftermath of abortion imagery and so the truth really struck me in that moment I realized this documentary needed to be made, because I knew there were so many people in my shoes but never heard before they went to public school even went to church all their life and it was never brought up in her parents never broach the topic so that when I heard the truth and learn the message. I was passionate about conveying it to people in unraveling the other.

Yeah the first time I was trained on this particular issue and and how to get out and engage in this, and this shows up in the film are talking to Tracy Robinson is the director of matter of life was the story of Emmett till, and Emmett till he was murdered on the money Mississippi beat beyond all recognition shot and they had dumped and they've only got his body back up. His mom famously. This ended up on the cover of jet magazine had an open casket funeral.

It's an unbelievably brutal picture to look at.

It's remarkable that she did it, but when questioned. Of course she wanted to do as she said to open the casket on racism so make you have to see what it actually is.

And then, I'm so glad you caught when you fast-forward a little bit.

Rosa Parks, who had thought about not giving up her seat on the bus, but that particular day and Jesse Jackson actually interviewed her about it later is like what what was the difference. Why did you decide all the sudden that day you had the courage to not give up your seat, which of course was the spark that started the civil rights movement MLK and all of that and she said it was it was all about Emmett till, not wanting him to die in vain.

You have to see it yet to come face-to-face with it. Any and that's just a reality.

A lot of people run from that Tracy but that is the reality of it is no I heard that when I heard that contact got to work like training actually tell that story. The Emmett till story of how he was brutally murdered and 50 and 1950, in order to that sport of why we ought to look at abortion victories. Yeah so is great analogy yeah it certainly is her talking to Tracy Robinson, the director of the matter of life. Tracy and John hold by the way, we might actually try zoom again on the brakes and we might give that a shot talking to Tracy Robinson, director the matter of nationwide next Monday Tuesday, May 16 and 17th. You have to see it back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show today talking about the matter of life, which is something that we talk about readily on the show we did. Of course a lot last week with every thing going on with the Alito majority opinion which just keep praying that that's the final opinion, there is another story that came out that looks like that's in fact what can happen when that's going to come out. We don't know but that's just as opened up a can of worms in an abortion now is a front burner topic once again and so we talked about last week will continue to talk about it. So the matter of life in general. But the matter of life in terms of documentary. This is one of the best if not the best pro-life documentary of ever seen. I'm just talking on the break with Tracy Robinson so we got her by zoom now so if you want to join us in the studio on Facebook Liber YouTube live just go to the Steve Noble show page. There and and I'm such a skeptic and him and I might were all kind of digital snobs. Now, meaning were all used to you go see Dr. strange or whatever and that that sets the bar for you in terms of fill or even documentary said that the technology is there are so many films and documentaries are so well done and we struggle with that in the Christian space. Quite frankly, in the past, things are getting a lot better. So this one when I saw it yesterday. I was just blown away. Not not not just by the content. The people that spoke a lot of the people that are featured in this documentary I've known for years and I've had on the show and some very difficult aspects were they do, which I appreciated give you a warning about what you can see for 60 seconds but it was so powerful and so well done quality wise it's just off the chart pick up our conversation with Tracy but I did want to play that the trailer a quick for all of you guys so you can kinda get a feel for that and again next Monday and Tuesday, May 16 and 17th.

It is a fathom event she got a go online to get your tickets the matter of I checked the theater listing versus all the markets where the radio show is on its end and it's showing in everything.

A lot of okay so none of us have an excuse, and especially now with Roe versus Wade about to get overturned. We all need to get a lot more equipped with this conversation and this movie will help you do that, the matter of here's the trailer culture issue in American can trust an organization for abortion is such an important part of their business model to simultaneously actively prevent pregnancy and prevent abortion problem in America today is that people simply change the topic.

He successfully talking about abortion is to try to bring the conversation back to one question when you're an obstetrician gynecologist and your pro-choice you have to decide whether you're actually going to do those portions. I believe that pro-life is the most progressive value that we can have abortion for his most by Christians pro-life work finding that pregnancy center was the only person I had put me at that time.

She's got to know. She takes that printing test to her church is not to treat her like the Pharisees tried to treat the woman, as a church we can't just vote pro-life. We have to be pro-lab that brings the film handle that unpacks that's got close, and what does that beautifully because you just answer the question, what is it because if it's not a human person, then it doesn't matter what everyone doesn't matter.

There's a great little moment in the film of the like that you're at the kitchen and your cooking at the stove in your son, your daughter comes up behind you and says without you being able to see and they say hey can I kill this was the first question you can ask what is it right what is it, if it's a tiny little spider something you don't care but if it's their sibling. Well, that's a totally different subject, so things like that. By the way, when you heard that one person is a young lady said this is the most progressive value being pro-life that's actually an atheist feminist who runs pro-life San Francisco.

I sent that link to that organization to our oldest son, who lives in San Francisco. There's just one amazing moment after another in this film the matter of and were here today with Tracy Robinson, the director again Tracy, thank you so much for your time and for doing this is just outstanding. Thank you so much for having me. So how do you decide kind of what direction to take care of this so many different angles.

It's like a big diamond with the issue of pro-life and those on the other side because you you really captured all the different facets of it but but how did you come to design what you were going to pull off your why have the advantage of being completely ignorant about abortion. When I started this and so when I learn the science of embryology and the truth and the logic behind abortion.

The fact that you know we all know it's wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. I learned that abortion does that. And therefore it's wrong and on. And so when I learned that I had no idea about the truth behind Planned Parenthood or Roby Wade how we got here in our how we came to such a divisive contentious issue has always been this way so I started to research for myself and so I just knew I could really play a part in that uninformed audience member and so that really helped me shape this knowing that most people don't know these facts, so I wanted to to cover a lot of different aspects of the pro-life message from you. What is the child. What is the unborn to.

How did we get here and then what can we do about it so we also cover is powerful organizations that are doing great things in the pro-life movement in the pregnancy care world and we we show powerful personal stories testimonies as well of these redeeming stories of women who have been in crisis situations, so I wanted to educate people, but also give them some hope and some inspiration as well yeah so good to hear that it really helps encapsulate what happens here that your your own journey coming out of ignorance and I will say that to be ugly. You know what I mean coming out ignorance to understanding all the different aspects of this and learning about history and learning things about Emmett till learning about the people behind the abortion movement in the feminist movement and how the feminist movement got changed and I'm trying to member the original.

The doctor that eventually change his mind. That was one of the leading advocates for abortion was that guys name Bernard Nathanson Bernard Nathanson and so, because as he comes face-to-face with the reality of it. Eventually he changes and he's the one that that silent scream right that's right and silent scream really just leaves you just stays with you forever and we do show clips of him and in that in that film showing what abortion is doing an ultrasound that yeah like you said, his conversion from being a abortion doctor in New York City doing thousands of abortions and then becoming an advocate are a activist to push legalization of abortion in this country. He is he and his his cohort largely responsible for where we are today, but then what the media doesn't love to tell you is that he had a conversion and he changed his mind because he saw the truth and the reality of what abortion does, largely because of that ultrasound. He was able to ski Ultracet seeing abortion during an ultrasound and sought the child struggling, and he just, and he devoted the rest of his life to try to educate people in the other direction. Yeah that's right now yes superpowerful story of one of the other things about this and in and you gotta hear this and understand this.

I can go out and have conversations about abortion all day long with people that are pro-choice that are pro-abortion. Pro-choice people.

I do not have to reference the Bible, I will because I'm a Christian and that's my source of authority, but it's not theirs, and you can really see in this in this film the matter of that there's enough reality.

You don't put the Bible. Even though we do as well pick it up if you go back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show today talking to Tracy Robinson who is the director behind matter of life matter of already checked earlier today. So next Monday and Tuesday, May 16 and 17th. This is a fathom event to go to get your tickets online and you gotta get him as soon as possible so that you can reserve your space but I checked the website. The matter of where the tickets are what theaters are versus all the radio markets that were in and there's 100% overlap okay so you have absolutely no excuse to not go see this and I'll challenge you on two fronts number one and Tracy mentioned this during the commercial break and I want to play something that happened over on MSNBC over the weekend just to remind you just how dark this is. But that's it. That yeah we bring people in your life that may be like Tracy. I'm personally pro-life but I don't think we should turn around and deal with that at the legal level or constitutional level. I should be of the fight. I don't not comfortable forcing my personal opinions and other people. That's my Christian belief that kind of mushy middle. As Tracy said earlier, so that's important, but also most of you need to shore up your ability to have this conversation and because there's going be a lot of people in this country absolutely going apoplectic. As soon as this final ruling comes out and get pushed out to the states were to be in this fight now for a while and these conversations are important to be able to handle it and to handle it with the truth and was science and embryology. And yes, I'm getting use the Bible to but for somebody that rejects the Bible. That's a shut down a lot of conversations and you need to shore up your ability to have the conversation and then we want to get other people and challenge other people to be a part of it, but I want you just to get a set all of our compass to understand just how dark this is.

This was a panel discussion on MSNBC over the weekend, their course talking about the Roe versus Wade and pending overturning God willing, and this was one liberal commentator who also happens to be a comedian and this was her take on it. You just have to hear this. Okay. Just listen watch hearing about the leak or I would like to find out who the leaker is so I can make sweet love to that person because okay conservative leaker is a public not pregnant during our lovemaking. I will joyfully and let them know that's one of those moments and the host of the MSNBC show to start slapping.

I don't know. That's because his laughter was real or's laughter was just uncomfortable because he could and couldn't believe she was saying it, but yeah, and then all all aboard our fetus because get caught a person or baby. The president did and then you and that goes back to the question, what is it, this shows up in the film.

If your kid comes into the kitchen and your back is turn and they said ask you, can I kill it.

Your first question is always going to be what is it, of course, I'm talking to just say yes because what if it's their brother or sister or the dog or that cat but it's always matter what it is. So what is it that's the big question and I Tracy Robinson is with us, the director of the matter of life, the matter of which is again opening nationwide next Monday and Tuesday and and for you going down this road.

Tracy what what were some of the big moments for you in terms of just kinda coming face-to-face with what your own position had been where you are pro-life person individually, but didn't want to really come to push that anybody else in terms of making the movie. What were some of the more impactful moments for you while I was really impacted. The whole time I was editing the movie I was learning more and just have becoming deeper deeper entrenched in this issue and it was breaking my heart.

The more that I heard from people and heard the stories and realized the story that was kinda coming together with a note making this movie went really and epiphany that I had midway through is, I learned that church in America, particularly Protestant church in America is very disengaged on this issue and so what you have is over well over half of major Protestant denominations in the United States are either silent or they actually make make exceptions for abortion and then you find that four in 10 women 4/10 women who had an abortion in their past were churchgoers in the month, it became pregnant. That's another thing that I learned and so I saw how they correlated together because if the church is silent. Then they are not shaping be there, not on the offense people's worldviews on this issue and so you eat, you leave the culture to teach our kids and our and our young people and they end up in vulnerable situations and then you end up in having a church where you can't talk about abortion because there's too many women who had an abortion in your church so I knew that the target audience was always get to be Christians because those are the people that would come to see the film, but I didn't realize that possibly this is a wake-up call for Christians as well. I didn't not was something I really understood or started to understand midway through low back like in the last election of the 2020 election actually to go back the 2016 election 68% of Catholics that voted voted for Hillary Clinton, who was who were pro-abortion goober and in the go up obviously and there present the present essays right now has a major problem where he claims to be a committed Catholic, yet he completely endorses and embraces and protects and would rather fund.

I'm sure abortion.

There's just such a huge problem inside the church, which is why this is such a great opportunity. The matter of is the website alright so let's talk about the elf in the room so we could go tonight. It comes out the political article, a 64 page plus all the all the other documentation that Samuel Alito had in there. I had a good buddy Mina runs Operation Rescue on the show Fridays that I think Sam Alito's been writing the majority opinion for 50 years and so it's it's I read it last week. It's unbelievably good. It does such a great job of dismantling the bad law that was row in the first place but that happens a week ago tonight, Tracy and and ticket sales are slow. This is a tough topic to get people engaged in his Lotta apathy and also that happens, how did you react to that. Personally, I mean this is coming. This is just like God's providential timing. Obviously yeah like I said before, we were on the brink of canceling the theatrical release because understandably it's not a topic that people want to confront. Even if you are pro-life and Christian.

You just you know it already. You don't want to go there maybe earn pro-life work and you just you just know that you know the answers already and so because of that, I think that ticket sales were low.

It's just an unpopular topic but like you said that the article broke and how I experienced how I reacted personally go in and out from disbelief to gratitude. I eye it takes me. I need to meditate, to really think about it and when I do I it's just overwhelming gratitude by the because of the grace of God to allow this to this timing to happen.

Yeah, it's not like you're the only filmmaker in America.

You're not the only documentary person in America. You're not the only Christian person in America. You're not the only person in the church that as it had an interest in learning more, but also to see the confluence of all of that used by God in any way, but especially in this way at this particular time. I mean, I don't know what your middle name is, but maybe it should be Esther. Thank you. That's I mean I could never compare myself to Esther right might God is my strength. That is my the name of love is the meaning of my middle name Gabrielle and so God is really the strength in all of this and glory to God, yeah, amen.

Exactly right. Glory to God in and I would I would say in you and I don't know each other, except for the show today, but I'm a very skeptical person. I'd like I can be very much in your used to be much more complete but just because the world and things get to kinda depressing.

I actually don't think most Christians are ready to have a good conversation on the sub subject like I said, most most Christians conventional Christians I know Tracy are pro-life but the summer I was here James out there saying okay fine you show me your pro-life, a pebble, you say I think you need to show your pro-life faith by what you do and a lot of Christians aren't ready to have a conversation. This is coming to us. This all changed last Monday and in the culture and women in crisis pregnancies are going to are going to call us out because we been praying for this and looking for this for years Roe versus Wade turns over. It goes back down to the states and we have to be ready.

We have to be ready have a conversation we have to be ready to help these women you have several testimonials in the movie the matter of life where women are like, listen, I didn't know how is gonna do this. I didn't have any support in the noble family, don't know this but I've been talk about this on the air are pro-life chickens came home to roost two years ago in October and our son and his girlfriend told us they were pregnant. That baby's name is Paxton. He turns one this month and end the compassion that's required in the support that's required is on us. It's on the church's that's right that's right. I think that we really need to face its face this issue head-on. We need to confront the truth that's really where it all starts and in the documentary we we not only give people the truth, but we we show people look this is what's happening in the pro-life movement in the pregnancy care movement and these are ways you can get involved in using your gifts and talents.

It doesn't have to be pregnancy resource centers or pregnancy help it could be legislation, it can be showing abortion imagery.

It can be showing fetal imagery just educating people on the development of a fetus of an unborn child there so many weight each showing sharing your testimony up. Does that has a powerful ripple and set others for his wife are exactly right. Looking up a break with the matter of next Monday and Tuesday, May 16 and 17th. I'm to keep talking about it on the air. Tracy, I reached out to Markham to try to get a theater showing myself and get people in there but God bless you my friend. Thank you so much for what you doing. Thank you Steve you're welcome back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show just a little shout out little limited little personal moment here for a second and my I was got off the. The last conversation and I was coming out the show going into the break and then saw a bunch of text messages and I'm like oh I wonder if that's about my bride Gina who just past herbs.

The big certification exam to start doing ultrasound work sonographer certified sonographers. She's been in classes for literally seven semesters now and were in our 50s is not that easy to remember and believe. I mean, like the stacker 3 x 5 card studying for the for this test today, which is at 2 o'clock Eastern time was about.

I don't know 16 or 18 inches high is unbelievable. She put so much time and so much work into it so I just talk to her over the break and she passed and she's just good shoes walking out she so sure that she didn't pass, and a greater right then and handed to you and so she's just which is praising the Lord for that so way to go Gina, your awesome so cool something else. It's awesome and pretty cool himself as David Fisher, a friend from limb R. M. R. how are you my buddy yeah man. She was just I just literally just talk to her on the break and that she was weeping because she was so sure she didn't pass in God just came through tons of people praying for so super excited that really yeah that's really awesome so anyway think. Thank you and try to get my my mind back into the game here but appreciate your call and as always and I know are always going to start with a passage of Scripture so we can get our compass set right.

You do not want to set your compass by the stock market specially not in the last week or so because that's just a bloodied mass so working to get our compass straight by starting in the word of God said, let's start there. David and them will pick it up.

31. A wife of noble character who can find shoes were far more than rubies so obviously make this personal for you. Your dentures the Scriptures being mobile but what you think she in the past because she's a character you guys have produced incredible children shoes you would agree shoes for work.

The many rubies on earth you know mothers.

Some some women.

Most women know wives get to be mothers, but regardless of that, you know it's it's a great testimony to your family. You know this is a good helping report for your life that's in such a great timing because we were talking about a filmmaker on a great pro-life documentary coming out next Monday I called the matter of life and in when you get in this in Proverbs 31 I referenced it when I wrote something about Gina yesterday on Facebook and you know that noble character, a wife of noble character.

We all have moms in many of the people listening to us right now in Homs and I would always caution people hate don't try not to compare yourself to other people. Your job is to be faithful. I don't know mom that doesn't love her children and that's the brokenness of abortion is these moms in their heart and in their spirit, love these children even though they choose abortion and that we have to stay engage in. Remember that that's the way God has designed it so it such a great reminder specially on the heels of a Mother's Day.

So thanks for that. Thanks for your kindness is always so stocks are down again as well as last week coming today I'm looking at it down like 653 points or whatever it isn't me.

Just brutal and I look back I am just looking back a month. David and if you go back to just a month ago. I mean, one of the highs earlier was about 35,000 35,500 right around there and then. Today closing down at 32,245 coming over 3000 points so what's going on with the stock market. All of about 9%. No papers from the victim close to 25% show idea by show friction is the market will go up. Market optimism continues to evaporate. Headline after headline every week and you know this is not the first week we've had six straight weeks with the belt falling last week. You know what were start off of the seventh week. We were the longest losing streak in 10 years. She stalks could see more downturn. If we watch a couple things in your yield 3% is not good for the market and 10.03 right now so broke about 310 year yield last week. That's the bad news for stocks. Also, watch a couple hundred and $50 River breaks that were 152. They were closed on their 12230 Microsoft 270 watch the rubric below the number I think it might've go to bed up to look, Lord, and because the dollars, up 7% for sure.

Goal should be down 20% in varmint and chopped 1.8% show normal markets world 27% down 5% today want to swing showing on the market. Yeah just a sorry and it was one of the stocks that I'm actually happy to see plumbing Disney disease down more than 30%, the worst performing stock this year on the Dow Jones industrial and I think they're paying a price for them wanting to get into the political arena, especially with that kind of up of radical perspective on human sexuality and and what's good for children but the rest of it just yet. Just brutal.

So we often talk about. I love how you do this David you bring that into the conversation every week. What are billionaires and and and hedge fund managers doing a because they've got more to lose than anybody else or save more to gain in court, but the they're not billionaires for no good reason.

To me these are very, very smart people. So what are they saying about all this and think about Morgan Stanley but also the guy in the markets going to go down for four months you still say that Goldman trader wall arduous you saying this market is a market that is going to bleed to Lowe's and God from God, Tony Pasquarello uses this really is nothing but a huge market squeeze stalks will be going lower. The best days were behind us.

We've never seen a soap like this before economist Bellerose ratios we are and where near the bottom and keep going on 70-year-old fund manager seen it all. Don't know why you should market of my life Lord, ignoring the fundamentals of those we reach complacency is what you should go on about this guy. Listen with this computer graduate should situation is grim so versus the stock market is known very serious troubles, all bets are off. Yeah so there's the Fed which I've been hearing a lot of things all weekend. David talking to David Fisher landmark capital Lynn about the Fed not soon enough. Not fast enough as the one show on Saturday like the interest rates you really need to go up to like 33 Naprosyn to get a handle on inflation. So is there any way they can actually maneuver for like a soft landing or or is a massive inflation still come and what about the Fed rate down the greatest dilemma. Ever since the 1970s manager shows 10. Now without it.

It's a sobering reality show themselves to warn the economy could face problems report that shows inflation, the number being .5% CPI number being CPI number being 8.5%. The interest rate of the Fed now at the three-quarter point 70s. The Fed funds rate was 19% in the CPI number was one pointillist 18% report shows we got to get close to the CPI number of fundraising to do that. Graduates again this would be on the feds control recession is unstoppable. That is attempting to lambing to Baltimore on a piece of string risk market still have their fingers in their ears with her hands over her eyes know that's crazy. So you mentioned this before about the little pullback in gold son just looking today we got the S&P 500. The Dow is down NASDAQ's down crude oil is down. Gold is down Silvers down so should we be concerned about that because we look at we often we talk about this we have for years, David, that gold is like on the other gold and silver. On the other end of the teeter totter right now. Looks like everything's on one end of the teeter totter and it's all down. Should we be concerned about that goal should be down here to date like 20% of dollars of 7 1/2%. That's like the Dell going up 5000 points. Your to date hasn't happened, but that's the strength of the dollar currency so gold is acting strong in the winds of the dollar going up market per index. Not all go through the same, just like the pictures, just like not all rooms. The same goes one product that fits all the different people invest in different things, but the market that is the index of gold is a paper index that's been going down just a piece of it very markets or sustaining their value.

Some are even going up, which is why education now more than ever such a big deal. People want to get educated, they need some help understanding this, David.

What they do for 2575 number call is 2575 11 Thank you, my friend got bless you, thank you for The Encouraging Word's as well and I look forward to talking in next week. Have a great one seller thinks well I will talk to later things so much. Yes congratulations Gina will see so little celebrating Thomas this is Steve Noble Steve Noble still got willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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