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PRAYING for Hurricane Ian Victims!

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September 28, 2022 11:04 pm

PRAYING for Hurricane Ian Victims!

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September 28, 2022 11:04 pm

PRAYING for Hurricane Ian Victims!

Steve prays for those whose property as well as people have been hurt and will be damaged by Hurricane Ian.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network message from the Association and the Council on mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble stain when maximum sustained winds of 150 miles an hour and limits can be moving about nine but my miles an hour of it is expected to weaken the storm surge expected to be somewhere between 12 and 18 feet. I mean that's mind-boggling. I've been looking at pictures today are ready just in the last hour from Naples, Florida best Southwest Florida. Beautiful area. My father-in-law has a condo down there. He's with us this time year but EB had back down so really bad this looks catastrophic.

It looks like it's going to be horrible so I want to invite you today here on the show to be a part of praying for these people and I will show on prayer. Yes it's that bad.

And when we have the opportunity to be together.

Whether you're on Facebook or your online just listening on the radio.

Others good chance some of you know, and people down there in Florida so if you want to call in and lead us in a prayer or just tell me a little about your family situation, family or friends in Florida that are facing hurricane Ian, I just call in and share 8663 for 87884 all keep on the phone maybe will pray together. Maybe I'll pray maybe you pray whatever you want to do so. If you have friends or family that are directly in the path of hurricane Ian down there in Florida: because we want to join you in prayer here on the air during the hour and join you in that effort. 866-34-TRUTH 878848663 foray 7884 or 866-34-TRUTH. There's a lot to pray for, with respect to hurricane like this obvious to the people on the ground that people that are helping on the ground all the people are going to want to help on the ground, whether that be government organizations at the federal, state or local level, whether be Christian organizations like Samaritans purse of Red Cross and Salvation Army. Whatever the case may be, but if you want to have us join you in praying for people by name specific location specific people, family, friends, coworkers, what of the situation is. Please call and let's not. Let's not cut ourselves off from the greater body of Christ. Most of us don't have a chance to involves many people in prayer request. As you can via a radio show like this song to give you the opportunity to do that again.

Do you know somebody friendly family or friends down there in the path of the storm. It is a killer storm category for the high-end of for almost 5 and it's good to be wreaking havoc for the next couple of days but today into the night overnight. In particular, it could be really really bad. I was watching stuff. Storm surges in the Fort Myers, Naples and north of their eight, 10, 12, 18 feet got the water going up an additional 18 feet 12 feet okay.

That obviously wreaks havoc on some saw some pictures just Naples earlier that right along the water there and have condos and apartment buildings, and in it looks like a river.

So this can be bad not not to mention all the women, so do you have friends or family in the Florida area in the path of hurricane Ian. Please call in and tell us about that use names or dictates my cousin my brother my friend my coworker that's fine we can keep them anonymous.

God knows who you're talking about but we would like to know that would like to pray for you.

Other than that just anybody know this is interesting in my classes with always high school age homeschoolers. I tell them at the beginning of the year unless you're not sure you're at in your journey in understanding your beliefs, calling you to pray and you do this in an adult group hey anybody want to close us in prayer and sonic everybody's hand shoots up, but shouldn't we be willing to do that. Will Steve and not a public speaker.

Prayer is about being a public speaker. Prayer is just about taking her concerns the Lord and being in communion with him and that can be anybody anytime so I want to it and I know some of you are intense prayer warriors. So I'd like you to call and offer a prayer for the people in the path hurricane Ian 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 8663. Foray 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH don't go down the road of so well ominous sound like an idiot that's preposterous. It doesn't matter again this is an about your eloquence.

This is about your heart, your heart for the Lord your heart for other people, and especially if you know somebody have friends or family in the path hurricane Ian.

It is a killer really watching the stuff unfold in the news for days if not weeks maybe even months. Sometimes these hurricanes are so severe getting help for months destroyed homes destroyed, businesses destroyed lives. This could be really bad so I would appreciate it and we should do. This is a body of Christ.

When we have this time together this hour to pray for those in the path of hurricane Ian again family friends if you know somebody directly. Let us join you in prayer for them or maybe just have pray and you can do that on Facebook.

Why do you can put names in here and I'll do that on my monitoring Facebook live AC Catherine's name is in their Steve Baker's got a name in there I'll do that as well.

But I love you all the call and and and help me carry through this hour in prayer for people in front of hurricane Ian 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH of her captors gone in from Raleigh And thanks for calling how we got about a minute and 1/2. So go ahead if you like to lead us in prayer and praying for your friends in Florida or you want me to do it however you feel that Sarah North Carolina long enough know what went on great father and have you are addicted father you a better now and live a note that we've never met Florida right now on bearing down on them-William Martin Gray.pray for your protection.

Pray for you with them. I get got that right now anybody in the way of the doorman. It felt so right now and Lord buyer away because there are people that know their people in hospital where people in care for lady and my heart Go to work day and one at the facility I am paying for your good Lord to protect people who are first responder have to be there about what to care for each other on pain from my brother in law lost so I state right now and I pray that they are the captain thank you for that. Thank you for sharing will continue to pray for those down there is a direct path including friends and family members but captain thank you so much for that. I appreciate God bless you have your welcome 866-34-TRUTH 87884 (will be read body Gray and Paul went hundred mile an hour came up short.

Just just shy of a category five.

I was listening to a guy watching a guy in Fox news that was reporting and from the Fort Myers area.

He said he's been and he's covered personally covered 90 named storms 90 and he said I actually think this was the worst one I've ever been in personally and needs outside and he's taken some shelter but the winds are just going ballistic. I've seen video of what's going on in Naples along the shore. There looks like a river, and this is really bad so I'm just trying to take the time this hour to dedicate the show to prayer. So if you know somebody that's in the Florida area friends or family coworkers. Whatever the case may be. I would love you to call and it would be an honor for the rest of us to join you in prayer for those people you don't often have a bunch of Christians listening to you that are willing to pray along with used to take advantage of the numbers that are available here by calling it and you could say Steve will you pray I'll just tell you it is a new pray. Okay, that's fine, or like Catherine, our first call if you want to bleed to prayer. Fine, I'll not be honored to pray with you and others pray with you, so take advantage of this, the chance that we have all the police Christians together on the radio and and someone Facebook live to pray for those in the path of hurricane Ian because it is bad and it's going to continue to be bad and working to see all kinds of carnage coming out of this 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the numbers always 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH. Again, please don't get all bent out of shape like oh I can't. I am nervous to pray in front of people.

I don't recall in all sound like an idiot. We all have to get over that okay just to let that hold you back. If you're like you know what I should call in and pray the phone and call in and pray. God knows what's in your heart he knows what you're saying he doesn't need somebody to interpret it, just pray as you feel left but especially if you have friends or family. The path of hurricane Ian we want to pray with you. We want to lift them up along with you.

Okay so take advantage of this, please so that we can join you in prayer for your loved ones, your friends, and then just join each other. Severe just a prayer warrior and you want to call in and lead us in a prayer man that would be awesome. I just want hear from you guys to help us lead this hour of prayer for people caught in the in the path of this horrific storm cat a cataclysmic catastrophic using all those kind of really unnerving adjectives okay. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Please help us pray today for those in the path hurricane Ian 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 truth and just begin your loving brother in Christ. I shouldn't need to beat you guys up on this one shall be willing to step up to the plate and offer up some prayers. Let's go to Victoria's gone and from Winston-Salem.

Victoria, thanks for calling. Go ahead and dare I care will you not know I know I am going prayer you and you give us the opportunity.

She brought a great pray Lord when rain all day. My right.

Lord I pray he I pray at supernatural. I pray that know you at during that time you get there, my soul to you, so it may be well went down well. All I on around him. Dear Lord Barrett my brother in Christ, you Lord that you hear their crack. He rapidly and that she would just pray. Bring your will and to that you can and you any situation. Natural man-made ever you are guy got along. Thank you and we just give you the glory to God bless you, thank you so much and so I need a call and I appreciate that.

God bless you think so much great. Thanks, Victoria.

Have a great afternoon and there goes anything. I love that is the goal, the wind and the waves obey the Lord, is the power of the name of Jesus.

Okay now we have to remember that in and that's where you have to as a Christian is pray boldly pray boldly and then you just trust the providence of God, and that's not always easy to do and sometimes it's confusing and often times you don't get the answer you want, but God is always working and is always working for the good in that case, as Victoria said were praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and that they can be a blessing to other people in the praying people that are better the pray for the folks that and probably most people in the path of the storm don't actually know Christ and sometimes have you ever prayed that that that whatever it takes.

Lord, whatever it takes for your friend or loved one somebody in your family to come to Christ and sometimes what it takes is not pretty, but were talking about an eternity versus temporal here in this life here and now, so let's continue to pray you know somebody if you just want to pray in general I like Victoria.

That would be awesome. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I know my prayer warrior friends are out there so please call in and help us to engage the Lord in this heavenly battle for the sake of people down there, most of whom, obviously, we never know and brothers and sisters in Christ, we may know one day and hey hey you know what I think you were praying for us down there during hurricane Ian in 2022 and where you and what your name where you from, I think cool stuff like that's can happen so why not engage that yourself even more. Look forward to when you get to be with the father 866-34-TRUTH 8784 is the number 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH to: share prayer share prayer request. If you have friends or family down there or just leave us in a prayer I'm just gonna lift up a couple of people here on Facebook live Steve Assange about praying for my cousin Mike and his wife Elise and Fort Myers haven't heard from them yet and that's let's like Ground Zero so let me just pray real quick for Steve's cousin Mike and his wife Lisa Pollock. I would just come before you and think you that Steve share this information for Mike and Alisa Lord we just pray for your providence. For your protection for your goodness and your peace to be on them like a blanket Lord surrounding them. Father we pray that you would strengthen them and protect them supernaturally protect them or protect their home wherever they live in Lord II just pray if there believers that this will strengthen their walking appeal to be a blessing to others as they come out of this in Lord if if they're not if they're not believers, that this would lead them to you or maybe there struggling with faith. I don't of the situation with the Lord you do so.

We pray for them in the spiritual realm in their souls and their spirit but we also pray for them in the physical realm of protection and safety in Lord help them to be a blessing to others is much as they possibly can, and that in one way or another, that you would receive all the glory and honor and praise for that and we ask that in Jesus name, amen. So please call and if you'd like up against a break, a minimum, to go to and I want to come back from the commercial break enema to get you right after the brakes are not be on hold for just couple minutes and then we got another line lining up. Please call in if you want to share some folks that you know that we can join you in prayer for them.

Please call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH bears the phone lines lighting up. Praise the Lord.

Let's continue to pray for those in the path of hurricane Ian. As we have this time together. The body of Christ gathered not only all over North Carolina but in several other states to Facebook off the very best book about business, even over normal show time together across a family of faith here in the repair line across all the awesome Christian radio station run North Carolina about 28 of and there were also wanted South Carolina running Ginny around Utah. Believe it or not run out Missouri and so we want to take advantage of the fact that we have the family faith gathered here, a large number of them five days a week and most the time people don't: I don't to: shows all the time that section kind of a rare thing for me personally on this radio show. But today I just felt like the Lord wanted us just to gather and pray if you know somebody that's in the path of hurricane Ian and you want to just call and share that with us perhaps lead us in prayer. If you want me to pray for them just say that I'll be happy to do it to be honored to do it but would love to have you and if so, you're just prayer warriors man you just want to call and leave us in a prayer that would be awesome.

866348784 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH is good on you is calling in here North Carolina honey thanks for calling.

Go right ahead hi Anya, you're on this is Steve, go right ahead hi yet North Carolina got back to camp area and I was reminded why you're talking.

I reminded that their lot people who are perfecting.

But unfortunately I'm a fairway or backside or follow after the world taking DeLorean after my meeting today at that God is our only help praying for the day. They are better we know that death is final, but want to recognize the awake and back.

Never use God's pray for you know of the Bible and you know God is that they believe what and our you want to go and lead us in that that would be great.

Thank you greatly had the privilege of prayer. I think it got louder come directly and I pray boy today is an opportunity Friday you will eat their heart and bitter whether or not they are fake and that during this time leaning on our only hope that we would really understand that our life and you drained down on the righteous and the unrighteous that happened God is not having an opportunity.

I pray that you know your word and had heard David directly considered to be connect and found to examine them without and cannot get a unit that could be assured you that no man had been out of the way the wayside following after something that is not right and we could be fit, but something that I doubt and forgo the best you have been taught and out would be. There are a key for our help, our merciful and gracious era that we likely know you you want to really ready to calm my day you take that you are coming or you think that got me looking. I pray that I think so much such an important prayer. I really appreciate that.

Thanks for call Eric great day. Thanks, but I and that's a great reminder still got about 60% of Americans. Everybody that will tell you, you know, if you get a no conversation really.

I am a Christian 68%. Do you think 60% of your fellow Americans are actually in the faith. They aren't start digging into that scratch the surface you'll find out quickly. The whole lot of those people.

The majority of don't actually know the gospel go to church believe in God.

Jesus is just alright with me going to heaven I think so. I hope so. Based on what I'm a pretty good person then another gospel just because only tells you your Christian don't assume that there gotta be bold in the right time in the right manner in the right spirit say hey do you mind if I ask you what that's based on okay that could be the question that changes her eternal destiny beware that's what I really appreciate that prayer Johnny is gone and Tonya. Sorry to keep you on hold for so long.

I would appreciate your calling and go right ahead.

That's okay, I'm on my my mom got on the back of the apartment complex water what your mom's name Tonya at your mom's name Elba Elva in your sister's name you do you want to leave us. Tonya, do you want me to do but stay right there okay if I got we come before you think you for my sister Tonya and her willingness to share Lord.

Obviously this heavy burden on her heart so I pray Lord for her mom and her sister. We enters in her seat on behalf of Elva and you.

He the Lord, we pray for your hand of protection over them that you would supernaturally protect them just like you did when Jonah was in the will of the belly of a whale for three days.

Lord, that you would put them in the belly of your divine protection and you would protect them from the store and father we pray you would give them strength and peace. Lord, that your piece what's around them like a blanket that it would be supernatural that they would know it's happening. They would know what you Lord and we just pray that you would protect them through this. Give them the help that they need bring others around them.

Whatever help they need Lord today and in the days to come you would protect them and show them, show them your love and your care and your concern for them and I also looked up Tonya Lord and pray that you would give her the peace that surpasses all understanding. Lord help us to remember these women are our friends in the faith, fellow Americans, Lord, that we continue to intercede on their behalf. But we do pray supernaturally for their protection and for their peace. We pray for her sister Tonya as well. All that Christ. Amen. Thanks for contacting okay. God bless you, but I 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH of scope jump over to Catherine on my Facebook friends going from Colorado to Catherine. Thanks for calling. Go right ahead hi I wanted pray. Actually, I want to stand in our already, I want to speak to the storm.

We got it in the miracle business and I want to speak to that dorm.this authority given to us that it be blown into back into the sea, and it dies right there. That water is risky outside of Florida.

Father God, I asked that Arnie had been divided, let it be clear, we come together. Father God, you are Amanda father at the provider and father God, you have given us the story the week a man dorm.and father God we pray over our niece didn't let it all come together, pray over Gov. DeSantis other bad he's been fighting many battles and now it is natural and father God give him the provision in him to bring give them all that he needs. Father God I believe he's a believer. Father God and let him stand in the authority of God's authority. Father God, I have several cousins out there myself. I pray over them. I haven't heard from them and we know the storm we have confidence in you board that you will stop this form and it will not go on forever.

People will not be without power for too much and people.

People will have food and he will have shelter father that we praise you when we think you did in Jesus name. Father God we also we those that have health issues now father that we ask for a hedge of protection over them, and father, God let the community be strengthened.

We praise you, and we think you will thank you Catherine so great to hear from you. Thanks so much.

Thank you.

And that's overdoing is gathering together and pray okay this is gathered together and pray guns friends on their family down there. Whatever the case may be. Maybe just lead us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Lorraine's call and an airline of Randy's not therein.

If you want to call back that would be great. This go to my friend Anita, her husband Fred Duncan was just on the show the other day Anita, thanks for calling friend, go right ahead in my comment that I have a lot of friends in employed at the Main St. in Orlando that we left feeling right now.

I rain rain rain pretty windy little area where people get it all over like everybody FRA is doing now.

I think that going back out of the past. The bulk of our people to five and I know Orlando everybody jailbreaking but talking to my friend thinking down there yesterday and I think I think so much is each says there is saturated just wanted to live and dangerous out there, some guy was good to hear that and when I come back from the break Anita Hall pray for all your friends okay and so will do that together.

On the other side of the breakout. Thanks for calling to give me that update. It's great appreciate you now are together. Here is where the body eventually podcasting people to watch later Facebook live so they can watch this and just hopefully be in tired to pray and that's overdoing if you have friends or family associates. Whatever the case may be down in the path of hurricane Ian we want to give you an opportunity to share that with us, maybe lead us in prayer will alter the prayer however you feel would be appropriate. So give us a call 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or maybe it's just easier to remember. 866-34-TRUTH is the number 866-34-TRUTH if you want to call and pray and intercede and lead us in that on behalf of the people in the in the path of hurricane Ian that would be great to. I know many prayer warriors and that's just ministry that God gives some people that they just have a burden to pray and they're willing to pray and they pray often and often times the step right up in a situation like that if you got that gifting men that would be a blessing to the rest of us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH go back to my friend Anita. Sorry about that I meet. I know you wanted to utilize the Psalm and lead us in prayer for your friends and support. Thanks for calling back. Sorry lead away right now. I worried if I am in Palm 135 and pray. Dear Lord, we now that you are great you, Lord, are about all God and that whatever you please. You do in heaven and on their knees and all he you Lord it is he who make the clouds ride the iron lightning for the rain and bring forth the living door happen. What if ever we got a picture of your work yet real life playing out in Florida with her you are bringing forth the wrong from your store half like you are in control of all the things that we do not understand why green such power and might, sometimes, distraction, Lord, we know that you have power in a day in your control. There is nothing about that is outside of your control and outside of what you are wearing and allowing to happen and I pray that even after the storm rolled that it would be your down Florida and that you like power and your strength to drive people's heart to you and pray that people with no evidence your mind and and the rain and storm drain at people who have had a hardened heart peeling holiday way would turn and humbled himself before the power that is being demonstrated and I thank you for your protection outfitted people that we know the kind we pray for the protection of or all of the people because you love each and everyone you have created what you have hope that none shall perish as I pray everybody to see that I have dorm ease the effect of joint weight know you a link now for you and your power and that they would acknowledge you as your Lord and think your pray for protection for all of the creature comfort keeping Matt Miller power to be restored quickly, Lord.

Pray for all that are caring for people under the knowledge that when I pray that you laid go before them again like none of outside your hardware league thinking that you are the God of the wind and the rain you are be worshiped. We join Rick, and we sang your own like your name endures forever giving down a Lord throughout all the weakest crazy and we thank you at your word work and even when retrieved in the house. It may or may not be that the lighting we thank you for all that you have done mainly pray. Amen thank you sis appreciate you going back and thanks much.

Love you.

See 866 still have a few minutes left 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH, you have some people specifically in mind, we would love to join you in pray with you on okay 866 34. Truth is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Jim Connor from Greensboro jumping so much for: go right ahead where all their you will will you in the first week we have been little no longer have mercy upon the people. Whatever we can leave you the wherewithal persons affected already by the hurt we pray in the name of amen. God bless you brother. Thanks much for Colin and Jim, I appreciate have a great afternoon. Will talk later.

That would be great. I really, I mean, seriously appreciate that. It's wonderful and just talking our heavenly father. This is what we do. Just coming together and praying together.

That's what is so much power and that when we come together and pray together.

So let's take advantage of it while we can. 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH at school right here into my backyard here in Raleigh. Kevin Scullin and Kevin, thanks so much for calling to read ahead my friend Gerd. Great to hear you man and thank you again for all you do down there in a really good smaller hear that you are looking for in Bel Air. Other I really think you thank you for the privilege of his career. Thank you for your incredible faithfulness.

I was able talk about food through Christ to hear that she is. She is safe in a in a please and you you just found refuge for a list of all my friends down Trinity College of Florida always young men and young women that are in professors and administrators that are down there. During the wind and enduring. These range. They say that this evening is probably going to be so much much more hectic the Lord. I just want to look up these individuals, Lord, and may you just bring your peace for your comfort to each one of them may they continue to band together and bring your your spirit to cover each one of the Lord will be done under the mighty name of Christ. Kevin, thanks for call brother thanks you will see. And that's what a privilege it is to come together pray like that is in it, offer a former prayer that were commanded offer up in Scripture and first Timothy chapter 2 right.

Pray one Tim that ring a bell anyone anyone you know still that website.

Pray one Tim that's a reminder that were called to pray for those in authority over us.

Okay. And so I want to do that across the political spectrum for everybody involved in this because we need to remember that set so powerful and I thanks Anita for that song or Psalm 90 1Q dwells in the shelter of the most high will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say the Lord my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust he will deliver you from the snare of the Fowler and from the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge.

His faithfulness as a shield and a buckler.

You will not fear the terror of night nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday thousand may fall at your side, 10,000 at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only look with your eyes and see the recompense of the wicked before because you've made the Lord to dwelling place. The most high, who is my refuge, no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways on their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone. You will tread on the lion in the adder young lion and the serpent you will trample under foot because he holds fast to be in love.

I will deliver him. I will protect him because he knows my name when he calls to me I will answer. I will be with him in trouble. I will rescue him and honor him with long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation present Lord for that. I let's pray for those in authority over everything down for the father God, we come before you.

We thank you Lord for government because without that the world would even be worse off than it is because of our depravity, our sin nature. Lord, we thank you for a strong man like Gov. DeSantis in Florida, we pray, give him great stamina as he's got to be able to sleep much given wisdom and discernment.

Lord, give them supernatural wisdom supernatural discernment were given great authority to lead and guide the efforts from a governmental perspective there in Florida to deal with the federal government appropriately to deal with his local governments even down to small cities, Lord just father just shine your glory through this man in these dark days for the people of Florida and pray for all of the staff. Everybody else and in positions of power throughout Florida Lord for the people at the federal level from the president on down to people in FEMA, Lord, that they will have the wisdom and discernment that they need this the stamina that they need in the coming days and hours and hours and days and weeks maybe even months to effectively help people Lord and for Mayor small towns and big towns for city Council members for police, fire for EMS Lord. All these people we just pray a hedge of protection around them and we prayer power would flow them through them to minister to people and their physical needs Lord through all of that we pray will be a witness for your name for your gospel to those that don't know you would come to know you.

Those that know you and maybe have fallen away don't come back to those that are walking with you now give them an extra filling of the Holy Spirit to minister to people around to meet their needs wherever they are, whatever they are and to glorify you and push people lead people to Christ. We pray for awakening and reviving the path before behind certain course. We ask that all powerful masses of Jesus Christ don't want to steal the show, God willing, I'll talk you can always another program powered by the Truth Network

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