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MON HR1 050922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 9, 2022 11:38 pm

MON HR1 050922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 9, 2022 11:38 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program 83 recorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now and indeed, this is the boys on this May 9, 2022) to my knife yes current so you wouldn't talk into their U-2 goes with little ladies to the little studio learn to floaters about which he does no harm. Good evening everyone. She's been waiting all week for sailing in the my producer tonight on the board. None other than the mighty Andrew Pastor and tonight to way out yonder we see that country parson and the pastor Joe Larson and forever I am ready to go to work because I think you got up your volume because boy you come in really weak tonight okay either way so this some loud and clear to me your you're really weak. Maybe it's can you can you show I can shout house out yeah talk loud like I do. I do okay. All right. The title of our messages. You remember the title of the message mothers of the Bible record were glad the bad sad that's quite a title no where to start over next to the chapter 1 will give me take a look into ladies who were godly godly mothers.

They were trashed and they were clean.

They were shamefacedly B done today.

You talk about this other with people yes which we asked Andy if what that means, shamefacedly he thinks are being shaved faces no doesn't mean shave your face and beans shamefacedly was means what it means decent. The time that the definition is a decent woman whose same place. It is decent woman and then with sobriety and Genoa sobriety means.

Does it means a lot of people think it means. It means propriety. In other words, they're very proper and correct proper all right being of staying away from alcohol. Very proper.

Finding your manners. You and so in him. It will help you in any shave your face you still like to be shamefacedly came in so we can restart.

I've got a special prayer request tonight if possible with Lori. We asked for prayers for Dominic St. John is having some troubles well her troubles got worse.

She's in the hospital today. She is going on her kidney machine tomorrow and being her kidneys are failing and should be put on the kidney list for organ donors and just all of a sudden her whole body is whatever's been wrong with her, so shutting down so if we could just increase our prayers for her. She's gone from bad to very worse. The reasons that Joseph done the people were praying with us. The folks out there listening today. I gotta tell you, when you have this is an opportunity you have an opportunity you have an opportunity like an investment when you when you go when you pray with us because the time is going to come for sure this will happen is no chance that it won't it will happen. You gonna need prayer is a God keeps a really good record.

I mean he is. You know he's excellent recordkeeper and he knows that those of you that the showing mercy and in God is true to his word. Those who show will get it to Joe. I'm asking all the folks out there to pray with us and is ugly but silently praying along the go ahead and lead us in prayer. Dear heavenly father, we left Dominic up to you. Lord I know her father and her mother and they are wonderful Christian parents and their sure ratios of born-again believers should been a good wife and just seems like lately everything is shutting down going wrong in her body and we would look her up to you for all miraculous healing Lord, that you would just heal her while the doctor still cannot even figure out what's happening that you would just do a mighty healing and that should be able to witness testifying that the Lord, we know we are always to ask if indeed I will and that could possibly be that you have a reason that she's going through all of this and will have to be on dialysis and other things that Lord we just ask you to be with her husband and her parents, and comfort them and be with her family as her sitting with her tonight in the hospital and waiting for tomorrow and we would just ask that you just bless them in every way possible father and and we just ask in Jesus precious name amen amen Joe, would you go to this chapter 1 readme starting with verse 15 only through 22, structure, and the king of Egypt spake to the Hebrew midwives supports the name of the one was Shipra in the name of the other two and he said when you do the office of a midwife to the Hebrew women and see them upon the stools if it be a son, then you shall kill him, or if there be a daughter then she shall live, but the midwives feared God and did not have the king of Egypt commanded them the men children alive in the king of Egypt called for the midwives and setting them. Why have you done this thing. And of save the men children alive in the midwives that in the feral because the Hebrew women are not as Egyptian women, for they are lively and or delivered air. The work is coming under them. Therefore God dwelt well with the midwives and the people multiplied, and waxed very mighty and it came to pass, because midwives feared God, that he made them houses and Carol charged all his people saying every song that is born you shall cast into the river and every daughter you shall save alive.

So here now. Remember when they cast the boy babies into the river that they were sacrificing them to the God of the Nile. And so here will he take a look at this. First of all Saturday note, pretext self-sacrificing member God was also the pretext of the Hebrews did not have that all men children would be no warriors served, and no slaves to rise up women. They were just keep her use them. The slaves right absolutely slaves and and also to sell human trafficking right now, here we take a look at ship from Sheila. First of all, and you know what their names amendment in the Hebrew shivering view long ago and far away, but not tonight. That's what it means love the goat far away. No, I don't know the name Shifrin means procreate. The Hebrews will create the name mage childbearing childbearing. The gate and you yesterday in our church.

We we celebrated Mother's Day because that's what we have we have mothers in our church.

We don't have birther people, birthing people. We have mothers delete we want nothing to do with those idiots that use that terminology.

The language of illusion, confusion, no. Here they were employed by the government shivering.

Now they were the chief to midwives you nominally when midwives there were Joe no I don't. I gotta tell you everything there was 500 midwives 500 midwives and you know what their jobs were 540). The Bible did you find out all we do. I have other sources that I can let you know about you but we did.

I do my research and ago Zachary and I will generally give that to you off the air because it is a little complicated right and so they have 500 midwives. They were the chief amongst the midwives and here you know what what their duties of the midwives was Ohio survey were going assistant childbirth as part of midwives that's their job and that doesn't change so that midwives are job supervising all the other midwives right now.

Here's the thing though is that what people think. Here, the chief job was to to assist the Egyptian women to job was to assist Egyptian women. They didn't have many hospitals back in those days for for women when they they got pregnant.

They'd usually dig going hospital. The a birthday dinner at home and so but in in the Egyptian women.

A lot of people don't realize this to they were known to have a harder time giving birth. The neighbor women when they said that when they said that the Hebrew women are lively think they were kidding. Okay they they didn't have as much trouble for the most part, so please whip midwives. Their job was to first go to the Egyptian women and then went they could. They also assist the Hebrew women and and so here Pharaoh to listen. I want you to kill those male babies and so they didn't do it why did they do it without help, not kill, shall not murder. God said so. So they feared God more than Pharaoh, right back like did they stick their neck out.

They stick their neck out for going ahead and enslaving that the male babies alive.

Are they sure did.

It could have been there could've been severely punished crypt door just even killed. And so what they were doing is when when them when it was time for the Hebrew babies to be born. They waited until the baby was was born in another job was to assist the mothers after the birth of the child help take care of the child because usually they needed a couple days to get back on their feet, and so they wanted to make sure the male child were hidden away someplace where they can go to minister to them in private and so and that's what they did but no old Pharaoh says I want you to sacrifice those babies to the God of the Nile elements did you do you believe, hi.

I truly believe 110% that we have those in the Democratic Party today would do the very same thing they would do the various they would be quick to throw the babies in the denial of freedom to crocodiles. I believe there is a weakness, we could get in several states right now and states like California, Colorado, and Maryland. They are trying to pass legislation that would allow abortion at any stage shipment even if the baby survives the abortion. It can be just set aside 28 days after birth, that you can stab it you can you can put them in the micro phase you can kill any way you want. 20 days after birth. That's with those wicked wicked people went them aside and let them die yet about anything else all their wickedness can be no turnover to Exodus 2 and read verses one through one through 10 and there went a man of the house of Levi and took to wife, the daughter of Levi and the woman conceived, and bear a son, and when she saw him that he was a goodly child she kidding three months and when she could not could not longer hide him. She took for him and arc of bulrushes and dog that was flying men with pitch and put the child therein and she related in the flags by the rivers brick and his sister stood afar off to where it but would be done to him in the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash yourself with the river and her maidens walked along by the Riverside. When she saw the ark and the flags she sent her made to fetch it and when she had opened it. She saw the child and behold the babe wept, and she had compassion on him, and said this is one of the Hebrews children then said his sister to Pharaoh's daughter. Shall I go and called to the nurse of the Hebrew women that she may nurse the child for the in Pharaoh's daughter said to her go and the maid went and called the child's mother and Pharaoh's daughter said under her take this child away and nurse it for me and I will give the guy wages and the woman took the child and nurse did and the child grew, and she brought him in to Pharaoh's daughter and he became her son and she called his name Moses and she said because I drew him out of the water. Let me ask you this. You think that Pharaoh's daughter when they pulled the baby out and obviously that the blanket was wrapped and was able to blanket. She recognized that right away. Then then all of a sudden Miriam shows up. This is a you know, I know Hebrew woman he can get nurse that baby and you think that them. Maybe Pharaoh's daughter, Dina knew that that this was a set of very possible, but God works in mysterious ways, and she could've just been struck with the child and the child crying and and this emotionally oldest child was floating in the river. I could also see work yes yes have you know somebody bring them.

I could just see in the emotions God works in many different ways and different people. He knows the heart right you ever wonder what would happen if somebody put you in one of those little baskets and put you out in the reeds you think the first to back out the water. Okay. All right, here's the thing.

Okay, so all of a sudden she shows up and she tells Pharaoh's Pharaoh daughter. She was a punch.

He knew what was going on here problem and meant, but she was a good woman and when she looked at that baby. The Lord's love in her heart and good women, good women love babies good women love babies. The wicked the wicked out there. They don't care what they want to kill and so here we see Moses his mother. You know what her name was. It was Jaco bed to bed Jaco bed and out of Jaco bed yet. Jaco bed you know what that name each.

Okay here we go again needs Jaco bed. No actually means glory of the Lord glory of the Jehovah glory of Jehovah.

Now she married Ameron and when she married Ameron she was when she was his wife, but she was also something else you know what else.

It was his sister. No turnover to Exodus 6 and readme verse 20 and Amram took him Jaco bed as father, sister to life and she bare him. Aaron and Moses and the years of the life of Amram nor 130 and seven year okay so let me ask you this. Here was he was young she was his aunt and is what I neck and sister aunt that might denote family get-togethers that could probably be a tad confusing, nowadays it could be very bad now and so here now you think that was considered incest notknow why not. Will that go forth and multiply it some point, is because we had been given the Levitical law that point I still that was the law of Moses right this is how you got there so you still have you still have purebloods bloodline at this point here, and so they weren't the one on the Levitical laws. No here. What about what would you say about if we study the life of Jago that an element do you think the Jaco bed was a very famous woman and very important woman is the mother of Moses, who became the giver of the law and on major characters in Scripture for us.

He was one of the, the greatest leaders next to the Lord himself is the greatest leaders in the entire Bible.

And then he was the between him and Abraham, right down her face to her about taking a risk and everything she did was, I was able to bring Moses that what God's plan.

He had she had another son named Aaron and out of the point how she saved him, but apparently she saved him.

Also, you will Aaron will know he was already. He was already. He was years older than the Moses said not been a decree the way he was talking about newborns okay okay so Aaron was Israel's first high priest and Gilli was that the founder of the area and priesthood and Miriam's sister. She was a poet, a gifted poet and also musician and if you read in Exodus chapter 15 the song of Moses that that was Miriam the that wrote the song wrote the song and so anyhow something I wanted to affect cannot get out of my mind I saw on television and the Internet. Some women that were protesting in front of churches and they were wearing these things to make it look like they were pregnant and they were pulling these dolls out and they were beating these dolls slimy holding by the seat slamming their head in the ground going kill the baby kill the baby and doing many other just bondable things with the stall in front of the below are praying the church and as I saw that I just had to tell people tonight. This is not your loyal opposition.

This is not just the opposing political party.

These are the most evil wicked people antichrist.

These are the enemy of God. The enemy of mankind and these people must be defeated politically. We must see that they are not the ones in charge of running this country making the laws because they do not believe in the laws they don't abide by the laws and they are willing to do everything to play life and ruin the family and society, and people have to start looking at this in going this is our enemy and we must deal with it. Joe does with the Bible has a lot to say it is very clear and it doesn't doesn't stutter when we felt we wanted the describes these women here with pastors and many other churches do stutter will not describe them are not pointing out that they here's what they won't say people they will not call these women unclean that they don't deliver their afraid.

I mean, you learn a lot of these these preachers a little effeminate. Okay, but you lately won't reach this because they so there's name-calling.

But here is what I is what the Bible says words of God also gave them up to uncleanness on cleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves.

They changed the truth of God into a line. So here for this cause God gave them up to vile affections. So those women that you are looking at. God says listen.

God says there unclean. God says there vile okay and so but you're right.

The preachers don't have the courage to preach that today okay right are killers.

They are really killers are antichrist, they are anti-family. They are anti-the Constitution and everything we hold sacred.

They are truly the enemy and people have to open their eyes and see it for what it is.

So the apostle Paul says that these women are unclean.

There vile and that God gave them over to a reprobate mind to a reprobate mind and so on that.

He said that they were filled with unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, abolitionist full of envy, murder, and so that's what God's Word, the Bible has to say about those unclean women and their interests are quite clear stutter and is very direct right right yesterday when I priest is this message. I told the ladies in the church is seen that's what they are there ladies there clean and I told him that I have no doubt my mind that there is not one woman in her not one that would not be willing to lay her life down to save her own saber baby and and I truly believe that the goodwill in the chest.

Communities within the clean women like so many their listing to us out here tonight. I get letters from these ladies all the time and Boyd, the they agree with us more than it than you can imagine and this is where this hussy's from hell come along because so many of the true ladies were referring to these other clean these unclean women like Alec and that is is hussy's in them.

So I went look that word about you when I was young. You heard that word usually from the women I never had the men say, but usually from the. The women okay and and that that word is for women that are better vile, not good women. Okay. And that's what we Were to go to a break and will be back right after this though, a lot more and's clip and listen to this clip one list to this clip be right back okay in his own words. I think what Deborah can we play this company the Esper thing again. I have got to get some guessing again to Doug Ms. Schiano by Steffi a lot when the Montana Texas okay play the second one again.

I want to will split Mark Esper and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Millie Randy Army for over a year before finding themselves in charge at the Pentagon in order to deal with what he calls some of the crazy ideas coming from the White House. Esper and Millie came up at the system I come up with this idea. Actually, Mark, Millie and I discuss it will be called the four dollars before things we had to prevent from happening between Van and the election and one was no strategic retreats no unnecessary wars, no political politicization of the military and no misuse of the military and so as we went to the next 5 to 6 months.

That became the metric by which we would measure anything. Okay okay we body, preferably case the Trump stop the that the missile attack in Iran that would've started a major war in the Middle East down from stop that bold and these guys were all hot to trot there he was there in the count of transit nonstop last-second. He stopped the ridiculous bananas like Woody Allen situation that was humiliating for us and quite frankly that's why Venezuela mother is in charge.

They shut the shot there both. Nothing happened. Remember the tweet now today is liberation day liberation day you had bought the first Pompeo second pants third and it it a class in 30 minutes. I took a looking. I thought as a parody of first is calling us to this a joke right now is knowledge of essence. I stop Venezuela okay no shirt. Esper lays out the coup and he lays out the guilt of he and Millie have a massive investigation of this I hope and I believe you go to prison because you believe you belong in prison. Strategic retreats would that happen to be what I fought for in 17 that you guys lied about it, spun away from was the getting out of Afghanistan that you lied to trot about all of it.

The money all that I can go back and prove it. I got the receipts okay. I got the receipts was a strategic retreat to finally get a Afghanistan that had to wait another year to the Biden administration followed that's what you got stop, you stop that, when you elected by the American people stop that, sir, yes and no.

No dancers know you were not okay. You were not. This is a co-were have the four notes brother you have a four no suppository. Okay, this is outrageous. You guys are the institutionalist all here all day long to institutionalize all the firebrands outside were everything the rather institutionalist. He's institutionalize institutional West Point are sacred above military Academy. Sacred planes of a bright West Point, right there. He's institutionalize for Army for the Army right older than the Republic. He's institutionalist for the Pentagon. All that there institutionalist.

This is the problem with institutions. This is the problem with this insert your destroying institution you don't have the authority or any authority of the century defense in the joint germ of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who is an advisor, not a joint use that is not a combatant commander, your advisor, your military advisor to wait for the commander-in-chief. That guy would be Donald J. Trump, did Millie, did you guys ever go 40 from say we got Callicott. We got we got concerns. These four areas. Let's walk through it.

Let's have blessed me men sit around the table and and get this up, did you, sir, do you have records of that know you do not you did this on the dark of night. This is what coup plotters do in Genesis international TV and no fence 60 minutes. She's gotta stop on the softballs right this is disgusting can even ask a tough following question can ask a tough following question 16 is a disaster.

That's coach pitch one step removed from people and S recently worm and around the little shifty eyes as glasses nervous you will be a lot more nervous brother you're guilty of treason. You're guilty of treason in your own words show me anywhere.

He had authority to do this under the cloak at night. Show me anywhere that you don't directly report to the commander-in-chief of the United States that guy be Donald J. Trump, who was duly elected on three November 2020 thank you very much. This is what happens if we don't if you don't do this and I don't like on a Pompeo or McCormick or Dave urban I know this guy's well on one of the very good guys but none in an your hands are all over that your handprints all over this. You can call that you think you use Esper as a weapon against out of the Trump's reelection, you are sadly sadly sadly mistaken forceps that I get a move on Boris but mommy through your thick closing thoughts and Esper. This entire situation. While it is the first of many were have on this so ever invite the guilty ribeye Pompeo and Dave Urban to defend themselves in the show about Esper. I don't need Esper to see the coup plotter with Millie. We don't have to plotters on here. Generally six committee will only spend you thing a look at the coup took place on Donald Trump before the election before the election and show me any my fax that are in accurate because there are accurate Donald Trump. Once again, always kept us on the board that the warmongers want Boris Epstein. Still so glad that you all weekend. This one would drinking the warpath coffee obviously okay that's great workout that coffee very important firm would be to admit that you want to have energy like Stephen is still Steve and I do on a Monday morning got a bit of what about the coffee touch him in a seven and hot, hot, which I love the posse. Whenever you see me anywhere and I hear coming hot. I know it's one of you and I love to hear that it makes my day every day so already we are back in so here what Brad will better consider. I believe you go to prison will he would. But if we had a Justice Department and if we had but we don't because the Justice Department is just no. It simply a branch of the death of Greta Communist Party is filled with dirty cops filled with dirty cops and we don't pull the FBI we could tell you about the OPI did you notice they will he would investigate all of the food manufacturing plants that are being burned down cancer any connection any problem there.

25 of these major food processing plants burn but I don't see anything there to investigate the case of yeah Biden FBI continues ignoring attack and food supplies. You don't suppose they've got something to do with all of that duty here is one from the epic times you 80s suspicious actors and material witness under scrutiny by January 6. Defense attorneys, court filing, suggest entrapment operation run against the oath keepers by highly coordinated group in their names right now. 2020 federal agents that were the ones who were doing this they were involved in this defense attorneys are seeking to identify and investigate any suspicious actors and material witnesses, some of whom he allegedly ran entrapment operation against the oath keepers and see what what those for did what Bolton Esper, Millie Pentz that it was a coup and and what that what that is Jill all of those that was incident treason. Are they committing treason where stringent at Trump's got a real knack and a talent for pointing people that are going to betray him that he gonna put it right between the shoulder blades. In the end, and I can't believe some of the people he endorsed out there and see there's a difference between being a Republican and being a conservative you got a lot of people who were elected as Republicans, but I know where I met where I live. Republicans that a clean sweep would not the conservatives. The conservatives guy. Those were the ones that ran against Democrats running as Republicans and and it was the corruption is just unbelievable out the kind where it happened. It was statewide statewide Democrats were pulling out Republican ballots. Corruption is nationwide.

This kind of thing is been going on nationwide basic problem with America today is corruption. People have been selling out America, the Constitution and its people. The laws for what filthy lucrative sacred power and this is been the downfall of America that the corruption is so here until we get until the swap is drained to the swamp is clean and and again that was high treason and boy do we have one of things is happening, you see there in a panic during a real panic about 2000 meals. By the way this coming Sunday evening will be showing the film 2000 meals a doers of the word Baptist Church got a hold of it right this coming we will we've got a bunch of them on order a bunch of the DVDs in order were not the only ones it's doing that to their people are so fed up where to go around the fake news media, but it will in a bread bear had Esper on their anti-Trumper viciously anti-Trump or Brett bear from Fox News.

Not fair and balanced.

He's a he's a far left arrow and pretending to be conservative and he had Esper on there and he was proud he was getting them to say what and then he pulled bear bar down bar is another one of those traders are you send me a copy of that 2000 meals can help places I can show that around here we you have 2000 meals with your live. It's nothing that you have chosen point contest all right and Emily said you the meals with Lisa listener up there with the cake will have her hand deliver it get get get your walking shoes on Lee. Similarly, when you're talking about this corruption. People have seen it here. Watched any news we had a bombing out group that's pro-life group turned Wisconsin family action were seeing. There are going to churches and protesting and rebelling and there out in front of all the conservative justices homes and I was looking it up. There are two major laws that we have a Department of supposedly justice but you and I called the Department of injustice and injustice whatever this department would utilize a Judas, there is a federal law, title 18, S.

1507 and it is a law that prohibits trying to influence our court are the courts decisions and the punishment is a year in prison for protesting near the Supreme Court house or residences or any buildings that they are being in use for court purposes. So here you have a federal law that will put people that are trying to influence or scare or intimidate judges in jail for year and it's being ignored. There is also a federal law, 18 USC 247. This law is against intimidating churchgoers at Sunday services. Protecting anything that intimidating or disruption of religious services. In other words, the intimidation of churchgoers that worship and it has up to one year in prison for a penalty.

So here we have two federal laws and our FBI federal marshals. The department of Judas. Nobody is out there arresting any of these protesters at the church is at the judges homes and they are doing some pretty nasty threats and some of things are saying the language is extremely volatile. While filthy and they are making threats, and yet not a single thing is being done in the course of the entire Biden administration said will they ever right to peacefully protest members when we watch them burn down the buildings and police stations and and the car lots and note the reporter. While these are mostly peaceful protesters general in the background. All you can see is everything is on fire.

So we have a major problem in this country folks. We have got to change horses. We have got to defeat these communists that are trying to conduct a revolution. They must be beaten, and they must bring must stand up and call them what they are communist.

We must stand up and call the evil rebuked them, and we must vote them out of office and including those that like you said the rhinos that are Democrats trying to wear Republican clerk conservative clothing and all their there is to increase the power of the left by what will pulse me. You know Joe Leinbach was returned and I were having been the war College and I had called the Department of Justice and I had talked and I know I've said this many times that it needs to be said again that I talked to several lawyers and I asked him do you know will be even one Christian. They have like 1700 lawyers. I said you know of anyone I of even one Christian juvenile, even one Christian and a civil will ask around them and seen and will let you know so they got back to me so we were able to find even one here about one cases there said tells you right there now. If there is if there is anybody out there, you may not have made Christian but in the Department of Justice. If you have any integrity of even a little bit of integrity and decency and honor left then you need to do what's right. He took it out to the Constitution.

If you can't follow God's Word the Bible, at least follow Constitution you FBI agents out there not the law you FBI agents of their I use a known number of you who were good people. You were not ashamed. You can walk with your head up you are not ashamed today. I hate to say it but from the top down.

This is they turn into the horse lived there sold they sold himself in you. I wish I could get your whole. I wish I could get the hold FBI department like in a room someplace where I can preach heaven help heaven sweeten how hot I mean I would preach the word of God and listen to me listen to. Maybe if you're out there.

If you're laughing right now. Go ahead and get it out because we knew stem before Almighty God, and you will you will be laughing so if you have any decency you have any integrity left at all obey God and not those crooked those cooking horse that are running the FBI that have sold us out, they have sold us out and there you go on the radio show any suspicious actors and material witnesses under scrutiny by January save defense attorneys, court filing, suggest entrapment operation ran against the oath keepers by highly coordinated defense attorneys are seeking to identify and investigated 80 suspicious actors material witnesses and some of whom allegedly ran in entrapment operation against the oath keepers on January 6 20, 21 and committing crimes and including the removal of security fencing breaching police lines attacking officers inciting crowds to storm into the capital a motion PDF and supplement PDF file after 11 PM on May 5 in Federal Ct. in Washington attorney Brad Geyer listed 80 people, some of whom he said could be government agents or prove that we know there was a least 20 right problem with security and FBI about right. And these people are seen on the video operating in a coordinated fashion across capital grounds. In January 6 will resolve the capital place right there on videotape Monahan waving people and come on you can see the motioning model just don't do anything violent, just enough so you have the capital police inviting people in the door and you can hardly call that an insurrection when they're being invited in by the police right. Note to Stacy Abrams find a good lawyer. A true the vote announced that they are releasing addresses of all ballot trafficking stash houses all have to Stacy stash houses Stacy houses the gate the virtual premiere of the movie 23rd 2000 Mills was held in effect until last night in Vegas and we're going to be showing that Sunday and doers of the word Baptist Church that I didn't by 434 30 everybody out there listening for authority to order the word out there standing room only in the Delish in the film the mysticism of the true the vote provides answers and evidence on the stolen 2020 election, the explosive documentary was released on Tuesday at select theaters across the nation. According to the evidence discussed in the movie if you factor in just what the real ballot traffickers adjust the real ballot traffickers 12 one with 305 electoral votes that does not even count all the other fraud occurring during the election, like the mysterious Bell draft 3 AM in the morning or the questionable machines here that red pair. There is your evidence Brad bear on April turning point USA founder Charlie Kirkwood on with Joe coughed at 93.3. Have them discuss the movie clerk who featured in the film said this is about the evidence collected for the film. They saw that some of them use when visit the drop boxes every single night and then go to Stacy Abrams headquarters and they go back to the drop boxes. Stacy, if we had. If we only had it at a halfway decent even halfway halfway legitimate election board there in your state. You'd be in jail right now but there's not. And so here Stacy you know what you can hide from God your wicked woman you a very wicked woman, Stacy Abrams. Here's what God's Word, the Bible says repent or perish.

You need to repent.

You need to come clean. You need to get on your knees before Almighty got asked for forgiveness and then try to come clean. Leave that with that life of of evil wickedness and sinfulness and ungodliness. The movie discusses the democratically stash houses but does not mention any names or locations.

Last night Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips enough they will be releasing all the addresses of the ballot stash houses.

That is great. Stacy Abrams may want to find a good lawyer on Saturday night political comments Brian Gates post to this on the stats houses tonight.

The virtual premiere 23rd 2000 Mills, Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips enough they will be releasing all the addresses of the status of Rome by the NGOs that were orchestrating the massive criminal racketeering operation. The multiple states, the other also regularly see him drawing all those NGO groups and participated that the nurses been hiding or just a day early yesterday came out Michigan police seized a voting machine there.

That said, the basically the clips there's an investigation in several counties now and they said at least one third party gained access to tabulation machines and data drives and Richfield Township, Rose common County Sheriff's Department said and the identity equipment would be required to be replaced by text current money and anywhere. The voting machines been impounded for investigation and all kinds of allegation we been doing story after story after story states are few states and a few people are doggedly trying to find the truth, and the longer time passes since the election of more and more proof that there was corruption and so many areas so many levels and it just what's that song. The beat goes on the corruption goes on folks.

Here's the thing. Recently released is decided by the give credit to Salem communications for the. The ones in the marketing this) but, tech giants are censoring blacklisting embedding posts on the 2000 Mills ballot trafficking argument across social media platforms negative do many good really get them out really keep up with the most people know what the fake with the absolutely antichrist vacant news media, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN in the what their in collusion with the Communist Party in hiding, and so here the article says goes on to say to me see if I get open page.

Here you go.

The virtual premiere of the movie 2000, Mills was held last night from Las Vegas. In the film then instances and to devote provide answers and evidence of the stolen 2020 election women tell Eunice every sense, the expository, the explosive documentary was released on Tuesday and select theaters across the nation that that was packed.

He couldn't get a ticket everywhere you call the with the already sold out.

The movie 2000 mood Mills proves through geo-tracking and video confirmation that death in Kratz is ballot trafficking to steal the 2020 election from Pres. Donald Trump, the national conspiracy involved every battleground state.

You and I have come out ;-) we have talked about four major areas of corruption and each one of them alone could have sworn the election from the outcrop to Biden, and from the sucker box on down list so if you had all four of those major corruptions together. No wonder he was able to win by such a large margin because I just said any one of them could've almost won the election by itself. So we go back wickedness during Nancy Pelosi is praising the protesters there using their quote righteous anger CL they grab religious phrases.

Their righteous anger to march to mobilize as a supreme in THE Supreme Court. Pelosi was the person who could've had the National Guard January 6 to prevent the cloaked insurrection and all the mob. Nancy Pelosi committed high treason right and she was behind that insurrection right here is behind it. She could've, they said, hey, we recommend you have the gardener giving you the guard. She didn't want them rejected it. And you're right she's behind everything and now she's out there. What all good encouraging people to go out there and express their quote righteous anger, righteous anger baby and no matter how she lives no matter what wickedness the minute how bad it is to have the support of the fake news media at all. That was next in line. The fake media you should hear MSNBC contributor Dean of the doll was going after Clarence Thomas and Clarence Thomas in order to Saturday were not going to be bullied and all will make our decision and he's writing that the Thomas wants to make all of us shut up and be subservient needs no Epson way were just getting started. Working to get violent organ of only them harder tweeted Bernie Sanders campaigned out Press Secretary Breanna Gray bully them harder see the left is doing everything they can to incite violence, anger, hate, this is all they help folks they cannot debate they cannot sit and look at the facts they have to use anger, hate, emotion, this is all they have for tools that what is that tell you when they have to resort those to win elections. This way people fear, fear, hate and anger that that's all I have right after the enemy of freedom there and I got this article here want to burn down the churches they burned on a pro-life office and I don't expect the FBI's could even investigated in the and and so anyhow, they haven't been there, according to the lady that runs a thing.

Clarence Thomas, in my opinion, is the only one of those justices that will stand his ground. That won't that will buckle and get in will talk about that right after this were coming up to heartbreak close we got a clip that you and listen to when we come out of this wakes you don't miss it will be back right after this a lot more to come.

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