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Lessons from the Dungeon (Part 3 of 4)

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg
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December 2, 2020 3:00 am

Lessons from the Dungeon (Part 3 of 4)

Truth for Life / Alistair Begg

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December 2, 2020 3:00 am

Death isn’t a popular subject—but maybe it should be! After all, we can’t live peacefully until we trust God’s promises for our future. Find out why a biblical view of death and dying is essential, on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.


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The death is a topic most of us like to but the reality is we can't leave peacefully until we can trust in God's promises for our future today on Truth for Life Alastair big explains why we need a biblical view of death and dying as he continues a message titled lessons from the dungeon would pick up today in Genesis chapter 40 the doctrine of providence clearly states that God by his divine energy preserves all his creatures is operative in all that comes to pass, and Iraq's everything in the world to their appointed end.

The ultimate end of God's providence is that his name would be glorified and that he deals in this way in the lives of men and women for his glory and for our good.

And so, in the life of Joseph we are being encouraged to consider the implications of the well-worn New Testament verse Romans eight and 28 and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purposes. All the forces that are arranged today in opposition to God's sin and evil corruption and injustice, greed and exploitation are held in check by God's providential rule, and as Christians we have no place for pessimism. We have no place for anxiety. We have no place for prying and we have no place for defeat far in the amazing understanding of who God is and what he is doing, we find that we are humbled, recognizing that we are not the masters of our own destiny that we are secure, realizing that even our failures and our sins are under his control and that we are ultimately victorious recognizing that God is able to take even the most heinous rebellion of man and work it for his good now when you back the video out the long way a few thousand years in Europe right into the story of Genesis and you find yourself focusing on this individual. Joseph then we having Joseph a foreshadowing of all that is to reach its fullness in the person of Christ. And at this point in the story we have discovered that Joseph is once again on the receiving end of discomfort.

He has been falsely accused by his bosses wife of an interest in her. Which was wrong which was a totally false accusation, and as a result of that he has found himself in a dungeon and in this dungeon. He is both learning and teaching lessons. We said last time that there were some lessons to be learned from the dungeon.

We noted the first of these to be living life with a God centered focus and the second preparedness to declare the truth without ambiguity.

Joseph doing both in the news that he brings to the cupbearer of the fact that he is going to be lifted up and restored to usefulness and then the news that he brings to this beaker that, in point of fact, he is in deep trouble. Joseph declares the truth without ambiguity. We then began to look at the third lesson from the dungeon, namely a lesson in preparing for death and we noted last time that the individual from whom we learn this was given a clear opportunity to make adequate preparation because they were told directly by the word of God that they had. Now some 72 hours left to live, and we began last time to consider the implications. Insofar as none of us knows what day brings, and that it would be a special providence to be given in categorical terms, the exact span of our lives.

None of us are. And so we all live with a measure of uncertainty in relationship to this whole prospect of our own death. One of the dilemmas which inevitably faces ours as men and women in relation to the subject is not simply in being trained ourselves to make adequate preparation for that day, but is in learning to know how to deal in a biblical and meaningful and realistic way with those who are within the sphere of our reference who by dint of a serious onslaught of illness have at least from a human perspective drawing closer to the prospect of their own demise then is it patterned to some of the rest. So for physicians and for any who are involved in what is referred to as terminal care. There is a need for clear instruction and the Bible needs to help us in this respect, the individual who is facing death must learn to balance whole with reality must learn to hold for the best and given the same time to prepare for the worst. If we are not prepared for any event that may come our way and we include in that the event of death itself. If we are living like unprepared for the prospect of death, paying only lip service to it is a notion, and we recognize that we are living in a fallen world, and the sting of sin is death, then we are living building castles in the air we are building our house on sand. And we are not on the bad draw up the solid instruction which Jesus provided on the occasion of the death of Lazarus to the ladies around him who were so concerned about what it happened to their brother turned to one of the best and most glorious verses on the subject.

In John chapter 11 in verse 25 and you see in their this is a definite underlining verse. If you've never underlined it before Jesus declares that Lazarus is going to rise again. Martha is clear enough on the subject. To say she knows there's going to be a resurrection of the last day Jesus advances the information in a significant way as he declares I am the resurrection and the life he that believes in me, even though he dies will live and live our lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this. Now this is the absolute solid bedrock of the issue of both life and death, and any consideration of death and dying, which does not pay careful attention to the words of Jesus, especially in this respect is going to be deficient in its approach. This must be the place of beginning. If anyone is conquered death. I want to know them if they have conquered death and made a way for me to conquer death.

I want to meet them and if you have conquered death and made a way for me to conquer death. Then I want to learn how it is that I may conquer death.

So, although I passed through the experience of the demise of my physical frame, believing in Jesus. It will simply be a transition.

It will simply be a passing from one realm into another, and in light of that, it is imperative that we counsel people. Accordingly, that we do not announce to those who are facing the prospect of death that in some abrupt and unfeeling fashion.

They just simply are going to have to face out that the issues of honesty have to be matched by both wisdom and with grace and it would seem to me that we probably do best for our friends and for our family who are facing particular illness by reminding them first of all of the uncertainty of their condition is simply an acknowledgment of the facts of life because life by his very nature is uncertain. And when we put ourselves or find ourselves within the framework of peculiar illness, that sense of uncertainty merely increases we need to help our loved ones to recognize the possibility even the probability that as a result of the advice they have received. They may not recover in the way in which and in the time frame that the whole 10 other words, that we are sincere that we are genuine that we are true to life and that we are true to the Bible. What are the alternatives were one of the alternatives that is often seized upon and it is absolutely wrong is to sit in a chair beside somebody who is had a significant diagnosis of the onset of an illness that would be described by the medical world as terminal to sit in the chair beside a person. I guide her to sit at their bedside and simply offer to them a bunch of plenty choose to throw out every kind of hopeful verse. We might think off to say things to them that help to ease our discomfort. Well, don't worry, I'm sure will be back on the golf course.

Before long, and inside ourselves when we get in our cars to drive away were saying she'll never be on the golf course again. So what we did ease our sense of discomfort and contributed nothing except, perhaps, failure to the individual that we left behind. I have found that in dealing with individuals like this. The human frame is increasingly alert to its own demise that individuals have an internal mechanism which indicates to them at a deep level of there being that despite what others may say despite the deepest hopes they have.

Despite the nervousness of the prayers of others, it is appearing increasingly likely that their life force is ebbing from and it is in that context that we need to learn to help one another to face the prospect gradually and it is actually a unique blessing to be able to do so, for not all will have the privilege of such a transition for you will get the 30 day warning. Many of us will go in an instant without any opportunity for planner for care in this way we mustn't wait out of fear or discomfort until the pain medication takes our loved one into the realm of oblivion where it is now clear to all except the sufferer that it is now impossible to communicate both to speak and to hear and to do anything that is worthwhile.

So between those two extremes. Silly platitudes on the one hand and oblivion induced by pain medication. On the other. We have an opportunity to both think and speak biblically and on the basis of the bedrock of the words of Jesus. I am the resurrection and the life. And whoever believes in me, even though he dies. Yet he will live.

And whosoever lives and believes in me will never die, and then the question do you believe this, and you see the answer to that question is the key to the way in which we are able to face people face ourselves and deal with our own eventuality. And what all of ourselves for a moment you prepared to die and you made plans. I'm not asking you if you have a plot but if you wrestled with John 1125 you dealt with this issue of belief in relationship to Jesus.

Most people who talk to you about these things don't talk to about these things and if you'll pardon me, insurance agents are expert at this is not interesting that people who spend their time and make their money selling life insurance or life insurance managed to sell these multi-dollar policies without ever using the D word you notice that I just here to talk to you today and just case that something should happen to you when you mean something happens to me every day all the time things are happening to me your something particular in mind. You know if this is something you know if in the in the unlikely event of his artisanal United Airlines in the unlikely event in the unlikely event of a water landing. That's an unlikely event flying over Texas but not flying across the Atlantic Ocean. It is in the likely events in the inevitable invent, but any try and back. You offered a little bit by saying LOL did you see where I see the 44 on your next birthday.

Well really were doing this just in case of your premature death, premature death.

There cannot be a premature death. I will not die prematurely, and neither will you. I won't die.

One second before the time that is entered in the book for me to go.

I am a more agile, until that day, and so are you I'm nothing to die prematurely. I may die tonight, but it won't be premature. It will be the right exact moment when I die because I can have a doctrine of providence, where God cares for the sparrows and knows when they fall to the ground and then since it hadn't goes is gracious. Did you see that Alastair badges die. I never expected that you not have been sustaining all things by the word of my power I brought into existence.

I get them Thursdays and died on me.

We cannot loved ones live with comfort until we are faced with composure. The sentence of death in preparing our friends and loved ones. Indeed, in preparing ourselves we need to prepare one another to trust and to rest in the promises of God's were well if you don't think that we need a biblical view of death and dying.

You don't think I will come back to this another time in the fourth lesson that we learned from the dungeon is the other side of the coin and lifts our spirits a little because we move away from preparing for death to celebrating life indeed celebrating a birthday. Christians of all people ought to be able to have Pastis really good parties, not mediocre or boring parties.

Fantastic parties and Christians should not be party animals, but they should be party.

Some things, and especially birthday parties explained to you I been thinking about this verse 20 of Genesis 14 on the third day was Pharaoh's birthday and he gave a start up for all his officials he was celebrating life to make the point of passing the birth.

These provide us with a unique and an annual opportunity for Thanksgiving every day of our lives provides the same, but in a special way. One day out of the year, we have the opportunity to pause for a moment and marvel at God's goodness and provision for us to celebrate the gift of life itself, whatever it may bring. And with whomsoever I spend I thank you. I thank you for my birthday. I thank you in the words of the psalmist goodness and mercy has been following me all the days of my life and I praise you on this anniversary day an opportunity in the same time to praise and magnify our parents and thirdly, to celebrate my friends on your birthday. Be thankful if you've got a friend 1824, of Proverbs, a man of many companions may come to ruin, but there's a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 27 in verse six, wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses so that on our birthday.

We ought to celebrate the fact about existence. Our preservation the difference that Jesus makes God is the only source which we can rely comforting reminder about his trustworthy promises from today's message title lessons from the dungeon Truth for Life with Alistair Begg. You know God's word is filled with promises he's made to his people.

Each promises like a check we receive it.

Knowing we can take it to the bank. We can rely on the future fulfillment. That simple idea led 19th century preacher Charles Spurgeon to write an inspiring devotional drawing from God's promises. It's titled checkbook of the bank of faith. This is a rich collection of reflections from Spurgeon on Scripture passages that affirm God's promises.

There are 365 brief yet profound entries, making this an ideal devotional to kick off and carry you through the new year. This book is beautifully bounded as a leather cover and its size. As you might guess by the title is the size of a checkbook. It fits easily in a purse or pocket so you can take it with you wherever you go. And if you're looking for a Christmas gift idea. This makes an ideal stocking stuffer. Be sure to request checkbook of the bank of faith with our thanks when you donate to Truth for Life today simply The image you see on the mobile app or visit Truth for or if you prefer, call 888-588-7884.

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These two films featured dozens of interviews with biblical scholars who compare popular faith movements to the truth of the Bible. Alastair is included in these documentaries. To order your copy of the American gospel double DVD set, go to Truth for Let me mention there's also a link if you prefer to stream the videos. If you are a frequent listener to Truth for Life. You know, we carefully select resources like the documentaries American gospel because these resources complement our mission to teach the Bible in a way that's both clear and relevant.

We know the lessons from Scripture are as applicable today as they were when they were written. We also believe that God's word is unchanging. It is without error has the power to transform lives. That's why we teach the Bible every day.

Why we make Alistair's online library available free of charge, so the cost is never a barrier to anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus today if you'd like to learn more about the gospel message we want to invite you to visit will find a short video presentation. There Bob Lapine hope you can join us tomorrow for the conclusion of our message lessons from the dungeon. Alastair explains how to deal with disappointment without losing hope. Also teach us how we can rest comfortably in God's unfailing tall part of our series titled my times are in your hand's Bible teaching of Alistair Begg is furnished by Truth for Life with learning is prolific

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