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Journey to Greatness, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 17, 2021 8:00 am

Journey to Greatness, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 17, 2021 8:00 am

It’s impossible to follow someone if you’re dead set on staying where you are. Join Jonathan Evans as he explains how easily that attitude can develop when we let contentment turn into complacency. It’s a look at staying faithful to God as he takes you on a journey toward greatness.

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Plan for you and your plan to different locations, Jonathan Evans says we need to get our goals in alignment with God's interest because you settled in, you've met the expectations you have for my finances and mean that God is okay is celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative finding content is good, but there's a danger when it springs from a false belief that our only responsibility is to ourselves. Scripture says otherwise. Today, Jonathan Evans reminds us that becoming self-satisfied can prevent us from realizing our God-given purpose. Once joined him as he explains there was a little girl working at home trying to some money so that she could go to the candy store and she was working hard to earn some money, and after doing some chores you and her two dollars and she got in the car with her dad. They drove to get to this candy store and they got to the parking lot and she was had a firm grasp of what she had worked so hard for an she was going into the candy store they got out of the car and the dance that will just hold my hand so that we can walk across the parking lot and you don't get hurt. The problem was is that the money she worked for was in the hand that she grasped her dad with it. She opened her hand and the wind blew everything she worked for way and so she's trying to chase after it because she had worked so hard for, and she's looking at the candy store to try to chase it, but her father won't let her handle and he saying no, just stay with me. You get hurt if I let you go because all of these cars in the parking lot and so she still trying to think that I gotta get to what I've got to get to it on my work so hard. Got to get the money up, got a go and he said no just say with me and let's go to the candy store they get into the candy store and she's wondering what she's going to do the countenance on her face and her disposition has changed. She doesn't know what she's going to do. She worked so hard to get to this place. When her dad reached in his pocket and pulled out a $20 bill and at that moment she realized that being with her father is much more valuable than chasing after which he worked for many of us have worked hard with the expectations we have for our own life. The plan that we have her own life, the journey to greatness that were taking for ourselves and all of these different things, but could it be that if we stick with God.

He has more, and his pocket than we could ever dream of fighting and chasing on her own and he has called us to a journey of greatness. He has called us to a journey of purpose. He has called us to these things or you wouldn't be sitting here I don't know any players that get drafted in any sport that you drafted with no purpose in mind if you put here by the head coach or put here because you have a divine purpose and reason for being. And he wants you to take this journey holding onto his hand. Even though that there's things that you worked for places where you want to settle expectations you have for yourself. Got a sandal stick with me because what I have been my pocket is much greater than anything you could be chasing and when I looked at Genesis chapter 12 I saw a journey to greatness.

A great promise that God made Abraham in Genesis chapter 12 one of my favorite passages of Scripture in the entire Bible, Genesis chapter 12 just the first three verses I see a blueprint of a man who held God's hand all the way to the promise that God is called into and for everyone in this room. The supplies that the Lord said to Abraham, go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father's house to the land which I will show you and I will make you a great nation. I will bless you and make your name great and so you shall be a blessing I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed. That sounds like a great promise to me this anime give you a great nation. I'm going to give you a great name I'm gonna bless you. Matter fact that I have your back. I will bless those who bless you, and I'll curse those who curse you and in you Abraham. All the families of the earth will be blessed by sounds like a great promise in God would not have put you here if you don't have something in store for your life based on his kingdom and his agenda were you put on the uniform of Christ Jesus to make plays on the field that we been put here to do and he saying we have greatness on the precipice of our lives, but there's a journey that has everything to do with our text.

There's a journey is not just getting to the promise is taking the journey to the promise has been made and he's holding it in his hands and he saying out got it over here, but if you don't take the journey to get there. How can I unleash it okay. The people of Israel.

Yeah, they were there 40 years, but he couldn't let it go to them. He had to wait for the second generation because were going to get to the promise. The question is who was the problem to be unleashed on and there's many people who have not achieved their promisor made it to the promise because they're so busy chasing their own expectations is that of sticking with the father and he says Abraham I need you to go from your country, and from your relatives and from your father's house to the land which I will show you and what you do these things then we can talk about the benefits. The problem is. Abraham was already settled in Haran betook his journey from her and if you look at Genesis chapter 11 verse 31 at the end of verse 31 it says Abraham and his family. They settled in Haran settled is different and can't can't means you're still going somewhere you just taken a rest break that a rest station to continue on the journey of where we are heading. But Abraham will settle Abraham had dropped anchor. He stopped, he was finished, the expectations for the journey had already been met for him. He was good where he was and even though he was good where he was the word of the Lord came to him to unsettle those who were settled and that tells me something when God's word comes to you, he's not coming to you just to settle you in your own thoughts is coming to you to unsettle those were settled in his plan for you and your plan for you are in two different locations, and just because you're settled and you've met the expectations you have for your life, your career, your finances, your family doesn't mean that God is okay or he's finished. And most of us think you know when God is talking he's telling me what I'm already thinking I heard from the Lord, and he told me that this is the person for me and a year later there married to somebody of God and say that you shove the pen in his hand and made him endorse something he never said when God speaks, he's unsettling. Those who were settled. You know when God is talking to you because your response is more like come on Jesus stop trying to get him up off of you because you settled in the location you settled in a place you settled in the way of thinking, a way of operating in God is saying that is not for you. Your plan for you have been met, but my plan for you have not been met. There was a place for us to go another journey for us to take an Abraham was settled in Haran. But God said but my destiny for you what I have been my pocket is not inherent. It's in Canaan.

When God speaks, it's not that God doesn't exist to be a reinforcement to your admissions. That's not what he's doing. Isaiah 55 as high as the heavens are above the earth are his ways from your ways and his thoughts from your thoughts he can do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we can ask or think. He's not reinforcing your thoughts to help you follow the deceitful heart he's unsettling you is changing the game.

When I look at Sarah. She was not already thinking that she would have a baby even though she was barren and she should've been a great grandmother by then when I look at Noah.

He wasn't already thinking you know what, I'm a take 100 years out of my life and build a boat even though I've never seen rain David one thing and you know what I'm going to go ahead and be the king. Even Norma outcast in my family on a shepherd boy. None of these characters were thinking these things to the place where God was taking them because God was unsettling them where they had settled, God was taking them to a Totally Different Pl., God will start sharing their thoughts. He was telling them his thought the plan that I have for my life was I was play in the NFL for 10 years. Many configurable hats and kids we did that part was no play in the league for 10 years at fullback with one team that will take all that money to retire somewhere sit on a beach simulcast my dad sitting on the beach will have this luxurious life I dreamed all of this stuff and God grabbed my arm and said stay with me and I spent so many years, reaching back for everything that I worked for and he said stay with me and many of you are on that same journey. We are fighting against the hand of God in your comfort zone and where you have settled in God is saying clearly stay with me because your writing them off and try to get a mop up but the voice continued and in your life you're thinking what have to forgive that person when what they should be settled in unforgiveness. Why muscle thinking about this.

Why am I still thinking about leaving this job were uncomfortable not make so much money and a panel of my bills.

And God is pulling me the minute why muscle thinking about this the reason why you're thinking about it is because God is talking and you can't shake them off. Abraham was settled in Haran, and God said, get up, get uncomfortable and go to Canaan. I remember we were talking about the 40th and I was on the at-home committee just with the family were talking about it. My mom would and that will go to all the means they come home and tell us what they're doing and I was excited about most parts of it. My mom came home and she said will have a gala in the in a Guyanese way. I'm a beach lot use different words and mama mom gets excited about something. She sings you know she's excited to sit or we will have a gala I'm dressed up.

So I said okay. I was there with that will have a gala this I'm excited about that. My dad was in the bed with the pendant is not in a book like he normally is reading and that he interjected yes some of the fellowship hall called the Grosvenor by going to see that the delay in the church minutes 40 will be nice. We got Jim similar we got James meet we got home Sunday night.

I was loud as all get what because when you're called is not settling you're comfortable where you are, but if I were to call your name and tell you to come on the stage without you knowing it, everything would change about when God calls you, it's expect the unexpected. It is not settling more from Jonathan Evans on responding to God's call when he continues her message just a moment for so I want to let you know that Dr. Evans will be back with us next Tuesday. Until then we are continuing this special series from his son.

Authored speaker and chaplain Jonathan Evans as Jonathan's been explaining God hold something special for us and is given us each a purpose for this life and beyond.

If you find yourself wondering what that is. Get a copy of Jonathan's thought-provoking audio series called forever starts now is a collection of messages that can give you the tools and motivation for getting off the sidelines and into the game doing what God designed you to do was send you on nine full-length messages from this audio series on both CD and digital download is our way of saying thanks when you make a donation toward the urban alternatives ministry and as an added bonus will also send a copy of Jonathan Evans brand-new book on the same subject entitled your time is now. This special double offer ends on Monday, so visit us or call our resource request line at 1-800-800-3222. Have her contact information for you again after part two of today's lesson and this is beyond the Sunday sermon a chance to really dig into the Bible and the kingdom in a new way anytime and anywhere because it's all online to Tony Avenue and training center, in-depth courses, all kinds of topics cultural transformation intro to expository preaching, Jude John, Hebrews, Old Testament, New Testament, and so much more. These are sermons their teaching courses to help you engage understand Scripture and not just to hear about, but to explore the kingdom of God on your own. Find out more Tony Evans Tony Evans he was already settled in Haran God told Abraham and his telling many of us get up. I'm calling you go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father's house to the land which I will show you where you can unsettle me from where I'm settled and then I gotta leave everything that I know behind, I gotta leave my relatives, my father and my country.

All of those different things that I have grown to become comfortable with and that I know I know the language.

I know the lingo. I know all of these things I have become comfortable with in your pulling my arm when I'm seeing everything leave that I worked as a unsettling feeling. But God has called us to the uncomfortable place in order to get to the great place leave your country, your relatives, your father's house and go and he's got time to wait to see if you're going to be trustworthy in the time of testing so that he knows you're ready.

In the time a promise.

He's got time to wait and if it's not you. If you're unwilling to get uncomfortable.

You've been hearing go in your mind for a long time in different situations and you been fighting back. Even though he's dragging you in a different way than you might just miss your chance. But he's gonna maintain his promise, and that's why I'm up here not because it's comfortable but I'm hearing him say go go forth from your whole sports comfort zone. That was my fourth time this over go. It's uncomfortable. I remember being in the NFL and Bill Parcells, one of the first things he did and we came to training camp.

As he started fiddling with our stance.

Our stance is our starting point. How we start before we go, and he started fiddling with our stance and I've been holding my stance for the last eight years. That's what got me to the NFL don't change my stance and he would tell us in the team meetings. I know it's uncomfortable but I'm changing your stance, but that stance won't work in this leak uncomfortable king.

I can't figure it out when you need to figure it out because this is a whole another level was in college and high school anymore and for some of us we need to change our stance, we need to change our stance on how we deal with our spouse. We need to change our stance on how we relate to our children. We need to change our stance on how we can serve in the church ready to change our stance on how we deal with our money. We need to change our stance in all of these different areas and he'll wait to see whether you're ready to change your stance, for he gives you a shot in this newly called the kingdom of God saying I need you to be willing to leave everything that you know that's preventing you from experiencing the journey of greatness that I've called you want or you wouldn't be here. Leave your will, your way, your perspective, your history, your thought patterns everything that you thought you knew was correct. If it disagrees with biblical truth go Abraham I need you to go from your country from your relatives from your father's house go that is explained it before. Unbelievably tight said go was easier to interpret because of the transitional word here.

The big word in the small package. Without this word Abraham would've stayed where he was. But God told him to go on this little word changed everything. You can study it in as many languages as you want. You will find out some go means, go. It literally renders don't stay where you are. So if it's an easy word to interpret.

Why are we still in the same spot and I'm not talking just as you I'm talking to me. He says go and many of us have felt that going our spirit for long, we have not gone anywhere.

It's challenging when you feel the spirit prodding you and pushing you to do something different be something different go to a different place in your uncomfortable with it and you're unwilling to go because you have already settled and he continues to push go back to your wife back to your husband go. You're feeling comfortable in that Shaklee situation go. I've been telling you that for about three years but you're saying because our bank accounts are connected.

It's too uncomfortable for me to unconnected so that I can go do what God is called you to do in your pushing back from the table of your own greatness. He's been telling you for a while. Had and everybody under the sound of my voice and even me standing on the stage. I'm thinking about that thing where I've been trying to get got off of me, but that's when you know it's God's voice because he's unsettling you go go where you will tell me to leave everything that I know and you just don't give me that little word and I'm supposed to jump it and work like that go where go to the land which I will show you what land before I go I need to know that the grass on the other side of the fence is currently is green is what I'm standing. I need to have some go what you mean just go but that's what God says that me just go go to the land which I will show you what we want God to do is we want him to operate out of order with his own word and Bible study methods. They teach you to keep the word in line where it is. Keep all of the words where they are when it comes to application when it comes to your interpretation.

Don't expect God to show if the word go comes before show.

Don't expect God to show before you go if you want God to show he put the clause a little bit earlier. First, you must go and when you go then he is free to be obedient to himself, which is what he always does, and then you can show but first we must go go to the land which I will show you. Obviously that's a problem because I want to see it first thing before he can use you and grant you what he has for you. He want you to distribute some faith and trust in who he is in your life. It seems like the clich thing we talk about faith all the time but it's impossible to please God without it. So how can you not talk about it all the time that me and I follow my heart heart is the most deceitful part of you and desperately sick. Who can understand what you tell me to do.

I'm telling you not to follow your heart until you make your heart follow the truth, I took my four-year-old Kelsey when she was four. I took her to the doctor's office and and I was drunk. She was asking me to get the doctor's office today and obligated to go to the doctor's office and I know what follow-up question was coming so I tried to lather it up with good stuff. Did you get lollipops.

We got stickers. We got all types of good stuff at the doctor's office. Do I go to get shots you have to get shots one will have to get show how many for four pricks all at once. I can't stand that is one will have to get shots in a total because inside of the syringe is the medication no matter how uncomfortable it is for you to handle your future water have to get shots with this word go when I'm so comfortable because inside of that spiritual syringe is the spiritual medication needed for you to handle what God is taken. Jonathan Evans will come back in a moment with a final encouraging insight to wrap up our time together. As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Evans will be returning to the broadcast next Tuesday following the conclusion of this series, you can request a full-length copy of today's lesson journey to greatness, including material we didn't have time to present on the air when you visit Tony Better yet, take advantage of our special double offer and receive today's message is a part of the complete nine part audio collection forever starts now. Along with the messages you receive on CD and digital download. You'll also get a copy of Jonathan's life-changing new book, your time is now.

Get what God has given you these resources can help transform you from the complacent spectator someone who understands God's plan and moves to accomplish his divine destiny. The package is yours is our thank you gift when you make a contribution to help keep this broadcast coming your way each day. This is a limited time offer so don't put it off. Visit Tony have in stock or to get all the details. Make your contribution and download full-length audio resources instantly, or color, 24 hour resource request line at 1-800-800-3222 let one of our team members assist that's 1-800-800-3222. These days, many of us try to get as many likes as we can write but tomorrow, Jonathan Evans says the only like we should really be concerned about is becoming like Jesus. Right now though he's back with this closing thought. He's called us all. Somewhere he has something for Saul and he's holding in his hands and he can take all the time that you want to take what is that thing for you where you need to go, but you been fighting for years and when you stop fighting and when you go God will show he'll pull that thing out of his pocket and at the moment that he pulls it out because you stuck with him.

You will then realize that being with your father is more valuable than everything you were chasing the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithful thanks for the generous contributions of listeners like you

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