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Take the School Board!

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September 13, 2022 10:44 pm

Take the School Board!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 13, 2022 10:44 pm

Take the School Board!

Steve talks to Steve Bergstrom about taking over the Wake County school board. Why does this need to happen?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders. Great troop, no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host okay for a common format for value Steve Noble. So what you guys think you stop thinking of the parade on the study, not to guys name is Steve doing as a writer, so it's going to be well. Steve Bergstrom is here who is once again I told you guys I was going keep doing that's working to keep bringing school board candidates inherent school board candidates that I respect and support so that we can continue to talk about taking back this might be the only chance we have, to literally take back control, the wake County school board system here in the Raleigh area, North Carolina. This is a battle that's not just local, it's all the country. We see this at think. Thank you Lord for Loudoun County, Virginia. I would truly come to set this set of views and now I see people all over the country who are to schedule appointment. Like okay I gotta do something which is exactly what happened. Yours truly back in 2004, but Steve is running for a district 8 here in wake County school Board District 8 Steve for is is website that's Apple are steep for, Steve Bergstrom, welcome to the show heart great. Thanks Remi appreciate it so that I say this probably about 10 times a year at most. Somebody will be a guest on the show that has a way better voice, and I'd like okay fine God just trying to keep me humble but it's great to have you in here and will will spend some time talking about your story where you came from, what done because you don't know, Steve has served our nation in the Air Force is currently a pilot and so we want to acknowledge that thank you for your service. But for most people run of the school board lot of folks I've had in the studio sit in that seat two years ago three years ago five years ago know they were thinking about clinical being a politician.

So we'll get to that part of your story, but just to kind of tell us where you grew up where you're from and going to the Air Force all I can.

I grew up kind of all over the nation really grew up in Dallas might my father was pretty involved not necessarily in politics but just in the community.

Went to the Boy Scout Americas program, an Eagle Scout, thinks my father, really pushed me to Joe that we use as a scout leader for many years, we moved to Sacramento private high school, went to school in Sacramento. You never talk about just kind of the similarities that I saw growing up between Sacramento and kind of wake County really sudden wake used to be Sacramento speed used to be very conservative and 80s 90s right around Russia starting to start out there that's where he made a start started to become kind of purple and then blue and and saw a lot of the same things happen and squirted out there might my father actually ran for school board and in Northern California lost but he used to talk to me just about quality education really just getting politics out of schools and everything like that so when I start to see that happening here in wake County. I decided that I needed to run how old was your dad when Rachel over you and your dad ran while you I was 15 I think yes it is that so he was 40. So he was a few years younger than me, that make an impression on absolutely absolute because he was basically community involvement care community and then do something and I think it's these values that we try to instill in our kids that you know they they they made you know I I went through my phases of your rebellion is just my father.

You know not not too much of them but I think we go through those phases and then we go back to what we were taught growing up if we if we truly believe in the Scriptures talk about that yellow is your child the way they should go and when they are old they will pay what old means yeah they will not depart from you.

Come back around a heavy time in the desert and you figure out by the time you're 30, that your projects are pretty smart. And then you're willing to listen and say that wisdom started implanting why the Air Force well, you know, I just wanted a way to pay for college.

Think it IIII wrestled in college. Date title IX, the wrestling program so I went to the house playing basketball one morning. There's much Air Force cadets there. The Air Force commander was there a pinball again so my I gave him a nice little elbow to the chin as I was going to go if he liked my attitude asked me if I wanted to join the Air Force.

I said sure you give me a scholarship.

I did well when into the wind of the Air Force had a great career really loved my career calendar you it was in 12 years so you are. That was the Air Force ROTC when you're in college that what the deal you were to go to school, BYU, BYU, and so and then they pay for legal.

I was the was the cadet commander there is the largest ROTC detachment in the nation at the time so I graduated from there. Graduated number one in my class went to pilot training had a great great career in the Air Force and and I was doing well in the Air Force and just decided to for family life decided to get out and healthier get your fine C-130s. So then flying for Delta.

Now you is just it's great. It's big aircraft, but is not prop yeah yeah doesn't stop on a dime.

What that's that's a big difference. Yeah, what's up what did the Air Force do you like how did that change you are well you are pretty solid going in.

Yeah I mean it and this is great because I haven't had opportunity talk about this in particular. While I've been running for squirting like II talk about what to do for school. She really was the leadership qualities that the Air Force taught me and that is the I think single biggest thing that is affecting wake County schools are really local politics. There is a a void of principled leaders in wake County and that's why think the schools are's are becoming over politicized, they are focused on the wrong things with agendas. So in the Air Force. I was really taught good leadership principles to look at a problem, look at it dispassionately be able to really figure out what the what the issues were the reflecting that and then come up with a responsible solution that involved input from everybody but ultimately I had to make the decision.

I had to make the I was accountable for for the issue now was accountable for coming up with a solution and today what we have in wake County Public schools is blame everybody else. Don't accept accountability responsible for the problems and so it's a leadership vacuum yeah and so we have political leadership with ideological leaders do not have principled leadership principle leadership does exactly what you're talking about Stephen talking to Steve Bergstrom running predicts district 8 here in our wake County wake County school board steeper when you don't have principled leadership other to do is chase a narrative. They're not gonna look at anything dispassionately. They see everything through their political lens and then do whatever they can to chase after the political narrative. So let's I see CRT and some the crazy stuff you see in schools and they don't want to be accountable have the same probably County commission Mrs. seven of them there are all liberals. So just it's just an echo chamber is not about leadership but ideology and and Meredith and that's destroying the country and its and it's destroying our children quite frankly talking Steve Bergstrom district 8 which is in Southwest wake County will talk about that connection running for schools making that decision to jump in and out. We got a lot to discuss will be right back. Michelle hey let me give everybody here in wake County mimic them to cheer about Raleigh ranks 48th out of 50 large area Metro cities public school quality way to go guys. Good job way to go. I appreciate that, while listen to this 69% North Carolina parents that educations on the wrong track. Okay, so the vast majority of us understand that that 48/50 is a problem. 73% in a kind of hours they classrooms have become more political meaning, CRT, gender, sexuality, all I can stuff and a no basically they're trying to create little activists so that they can make next time his appeal and situation could be bigger.

So all these people agree. We all go yeah that's a big problem I'm talking Steve Burton's person today is running for District 8 SW. wake County Steve for and right for me at the came back in the segment Steve you're talking about. Have to really have to fight like a I have knowledge but with knowledge comes responsibility and if you don't do anything on the go right out and say you're as much of a problem as the liberals that are calling all the shots and the reason the liberal can call the shots is because good people do nothing which is going back to work.

All that's necessary for your evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

You complain you know status what you do. Nothing is inexcusable, especially regarding tires of a Christian and you know love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and the second is like it. Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself and say well you're not right.

I mean we have to fight we have to get engaged loving even if you mean for talking Christianity here, you draw some analogies there. Christ had a small circle of friends. What 1212 really close friends are right so I think the problem for a lot of parents is as they are afraid to come out and say something because they're afraid probably of losing some friendly neighbors or people that have different ideologies or that you know it's it's difficult to get down in the weeds and some of these things and so they go about that.

You know they don't. I understand that they don't want to get involved. Many times because it's a lot of work. It's a lot of work to fight, I haven't taken a vacation in the year because you know I'm out here fighting for this campaign because I believe it and I know so many passionate volunteers and parents really do believe in and so they appreciate the work that were doing but it really is gonna take a community bonding together, getting rid of the division. That's among us and the division is created by the over politicized nation of schools. People move into this area and they stay in this area because of good quality schools of focus on education and academic success, and they move out when it goes beyond those parameters, which is we've had that here in wake County historic number of families leaving public schools because they're seeing these things over politicized nation mandates that went on far longer than others of the country and others of the world. Policies of her people and he got things like the wake County Democrats tweeting out a picture of parents that are going to school board meeting painting them as extremists jump course because were going to school board meetings and saying hey we'd like our kids to be able to go back to school or you have the Waco teachers union president. I'm sorry. The North Carolina teachers union president tweeting out that learning loss is a false construct, and yet liberal papers like the New York Times or are talking about what a disaster learning last. This learning loss, so it's just denying what is blatantly in front of the faces of parents there feeling it their living it every day and they are exhausted.

Because of these policies and and really it's going to back to good quality education to people that are moving out into more rural areas because they're little more traditional in the way they run their school systems and say not as much of this garbage on iron and CRT my bed putting my John into cruise speaking all over the nation either book, and I'll call the race which deals with abortion from a racial perspective.

Just speaking at a school board meeting the other day and said CRT is knocking to cure racism because CRT is racism but you get out and get away from the blue areas and there's not as much of that out there so people are leaving. You have three kids in the school system.

The public school system. See. So what what can it got to the point when you get a Air Force career. Now you're flying for Delta things are going fine to get a great life.

Thank God for that.

But now you throw yourself in to this what what got you there. What I am living the same thing that other parents in wake County are living and that is the exhaustion of the chaotic leadership going on right now so you know, started with some people who were fed up with what's called MVP math in wake County. It's a curriculum that the school were brought in about six years ago and it basically the concept of it is is you get a group of students together and they solve a math problem together will inevitably what's can happen is this the shy kids are knocking on your involved in the group or they're just gonna turn to the smartest math kid in the group that kids can answer the problem and the kids who need some extra help her to fall behind and behind behind so my son was falling behind in math. I had to pay $3500 in Sylvan learning Center to tutoring just to get them caught up to grade level because he was falling so far behind with this MVP math and I just got fed up that so I started doing my research I really started getting into the nitty-gritty of this stuff and and then really it's just the division that started happening that I started seeing beyond that the wasted resources teachers having these extra duties heaped upon them every day and they're just supposed to go and you know cover for the bad policies of the school board is implementing here and I just I felt the desired run I you know we've talked about, my dad ran for school board on Sacramento and up and I said you know what I need to do the same here and so I decided to run and that's the military set.

The perfect example for all of us that life is all about you right. And if you're to say you're a patriot, a paper to be in a patriot is being self-sacrificing and it's an attitude of service.

I'm a servant to be a part of this. It's not about me it's about others you would like that everybody benefits, including yourself, including your children.

So as you've gotten in there. What would you say and I mean I can buy can blast through your issues page which is grade you got all the big hot button issues at all of us want to talk about. There's more content on my website. I think that almost any other politician. Better to be honest we spent a lot of time on it because we want people to be in forgot you don't know exactly what's going on right.

There's like a veil around most the school system and you assume because a lot of the teachers I have to be very careful not to lump all the teachers and oh yeah the leadership is terrible. The administration mostly is terrible. The bureaucracy is terrible. There's like what 80 people, the wake County school system in 100 grand or more so, the top-heavy, then Ellie's teachers like think most of them are our their hearts in the right place. That's why the there, but they're caged in the system that doesn't allow them to work.

They think they have to work for the Manson speak and so it's it's remarkable, as you go in there.

Most people like all I think everything's fine. I might kid as a great teacher. There's so much more to it than that teacher and the teacher many cases is kinda powerless. I was on knocking doors two weeks ago and it was actually somebody else was knocking the street next to me knocked on this gentleman store. He was awake County teacher four years left, the wake County Public school system because it became over politicized. She said I don't know that you can change it. But if you can change it all come back and teach in wake County and this is a county that is screaming about a teacher shortage and I just think the over politicized nation really has gotten to a lot of parents, a lot of teachers and you talk about the admin there's somebody running for school board and district 7 is named Jacob Arthur. He talks a lot about that you admin is growing, the amount of salaries they have. Where is the respect for teachers and what they're trying to say ladies yet is that you want the swamp is a nest of Washington DC.

Apparently not. Apparently it is right here in Raleigh, North Carolina. That's the problem and that you if we do nothing and the bureaucrats and the ideologues continue to run the system and crank out these little kids. By the time he got to college, you don't even know they are. This is the noblest departs from will be right

You are like a back story to be heard when coven hit shutdown and all of a sudden there's all kinds of things that parents are finding out because all of a sudden their children at home doing school in Sumer. Whatever. However, the schools chose to do that and it is in the background are trying to go about your day and also your hearing things coming out of the school of the teacher of the curriculum will what's going on there that's that's where I'm glad that's one of the upsides of COBIT a lot of parents talk about woke started wake up to what's actually going on in the school system and again I want to caution everybody were talking to Steve Bergstrom. Today's running for District 8 here in the wake County Public school system is website Steve for it's FO are Steve for, and in realizing okay. It is not things going on in here and again there's lots of good teachers, but the teachers are picking the curriculum to teach don't have much freedom in the teachers. There's a program out of your in Texas. I was born there and then left quickly put a what's his name Tony Evans, the pastor in Dallas so we started this thing called adopted school and adopted school just up a church comes in and goes up and approached the public school and says how can we serve you when you're talking about Jesus. Now you come to our place working to talk about Jesus, but when we come here which is conserved, so you need in this just blew out they were here about 12 or 13 years ago Stephen several churches in the area. Paley Baptist is been doing this crossroads been doing it crosses but in serving Millbrook high school for four years, probably 20 years. At this point and so all of a sudden they're just in their serving in this and there bringing teachers basic supplies servant of lunch once school that belief is doing with them when they served lunch and brought a basic supplies. There were tears like they're having to pay for a lot of the stuff out of their own pocket which is insane to me and then at one point away County school system said this is literally school some said I saw how quickly can you adopt all of because they saw that if the church was going to do that. That was to solve one of their big problems which is the factor that on how to manage a business like it somebody else come in and take care of in somebody else's time and it's all good, but it's really on a scale from 1 to 10 Steve, how bad is it. Now that you you're in there you been studying for a while. Your parents have three kids in the system 10.

The total train wreck flushed down the toilet.

One is we must all be in heaven. It's a disaster. It says it's a it's a 12 as far as Betty you know it's bad when multiple times every year you were on the nightly news national nightly news being highlighted for your woke policies. I mean, they made every prime time national news segment twice this year for some other way County school County Public schools did and it's just it's gotten out of hand to the point where parents again are just exhausted with what's going on in the school system so you know you and I have discussed this II think really what parents will respect and want back and called in. In wake County is quality schools were you.

You send your kids to school where schools used to be a bedrock of the community used to be used to be able to trust that you can send your kids to school and they would be go.

They would go there and they would be taught correct principles are correct, math correct reading and and you even look at who's in charge of the office of equity affairs at wake County I'm in I just put out a Facebook post about this. You can check my twitter on this as well. He's talking about equity in math) and racial aspects of math. Traditional math is racist like get out of here man. We don't need this stuff in our school system. What we need are good quality teachers that respect what they're doing. They got in this profession because they love teaching so let them teach and then leave the political ideology out of it and I just can't they really don't care about constituents and they ultimately don't care about kids. They just care about cranking out people made in their own image is idolatry.

By definition, but that's that's what they're doing, which is what we need to fight against it. It really is. We can't just hope and pray that this is going to get done that things will naturally just move back into a more commonsense solution in position will speak and how it works. Let Lynn lungful in this one off of Steve's website Steve for, our district able to selflessly County how you described that the People Are Way, County people are Southwest District 8.

Where is that it's basically the southern part of carrying most of Apex, almost all of holy springs in a little tiny sliver of Fuquay got okay so we want to talk about common sense and things like that. Well, here's a story it up at Steve's website you'll be inspired to be frustrated to you but you might want to throw the computer will spend a little time in six website Steve for for mass compliance for two-year-old children practicing for kindergarten practicing for concurrent nets are trying to do this way County Public schools, assistant superintendent Paul Cohen. You know what their idea was we need to train two-year-olds in a mass compliance. You can't train a two-year-old and just about anything. Certainly mass compliance really train them on mass compliance. What, that's so insane and yet that there that's these deadly serious about how do you justify that to a kid as well and and and and how do you go to parents who have a medical exemption saying you know there there was apparent in wake County public schools are there kid threw up every time on a mask for more than 30 minutes or so and they basically told a kid you cannot come back to school and this is this is a year and 1/2 into COBIT at this point. It's gotten so beyond just common sense and normal decency that we have to just get back to focusing on education because right now every statistic, every survey, every study that's being done.

Says kids are at least 3 to 5 years behind in where they should be. As far as grade level proficiency and I was before you talk about it if they want to talk about equity in public schools by the eighth grade African-American kids and Latino kids.

They are proficient in math at a 12% clip. We are graduating at a 90% weight rate in wake County is a joke. Yet, it is because as they should be well less than 50% of every kid. The Graduates Way, County Public schools is not what they call career and college ready, so ready to either go out and get a career or ground go to class, even equipping them to stand on their own 2 feet. It is a disaster. So we are teaching them stuff like this. Okay, so that I saw this are not dealt with this stuff before lawn boy which the book is about to be careful or Steve's got you got about 13 different warnings on their content.

Okay this is in the way County public school systems. We engage the way County Avenue before radiologist up and act so we had a parent that found some of these books and brought it to us and we what I was on the station locally when it was a.m. that Rush Limbaugh was on so I was on the show that came after rush 3 o'clock three hours talking about this and we had all the stuff from all these books that were in wake County school system they would not let me read it on the air because I Steve that's an FCC violation. You get to that you get so like in the last 3040 minutes of the show. The producer filing is okay here's the deal, every word that's painfully obvious whether it's obviously bad word or suggestive word. Just replace it with the word farm SAR but you can only do that for about 25 or 30 seconds because the FCC will jump on that they will find us hundreds of thousands of dollars because I know it's good to be so obviously her dog about right to limit on them try to do it. Okay this is just from our lawn boy which is in the way County public school system. Okay, so now in this part, but is one thing I'd never tell Nick in a million years. Not that it really matters in fourth grade at a church youth group meeting of the bushes behind the parsonage. I touched Doug Goble's farm and he touched my in fact there were even some farms involved.

It's not something I'd even think about all these years later except that Goble is the hottest real estate agent could sap placing her knees between my legs.

She wrestled off her sweater and unbuttoned her blouse and pulled off her panties okay and I'm looking to change that.

She climbed on top of me on this is in the way County public school system.

This is pornography. This is available to elementary and middle school kids. I know that I wouldn't want my 13 year old reading this stuff when he was 13.

Right because at that time, he wasn't emotionally mature. Maybe there's some kid out there at 13 years old who is emotionally mature to be able to talk about this stuff and handle the stuff in a mature way. I don't know many 13-year-olds who are or 12-year-olds or eight-year-olds, but I had a parent who is child was eight years old and accessed these books and in some of those books, there are pornographic images just pictures in the book but because their drawings were able to get away with it is not considered pornography and so it's just parents, you know, if you look at the one on your website. You get to unless I was always warnings a warning warning caution caution caution warning these excerpts explicit and appropriate for children.

You can see the stuff on Netflix yet and you will see the you'll see the warning signs in the week on this one is called gender queer not going to describe what you can see, but Linda Lindsay Mahaffey who voted yes for the stuff I said the books are inspirational.

Why, what is that people are just evil. Most of the school board calls these books, inspirational, Christine Kushner, who is not running called an inspirational Lindsay Mahaffey same thing. It's just it's an affront to parents who want to raise their kids a certain way.

If you want to show that material to your kid in the walls of your own home fine. You know I'm knocking to tell you whether you should or shouldn't, but in my home. That's not going to happen and I don't think it should be appropriate if it were talk about age-appropriate death and the son of the Lake County school system, or any other school system to invade my home and invade my child's life with that kind of information whether you agree with that or not the information itself, gay, straight, whatever, but that's not the public school system is not the place to have those conversations you do that in your house that your deal, but not the school system or talking to Steve Bergstrom Steve for will be right back. There is a man going round in the free packets even over the Steve Noble show today spending our hour with Steve Bergstrom is running for District 8 which is in Southwest wake County Steve for I cannot stress enough and I'll continue this and see just you know it's on the horizon to get all all you guys back all the different conservative candidates and somebody else. If you're an uber liberal you're not a conservative candidate you want to come on here fine. Reach out to me but realize I'm not like you and I'll be kind to you because my witness for Jesus Christ triumphs over my political positions but don't think that this will be a safe place. I'll challenge you all the time but if you want to come in for that. That's fine. I'll treat you with dignity. I'll treat you with respect to germane the image of God. Even though I disagree with you on a lot of things but if you want access, you can ask for it. Okay so just put that out there, but I might bring all you guys back through in October and then the week before and everybody calling in the day to try to get all of your college is 234 minutes because I'm just gonna pepper the audience with as much of this is I can literally ladies and gentlemen, there is no excuse. If you live in wake County. You have to get all Steve Mike are grown and out of the house.

I don't care see where homeschooler so my I don't care. Love your neighbor as yourself. When you have kids are out of the out of the house or you don't have children at all, you call yourself a Christian than you care about your neighbor. Even if you're not in the same situation. Okay so you have to engage. You know what's happening to our children, not just here but around the country and were reaping the whirlwind for that and they will continue to do that Abraham Lincoln several years ago while he was president, said of the philosophy that runs the school room will run the government in the next generation.

That's exactly what's going on. He was absolutely right. Which is why supporting people like Steve and the other candidates you mentioned Jacob, Arthur, and here we see Sykes or Fred Voncannon. Some of the other. Michelle Morrow some of the other wing playing cleaning and he was of a bunch of him. Cheryl Caulfield was in here and and you have to know who the people are that you can trust conservative minded people and you gotta put them in. You have to sit on the sidelines and not vote is a sin. I'm telling you, you're saying that I don't care what happens to my neighbor about children, the stakes go even up. God help you if you help lead little ones astray. Okay so you have to engage with spicy exterior time today so things we could talk about what you want your dog by your competitor. You want to talk about your opponent what you want will listen that you know you you said something just now. I want to hit on those parents were those voters excuse me out there who say what my kids are involved in public schools anymore, so I'm not really engaged in that I don't really care about public schools and kind. What they're teaching right now.

Thank goodness I'm out there's 56 million kids in public schools around the country, retina, that's enough to win a presidential election hello so if if you are allowing this over politicized nation to go on schools which is going on right now in wake County to an extreme, then you are saying you don't care about the future of the nation and you don't care even if you don't care about the politicization. These kids are being their education as being absolutely destroyed our economic success. Our ability to to stay as a solid competitor in the on the world stage. It's dependent on whether or not these kids get a good education so your 401(k) that's can be effective right your property taxes that's can be affected. So even those people who who say I don't I don't really care about anymore because I don't have kids in the system.

I think that's a mistaken view that you need to relook at when you start thinking about the future of the country that affects US right is radically selfish, radically selfishly, it is idolatry to think like that. Okay, if you know what I'm talking about.

If you're Christian you should understand that, and easy to go okay back to Lincoln's point. These kids are to be run the show 25 years. How do you feel what that really worries me okay then get educated and show up in November and vote what it really doesn't take a lot to get educated. Now go my website. You can talk. You can look over the issues, but really if you just go out and you talk in the community to people you have the best success I've had is parents have come to me and said hey what should I talk about one of the things are affecting your kid and other daily schooling and they go out and they say well, I've had success just panning out your fire and sing what you concerned about public schools and they'll just it'll be a waterfall of of issues that that your neighbors have an annual really get to get to know that you are not alone in your concerns about public schools and really this year is the last year we have, to bring back some normalcy, some common sense some decency to wake County Public schools is the last year we go to staggered elections after this year, so in district 8 is gonna be a two-year term, but after that it will be a four-year term and only half of the districts in wake County to be staggered this year. Half will go to these for your terms. This is the last time that we have to bring back some some type of common sense can run the table yet to run the table in order to do that you have to you always have to yet. I mean, I get the majority.

Gotta get the majority and then you can start to affect some change and really start to see that II think district 8 really is the deciding district in wake County. It will tell us whether or not wake County wants a different direction, or whether they want to continue on this nosedive.

What I call education, public education nearly counted my job is yet my campaign manager homeschooled all her kids she feel so passionately about making public schools. The number one option that she's volunteering her free time her life and be able to campaign with me so district 8. The chair is the incumbent. It's me versus Lindsay Mahaffey.

She represents all of the policies everything that is going on in wake County.

All of the corruption that's gone on. She has she has abused her authority multiple times to talk.

I talk about that on my website. She's called these books inspiring.

She's led with chaotic leadership that she has became get the buses to run on time. Parents get daily text messages telling them which bus routes are not to be running today. The only respite the parents had was during the summertime when school wasn't in session and so I think it's really important to look at dissertation say how are we gonna have schools be in the future. Are we to have them be the gold center that they used to be. Or we can continue this nosedive when we were and are you the envy of the world. Oh yeah, it's been a while, but we were and I believe we can get there again Oh yes, of my happiest. She's like the poster child for everything that's wrong with the wake County school system.

Absent not just the poster child as if she just fits the bill. I mean, she painted the poster correct. She is the poster yeah because that's been her position she's pushed all of these issues and you know unfortunately when when there some accountability that comes hey you did this you implemented this policy. What are you going to do to fix it. It's blame somebody else take learning loss. For example, you can go back and look at the last six months of school board meetings. You won't find mention of what they're going to do with all the covert money that they received from the federal government and how they're going to fix learning loss. Little of it was spent on students very little and the kids are just hurt right now I intend to change that. I'm going to cut out the ineffective programs, to divert that money toward combating learning loss and giving our teachers the resources they need.

I can affect how the general assembly.

You know, decides to pay teachers in North Carolina. I'm going to advocate for higher teacher pay but along with that higher teacher pay is going to be some expectations that they leave politics at the door. They teach a good quality education and I think most teachers do do that it the leadership tone needs to be set from the top you asked me about what I learned in the Air Force. It was that the tone was always set from the top and the tone right now is chaos and I intend to come in and bring in a tone of responsible principle centered leadership quality education with 20 running into is you're talking to people in district. They do that real quick and then tell us how we can help you the things that I'm running into just as far as I campaigning like when my hearing that we will other. They love the message I may not all tell you I have had prominent Democrats come to me and say we know that you're gonna win so they realize that there needs to be a change in wake County and and so people I think are grateful for the message. It's it's refreshing to have somebody that they know is going to go out there and fight for their families.

For teachers for their values and really just quality education. Leave everything at the door. Focus on reading, writing, arithmetic, what I need you note Lindsay Mahaffey has name recognition. She has a pack. She has all the support of the be most extreme weight County and North Carolina teachers union. We need help.

As far as us getting the word out. We need donations so that we can get this information out to people who haven't heard it, and convince them to come out and vote for positive change in wake County schools done so especially if you live down there and will and's selfless wake if you're interested gave you like. I don't know if I'm in district 8. Just google it to go to the Google it's not that you can actually go on my website on his website that I can see the you can see the map yourself up. You do not have to be in an end to the gate to help Steve out or entities other Kenneth that the point I make if you're listening and you're down in South Carolina you're in Utah or Utah were on a couple of like these are people that I was sure people like this running in my city. Yeah me to so support the ones that are running because they're part of the same American experiment that you and I are and so doesn't matter we live with right you get involved in this matter with the location so but especially if you live down there. You gotta get involved yet to be a part of the solution will sit on the sidelines is wonderful.

If you pray for Steve and for and we should do nothing about prayer, but oftentimes present. The only thing you should do so. You actually have to get out of the upper room get out into the streets and help people like Steve Bergstrom get elected Steve for is the website Steve for that's FO R go to the homepage first E Bergstrom you'll see right there.

Get involved donate endorsements blogging news his opponent will look at all the information. What you say earlier you got more information on here than any other candidate, so that's good.

I love it. Education is the key to talk about education educated people yourself and you're doing that. God bless you Steve for running see. Thanks for being a great voice and for standing up there for families, most of them you don't know that doesn't matter. It's worth doing thanks for being excerpt will have you back again so will continue this tomorrow good friend of mine Jeff Myers Dr. Jeff Myers run Summit ministries is the best worldview ministry in America for young people high school and college is going to spend the whole hour with big Rachel tomorrow make sure you don't miss it. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk to again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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