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September 26, 2022 11:33 am


The Verdict / John Munro

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September 26, 2022 11:33 am

Dr. John H. Munro September 25, 2022 1 Peter 2:1


By telling a story about a biblical story. As you will quickly realize the stress points I want to make an Englishman, the Scotsman and Irishman were given a single wish by one of these genies whose relentless habit seems to be to pop bottles. Englishman said that he is a friend who had a magnificent home in the English countryside. Englishman said that at home was the envy of everyone who saw it and he said I would like all like that in English countryside, but with a bit more grinds two extra bedrooms, a bathroom and a brook running nearby. Jenny said you wish is granted, the Scotsman said that he had a friend who was married to the most beautiful woman you could imagine. She was absolutely gorgeous.

His friend was the envy of every man who looked at these beautiful wife. He said I want to like like that, but not to bring item on the blonde I want her to be more sophisticated, more beautiful, and he was Scottish heiress of a great fortune. The genie said your wishes granted Irishman said well I'm a farmer in rural Ireland very poor farmer of every small farm and have only one, he says my neighbor is also poor farmer and he also has just one car, but his car is the envy of every farmer in Ireland. He said that because produces the riches of milk from that you get the heaviest cream and the purest of mother.

Judy said what you wish you said I will not come.that that's envy is a is a very very powerful force in today's. We continue our series on the seven deadly sins we come to us in which I think very, very few people acknowledge and confess is a very unusual said because although this sin is very very prevalent in the advertising industry exploits it.

This sin is never really enjoyed by those who commit the sin. Many of the other deadly sins give certain enjoyment such as being a glutton or lazy or lustful or greedy in pursuing these sins there's a certain amount of enjoyment. But with this sin. This unique said those who pursue it and practice it never really enjoy the right sins of envy and likable envious you are, the greater the timelines you personally experience envy is a very insidious sin because although it doesn't necessarily harm others. It destroys our very soul to deadly sin under this self destructive turn in your Bibles with me to first Peter chapter 2 and I were going to be very various passages of Scripture this morning and here is one which mentioned mentions envy nine Peter is writhing the persecuted Christians is writing to believers I am preaching to many professing believers.

You may think well I never commit the sin of envy while at sea. First Peter two verse one.

So put away all malice, malice and envy often go together, put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander put it away this week. By the way, in a recent poll of evangelical Americans quite sure how we define an evangelical nowadays with 38% of American even Joseph considered religious belief as a matter of personal opinion are not based on objective truth that absolutely tragic that people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ are saying their belief is based on their personal opinion rather than objective truth such as Scripture said that the sin of and be one deceitful things about the deadly sin of envy. First of all, envy is covetousness with a twist. It is the evil I now is not a sin to emulate someone or to admire someone of your students playing football or learning the piano and you see someone who is better at playing football or better than playing the piano that you are you can admire them and you wish they had you.

You wish you had their skills is not necessarily and very and find watching them and admiring them may lead you to work harder at improving some delay to be ambitious is not to be envy but remember the 10th commandment.

The last commandment thou shalt not covet. You shall not covet. You know what it is to covet someone's success dilutes the achievements of friends or family. The car you know what it is to one something what someone else has, or to be what someone else is. That is, covetousness what envy goes beyond covetousness and jealousy, and he's not simply one thing what someone else has or is at the heart of envy is to be garage what someone else has the heart of envy is to be resentful of their happiness to be eaten alive by their success to want their success to be removed on the couch to be dead and be secretly happy when misfortune happens to someone and envy is not enough to succeed. Others must fail. Is this a really nasty… And it is and you know something about it on to your is a high school students.

She considers her friends much more attractive more popular as better grades has more followers on social media than she has. And this young lady is envious of her friends. She talked find her friends back.

She slanders her and she is absolutely delighted when her friends springs her ankle, it doesn't make the cheerleading squad ahead of the mean girls mean girls are envious it is not just mean the high school girls all of us can be impacted by the sin of envy and he believes that my not enjoying myself, no one else should you see then that and they is a particularly malicious sin. It is covetousness with a trace twist. Secondly, and be is a sin of the heart board without road whenever a person succeeds a little something in me died. Why is that envy those around us are usually unaware of our envy. Some of the sin such as faster immorality or anger often become known to others, but envy and be our secret sin tempted because it deals not so much without outward actions as our inner attitude.

Jesus said it's not what comes outside of a person inside them, which the files them, but it is that which is within them. Mark chapter 7 verse 20 hear the words of Jesus March 7 verse 20 what comes out of a person is what defiles him.

For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality that murdered adultery, coveting, wickedness. See sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All of these evil things come from within, and they defile a person but is envy come from it comes from within. It comes from the heart and says Jesus is evil.

It's a sin and that the files you it impacts you. It's a sin of the heart. It's covetousness with a twist. The sin of the heart. Third, envy leads to other sins very often.

What begins as an inner attitude of the heart often springs to other sins. If you are envious of another person's appearance or achievements you may slander them. You may lie about them. You make gossip about.

It is an individual work who is envious of a fellow employee because that individual gets promoted that individual is has more compensation and there envious of this person that can lead to gossip in the workplace can lead even to the person plotting an trying to manipulate things so that individual is fired so, envy very easily leased other sins. Slander resentments, anger, hatred. Yes, and even murder. What is a beginner begins with a heart begins with the sinful attitude of envy for and be when you think of it is usually a sin of proximity and pettiness generally were not envious of people we don't personally know you are much more likely to be envious of some of your friends and tell them that of course your smile and then we are envious of your friends or acquaintances people you know at school people at work people in your family.

People at church. These are the people where these sins of envy come so easily you resent that friends, fellow believer that's wealthier than you are. You really are envious of them. You think you work harder than later and you're sadly smarter than they are by their wealth in the wealthier than you are and your envious of that person that friends supposedly if your student your envious of another student. If you're a cop and turn your envious of another carpenter.

If you're in the Terminator envious of another attorney.

If you pass your envious of another pastor, so it is. That's why arguments between friends and business partners can be so acrimonious and nasty. That's why sibling rivalry can be absolutely devastating. Why because we tend to envy those within our circle that meanness of spirit that envy of the heart which you may have hidden for some time, some things sometimes comes out as a source of facility slander and even hatred, envy often seems so petty when it begins. That's why we rarely admit to being envious when we spell out our envy at times so trivial, so petty, so childish, but that envy and were not careful in the heart can become all-consuming and insatiable that envy in your heart can lead to self-destruction agony torments and is devastating to your relationships. It is unquestionably a deadly sin know what secure for I'm going to suggest three untitled's to go to the doctor and he says there's something wrong with you you trustee has a cure and untitled. I'm going to give you three cures for envy. The first status contentment is difficult for many of us is in the to be contented but when you think of it, the envious person is not content you're not content with who you are you not content with what you have. So what does the Bible say tend to Hebrews towards the end of your Bible.

Hebrews chapter 13 when the folder the Bible is all of the answers to these sins. The ultimate answer of course is the cross of Christ. Hebrews chapter 13 that envy in your heart. Here is the cure.

Your spiritual physician. I'm saying this is your number one Hebrews 13 verse five. Keep your life free from love of money and be content with what you have, for he has said I will never leave you nor forsake forsake you. So, we can confidently say the Lord is my helper, I will not fear what can man do to me the envious person is never satisfied, then this person is not content.

So here is the spiritual and tidal to your envy be content Jeremiah Burroughs lived in 17th-century England and he wrote a book called the rare jewel of Christian contentment. I recommend that book to it is written about the need for Christian contentment. Here is a quote from his book is right in the 17th century and the way they did Christian contentment is that suites in Norton on his inward envy is inward contentment is inward. Quiet, gracious frame of spirit which freely submits to and delights in God's wise and fatherly disposal in every condition.

There's a wise man though this suite is inward its quiet and these noisy in their always there, always making a fuss gracious frame of spirit which freely submits to and delights in God's wise and fatherly disposal in every condition. Spiritual contentment then recognizes the providence of God in our lives swear in your envious you're saying that God is entreating you the way that you desire. You deserve better.

Why does this person have this, why does this person look like that. Not accepting what God has for you. Will you accept what God has for you rather than what you want for yourself when you accept your appearance will you we accept your strengths and your limitations when you acknowledge that God made you with many talents as a follower of Jesus Christ of you are your gifted you love all of the gifts you have limitations, you're not superwoman you're not Superman. We all have limitations and they come from God as well as her strengths and is difficult for us takes a humble gracious spirit as Burroughs or say to accept what God has placed you in his sovereign providences wonders envious want to change one something different once wants what someone else has or is no contentment is accepting what God has placed you in life under his sovereign Providence.

The envious person is restless, not contented, just confused.

He's unhappy and is not a piece mask terms of this before the Lord, are you a person at peace but peace begins. Of course, being justified by faith we have peace with God. That piece continues as we take all of our anxious worries and put them on the Lord, and he gives us that piece which passes all understanding the contented person is a person at peace you envious of others envious of wrongdoers. Wonder why people do not follow Christ by they prosper and your envious of that businessman who is corrupt, but his business is flourishing and you're on the edge of bankruptcy and that you are not contented.

37 verses one and 27 says be not envious of wrongdoers that don't be envious of wrongdoers.

Why some assays for they will soon fade like the grass and with a like degree in her we only see the presence God sees the future. God will take care of them while you wedding about them why you restless about them. Why does the problems of this world upset you so much. Peace be content when we're envious we're not trusting God to contentment is loving and dependence on God. Contentment is independent of our circumstances, there are always difficulties with her circumstances because we live in a fallen world that are always problems in life, until that glorious day when our Lord comes to be with our problems, that's heaven as a future meantime, circumstances can be difficult but our disappointments are tragedies that are obstacles to navigate in life that is true but the contented person accepts their circumstances. Their appearance or achievements or possessions. So Paul says in first Timothy 66 godliness with contentment is great gain want to be a godly person answers yes one God to look on you and be pleased with you.

Yes godliness with contentment is great gain to him as he led us in prayer. Assess the pause for a moment and to give thanks to the Lord. For one thing, did you find it difficult wonder if you'd asked us to take a moment and complain about something. Would we be quicker to do that quicker to complain quicker to grumble godliness with contentment is great gain on you to reflect on the blessings and the generosity of God in your life. I know it's not perfect. To understand God has blessed us is called grace giving us what we don't deserve thankfulness to God for his many blessings on your unique life will cause envy and resentment to whether Thanksgiving is a great cure for envy and stop making comparisons with other people. Listen, I don't care if you're a young man on the quarterback and the team I don't care how far you can throw the ball. Someone can throw it further so you been watching the golf going on in their own city with the presence And if you're a golfer.

I don't care how long you can hit that ball. I can guarantee someone out there is hitting the ball much further than you are. There's always someone who can do something better. There's always someone who is richer. There's always someone who is more effective at what they're doing then you that's not the point. Stop making comparisons. Thank God for all that you are and all that you have stop being resentful and envious of what you do not have. Thank God for what you have that will produce a joyfulness that will produce a generosity and his people are not very generous early. They are covetous. They are frustrated they are resentful in life. There's a bitterness. I've met some people who almost died with us in the resentment envy and other people and am thankful spirit produces and me discontent nest which leads to anxiety and leads to the nasty sin of rejoicing over people's failures this evening were going to continue in Ephesians 1 we saw a couple of weeks ago that Paul begins and thanks God for all of the spiritual blessings that we have in Christ, God has shown us with blessing after blessing after blessing the contented person takes from the good hands of God and as of May square the testimony from Carla shape spoke briefly amazed at the grace of God in our lives. That's the spirit. We wandered in the spirit of contentment. Here is the second part, the second and I don't I'm prescribing for your food today. The sin of envy and at first Peter two verse one.

Put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander away, throwing darts prudent to turn to Colossians chapter 3 is a wonderful passage, which is a great key to our sanctification to living the Christian life. Colossians 3 verse five is very strong. This is a serious, anti-darts you go to your doctor tells you is got bad news. She got cancer. This is going to require surgery will be painful, godly contact. That's the end I don't really cut in the growing serious problem when a cutter died. That's a picture.

Colossians 3 verse five put to death. Therefore what is earthly in you sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness which is idolatry.

Attend isn't that some form of idolatry you're putting something before God on account of these says Paul.

The wrath of God is coming in these YouTube once walked when you were living in them. But now you must put them all away.

Anger Roth malice, slander, and obscene. Talk from your mouth puts today and the old-fashioned theological word is mortification. Mortification of the flesh, putting to dad that which is adversely within your the sin of envy is seriously tribal with it once in a while just in my heart. No one else knows about it know is a serious sin that must be put to death.

You must acknowledge the sin painful surgery is necessary.

John Owen, the great English Puritan side so wisely be killing sin auto kill you. You going to deal with it. This is a deadly sin on tribal with it. Pensées harmless his knowledge deadly. I want you to cut it out as the point it must be put to death must be put away your good to acknowledge this is a sin you prepared before God. To say I am confessing my envy that's dealing seriously with it. Just as nice a God if I send today. Please forgive me and then jump in the bed is not prayer of confession convicted of the sin of envy. Today you need to deal with it to say I'm guilty of envy and specify in what way the sin is being expressed in your life put it to that you receiving no joyfulness sin slowly destroying us spiritually is negatively impacting your walk with God is making you resentful of others. It's changing you from being a joyful Christian to being resentful and negative fund bits shriveled.

No, you must rooted out. Then the sin must be put away is going to do that is done through the part of the living Christ who indwells you I invited the study of the first four verses of Colossians 3 where Paul tells us that we are united with Christ, invite Jesus. Christ is our life. This is the Christian life will think this evening of the power of God in the life of the Christian supernatural power. I'm in Christ.

Christ is in me. He's going to give me all of the pilot. I need to do this spiritual surgery and the root, the sin of envy going to realize it. Paul says here doesn't say in verse six, the Roth of God is coming on the kind of these sins such as covetousness, which includes Andrew but not only are we to kill the sin there something positive we must do what was put on what is good is the third part of this cure. I'm to be the pursuit, contentment, number one, number two, and to put to death the sin third and to put on what is good. Colossians 3 Bibles are still open.

There is a Marine Anglican verse 12 certain things together put off what my going to put on futon then as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness and humility last week with a lot of pride. Meekness and patience. Verse 14 and above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony, wonderful way.

All these nasty citizens of Narita mods but no, Christ is something far better for you than envy in their modality and slander in all of these nasty nasty things. No pony to put on compassionate hearts. When you to put on humility want you to put on meekness and above everything else. Verse 14 of all these put on love. Love is the quote over everything else.

With everything in place and this person is very loving it should know I'm to love God first and then I'm to love others was in the Paul and that great chapter on love will think of in more detail later in the series. First Corinthians 13 verse four love is patient and kind.

Love does not envy or boast, we saw last week at one of the characteristics of pride is boasting you want everyone to know how good you are and what you've achieved.

Love doesn't boast, but also love does not envy, it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way. It's not irritable or resentful. The person who's envious is resentful. It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, and they often rejoices at wrongdoing and be secretly rejoices when something goes wrong in the life of the person of whom you're envious your privates when you envision a loving you may flatter that person you're envious of, but you certainly don't lover. You may say he's your friend, but when there's envy, there's no authentic loving relationship when you're envious you may :-) the person you're stabbing them in the back is called betrayal. Many of us have experienced and when there's love when this kindness envy guys.

Love does not envy, is this person that you're envious of you pray that God would give you a heart of love that you'd be kind to the person that you be compassionate is it, whatever everything I need more no guts for you exactly what anyone should to be want you to love the person. Love does not envy your brother or sister you're envious of stop that someone at work that you're envious of something that someone at Calgary that you're envious of the can play a musical instrument better sing better know the Scriptures better, more friends, whatever it is you're envious of them stop that love that when there is love envy guys.

Love does not envy, and also learn to celebrate the joys and the successes of others envious of eagerly doing the editing once a person to fill, no love always, always seeks the good of the other person something good happens to them that honored in some way they make the team.

They are something that happens to them promoted at work. Learn to rejoice with them when you're envision experiencing God's love, nor are you focusing on the gifts and abilities and blessings and opportunities which God is giving you understand the basic that God created you. God loves you. The God who decided on your height, you're the color of your eyes, your intellectual and artistic and athletic ability is a God who loves you this God has a purpose is for me, which are being fulfilled. I'm to trust in me will, he will guide me. He will help me will give me the strength and the wisdom I have is I depend on him and as I walk by faith receive the love of God comes across the as God loves us in many ways, but his love is supremely seen in the cross.

It was while we were his enemies, that Christ died for us.

It was when we wanted nothing to do with God that God's love comes to us through his son, who dies is the sacrifice for sins on the cross.

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life, and I wonder if some of you have not yet come to the cross. Personally turn from your sin and trusted Christ as your Savior and experience the supernatural was the Holy Spirit pours into our hearts so John can say beloved of God so loved us, we also ought to love one another while you are you not doing that well you not loving that person at school where you not loving that sister why you not loving that colleague lack of love as God for that love to flow in your heart this spelling that envy which is going to be rooted out in this Christ who loves me will come and fill my heart with his love. Envy is a dreadful, insidious, deadly sin and the seed of envy lies in all of our hearts. Some of your thinking as I am of people you've known in your life would be particularly envious is not the point of the message is size. God's today to convict you of any envy to be content to Luther that is God for a fresh start pouring of this credit is not what Paul says is a think about at the end of of Galatians, he says, verse 25 of Galatians 5. If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.

We live with us.

Better to get a follower of Jesus Christ. We do gives us the spirit I'm to depend on him. I am as I'm walking just now step by step as the point is a daily dependence on the spirit you get up in the morning and you ask God to guide you as God for his help. If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Keep in step with the spirits and then verse 26 let us not become conceited, no pride, provoking one another, and being written to Christians. We talked about the works of the flesh in verse 21 which includes envy is a work of the flash comes from our enemy is totally inconsistent with the new life that you have in Christ walk by the Spirit, live by this credit. Stop provoking one another, stop envying one another, but rather than God for his goodness in your life. Thank God for the blessings that he capture thank God above all for the salvation that we have in Jesus Christ and praise and give thanks to God for all of his goodness, and I tell you tomorrow to thank God and praise God that envy will wither with her and with her and walk by faith and if you never tasted of the wonderful immeasurable love of Christ invite you to come to the cross time from all of these sins. Wonder the gospel is that all of the said however deep however horrible, can be totally clients. All of that defilement in your heart and life can totally go this Christ comes and forgives us were going to stand and sing in the middle of the wonderful old hymn that Christ would be our vision. But you focus on him and live a life which makes a tremendous difference in our world to display and proclaim Jesus Christ eternal God and our father, we realize how quickly these sins can spring to life in our hearts, but we thank you that we have a greater power.

The pilot of the spirit so for those who are following Christ father pray little time from these sins. Give us hearts of love parts of thankfulness parts of joy and perhaps here. There's some envy which is really spoiling some relationships in the home, at work, even in ministry.

Maybe rude to my father, give us humility to confess the sins and for those who have never tasted that the Lord is good for those who have never come to the cross. May you open their eyes, father, and I do pray thank you for the son of God who loved us and gave himself for us and me. He be the vision we ask in his name

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