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THU HR 2 072822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 29, 2022 12:32 am

THU HR 2 072822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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July 29, 2022 12:32 am

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We have a full house going to write the right window pole shift for deliverables from your report hello hello computer you deliver what will the widow we have two lovely ladies Marcy Sherry and Joline often thank you for having us here in front and right in between the two of them since Troy does Cashel discussion yes to social thank you all right very good know with that were going to get pregnant about Paul.

We been telling people here that the what we've been hearing the chatter and this is been going on for a while for last almost a year or so. The past three months.

Yeah, mostly aware, but since buttons within we've been hearing a lot about come November, China, red China has decided it may invade America but I know that they had actually have low cargo ships about 900 cargo ships and people of single loading weapons on those cargo ships and of the two sent of the single whole slew of them lose weight now, I don't think you're going to have to do that if they do do that you may have noticed Paul did you know last night or two a couple nights ago when prisoner troubles. He was saying for the first time when he was in office. Our military was reaching okay. It was reaching its its top and potential. Where was posed to be that since That is going downhill, and what's happening. They have the destroyer in the military. There are literally destroying our military and were talking about so-called secretary of defense. Austin and Marky Millie. There you will hear I will.

I was watching the training filter the recruitment films from Russia and China who had a special forces guide them in doing these to them a real hard-core tough guys out there and then I watch our recruitment. They had a lesbian black lesbian unbelievable. And then of course now at our USO shows the guy drag queens. This is not good folks live in destroying our military and so the chatter is not until you tell me Paul because you know to tell us some of the field three minutes here and take probably an hour.

I can do that good friend of mine and Larry's chair Nyquist is his name. Ice would highly recommend everybody go to his website JR nut is a blog site JR I refer to them a lot on the shipper report JR Nyquist spilled NY Q you post something every week, and it's all really heavy stuff, insightful 1020 page lengthy dissertations about what the Chinese and Russians are up to.

He knows all of the Chinese Russian defectors to come over there gone to him a chair. Nyquist works for a couple think tanks in Washington DC. One of them is Frank Gaffney, Center for security policy. I knew Frank Gaffney pretty intimately back when I had a syndicated show I'm at it right here in the studio. He was suddenly looking up a guy in the east of the undersecretary's yelp defense Ronald Reagan any rate, chair Nyquist is a brilliant thinker. He knows all the geostrategic and knows everything what's going on militarily defense wise and easy export of expert on communism and any rate, he's been revealing he's done interviews with these people on lewd media, lewd media is a Chinese organization underground, and they been talking about a surprise. Russia, China attack on America by November and a lot of these people bidders given him this information. A lot of them had been killed. Leaders of this underground Chinese organization and this this was like to three months ago will recently when he came on my show. He talked about not only that, but the way they got her military now before us in every solar every soldier, Marine sailor to take the vaccine is killing them off. Sure, it is our military and 1/2 and right here that this article is posted in national news. Biden is transforming the US military into a full-line left wing force getting rid of conservatives out of the sea, a lot of conservatives and pro trunk before taking the vaccine. The running them out of the military there quashing conservatives in the military and are moving forward with basically a Marxist force and on top of this right now. You probably heard that in Central and South America in the next 2 to 3 weeks. The Chinese and Russians are being there doing wargames in Central and South America for three weeks at the same time. Part of the Russian and Chinese forces together. A lot of people don't see that pollutants a bad guy that their link together with China.

They have been for decades, but any rate there doing wargames in Russia for the next three weeks to the diviner along with guess who Iran, Venezuela, the newly Marxist Columbia, Cuba, and all the other countries through North Korea.

What is that tell you there more than the first time in Central and South America. This is taken place. Nobody in the media's talking about this. Not even Fox News got a go to JR to find out this insightful information or sometimes Gateway pundit, but gateway components great but they don't get it about the Russia threat Tucker Carlson's great he doesn't get it about the Russia threat they think Rush is a friend they think he's doing us a favor by attacking Ukraine, Russia and China have been interlocked and mingled since the Cold War. They always were. It was a great Soviet deception for us to think what we can play the China card. That's what Nixon and Kissinger thought to because you know no and as some of the people now that are starting to realize this are saying will we drove Russia, China and Russia's arms by our policies know they been always interlinked so they're going to come at us there.

There's a statement at the end of the Cold War.

That was all deception strategy. I know you know that I write about it in my book Troy, the strangling vine is called Paris perestroika perestroika is the deception and guess what phase were now Paris stroker where they crush us with a clenched fist.

That's the phase were in now Paris stroker were in big trouble and I've read, not as much as JR Nyquist, the Soviet that the defector lit literature you're familiar with defectors like John Chapa and Anatoly deletes in all these the defectors have been right.

They been warning.

I absolutely China and Russia. This deception strategy. They planned the end of the Cold War in 1991, whatever they everything the Cold War ended supposedly know it did not. They took away from us the ability to see a took the viewpoint of them being the enemy away and what happened to got worse because they kept building up their military building up their nuclear weapons.

We started to cut back because without the Cold War was over. Even our secretaries of state and secretaries of defense. They didn't get it. Even George W. Bush you know he handled minor 9/11 correctly but he thought that what did he say he looked in the Putin's eyes and called him who he put all his soul solace is old school. He's got no soul menopause of Russians never once honored any of the salt tree nosy today. Didn't they forget to solicit right now. The Russians and the Chinese have been building up their nuclear weapons. They had nuclear weapons supersonic that we don't have were in trouble. Folks were in trouble and I don't want to be a scaremongering here and I don't want any of this to be true.

Some people criticize me even conservatives will you want it what you want you want ward you want to know. I want peace, but we've got to wake up were in big trouble and what you're up to reference your point earlier that Secretary of Defense Austin and Joe Biden are just going to sit back, they are they are puppets of the communist okay when it comes down to when the Chinese attacked probably from the West Coast with the cargo ships. These cargo ships are Trojan horses loaded with thousands of Chinese troops. They got a name for it pastor Ernie. It's called operation. Great terror and I don't know if I even wrote about in the book. I don't know the sump newer, but any rate it it's really bad news and were word were in bad trouble because this is the worst possible time to help have traders in the White House this whole administration from Biden down there.

They're not leftist they are Marxist. They are communist bulimia for this Acadia oversight.

Our greatest threat. Our greatest threat to our freedoms and our very lives right here in our way of living. What would I say is that China is a rush of North Korea for the Democratic Communist Party here, right here in America is the death or credit Communist Party right here. The collective, there are greatest. There is hope. This is our hope, size print because we are a country of people that pray constantly. Plus we are heavily armed that million 300 million armed American listen, this is what he defector recently told my friend JR Nyquist, the expert, there is hope your he said they all, the defector said to so the Russians and the Chinese. They've done all their were maneuvering the wargaming and they see us as a threat that when they do when bade what they're going to do is maybe watch a few three or four nuclear weapons. Their negative on Lisa Mauk were then rendered in a land read on. Remember the red arm.

It's gonna be read Don's. So now there's a saying in the intelligence community defense community. Red Dawn is not just a movie. It's real, what's can happen. It's based on real Soviet war strategy.

They're worried they don't they know it's nothing to be easy because they when they land on our shores, like the movie depicted they know they are going to face millions of heavily armed Americans who listen most of us are made up of Vietnam veterans that are still alive Afghanistan war veterans Iraqi war. I was in the Marine Corps.

I still know how to shoot, so they're going to deal with a lot of people and that's why the Biden regime is pushing so hard for gun control.

They need to have a student disarmed right now what they're doing is they're buying up all the ammunition they know people are likely get the guns over but not really. This is more fun being a guest and is the host of the you let loose more you know when you're behind the mic posting for this.

I think Mr. Ernie of the bus instead of you yeah yeah yeah go ahead and pop off and I get the blame. Okay this is this what my rant that I just went through is dedicated to her friends, you inclusive your listening out there.

Jim you Pandora's box that he knows he knows something strange will happen now is a regular clip we will playfully like six minutes and I want commentary so take her away but I got to go to Claudia Taney Tenney.

Thank you for stepping away from the vote and calling it a question yesterday where I was ever is monitoring watching present trumpet what happened at the America first policy is to John Lott that the great John lot of more guns, less crime, tweeted something about there $1 billion. Executive Order Biden signed it. It's going to ensure ballot harvesting and all the federal facilities Vicki housing and they said it came off of a talk that your giving on a panel, we know that you're on top of this more than anybody can explain exactly. I think John took the tweet down it explain exactly what you were talking about and and what is this about an executive order from Biden the billion dollars in ballot harvesting exactly what what in response to that Zuckerberg muddied a $419 million attribute to prime the pump to manipulate the boat all across the bit about harvesting, particularly between state particularly Democrat areas. We know that 92% went to Democrat meeting areas and that it really decided the election minute 2020 election for president with decided by 42,000 boat that we came out with a stop.

Dr. box back back Mark Zuckerberg away a lot of the private entities from you think the 501(c)(3) mechanism in the IRS code to try to bypass and put this private money through the 501(c)(3) into election districts and real admin that was a huge factor reported that the book read by Molly Hemingway as part of the movie rig by Dave off the excellent film that was done and what happened now Mark Zuckerberg said I'm to back off it. If we got Rhonda Tanner get 21 other states actually banned Dr. box really great progress to get the Biden daddy signed an executive order it.

Executive Order number 14019 for your listeners and I know their detail oriented and it's called promoting active devoting and basically what it does. It's an opaque federal election takeover if it a backdoor way of getting Dr. box a backdoor way of getting a term on HR four and what their current doing is turning our federal agencies into partisan get out the vote operations for the Democrats much like what acorn was in the old days, and what yet what they're doing is allowing and and actually act acting on the federal agencies to submit their strategic plan not to Congress not to go back but just do them right about people and to try to manipulate the vote, using for example housing and urban urban development card site. The small business administration on all the federal agencies are now going to be boat collection type vote manipulation pipe and they have asked that you not to billion dollars in cash can potentially billion and layout to try to get into these areas, but they tend to be Democratic leaning you know I either use pressure hey you want to continue to get your housing allowance you know vote Democrat. Let us take control your ballot and that's exactly what they're doing because muddied the Democrats know they never went on policy. If the work policy year and 1/2, they've ever had an early modern era, and to try to when I'm process and they were there to do everything they can to stop the red wave coming ashore and that put the Executive looked benign enough.

But it's really dangerous when you actually read the detail and see the power that it's going to get the federal agencies to be able to manipulate and don't forget there's a terrible couple of words we talked about yesterday and and the America first policy Institute forum on election law consent order. The Department of Justice is going to come in and leverage its strength, power, and its police power to force counties and we have over 3000 across the country before the consent order for there to be taking over election that you be even more costly net muddied can be appropriated in that direction. An outside party being done, the county. I reside in right now have a consent order controlled by DOJ because they were bullied and manipulated by DOJ. You gotta watch out, they're going to do the therapeutically which is exactly what this order it again.

Executive Order 140191401 okay two things.

Number one. How do they get to your site because you put up a twitter your euro policy firehose your put stuff up all the time. How do people get teachers to your twitter or Garrett and truth that this find out the details. This in number two. What we did. We got a stunned look we got caught sleeping with the mark alive stuff for me Brahim and I went around the country, gave a lecture of which now CNN plays all the time like a big secret revealed that that had gave a talk 75 times, but we weren't ready. How do we get. There's no chance we can lose on process this time. So, at what is credit 20 Carson for New York say what we gotta do it at Claudia Taney. Claudio McCarty ever elected to Congress and Co. PEN and EY one word, and now I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, I'm out there on my my website about my official website I formed election integrity caucus after what I went. I had let Matt an aside that 100 days in Virtual Ct., Mark Elias that that's not ugly, and it felt like it but we want and we called it out or fight up for fighting the fight, the way we stop it is to fight you find every leverage point, we have unfortunately we need a public that's informed we need to continue to lock it because Mark Elias you know I can't leave the boat trafficking lawyer think I finally locked all across the country are frivolous or not and eat anything if you get 5% that the went so we gotta fight back. We have to do a lot a lot of it through the public interest law law firm. We put bills in place that you know right now her neck to get the house until we take back the majority so we got a PPP bit.

We got women's groups all across the country, getting really involved in election integrity.

Get involved get involved at your board of election pay attention to what's going on. Find out if your county or your area have a consent order DOJ is manipulating and try to take take the vote away for the citizen like it. One citizen one vote there kinda rate the private writes about. You know what we don't want the government. Note that we thought were basically the Soviet Union were at work even check or China with a tiny tiny party time Centennial get will get back will get you only get you on Skype hold my cohost of Matthew Tim on a representative Taney is the talking API.

We talked yesterday evening about this as well. I'm on the board.

Project Veritas and one suggestion you mentioned a cornflake wind doesn't exist because of James O'Keefe's intrepid aunt neural investigative journalism got 10 years ago plus while this is now were much more institutionalized and ready for the fight ready for the midterm. So what you say about your counties with consent decrees to our listeners to your constituents Veritas you see anything untoward. You see anything in the U.S. Postal Service, Veritas

We have an army of journalists ready to go to work this cycle through project Veritas action meant Carson to a warmer time your your twitter handle. Some people get all this information will have you back over into a big drill down on this right at Claudia Patty PLA UTA PEN and anyway likely to credibility. I think the Matrox either.

I really pray project Veritas is amazing. Let's get them alpacas out there. I love love what you guys do it. It's amazing.terrific job out there. I really appreciate it thank you guys attended that you think you already we are back there you go is not you know what, you don't gotta go and see your county is consent of all across the country of their find out you gotta do it. Go out and find out if your county because you give that the Democrats one thing when it comes to the corruption.

They're the best of me. The Democrats are to election fraud with mom and Ali was the boxing with Elvis Presley was a rock 'n' roll. They when it comes to election fraud comes to being crooked.

There crooked I mean the really crooked and I I've said before, I think Merrick Garland would be very very hard-pressed to try to prosecute someone that was as crooked as he is this. Yeah that would be so there you go right past I see a see if you agree with me on this when were they were talking Steve was interviewing and Steve Bannon about the funneling of funds, including probably. I guess they mean crypto currencies as well. Was that Bill number 14019, we see the control of currency which will result in digital money would be would be a cashless society if the plants whether moving towards him and I see the don't you see the groundwork for a global government and the insertion of the Antichrist in this guy do and it was more of a battle though because you keep. The fake news media tries to make it look like the hole in a western called the world is with the cranes in this battle that rushes out isolated with the fact that with his wishes got over 70 nations that is backing her the people to know that so and they don't want the world what role Russia does not want to be a part of the New World order. They don't want that and so we're in for a battle, but the Antichrist obviously the antichrist of the win that war against the opposition out there with you what we have we have our marching orders you heard Bannon mentioned Mark Elias turning on the inside he's a big Clinton attorney. All I know is absolutely soon so anyhow so we see all these things that were living in exactly in second Timothy chapter 3 is one where timeliness look in the other passage.

It tells you in the first Timothy for television and in time to lay today's and so you have in later days and then times, but in second Timothy three, he tells you in the last days of very specific.

The last part of the six dispensation.

And this is here when you see this is how people are going to be. Then he gives you a whole litany of the characteristics of the people and that the boy where there we are there. It couldn't. It couldn't be any clearer than it is so so no know we just we know what was in the Bible says be you a doer of the word, not a hearer only and you hear Christ said that he that is in us is greater than he that is in the world right and he said were more than Victor's more more more than Victor Snow. So this is this is our opportunity.

This is our opportunity is never been a better opportunity place of crowns in heaven than right now going to the and you know we played a song. This is a better, rather die my feet deliver my knees and we need to do that without liberty would good is life without liberty.

And so we had some very, very good people give their all to buy the freedoms that we've enjoyed and like Ronald Reagan said if we don't were not willing to fight for those freedoms, our children and their children won't know.

Should the Lord Terry cell phone since were at you folks want to take some phone calls. We open the phone lines they went over the phone lines and take some phone calls so like if you have like really hard questions asked Paul before Larry over your balls is their use to locate know and help the phone lines are open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 nationwide and don't forget we have two lovely ladies hear more if you say to is ready for Central committee and the 27th district in the would you consider yourself like Annie Oakley. Okay are you ready to fight and I don't take no for an answer.

So in that sense probably go take it. I get the same question for you Julie Alston while my dad always is to make fun of you neither can you tell me now. I would do it twice yeah I don't think no for an answer usually and I'm not. I I can't be bullied because they, the Democrats have tried to do that. They try to offer me a job in the city so that I didn't know going try to run for political office against the friends but there there losing their seats and it's happening now as quickly as I would hope but it's happening that we have to limit that is something they know every trick the Bible says the Lord Jesus and that the that the world out there is much more astute when it comes to the ways of the world and the wireless. And that's exactly true so we have to waken our side we really have to wake our site to what's happening in silk and pestering, would you not agree that when dealing entirely with human intelligence here know I will be preaching on this. A lot of people don't realize that what was taking place atmosphere and in the here. For example, big farm right that you know what the farmer means pharmacopeia farming sooner means wizardry with his enemies. No piece is very very clear when you have when you picture a wizard. If I see describe a wizard in a people say wearing a long robe and pointed at know know know the were three-piece suits right now. Okay and you have more people die every year more people die from actually from prescription drugs will never forget the fit no just from prescription than all the train playing gun, car bus accidents combined. Most people on long-term pharmaceuticals either kidney or liver failure. The wages what citizen death of these people. They pedal death.

They pedaled in some of the entire death critic.

I'm this collective party is nothing there only about death and the Bible says those that hate God, love death that he got so you have a spirit of witchcraft and wizardry in Lynn today and is its thick plan and so would I will be preaching somewhat on some meanwhile it's going take will hear he is he he gets here before I do. Clifford dear in their quick questions really want to be on the New World order one. We were talking about how these people are not, but the enemies of God looking up from 37 first one David speaks of the enemies of God and then first 2031. He speaks of the Lord of God and you know you look at Noah Harare said well beyond God. So how much of this is just that time Jerry never says God doesn't have a voice in Congress. And so the Jerry never looked limited with God's voice and said very clearly. He said that sodomites Jerry that sodomites are abominable and that sodomites will have their place in the lake of fire. Jerry never that's what God said so you better pay attention. Jerry never also ask about Naomi Wolf on Mike Kelly show amounts of crime against humanity will absolutely and now you know she like to fight that firm is actually making that burial for Pfizer and approved on the group identified the nanoparticles made by a Chinese firm through and you know some wondering how much their rent audit knowledge listening to a pocket watch reports episode 334. These liquid crystals apparently launching people explain and they can be affected by EF EMS radiation. Some wondering what the Army they can be controlled by outside but that took the vaccine that could be controlled by EM amplitude.

So it seems like you know I related that the soul is like between nine and all it's coming from labs in China as part of the plot line to essentially leave the kill or control people's brain in the United States and elsewhere.

It's both your run something they would we've known for a long long time.

The enemy is within us. This is why again I don't expect it to be much more I expected Austin, by the way Austin, who demands the 60,000 troops be thrown on the military. He has exempted himself from the from the backs along with the entire White House staff okay and all Pfizer employees.

All Pfizer employees.

Okay and all CDC employees that will exempted themselves a lot more so than Nancy Pelosi went on got her hair done. I hope it all falls out that she had a hold of ice cream only right very good okay with. Thanks Cliff list below to steam clean the Savior and their U-boats is evident quickly.

It sounds good tonight.

All I heard something about the United States Navy about three years ago and I don't. This was the right amount 300 possibly be that much smaller intern to make a go book coal plants in two weeks only take about a year.

Well they're doing all they can to destroy your military right now I'm in there working overtime so I don't think were that many behind China and all its records on the left. I looked we had very similar numbers. The Navy limited northern Afghanistan was also up to $10 billion, record number statements were disturbed for the world Afghanistan. We left him $85 billion was so they they have more military equipment than most countries night and still sending them billions, you will your portrait good airstrip or whatever with $10 billion so that a part by mistake.

That's the biggest airstrip of the world and Chicago were alternatives their orders and in what they left was not an arbitrary amount of equipment. There was a very strategically placed types of equipment to give them a complete strategic ability. Place absolutely does well alright right on the word regatta will you know some good can happen to everyone.

God bless you. The Lord's coming back in return is imminent. Okay. And remember, were more than victory with Toryism with the Lord Jesus that he has a what he is a you majority of one let's go to Deborah in Chicago bear from Primerica are related training, authority, and there he told her it was better and recombined early and we can pray with authority and things like that would be will to the prayer that the left who are aware, this can pray that other Christians can rise up and take airplay and realize they're already using it. This ministry is never this ministries leading up for 9/11, which is a Sunday were asking other pastors to join us and preaching repentance and restored restoration restoring our country all around the country. There's a lot of power, but you gotta believe it to believe it.

And if you believe you doing so that's on 9/11 September 11 that waistcoat all the passenger phones that the listing to preach on repentance and restoration for America bring us back to one nation under God the way he gave it to us already and I doubt I don't know the that everybody to the lurking toy agree with you all right very good okay if you brought up the nuclear weapon sees Chinese towers. We put up cell phone towers have a certain device. I don't have the article in front of me but Trump warned about this that could be used to deactivate her nuclear weapons because these Chinese cell phone towers who way or think are being set up outside of nuclear bases in America and now the FBI was alerted to this for once, maybe doing something right side anymore they're not there were some investigators have found this out and tried the work to the Biden administration her neck and move on their own by China their own budget and let's go to Wisconsin Jerry in Wisconsin here and there. Yeah.

I got two questions year PSD Fannin that you played with that woman talking about, you know, comes November the election we would you know take back the house and the Senate what what what is she thinking there is not going to be any election. They're going to create some October November surprise, that's what we've been talking about. How did I was waiting for Steve Bannon to say excuse me Congresswoman that you know the election talking to take place at that battle, they won't. They will not allow that to happen.

Now what you guess their my guess your Isaac will tell you that work that that's why were here to make sure that we do have elections and go with the ladies of the lilies took frequent mercy and I think we definitely have to be careful for anything that they're trying to cook up when Terry and see nothing in monkeypox or medical vent is to make sure that we don't have an election.

We have to make sure that we don't really resist this time and we see what they've done. We know the game that we know the game plan we make sure that we resist all the tyranny that they can attract take your mask and take your your kill shots right right I think for anything in Ohio.

I know a couple of the school districts or anything that were in. Have the kids back in the masks are any starting going back to school and this is how it started last time.

I've only missed one election in my entire life and it was when in Ohio we had election on St. Patrick's Day, which they closed on our entire state and give us an option to be able to vote if you weren't going to have our you have absentee ballots of the election. I never missed was because they set us down right there you go. Yet the other question I have is your guest also what your guest there. The gentleman he stated that that it ships off the coast of the West Coast California look Chinese troops. Well if that's the case, I mean how do you know that for certain amino I would like to believe your your correct but if that's the case then there's gotta be people beating them food and water.

I mean how do you know this. What what kind of facts you have on that it would take an hour to go into it. Let me summarize it this person chair Nyquist is contacts all over the communist world and so to sum those people. Suffice it to say that this entity that I told you about in early knows about it. Lewd media LU DE this is an underground anti-Communist Chinese group. The reported on a couple military meetings. They had this past May in China and a lot of the participants of that meeting were killed by the communist Chinese but some of these Chinese were leaking this stuff out and best way to tell you is to go to the website JR okay and just scroll down the post about one article about 1020 pages a week and go back to. There's one called lewd media interview with the Chinese. Yes, quite a bit of articles on a good have to search down this blog site, but in this guy is the expert of experts on communism and what's happening.

I trust him. I used to work in Washington DC.

I lobbied on defense policy issues, and I know this man to be very credible and I won't even bother mentioning I don't want to say anything not credible. So go to chair Nyquist this the best I can tell you right now right. But how would they think that they think they got mean people gotta be seeing that there's plain dirt.

Both something going out to those people with food at that gotta be recorded somewhere with all right you've got your mission call or get.

After we got a move on you.

Let's go to pastor hell pastor.

Hell, you're in there and here tonight show really going to know in the world is starting to assist full baths with the Biden the bright everything is not going to get any better that the show up and it's really good to get that, but we have a way to get out of here with Jesus Christ that worked on the front and Joffrey three Jesus said, except a man be born again he cannot be the key he cannot be the kingdom of God, which means when you come to Calgary and you asked Jesus to come in your heart and Savior bit sorry about the factor center will commence your heart get you the payment depicted on the cross. When Jesus died on the cross. Guns lined him up in the payment in full every sin you and I've ever done because we can't fit ourselves. If you quit student right now never sin against the day you die just to send you a rate that would keep you but you could be the worst sinner in the world become the Calgary and then repent and ask Jesus come into your heart and blood wash away everything you've ever done. It will make a new creature in Christ.

Pages 17 in whom we have redemption through his blood. Ephesians 289 for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself the gift of God that they know and in Romans 1013 for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Salvation comes through what Jesus did for you what you got and you could be the best person on earth and there remember every church in town and then go to hell with your membership card you can get baptized so often everything on the great Social Security number and go to hell and listen you could be the best Catholic Protestant. Whatever the one thing we can go to heaven like that is only the blood of Christ wash away your sins in Revelation 320 says behold I stand at the door not if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will commence to Denny's right now I'm talking you. Jesus Christ was knocked at the door of your heart is that you will open up that door and do your Savior. 13 priest at the you shall all likewise perish. Your sorry about the factor center and you open up the door of your heart and Jesus Christ government Romans 1013 don't do it. He promises to do it and so much of the preachers to lead men and women of Christ. If you want to receive payment you on the cross. We can pray together right now and I could even think if you were dying if you would like, but even the reprint together you and God is only you can open up the door of your heart that Jesus command brother. Can I add to that, and this also let's let's put out a challenge to the church. We need to repent of our sins to personal and national sins.

That's right. And I think we have little time to do that and we need to get together we we have a completely live board site so were wrapper up okay so you want to receive credit rating mean it. Dear God, I'm sorry and I repent of it, Lord Jesus. I believe you died on the cross and check your blood to save my soul and right I hear now Lord to come into my heart in your life, then they might still give me a home in heaven and eternity with you in Jesus name. Based on what you did for me at Calgary.

In Jesus name Amen amen okay thanks. Hell, you could hang in there if you want a ride to Michigan right here in their work working for your understand Russia thinking time everybody likes to work on their own together like this working you know good question and would take forever dancers again the blog.

I hate to say this but go to chair basically were being deceived. That's what communists do is class swab real quick.

Hear the runs the WTF. He really is on pollutant side even though he says he is not. He was trained by Putin.

All of these globalist like Trudeau and McCraw and every one of them are communist or tied in with Boudin Biden makes a big deal that we oppose. Then we done some breakdown on this. Larry, my producer myself on the ship report. That's all a lie. Biden's in the hip pocket of pollutant. All you gotta look at is the fact that he cut off all of our oil that serves the interest of Russia everything. Biden is doing out of his mouth. He speaks that he is anti-Russia and figured it out there you go saying the same thing really. I know it's hard to believe but communists that's what they do. They deceived there like that as we think, listen, if Russia can't take Ukraine.

There's no way they can take us. Maybe it's holiday checking for no pay. Now we are taking you cringe the media says oh you trains holding their own, and you Russia would take them correct. We know this, but the way the media portrays that that Russia so we can have a be able to. And that is to say when Ernie says a lot cranes globalist or bad pro-homosexual everything that is false, but the real bad guy was Putin here so I think you know what war that that person that's running it. Ukraine has time to pose for folk I want to know what other war that person in charge or have the right is about keeping see the deception in well you know let me they would what kind of a hero to you and they compared him to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, but they were never drag Queens this because of this he was a graduate way and this is how iron important movies and this is how I figure it is just use logic the same media that told wide about the truck Russia collusion for years, the same media that's lying about January 6 on about everything they lie about everything were to believe them when it comes to Ukraine.

It's going to go jump in here were lawless tyrant. Zelinski echoes Nazi fascist issues black list of US lawmakers and journalists well skimming while skimming billions from you is rest. We've known it all along. We've been talking about that all and what is the Bible say a Jackson if he preached for years that Russia and China, and the kings of the East all agog. It was a gang up in his room the last days Ezekiel 36 to 38 but to also take a good look at the very last chapter see a lot of people out there witnessing the so-called collapse of the Soviet Union collapse if they collapse than what's Boudin doing he's he's back to the same old Soviet agenda know that there is me the solution to America, they just move the data. What used to be the old Soviet Democratic Party same thing as go to doubt the daily California dinner in their gotta speak up regular gift get it right directly into the fog. We can barely hear you right answering.

I hear that I'm concerned about where the invader my China, Russia, Iran, according to what I've read in there going to go after Israel with you and everything prophesies but how do we stop it, that there's no way to stop it, stop it. In my opinion. Well got to stop by the way he does take care of all that in your field. Find out if how it ends.

You gotta go.

Go to the book of Revelation chapter 19. Start with verse 11. If you do that and then from there we read that all way through verse 11 through verse 20 and then go to Zechariah, Zechariah, and you pick it up in Zechariah chapter 14 and it says, behold, the day of the Lord cometh in the spoil shall be divided into the midst of the for I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken on the houses rifled, and the women ravished after city shall go forth into captivity and the residue of the people, shall not be cut off from the city and this then shall the Lord go forth and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle, which is when he took the people out of Egypt, and his feet shall stand in that they up on the Mount of olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east and the Mount of olives shall have Chuck live in the midst thereof toward the east, and toward the west and there should be a great Valley and half of the mountain shall be removed toward the north and heaven toward the south, and you shall flee to the valley of the mountains for the Valley of the mountain shall reach a sale. You shall flee like you fled from the day before the earthquake in the days of use. I came to the notice and here's here it is in the Lord God shall come, and all of his saints with okay now here's what happens. Just make a very quick if you read Revelation 219. You see God leaving heaven with four categories of things the Angels were the first category spoke in the Old Testament, the New Testament and the tribulation saints and then returning back to earth. The returning back to earth and so at that point all the armies of the world are gathered to do battle for come against Jerusalem and when they marched through their in the two thirds of professing Jews.

Two thirds are going to die. One third will call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to recognize Christ as the Messiah and then we show up we show the armies of the Lord show up and now armies are there to fight when that's dictated snow spectator and what the Bible says is that we will fight the armies of the world know that I can have chariots like they did in the day the Pharaoh were talking Blackhawks were talking about a lot of modern technology. But here's the deal.

We have glorified bodies mean we can die. See note when you go to war.

The object is to kill more of the enemy, and they kill a few but if they can kill you. Guess who went right when Reagan says when asked him about going to work Lisa's they lose.

We went that's and that's what's going to happen. Gotta move on. Think this go to Jalisco to what we have left. I'm not going I'm not going there that's for sure already. Okay will listless them was still pastor how you still are better okay were but really cannot hear you got a last words of first John 513 that I written unto you that believe on the name you may know you have eternal life that God's promise to those who repent of their sin and that there are that's what this nation needs to do it don't matter and in the Old Testament Israel had people without number. Come against them, but they repented and understand many times you got it up for him and beat them against impossible and so we got impossible a lot come against us. We have the enemy with been running this country. But God can still delivers the man right where when our time and how much time do we have left okay. Folks want to thank all of you for being here tonight again and I want to remind you.

Don't forget Julie Julie in Austin and the season House District 14 House District 14 and Marcy Shea Central committee District 17th and 20th grade 20 7A 27 Summit County, and so we want to say where we had no okay again, thank all of you for being here and like we do this every night you are you where you want to do this for years and was okay until tomorrow. Good night God bless. And remember, always, always, always do it really okay 558. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW next time was right to left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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