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Killing Lost People

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May 19, 2022 7:23 pm

Killing Lost People

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 19, 2022 7:23 pm

Killing Lost People

Steve talks to Renton Rathbun, from BJU Center for Biblical Worldview, about lost people. You should confront lost souls and fight for the gospel.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your work politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his shoulders and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble Maxwell why you might be a little comes earned with the title of the show. It is of course theology Thursday, but the title of the show today killing lost people know that's not an ode to Bill O'Reilly whose sleeves is cranking out killing books at an alarming rate doing quite well for fuel them.

In this case, killing lots people.

You can effectively kill a lost person and I'm talking more than just physical docking spiritually. You can kill a lost person by never bothering to engage the data show once years ago with a friend of mine whose marketplace minister kinda guy. Pretty radical in the name of the show was if you want to make sure somebody goes to hell invite them to church in the point of that wasn't bashing the church.

The point was, if you're just about to do is is asked somebody to come to church with you, they can literally blow you off of rather politely 52 times a year because there's always another Sunday all this Sunday family. All I was sick all I was out of town.

It's so easy to blow that often have an excuse so I overslept all is the game we will travel whatever and so if that's all you do to try to reach the losses by the church. That's pretty good way to make sure they never heard the gospel in this case, if you want to just flat out kill him just don't care don't care don't pay any attention lost people in your life.

Sadly, I think if you asked most of us born again evangelical type Christians. How many lost people we know. Generally, we probably can get that done. On one hand, because I think we largely spend time with one another because it's easy and it's comfortable there's a place for that in our walk with Jesus Christ.

However, we are supposed to be ambassadors of the gospel which means sooner or later you need to talk to people. The question is how do you do that, especially in an increasingly hostile environment several weeks ago and theology Thursday with Dr. Renton wrap and on and we started to crack this open talking about the key to effectively or effectually. If you speak seminary language communicating with unbelievers and we contacted but there were so much more that we could have done so organ to do a part two today and we and Dr. and Rathbun used a acronym for us big talking about barriers and the impossibility of belief in the GB the gospel itself. So I happy to have the good doctor back in the house of Renton. How are you thanks for being her brother. I'm doing great, thank you for your very welcome. Did you thought I was just being reckless with the title of the show because it just happened literally right before we went live at cc what kind of talent that I bring to bear it all together and out pops an incredible dessert. Did you did you yes I got my props anyways great to see the school year is over. That was your first year there BG by the way, Renton is the director for the Center for biblical worldview.

Bob Jones University as well as being a professor. But how did it go. It went really well. It was super busy course because were building something new were trying to get people to understand what on earth. A center for biblical worldview even is what it does when you have to actually do it.

It takes a lot of work and then to get people to listen all that stuff but is a good was a good year. What would you say is the number one goal of the center.

The number one goal of our center is to align everyone in the University. The seminary the Academy of the press all the parts of the University aligned them all with one understanding and vision of biblical worldview of one of things I told the faculty this year was that there's a reason why the world is so good at getting their worldview across in secular colleges and universities because they all have the categories they all have the terminology everyone speaking the same language no matter what class you go into the everyone knows LGBT Q and everyone knows you know, critical race theory.

Everyone has the terms once hearing it and every class there's this huge unity in this this overall worldview. Everyone's getting and we need to have that but in the biblical way yeah that's exactly what's going on out there.

Everybody's got a worldview. Everybody has presuppositions.

Everybody's operating through some kind of a lens and they are very good at it.

They do have a specific language. They have a doctor and they have theology they have everything that we have is just we have first and so but that's what's out there and that's so important, and when Dr. Rathbun says the press he's not talking about the press that drives us all nuts. He's talking about BJ you press which is coincidently for me what I use in teaching US history as well as civics class I GU press is an awesome resource for the academic community, whether talk about first grader or college level or high school level so that so important for all of us to be really playing off the same sheet of music. If you give everybody in an orchestra different piece of music, and they start playing. It's brutal, it's, it's, you know it's not music it's torture so that such a great point. We started before last time Renton talking about kind of this whole way of how do we effectively communicate with unbelievers and we pretty much just started and stayed in Romans one which I mention that the time and I want you to remind us why Romans one is such an effective place for us to really kind of launch out of because I use that and I bring that up every week on the show that all you really need to understand biblically to look around the world make sense of it is Romans chapter 1 Romans chapter 1 is is hugely important because what it does is it gives you the conditions that all humans are already in apologetics creates its own problems when it tries to accomplish something that Scripture has said is already been done so a lot of apologetics are like, well, I got a first convince him there's a God that God exists and then I got to convince him that the Bible is reliable by using a bunch of archaeology and then bill believe the Bible and realized the God that I you know, kind of fooled them into believing right is the one in the Bible and all that is completely unnecessary, because Romans one says that everyone already knows God. The problem is that there suppressing the truth in unrighteousness and that suppression gives you that understanding of what am I dealing with when I'm dealing with an unbeliever. My dealing with someone who is completely ignorant and we got a start from ground zero or my dealing with someone that does no but there suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. It changes everything about how I approach an unbeliever yeah absolutely changes everything. And that's this notion, some people will say and some atheists that I know when they say hey I'm an atheist say LC don't believe in God, yet I threadably got nice and what what a coincidence.

I don't believe in you delete what you need quickly find that I don't believe in atheists. That's ridiculously mean by that.

Well, I'll get to you at home and have to say something in the Bible. They are not like, but literally I don't believe an atheist because of Romans chapter 1 that's is an agnostic and it will be right over signal to fill theology by Bob Jones University and usually that Bob Jones seminary but the same campus there in Greenville, South Carolina, and Dr. written Rathbun back in the house is one of the professors down there but do today, especially in his role as the director for the Center for biblical worldview a few weeks back we started talking about how do we effectively actually I'm in care to start there and then actually engage the lost and then to have an effective conversation with them. How do you do that and so I rented was kind enough to put a blog post together on that, revisiting that there was so much that we could talk about so we decided to do a 2.0 so I just put the link up on Facebook live you can grab it on my Facebook page. The Steve Noble shall pay Facebook page and if you're on YouTube to jump over to Facebook and grab it there but we were kind talking about Romans chapter 1 and just realizing Renton that every single person on the planet.

There actually are no atheists. The Bible tells us exactly what the deal is gives us the floor. One line right there in Romans chapter 1 that God is made a plane. There is no excuse. Anybody knows is there. He's the 800 pound gorilla in the room so you know that so it's not the problem that they don't they don't believe that God exists or something exists rather than nothing. They all do that, whether they tell you that is a different story.

But we know because of you say you believe God's word Internet that makes perfect sense. And then the problem is Renton.

They suppress the truth so we know were dealing with somebody that in one way kinda believe what we believe they know there's something rather than nothing. But then you brought in last time this big apologetics review time a big apologetics which is an acronym.

So let's run through that and just as a review and then we'll do some application barriers the impossibility of belief in the gospel. Okay so with barriers whenever someone suppressing troops have to with a lie and lies. God has created us in such a way that lies bother us. In order for us to stop being bothered or to ease our conscience.

We use something to comfort ourselves and usually a barrier comes down to something that they're holding on to that makes them no I know that Christianity is wrong because for instance, there's a there's contradictions all over the Bible so are the pride of evil yet so the problem of evil and that that's what's going to comfort me as I suppress the. The impossibility of unbelief comes along when what were doing is were saying okay, let's take the system that you have here. This is what you say you believe. Let's take that and show you where this leads you and see if it leads you to a place that you would agree with. Typically what happens is when you show them that if this is what they believe consistently. This is what they have to then come to the conclusion about they are either shocked or the like will. That's not what I believe and they realize their own system is impossible is that we basically Renton just kind of extrapolate out from what they say they believe because I think I think the reality is in and we have this problem in the church as well. A lot of people are a mile wide and an inch deep. Their emotive there, they'll go take a strong opinion, but when you put that opinion under pressure. Generally, it cracks because we don't do, especially in the digital age we don't discuss much anymore. We don't have were not come let us reason one to another, as the Old Testament would point us in that direction.

That just doesn't happen so people like I do believe this is about the children of God is so powerful.

Such a good guy. Why so many people dying all the time and that's the end of and they spent like you said, they find something that's convenient. That makes them feel better, but they never really run it out. They don't take it out for a test drive because I think believe there are fearful that their car might not run exactly the everyone acts like there has been 2000 years of Christianity were people of thought of these things already. Yeah it's the same old same old right that's right in the impossibility of unbelief really is designed to help them understand the help them come face-to-face with the fact that it's not ignorance of God that were dealing with, but they come face-to-face with the fact that they are suppressing the truth and when they you know it's it's one thing for us.

Another suppressing the truth and Satan can trick them to the point where they almost feel like there suppressing shirting and others know the truth right but when you take them through their own system. They begin to see my suppressing the truth word or what they start become face-to-face yet that's the trick of that and then that leads you to lose them to a frustration with alike so that what is what's the world like that. What's the truth. If you know so much, and that's when you hit them with the gospel, which is where all the powers. Everything else was to get to that moment where the gospel can be given. Yet faith comes by hearing hearing by the word of God. So you have to end up there.

He also mentioned before Proverbs 26 in terms of my response to the impossibility believe and by the way, on the other side. A break will coordinate player clip from Jim Carrey that famous comedian and actor Jim Carrey.

Where will kind of apply this impossibility of belief. Listen to what he says in the will run it out on the test track and see what happens.

But why did you mention Proverbs 26 so Proverbs 26, four and five. Give us this strange strange terminology site says do not answer a fool according to his fall events is answer a fool according to his folly. And so what's what's trying to be said there what's what's being said is don't answer a fool according to his folly in which you become like him were you take on his assumption upon your own beliefs so like with William Ln., Craig, who is taken on the belief of evolution in order to try to reach other people in their unbelief.

What he is done as he's taken on their assumptions. He's become like them. In order to reach them, which of course I think that's what progress 26 is saying do not do that yet. Josette don't answer a fool according to his folly. I'm I'm not can you use your folly.

That's not what Paul by the way meant when he said I become all things to all men that by God's grace and might win some that's that's not I'm not going to assume your folly that your student that's right, and it ended that it's it's taking on taking on a light to reach someone who's been tricked by a lot and and so what is this saying is answer a fool according to his folly, and you can even add the idea in a way that shows him that he can't be wise in his own eyes. And so what that means is that you're taking his folly and showing him where this leads so he can't be wise in his own eyes. Even in his own eyes he sees you know this is a problem yeah I had painted myself into a corner here and I've been in and and I'm sure you have I been in many conversations were you can see that happening. And when you get there and for me as a recovering culture warrior for several years starting in 2004.

Once I knew I was see them getting into that corner.

Now it was that was the time for Steve to really bring it home baby which was me exercising my pride. I'm in a prove you wrong to be all truth and no grace.

Which makes me a moly, and notch my belts because I just picked up your scalp and end that I didn't do it out of love. I didn't actually care. I just wanted to prove them wrong and Pat like that was my virtue, signaling that's right, I mean there's there's really two ditches that we can fall into and are witnessing the ditch.

Number one is the one that you're talking about where you just want to win the argument you show them that believe in the Bible isn't stupid and I'll show it might seem that your stupid and the other ditch is is trying to get them to like you so much that the witnessing becomes about getting them to got in your witness. Wow we like affirmation that's breaking news here with you right back to you. Bob Jones married today. Bob Jones University scheme as well.Karen Rathbun back in the house, the director of the Center for biblical worldview. By the way, Renton let me test your pop knowledge to mind Apollo quiz you being a professor and all sure Dr. Rathbun did that song ring a bell to you and all six of the look on his face. Does that exist does the name of the band name Paramore. Does that ring a bell know how old are your kids will have a 21-year-old, and I have fought a six-year-old to seven-year-old okay so query the 21-year-old get a chance okay to ask him about. More that's what you just heard. Okay, so an interesting sidebar issue there. Paramore field on Hayden. Correct me if I'm wrong, because he will is a blessing to know. I think she has made a profession of faith in the past that exactly a Christian girl who was in the secular world so testy whenever I see that it's always fascinating to me like how to get there what's going on with that I was telling Renton on the break about this gal out in San Francisco because were talking on EPS or TechNet Romans chapter 1 how to have effective conversations with unbelievers, knowing that there aren't any "unbelievers in terms of there are no atheists, because Romans chapter 1 makes it clear as God said it, he's made it plain so that everybody knows he's there.

He is the hundred pound gorilla in the room then so it's not unbelief that's the problem it's the suppression of that truth.

That's the problem. So I brought up it I saw this in a matter of life, which is documented to scheme on Monday. Tuesday we had the director weeks ago Teresa Cova Nick is the president and founder of a pro-life San Francisco and she's an atheist, so when you hear that your reaction that Renton was wow that's fascinating. I wonder what her story is and we are talking about this over the break. Isn't that how we should be approaching every unbeliever we should be legitimately interested in them as people. Yes, that's absolutely right. I mean we we are so ready with our arguments that we haven't even taken an interest in what it is they believe.

So we know how to even answer back to them and that's the whole point of the impossibility of unbelief part of our of our talk because how do you even know what their belief is and even letting them this is another issue.

Sometimes we let them get away with things because we have an and asked the right question when someone says will.

There's so much suffering in the world and we go yeah well instead of what you mean by suffering up yeah that what you mean by that that the asked questions is a great book I read when I was finished my Masters degree called questioning evangelism in the morning.

That book wasn't to question when we should be doing evangelism. It was just modeling ourselves after Christ, who was an excellent question asked you even ask questions all the time. He would answer a question with a question and so questioning evangelism using questions to get to know people in and on the challenges all again, not so that you can check off the box that I shared the gospel with somebody this year not so that you can find out what their argument is destroyed in the name of Jesus in them as well and walk away high-fiving the Holy Spirit, but because you actually care about people because no matter how much that person is hurt you, how much, how obnoxious they are, how much you hate them, or they hate you. There still made the image of God and Jesus hung on that cross as much for them as he did for you so I'm really in a challenge. I do this all done to myself. Renton and I do it to this audience to remind us that God did not call us here to be primarily political people call this here to be gospel people gospel people operate out of that of an operating system of love. That's the deal go refrigerant is 13 the match that up to all your Christian activities and see if it still flies select. Let's don't debts get some examples here, so big apologetics applied our to start with this barrier something that's how are they suppressing the truth in this. In this case it is a classic there's contradictions in Scripture all over the Bible. Dr. Rathbun yet. So let's say you come across someone and you pick up a conversation with them and they make it very clear they're not a believer and you say oh well, what you know what makes you so you don't believe in Scripture that will there's contradictions everywhere so already, you know your you're dealing with the barrier. This is the thing that they hold to to make them feel okay about the suppression and say so the next question of courses will wherewith there be a contradiction that you're aware, and one that a lot of people want a lot of people bring up but of Prof. when I was get my Masters in philosophy you brought this up as a problem with inerrancy. He said in second Samuel 24 one it says now the anger of the Lord burned against Israel again and he incited. He the Lord incited David against them to say no count. Israel and Judah. The same account is then recorded in first Chronicles 21 one word says.

Then Satan stood up against Israel and incited David to cut to count Israel therein lies the problem. So Renton contradiction. Why don't we just call it a day because the whole pipe was a crock. Yeah, I don't have to abate any rules anywhere for any reason and I was gonna go eat drink and be merry. So thanks very well what what thing they do get right is if there's a real problem with if there really is a true error in Scripture than the rest has to be question yeah and that's true and and so the question is is this in error, and so the perfect my professor in the Summit that summer, but my professor at the University that was where is it my Masters said well this is just, you know, over time, Israel started develop this idea of Satan, and they added it later so you know it doesn't have to match and all that sort of stuff because this is an errant book. It's ridiculous to believe that kind of thing. And so what we do do we do do do we say will that's not the problem. The problem is that your suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. Let's get to the gospel of what we want to do is we want to obey the Scripture in second Corinthians 10 three through six.

That tells us that we need to destroy the arguments that are brought up against the knowledge of God and this isn't just to bring them to their knees and give him the sinners prayer. This is to defend God as not that God needs us to defend him, but he has chosen to use us to defend him and just like you know I was a little kid, my dad was stronger than the other kids on the playground.

But if someone said some bad about my dad. I was going defend my dad and my dad would want to be would want his son Sharon and this is the way our God is our God says, defend you know my word defend my honor and so it's good to take on that challenge and say okay let's talk about those firsts. If you look at Job chapter 1 what you find is that God told God is the one that addressed Satan and said, have you considered my servant Job, this isn't Satan saying hey give me Job right God said, God's idea, yeah, you have you considered Evans sentences well be a reason. If all those years because you give them all the stuff and this is okay and this is the deal you can go down and you can do anything you want. You can't just you can't hurt his body and then later on he says okay when I get hurt his body and and so God is giving Satan permission and even if I can put this way empowering him by saying go and do this and so now the question is, is God afflicting Joe, the answer would be yes he's doing it through Satan. Then we can say is Satan afflicting Joe yes Satan is afflicting Joe and so when when we see that Satan approaches David to number the people we can say that God God use Satan the two to incite David and this is God doing it because this isn't you know God isn't hoping he's gonna win a battle against Satan right God says do this, and Satan does it. And so that's what we see is there. The truth is in both of them. Same with the Gospels yet goes there some things I gospel's that are mentioned in Matthew, that's not mentioned in Martin and when we say we will they're both true and they can be and it's it's okay and so then when we start we put that seed of doubt in them so that the finger holding onto it night to let them sleep and say yes my life is okay we just snatch that other hand, the other pacifier is gone yet there's some there's some holes in that barrier. Yes then there's that I'm doing what I can do and then I'm praying for entrusting the spirit to do what I can't do that's right. And in the point.

There is with this one you go wow hot. I never knew that I would know how to deal with that kind this particular contradiction in Scripture will.

Here's how you learn this stuff you have a conversation somebody throws that at you and you don't have an answer and you say wow that's a really interesting point. I don't have an answer that then the mind can we have coffee again. I'm sure this good answer out there because this is not like this attack has been going on for 2000 years. So, check it out and then will get back together how that that's cool that's honest that's humble and that's how you learn. I've been in so many conversations written around like home. I don't answer that. Then I went learned it, and then I got better. Now I'm not nervous much at all, having conversations with unbelievers because there's really only so many things that confront you talking to document rapid. How do we effectively reach. Unbelievers will be right back. It's the usual show theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones University BJ's area today by our good friend Dr. Rick Rathbun back in the house is the director for the Center for biblical worldview. You can check all that out. Just go to the radio page that our friends at BG set up for us. So if you just go to seminary.DJ U.ED you\radio you'll find all these blog posts that we been using as a jumping off point for almost the last year's is incredibly effective resources there helpful things you can look up the Center for biblical worldview, but just go to the landing page seminary.BG\radio you'll find all that stuff. This is just an amazing amount of resources that we been blessed by for about the last nine, 10 months old. That's where you can find today's blog post, but I did put it up on Facebook like talking today about something we did a few weeks ago.

How do we effectually communicate with unbelievers and we been going using this acronym that Renton is helping us learn they be IG the notorious Biaggi barriers and rights. Goblins are in Romans one right that we suppress the truth. The impossibility of unbelief.

So now you're gonna take their whatever their problem is we were just talking before the break about some as well. The Bible is full of contradictions. All right, let's take that one for a test drive and go deal with it that back into the impossibility of belief then you gotta run out and see what happens. And so you sent this link via email Renton and thanks again for being here about Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey, the comedian.

His philosophy you list this clip is two minutes and 45 seconds okay listen carefully and then working a run outworking to take Jim Carrey's philosophy out first spin and see if it can it stand on its own or if it begins to collapse and this is something that you have to do as you're trying to have effective communication with unbelievers. They say why don't believe in Christianity because of this, I believe the Bible because that okay then you got engaged.

It's a legitimate thing for them. You should care enough to listen and find that out and then engage in, so let's listen to Jim Carrey. This is him to succumb to going through some things he's learned in his life, Jim Carrey's last. Let's go live. Hey, wait a second it's always an illusion.

Who the hell is Jim Carrey.

We just more like you're supposed to say and where important supposed to say it's all gonna be all right, and you're supposed to say that you know whatever you dream can come true. And you're supposed to sell those things. I do believe in manifestation. That kind of stuff but I don't believe that any of it matters in our this smattering is is to me and human construct, borne out of a need to say the same need is you have to have deities and things like that. I believe in an energy gondola energy of you know everything is divine in others just not, there's no there is no thing that is divine. Everything is divine and I'm that and it doesn't matter to me is happening. I'm finding that ultimately the freedom from it is something people are hungry for like them either and I go green because you never have been. I believe that I had to become a famous no idea and get all the stuff that people dream about and you push a bunch of a bunch of things. This means that look like success. In order to give a my attachment to those things. It's been part of the evolution of goes is to spend your first half your life acquiring and adding thinking you can add to yourself and and it looks great and looks great when he got his cool car in nice clothes and when you're done something that people admire, but you can never fulfill you is not depression is ago is still II sadness showing patient satisfaction to all of it is not as unpacked a lot of stuff here Renton in my heart aches when I listen to this kind of testimony there's a lot of you could listen to Tom Brady listen Michael Jordan you listen all kinds of famous people that that will tell you they pursued and they climbed and they got to the other got up on the rainbow the got the other end of the rainbow. They allegedly got the pot of gold within the left them unsatisfied. So help us unpacked Jim Carrey's philosophy here and then let's just try to see if this is possible or not. So Jim Carrey is trying to say that this smattering. This idea of something all. Everything matters, something is an undue stress on us if we just realized what life really is like which is were all just a bunch of Stardust you really were just a bunch of chemicals and I'm a colony of chemicals your colony and were not really ourselves. We make that up really just part of everything which means nothing actually matters is he said right so it because he said everything is divine any of it matters. I mean that by me when I listen to Michael why are you talking about matter, but got so yeah so so he's saying so everything that we experience that we think matters is just whether other words, it's something that sweeps on us. You can enjoy it or suffer through it and then it will move on and he's trying to give us a picture of what life is like if we release this idea of mattering, and whenever someone tries to convince me that they're not depressed by saying I'm not depressed, not at all.

Nothing 060 please believe it is the man is depressed yeah yeah because the what it was trying to do is trying to relieve his depression is trying to relieve this this pressure that he has found this seeking and seeking and finding that it's all emptiness.

His answer is will then maybe I can relieve myself from all this by saying nothing matter that might feel good for you know to him for a little while. If we take what he's saying and say will does this work or if I can put this way does Jim Carrey really live by this standard, that nothing matters. I would ask him so is Donald Trump.

Just a bunch of chemicals that doesn't matter.

I would say that his artwork would tell us all 50 paintings that he made him carries over yet. Jim carries artwork insert that he made of Donald Trump in anger and frustration in his true belief that Donald Trump was ruining the country is to ruin everything leads me to believe that Jim Carrey think something matters. And like you said, the fact that he took that interview to let everyone know that nothing matter seems to matter.

Sure, and if and if you look at what he how angry he was about Roe versus Wade. The possibility that overturning he thinks that matter why why does any of this matter. I mean, in a few billion years. The sun is going supernova of the earth will disappear inside the sun revert to a crisp.

Nothing matters.

What's it matter if people are fighting against abortion. What's it matter if they like. What's it matter if Donald Trump is president.

All this stuff really, if we really think it doesn't matter. Then Jim Carrey should be sitting in his house enjoying his money right you know how to write. So I think you had that conversation with them wouldn't take very long say so.

Actually, Jim.

You can see why I would think that actually think a lot of things matters among things matter to you. That's why you paint that's what you speak. That's what you do that do the other thing in the fact that it matters to you is because you were made for things to matter as a solicitor and emotions in a heart in the care and then then I could start final spot, which is the gospel so and then I think that's just a moment where they if even if just like a God ordained pause in the conversation as they go well, that's a good point yeah and then then the gospel yes you can. You can bring it in any you know anyway you want. I mean, you know, Paul is very clear. It's not through a persuasive speech is not through the smoothness of your speech is not through the wisdom of the Greeks that gets people to listen. It literally is the power of the Holy Spirit that comes that comes into play when we use God's word and so you know simply saying, look you want to hear how I think the world works word you want to hear how the Bible describes the world. I mean you've heard of these you know some generic things that I share with you what what the Bible says whatever it is, don't be ashamed of the gospel and that's what Romans chapter 1 also says right before we get into the condition of man, it says I am not ashamed of the gospel and we are typically ashamed because it doesn't sound academic doesn't sound scholarly.

It does is not gonna win an argument, but it is the power and when we see that and when we really grab hold of that we start wielding it as a sword instead of hiding it because were embarrassed about. I mean that's the powder in the bullet yes yes exactly, and in the yeah and nothing happens unless that's utilize such a Romans one hears the problem. What are the conditions John 316, who are what's the solution we go to first Peter we go to Galatians and go to Ephesians 2. There's all kinds of places to just share with them what the Bible says that God's language and they need to hear God's language and then you done your part and in the Holy Spirit. That's right, and have a have a plan and follow up with those receives one man those another person water do not know going into it where you are in that process. You are called to be part of the process. Super super help. Brenton, thank you so much. This blog post by the way, if I put it up in Facebook like to make sure you check that out today great seated brother think so much for your time.

As always, thanks for having me very welcome. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing. I talked to you again real soon and like my dad always, if you say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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