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Woe to You Hypocrites

The Verdict / John Munro
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March 14, 2022 1:56 pm

Woe to You Hypocrites

The Verdict / John Munro

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March 14, 2022 1:56 pm

Dr. John H. Munro March 13, 2022 Matthew 23

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A common reason is given for people coming to church is to say the church is full of hypocrites will come to church and I readily concede that there are hypocrites in churches today were going to learn about hypocrisy is a serious message as soon as passage one of the most convicting anything that all of Scripture. So I invite you to open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 23. I'm going to attempt to go through this whole chapter this morning. I know some of you think I can do that but will try that with God's help. Here Jesus is condemning the height to say of the scribes and Pharisees. Matthew refers hypocrisy much more than Mark and Luke, John and his gospel never mentions it. But here in Matthew chapter 23 Jesus gives seven wars against hypocrites. Look at verse 13. Remember, it is our Savior speaking, but war to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites verse 15 war to use scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, verse 16 woe to you blind guides. Verse 23 woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites verse 25 more to you, scribes and Pharisees, recruits verse 27 woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites verse 29 woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, strong, strong words, hypocrisy is a very serious sin and here in Matthew chapter 23 will learn that Jesus sharply and strongly condemns hypocrisy. None.

None of us like hypocrites. We also rely authenticity on reality. We want honesty and that this Greek word hypocrite was first used by some of you know, to describe someone who acted apart in the drama and actor who spoke is a what under a mask and so the word began to be used in someone who pretends someone who is acting apart. Someone in fact was putting on a false appearance and here in Matthew chapter 23 hypocrite the notes of frauds are pretender a specially one who pretends to be pious, spiritual, virtuous and religious someone who pretends to be more spiritual than others. We would say that hypocrite is afforded the phone easier side. Reality is that this kind of hypocrite is often blind to his or her hypocrisy. And as we will read Jesus uses this word blind. These are blind men blindfolds. He says blind guides you tell your children not to cheat at school but do you cheat in business using hymns and prayers were done this morning. But what about your language at home is a profane is vulgar at home on the basketball court when you're with your buddies with with your friends.

Do you speak then hypocrisy is very very serious I want to take a closer look at it and listen to the words of Jesus. I'm going to say that there are five characteristics of hypocrisy now as we go through this. This is very very convicting. I find it very convicting because it's spatially written to those who are in spiritual leadership.

So as we go through this. I want you not to think of others who you think of hypocrites. I found myself doing that I thought well another person notes.

I regretted that's not the point. They have a credit always look starting another's that have occurred thanks God that is not like so-and-so. So don't want you to do that. I want you all of us as we go through this to be praying to the spirit of God to reveal any hypoxia say in my life and don't say there is none.

First of all, one characteristic of the hypocrite is that there's a difference between telling and doing a difference between what the hypocrite says and what he or she actually does, but through the first 12 verses Matthew 23 verse one Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples, the scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses seat so do and observe what they tell you, not the works they do, for they preach, but do not practice the tile heavy burdens, hard to bear on lead among people shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with her finger.

They do all their deeds to be seen by others, for they make their phylacteries broad in their fringes along the love the place of honor at feasts of the best seats in the synagogues and greetings in the marketplace and being called Rabbi by others, but you are not to be called Rabbi, for you have one teacher and you are all brothers and call no man your father on earth you have one father who is in heaven, neither be called instructors for you have one instructor, the Christ, the greatest among you shall be your servant whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. The difference between telling and doing the scribes and the Pharisees consider themselves the custodians the interpreters of the Mosaic law you the Bible. They study that they memorize that and the interpreted what did you notice verse three due and observe whatever they tell you, but not the works they do, for they preach, but do not practice antiquark to zoom in telling people to do one thing and then you yourself doing the other Democrats as Jesus explains ringlike very difficult for others they give heavy burdens to others, but they don't help do what I say but don't do what I do notice verse five very key.

They do all their deeds to be seen by others want others to look on them is that there is a spiritual man is a spiritual woman. They make verse five the phylacteries broad and their fringes long so you have been to Israel. You've seen this with a picture of them here as a reversal going in Israel and will see them using these little boxes as I felt like today you see the arm around paying little pieces of Scripture out in these boxes is it why would they do that. Deuteronomy chapter 6. We looked at it a couple of weeks ago as we thought of the great Jewish of the confession of faith.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and your heart might and so on and then verse eight you shall bind them commandments as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.

So here we: the phylacteries.

So here are the scribes and Pharisees.

They brought huge boxes. They've got a lot of saplings on their armor. The points of goers of Deuteronomy 6 is of the word of God should be central.

Here, the scribes and the strategies taken very literally and they want others to know how spiritual they are by having a broad phylacteries and having long fringes long tassels on their clothes.

Deuteronomy 15 the instruction laws. You are to remember the commandments of one way to do that was to be doesn't infringe on your garment so that the word of God would be central it would just be read in the synagogue, but it would be for you.

That's the point of it but hypocrites. Once people to admire. Once people to applaud their spirituality glucose spiritual. I am the one the best seats in the synagogues. They love to be greeted for their spirituality to love their titles. Notice what people like the title. Here is the Rabbi here is the father and so on. They want to be the authority they want a personal following that Jesus is not saying that we don't have respect for their teachers and their fathers. Obviously we do. We know that the blind is all of us imperfect people and we are, says Jesus you are all brothers remember when I was 14 or 15 and the soccer team we went to Malaga, southern Spain beautiful city and we were playing a team in Malaga, before the game that we were told we were going to be presented to the ship and automate close on and he had his ring, the teams were presented to the Bishop who was going to watch this display of a great soccer progress and that we were meant to kiss his ring so I'm at the back of the line supplies kissing the bishops ring the best player in our team was a man called what the boy told Solomon Solomon Suggested Right.

He Was Jewish. So I Said to Saul, I Don't Know about You but Knowing That Considering He Said No and I'll Do My Here Was the Most Reverent Grace, Your Excellency, Bowing and Kissing Covering No We Show Respect to Those Who Have Started a We Have Only One Father Call Someone Father So-And-So Don't Call Me Father John in a Spiritual Sense, No, We Are All Equal before God. God Is Our Master. We Serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We Bowed and We Worship Him. The Reality of Our Faith Is Not Demonstrated by Titles, Not by Lording It over. Did You Notice Verses 11 and 12 Jesus As the Greatest among You. You Want to Be Great in the Kingdom of Heaven, Who Seen This before Me Your Servant of the People Kissing Your Writing Winning Subordinate Clause so People Can Admire You and Bow to Whoever Exalts Himself Will Be Humbled, Whoever Humbles Himself Will Be Exalted.

The First Characteristic down the Limited the Difference between Telling and Doing Second Difference Versus 13 through 22 Is a Difference between the Spiritual and the Material Verse 13, but Walter You Jesus Is Speaking. This Is Strong Is but Woe to You Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites for You Shop the Kingdom of Heaven in People's Faces for You Neither Enter Yourself Not A Lot Of Those Who Would Enter to Go in.

Woe to You Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites for You Travel across the Land to Make a Single Proselyte, and When He Becomes a Proselyte You May Come Twice As Much a Child of Hell As Yourselves. The Difference between the Spiritual and the Material. Verse 20 Verse 16 Woe to You Blind Guides Who Say If Anyone Swears by the Temple and There's Nothing but If Anyone Swears by the Gold of the Temple. He's Bind by His Oath, You Blind Fools for Which Is Greater, the Gold or the Temple That Is Made.

The Goal Sacred and You Say If Anyone Swears by the Alternates. Nothing. But If Anyone Swears by the Gift That It Is That Is on the Altar. He's Bind by His Oath, You Blind Man, Which Is Greater, the Gift of the Altar That Makes the Gift Sacred so Whoever Swears by the Altar, Swears by It and Buy Everything on It, and Whoever Swears by the Temple Swears by It and by Him Who Dwells in It, and Whoever Swears by Heaven Swears by the Throne of God and by Him Who Sits upon Staff Is Jesus Saying to These Men. These Religious Men, Your Hypocrites, Not Only Will You Not Enter the Kingdom of Heaven Yourself, but through Your Hypotheses through Your Deceitful Words and Actions Your Shutting out Others from the Kingdom of Heaven Is Making It Very Difficult for Others to Come Here.

John The Baptist Is a Large Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven Is near. These Men Should've Been Advising on Helping People to Understand That in the Very Midst of the Messiah. They Rejected They Are Spiritually Blind.

Jesus Calls Them Blind Fools That Are 70 Verse 19 You Blind Man Blind to Who Is in Your Midst, the Messiah, Spiritually Blind, Notice What Jesus Says in Verse 15, You Make That Person Twice As Much a Child of Hell As Yourself.

Religion Impressing Others That Actual Five Children of Hell Hypocrites Concerned with the Material Trappings. Behold the Money the Offering, but They Neglect the Spiritual. One of the Characteristics of the Hypocrites. One of the Characteristics of the False Teacher Is Materialism Is a Love of Money and so One of the Current One of the Qualifications for the Elder in the Church Is That He Is Not to Be a Lover of Money, but the Hypocrite Loves Money at the User Religion to Exploit People for Their Own Benefits for Their Own Material Benefit. Paul Refers to Those Who Are Peddlers of God's Word Second Continues to the Use Religion to Use Christ Use the Church to Manipulate People to Get What They Want. The Difference between the Spiritual and the Material Is the Third One. The Difference between Focusing on the Minors and Focusing on the Majors. The Singular, Implying These Things Yourself.

You Someone in Your Faith in the Christian Life.

You're Majoring on the Minors and in so Doing You Neglecting That Which Is Major and That Which Is Important Is That What You Mean.

Verse 23 Woe to You Scribes and Pharisees Advocates for You Time Meant until Clement and Have Neglected Their Weightier Matters of the Law, Justice and Mercy and Faithfulness. These You Ought to Have Done without Neglecting the Others You Blind Guides Straining out on That and Swallowing, the Difference between Focusing on the Minors and Focusing on the Majors.

The Scribes in the Pharmacy. They Know Their Bibles.

They Know There to Give a Try. Of All They Have and They Are so Meticulous That They in Fact Give a Try on the Harps. The Maintenance and Dill and Cumin. Was That Wrong Know That's Not Wrong That's Right Was the Problem Know That the Time Is That That's According to the Mosaic Law, but They Neglect the Very Essence of the Law. All They Are Very Pedantic Never to Particular Their Very Meticulous Notice. I'm Even Giving 10% of the Herbs I Have Jesus in Your That's Good, but in so Doing You Neglecting Their Weightier Matters of the Law. Whether These Justice and Mercy and Faithfulness. That's a Law to Be Just to Be Honest, to Be Authentic. You Just You Just Person about Mercy Is One Who Extends Mercy to Others Pads Use Children See Mercy Your Heart Taskmaster Those Employers Here to Show Mercy to an Employee Is My Stop in the Relationships with Others in the Church People Stumble, People Mess up. How Do You Respond Justice, Mercy, and Faithfulness at Being a Person of Your Word Person of Commitment You You Follow through Your Faithful Person Baths Was Important in the Law and Their Legalistic Government Careless Interpretation of the Law Demonstrates the Hypocrisy to the Hypocritical Legalist Wants Everyone to Know How to Meticulously Observe the Minor Issues Straining and That No One Wants to Swallowing That Nasty Little Thing, but Problem Is Training out That the Problem Is, As You Do That You're Swallowing the Camel Points the Show Video Becomes the Most Important.

That's What Your Focus and When You're Focusing on That You're Swallowing the Camo Not Being the Smallest Creature Deserve the Time the Combo Being the Largest Fred Bridges and I Went on the Missions Trip to Kazakhstan Speak Russia. Russian.Reset Done for This Meal and There Were Readings Very Dark Meets and with Chewing and with Chewing and Maturing My Sister Fred. What Is This, He Said That, I Think It's Harsh.

I Said If You Are the Horse I Got the Saddle Because I Love Meets and Torturing Away What Was Then the Family Said Would You like Something to Drink Absolutely and They Said We Have Campbell's Fermented Milk. Fred Is Not a Spiritual of Zion. He Declines Are Being a Pastor Trying to Establish Rapport with Peoples That Show That I Will Think You're Campbell's Fermented Milk. I Don't Advise I Can Do Just about Anything and I Took A Few Gulps of It and That Was That Never Actually Swallow the Combo but I Have Swallowed Campbell's Milk Brilliant Illustration by Jesus Is and You Know and I Know in the Christian Life.

We Sometimes Are Guilty of That You May Be Guilty of That Raising Your Children. We May Be Guilty of That As a Church Is Very Easy As Needed to Get Caught up with the Outward Legalistic Practices and Rituals and Neglect Compassion and Justice and Love Unrighteousness, Rules and Regulations, and Laws and Rituals and Policies Must Never Become an End in Themselves, Majoring on the Minors without a Living Relationship with God and Faith That Brings Hypocrisy. Third One the Difference between Focusing on the Minors and Focusing on the Majors.

There's 1/4 One That All Tied Together.

The Difference between the Return and the Inner Person Verse 25 Woe to You Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites for You Clean the outside of the Cup on the Plate, but inside They Are Full of Greed and Self-Indulgence. You Blind Pharisee, First Clean the inside of the Cup of the Plate That the Underside Also May Be Clean. Woe to You Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites for Your like Whitewashed Tombs, Which Outwardly Appear Beautiful, but with in Are Full of Dead People's Bones and All Uncleanness. So You Also Outwardly Appear Righteous to Others, but within Your Full of Hype Hypocrisy on Lawlessness.

What Was a Direct Teaching Doesn't Sign Very Loving This Is Coming from the Lord Jesus Christ Is the Very Essence of Love, the Difference between the External and the Internal the Difference between the Person and the and There Person Here Is Cup Cup Could Be Clean on the Yard Signs but Dirty and Nasty in the inside Revolver That Explains the Rationale We Get a Glass. We Have a Cup and the Teams Clinically Consigned.

We Realize There's Dirt inside.

That's the Point Isn't It the Pharisees and the Scribes Look the Part of the Long Robes and Other Flags Raising Other Tassels Giving That I Send That along, Prayers in Public. Very Impressive but As a Shoes Discrepancy. Jesus Is Saying between Who the External Lay and What the Intent Master Was Most Important. Long Robes, but Long Prayers. The Traditions and Interpretations of the Law.

Outwardly, They Look Very Good, but Inwardly Jesus Said You Notice How Strong His Legs. He Says They're Full of Greed and Self-Indulgence Whitewashed Terms Which Outwardly Appear Beautiful, but within Full of Dead People's Bones and All Uncleanness.

What a Graphic Picture of Corruption and Wickedness Outwardly Impressive, Internally on Clean but You Your Social Media with Social Media Is Very Easy for People to Present a Certain Image of People Who Go on These Dating Apps Can Look at Someone. I Look Very Nice.

We Can Find out That Your You're a Christian, and the so I'm a Christian. I Read My Bible I Go to Church They Can Act the Part They Can Look the Part They Can Speak the Part but Some of Your Funds Are Temperature Began to Date Someone like That You Realize No, That's the Outward Shall Outwardly Impressive with Internally. They May Be Sleazy, Deceitful and Moral Dishonest Records Which God's Concern for You. Are You Look What You Say No Your Heart Is Also True When We Meet Someone Is in the Were Concerned, I Was or How Was It Was a Real Person That's Enough Full Name. What Is That Authenticity There. Usually When the Heart Is Right, the Outward Conduct in the Words Follow. But If the Heart Is Wrong. There May Be Impressive Words Impressive Actions, but They Are Hypocrites Are Playing a Part in Sooner or Later They True Parents Income Satellites Following External Rules with Us.

The Supernatural Life of the Spirit of God in Us, Which Makes the Change You Will You Heart Is Unclean. Your Self-Indulgent Person. Jesus Said These Policies Were Full of Greed and Self Indulgence Any of That in Your Life Is the Last One. The Difference between Hard Hearts and Humble Hearts.

Verse 29 Woe to You Are Saying Is Jesus Never Going to Stop Saying This. There's Water You, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites for You Build the Tombs of the Prophets and Decorate the Monuments of the Right to Say If We Had Lived in the Days of Our Fathers, We Would Not Have Taken Part with Them in Shedding the Blood of the Prophets.

Thus You Witness against Yourselves That Your Sons of Those Who Murdered the Prophets Fill up Then the Measure of Your Fathers You Siphons You Brood of Vipers, How Are You to Escape Being Sentenced to Hell.

Therefore, I Send You Prophets and Wise Men and Scribes, Some of Whom You Will Kill and Crucify, and Some You Will Flog in Your Synagogues and Persecute from Turn to Turn so That on You May Come All of the Righteous Blood Shed on Their from the Blood of Righteous Abel to the Blood of Zechariah 7 about a Kia, Whom You Murdered between the Sanctuary and the Altar, Truly I Say to You, All These Things Shall Come upon This Generation Becomes Done to the Hypocrites Heart's Heart Rather Than Humble and Soft over the Scribes and Pharisees That You, the Biblical History There Saying We Understand in Our Bibles and We Know That God Sent Prophets and They Were Killed in Margate but We Would Never Have Done That No Fax Verse 29. They Decorate the Monuments of the Righteous, but the Reality Is, Jesus Is Saying They Are Mark Notice the Credits on the Hay. The True Prophets of God. In Fact, Even As Jesus Is Speaking to Them. They Are Plotting His Dad. They Hate the Messiah Christ There Plotting to Destroy and Kill Him. They Say Were Not like the People in the Old Testament Who Persecuted and Killed, and so on.

The Profits We Were Not Done That in Jesus and Your Exactly like Them Knows What He Said You Serpents Verse 33. You Brood of Vipers.

I Want You to Escape Being Sentenced to Hell As We Know They're Going to Continue the Mark Notice Rejection of God's Messengers, Even the Messiah Will Hypocrisy Hard Hearts Evidence in Your Life of a Heart Resisting the Truth Arguing with the Truth When You're Approved by Someone Instead of Humbly Listening to the Word of God. You Resent That You Get Defensive Heart #We Sign a Beautiful Song Speak to Me. God Speaks to You Listen Humbly Responds.

Scripture Says over and over Again Today When You Hear God's Word and Do Not Harden Your Heart. These Men, In Spite Of the Messiah Being in the Midst Are Hardening Their Heart, Keeping Him so That Sooner Going to Say Crucify Him. As It Was the Answer to This Repentance.

Hypocrites Must Repent Is a Wonderful That When Our Savior Comes Becomes Not to Condemn Us, Because within All of Our Hearts. Every Single One of Us Was Our Parkinsonism, Don't Deny It. Say You Different from Others Pretended to Be so Spiritual You Put on That Façade Was Necessary. Repentance That Was a Problem with the Pharisees and the Scribes They Thought They Were Different from Others. They Thought They Were Separate from the Sinners and the Tax Collectors and Jesus of Course Said I Came Not to Call the Righteous, but Sinners to Repentance.

Sick People Go to the Doctor the Righteous Person That Tells a Person Doesn't Do It.

So When Jesus Comes He Comes and He Says I Didn't Come to Save Those Who Think That Righteous by Draw That I Came to Save Those Who Recognize That They Are Sinners. What Does a Hypocrite Do, He or She Focuses on the Failings and the Faults of Others May Deflect the Truth. They Think They Are Immune. And As Long As You Continue in That Attitude in Your Blind to Your Own Failings and Sins.

There Can Be No True Salvation Because in True Salvation. That Is the Repentance of Your Sin. The Essence of the Christian Faith Is Not Trying to Become a Better Person. The Essence of the Christian Faith Is Not Going through the Word Rituals. It Begins by You As an Individual and Means an Individual Confessing That I Am Sinful. Yes, Lord, That Is, Hyde Park Is Yes. I Sometimes of Greed and Self-Indulgence Are That I Need Forgiveness Which Only You Can Give. And We Acknowledge Our Sin and We Looked Magnificent Savior Who Came to Dine for Sinners Was Buried, and Rose Again Religion Talk to Say Is Trying to Get to God by Our Own Efforts. I'll Change My Behavior Will Go through Some Therapy Will Adopt Some Religious Rituals All Join the Church.

I'll Do All of These Good Works, Trying by Yourself to Achieve Your Solve. They Should Never Make It Because It Is Coming up This and Patrick's Thing to Show I'm Not Totally Prejudiced against Irish People.

I Want to Put the Screen and Irishman We Got the Slides from One of Their Awake Order the Antivirus As Well. Various Reason Irishman Probably Very Few of You Know His Name.

Palais the Great Soccer Player Said That This Man's Name Is George Best Was the Greatest Footballer in the World of the Time He Played for Manchester United Which I Happen to like the Greatest Club in the World and the One Yesterday to 232 against Those First George Best Played with Dennis Law Scotsman Bobby Charlton Englishman from Three Absolutely Magnificent Plastic Player George Best of the Problem and Ultimately Is a Problem That Was Going to Kill Her. He Liked to Drink.

He Became an Alcoholic One Time after This Canadian Footballer Then the News Interviewed and He Said This, He Said I Can. I Could Beat Every Opponent. Apart from Alcohol Unstoppable in the Field. Absolutely Brilliant Fast from a Distributor of the Ball Passing the Ball Was in the Grass in the World.

He Sent Me Was among the Top Two or Three Could Beat Every Opponent Apart from Alcohol and Is Going to Die from His Alcoholism in Melita Transplant Liver by Yourself, You Cannot Beat Your Hypocrisy by Yourself, You Cannot Beat Your Alcoholism by Yourself. You Can Be That Drug Addiction by Yourself. You Can Be That Greed and That Immorality and Whatever Particular Satan or since You Have by Yourself You Can Never Beat Gina Hypocrite Thinks He Kindly Thinks He or She Doesn't Have a Problem. I Tell Use of Told You Often, Salvation Is Not Something to Be Achieved, but Rather Freeing the Received As an Act of God's Grace by Acknowledging That You Can Save Yourself to Know That Our Lord Jesus Christ Has Done It All. His Work Is Perfect for My Salvation in Your Salvation, Your to Turn from Your Sin and You to Embrace Christ As Your Savior and Lord. Yes, Time from Your Hypocrisy.

Admit That You Are the Center Remember the Pharisee in the Temple. He Was Praying in the Tax Collector Was That in the Pharisees Thinking God Is Not like This Man. The Man Who Was Saved He Was Justified. He Says God Be What Merciful to Me Said It Was at That Right Nevada See Always Been a Christian. I Come from a Wonderful Home. I've Been Baptized, Join the Charge of Done All of This, but I'm Asking You Receive Christ Jesus Saying Please Listen. These Are His Words Not Mine. That Judgment Is Coming to Those Who Reject Jesus.

Verse 30 7O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the City That Kills the Prophets and Stones Those Who Are Sent to Often Would I Have Gathered Your Children Together As a Hen Gathers Her Brood under Her Wing and You Were Not Willing See Your House Is Less Laughter You Desolate. For I Tell You, You Will Not See Me Again until You Say Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord Want to Hear His Message of Judgment, the Scribes and the Pharisees Are Rejecting God Salvation the Rejecting, the Messiah, and Judgment Is Coming and Jesus Is Lamenting over Jerusalem. He Wants to Gather Them As a Hen Gathers Her Brood under Her Wings, but They Are Unwilling to See the Wonderful Love of Jesus As He Stands in Plays with Them but They Do Not Come. Jesus Is about to Leave the World Says in Verse 39 I Tell You, You Will Not See Me Again This House Winning the Temple Verse 38 Is Going to Be Left to You Desolate. Just A Few Years Later in A.D. 70.

That's Exactly What Happens. The Roman Army Comes in the Seizures Jerusalem the Caleb to a Million Jews Reset the Temple and Fire. They Scatter the Name of Israel. They Have Rejected the Messiah and Judgment Has Come in the Temple in Jerusalem Is Left Desolate This Very Day. Chapter 24 Verse One As Will See Next Week.

Jesus Leaves the Temple for the Last Time. No Wonder He Weeps over Jerusalem.

They Reject the Messiah, They Will Not See Him Again. His Earthly Ministry Is Almost Rejected. But Did You Notice in Verse 39 the Wonderful Little Lord until I Tell You, You Will Not See Me Again until You Say Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord.

They Reject the Messiah, but God Never Forgets His Promises to His Ancient People, and God Has a Future for Israel and Jesus Will Return and When He Returns. Paul Says in Romans 11 All Israel Will Be Saved, Then the Nation Will Say Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord a Message of Judgment.

The Day of Grace We above Examine Your Heart to See If There's Any Hypocrisy in Your Senior Better Than Others Look to Christ the Savior Comes to Forgive and to Transform Is a Tough Passage of Tough Message. Once You in This Moment. As We Look to Christ and Christ Alone. Some of You Have Not yet Come to Christ When You Met Your Center Serving Eternal Separation from God That You Have Hypocrisy or Sin Trusts Jesus the Son of God Who Paid the Penalty for Your Sins. When He Died on the Cross and Rose Again Say Lord Jesus, I Trust You My Personal Savior Save Me, Give Me the Gift of Eternal Life Help You to Look for Your Jesus Name of Father in Regards to Thank You for This Passage. So Convicting It Cut Right through Some of Our Phoniness and All of Us Here Who Are Followers of Christ Want to Be Authentic and We Pray No for Your Grace. We Thank You That Your Merciful God That You're a Forgiving God God, Who Shatters Hard Hard Hearts Pray for Those Here Who Have Never yet Trusted Christ, Who Are Still Unsaved Meeting Call upon the Name of the Lord and Be Safe and We Thank You That Salvation Is Found in Christ and Christ Alone As We Sing of the Wonder of Salvation, Touch and Change Your Hearts. We Pray in Christ Name, Amen

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