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THU HR 2 081122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 12, 2022 12:35 am

THU HR 2 081122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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August 12, 2022 12:35 am

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First Franklin financial is now open in Millington offering fixed-rate personal loans up to $15,000 payment plan for any that our same-day approval makes it easy to get your 97. Next time you need a personal level. We are located on Wilkins Hill Rd. in Newington or visit criteria for strength and financial operation donate and listen to podcasts already were back in return Cove undergrowth culture grows the remote tell the oath be. Give them not just the FBI would see all the glucose was older virtual according to Proverbs chapter 24 million other verses of Scripture. We not only have no obligation to recognize the legitimacy of the FBI, but we are strictly forbidden. Forbidden to recognize any legitimacy within the FBI because of what they've done so give the them the advice that you would have for them. John Murray I've been thinking about it, really talk because back when I was in a dream, something showed up it was improper but I never do that.

I never do that but you could stand and we had some channels that you go through you work from publications realtor. That's all melted away for and I think the agent of the FBI. No other lot on your becoming like a Lycan in the FS in Germany and I feel for you, but you can't sell your soul out to them you if you if you have to perjure yourself that you have to lie remote their agenda can't do it simply cannot limit how much time you have invested in retirement mall.

This will lead to no good. You must make a stand either resigned or public to make a brief span, but you cannot go along with this corruption of stealing America, breaking the rule of law, perjuring, lying, I mean the FBI from day one. The president from all the way through his presidency lie lie lie Russian hoax lightly light before effect to the FISA court lies from the FBI lies lies and more lies now look where it is lies about in the Justice Department going hand-in-hand lies about the 2020 election try to persecute anyone that's against the corrupt government now in Washington. You are becoming an agent of so you have to really think In the FBI in his own homeland security of all your being cool about the use of eaglets going back to the New World order.

So my suggestion is you see this in its operating trying to maybe get out pretty for God asking for a law enforcement that you can functioning that is still not corrupt, but you can't go along aiding and abetting the obstruction of United States of America with a now and that the FBI leadership is completely given over to evil.

So is it to the Justice Department and many other many other ugly you just can't go along with it. I saw a few hundred people out there John listing to us right now, many of them know FBI agents and is probably a number of FBI agents now listening to this program tonight and would you suggest that the people that would know FBI agents would tell a look. You need you need to do the right thing you need to do the right thing. Just like when we were in the military. We know we were given an unlawful order not to obey that unlawful order we know we can get breakable for now but we were to not to obey them unlawful order. So would you suggest and to the FBI agents like when you really need to do is blow the whistle. You need to come clean with those those that are corrupt people like Chris Ray and those others above you.

You need you need to try to to return the agency back to do a time limit when there was some moderate some integrity when people were ashamed to be an FBI agent when they were there for the protection of the people not not against the people like they are today.

So what is happening with the FBI.

They have become the very same communist party that they once fought against the protect America so would you encourage people to tell their friends and FBI they need to repent and turn around in it and blow the whistle upon those corrupt agents above them, earning conquering that only the content of the person there could do. I mean, I can back in the day. I retired in 1998 we had Wayne all we had a like a Col. Col. affairs that did a pretty good job fair for me back in the day and outlets that you could get to the media outlet that will close you can basically on their own, really. Early dissident by standing up being a whistleblower because they might know that there is so they only pray pray for them. Concurrently, in general, is a this is just something that ever existed in America. If I count Capone has taken like Chicago glycol components move the old gang into Washington and popped the bottom of an there are many individual that are in these agencies now they know what's going on. Vacancy now they have been there a year from retired agents in their talking and that they know what's going on more than already real big interest position, asking that you would bless all of these right to fade there and that the Bible calls within their souls about what appreciate that at the same time Lord protect them and give them guidance on what to do. I can't tell anyone what to do because of the time will the media. The media the internal affairs and basically they're all all like corrupt Lord please protect these regions, you work and you can open doors for them. You give them but we need to help the public needs their help because they can go along with what's going on coming directly from Washington going American in Jesus name I ask is a good thing I was going to learn to play the remainder McRib. John went to listen to this very clever and then afterwards is the second part of the clip we played yesterday and do some commentary and in this has to do with both was was going on in Australia and here it in America. Go ahead and take her away and I was just talking last night, amounting to live going crazy with what I think probably nicely but Accounts Payable. Some people believe the CDC deleted evident guidance that monkeypox could be spread to respiratory maintenance. Now I just saw a recent announcement from Michelle Belinsky saying that to children, and two cases have been detected in children three close contact with children. You keep telling us it's something that spreads from the game and having sexual intercourse with men having sex with men, which is something like when getting to that college is likelihood that I've heard from a variety of sources of those kids were sexually that's how should we be shocking that transvestite showing up in kindergarten thoughts.

Why would we be surprised by such a thing. I look, I don't disagree with you but the interesting thing in this vibrant and upset I just said something intelligent just this morning about Russia and actually not directly stated that it was it was on my brother from the second directly cited using US and save intentionally creating, disseminating, artificially feeling the spread of metals.

I monkeypox which is carried we will been inconvenienced that this is actually shingles from the injections off reaction from the five vaccine, but according to bring up right now for the audience.

According to these guys Dizzys it's a new biological update from Russia, my apologies around and get to feed on the screen for you will need biological update from Russia new braking from the chief of radiation, chemical, and biologic defense was his general Eagle Kuril of starting a labyrinth on military pilot United States in the territory of Ukraine and the effect on taken blood samples from Ukrainian soldiers in the case that thinking of them said that they found traces of methamphetamine and you said before Hitler did the same thing will to his to his army as well. Now that I don't want to talk about an unintended side effect of saris aggressions are finding the path of the most explicit slight pressure finally comes at a directly key to the US being responsible for the creation and release of 19 and and that not only that but but also monkeypox. Now it's very possible and talk about with Tyvek system, but what we know is that there are bio labs. They exist. We know the function happened and what we know been collecting your genes and by microlevel typos against using things like 23 and mail oral amazing collecting your genome so that they can then put this into the computer.

According to area a lot already has 40,000 viruses preloaded to buy AI to just release at any point of 40,000 bio weapons. What could very well have happened is I can guess you have shingles from from the five vaccine does mean I monkeypox is appearing in in countries or say the father dies shingles from the five vaccine that you got the autoimmune blistering disease as is listed on this file side effect that they tried to be doing this entire time collecting your genome through the PC that you kept getting vaccinated, injected into. I can't function to monkeypox of the modified artificial means so much more advanced than we realize we not even know how far this is going to. This is what what I consent. We have an idea actually some of the expert's we have in our 5G initiative and testified very knowledgeable people that when there are three places to the right of the decimal point they can individually affect people's genes and genomes remotely through the 5G networks and you might reproductively actually said all of the symptomology of Marburger practically other disease, can be re-created by radiation by letter like that it feels so whether or not the pathogen was crop duster. They certainly have the ability to do that. Whether it was transmitted like 10,000 by detractors will turn on only nine 2019 is irrelevant what is relevant is that they have demonstrated to us that they have an intention to kill us. 95% of us were more. It's a stated objective. They got a lot of different ways to carry this out and they shown us that they got the Tuskegee experience but don't ever tell you they're experimenting, you may just do it and if they get pouting. I apologize if he survived. So here we are abolishing all two weeks ago is the biggest experiment humankind is ever participated about the shots that's what they're doing right and what is the consequence if you look at, for example, if we no longer carry the cost of the MRI shots are well, and she felt sure about us at all whatsoever. In fact, labs producing incisor shots in your brain label or the gray As they call we have in fact witnesses say there hasn't been any of the inspections procedure. There are zero standards and if your job was to kill me.

People you could do injectable clerical staff to chair the contents were so long as their voices is polyethylene glycol Bentleys of the base chemicals the antifreeze and 30 some percent of that is what incisor shots about half under people understand that you are being poisoned into do-it-yourself wake up recently in Uruguay judge ruled that Pfizer would produce the contents of the vaccines, particularly in relation to the nanotechnology that may be present which was amazing baby present just because I of course. Of course, but that that's what the text that can produce that the judge suspended that Pfizer injections immediately for 13-year-old on the night you paint the entire country with father giant using to provide you with the contents of that rejection, you should immediately kick them out of country but anyway but who exactly what I say there is no law that law-enforcement they have so co-opted the world's governments and militaries are all effectively what they were there so is watching Vladimir Putin to the exact opposite. What class will right so why are they saber rattling in Ukraine. He's taken over a static To be the new home – and some I sense that there is a serious crack in their dam right now and every time you see that every time you see somebody willpower not going with program that's win for humanity. I agree with that and what it does is accuse others courage to stand against it. Whether it's a style whether it was manufactured.

I'm sure hundred percent about these things taught, because ultimately we are not better doesn't matter when we understand what the intention is that all not deny the fact will quickly explain rental deny the fact that Ukraine just enough that they can be the Lolita implementing the most advanced digital ID that the well have seen manage that they managed it with the tax dollars of the people that have been paying full weapons, assistance, and an additional assistance to Ukraine for a fake wall right and drinks tea has biscuits with the most ridiculous thing I have seen in my life. The mockery and the intelligence of the people watching you shoot sexy bio country people are dying.hubris for anything other than cast member. That's exactly the kind of thing is going to help with average person on by wake up person. I'm actually talking about people in the industrialized world. We Africans the Indians this a long time ago. I'm really talking about people in America and Europe were still try to convince themselves of their government to kill you just that simple.

Simple. Look up the Cairo course 1994 population 96 countries agreed to some secret there's a population division of the United Nations, Al Qaeda.

There are too many people's plan.

Kissinger wrote his famous paper 1976 that none of this is where you aren't spilling the beans there is not like they've actually done a really good job. You get past that that cognitive dissonance and come to understand that it is all there.

We drive all I think Spike and recently talked about how I feel like a broken record because I talk about a lot of the same thing that God but that he is the thinking I want one way of presenting one guest maybe you being on here today will rate someone that previously didn't listen. You just never and you have to believe that the CT site will banquet for you have to believe that. So I do. Yes, I just Ukraine situation. I want to touch on that really quickly, because a lot of people still divided on the on the issue. I think that they need to use Ukraine for this in advance because of the fact that I knew that Ukraine can find a lonely money through Ukraine, delighting back to the reason why the other countries have their special secret by what is Ukraine is not a country. For purposes of international law. The territory of Russia was exempt from a violent street.

Who else enjoys that Taiwan what you think their violent lives in Taiwan but there's more there than our Ukraine, China, Taiwan, they're worried about what I wouldn't last much as Ukraine was designed to be like a Las Vegas violet human trafficking and money laundering bio weapons. All that was happening there because it was exempted from lateral treats as a function of international law. You can tell what it is either going to do it by following the songwriter. Yes, it was essentially full listing to a situation where he had he had to do something about it but I guess the question is was he a plant was and he is he is he playing into everything actually standing up against my heart taught I hope that he is legitimately standing up against this because I would much prefer that way of thinking his way of thinking traditional values for detecting religion, protecting our children from pedophilia. Let's let's start with the basic express children's files we need to return to.

However, I would warning this resolve all of the bricks now to make their best to make a single market currency that was exactly the plan that IMF plan since 1988 you'll see that they were going up the crypto is the art good news is that I didn't actually get Washington on March 2020 and I am a pandemic bond in crypto SDR. My concern is, as you see, what is the bricks are developing.

It sure looks a lot like crypto SDR and I think the worst thing that can happen is we go to digital money. It week we will lose all freedoms whatsoever unless we have cash Leslie border must use medium of exchange beyond the control electronics.

You'll have to guess to look at what you like.

The truckers set up in this turn off their bank accounts and look at the a lot of questions about breaks. Can you just write down exactly talking up Brazil, India, China, Russia countries were punished during the Obama constriction, in the Swift system for whatever reasons he didn't like. They started letting their own alternate means of transferring value across borders to form Swiss tri-state. They will have their own credit card own means of exchange.

So now you get those very same countries who do business together and when Russia got sanctioned system. They simply went to the limit already created a training set up carrying on business right now is hurting the rest of us are will be sanctioning Russia. So what happens to go there. They're making their own base currency is not the dollar rush of their cases tried to suppress abilities 5000 rubles graphical, so they're actually taking steps to create a parallel side of parallel system of governance over the rest because they were abused and this is what they came up with.

I can't deny that I just have the concern that what they're saying out from a financial structure was a lot like I what do don't forget IMF is the bank knows the owners of this world. That's what they used to control countries and a debt model so we can move away from that if if we can keep our medium of exchange, something tangible that we can barter and trade between ourselves without anybody's consent best achieve freedom without were done at Salerno had answered yes yes yes definitely, if we if we tried to move away from any form of digital currency.

We can end up with the block chain model and I Spike about it that she is at form vaccine. That's what several things in Kazakhstan you know it was that they had put in the digital vaccine requirement. You can access your money and without the Kansas witness and one firefight. One day I think without the next day, however, that is why the writer. That's why they would take no more think that is the straw and when you take away somebody's medium of exchange or ability to pay for services on an and we have to be cognizant map understands. I was cash price cash every day is much as you possibly can because without that recently watching something on YouTube.

I inspect my mind and I'm strong and frame him is misled into the voice I'm on a contributor that softens a see that the full version number was made a print site that the taught is this man by the name of Gideon. He's apparently a whistleblower and he goes on to expires, the social credit system to be implementing immediately hopped out that cyber attack event which we taught us is coming. Once this system is launched. You basically have a cyber attack. Everything checked and it comes back up with you nice little social credit score depending on whether you have made the carbon emissions rules this that the other new UBI you know that the legitimacy of the state claims. I may not like the type of system that he might want to set up beta testing in Canada so they been going around different provinces and treating people their assets and debt in return for basic income. This is an initiative I know precisely what it is you're talking about, and the answers yes. However, in order for them to actually do this. It's gonna take complete control mean the time. The infrastructure already inside his body is no price is one of those having inside the body has to will the other half the world according to the bank so that's not going to work means people are trading goods and services, with or without cash and so it is Leslie have more complex with their vaccine initiative will not work because there will be alternatives and a smile. If we cannot get the shots we can avoid that we keep half of humanity so libelous to put up with this. We can just say no that's that's as simple as it is. It's as simple as it always has been a handful at the top of the food chain. As we progress. I was looking at the Skynet, the military dog new footage but it started to reset us on Twitter, and people started freaking out about this right out of the can down should you really need a compliant military when you can just deploy five autos to shoot everyone unite the further along we progress in this and this is why I really am somehow conducted up and speak out.

We progress the more freedom you lose. Even as a physician you thinking on flying under the right now.

For now, you, the more freedom release, the more they progress with the technology. The legislations of the digital do decide to shut down until July D legislation is pasta right so that has to be some sort of an acceptance of the digital ID legislation that beaches to public pricing to rest and explain something with your doctor so that people in aviation in the companies who mandated shots and compromise their morals and ethics. They knew better. They did it anyway. You know what crimes against humanity. The people in charge. You really think there to protect you. You really think they're coming to your rescue.

You have committed a capital offense and now they have every right they want to line up against the wall and shoot you. So, who's your pal, get over it. And for those people that have complaints against doctors make a major selling numbers the hospital was make a record because one day there's going to be a reckoning so the answer is what it's all about standing up for ourselves. And until people do that we are just pushovers. We are cattle packing this. We are back in the interesting thing is this couple of the points that they were making his way down. For example, eugenicists who said billions must soon die call for the same number of survivors as it engraved on the Georgia guide stones vaccine genocide carried out by the CDC form and get environment to this many many times work. I used to sit in the meetings where you would have these people from the World Health Organization Sierra Club and Planned Parenthood in the they would all be in their and talking about how to depopulate the planet and as they were speaking freely, not knowing who I was and here this is an article by Stephanie Sanford and them. This comes from the all-news pipeline report and with a story that CDC officials made their false claim response to a freedom of information act with the false claim was this CDC is claim that there was no notice, no, no association between heart information and coving 19 vaccines that you still there did John fall asleep okay.

You know all will I will call you on here you brought out the truth from the beginning and they live a life they live now in their lives were coming out) started from the wrong document polio okay do you see any type of move to prosecute. No, because we don't have a Justice Department we don't hear on any main media being all quality compliance with the role of rage.

It is putting the whole idea is the betrayal of the American people. They own the own NBC, ABC, CBS, the world lock stock and barrel by the kindest party by the antichrist system there there virtually part of the Democratic party along with the CDC and the FBI now in the CIA. All of these are simply cells within the Democratic time is collectively not very fair.

All very important. They're all part II think everybody that is been a part of is part of the New World order.

I think the border with cloud world economic forum endured these people make a lot of money so they allow they get in there. They make a lot of money, but beyond like making billions and the governor is the agenda of killing the population you see out works best learning is a whole bunch of people working no idea where this is going, but the one thing about them.

They know exactly where it's going. They wanted to use with this weekend and set the foundation for the next people. Many people kill that they can hear their immune system compromise living next even more diabolically evil. Not making this up.

Just parroting their own writing what they claim it so I don't remember which one.

Now they come out and saving you about the heart problem you about all the blood clots they knew about the blood class here. Let me read this to you so other CDC had claimed no such links were known prior to October 2021 that the AMP story proved in numerous such reports have been received across America way before then with the June story specifically mentioning I would kind -itis. The heart muscle inflammation in numerous people following the facts. Yet the government and the media Pushed it while people were dying from it that articles of in the epic times. Yeah, they all are pregnant women comes out on pregnant women all lie.

Everything where is the outrage well they did find out that something like 90% are over 90% of women who were pregnant miscarried when the when they got the spoke and enjoyed going because they were nursing after the mother shot and they were getting the spike proteins align with killing the baby. I nothing goes on and on and on in the media the Democratic Party with the public. The only one is like grand call this a number of now there is coming forward and go glimmer what's his name.

Of course Jim Jordan from Ohio was leading the charge to account for welcome forward expert with their you had many on the show and they applied before Senate and how and now now they start a little bit something did happen.

Some of those experts in the room temperature.

Anyhow, let me do this with Quicken, then take some calls quote shatters all fundraising records after Biden's the I that's his fascist bullying insurrectionist raids on the morrow of Largo crocheted all fundraising records and so within within told I'm told that when they raise more than more money in the past 24 hours is ever been raised before about that takes takes a quick call Cisco to Jack in San Diego. Information about why they're hiring 87,000 IRS agent. The Democrat to impose a tax a lot of people don't know what that is basically be paying the taxes on your net worth and the IRS will enforce the collection on that going to be as bad as the income tax because both the wealth tax and income tax required document. In other words, it's up to you to figure out what you all and the problem with that.

Once you required to pay potential criminal act.

And that's why they want to harm these people. A lot of people are to figure out there worth no more than they can figure out what their income tax should be and we keep hearing from by those in the fake news media. How will after the billion is no only 23% of the audits that were done are done on the rich the wealthy. The other 77% are done on many middle and low income to people people he can afford lawyers the original language petition shall be no direct tax on the people in 1913 they came up with the 16th amendment to allow for income tax and the disaster.

It's actually the dumbest way to collect attack because today you have a lot of people that don't comply. Even while income tax you have a lot of people that she most efficient way to collect attack in the attack. You probably know the movement called the fair tax movement that's replaced in contact with the attack in any event, just watch out for the tax. That's why I need the Dexter agent and it's another potential criminal event. This is this is Obama's private army. This is that private army was talking about.

Thanks. They're going to move on, let's go to the school will pastor Hal Pastor house and there will look. It's amazing how they can run this country and make them a people stand by and let people know that you know you want to know how to go to heaven all know that's not were not ready for that yet.

Just stay right there really go over to Clifford. Let's go to Clifford Clifford you are near yeah I play on stage and report also with calendar for the woman was originally from Russia that is working with to truck company South that, among other things, that the FDA had information 2013 2000 basically kill people and to damage get out so it's not new that actually the number one side effect. Some of the things he said that Donner is a shell company owned by the government and had some legitimate people in the company and they fire all of them, like those people.

It's not the slightest bit legitimate company so that's that's a fascinating but very starving nation on many things. She said she really has a lot part nation.

Another thing is for that book I had mentioned previously involving allusions loss remedies, and they said that people that came in from Poland, Italy, and three of those neighbor had paid a lot did not post pocket smallpox. Because of that. They also said echinacea was used to treat it effectively and I think it was lumbar. I'm not remembering right now so that's smallpox.

Another thing podcast podcasts the latest melodic and has a clip without she she okay that he cooked up the virus life. Did you hear Fauci came out just yesterday and said I am a science. Mr. Fouts sizes would Fauci is he's he's all about, and now they're planning on you. This whole monkeypox thing, trying to force us back into the masks and the continual Fauci said that these ease plan and he's talking to stop and to everybody just the poisonous jam killer Jim so that when you go on that one day all the woman thought that only 4000 children in the study that they said that five minutes they lost without the 3000 already. They lost all the rackets that they best practice for children six months to five years based only on the group of 4000 of which 3000 may have met… Let's find if people are they even still alive. That's the only remaining children that day. That day put this through that would test it with this… So basically that monitoring children absolutely kill each sacrifice to offering this is what we've been trying to tell people for long time. Thanks Cliff, we can move on, ready you been trying to say something over there yet Germany came out the other day and said that in America you tell my children, Cliff, that that that one in 5000 children were vaccinated benefit that small number is 100,000 children so that's really scary yet. Will you talk about the one that died by the backs yeah yeah yeah yeah one in 5000, and I'm just saying that Mike that's 100, but it's a lot higher than not hired as the lead. They report between one and 10% when you will you think I mean everything is a lie. We reacted trying to get some independent door someone integrity. Gone are the country but you can't believe anything that will all live everything coming out of the company suits and this is been somewhere back and told only time they talked about on children how they have lost at some, I don't know whether it was fun. It was one of the big full reasonable Donner Pfizer, you know, one of the drug company. They have lost all the data so this is like this is like MO standard data, and and and especially when you're doing a study on some you know what I mean.

It's like, what did you do that you did not write.

Here's here's an article here that just came out and that in this article says that the recently desiring the strategies that the Zogby poll conducted is hereby revealing that of upwards of 15% of all American adults who got the call vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus, 19 now suffer from at least one serious health condition commissioned by children's health defense. The survey aimed to assist the attitudes and overall health of American adults, many of whom fell for the operation of work speed scam and are now paying is very serious price for it.

Those who participated in the survey, 67% indicated they had received one or more doses of the injection well.

The remaining 33% said unknown.

No experimental drug from the government said no to experimental going for the government of the vaccinated group 6% took just one dose 20% thing to notice is 21% received three doses in the remaining 12% to four doses or more of injections in all 15% of the fully jam group have since been diagnosed by medical professionals is having new serious health conditions that were not present prior to the shots there you go, let's go to Rose Wilshire and their I would only trust regarding payment and no, life just prayed about everything and he diagnosed with Alzheimer and remember he know my mind going to now, but I just want to confirm, you know how you know all their life and life knowing that remembering down payment going to roll what you say you always lose your salvation of the Bible very very clearly to your salvation is kept by God in heaven. You see, if you could lose your salvation you would lose your salvation because all it would take would be a sin, but once you're saved in is another thing to people often ask me why why bad things happen to good people will sometimes these things happen to good people like your mother to give you and me an opportunity to show mercy by taking care of these people and so is God's working everywhere one at once and so yeah, I wouldn't. Don't worry about that at all believe everything you would thank you very much for those kind words rose do you believe me more than gently turn Rose's younger up to quick he's going to quit their ego, but it what you think arose. God bless you.

Thank you.

Those are very kind words with their ego.

Was I right about that big John.

Right there you go right. I was time do we have left their right. Listen were going to do something for Hal were going to that other guys that's on there right now is he one that we can trust or see one, do you think is no okay say we have to be very careful because to some people called in. In the past and they keep and all they want to do is get on the air and cause swear it's a profanity we don't allow them out.

Sometimes when we were doing a program they get a lot of; and trying to shut us down trend type the phone line specially during pledge week with so with that. We just going to go and quickly give pastor Hal a lot of time to give an invitation to tell us how to get to heaven and avoid hell and so caller that centered though that fell in who said that Lebron James was the Savior Lord and Savior. He better listen very carefully because it won't be Lebron James that is standing before and that day of judgment. So tell delimitation and and John you listen carefully.

Tell me if he does a good job.

First of all I want to think that she was in the ballgame where the ball out onto the field of food I get one you there.

I got back at the way because that's what they are Democrat state worshipers everything out there turning this country into moral and the comments found out years ago to overthrow the country with the overthrow of the morally when they become an MO people. They become part overthrow than anything else and that's what they did that happen in America taken that got out of school prayer and everything else everything they've done and we just check back in with member by the industry while we let them take our God out of everything that is needed and we need an offense for bringing this on herself. But the Bible except you repent, you shall likewise perish. There's hope for America if there's repentance on an individual international level you go to God and you admit you gone already anyway without Jesus Christ in your heart, your Savior were all lost on the road to hell is that simple or there's no getting around it and the only way we can pay for our sins for eternity because works are eternal creatures were spiritual creatures were going to go to heaven or hell for eternity. John 316 God the world that he gave his only begotten son in him should not perish, but have or have everlasting life of that word believed that the main just to acknowledge. That means that you put your trust in your faith be your Lord and Savior at the pay that payment on the cross of Calvary's cross your sins and mine, and that's what Jesus went to the cross Jesus shed his blood payment on that cross for everything you and I've never done that means when you go by faith in Jesus and asked him to come in your heart, your Lord and Savior. It comes in because he wants to save you more than you could even want to but the Bible for salvation. You can't turn Ephesians 289 for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself the gift of God not of works, but then he mentioned man's pride make them think that he can work his way to heaven walk around there someday found himself on the back and plant I got such a good Methodist or Catholic screener gave money to the church but that's not the way it works now. What if you could put right now never sin against you.just a rate that would be enough to keep you when you come to Jesus Christ to be the worst sinner in the world are anything at all to wash away everything Revelation enough. Ephesians 17 in whom we have redemption through his blood forgiveness of things according to the riches of his grace with the blood of Jesus. The wash away everything you've ever done in the penalty you by faith.

Childlike and asking the state and like us that God love you and only you can come to Christ you get your heart.

Revelation 320 for people that were not if any man hear my voice and I will come in so right now I'm talking everyone out there and here's my voice Jesus Christ knock at the door of your heart you you will let him come in and be your Savior, your Lord and Savior so that it would. John 114, letter that I am the way the light no man comes the father but by me. So Jesus is the only way to happen. It's not the focus, not married, it's not Peter Paul is not your church membership was a Lutheran for 17 years my life to help people out there right now lifting their You think your church membership that would make you a Christian but is not the Bible to be born again you cannot… Break you have to be growing spiritually into God's family happens when you come to Jesus in US in the coming year right in your soul and body of Christ make one with you would like to do that you would like to have eternal life promised that we would not what your church leaders say that what your denomination to one note. Let's pray this prayer God make a record of what you do it right now. Tonight there's got to get me center here now as Jesus Christ my heart and my and save myself until he died on the cross and ship me that you prayed that prayer. That means you cannot live if he makes it. But once he comes in your state.

First John 513, by written that you may know that you have eternal life according to your prayer here. If you drop that right now tonight or 50 years from now. Your because he's the one that got you there is the one that paid the price way to get you there will be no backslapping in heaven people walking around and I got here can take all of that to the bank every word time how to do John until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless you always, always on the fly. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian right. Posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW what's right preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content and Millington offering fixed-rate personal and same-day approval makes it to get your money for the next time you need a personal loan. We have located on Hill Rd. in Millington,

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