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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 5, 2022 12:23 am

THU HR 2 080422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The Cure
Aimee Cabo

The social worker you can become an advocate for this you can't find your Masters in social work degree online strategy to connect diverse population the critical resources to improve their whether it's in a hospital community service agency making a difference, a social worker offers over 200 high-quality program ranking universities donate. It was broadcast WR read it whenever you're here we go for lunch to slide open Outlook that will really close to 40s. Who do I think that I do know I'm good telephone you are the author open attempt to cure and it's a book that's got treatments as a treatment, no booklets and seriously ailment and here's what you do for the cure very, very right out in front natural world. Things that people can get go by without going broke and the know nothing of it is look up you can try this and you can get healed without going to the doctor. Well, you're much better off right in the and so I got a feeling enough people start doing this then I think the insurance companies will so you know what we were missing out on a lot.

We better start ensuring natural herbs because it's about the money right all about the money, regretfully, but welcome to the 21st century some very good I know that they get more and more people that I talked to five people always call me asked me about where can we get those who wouldn't natural herbs and I see that the health food stores around here doing a booming business.

The rent you had it you haven't got your about a year ago I read an article and and it said that if monkeypox ever combined with mouse parks that it would have 100% mortality rate and at the time that we read that we never heard either one, and it's interesting now that mouse mouse parks his brother monkeypox is at the forefront right now and I'm saying that so I'm looking for them to bring the mouse parks yeah and what's next what you write to what the next parks going to be on on humanity. What when I got donkeys.

All we need now is the mouse and then will have 100% mortality rate and we can go back to all that stood out like a silly combined the monkey with the most money box is in the bottom line right there right are they will were going to wield the full size that will be very careful because we do have some very strange people that will call here at times gay and if we can we take a call from one of his bent were going to be very careful. Peter will let you take this call and if he gets weird to say goodbye will hang them up. Okay, but the because we you know we we been getting his restrained oneself. I'm good. Alright so the phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 crazy, crazy John calls Clint Peter Hanley but be ready to hit the button okay so I think I think we I think he's given me the first caller hated 86779673 nationwide Dr. Peter Glidden in he is written the books attempt to cure an absolute dynamite book and everybody is sick and I know I said we have oregano here 20 or one of your favorite students. It's Cliff Cliff you're in there I Dr. I just got COLD psychology of totalitarianism… Yeah really interesting, but it's talking about Stalin and the Gulag semi-said they kept changing the refuse to put people away wondering the initial monsters like some of the people from the Army war that were brought were exposed to capitalism so they needed to be eliminated like they were talking about like a mass hypnosis and it's coming. It seems that the pictures came out so I really recommend that you know about what's going on now like people in the bar where it it's really interesting.

So that's the psychology of totalitarianism, but I have a couple questions one would be about people getting of vessels bursting from blood clots now are they getting basically getting a complete blockage of the lottery for facile and then getting likable, moaning, effectiveness, and the auto radio are payments bursting that would be one question and then I want to go to what you collect some of the other stuff that's going on marijuana. For example like that that the increased use of marijuana want on people.

What is that doing it sent affecting dopamine or is that something else marijuana very clear and and will go back the other thing that marijuana is not dumbing everybody down because of marijuana produce temporary euphoria and become natural herb, the euphoria is not involved euphoria if the natural euphoria that has roots in reality, you're actually reaching into higher dimensions into different dimensions with, but then your letdown from and then you come back to reality, and then people want to experience that same thing again so they need a little bit more the next time a little bit more the next time a little bit more the next time that people are basically just going through their lives in a drug induced euphoria and that's what they have substituted for their reality in the biggest ramification of that is that when people are not smoking marijuana there completely.

They just they don't want to do anything they don't have any motivation and their life.

All there's no aspiration and you know they're just looking for the next way to get high because they when they are highly are tapped into something real, but then it goes away because it was drugging. And so that that's the big bad voodoo daddy over time. Now that the thing with the blood vessels. Is there something called an aneurysm in blood vessels in the body, especially the aorta. The arteries in the body, which carry blood away from the heart. They have different layers, like if you cut an onion and half credit has different layers. The arteries and veins have different layers also and the layers in the arteries because the blood pressure is really high in the artery that artery have the walls of the artery have to be really healthy and if the walls of the artery are not really healthy. The pressure of the blood moving through the artery can make the walls of the artery start to separate and then part of the wall of the artery can start to bubble up or balloon up the same thing will happen in a garden hose not you drive your car over garden hose 10 times the part of the host at the tire goes over becomes weak, and then when the water go through it bubble but balloons up the same thing will happen in a blood vessel: aneurysm and the most common cause of aneurysm deficiency in a trace mineral copper because the body needs copper in order to create a molecule called the last-in, which makes the layers of the blood vessels stick together in which makes everything more flexible so one of the reasons that people get aneurysm.

This is what Einstein died from by the way Einstein died from an aortic aneurysm. He was a textbook walking textbook of a copper deficiency because what happens when you have a really bad copper deficiency is everything in your body starts to sag. If you look at Einstein faith you now with the jowls and his cheeks were sagging.

The author had white hair snow white hair, which is often related to a deficiency in copper guaranteed. Einstein had hemorrhoids down to his knees spider veins varicose veins. These are all caused by copper deficiencies in the kind of the end of the road of copper deficiency is an aortic aneurysm.

The big artery coming directly to your heart that get aneurysm and not balloon Vatican pop and birthing and your dad in like five second what's happening with back vaccinated people that were seeing hemorrhages. Hemorrhagic strokes in the brain, which means that blood vessels in the brain actually burst in there so weak that vaccine something in the vaccine make the blood vessels in the brain so weak that when the blood coursing through the vein.

The pressure of the blood make the walls of the of the blood vessel birth and that's not good because now and I got a stroke in the part of the brain was affected by that. The whole order slits one will have to move them. Thanks Cliff okay let's go Bernice Io hi even if you yeah my mother caught the virus about three weeks ago and I guess I courted to the ones I got was one day I walked outside very well once when I got back on the right to my question to you or should I blood test to see if any of the parties know because I don't think that you had the virus people actually have coronavirus start coronavirus to their sick dogs are like 14 day what happening now is nobody knows what happening now. Some people think it's a variant out the Delta variant with the epsilon burying notes the omicron variant. Nobody knows what happening to people now when they get sick with whatever it is you getting sick from their sick for like three or four day in a naked on the other side of it like a bad head cold or a really you now kind of light influenza. I wouldn't be worried about it at all what you want to do is you need to educate yourself by getting the book group through pastor attempt to cure with holistic medicine or become a subscriber at my website. You need to educate yourself about things you can do on a daily basis. Make your immune system strong. It's a pretty easy things like rinsing with cold water. After you take a hot shower. That's a really simple easy inexpensive thing that everybody can do it after buying nutritional supplement to do that, eat more protein. Anybody can do that reduce your sugar intake. Anybody can do that. Simple things you can do to make your immune system strong. And you better make your immune system strong at removing the cold and flu season because it's going to be a bad cold and flu season this year because of all the people that were vaccinated going to be really bad. So you need to make yourself strong. Well, I've got winner of death 2.0. Dr. Fauci just threatened 70% of Americans of boat you said they had better get them get the VAX are they going to be in big trouble if they don't get the VAX Gary if you don't get vaccinated or they don't get boosted they're going to get into trouble. They trouble Fauci told the Los Angeles radio station KNX AM know what you think he means by that Peter wealthy man has his head up his ass is just trolling for the pharmaceutical industry now because that the research has been done the research and when you become vaccinated with this stuff. Your immune system is actually weaker three or four months down the road than people who were unvaccinated so it doesn't work.

It makes things weaker make your immune system weaker anthologies lie through his teeth and he needs to go to jail M. Paul (Paul saying Rempel is is that he is he she needs to be charged with criminal charges definitely responsible for the deaths of thousands of not more people him him and him and his ilk, and so you're absolutely right that and again, according to the definition in a level wizard that's that's him he's he is poison the people so hundred percent pastor.

You are right on the money. As always, you should have a bumper sticker that does listen to Ernie, shut up and listen to Ernie let's go out to the pastor help pastels. There real quick for the medication you sent me the good work. I great well you know you need to follow up with me every two weeks. Right.

So where were sure that were on the right road. Here, because as you go downstream with this treatment. The body will adapt to it and it will change and things happen.

I need to be on top of that, so you're welcome. I'm happy to help. You have to keep me in the loop and don't relax that discipline okay okay notice that you get around a lot a lot more like quicker now.

So did Emily change for your future hell WW world wrestling or maybe maybe a bungee jump or something like that better and better. That's all right. Okay think this collected enjoys he will go to new joys.

He talked about about the way Bob Rainier you're just talking about what a good copper on a daily basis, but I have another question I read years ago that I think compete copper you take, your body will copper. I wanted to know if that is true about okay yes that's true, think that's compete with copper, so does vitamin C, so the selenium so this is why I am an advocate of holistic medical nutrition not fractionated medical nutrition right so people do fractionated nutritional give large doses of vitamin C your large doses of copper or whatever, but that will have ramifications right that are unintended so you have to give the body everything that it needed and then extra copper and that's a much better way to do it and the solution for getting everything that you need is called a healthy foundation pack healthy foundation pack is a combination of poor nutritional supplement that has been formulated to give your body everything that it needs and recipes that can actually absorb, and you can get iPhone like the power health Eiffel or better yet just give him a call because sometimes they have free shipping and deal are not on the website and their number is 888-618-1796. 888-618-1796.

Ask for a healthy foundation pack copper's advocate.

If you can find it. It's not easy to find copper's advocate is the best most bioavailable form of copper.

After that, it would be copper Glisan eight.

If you can find that nobody knows what the dosages of copper. Nobody knows what the dosage of any of these minerals as I'm brutally honest here. You just have to start with the particular dosage dryer for four weeks then go up or down depending on how you feel okay and it advocate it. That's like Sam you like Edward be like baby they like Apple see like Charlie a lie P like Thomas E like Echo's advocate copper seven now. The easiest way rhino easiest, but the best way I think you get copper into the body. Beef liver, but you know you have to stand the taste beef liver.

II would have patient cook beef liver up on the stove and cut it up into little M&Ms size pieces and then freeze it put in Ziploc bag and freeze it and then every day you just take a Ziploc bag out and swallow you know for five of the little M&Ms pieces of beef liver. That way you get the copper but you don't have to taste the beef liver okay so you know everybody taking critical right having The problems that we think and other problems as well, and that was never my know myself and my colleagues we were not advocate that we've always been advocates of holistic medical nutrition and then once you have those bases covered.

Then you do extra copper.

Then he directs to think then you do extra whatever and if you do it this way you don't run into any of these unforeseen problems, but regretfully there is less than 200 licensed physicians like myself and the world directly know how to do that. That's a problem. All right, very good.

Thank you. Love and let's go to Bill in Boston, Bill Luster near near my old stomping ground that going on man. I have a question about the new habit. Okay hello yeah he's there. Go ahead. All I have a quick thing about my new habit. Given that at misnomer diagnosed schizophrenia.

Eight years ago. Now you wouldn't be able to tell from talking to me. I'm higher functioning. Is there anything I could do for my exhibit is a lot you can do your nervous and this isn't rocket science. So you know if you had a broken bone. We would counsel you to take nutritional supplements and eat foods that were high in mineral stuff that the bones are made out of Naches makes that so it's the same with nerves that the foundation nutrients that the nerves are made from his cholesterol.

So if you want to have healthy nerves. You have to stop taking cholesterol-lowering patent drugs and eat a diet high in cholesterol and don't worry because there is no relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease. Let me that again LOL out. I don't bother with that filled split blood all reading. You have to think about every day then and put salt on your food so that it tastes good. You would also benefit arms around you, high cholesterol, high cholesterol, more cholesterol, more cholesterol because that's what your nerves are made from yeah I understand.

Myelin is the basis of the will. 95% of the central nervous system is made from cholesterol.

So now there are other things other things right that go into makeup and nerves but it everything fits together here Boston and your body needs 90 essential nutrients in order to function properly in the not available multivitamin with mineral Gage Park people and that calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and fish oil. Yeah so not all nutritional supplements are created equally itself, like wine or chicken soup.

Not all the same all wine is made from grapes. There's a pretty big difference from bottle to bottle it the same with the nutritional supplement industry. I don't make any money from the sale of the nutritional supplement.

By the way, and after 30 years of clinical work as a licensed physician specializing in medical nutrition nutrients that I recommend are sold by a company called Eiffel health and there they are the most effective one I've ever seen that it would be prudent for you to slam those. It's called there Eiffel health Eiffel like the tower help right Eiffel or give them a call at 888-618-1796 disk drive kick the tires for 30 days. 888-618-1796, 1796 McCall.

I don't want the foundation pack. Thanks Bill list go to Bob and New Brunswick Dr. I got the original packing stuff in the tangy tangerine. I also got the tangy tangerine, 2.5 pills. Now my question to you is that I definitely feel different reference to what they call think pack what they call it as far as like vitamins and everything else like that. What would you have that would compensate for all that you want to have to take those vitamins so you mean I I'm a little confused by the question.

I'm sorry I am. The question is like.

I know there is a think pack will you take the zinc you take the magnesium are you mean. As a prevention for and for the Fluor for coronavirus or something. Yes, the Corona yeah what are you okay yeah great question. So the foundation pack.

The recommendation is the botanical medicine made by a company that is city. The company to make tangy tangerine called the good herbs company and the supplement is called super all of help good herbs to super all live help. Also, ultimate micro bio ultimate micro biome that one bottle of the good herbs for all of help to milliliters twice a day and get one bottle of the ultimate micro biome and put one scoop of it in your morning cocktail, not a really good addition to the foundation, packed up regulate European system.

You also want to eat a diet high in protein and low in sugar. Okay, and blast yourself with cold water. After you take a hot shower yeah I've been doing it for years.

The only thing now with this, that what is a good good health. Did you say yeah yeah the company is called good herbs good arm okay and you have the phone number. My hand emigrated well you you can get it at the same place that you got the tangy tangerine from the Eiffel Tower 888618179 618-7090 okay so I can just talk about that.

I laugh, you are a blessing just like Pastor Ronnie Boston. I think thank you very much.

Love not tell me again, Peter. What the benefit would limit what is their benefit. Take a cold shower right if you take a chill when nobody knows the mechanism, but they've done lots of studies with this. Were they taken the blood of people before they do this and they taken the blood of people immediately after they do it and the components of the blood that are related to your immune system are elevated so whatever the cold does it elevate your immune system and strengthens your immune system and activate your like push-up your immune system. Nobody knows what the mechanism is that with the mystery that is that is a mistake because I've never heard of that end up. I was just wondering if there's something people should newly become a shower.

Just wait till cold and flu season now know hundred percent you can get into the habit of doing that all the time and this particular type of treatment is called hydrotherapy right which is fancy-schmancy Latin for water therapy and in naturopathic medicine. We employ alternating applications of hot and cold towels. The body in order to up regulate different organs of the body. So hydrotherapy is one of the sheet anchors of naturopathic therapeutics. The blasting yourself with the cold water after hot showers kind of a down and dirty waiter accomplish the same thing with a very very good habit to get into on a regular basis already very good list go to Texas and will one in Texas hello are you doing this evening.

Okay one hour you quick question are numbered in the program. I had a couple friends who have gotten the code of them have no describe some pretty weird side effects going to bring up the doctor's or kindest dumbfounded and only know what to do besides prescribed, normal like that and I'm gonna question because I'm on the help on a natural health journey of how to remove the toxic metals from the body. Once I get the vaccine is impossible once you get the vaccine, you're stuck with whatever they put in your body there. Naturally toxic chemicals that quote unquote medicine or yeah yeah yeah it's a good question. The answer is going out because nobody really knows within the vaccine and let me say this again.

Nobody really knows within the vaccine and so all that we can can do is wait and see how the vaccines affect different people and then try to develop treatment and help those people to stay alive from the side effects of the vaccine. But as far as like a global medicine that somebody can do is been backed and boosted in order to get that stuff out of their body have no idea, nor does anybody else.

Quite frankly, things that you can do it up regulate the body, but exactly what to do to get it out of your body is a mystery legal here is why.

Because from what I understand is basically six different strains of these vaccines. If you want to call the vaccine out there that they use and then, but nobody knows what's in was in the vase. They don't tell you it's another thing when when you get the kill shot that it was in their you don't have to because the government that they don't have to run complex, I've heard ergo one thing I wondered all question they told me about something called activity charcoal only know that now not on Outlook nonfat so you know. Look, if you were if you were to go, you would experience his taxes but lots so you went to New Hampshire and it was snowing and you had to go outside and shovel somebody's driveway you would not do that in your bathing suit and flip-flop because the strength of the cold could hurt you bundle up so that coronavirus itself.

These other viruses and vaccines itself in the boosters are stresses that the system so it would be prudent for you to make your system strong internally.

Now the best way to do that is to give your body the 90 essential nutrients that it needs that are not found in the food and that's what we advocate. We, there are 12 foods that we say you shouldn't even look at, let alone eat so you need to stop eating a bunch of these foods because the bad for the human body. Number one, number two need to feel your body's nutritional pack up on a regular basis with the right step in the right dose. When you do those two things regularly. Your body is much stronger and much more able to handle the stress of life for vaccines or whatever the hell else they throw at us and that that formula is contained in a group product collectively called the healthy foundation pack healthy foundation pack find 888-618-7096 okay will thank you so maintenance yeah and I love dealing with the Hispanic community by the weight of panic in the United States are the longest lived people in the United States: early and the reason is because Annex are more likely to use natural medicine than any other group. Yeah while my muscle muscle and add them to the legally we saw Europe during the game that you're way ahead of the gear that you're a really good.God bless you and keep it up already lets us know where it gets a break. Thanks for calling will be back right after this he may like spring and is and I know you as a will is a we are back with it with the computer and is written these two books in temperature with holistic medicine and we have this book this book is low.

I believe it's about 275 pages and you know what we've got them book for donation of $50 or more specifics is a 66 is okay or for I think for everybody is sick and I know why. What is at 34 donation of $30 and that you know what if the if the up that from 50 to 75 they get a mystery gift and that could be a CD of the songs they hear on this radio program and that we have a lot of people weep, but I love those on very popular ones. No limit as to this figure because you don't hear one thing you hear another no I hear one day I'm loose I'm hearing about tomatoes. Tomatoes are really not made their night. Nightshade and they can kill you.

But then again, on the other hand, they say the will. That's tomatoes and tomato soup or something will help stop ovarian cancer.

You wonder what you note innocently changes day-to-day. How do you know what's was for real.

What's not just go by all now.

So what. There are certain food which guaranteed or going to hurt you if you eat a lot of like right right if you prior the protein in whatever it is you're trying to turn that toward carcinogenic chemical called acrylamide and acrylamide over time will cause cancer, and that you know it's like if you talk to me cigarette going to hurt you. You too much right food going to hurt you. This is why people in the South below the Mason-Dixon line of the United States have the shortest life expectancy of anybody in the country. It's because they pride. Food is like a religion below the Mason-Dixon line so there are certain foods that are known antagonists. There are other foods that are in the gray area and it up myself and my colleagues clinical experience that there are certain food that everybody is has developed an intolerance to know through the different for everybody in the only way that you can figure that out, his bloodwork a lot of different ways to do that. My office we offer something called the Carroll blood test was actually a test was developed by Nicole at Tesla believe it or not I given to a naturopathic doctor in Eastern Washington. Decades ago, and that's a test that I lean on it, you know, you prick your finger. We give you a little Lancet filter paper and you prick your finger give us five drops of blood descended to a clinic in Washington state they analyze it to the Carroll testing method that will tell you specifically for your body. Well, you know you shouldn't have cows milk you shouldn't have fruit with sugar. You should avoid wine you should avoid green peppers or whatever different for everybody.

But that's where the gray area comes in and that's what I think confusion is because for some people. Tomatoes are good for some people, tomatoes not good. That's an individualized thing instead of a generic one-size-fits-all keeps popping up on the Internet is a not to eat eggs eight. The eggs are will can cause blindness is bad for your eyes and cause cataracts and all the stuff now there was a fellow named Haystack a whole number.

If you remember him wrestling and he would eat one dozen of eggs 1 pound of bacon and one half loaf of bread every morning for breakfast and they did that for years in the is cholesterol which is fine, and lived a man in the United States.

His name was something Harold Washington maybe maybe with Carol. He died years ago and it was in it hundred poor African-American guy from Mississippi and when I asked him what was his secret along like he said I eat a tomato between two pieces of frozen lard every day, he called a large family now with his it with his keyhole long life so right.

Everybody's different when it comes to certain food and the only way that you can figure that out so that individualized blood okay with Eric.

I'm okay with eggs generically. Now there are some people that will test intolerant to Eric B and then an egg a chicken egg for that would be in fact an aggravating factor like put diesel fuel into an unlighted engine but it's not generic it's not a one-size-fits-all thing when it comes to egg. I have a friend that's allergic to milk. She can it anything with milk and of kids.

By the way, in the listening audience. If you have grandkids or kids they get chronic your ear infection. Given cows milk don't go away. Oh well, let's go out to Portland on the portal argues that Portland and we have Wes Wessels out there and play with fire pasture. I just wanted to quickly call and say to Dr. Glenn I just loved your attempt to cure. I pay your tuition. I read the whole thing in came across her comments on ear infection and I have long problem with that 20 years or more, and it just by right here and it was just that not accepted fact on my part, but I read about that the old time cure that you mentioned there not cure the treatment and I did it.

Poor variation of it. My kitchen sink. The hot water cold water and the Duchenne tubes comments. There is never dominated – possibly what was affected, read, write, reentry, year after year.

Well I got it. The result percent to cure, but it was about 65% and I'm so pleased that was some months ago about just so very pleasing I thought many times GI wish to Dr. Glick appreciated your words well I can tell you what to do to bring it to hundred percent. If you have something to write with something right with her. Okay so you want to do a web search for a homeopathic medicine. It might also be advertised as a cell called CLL. Like cell phones don't fault the name of it is E KAL I second word myriad account and like Mary, you are I a P like, I the UM Callie muriatic come get it in the 12 X potency 12 X potency Callie muriatic come 12 X take three pellet three times a day for 31 days three, three times a day for 31 days and that should complete the cure to do that. Call us back. Tell us what happened. Well thanks and God bless you all you do with Douglas. Let's go to Mike and I never heard what you just let them never even heard of that. Let's go to my gown in Lakeland, Florida hi thank you for everything and I have got really killing me right now might and right outcome, in our mind body would get out soon. One thing getting the help that the botanical medicine called earlier current something right with you can't really write it outright okay you are like Roger, Eli, and I the eight listen actually just call the people at Eiffel help tomorrow and I'll tell you what to do they know what to do because I've schooled them on this so their phone number is 888 there. I call them, ask them what Dr. Glidden's gal cure is not that you write up.

It's really not that difficult to do okay you think it'll in my 20s, I had never operation yet works now.

Well, you didn't need to do that. That was the only thing that the medical doctors knew how to do and while you've been under their care. You cannot gallop your whole life, which is just looking ridiculous and frankly part-time Internet grounds for medical malpractice, but don't get me started. But yeah, I mean if I can't, I would be really surprised if I couldn't get you on the other side of this at least 80%, so yeah call. No mention I write yeah sorry that you've been suffering for so long that it's just one name arrived really nominally 70 and it hurt really bad right now. I'm right now Mike I'm in his book on page 164 deals with gout and until you always what you can do to stop it. Okay okay so now I'm in this. This is quite a bit. I can't afford right now but I said I cannot tell you what you do call my office tomorrow 44033813674403381367 you can afford. Okay already. You okay you know that we we do that way for people are destitute we do. That's why we're here. When we help them out. We often effectively do that every day is so yeah and I just want before we get to the next caller. I mean it's another failure of conventional medicine. I mean this guy's been suffering his whole life and the medical doctors have no idea what to do for and that's patent is the best medicine in the world and it's not like frankly not well you know where you believe because, again, like I said, not in my circles, just about everybody going for natural pastor and I meet Randy do you see then appear okay so you know and again when I'm talking to a lot of the. The MDs they cut it know that you know what you were we've given in we were kind of been bought and paid for by big Pharma and they're not proud of it. We were seeing that right. I mean what you say in the all all of us have tried all of the stuff intermittently for all of our intermittent problems, changes now. It all works. It all working for France's past Rachel can tell you about the blood pressure stuff. I can tell you about that orange stuff and just is all the herbal stuff as well as the minimal stop half. I feel much better in mean well. Actions are 69 him I'm under 200 pounds now for the first time in 25 years I made in all these are like side effects of just doing what I have to say that I mean seriously it's just, you know, Dave.

If it did, your wonderful site abilities. Only 3 foot tall and little or no limit that so low it let me ask you this because today I was this morning is a every day for breakfast. I have a habanero pepper and were going some big habanero peppers and we are at breakfast in the church we have a prayer breakfast on Thursday mornings. Nobody will aid that habanero okay and you know I noticed something to.

And I have had a problem with allergies but for some reason, about six weeks ago. My allergies stopped and even on days appear when when they said that them, the pollen count was high.

He knows it hit the ceiling. I had no problems. He just stopped just real quick and adjust and I'm just trying to figure out what would cause it to stop. That way I was having major problems in and are doing radio when the when the stuff in there is making a cough. I'm starting to figure that a lot of that has to do a good portion of that has to do we. Kim tells because I noticed when we were out and ready. Remember, we are working on their garden. We have a church card when the when the chemtrail's were out there. We were all have a problem that's exactly all heaven when the sky so but you know the real reason is is that like he needs that have a narrow but Seattle mind having lint in my navel which you don't know if if you need those habanero's. I don't think you'll ever have a problem parasite with the scramble your body like nobody's business. Yeah yeah I know but I have always looked like hot and spicy foods and so 881 habanero every day for breakfast. You really good for you and so overrunning up on the clock you want to again thank you for being here in telephone to get about your books.

Everybody is sick and I know why this started and expose regarding the abject failure of MD directed allopathic medicine and a testimony regarding the remarkable promise of applied nurse natural pathic medical therapeutics, and again I believe more and more people are turning that way coming that's that's what I'm seeing.

And so, just like the phone calls that we got here. You open the lines of more.

The lines are jammed.

All of a sudden we got home.

Books in stock to yes vote books in stock and write plenty okay so very, very good folks. If you have that and you know if you got problems, so that even if you don't, but it's a good thing to get out, get the book and have it ready Peter were going to have. I really believe we have a very, very dark winter were a lot of reasons and so this book would be good to have a lot of times and you don't and I and I would with people that have the same gout like he has it would be a good time now to go out and get get whatever the book tells you you need because here especially appear we live and we live in the snow belt. Thursday's work is noted and you and I can barely get out of the house you were noticing already in some stores, so this shows a bear and they say that the enemy and tremendous food shortages winter well stock up right stock up now. Be prepared. Rice will last long time rice and beans together. I would stock up on rice and beans, rice plus being together in the same meal is a complete protein and is a million different ways you can make a rice and a beam – you don't have to like eat the same thing every day like they do in Vietnam. You are so a little bit of knowledge in this regard goes a long long way and preparation always, it is a really big deal here so you hundred percent cut up one of those habanero's in the rice and beans and thing today for sure. Hello already very good, but I get I want to thank you for being here and ready is going to give an limitation. When you get a family degree.

Okay, I read minutes yeah I think we all know that we owe a debt to God, because we've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God with some unkind word on Candide action attitude have an there is no reason to carry them all because were all flawed, but God came in the likeness of sinful man and the perfect way in the scalded in a God in the body.

Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ sacrificed his life.

He took on a body he took on a life and he was crucified and the cruise the death that he died was really your death because you're the center, but it's a substitutionary death subsumption tuition.

Every death of Jesus Christ pays the penalty to God about what you owe him because God can't it take you on in your unrighteous for and God also gives you in Christ. If you accept him as your Savior, Lord and Master. He gives you the power to live the life that he lives and this is the good news that is the gospel that Christ came.

He lived in the and and and and any and he died for us. And remember, Jesus didn't didn't have to die but he did and really it is that simple. Where were under no condemnation once we believe a word that's called I hate to use the term except because Jesus is Lord. Whether you accept them or not. And I want to accept Jesus then your sin is paid for. You have of the bridge back to God that in that sinful man has in your save your forgiven and you no longer on the condemnation.

That's a good news because Christ is our substitute in our payment and with that I a and you know you so you just need to confess with your mouth, whatever it is and I and what I think you should do is it, whatever it is it comes to mind because we all usually do then confess that the Lord you will have to do it in front of people. You'll have to do with the priest, you and God confess God got him a liar, and the fee from hypocrite. Whatever it is, and I accept your your Lordship. Your mastership through Christ Jesus the son, and I am now adopted in Christ Jesus is in that same fellowship of the same fellowship and all that Christ bought and brought is now yours just for the asking and believing in Jesus name Amen amen. And every night. We have new people listing to this radio program and a lot of people say what what a given limitation every night will again that's the most important thing that is the only thing that for everyone out there that's alive today.

The time will come, and this will happen. There is no chance that it won't. The only thing that will matter to use your standing with the Lord Jesus, Peter, thanks for being there where the time for tonight so until tomorrow. We want to say good night good night and had blessed. Always, always TA by finite

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