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Transformed by the Spirit

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 25, 2021 8:00 am

Transformed by the Spirit

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 25, 2021 8:00 am

Facing up to our faults is never easy. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how that important first step can lead to dramatic, exciting changes in our lives... changes driven by God's power instead of willpower.

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Church of the unchained Dr. Tony Evans, his spiritual transformation starts willing to face the true shall celebrating.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony have authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative, facing up to our faults is never easy, but today Dr. Evans explains how that important first stab can lead to dramatic exciting changes driven by God's power instead of willpower.

Let's join him there is nothing that does not need improving. After all you all that you probably don't even need to be here this morning that you're probably ready for heaven right now all of us are in need of some change. The Scripture did believe in second Corinthians 3. In discussing the role of the Holy Spirit.

The term Spirit comes up a number of times the for example, in verse three made manifest that you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written but with the spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts will the ministry of the spirit will to be even more with glory. Corinthians about any tells the nation of your life and therefore our lives happen because the what you call what was written on the stone because of the work, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit use a reference point. Of course the two closing verses in chapter 3 now the Lord of the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord's report spirit, three times in two verses one as though he says in verse 18, all into the same image.

Spiritual transformation is to become Jesus Christ and our conduct to and and of Jesus Christ, you are not being formed when you are now saying what Jesus would say you all when you're not doing what Jesus would do that since the being transformed God's goal out of this transformation takes place by the spirit the lawn of the spirit of the Lord is with all the same to glory, just the spirit. What is Jesus Christ going transforming something different that need to be transforming your life the way the Lord is going to do what his spirit which dwells inside of every believer you commit to the Bible to be unchanged. You can go to church to be unchanged.

You can say the unchanging hand lotion and the unchanged. Why because biblical information is important not enough. You got to get a change of heart, the veil must be removed from the heart. What we know, the hardest of the quickest the pump that sends life throughout the body. What is exactly what is spiritually the heart is the center of the soul that sends out the life of God to the rest of your soul and you must understand the reason that you do what you do with your body is because of your soul.

Your problem is not your body. Your body only laments what the soul dictates your problem.

Whatever is well and I live does not exist without you say what you say because you have a skewed, you do what you do because you have a skewed so it is slow when the problem exist when God saves you his angels so that must be correct by the spirit of life and just as is the proper functioning of your body. The Bible take the same phrase and use it for your soul. Your soul and it's cool on a piece of life to your soul and it comes out like to go so the spirit probably do that but we all verse 18, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are being treated and that one line tells you everything you need to know about being transformed but were afraid to ask.

When you read my Bible preach. God says it like you mentioned about how to approach the Bible.

What are you hearing a preacher preach it on your reading it will create a reflection, what things are you looking at me, looking at me with emceeing me seeing me. Thanks my face and look at something else telling me what I look like because we are not without a written action to determine how we really look so you want to talk about your all okay that's without a reflection for the men were to tell you truth will come before God's word you're looking at is God's word and you will show me as you see me that's why you must come with unveiled to tell us the truth is we won't like what it tells us God's word. When you to tell you what you like to tell you you are selfish to tell you about the evil actions that are nothing but the God word mail. Tell me what you look like, what is going to come with unveiled, but when you come with your place unveiled what you looking for in the glory of you expose me to me, but exposing me to me. Please expose me because when you all to me tells me what I'm supposed to look like when you all to me showing me what God wants this now giving God to show you what you might not give the person next to you, God shall, and show you. He says we are transformed, God will leave by spirit begin to reflect or bring about the change in your life thinking show that's why James says when you come to God's word.

Be quick, slow to speak and slow when you come to God's word. 118 and when you come to God's word. Be quick. Don't come talking, don't come justified in calling listening equipment here long after you heard me call this loan and you could you wiggle like when I show you so get mad real slow as compared to showing you that you will be such That you will get all my life get mad when you come true. You know what a good man when you approach the Bible era, there will be a lot of ugly because you are approaching a perfect show up Deborah's dream every running show up was also going show you the glory of God.

And when you see the glory of God. After God showed you you God says it is built into the to begin the transformation to guess what you have to try to change the mirror has a change component when you approach the matter with unveiled face, my husband to change my husband to be a different person that maybe God's word and ask you what's wrong with me and take the mail off was wrong with me. Show me your glory yeah but right now must come with unveiled says and you are being transformed.

Dr. Evans will come back in a moment to explain how the images we see in that mirror powerfully come to life as she continues this lesson from a series life in the spirit and eight message collection that will answer your questions about the least understood member of the Trinity, you discover what it means to have God's spirit living inside you and how his presence can change the way you think, feel and live your also learn to recognize how the spirit is working within you to transform you, empower you and give you victory along with these audio lessons available both on CD and as digital downloads. We've also bundled a quick but powerful read is Tony's book on how the Holy Spirit can charge us up from the inside out and it's called the fire that ignites for a few more days where making this book and audio collection available together as our gift to you and thanks for your contribution toward Tony's ministry. Just visit Tony make your donation and letter sent you life in the spirit and the fire that ignites again that's Tony or call us day or night at 1-800-800-3222 let one of our friendly team members assist you with your request. That's 1-800-800-3222. I'll have that information for you again after part two of today's message and this Amazing Contents That Just A Few Students. Describe Your Experience since Enrolling in the Town's Training Center. The Best Part Is the Training Center Is Where Ever You and Your Online Connection. I Going beyond the Sunday Sermon. These Compelling Bible Study Courses Take a Much Deeper Look at Scripture.

The Finals Writers, Social Issues of Today and Much More Alive Time Today to Learn More Training Not Only Tony Evans Training Anytime, Anywhere. The Bible Is like a Picture out the Pictures As They Read the Bible.

The Holy Spirit Is like a Movie Textile Frames and Give like like We Read the Bible. We've All Read about the Crucifixion and the Resurrection Is A Lot Different Going for a Movie to Bash You Can Read in the Bible, but You Would See the Passion and You Experience It Because Chris Fitchett Came to Life Is Always Risk Docs A Lot Of People Find the Bible Boring Not to Do It on the Christian. Let Me Read It. One Reason Is Boring.

If You're Not Using Another Mirror Mirror All Of A Sudden Will Be Talking to You about. So It Will Take on a Life like That on Top of That the Holy Spirit's Job Is to Turn Nothing into a Movie Project and Give It Life.

Make a Transforming Experience. Explain Why This Works Its Way All of Us Have Calculators Push One Plus Sign One = You Got to Reveal to You the Solution to the Problem When You Have Lots to Address the Lungs in Your Life, You Fix It, Problem, They All Things and You Get to Experience the Lord, the Spirit, You Know, It's an Experience Because You're Saying Other People Seeing It Some. You Have Become Transformed by a Computer on the inside. The New Nature That's Now Engaging with the Spirit of God through the Era of Says by the Way, This Process Happens from Glory to Glory from One Level to Another Level. You May Not Become Perfect Tomorrow, but over Time, God Is Unchanging and Let Me Tell You What Is Included in This Process Where You Will Go from Glory to Glory Trials, My Brother, When You Follow the Different Kinds of Trial, God Is Sending You Whether You Change Say What You Did Last If You Wish. Not Spending Enough Time in What James Says in James Chapter 1.

Don't Be like a Man Thinks of Me like a Woman Changed Because of Era Looks and Turned Away, and Then James Said Forgetting What Things Is Common. That's Not How Women Women Get up and Go to Mirror Number One Because They Want to Make Sure They Get Started Right. There's Many a Frustrated Man in This Building Who Has Had to Wait Again since the Girl Passes Is Mirror Number One.

Thanks Mirror Is a Long Full Body Mirror so It Should All the Spirit of All Men Should Know Is You Will Will Will to Read Women Mirror Mirror Because They Never Want to Lose. They Never Want to Get Far Away from Their Looks. He Says the Bible Is Don't Get Far Away from Your True Looks and What Will Happen with This Transformation. Now the Lord Is. Verse 17 Says, and Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, There Is Liberty Liberty Liberty Means to Be Set Free Set Free from Ugly Ugly Attitudes Ugly Actions Ugly Personality Set Free from in Order to Be Set Free to God Never Set You Free from Something, Unless He Set You Free to Something That Has Been Set Free from the Something Beautiful Trap and Some Ugly Show You Something Called This Mortal Body, Is Called Try This If You Slip It Needs the Struggle to Strengthen the Wings to Take Flight.

Let Patience Have Its Perfect Work in the Trials of God Rather Let You Out Of the Trough. The Wings Will Be Strong Enough to Take You to Life's Take You Where You Want You to Go This Person Ugly in Terms of Being Ugly Terms of Personality Ugly in Terms of Frustration Ugly in Terms of Language Ugly in Terms of Lifestyle. If You Are a True Believer in Jesus Christ the Ugliest Person in This Room Is the Most Beautiful Person You Have Ever Seen in Your Life.

If They Have a Breakout of You Are Saying Is Holding You Have Ever Seen One Set Free from We Can Take Flight and Go Hi Whenever You See a Pregnant Woman. One Thing She Didn't Get That Way by Reading a Book about Sex Information Didn't Get a Pregnant Intimacy. She Got New Life. She Got Close She Got Close to Somebody Somebody Got Close to Her and When the Two Got Close to One Another New Life You Get Transformed Just Because You Read about You Get Transformed to Close. Having Read Any Always Know When a Woman Is Pregnant, Will Always Tell the Story of Whether Intimacy Has Occurred. This Change Will Take Place and Will with Unveiled Face, Are Being Transformed into the Same Image from Glory to Just Dance from the Lord, the Spirit, I Guess You Decide You Want to Look at American Dr. Tony Talking about How God Changes Us from the inside out through the Power of the Holy Spirit. And If You Want to Learn More about Exactly Who the Holy Spirit Is How We Receive Him and What He Can Do in Our Lives That I Encourage You to Take Advantage of That Special Offer. I Mentioned Earlier, the CD and Digital Download Versions of This Eight Message Life in the Spirit Collection As Well As Tony's Powerful and Insightful Book, the Fire That Ignites Will Send a Special Package to You As Our Gift When You Make a Donation to Help Support Our Work Here on the Year and around the World.

This Is a Limited Time Offer Only Available for A Few More Days. So Don't Wait to Get the Details and Make Your Request Online at Tony Avenue and Start or or Call Our Resource Request Line at 1-800-800-3222 Helpful Team Members Are Always on Hand to Assist You. So Give Us a Call Anytime That's Convenient for You. Again, That's 1-800-800-3222 God Spirit Is Alive and Active in Our World Today, but Tomorrow Dr. Evans Will Explain That Whether or Not You Recognize What He's Doing May Depend on How Closely You Identify with Is a Look at How to See Evidence That Greater Is He That Is in You I Hope Will Be with the Alternative with Dr. Tony Avenue and Turn Celebrating 40 Years of Faithfulness, Thanks to the Generous Contributions of Listeners like You

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