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Revival in America

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 29, 2022 7:00 pm

Revival in America

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 29, 2022 7:00 pm

Former Naval Captain Jim Kinney calls a nation to prayer. He talks with Stu about his ministry Inspire and Ignite, a movement of prayer warriors united to inspire and ignite America.


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Enjoy the insured but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth that work. This is the Truth Network. How do we fix America, I was just in a room with a man of God to one to raise their hand if they didn't think America was broken in whatever you do regular robbery. The crimes of inflation is up. There's all kinds of stuff going on. There's evil sexualization of our culture objectification for women, even our children what you do to fix it. I'm going to give you so much. Hope this segment of true thought because I was my friend Capt. Jim Kinney retired Navy that he loves Jesus and he's got a solution that were all can agree within this program segment is the only solution. Kathy Kinney talk was about inspired igniters, huge things happen will I don't have the answer but I know and the only way to turn American to the right direction is for us to have our transfer to have hearts changed and who changes hearts God himself. When does she get himself involved when his people cry out to him.

When people ask for his involvement. So we developed the program with four different applications including a daily prayer for America is that we're launching August 5 that cause people to prayer everyday with a short little prayer for America, and it teaches them how to expand on that with personal request for their communities and course to pray for national events that asked God's hand to reach out to touch America. We walk in this room in this restaurant. The rivers Lodge. We had all kinds of men's groups that you can cite nature to want to godly men and women around and you just share your passion about bringing our country back to God. These hustlers relisting the we are excited about this candidate that candidate all disguised cohesion to hold strong.

He's not going to go up there. I can corrupt him he's going to change Washington. Whatever length family that always work out that way which took us to another level about the ultimate solution tied in with 714 tied in with some other things.

Can you talk about that and how that's driven. This whole ministry of yours called inspire and ignite .us. Certainly we do have a website inspired ignite .us where you can read about this vision, this idea and you can join to be a part of what were trying to do through the website itself over decided is that there is no personnel. Additional political person dynamic personality additional political party. This can ultimately make much of a difference in the checks it would be better. Certainly we can always do better but that's not the answer. The answer is, how do we change the hearts of politicians, even our best politicians go to DC with great intention, but the system is so much bigger than the biggest swallow them so they may make great promises and they mean it, but they can't fulfill them. But still God has never broken his word once, so we're going to God as the solution for this, that he is the one who can change hearts.

He is the one to change direction. The Bible says that he lifts up her leaders. So who's going to be in charge is an issue at God's throne is not an issue of this politician is better than that politician got to Georgia, but beyond politics.

Politics is not going to change our course much 3 this way 3.

That way, but God can turn this around is called repentance. And God can turn this nation around. If we cry out to him as his people seeking his help in seeking his hand in his power. 11 here and give a daily gift a daily gift everyone listening if they simply give the rat what you tell about that. The first who is Capt. Jim Kinney talk a little bit about your testimony for sometimes as I've had my radio show true talk on Stu Epperson sitting down one of my favorite men. He's been a pastor to me is been a mentor to me than a friend for years him and amazing wife, Linda.

Now they have great grandchildren, great double great grandchildren.

We got we got a lot of this is a lot of catching up to do. Who is Capt. Jim Kinney has come to faith in Christ and how to God use you through your walk to the Bible years into pastoring to worry our day, I came across something difficult. Good news club which was halfway between my elementary school my home and the lady saw Hill Davis cookies accolade if we stop. So we stopped in for the cook is a cool and quite frankly I was in fifth grade and she taught a lesson one day and by the way to Gallagher that was she did not use a tablet she did not use PowerPoint.

She used flannel graph. If you remember those days and at the end she said to any of you want to invite this Christ into your heart and 1/2 dozen maybe 10 of us there.

12 of us and I raise my hand on 012. The others got to go get the cookies and Kool-Aid. But I remember very distinctly nearby kneeling by her couch.

She knelt beside me and guided me through prayer invite? I was in fifth grade when I was 20, and I gave Everson I head over to guys, but I was in the big center in fifth grade. Yet, but I learned how to do that when I was 24, 25 God really impressed upon me that he wasn't the boss that he had Mikesell covered but I had made him the boss and that was a dramatic change in my life and that's what we really began to serve in dynamic ways. The kingdom that my Navy career after 22 years. Flannel aircraft carriers as a captain of the sparkling but when a retirement work for what the Bible is in charge of the nationwide live seminars with group about 600 a year to about 2500 year browser and then I went to the unchurched staff at a church in Winston-Salem. One of the top 25 Baptist churches in America tell Baptist Church there went to work for. I go to Mike Huckabee on his presidential campaign, and stayed with him as a paid help until he verily good friend of mine, to this day still talk with Mike on regular basis, and from there I launched a radio program on your network call. Just thought, and we do that for about five years and that was a lot of fun, then retired but retired doesn't mean he quit working for the kingdom and God has laid on my heart this thing about uniting for warriors not people that want to hide behind a prayer as a shield. The people are willing to take on the agenda of the enemy directly every day at the throne because we know that God

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