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The Detours of Providence

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 12, 2022 8:00 am

The Detours of Providence

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 12, 2022 8:00 am

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John get through it all 120 is God never leaves her destiny up to random chance.

Neither should we have confidence in the circumstances.

This is the alternative. Dr. Tony ever authored speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative driven says a lot of what we consider random events in life aren't random at all, but part of the design must join him as he explores the biblical concept of Providence. One of the main concepts that we should do everything we can to avoid is the concept of luck or its siblings, chance, fate and happenstance.

We regularly use the word, and I know sometimes we use it innocently because we've heard it used so much but unfortunately it has its way not only into our vocabulary but into our mentality.

And so we begin to view things from a vantage point of luck. We talk about being lucky.

Talk about a lucky dog.

We asked people to wish me luck. We talk about playing luck. We talk about lady luck. We talk about a tough look good, bad luck luck luck luck is not lucky charms. We we spend a lot of time on luck when we don't know that people are bringing to the event we wind up with this shows up all simply away were expressing ourselves, but if men's as random things that happen that affects one's life once fortune one future of one's lot in life. It is this fool's that just shows up unexpected unanticipated design for either our benefit or our good luck, bad luck, and we embrace this way of operating. We often have symbols to reflect our dependency on luck like a rabbit foot hanging from the rearview mirror from the rabbit couldn't keep his own foot. This desire to have this force we can grab hold on to embrace but to count on it to make things better for us to want the luck of the draw will is embraced or its siblings chance or happenstance when it is embraced as something you looking to call upon helpful. You have no created and title: because it is the thing you're looking for to make things work out for you to help things work out for you to wish things would work out for you. Whenever you look to something or someone to work it out.

That thing becomes a God to which you are appealing to make it work. Many people are hoping to lose their way into the destiny that enough positive forceps will happen around them that will produce this amorphous concept that will bring about what life was meant to bring your way. What today I want to change your vocabulary. I want to walk you away from a thing called luck to give you a new word. Practice a new word what I want to talk to you about from the life of Joseph is the word pronounce Providence evidence is the way God arranges things to achieve his sovereign purposes.

Sovereignty is his rulership is how he puts things in a great experience connects things, detaches things, arranges things in order to wind up at the sovereign go to which he is moving so prominent is the arrangement that facilitates sovereignty. The Bible is clear that our God is sovereign and that he does all things. Ephesians 1 verse 11.

The counsel of his own will watch Joseph's life and it is filled with ups and downs.

Even a called one day the next day he got a good job Monday to choose the right. The next day his imprisonment. He forgot he's remembered.

This guy is going through stuff like one day he's got good luck next. Things got bad.

But lookout Joseph looked at his life in verse 19 and 20. Joseph said to them, do not be afraid for him in God's place.

As you know you meant evil against me, but for good in order to bring about this present result to preserve many people alive… His own purpose.

What looked like a good day today was God fulfilling his purpose to bring me to my destiny God use your life to bring me to this location is because you messed me fulfilling my destiny is because you are trying to do God's place both of you who have dogs probably have a lease with a dog leash for your dog leash for your dog grants him a degree of freedom depending on how long leashes. That's how free he is to move about, but there comes a point where he wants to go to. Based on the length you have allowed for the leash.

He wants to go beyond what has been allowed, and so he pulled to go further this way when you want to go that way when he stretches the leash. Given that cake is going to come against resistance and confidence resistance and insisting on going his own way back to his wife and show him your control and where this direction is going, the focal message which you will each provoke career boxes on a leash made was only some of your family members on a page essay That might cover sovereign God when they get that life so the wise God letting it happen because God uses evil to accomplish good I know that that's uncomfortable because we wanted smooth sailing and naturally so Moslem look for problems, but God is sovereign sovereign, Providence. He says you meant it for evil to get me, but God use that thing to bring me to this location. We all have watches on watch. If I said what time is it you would look at the face of your watch and you would get the time because it's on the face to face things will show you what time it is but the only reason you can see the face is because I believe if you would open up a only little itsy-bitsy particles that are connected and interrelated – and turning with one another in the right order. In order to let you see the face what you say exist because of what you can see all the little interval parts that make up what you can see all you see is what you see what you mean when you look at your watch what you say you do not see all there is to be seen so much more than what's on the face what's happening in front of you. What I don't understand all the gadgets behind the scenes and all the strings that God is pulling for me to say what I think and when you are dealing with the providence of God, what is now. You never see all there is.

You never see all that's taking place.

You never see all the details that God is working (in fact, what you do see often enough and connect the pasta don't seem to relate to one another. That's because God is always doing more than one thing at a time.

He's dealing with 50 million things at the same time.

That's what makes him such a unique being she can take billions of people at the same time perched to connect everything in order to accomplish our purpose and destiny are not allowed to do a lot of same tough because we can see sometimes it does look like he was doing things sometimes look like sleep sometime look like the phone is busy sometimes look like people vacation. That's because all you see is what you see and reportedly went to sleep.

You do not see others to be seen as you meant it for evil but God meant it for good to accomplish his purposes. This management destiny is in the place God was thinking of all the time it took him 20. We started with 17 Mrs. 22 years later, so it took them 20 years to arrive at the spot because we don't destiny overnight breakthrough people arrived at depends on what God's purpose is off with cooperating or contradicting those purposes. Whether we walking with them getting students which can affect the delay or the development of the series in your life. Having reached your destiny is not able to be used against you. Dr. Evans will come back with a look at God's goal for us when he continues her message just a moment but first, if the trajectory of your life seems to be heading you down paths you never thought you'd take consider doing some deeper study into today's topic requesting a copy of Tony's current teaching series. Joseph detours to destiny.

This nine part audio collection will help you see that when life takes a sudden left turn God maybe steering you down a bumpy road that ultimately leads toward the future. He designed for you. Trials, temptations, setbacks, things others do to us send the things we do to ourselves to see how God uses them all to help you develop your faith and discover your destiny right now would like to send you a copy of the detours to destiny series on CD or digital download is our gift in return for your contribution toward keeping Tony's teaching on the station. We depend completely on your support to keep this ministry going and we want to know how grateful we are that your standing with us. Visit to make your contribution and get your copy of the detours to destiny collection or call us at one 800 832, 22 team members are standing by 24 seven to help with your resource request again at stony Avenue and start all the or by phone at 1-800-800-3222. Dr. Evans will return with more of today's message right after this. It's beyond a Sunday sermon a chance to really dig into the Bible and the kingdom in a new way anytime and anywhere because it's all online to Tony Avenue and straining center in-depth courses all kinds of topics cultural transformation intro to expository preaching to John Hebrews, Old Testament, New Testament, and so much more. These are sermons there teaching courses to help you engage understand Scripture and not just to hear about, but to explore the kingdom of God on your own. Find out Tony Evans

Here's the goal of God's providence. You know the Scripture well is a 20 all things work together for good to them who love God and who are called according to his purposes. All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purposes.

God's goal in our destiny is always his glory and our good God is the master weaver and things are rarely as they appear to notice what is a statement in the story and I love the statement Jacob Jake Joseph's father. He says this he thinks Joseph is being Benjamin his son is being held hostage by Joseph. Those read the story to get ready hello Simeon, they're hungry because there's a famine in the land, and Jacob did like many of us when everything is going wrong. He threw up his hands and said all these things are against them felt like that nothing is right and everything is wrong and was broke its broker.

Everything is wrong. Little did he know Joseph was fine print in Egypt. Benjamin was fine. Joseph and Kim.

Simeon was goby fun and they will all get ready go up to Egypt to eat because you never see all that God is doing.

When you look only see that piece that he wants to show you right now.

Why don't you show so that you learn to walk by faith and not by sight, so that you learn to walk by faith not by sight was an orchestra, the focus is directly and everybody like woman up on instrument and it sounds like crazy. Sounds like nobody knows how to play physicist just different sounds all discombobulated all over the place and I sit with the instrument this week. A lot of sounds gone will become harmonized just south all of a sudden I walked the conductor he spent the paternalistic, picked up a bit bit bit bit by sits up in the chair and then he start and all of a sudden the sun comes to Before the conductor showed up.

It sounded random, disconnected, discombobulated and non-harmonious, but once the conduct that comes up and taps a couple of times and waves his hand what looked like sounded like now makes sense to save my life… What looked like random things that will follow the sun. Have a dull leave the concert to work just because it doesn't sound right through the conduct because when he shows up to bring up discord.

We have an employee and he was happy to be in the office would just chatting for a few moments and I said, only center I got laid off last week and sedan a cutback in I was when I was a comeback and I got laid off and no one got a brand-new baby coming knows is not a good time.

I really was hoping to get into this field over here before my training and everything based on my desire was hopefully getting this field over here now I just need a job and I was told to get this field over here but have laid off and got a family baby, and I can think of a baby and so so terrible about the feeling told about the feel that the person in the field he was trying to get in was already in our ministry resigned last week she resigned last week. This guy was fired last week, these two God don't know each other. There is absolutely no connection between these two.

He was last week the guy was last week estimates that same job.

But look back chance they were field that was the same that resided given the job you want to call the sovereign God is in the sometimes God will blocks things when you get this… Show you that you really great. Sometimes gets through. You know I stopped you because he is a sovereign God's providential. We got some big bank you bake a cake cake so you put out the flower you put out the butter you put out the milk you have all the ingredients out the ingredients to make none of those items by themselves are enjoyable and edible.

You don't eat a stick about you dip your hand in the sugar and pour sugar in your mouth you dig in the flour and pour flour in your mouth. They are part of the cake. Don't take the wrong exit just doing it because they have not been mixed little value to you. It's when they get mixed by gets mixed with the body and the body gets mixed with the next and all things are now working together, but not all day working together you that you sent of a fire place and not write it up in the Mossad. Nothing meaningful itself becomes something that will take you out the bad road into the kitchen because what it has now been blended something that is to the case. Looks like right now and some milk over here and look like you don't like the taste of the way that it is not all books turn the blender on yet when they turn on how things are working together for good doctor 2011 with an encouraging lesson for us on the detours of Providence. Don't forget would like to send you the full length version of today's message including material we didn't have time to present here on the air as a part of Tony's current nine lesson audio collection called Joseph detours to destiny is our gift to you. When you make a donation to help keep this broadcast coming to this station and others like it around the world. Just visit Tony where you can find out how to get your copy right from the homepage or if you prefer, give our resource request on a call at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our friendly team members help with your request. Again, that's it. Tony or by phone at 1-800-800-3222. Throughout history, there are certain things that haven't changed one of those is that people still need the Lord today is much as ever.

Dr. Evans believes when we share kindness with one another, redoing both a good thing and that godly thing that helps point those around us to God's kingdom, we encourage you to look for opportunities to be his ambassador through your deliberate acts of kindness each day. When we think of hostages, we picture people being held against their will or threatened in some way tomorrow. Dr. Evans will tell us about the kind of hostage who could walk away at any time, but refuses to go sure to join us for the alternatives with Dr. Tony advances brought you fighting made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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