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Behold, I Come Quickly: Hang On!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 4, 2018 8:00 am

Behold, I Come Quickly: Hang On!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 4, 2018 8:00 am

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You have the art of watchful waiting were going to talk about us this hour, stone) right what you're saying and he wrote what he saw. That was a visual price. They said write about things which are met is the church for the church age is going to end with something that we call the rapture of the church at the midnight ride. Jesus is going to come for his own.

Those who been quite visible on second coming of Jesus Christ is the blessed hope when Jesus Christ comes again.

Those who are saved and still living will be miraculously transformed will be given a glorified body impervious to gravity would be caught up to meet the Lord in the greatest news when I couldn't function today today if I didn't believe that our Lord's return was literally imminent at any moment here we have a long conversation about how much mail from people who say that they used to believe the pretrip train and they've given up on the idea. Jesus is going to rise from his throne in the lobby happened is going to have a father say to him, son don't get survive. And Jesus is going to come stepping on the file when it ascends from heaven washed out look on from his lip. The trumpet will sound, and his voice will echo through the subterranean plumes of this earth and those who know the Lord Jesus Christ will have is to and we will be glorified and rise to meet the law.

This is understanding the times radio with Jim Markel this hour with Gary Stearman from the TV program promising lectures in his early years. Gary Stearman was drawn toward engineering and aviation, but the Lord shifted his passion toward Bible study, eventually making a pastor Bible teacher, writer and broadcaster Janet Gary are going to be discussing things you do not want to miss you. Now Jan Micah and welcome to the program. I am so glad you could join me today and my gifts for the hours going to be the familiar voice of apologist and TV host Gary Stearman and Gary is heard weekly on the popular TV program prophecy watchers and I was privileged to be featured on two TV programs last month month of July and you could find and posted. Now that YouTube are prophecy or olive trees that are good before I get to Gary and I'm I want to set the stage here and I'm referring to an article that Terry James over after the rapture ready website has written iMac and read the entire article I'm going to read a couple paragraphs because I believe Terry has send up a problem that both Gary Stearman and I encounter really on a daily basis and that would be the fact that a lot of churches are simply not preaching the whole counsel of God.

Let me just get into this Terry James article on when to keep it real brief and then I want to get over to Gary Stearman but Terry writes among true believers. There are many views of how things will play out prophetically speaking at the same time.

There are also many who don't know, and many who don't care about Bible prophecy what God has foretold about the future.

They are too busy living out their increments of life, one heartbeat and breath at a time. Terry James goes on to say, sadly, the latter by far constitute the majority that is most don't know about eschatology and most don't care.

They are aided and abetted in their willful ignorance by the pastors and Bible teachers within their church bodies in this disregard for the prophetic portion of God's word that prophetic word is almost 1/3 of the Scripture. The Lord has given us through his love letter to mankind. The Bible Terry James goes on to say I'm gonna wrap this up, but he says of those who have truly become believers. There are few in number, who know about the rapture in concrete terms, or who grasp that there will come that moment of being called into heaven by their Lord. In America, even those who do understand that the rapture is an event prophetically scheduled according to the Bible resist embracing the promise intrinsic within the doctrine of that eminent call from Jesus Christ. That is, rather than desire to hear Christ's call come up here. These want to first live life on earth and fulfill all of the anticipated pleasures it offers. Terry concludes it is in America that this attitude is not embracing the rapture among Christians is most pronounced proof of that statement is made clear through the thousands upon thousands of sermons that are preached each weekday number of prophetic messages among those thousands of sermons infinitesimal people don't want to hear that Christ's call is imminent, the pastors in overwhelming numbers demonstrate that they don't want to delve into that portion of biblical truth, even if indeed they in fact believe that the rapture is an imminent event.

I'll stop there and I want to welcome to the microphones of understanding the times radio for the first time, Gary Stearman, Gary. Welcome to the program. Good to talk with you again thank you and so enjoyed getting to know Oklahoma City here back in July as I visited you folks were just a little warmer so Yep you that you in Dallas and I was there both places at the same time almost weeks apart and that but listen Gary I have to go to Oklahoma City and Dallas to thaw out from our Minnesota winters. So that's what I did is I visited you folks, you heard me read that article part of an article from Terry James and look you and I host popular Bible prophecy conferences will talk about that later. And at that. Another thing you and I have in common is when I started in ministry up about the same time and we have seen huge changes since we started in ministry and what I be correct in that will first of all, one of the greatest changes in my world is what I just read about the church really wants to drop the topic that the king is coming. With that being experience in your world as well.

Walker's a great deal of email and mobile phone conversations from people who have questions and what we hear from the world over. Why don't they teach this material is body church.

If I've heard the question once over 10,000 same here. There are several good answers to the questions going all the way back really to several church coping change at the beginning of the 20th century, when there was a real divided between intellectual Christianity and Bible believing Christianity him. I suppose it was around 19 and it was soon but year. The general assembly of the Presbyterian Church. At that time issued what they call the statement of the five fundamentals of the faith. Those five are number one Scriptures are inspired over to the virgin birth of Christ. Number three divine substitutionary atonement number for the resurrection of Jesus, and number five the miracle so if you believe in those five things that makes you a quote "fundamentalist belt. I know you believe in those five articles, no I do and when you believe that way and you really and truly believing in Jesus son of God came to earth for 33 years and walked among suddenly your different character from L invented the spirit realm and nothing is the same again and therefore the division comes in. I think Jim a lot of people are uncomfortable with the spiritual side of Christianity.

And I would like to keep it pragmatic and make Christianity a kind of book of rules for for daily living hospitals. That's where our discussion starts what you told me when I was down there visiting. Actually, that was the last couple days of June, you told me that at one time and you headquarter there in Oklahoma City at one time there was literally a Baptist church on every corner of Oklahoma City here in Twin Cities with a Lutheran church in every corner here locally like you told me because all that's changed now.

You even said that many of them have been replaced by casinos. Another leader being replaced by mosques, but all right the point is that churches seem to be fading.

I want to hear that solid Baptist churches in Oklahoma City are being replaced by casinos.

This is telling me we are in a new day and it's not a good day and worships Mammon. Just as Jesus talked about and you know I'd like to get back to this at some point in our conversation, but if you've noticed lately the superrich the movers and shakers in the world of computer design and artificial intelligence and the big investors, people who encounter money in the hundreds of billions of dollars who are really the most if you will influential people in society, and great spiritual leaders have dropped in the second, third, fourth and fifth place we live in a world that literally worships Mama well the place I want to head to before our closes today and that is you and I talked extensively about the passage out of second Timothy three and and and and I want to get there eventually. Because course that talks about his love of money also. Yep, in the last days and that people are going to be despises of good traders, lovers of pleasure, lovers of money have a form of godliness. It's going to be a world entirely devoted to self. As we talk to me people are obsessed with their selfie photos etc. and as we talked a few weeks ago in Oklahoma City you were really emphasizing how the second Timothy three and that's a passage to the church really talking about the church and talking to the church, not so much the world three starts out with a very telling phrase in verse one this know also, Paul's writing to Timothy as a young preacher. This know also, that in the last days perilous times will Paul uses the term last days. There's absolutely no doubt my mind the last days I don't even hesitate to say that I'm pretty sure you're there. Timothy is urged to understand one thing of the last days perilous times shall come up years ago when I was doing expository teaching of second Timothy looked up and did the deep study on this chapter. I was really shocked from the Greek dictionary for the word perilous emotional. Also, the Webster's perilous times are, and it's a very Greek word Holocaust is translated perilous and I discovered that word, pause is found in only one other place in the entire New Testament and that is is found back in Matthew Matthew 18 Jesus has an encounter with the demonized man and the fascinating thing about this is that this demonized man is described as possessing that same spirit. It was called Holocaust and what can you say after a bath. In other words, what polls warmly Timothy about was lookout Timothy, there is going to be a time of insanity. In the last days doubt if you've watched a little TV lately. What do you see you see insanity on the streets of America on the streets of Europe use these crazy people with crazy signs you see people burning political figures in effigy and lopping off their heads, mouthing slogans with you in knowing that sort of burns our ears. As Christians we are used to hearing language like that and so those perilous times have really arrived again when Jesus came across the sea of Galilee, to the country of the girder seems in Matthew chapter 8 there were two men possessed with devils coming out of the tombs and are called exceedingly for years and of course the rest of the story is that Jesus cast the demons from these people that exceeding fierceness is using the same word that you find in second Timothy chapter 3 Holocaust so I just take that literally.

And when I see all of the amazing stuff that I see street marches look back: what Paul wrote to Timothy, and them say okay it's here listening to understanding the times radio and Jim are killing him on the line from Oklahoma City probably a familiar voice to many of you and Gary Stearman and I you catch him on prophecy watchers that's a television program you can learn a lot more and where it errors a prophecy will say little bit more about his October conference little bit later in the program.

I'm not quite finished yet. With this second Timothy three because you're focusing your directing our thoughts to some of the insane things going on in the world today, and I catch myself saying all the time now. I never thought I'd see the day I never thought I'd see the day that this transgender movement would take front center stage of everything I never thought I'd see right versus left at war with each other like it is in America right now on the left is now the resistance will what are they resisting, I think they're resisting some entity is what they're resisting when they would say the resisting Donald Trump but don't like anything about the way normal society functions were looking at the deception in the church were looking at the earth simply groaning with natural disasters that are heartbreaking and then you said something to you said this happens, meaning the second Timothy three environment. This happens at the and run of a democracy.

So what you mean by that democracy as we understand the word itself was course standardized by Plato in which he and visualized a democratic rule and the ideal city which course, never came to pass, but it was up to our family fathers founded a Republic and the two keywords are the foundation of our republic are under God and under God, it is possible to create a if you will a working democracy, a working Republic but God is taken out of the center of the Constitution that the Republic begins to disintegrate and this is one thing that people don't understand. They think that you can have a nice sweet Democratic Cooperative Society without God and God, to them is a bother.2 is an absolute blessing and he is the one who loves us and we love him to the God is a troublemaker, a meddler, and the pursuit of the get rid of the better they like it and that's where we find ourselves today. He also has a chapter in the deceivers book that we carry. That is the newest book put out by Terry James thoughts about this deception and all sorts of things from the church, the media, the school room and many other places as well. You can find that in our web store all of olive tree's downward book is titled deceivers and talks about the deception of our day. My goodness was sold so many of those books and I appreciate the great interest to tell you my listening audience has had in that particular product. Gary where here's where I want to go.

I want to talk a little bit more about the topic that the church has chosen to drop and that would be eschatology or Bible prophecy, and them I'm going to talk more specifically, I think, and will do it in segment number two and that comes up here in a moment about the topic of the greatest news there is to the believer.

Honestly, Gary Stearman, I couldn't function from day-to-day. If I didn't believe that our Lord's return was literally imminent at any moment and now it's just reading some headlines here recently. Just this morning. As a matter fact you know there are heartbreaking. Some of the things that's going on in the world as it concerns fires, floods, you name it and the great blessed hope in my world is that the rapture is that at any moment.

And yet we've got the naysayers saying that knowing I go through part of the tribulation. All the tribulation with all those kinds of things and I want to talk about that for just a few minutes.

When we come immediately back talk. So forget our conference is just on the horizon. It is Saturday, September 29 we going to be live streaming at free. We are 98% sold out of tickets. We still do have tickets in the chapel area and those are very reasonably priced just $10.

Otherwise, most of the seats are taken in our 4300 seat church venue Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota outside Minneapolis. However, you can live stream at no cost to be a sharp promo coming up in just a minute or two and want to get back and we to continue on here with Gary Stearman. You can learn a lot more about what Gary's ministry and life is all about. It's fascinating. His family goes back to the Stearman airline business back all the way back to World War II to will talk more with Gary. We get back in just a couple minutes don't go away by Gary Stearman coming to you from prophecy watchers in studio with me today is to have Marco I'll bet you've heard her on Christian radio. She broadcast coast-to-coast border to border and she brings the gospel to life with lots of gifts and lots of great programs down Marco welcome thanking hearing loss can only happen to be here thinking and therefore those who may not have heard you on the radio tells what you do. I started understanding the times radio in 2001. It's heavily an interview program. We cover apologetics current events very heavily eschatology because it's just needed out there and encourages the flock will cover politics. I have some good politicians on every now and then so we just talk about what in the world is going on, always from a biblical perspective. And so it's it it's a time when everything's being unleashed and that's why we had prophecy watchers and I know having talked with you know you have the same feeling. We think that it's imperative to get out the message, not only for gospel of the condition of the church and the destination of the church get on board because the church is where it's at. The church is where it's at end and to continue feeding the remnant. I mean, that's my goal. And we do it through radio we do through conferences. Stay tuned to understanding the times radio as we offer you hope for today with an eye on tomorrow and the hope of his return as a reminder, all our radio programming is available on a website.

Just visit all three Click on the radio archive tab order your own contact. This recording of Jan's conversation today with Gary Stearman's phone 763-559-4444 call 763-559-4444 ask about our monthly CD subscription subscription twice a month. All across programs for the month will be mailed directly to you. Also, remember this fall. Our annual conference will be streamed live from our website free of charge you an opportunity to see the September 29 conference without leaving your own home. You might also want to get a group together watch the conference at your church or other venue were on that coming up in just a minute that this is a listener supported ministry all your gifts are tax-deductible like to us at olive tree ministries Box 1452, Grove, MN 553 understanding the times 2018 is almost sold out. Now consider getting a group together from Lifestream the event that your computer or perhaps put it on a big screen. There is no cost or registration involved for streaming. Our speakers include Amir Stephani Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Billy Krohn Pastor Katie Frerotte and Eric Barker. We will help you understand that nothing is falling apart. In fact, things are all falling together events that could be interpreted as chaotic and dark are really a herald of his return will also help you contend for the thing, fellowship with like-minded is essential for spiritual health and to stay optimistic in looking at our event in life. Saturday, September 29.

You'll be able to access the archived programming. Following that event I promise our speakers and their topics will focus on the bigger picture God has everything under control.

King is coming right on time never early. He's never late and he wants none left behind Bible prophecy would be one of the greatest things that a church could do to its congregants because one hope of Christ and coming secondly it motivates them to get the job done.

That is to get out there and tell their friends and their family and their coworkers that Jesus Christ is come in and then thirdly it brings people great great confidence. Confidence in knowing that God's word never fails, it will never fail because what God is said in the past has been confirmed by his prophetic fulfillment study Bible prophecy and get excited about the future some sale, some silver and some gold and some say some copper and some iron and put on the ground that seven but some of it beneath the surface of the ground. That is all that the ground then take one of the giant electromagnets and sweep it over those bits of particles of metal down the ground. Some of the metal would rise to meet back the metal would stay in the ground goal. With that in the ground was silver with grandpa Zink would stay in the ground but copper and bronze with David Brown the iron because it has the same nature when Jesus comes again. Those who have been born since 1983 Gary Stearman has been the past Bible church in the city Christ Fellowship. There is also the moderator of the television program Bible prophecy prophecy watchers is just for this entire hour turned out to the prophecy of the rapture is still in the future as well.

But there's no prophecy that has to be fulfilled before the rapture could potentially occur.

Now there may be some things that will be fulfilled before the rapture but I don't have to be.

It could happen at any time at any moment from a good sound. The Archangel out before you were out here the word of God are so let's talk to Christ followers out there because it is all talk about aromas. A growing planet agonizing world we live in. This week we read the Scriptures we we learn the blessed hope of seeing Jesus we we we sing about heaven, we we sing about that wonderful worship and read the Bible about that wonderful eternity with spending but there is a prophetic calendar moving a prophetic clock ticking. What is your challenge. What is our responsibility as Christ followers before the church's rapture, which could occur at any moment.

God say first of all read the Bible, get your idea about the coming of Christ, right out of Scripture itself. You don't read the Bible through the newspaper read the newspaper through the Bible. So if you understand what the Bible says about the future, then you can look at the news and say oh wow, it looks like the stage is being set. We don't want to run ahead of God and set a timetable that's in the father's plan, but we also want to be alert to the fact that Israel's back in the promised land. The Bible said they would return, and they did after nearly 1900 years has never happened before in history that the Middle East would be in crisis. In the end times and it is that there'd be a global economy that could potentially be controlled by one individual and that there would be weapons of mass destruction that might bring about the kind of things predicted in the book of Revelation and they already exist. Those things get my attention.

To say the clock is ticking. We have a date with destiny. We also have a job to do in the meantime to reach the world for the cause of Christ. While there's still hope. While there's still time and will come back and that was the familiar voice of Dr. in Huntington is going to be on here with me in a few weeks and have her executed talk at that time about his newest book, can we believe in the rapture. Can we still believe in the rapture and I never thought we have to ask that kind of a question that's the title of the brand-new book, Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Dr. Ed Heinsohn, can we still believe in the rapture. My background goes back a lot years and in a church when I was a very young, this is what we talked about on a regular consistent basis. Things have changed substantially in the church and I'm talking about that for the hour with Gary Stearman prophecy watchers prophecy at the privilege of being down there last few days of June to record two television programs find or olive tree' and you can find them on the television. As wells as they believe they erred in the month of July. Gary, let me just revisit this topic here for a few minutes and I think the essence of the problem is, and we've already touched on it. I just don't want to let it go quite yet and that more people are living for 10 day rather than focusing on tomorrow and our eternal home. And maybe that's because and if we focus on. Let's say the Western world, particularly America North America. We are so comfortable here that why would we want this lifestyle interrupted suddenly be in heaven. I know it sounds crazy to you and me, but I'm trying to understand this. I want to accomplish which truck) Chuck speaking and Chuck stood up from very hard so today I will talk about the rapture and the pause for a moment and then he said I just want to the rapture is a preposterous idea and everybody laughed and then he said it again. The rapture is a preposterous idea and the audience caught on to what he was saying.

In other words, if you had not been introduced to the topic. The fact that our Lord is going to come back into the clouds of glory and take believers hold me with him and this is going to happen.

The twinkling of the whole thing which is sound preposterous to you but if you take it in stages and you really study what the New Testament says it's not preposterous at all and it is our blessed hope and tell you that as comfortable as I am in a 21st-century America would still rather go home to be with my Lord's vastly superior to be with them than to be in any country on earth.

No matter how good the lifestyle happens to be at the moment but the whole idea of the rapture starts in John 14 were crisis is breaking the news to his disciples what is going to be going away. Everybody knows in John 14.

You know, he says if I go to prepare a place for you, Dan will receive you to myself where I am, there you may be also. Many people say this is the first reference to the rapture in the New Testament and then of course doubting Thomas speaks up and says will Lord know what you're saying is true. We know the way and he looks tirelessly… Thomas and the way the truth and the life than you know that's really the introduction to the rapture right it is so comforting.

It is given in the spirit of love is Jesus talking with the disciples whom he dearly loved and I love him and this is kind of an insider's conversation. Don't worry come back and you'll find out more about it later. And then you go to acts chapter 1 when Jesus ascends before giving the Holy Spirit to the general church and back chapter 1 verse nine says and when he had spoken these things, Jesus talks to tell from the spirit is coming when you spoke of these things fall would be held. He was taken up a cloud received him out of their sight. To me that it's almost humorous. What follows the disciples are looking up. And heaven, where Jesus is God and two men in white that his angels appeared beside him and says why are you looking up there is going to come back to see him go up into heaven, and then the angel said it is time for you guys to get to work and work until he comes back will accept the whole screen for me. I'm trying to figure out how and when and where things changed. If I can offer some thoughts and observations. My own experience I think that evangelicals now are beginning to stray into social justice type topics and an emphasis I think that younger people have little interest in what we're talking about now you know the now and then some younger folks turn up at your event in mind perhaps 10%, but that would be the max. I think that the church growth movement has moved into the evangelical church and for that matter mainline Protestants as well.

Church growth would emphasize a whole lot of other issues because the message that you and I are bringing which is ultimately good news is looked upon as scary and is looked upon as a little bit ominous and pastors don't want to go there.

As we talked about in that first segment and then the apostasy today is so much more rampant than it was, say, 30 years ago, even 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, which is the basis of the new Terry James book deceivers is now the deceivers are everywhere. These are some of the things that I have noticed the seeker friendly.

The church growth movement. The fact that the topic that you and I are talking about right now is considered controversy. You give me a break controversy all that we could be whisked out here, at any moment.

That's contra but it is in the minds and hearts of many people it's controversy. Let me respond very quickly you talk and if you recall, we had a long conversation about how much mail we get from people who say that they used to believe in the pretrip training and they've given up on the idea and my understanding is that I'll try to figure it out and there was a huge wave of pretrip rapture excitement back in the 80s and 1980 through about 1995.

There's about 50 here. There were the trust of absolute sense in Bible believing churches that Jesus was coming back in just a very few years I have watched events in Israel and read books like hell. Lindsay's late great planet or others, and they were really excited and then came burnout and several folks at that point just going into the 21st century. Several books came out and said hey folks, all of his pretrip rapture stuff for you who are watching you were disappointed. There is not going to be a pretrip rapture is going to come either in the middle of the tribulation or after the tribulation. So get ready to go through the tribulation and that threw cold water on the whole idea of waiting for the imminent return of Jesus Christ didn't discourage me but it did. A lot of people a lot of people who have not been taught systematically taught the doctrine rapture are easily discouraged and they turned back and they say well tired of watching for this. I'm going to go back and try to do as much good as I can while there's still time so that set the stage for what were seeing now, which is people walking away from the spirit filled life and moving toward social life of those who can do good for society. Anyway possible. I would absolutely agree with you there Gary you're listening to understanding the times reading Jim Markel here on the line with me from Oklahoma City's Gary Stearman and some of you have attended his annual conference held in various locations and let's just give plug for that right now Gary because yours is coming up in October.

Give me the dates and a location where the second annual blessed hope, prophecy form, October 12-14 Embassy suites Hotel Norman, Oklahoma which is right on the south side of Oklahoma City and of course it is going to come in October when the weather in Oklahoma is absolutely wonderful… Usual hot and windy weather we have in the summer and people love Oklahoma and I love the Oklahoma hospitality. One thing we have here. Jan is people who love to meet people and welcome and greet them to have a number of speakers. I don't think we have time to read all the names you're going to be among them. Bill can a doctor, he should bill solace Kelly Barzilai just so many people you say things are over 30 perhaps that's a logistics nightmare is a conference planner. I guarantee my audience.

That is a logistics nightmare taken them up at the airport to the right location.

I did and how you do it that's your buddy. There Bible. Ricky does an absolute fantastic job folks here number. Here's the number that you need to call you just go online prophecy it's a lot easier.

Or you can call this here's the toll-free number. It's AAA 722-0008 that's 8887220008.

That's to register for Gary Stearman's conference.

Don't get mixed up with mine. Mine September 29 Saturday, September 29 right outside Minneapolis. A lot of dates since a lot of locations just don't understand or two separate events, but the subject matter is quite similar, and the goal is the same and Gary, here's the thing, is to again minister to that remnant, who feel so alone and that's the most frequent email I get get several this morning saying the same thing they feel alone they feel marginalized money just read an email here, I got this morning and it's from Carol and she says there seems to be such a small amount of people who believe where living in the last days in our teaching and proclaiming. Carol says we have lost even more friends since I last wrote.

You and it appears to be either over our care and concern about Israel or the last days and time belief, Carol goes on to say, I cannot believe so many people have left us and then I wonder if we ever truly have any friends. What I don't understand is why can't we be friends just because we believe that part of the Bible. In other words, it's one third of the Bible. She concludes, but it appears now that you cannot be friends with people who do not believe what we believe what you and I believe Gary McCarroll believes, or you will be considered friends, at least that seems to be the case and that's how Carol signed offer email to Scott this year, recently serviced some that up in one email because she's considered friends. She's lost most of her friends. I know the feeling very well because having church Bible church were expository preaching was the word of the day that's what I did for a number of years and sprinkle that expository preaching was Bible prophecy, and you know I disagree with a lot of people you say the Bible is 1/3 prophecy. I'll Bible is 100% prophecy begins with the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and it ends with, and I saw a new heaven and a new earth, and in between.

It's all either fulfill prophecy or prophecy, but which is about to be and so I see prophecy everywhere. Sprinkle all through the Bible and places that you would even expect and every says one thing, God is not going to forget you is not going to leave you is not going to forsake you before he judges this world you are going to be taken up to be with him. I met messages literally all throughout Scripture.

You said something I wanted to clarify here and we just got a few minutes left in the segment that we got a closing statement but you said that according you here. You said watchful waiting may be the most difficult thing we can do. Can you explain that in about three minutes. Well, chuckling because I can't tell you Christians are counseled over the years and have a malady.

We have finally come up with a name for this goal pretty rapture dysfunction. I can't remember when I first talked with a gentleman who came up to maybe some scary. I think I've got a pretty rapture dysfunction waited and I waited and I waited so long. I got my hopes built and I really believe the pretrip rapture, but lately I'm just tired.

I have got problems or money problems to worry about and I just want the rapture to come. Now it may come later than expected and I am just worn out. So Jan talk to anybody like that. Talk a lot have watched very, very excitedly, and in them but got tired of watching that's why I think watchful waiting is at the heart of your face you got to approach each day is the day the Lord is coming for you personally and I have learned to do that talking number of other people and I think it's where the Lord wants us to be receipt you summarizing that I really do like to go Gary in my closing segment. It's a little bit of a shorter segment and that is we are watching them amazing headlines were watching some amazing news stories breaking on a regular basis, my goodness.

Whoever would've thought that Pres. Donald J. Trump would move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem right on Israel's 70th anniversary. They foretell here a few weeks ago months ago. Now we've got geopolitical things happening just breaking right and left. We've got the Middle East well it's not in chaos but boy could hit into chaos at any time and I'm very concerned about it and others against stories breaking that really sort of leap out of the Bible. I want to talk about.

That is, we cannot wrap our conversation down a little bit and we will do that folks again my conference. Understanding the times 2018 encourage you to get a group together and live stream and that Saturday, September 29. My speakers include Amir Stephani Eric Barger Pastor JD for Ron Pastor Billy Krohn Pastor Jack Hibbs I'll be there my whole team will be there. You can meet my radio producer whose makes all of this noise that we do every week makes it sound absolutely brilliant so you can meet Larry as well. Lots of people will be there that you can get acquainted with on Saturday, September 29 and if not in person can watch it on the live streaming and I'm coming back in just a couple of minutes were gonna wrap up my discussion with Gary Stearman again seen or heard about prophecy watchers look it up online prophecy I'm back in just a couple minutes. One of the ways we can stay in touch with you is through our website. All of three you can gain access to our newsletter. The news alerts, news headlines all the resources in our web store and a whole lot more. For your convenience and all of three you can also download current and past radio programs and that all of three you can also contact us. Their online securely maintain this ministry in your neighborhood and also reach us by mail at olive tree ministries.

Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311. Thank you for your faithful, listening, praying, and giving to this radio outreach Jan and Gary will be back in just a moment as they talk about this King is coming probably soon.

Well what's up return.

I am so pleased that this ministry is carrying the new book titled, can we still believe in the rapture, the co-authors are Dr. Heinsohn and Dr. Mark think I would ever have to ask the question today, many churches marginalize this message often not good news is coming again, perhaps today checking out in our web store and olive tree. Call us Monday through Friday and ordered by phone 76359935599 newsletter sign up online look for still believe in the rapture want you to rejoice in the hope in this new just that things are all falling into place.

We want you to look up and know that his return right hello everyone this is Bill so people ministries honored to be a guest on Jim Markel show and I listen to it on a frequent basis. She covers so many different diverse topics not only prophecy but going with signs of our times, and the political things are going on with excellent guests.

I've seen her show grow from several hundred radio stations up to I think it's 830 some more because people are interested in the show. I highly encourage you to listen to Jim Markel on a frequent basis. Thankful for the Bible and I'm also thankful for this prophecy because the spirit of prophecy gives us an amount of information as well. Also gives us spiritual guidance for the last days, that we may know how to navigate those unique and difficult circumstances that God is here to wrap up today's conversation with past drug test. Gary Spearman once again we have seen Israel come back as a nation we seem. World War I fought to give the land to Israel. World War II fought to bring his Israelis back to the land and I think three is in the way and it will be fought to bring the kingdom at the end of World War III and all of the horrific things will accrue out of it, the return of Christ will come will set up the kingdom, and there will be a thousand years of peace on earth and will come back and let me just make couple of comments or announcements that return wrap up my conversation with Gary Stearman and I remember you can get a CD of any program. Many hundreds of USCG subscribers and you just need to call us on that very limited charge. Please check out my print and E newsletter want to remember this program is always posted to my website Saturday morning olive tree olive or just sign up for the one mobile app and it will be downloaded to your various devices Saturday morning. Check out one for their fantastic mobile app in talking for the hour with Gary Stearman and Gary's got a chapter in the book were carrying deceivers exposing evil seducers and their last days deception and we been talking a little bit about that for the hour. We've kind of focused on well the church and the fact that churches chosen to drop one of the greatest most uplifting and encouraging messages.

There is the King is coming, and probably soon and the church would rather deal with some seeker issues and perhaps not talk about this good news and that's just something that's happened here in the last probably 20 years.

Gary Stearman, I just played a clip of you and you are talking about what happened after World War I and then after World War II, and then you said World War III. Well, it's in the wings and then wanted to just describe what you meant by that. Well, for those of us who are watching for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We understand what sets up conditions around that return is a global apostasy. We know all about the seven churches of Asia minor. The Laodicean church.

The falling away from belief that is timed to coincide with the rise of false doctrine and the Bible speaks obliquely of the rise of Islam and it talks about Middle East wars and so many different places that are affiliated with or associated with, I should say the return of Israel to the land.

Ezekiel 38, being one of them. And the thing that strikes me about the invasion of Israel in Ezekiel 38 is that it happens in association with the growth of the religions of the Middle East and that would be Islam and as we watch as well.

Today it's infiltrating the countries of the world that are becoming apostate words, the apostasy of the church is open a gap that has allowed Islam to march in the communities that were formerly Christian.

Almost all of Europe has gone this way the Europeans are now essentially over 12 because there churches died. America is the process of being overwhelmed in the same way as our churches are dying and the bright side of this. Jan is Jesus is coming soon because only read about things like the burden of Damascus and Isaiah 17 we have a 24 hour war waged the destroyers, Damascus, and it destroys biblical Samaria would go all the way down to Georgia Bible, is calling for a series of wars and they all happen in the context of the rise of the religions of the Middle East and I'm not talking about Judaism.

I'm talking about is law. You can't look at the Middle East and Europe today about see it happening were watching Europe obviously Europe made huge mistakes in 56 years ago it became godless and became socialist and that's a real warning for America. I think because were being tempted to do the same thing. You have no resistance. If you become God. Let's write you have no defense. That's right so my concern is, as we speak.

Anyway, is an impending war in the Middle East and moving us right now from Europe back to the Middle East is granite is it's the turmoil in the Middle East and sent all these refugees into Europe and fiasco.

That's resulted as a result of the turmoil, the Middle East, heavily Syria and Iraq to but as I speak. Gary Stearman and that's Gary's been my guest here for the entire hour. My concern is, as I speak is your reference to Isaiah 17% would be the destruction of Damascus, but just a general overall conflict build up in the Middle East.

It's begging for a major war. I don't mean Armageddon even sure I mean dog Magog. It could just be another war like Israel had so many wars will look you have hollows of modern-day Iran, which is biblical Persia standing up and calling America the great Satan and Israel. The little Satan and pledging each and every single day to destroy both Israel and America and the battle lines are clear what's happening and it's right in the Bible. All of this was predicted so so perfectly Persia place and we don't have time right but Persia plays a role prophetically and so much of the Old Testament that refers to the wars that take place just before Jesus returns sad because the people of Persia or around many of them are good people and they are actually a friend of Israel mean they were friends back before 1979 and the whole Shaw ordeal. Shop Baran and then Ayatollah Khomeini came in and 79 and suddenly the leadership of Iran turned on Israel but the people of Iran have never turned on God's people, Israel never turned on them and and yet it's the people being crushed right now the people of Iran, the insane Iranian leadership and again that's their part of the spark of God Magog. I burden and there are lots of Christians in Iran as well. In fact, there are little revivals, gaskets of revival happening everywhere including Iran.

Yes, exactly, down to a few minutes here. How would you want to sum up what we've talked about we talk about various things and this hour we talked about a little bit of the dysfunction of the church and and Gary. Let's quickly say that not every church falls into that category because we have pastors who are standing for truth and were very grateful for those who are that we talked about various things, including the hope of his return and how marginalized that is and you know maybe you could give a word of encouragement to pastors who are listening, you are a pastor or radio host. Now your TV host, you're a writer you having some incredible books out find out more folks of prophecy How would you want to sum up what we talked about well my Bible (Revelation chapter 3 and a message for the Philadelphia church church, love, and I think this is a prophecy for the church of the latter days and it speaks of verse 10 because you have kept the word of my patience.

I will also keep you from the hour of patient shall come upon all the world to try them 12 km behold I come quickly. Jesus words and only saying there is keep hanging onto your face because I am coming what he says on coming quickly he means you're not going to expect time to prepare for it will happen in a moment, and his word to his church is believing church is when you see these things begin to happen. Do not give up meeting that you may be tempted to give up because it looked things look pretty bad and it might look like a you're losing the battle but you're not and I think those are Jesus words to us in this day I'm not sure that I believe in a general revival just praying that it will happen. If it doesn't, there are enough of us were still believers. I think the hold that line and that's about what were supposed to do.

Well, I'm not convinced that in time revival. I know when I say that I dishearten some listeners have had some emails that because they really feel that and you know I think individual churches can have revivals.

I think their parts of Europe apart. Certainly parts of Africa that seem to be having some revivals. I think they're probably very legitimate. I read heavily about in time apostasy so it's hard for me to get into this revival mode.

I hope I'm wrong. Hope I'm wrong. There's always time there is that last believer out there just before Jesus steps out of the heavens and says come up to him again. I would stress for our audience right now. To me the art of studying Bible prophecy is to study it systematically to try to cultivate the art of watchful waiting, so that you don't become discouraged, but rather you become excited that the nearness of his return so slow. Again, I'm just going to give a shout out for a Gary's conference which is October 12, 13, 14, I'll be there. 30 other speakers will be there. Prophecy here's the number toll-free AAA 722-0008 AAA 87220008 and be a great type of the family reunion. If you'd like to cam October 12, 13th, 14th on the table. They are bring some of our olive tree products and by the way Gary thank you for sharing on here with me today. I really appreciate it will be looking forward to seeing you here, not not that far away.

I can want to close here they'll with them so little saying I use every now and then goes like this, when the time was right to see parted. The walls fell down. The Lions went hungry. The sun stood still. The waves were calm. The stone was rolled away the clouds were part of the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early. He's never late. He's always right on time and his plan for you is good.

I want to thank you for listening and we will talk you and you and all in. Thank you for joining us for today's understanding of times radio with Jim Markel across America and across the World Wide Web continue to report current events from a biblical perspective, we can. This protest comes to you with no cost. Cost us thousands of dollars as we produce and distribute this weekly media outreach, would you consider standing with us ever changing world men and women of faith need to keep in more need to be aware of current events is due to the lens of Scripture, week after week. John Martel brings you a compelling hour pointing out the dangers in today's culture, bringing hope through faith in Jesus Christ asking you to join us in this listener supported ministry as our financial partner is right. Tax just to follow three ministries box 14 to Grove Minnesota 5511 are also welcome to follow three or by phone, dial 763-5594 project updates as around-the-clock. All three look forward to hearing from you soon appreciate the continued prayer support with you and see John Martel returns next week with another information and inspiration fact, our designed to help you understand at times

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