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Impeachment Inquiries

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 13, 2019 4:10 pm

Impeachment Inquiries

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 13, 2019 4:10 pm

Impeachment Inquiries

The impeachment inquiries are starting up and continuing through this week. Do you think the articles of impeachment will get involved? Plus, hearing about the upcoming Love Life Week 40. Moreover, an economy update with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold.


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Noblesville were biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show.

There's plenty of grace and lots of true but no secret 866-34-TRUTH or checking out now here's your host well. If you are expecting a rodeo political show today. You certainly have been getting out and it's not over. This is Steve Noble back in the studio here in Raleigh, North Carolina back from Dallas, Texas which is awesome. I did such a great live shows and then we got to shows in the can that I'm excited for you here before the end of the year so I great things going on down there in just a guy just really blessed that I got her some excited for that. I will come back around that. But today just kind trying to I teach three classes on Wednesday, so Wednesdays are the wild as I teach at 26 Constitution class is one ethics class. All the same time as the impeachment inquiry.

The first public first access. We had to publicly watching this go down in the EP perhaps had a downright sad day or a scam.

What to watch at the impeachment hearing, a solemn day or show trial. That's all they open up here in the AP Americans in the world can decide for themselves as house Democrats let the public in two impeachment proceedings against Pres. Donald Trump house intelligent Committee Chairman Adam Schiff open the first hearings Wednesday in trumped pressure on Ukraine to investigate Democrats rival Joe Biden's family quote must we simply get over it. Schiff asked in the hearings first moments and so that's that that's where began. I was watching his opening comments earlier today and is it political theater. Is it a court of law. He most certainly is a because of a court of the court of law.

You could object and hearsay is kind of the name of the game and this I hearings you got so several people, both the men that were talking today. Both of their star witnesses, so to speak up Bill Taylor and George Cantu. I'll tell you little bit about them and not in a bit were kind of a star speakers today and neither one of them was on the call.

Both of them and been involved with the Ukraine news and nuke new Ukraine involvement from a political perspective of foreign policy perspective, and so these guys know what they're talking about when it comes to Ukraine, but they weren't on the phone call and do they have an ax to grind. I couldn't tell from watching as much as I could. But is this political theater absolutely knew that from the get-go.

It has been for a while and so it's going to come of this. It's kinda hard to tell. And then the Trump rolled the dice with them, looking at something right now live on Fox news and in trumped is doing a press conference with 11 is the president of Turkey.

Okay, so whether he's coming out with some kind of deal which I'm sure he's going to say's got something to deal. This is very risky on the day when his foreign policy experience interactions with Ukraine are being front and center on the hot burner up front. He brings early one in early once a nut job scumbag lunatic in trouble for all of the Middle East and not a good guy at all. Turkeys amass and Donald Trump's doing a joint press conference with them literally right now on the heels of the end of basically the ending of today's impeachment inquiry so Trump. I he's so unpredictable and I know some of your like he knows exactly what he is doing okay. I know I hear little time in. He knows that I'm not saying the guy's an idiot, are nothing. He's a fool but I'm saying he is rather bold and he is going to defy conventional wisdom so I don't think he pays that much attention to the optics of what this looks like today where you got a situation with Ukraine and then he's got a joint press conference with Erlewine. Like I said is a madman and a dictator to scumbag and intercourse as soon as we pulled our guys. Not many guys. By the way out of Syria than early one jumps down and there goes after the Kurds and all that can amass so is this is a is a this is a historical day.

Would you like it or not, whether your for Trump against Trump kinda neutral at this point. This is a historical day. We've only done this is only the fourth time in US history where we've actually seriously entertain impeachment proceedings against the sitting US Pres. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton where we went through that and then another one of them are removed obviously and then they were to go through with it on Richard Nixon but Nixon had the wherewithal and that in the P and the strength of thinking rationale at the time to know he was going down.

He was guilty. They caught him and his team with their fingers in their hands in the cookie jar news going down so he resigned and and then you have down Trump only the fourth president US history.

So whether you like it or not, this is historic which is why we need to be paying attention to it and as I watched today. Certainly not a court of law, the Democrats set up the. The camp that they're in charge of the committee either in charge of everything in the house. They make the rules so they decide who to talk to and for how long.

No rebuttals. You don't get to call your own witnesses. The cortical whistleblower. They took a vote just a few minutes ago about the Republicans trying to press to make sure to make the whistleblower cut whistleblower can testify, and 13 to 9. Of course, along party and party lines.

They defeated that so this is not a regular court of law and pretty much everything your hearing right now is hearsay. Now these are especially Bill Taylor Bill Taylor began his career in reading from a Fox news article in the US government as a cadet at West Point before serving as an Army infantry officer for six years, including a Vietnam is Greer Mosley's been with the State Department. I was stopped in Afghanistan and Iraq Jerusalem and Ukraine. He served as an ambassador for Ukraine from 2006 to 2009.

He served under presence both Republicans and Democrats and and and very very decorated and well-known and well-respected public servant okay and and solid background so there's him, but he wasn't in on the phone call but he's paying attention.

Every thing is going on is the cortical to copious notetaker.

We know that now had nausea and so it's his opinions of everything that he seen in what is learned when he turned to his opinion, which is hearsay on a court of law. The opposing attorney would be all over that.

But that can happen in the house hearing. It is not a court of law.

This is political not judicial not yet solicited the house hearing where they control everything she had.

Bill Taylor, the knee of George Kathy was the other person. He served as a career diplomat under five president starting in 1992 in its current always been responsible for United States policy and Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

These were various diplomatic roles in the State Department in Poland Uzbekistan it's elsewhere. Harvard grad Russian history and literature rates are very smart.

State Department type guy and then races like nonpartisan well spoiler alert friends, nobody is nonpartisan. I'm I'm deftly not nonpartisan. No member of Congress is nonpartisan. The president is nonpartisan. Even judges the best judges might approach being nonpartisan, but everybody's a partisan and everybody's subjective everything is subjective.

So this political theater today and again. I'm watching it as it unfolds in much of it is just painting and Meredith the Republicans paint their narrative. The Democrats are pinning their narrative by taking all the bits and pieces of information that they clean and then painting a picture here is what it means drawing a conclusion leaving the witness since political theater very dangerous because the damage it does forget president from fermented to the presidency itself, very dangerous, very historic time in this country. We need to be in prayer over all this up, this is Steve Noble will be right back wheeled pull down the hill is where I trying to unpack. What's been going on today and right now Donald Trump's doing a joint press conference with the Erlewine who is the leader of Turkey Airlines, nightmare, madman, and I'm sure Trump probably send some nice things about him not watching it right now, but the optics are good on a day when all of his foreign-policy interactions with Ukraine in the present and Ukraine are being called into question by the Democrats in what I would called out kind of kabuki political theater because it's all hearsay. It's all opinions about what he's doing but there's actually no solid evidence that there's a quid pro quo, meaning Donald Trump. Here's what is what is the narrative is what Adam Schiff and the Democrats want you to believe.

Okay Donald Trump needs to take Joe Biden out he he's mad about the 2016 in the in the interference from Russia and/or Ukraine but he's gotta take bite now because Biden's been leading in the polls okay and he's worried about pipe which is laughable in and of itself, but so in order to do that. We have a new president in the Ukraine.

Ukraine got all kinds of issues with corruption obviously is been that way for a long time, and Joe Biden's had some strange interactions with Ukraine and their their prosecutorial process over there and holding money over their heads and that his son Hunter Biden gets a job with the big oil and gas company over there 50 grand a month to be on the Board of Directors and the he's the vice president shows the vice president of the time. So all that looks really shady right so in order to knock one of his opponents out. This is the narrative again that the Democrats are trying to play Donald Trump wants to knock his opponent out take one of his opponents out there to be Joe Biden. So he's gonna force by quid pro quo, the new president of Ukraine to do some investigations in the Bidens to dig up some dirt so they can hammer Joe Biden and eliminate him as it is a competition and then will give you your $400 million in a military for the most part so that's the quid pro quo that's the allegation there's actually no quid pro quo stated in the phone call which we have the transcript of Nora and the other thing now there's great policy disagreements and a lot of people in the State Department and the foreign-policy world. Even people that work on the other side. Upon may have a disagreement with the president because of an impeachable offense is not a high crime is so misdemeanor. It's a policy difference in obviously Trump is a disruptor on everything. He's a disruptor for the Republicans.

He's adrift disruptor for the Democrats is a disruptor in Washington DC.

He's a disruptor on on on public policy across the board. So you have disagreements here which I felt pretty obvious today with Bill Taylor and George Kent, the two star witnesses that Adam Schiff, the Democrats called that they had deep disagreements with the present in terms of how to handle Ukraine what to do. There, but that's not an impeachable offense. So they come in with the end this is how you proof text, and this is what you and some people do what the Bible we deal with stories we have confirmation bias, we make up our mind. Here's the position I'm going to take. Now I need to back that position up so order to make the position up that Donald Trump has abused his power in order to advance his political career by basically extorting Ukraine and in the midst of all that with other things, they moved that particular conversation from one server to a more secure server after little bit of the news was rumbling that you make this cortical whistleblower who actually wasn't on the phone call himself and so that's obstruction of justice, and so were right back to the Trump Russia collusion and then obstruction of justice game that we played with Robert Moeller for two years, which ended up being a big flat.


And so all of a sudden round two, letting somebody I think I David Nunez this this morning in his opening statement says the minority leader and that committee said you know is a cheap knockoff version round to something like that and that's certainly what it appears to be to me. None of the Branson concerns about the way Trump does things sure, but again that's not illegal that's not impeachable that's not high crimes and misdemeanors. That's politics and that's the way he chooses to do his presidency, which is obviously outside the box so it's just political theater is just wild to watch it is very significant. Riley Haley Barbour the way she came at this let the people decide of Trump should stay in office.

This is on hot air from earlier today. Nikki Haley continues her book tour by posing a fundamental question about the current session of the Beltway, absent an actual high crime or misdemeanor should the house pursue impeachment in her answer, Haley offers a middle ground that Donald Trump might like less than some of her other arguments of late hearings without an impeachment quote we are less than a year away from the election. She tells NBC's Savannah Guthrie on the today show. Usually, Haley argues, let the people decide. Let them hear the testimony that's fine but let them decide meaning. Go ahead, go three impeachment proceedings your inquiry. Have these open public conversations and arguments about it, and then punch until November next year and decide let the American people decide whether they think Donald Trump should be the president again or not. And there's and that's essentially what the political process normally does. Because this is policy and process this. I don't see anything here that the smells of high crimes and misdemeanors. Just don't see anything there but you walk into it this morning and both sides are our painting and narrative trying to make their case. All for what for political advancement.

I think the Democrats know right now they don't have a great shot at taking Trump out, but they need amount they want about her dying to have about. I mean there's been members of Congress sediment conference impeachment even before he was inaugurated, which is ridiculous so there's obviously they have a destination in mind.

They always have. We gotta get rid of this guy come hell or high water. One or the other and so that's the beauty of having control of the House of Representatives, and a reminder to you and to me that elections have consequences solicit if you're all upset and exercised about this, which I hope you would be, but if you're not registered, and if you don't vote no.

No disrespect meant sit down and shut up. You're part of the problem. Apathy is a part of the problem so apathy has consequences's overall microstrip Christian brothers and sisters out there who get upset about all these things but don't vote, you are a part of the problem resilience show up, you'll complain, but you won't get involved in because we have to wait to many people not getting involved in elections get swung and then the control. The house gets turned over to Nancy Pelosi and they have the ultimate weapon to go after the president which is the House of Representatives and they can call all kinds of hearings and call on kinder witnesses.

They control the process and this is all political, not judicial. This is political. Remember that this is all political. So this is troubling and this is just where Rapp and the dividing lines are there and so for us as Christians is and here's the real test. This is a real test for you and for me as a Christian is our allegiance to truth and justice is their allegiance to a party or person. Our allegiance always has to be the truth and justice close to the Lord's heart. Obviously, truth and justice flow like a river and that we need to be people of truth and justice that should be our desire that should be our prayer request I was praying that facilitate Lord with these proceedings. I did it with my students this morning. We just pray for truth and justice to come out and if the president did some wrong high crimes and misdemeanors of its he's done something that rises about level.

I pray that comes out whether it's a Republican or Democrat should matter is your ultimate legions as people of the book should be truth and you have to look yourself in the mirror and deal with that one. If Donald Trump, in fact, has done something illegal, high crime and misdemeanor if, in fact, that's true. And I'm not saying it is because I am seen any evidence of that. But if it were, would you be willing to set aside your allegiance to Donald Trump and be like a founding father and save let the rule in the justice and let law prevail the Constitution over everything, not party, not a person. If you struggle it that you need to need to spend some time dealing with the reality that might be pretty down the road of political idolatry get me to have that prophetic voice truth and justice. No matter where that angle falls are allegiance to the truth about Steve Noble will be right back here in Washington DC that I'll be paying attention to what Donald trumps doing with lineup there. The president of Turkey interesting optics interesting timing on the day when they do their first public meeting of the impeachment inquiry and that's important in its historic but is it as important as the blood of 800 and 900,000 babies underneath our feet every year here in America. 60 million since Roe versus Wade that is a topic that up for me outside of the gospel over ways. Everything else simply because of the toll the blood the account in the fact that it's at our most vulnerable, which are children in the womb, which is why life issue is always going to show up on the show virtually every week working to continue to talk about it in the midst of a Holocaust if our church are the show were in Nazi Germany in 1942 would sing to the of Jewish life. Sunday be enough and the answer to that obviously is no, that's ridiculous.

It's not enough. So we continue to talk about it this week especially, which is week 40 for our friends with love life and as you know, I've been involved love life for a while and proud of that and just blessed by the Apple week 40 which is our last week of the year of gathering together with prayer and praise and intercession outside of abortion clinics in Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro North Carolina and now in New York City. So were still there to intercede were still there to call down the divine and to remind the men and women showing up there, the divine, but were also there in week 40 to celebrate and there's no one better to talk about that than the founder of love life, our good friend Justin Reeder, Justin, how are you thanks for calling it good.

Great work Rob Yarbrough.

You're very welcome. So for people that aren't familiar with love life which I probably pretty hard to believe that one. At this point because we talk about it readily on the show but give us kind of the history of love life and then we'll talk about week 40 and everything that God's been doing this year great background after your really need what is right here literally across the street from where my work client didn't even know was really happening in our city filled a bag that it isn't across the road for hard to get the weight go with my own conviction over my own repentance and started reading from friends my thoughts throughout abortion clinic expose them to what when I was staying in with the Lord showed me and threw them across the conference. Dr. Lord downloaded plan localized church and what became love life and old look like localized church critic culture of love and life result into abortion and the orphan crisis. We know that God called the church fold up body of Christ.

The culture both of your light of the world called the church to do the colors, the foundation of truth not needed, not Fox News, not politician called off the street. The culture believing for strictly cultural people stop running for local abortion clinics and begin running through local church actually is happening. The many many many stories about now happening is the church is positioning itself as a place of refuge through the heartbeat of our ministry and so how do you answer questions, because I'm sure you get this all the time. Justin and I had 20 people asked me this so we got pregnancy resource centers out there. We have sidewalk counselors lay preachers out there, where does love life fit into that overall impact in that overall effect in the effort to end abortion here in America as well as the orphan crisis and in dealing with foster care as well because you mentioned you. Often we talk about Nehemiah on the wall and anybody had a place on the wall Saturday come to distinguish what love life does versus what we think about. Traditionally, with the pro-life cause.

Your overarching goal double-click on the wall of your buyer broker 30 family were quickly calling for the pregnancy character Rutherford earth interconnected sidewalk counseling ministry. Next orphan care ministry.

You know, we can't call for the dog in the Presbyterian gospel were not willing to stand together as other characters work with all the other United body of Christ break the stronghold of abortion is knowing enough, not just denominational lot lines were breaking. Although the parachurch organization will yell we honorably recognize all of those that are doing great work we do our very best to work with all that are Christ centered and what what has God done through love life in these past three years. Just as that is an overview if you want to highlight anything.

Just from this year and I know we want to talk about New York ready but that just briefly tell us how God is been at work 2015 with 22 people on the corner for the very first girl walk for about three years later. Now everything over 300 churches come together across denominational lines all across Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, now New York feed over 70,000 now people and mobilize for the prayer walk to get started with the 22 kept growing and growing, resulting in now over hundred families that have made the choice for life abortion clinic showed up for abortion made the choice for life just got started. I think it took a great picture what's happening on a daily basis but the flock Saturday in New York City.

There was mom to make the choice for life. The Lord abortion clinic 010 was actually being counseled right outside the door and and prepare workers for pulling her in the collision and she was given a hand by one of the counselors you take that and make the choice for life. She knew that life with very real spiritual battle that is literally playing itself out right front of you on a daily basis to over 1700 and life significant drop in abortion. 27 workers left the industry that we know will hello two of them happen to be secure here in Charlotte so we could go on and on. But honestly, I think the greatest thing that the board doing uniting the church because the church is the greatest organism on the face of the planet worth a medical care center localized all that the church is the greatest organism in the face of the planet.

When dockets unleashed tall man with on-demand output resort God benefit ultimately likely never ever something to talk about it and I don't have a prompt on their miracles because I happening right on site when people are there for death and they choose life. And then there's mentoring and there's baby showers going on in his adoption happening all through this movement in the body of Christ when you see all these different churches come together and it's fun Justin every Saturday to watch people come to be shocked.

The weather here in Raleigh you could have seven people or 80 people there but there representing 15 or 16 different churches, they start to catch that vision, and I wholeheartedly agree.

The church is the most powerful organism on the planet most powerful organization when it gets unleashed to its full potential.

Abortion will and I have no doubt about that here in America but talk about week 40 because this is in fact the last week of the year will pick it up again in February, but this is a little different because I week 40 is a celebration not just the intercession of the cold or delete delete click time to celebrate all that God is going over the 40 feet celebrate the live testimony of people and been fueled Lord from abortion with testimonies of bombs and work for life over never say testimonies of foster and adoptive families that are rising up time for us to reflect but also throughout the state is not over beginning what you mentioned earlier we start back up early next year, but at the end of the prayer service like we have every week at the time of activation, activating the body right beyond their prayer walk on the sidewalk counselors become mentors become foster and adoptive family is really an incredible time of harvest or labor to get activated at week 40 so they'll encourage everybody called you part of it for moment in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh and New York.

All the details on our website localized on work right on the homepage. Pick your city all the details are right there for week 40 begin love yet it's one of the things that I tell people there's all kinds of other fruit that comes off the street.

Besides, what were doing on-site outside these abortion clinics.

Besides that unity in the body of Christ, which is beautiful not only to see, but the partaken, but because any mention this earlier this night. I think in the American context.

This is the most physically manifested experience.

You can have to watch the darkness come up against the light, where everything is flipped upside down all the abortion clinic workers and the escorts across the street literally across the street think you're the enemy you're the devil you're the darkness, but where the light and and and this is it's got a powerful impact on people because it's kind of like a lie should serve and all of a sudden he sees the spiritual reality in front of him and we need that in all aspects of our lives, not just his particular one right powerful stomach.

Recruitment here in America were we we really very little virtual battle every witness very little persecution in any way related persecution, but you get people that are better manifesting in different ways out there one in particular that are incurred with clear glass directly formulated the lot that why don't your churches in your building why you gotta come out your back, your church building that we would want to look it up does not like Ljubljana for exactly} what exactly right home and set up so come on out church this Saturday for love life. Week 40 love love Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and now New York City Justin reader.

Thank you for your leadership brother God bless you I love you will talk you soon. Talk to fight back. The balance will be back. Theology Thursday does these are my favorite theology. Thursdays generally when we have a Dr. Danny Aiken is on with us. He's the president of Southeastern Baptist theological seminary. He can go anywhere we ask him to go theologically just brilliant very wise man very good on the radio something tomorrow how to get open up the phones we do that fairly regularly when we had Danny in the studio do ask the president day.

It's not that Pres. at this present okay so order to do that tomorrow and then will be back again on Friday. With all this news unfolding of what's going on up in Washington DC. I'll continue to pay attention to that. So we'll talk about that more on Friday but this Monday was Veterans Day. Praise the Lord for all of our veterans and thank you if you're a veteran and you served in that fashion. We bless you and thank you. On the heels of Veterans Day on Monday but to our good friend David Fisher from Limerick capital was off that day I was traveling that day and so I think he was having some fun at Disneyland David how are you thanks for calling and how to hack your trip great. I'm surprised my grandpa for those of you and hear what happened on Friday and I could birthday party and my birthday limited celebrate with you and let's go to Disneyland.

He was blown away a lot of things and obviously the new Star Wars or galaxy was incredible so you know it's nice to unplug, but it's also Mike to provoke him back up. Thank you for having me on your program. I'm so glad you guys got to do that. I'm trying not to covet because I haven't made my way to galaxy that jet the rest assured, should the Lord carry on the find my way there I can assure you so the dollar things a little little warm spot in my heart for anybody on Facebook live, you'll notice that a lot of days of the week and where and Star Wars T-shirts so they also I'm glad you guys had a great time. That's so awesome in countries where they are back safe and back at it.

So now order to start with a passage of Scripture that's always been a struggle for me as somebody that engages the culture and talks about politics. It has to do with anger in a really important word especially for us in the 2019 and the way life is going in America but Ephesians 426.

Let's start there and then will dive into some of these economic issues agree, and do not do not live on go down on your route. I'm going to have to ask the question. I believe that there is at least maybe one time your life for you and point of anger.

It's just part of the human experience so the Bible I have a a you I like you to be a lover not a hater. I believe in self-control patients. You know all those virtues of the spirit of the fruit of the spirit so but there are times when this emotion called anger rises up until I even rustled talking about this mom is very transparent today so not to belabor this in a long fashion, but we a year ago I was in the hospital and was very close to dying for a few times and I said on that bed hospital. I made about my life.

I should not on my getting a better minute Buick, use this as a point of reference to help the minister a lot of people when they deal with things of no control over agreement causing anger and making a promise to you right now Marion is my wife that were really get that move closer to the office. Simplify your life and you really have that kitchen because my wife loves to cook and one kitchen of your dreams.

And so, long story short, we reviewed almost things and we just recently got into a remodeled and started to 18th and I told them upfront to the contract remain on earth, we have to have this done by Thanksgiving to that was like the signature time until came to shove all the delays are part of America and so I was patient old time never raised my voice and when I finally told recently happened the anger came out, but I didn't. I thought per second. You know I'm not putting them down on not berating them. I said let me tell you how angry I am. I didn't direct my anger at them I should either tell me you can help me get this done or get on my way because it Thanksgiving for delivery. Forceful tone.

So why am I ensuring that because life is instances full of anger, not living in anger but it will rise once in a while. Not that we are angry at how we deal with our anger so that we don't sin because Jesus cleansed the temple and he was angry but not right and so that's a sale you can get angry with her. Deftly something to get angry about to be consistent with the Lord's character, but it's what you do with your anger, which is to track and that's something that I know that I need to constantly be reminded and challenged on that.

So I appreciate you bring that up today. Last week David you talked about the multiple CEOs, some big players that were predicting a downturn in the other news like that that's happened since we talked last any other of big players, announcing and railroad sums can happen here. People like logically, called radio Warren Buffett was moving a lot of money Mervyn King databank of England. The previous guy we have a whole new set of circumstances with people saying things toacorporateoutplacementfirmwhenyouleavethecompany.TheydosurveysinthenameischallengergreenChristmasthereistheelevatedleavingofCEOsthathappenedlastmonthanditwassignificant.Thelargestinsince2008.Thoseareeithersayingmaybethisisnothing.Maybethisisacoincidenceorthey'resayinginthesurvey.Maybetherichpeopleareseeingtheirhandwritingontherolewallsarecashingoutattherighttime.Nowthey'resaying1332CEOshaveleftjustinonemonthindependentrespective2008,1257wasthealltimehigh.Backthen,sosomethingisuptherelookingdeepintothesurveyandthere'stheteamthatthey'refollowingthatisbecausetheinvertedyieldcurvethathappenedinOctoberthatalsoshowingsigns.That'sonereportinthereportisUBScameoutwiththepoleoftheultrarichmultimillionairesbillionairesandtheirsayingthatthepollisshowingmanytherepreparingforsignificantstockmarketcorrection3400peoplewereinterviewed25%saidthey'vealreadysoldsignificantamountofassets80%oftherespondentssaidthere'sgoingtobemuchmorevolatilitynextyear.In2020,55%believeisgoingtobeamarketplungecomingbeforetheendof2020,60%saidthattheyexpecttoraisemorecashgettingoutofstockandtheoneoftherepresentativesofthoseofthefirmtheresaidtheUSmoneyforthenext10yearsandthereferringtotheNikkito25.TheJapanindexworkin1989managementplanforbasically30years.Yes,onlynowagainwhenweneedtobepayingattentiontothepeopletoknowthemostpeopleareinthisthemostofthetalkinglikethatweshouldallbeouryearshouldbeturning.Weshouldbelisteningsothatwecanreactaccordingly.TheFedobviouslyloweredtheraterecently,themarketralliedinandisflatrightnow,butitwasupabout92pointstodayandinthemarketralliedoutofthat.Butbackintimeto2008whichyoumentionedalready.WhentheFeddidmeetQE1andQE2andthreeselectingwhathappenedtostocksandgoldengovernmentdebtandtheFedandinwhatcanweexpecttoseehappenisalotofthingsarehappeningrightagain.One.ThreewerebacktobackandQE1startedNovember25$20088682pointsandgoalwas813,theFedbalancesheetwas880billionandthenationaldebtwas10trillionwefast-forwardtotheendofQ3whichwasDecember2012theDowwas13,000whohada51%increasegoalwas1664throughat105%increase.AlmosttotheonethereLordonebalancesheetwentto4.5trillion411%inthenationaldebtincreased60%to16trillionsoquiteabitofchange.QEdidcausequiteabitofdifference.Sowhatarewesayinginthefuturebecauseheisinthatcase,bothstocksandgoldonewellgoldshouldoutperformstocksbaseduponifwehavethesameQEbutkeepinmindweretowardstheendofaneconomicboomwhichstocksdowellandangledhistoricallyunderbetterunderuncertaintimeswhichweremovinginto.Sothere'salargegrowingnumberofthewealthyand2020lettersayingthefinancialchangescoming.Andcertainlythat'swhythere'sthisbeginningofabullmarketingoldbutIwillsayyouknowanddoubtwanttobeone,twoandthree.DeftlybringassetpricesupbutgoldoutperformsFoxPrototheonewhichisamazing.Youmentionedthatinourpast23trillion.WhataboutthatnewreportthatcameoutagainfromoneofthestrategistwithBlackstone,Imentionedthatfirmbeforeamajorcorrectioniscomingwiththeguys.ThestrangestnameJosephSiegelandyousaidcourtthatthemotherofallbubblesisgettingreadytohappen.Thisisbaseduponthesovereigndebtitwillcauseameltdownbiggerthan2008crash.Thisisamassivegovernment,private,andthereyousayingthattheFedistryingtokeepinterestrateslow.UsingexperimentalenvironmentgoingnegativeratesbuttheFedcanonlykeeptheserateslow,andwhichisreallythepriceofmoneyartificiallylowsolongwithoutseriouseconomicconsequences.Sothereisatimebombthatistakingnowyeahexactlyright.Andthat'snothyperbole.Andthat'sjustgatheringinformationthat'savailable,andinapplyingwisdomandknowledgetoknowyougotthenewnewsletteraboutthecentralbankinthewhitepaperaboutthecomingveilandhowcanpeoplegetmoreinformationsothattherewillcalltheoldfashionwayfor798882orlandmark.comisalwaysDavidthinksomuchforhelpingusnavigatethatandkeepaneyeonthesethingssothatwecanreactaccordingly.Begoodstewards.Godblessyoubrother.Goodtalkandyouwilltalktoyousoonmyfriendtalktolater.MarkcalledagainLynnMichael.comgivehimacallat844-879-8882willkeepaneyewhat'shappeninginDC.WebacktomorrowintheologyThursdaywithDr.DannyAikenandhisquestionsabouttheology.Thisisso,Godwillingwilltalkagainrealsoon.Likemydadalwaysneverfor

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