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WED HR 1 082422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 25, 2022 12:27 am

WED HR 1 082422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be recorded by radio brought right now to another additional what's right what's left of voice no more than ever the voice of the Christian resistance on this 24th day of August 1 22 and tonight we have my producer on the board. None other than courageous great good evening everybody and we have will he's an author is a researcher he's a filmmaker and he is a patriot statesman my good old friend Trevor allowed and are you there Trevor popular one of them pretty good. Oh, it's been a long time.

We've been knowing each other hasn't many we I'm going to start tonight here in the title of my message was the unholy Confederacy between the apostate church in corrupt government. I'm going to read three verses from second Peter chapter 2 and make a little bit of commentary.

I want to sit back and turn you loose you ready all already second Peter chapter 2 verse one, but there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you who privately to bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction committee shall follow the positions waived by reason of whom the way of truth to be evil spoken of, and through covetousness show they would fiend words make merchandise if you whose judgment now of a long time with not and their damnation number not. I remember back in 1958 when Clarence Colson he wrote the book the naked communist and then later on about 1967 Juergen Goldman, he teamed up with a fellow named Ernest block out of two pigeon University and he came up with a book called the theology of hope and basically what they try to do that. The idea was to combine the teachings of Jesus Christ with those of Karl Marx and it was an amazing thing because you you here you have the Lord Jesus Christ and they have a practicing Satanist Karl Marx are practicing Satan now they came up with this theology of hope or liberation theology as it's known today and you had people who were like James Cohen who is one of these in the whole idea was that they really didn't give any meaning at all to the Scriptures.

For examples.

Cohen suggested the resurrection of Christ simply means the liberation of all people relating to physical physical deliverance. In other words, their idea of salvation and and and were talking to the national world of national Council of churches today, but everyone will realize this, but their idea of salvation. Trevor was not individual salvation, but collectively a collective salvation when the proletariat would someday we Christ returns to give the proletariat of victory and transfer the wealth and power to them from the bourgeoisie that day and so this is what we have today liberation theology, and if it's a sin if it's a sin they embrace it okay so and you have written the book and made a movie called the enemy within taken away thought you quite right to trial combine marked with current unit you can't completely care medical and a mock fight. He believes not "why God gave us three in confusion church began with the family and he evoked out months in the role of boxes and overthrow three and 20 revolutionists are even throwing those godly situation.

The church undertaken by the family under tax and civil government under tax law to get the boxes star and every one about anything down is probably weekly to demotivate because information from the church, exposing the mop and filtration of much of the old mainstream church event for guns on property, but even now that Evangelical churches stop and back the real Bible believing church now thinks wide and laid mock them escaping the LDG GQ agenda which is not black lives matter. Critical race theory white privilege social justice refugee resettlement welcoming the legal immigrant old old mock all of and in the coming even evangelical churches not driven by people like him calluses, midshipmen Jim Wollaston and thousands of nonprofits not coming out of the Bible college and evenly include media so that the really big issues because nothing in the church while not like the thought out of the church unity the culture in the American freedom.judgment the backbone of America and asked why the cognitive and trying to destroy that virtually you getting millions of people go to church every week and think that Christian I met hearing from social Golf telling them all about the white privilege and will about welcoming refugees across the border know about social justice but nothing about how nothing about sin nothing about looking not even a revolution in the liberation theology and be picking up the money will go to church thank you, nonlinear Christianity nonlimiting mock them with a little but of the Christian media and yet you mention all these young people' data church young man could get top of the Sunday morning and I my life was directionless and running the foundation of beta stopped on the church regarding church and I hear all the smart stuff and the trends in the lot off what I think this is Christianity that the candlelight had beguiled one of the other having to hundred thousand people blaming people across this country.

Not sure if you think I'm getting a belittling. Possible, not at all and I know one of the things that helps to promote this is the fake news. What is called mainstream media. They will promote the date they will encourage people to attend or give these apostate churches that are there actually synagogues of Satan, there are not Christian at all. There there is antichrist is antichrist can get when but they don't know and you see here in Cleveland headquarters of United Church of the antichrist is right here they embrace every kind of sin that you can imagine. Every kind of sin they can imagine the Episcopal Church out there now today and people don't realize that the Episcopal Church had a wet show which I remember I don't know who's there now but I remember a few years ago as the head and that so this is and again Karl Marx was a practicing Satanist. So when you bring in his teachings about remember when he he taught the proletariat that it was a moral thing to kill off the Bush as well as a few well, it was a moral to to kill those model a good cutie with the computer you could do that to ensure human program and of and and you get that an inference there today in the apostate church towards towards Donald Trump and towards Christians that the two to have violence against the seas. Many of the same people you see out there screaming, the screeching hollering of hate filled people that especially the so-called feminist. They attend the Pilgrim church they attend these apostate churches here. I know that for years and years 45 years. I went out and preached to three times a week at the Buddy abortion mills we saved a lot of babies but those very same so-called escorts or death escorts as they were called very horse women wicked wicked I mean evil to the bone. They would be out there as soon as these young girls came into the abortion mill that have their arms around his younger, but these are the same ones that were pastoring these of so-called churches. They call themselves churches with the really which covenants are the electronic really look at this logically from I come up when you get it awarded the people want to be in God. God church wouldn't wouldn't bet like she would want to go to the month is the first one there Sunday morning felt he got. He's the first one there Sunday morning, you are absolutely right. And if you look at him from purely particular point of view in your guide, a communist revolution remote worldwide communist unlikely featured angle lot in their pollutant.

All these people unite environment.

A cognitive document. Document Q, which but anyway if you want will like communism, those one nation standing in the light of United States of America and wanted to back on what is what we wanted to make America strong and motivate. We quote I got a Chinese starting at a communist Chinese study based on the United States between P year to determine what might be.

You are strong faith that overlooked the ministry that they had a bad idea, and I thought of the political system and abandon that idea and that the economy but they abandoned that idea and make that they figured out what what the Christian right. That's what might America strong.

So that is why the communist borrowing into the church because of you can bring the church into disrepute and even Hanukkah the church steeple. You're achieving a great revolution, repurpose your bringing the church either down or to the left. Even light can help the revolution because the church should be standing against the cause and its relation and if you can neutralize that you have your half lately and it's exactly what the dilemma knowledge churches in America now at least partially mock before we go any further telephones before the phone line starlight not because this happens all the time. People will be: and wanted to know how they can get the book your film or the book is Olivia, go ahead and let them know you just got online intermediates within the church: enemies within the church.calm.

You can type review you can download the Savior. 1295 of them got weakened by hardcopy debriefing and we both started. You can download a Spanish or Portuguese and were going to have a Chinese Korean, French, German civil languages before God that we would all will be great if my view throughout The Most Shocking Stuff You Leave the City Whistleblower Markets Church, Linda Narayan Would Be Nine the Ninth: I Punctured and Wheat Weeks Find What They Think We Can Do about It Even Today. If You Take a Look at Marxist, Which Would They Call So-Called Pastors Are Ideal.

Al Sharpton Comes Right at the Top of List. Jesse Jackson These People up There, Rick Warren Gave As Far As I Concert a Level of Quality. Yeah and and Others out There.

These Are the People Should Need to Know What I Just Read about False Teachers Coming in, but Because of Biblical Illiteracy. That's the Problem. Biblical Literacy of People Understood the Bible They Would Recognize Right Away That These People Are False Preachers That That There False Teachers but Winslow Might Make It up off the Right. Gordon Out Of the Well Illegally Dynamic Document Point in the Motivate That Weight When When You Win a Trying Shop Spot like Money. I Fight for the FICA Hundred and I'm Sure I Can Fight. Monty Showed Them the Real Thing Your Feet Thick. The Authentic Body and If You Know the Real Thing. Well Enough You Can Start a Fight That You Know Your Bible, Well, You Can Spot a Fault False Preacher If You Don't Know What.

If You Have Not Grant "Very Weak Graphic You Can Be Expected That. That's the Problem with Many Churches That I Apostate Is a Very Weak and the People.Not a Bible but… Just Drifting along an Era. No Idea What I Doing and That These Be Made of the Mark. The Soft Klatch. I Remember Very Clearly Back in the Early 60s and I Was Scratching My Head When This German Enlightenment Movement Started over Here and It Was Talking about the Main Thing Was That All the Elites Talkshows about How Pastors Now Are Learning How to Get in Touch with Their Feminine Parts with Their Feminine Part and I Begin This and and I Was Always Neo-Evangelicals Come on Big IP Clustering. Where Did Go I Could Find Any Feminine Parts of My Was a Good Did Nowhere to Stop It but Anyhow I Remember How That and Then the Neo-Evangelical Movement Started Is in the Squeaky Little Fellows Who Wanted to Be When They Were Sweeter Than Jesus Again but but There Was No Fire and No Fire at All, No Backbone, No Guts, No Courage and They Could Look the Other Way and How They Use. Romans 13 As a Crutch.

Okay to Give Themselves an Excuse Not to Stand up like Men in a Catholic Bible from Genesis to Revelation Gives Us Three Main Missions, 31 Course the Great Commission. Matthew 2818 through 21st and Foremost Exhibition One Would but Trevor from Genesis to Revelation, Because Where the Bible Teaches Resistance to Tyranny Is Obedience to God. Resistance to Authority Is Obedience and Then the Last Intelligent Their Second Thessalonians to Stand Your Ground Holds the Tradition of the Apostles and Not Backup. We Are Not to Back up but What's Happened with" Would Look What's the Point of Having Free Will You Not God Go-Between Will Wind up Going Pretty Well. If You Don't Live in a Free Country, Not God Clearly Wanted That Live That's Why the Competition Is Modeled on the Bible. It Comes from the Bible Take a Liberty That God Wants Point People to Worship Doesn't Want People to Be Slight… GP to Stand against Turning You Make a Great Point about the Thing in Our Church.

We People Siloing Another Sweeter Than Jesus Woke Jesus Was Pretty Rough upon Flipping off Only Was He Couldn't Get onto the Money Trying to Control on the Guy Set up the Gittleman through the Don Titles Are Trying with the Sword. The Christiana Can You Give Very Masculine Religion Now Onward Christian Soldiers Marching to War. How One Can Is That Night.

What Is Happened to the Church. The Church Is Being Decreased in the Not to Give Every Family Know Elites Could Cause the Blob of the Family Unit.

You Need a Favor and A Lot Of the Mother Bandage or Navy Will Look after You Know It's You What's Easier for Your Post on the Masculine Laptop Will Your Little Back Start. If You Disrespect Your Mother Make Sure You Do Your Homework and Teaches Them to Be a Man in the Border Could Be a Lady Not Every Family Needs That. And If We Church the Back. But What Kind of Lab Overnight My Churches That I Salty a Minimum Lot Is That Not Which Is Greatly Not Balanced Masculine Love but Bob Felt That Dr. Let You Know I Think What Dominates Twos Is the Love of Money and the Love of the Comfort Zone of That's What You Have out There Again Today and This Is Where the This Prissy Preacher Thing Came along.

I Remember As a Young Preacher Went When They Passed Roe V Wade. I Remember Back When When the Kid Got on the Public School I Was Asking What Will It One Passes to Do about This Vision of Martha Washington DC. The Pastors Have the Obligation That They Had the Obligation to March on Washington DC and to Put That Court. The Causes of Supreme on Trial for Treason against God in the Country If They Failed.

They Feel God the Fielding and Then in 73 Was Worse and I Remember When I Was Preaching Where Oh Where Are the Pastors I Was a Young Preacher at the Time Trevor I Remember about One of the Pastor Stated If You Keep This up You Gonna Blame the Government Don and All of Us. They Were More Afraid of the Government Than They Were of God Were Thing Will Apply the Art I Get Done. I Was Waiting at the Court. The Other Guy with a Pop Drop in Canada and the Strength That Either That That Staff That It Was a Recent by the Government Keeping the Church I Can Jump Out Of That. The Gothic Polish Mind When He Got a Real Hot Dog in This Parking Site. This Guy Terrible Is Going to Bring the Government down on You Trying to Work with the Government #for You. I Think I Should of Been Craving It He Was Criticizing Them for Books or Provide the Government That If He Got Back This Goodness Treated, Even the Combined Jumped on the Week When the Unit Take before He Became President Unit. He Is Surrounded by Socialist. He Was Very Late Last and Introduced the Job Amendments to the Text, Because I Actually Called Amy Papa That I Couldn't Keep It K-3 Status Site by an Candidates from All That I Took That Many That You Couldn't Do Anything Political I Gave You Every Cowardly Pasta in the Country an Excuse to Shop in Mouth and Not by Anything Controversial Vein, the Government Took Prayer in My Path Right Be Wide If Perfectly Right Pasta You Think I Could've Done Those Two Things That Had Been Pulled off the Cowardly Churches, but I Belong to the Part of Social Unregistered UPF Unregistered Baptist Fellowship.

We Are Not 501(c)(3) for 50 Years I've Been Preaching against the 501(c)(3) for 50 Years. Is It the Best Majority of People out There and What Happens. Some of These Pastors to Their Defense. They They Listen to the Lawyers and Accountants.

They Did the They Should Listen to God for the Bible and Understood When They Receive the Funds That 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status When You Apply for That. You Agree You Agree with the State That the State Not Christ As Is Your Head the Church Is the Living Body of Christ, the Living Body of Christ When You Become a 501(c)(3), You Become a Corporation Core Plus Trevor Is a Nonliving Creation of the State so You Agree That a Contract of the Covenant with the State That That You Are Not the Living Body of Christ Which You Are on a Nonliving Creation of the State You Look It up, Look Upward.

The Word the Wood They Have for Pastor. There in the Word Is Ancient Is an Asian Sin of Having a Paddler or Shepherd and If You Look at on Complex Love You Notices Intercessor between the Assembly in the State or a Spy for the State against the Assembly and so That's Your Final Once I've Been on for 50 Years for 25 Years. I Challenge Any Three New Evangelical Preachers to Debate Me on Romans 13 for 25 Years and Never Got a Take Not One for 25 Years with a Hay on Will Be Back Right after This about Some Folks Who Love This Country Who All Begin to Dream Missing K There Arose across This Nation Be One in the Same Time We See That a Passage of Scripture Currently Describes Horrible Moral Condition of Both America and Israel Today Enjoyment with Us on September 11, or National of a Repentant Fasting and Praying for Revival to Encourage Your Pastor to Preach a Sermon on Repentance Vesting Revival and 9/11 Only to Make God Blessed America Party. We Are Back and We Had with Us Trevor and Ashley Known Author and Filmmaker and Scholar and Plummeted to Researcher Do Little Research and a True Statesman Ever Loud and Trevor Know the Bible Says All Things Are Possible with God.

And We Know What Happened When Well with a Fellow Named Jonah. He Went to Nineveh and Because the People Repentant. They Repentant in the Bottom Another Hundred Years before They Were Destroyed. After That, and so If America Today Is America Today Was to Do Exactly What God's Word, the Bible Says to Repent and Call upon the Name of the Lord, and This Is What Were Trying to Get Them to Do and Turns Back to God Turn Back to God.

Let Me Ask You This. Do You Think We Have Enough Light in My Opinion, Probably about Only about 10% of Those That Fill the Pulpits Today Are Actually Saved, but There Is Hope for America If America Will Repent and Turn Back to God. We Can Will We Can Overthrow We Can Cancel Cancel Culture Gently Be Arriving in Bill Clinton Everybody.

The Goblins Looks for Arraignment and I like and and Then If You Look at Some Belt Hits Me, Not David Goliath Uniting Gideon Gideon 300 Person Support an Instant All People of Faith and Cowered like a Different and and Slightly with Every Body but We Made the Night We Made Enough, and Winning Real People, Real Real Prevented Christians, Not Just by Clunk Not Just You Know, I Might Believe One. So What If I and so Yeah I Think If I Didn't Think This Country Could Be Site That Would Meet the but I Think You Can. This Is a Spiritual Country within a Constitutional Spot Out Of the Bible, Good for the Will Panini out but I Think Audiences Lost That Night. Take the Data Path He Doesn't Know for You Know the Fast Hundred Years Where When People Want to Escape Communism from Whatever They Could Come Here. But Today It's Here It's Here and People and Identify Dated Joe Biden Is a Communist to the Bone. Is Every Bit As Much Kindliness As Is Karl Marx and I Believe Is Every Bit As Much Communist and Antichrist As As Putin or Any of the Others.

There Is No More Democratic Party. It Is Communist to the Bone to the Very Bone of and These People Where in Their Working.

I Mean Joe Biden Was Said and There He Is Owned by the Communist Chinese Party and He Was Sent There to Reduce American Author Will Status and Now with with 87,000 New IRS Agents to Totally Destroy a Take Away the Middle Class, Right. You Might Look. I Played with the Dog. Biden Was with Was Put in Place to Destroy the Middle Class per Week Unit Number 32 Eileen Edits from All about Allies to Empower Enemies Destroy the Economy and Destroy the Florida Why Would He Be Doing What What Is He Doing Differently.

Beneath That I Can Be Doing Nothing. He's Working and in Hand with the Human Trafficking Cartels and the Drug Cartels.

The Biden Crime Cartel Is Working Hand-In-Hand with the Other Crime Cartels. That's Reality That's Actually Was Happening in the Mail to This. All of These Young. These Young Men of Fighting Age Military That Is Bringing in Any and the Putnam Buses and Their Drive into These Literally Small Cities around the Country and There the Sleeper Cells.

These Are Sleeper Cells and Go-Ahead Mop the Hezbollah Had Been Bringing Thousands of America 1980. Only You Would Probably Get on Well Imagine What They're Doing Now We Know That Hezbollah I Working with the Cat Felt by Bringing People with Todd but I'm Sure There's Also Chinese Millett Street Year. I'm Sure This Was the Russian Military and Cuban and Nicaraguan, and in Many Other Countries As Well.

Getting Ready to Rush Her and Shawn Are Getting Ready for or against America Right Now and We Can Be Pricing That the President Is Working for the and a Whole Army of the Enemy or the Inept Order Unites a Pretty.Situation It Is… But on the Other Side of That. Okay God Has Raised Us up with for Such a Time As This Is the Evidence of This. Where Here in the Times Here and so We Have We Have Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain God's Word Teaches Us That He Has Expectations of Us and We Have Obligations to Him and so Right Now If You Could. If the People Could Get the Courage and Again I'm Starting to See Him Seeing Pat Pockets.

I Went down I Spoke at a Place That Long Ago and It Was an Interesting Thing Because There Was a Young, A Lot Of Young Pastors. There Are No for 50 Years I've Been Preaching against the 501(c)(3) and There Was a Number of Young and They Had Just Discovered What the 501(c)(3) Was That You Not Supposed to Be One Now Is to Them. Amazing Thing of Their. The Other Thing to His These New Age Bible Perversions of the Bible. They Bring in the Change Things. Okay to Change the Words of People Are Going to Churches That Really Are Churches at All the Dead Corporations, There's Pastors That Are Not Really Pastors or Hireling in the Pulpit and the Reading from Bibles That Are Perversions of the Bible, but You Know What Intelligent Proverbs 1 Think He Refers to Them As Simpleminded As Any You Are. You Let Your Own Mapping You United We Weave Nine That Was Coming for a Long Time and Wasting Adoration for Years, but You Might a Good Point That since This Is about Courage. What Anything Was Going to Try This Now Strike and to Say the Truth, and These Palms Unique Carriage and What Gives You Courage Fight Gives You Courage. If You Let Carriage a Good Look at Your Fight If You Really Believe If You Have Your Eyes on the Trinity. What Would You Be Scared off and in the World Today What Whiskey You More Than Losing Your Salvation, but Again You Have To Write If You Have Your Eyes and Attorney, but Today This Biblical Illiteracy Is so Prevalent so Many People out There Have No Idea about What Salvation Is and Again I Would Take It Back to You and the Bible Says the Judgment Begins in the House of the Good Lord but Begins in the Pulpit in That House in. I Want to Say You Know Place of As Our Lord Been More Betrayed Than from the Pulpits of What Is Supposed to Be Churches If They Have Not Had the Courage, the Bible Says the Righteous Are As Boulders Lines Their Boldest Lines yet and but You Know the Reason so Many of These These Prissy Preachers.

Their Prisoner Is Because They Have People Become They Want Their Ears Tickled That They Don't, I Would. I've Never Heard Some People Say and They Look They Attend Mega Churches Because They Couldn't Fit in There so Many People and They Never Have To Worry about Being Called upon to Do Anything. And Those People Are in the Seven Model Politely People Yeah It Is but Again We We Cannot Move Them and I Had the Wheat We Did so Many Things in You for Years.

We Did the Shape the Nation Where You a Group of Us Pastors but Eight of Us Would Go across the Country and We Would Preaching and We Would Try to Inspire the Pastors and Well.

We Had A Few That Will Cover Put but a Yes It's Gotta Be. I Guess the Holy Ghost Is the Only Thing That's Got It Can Inspire Them to Awaken Is Going to Be Revival Revival. I Think That Revival Coming through the Harlem Church in Small Churches and If You Look at the Politics of This Country Might Hydrate Conservative Party With the Leadership of the Republican Party.

I Noted Talking with Either but You Getting Only People Thought out All around the Country Getting Involved in Group Mom P Had Benefits Really Lived without the Right Thing to Thing with the Churches People Realize That Pockets Are Not Leader Admit That and so You Thing the Little-Churches Spring up Everywhere Small Independent Churches and Other Denominations That Split Thing in and Following Where Small Churches Are Growing Effectively More Likely to Get the Truth and I Don't Think You'd You Might Want. I Know We've Had a Big Influence in New People Coming to Our Church Because in Their Live in the Mega Churches. That's Where the Coming Is Only Limited from the Mega Churches Is Because Where Will We Will We Actually Believe the Word of God. We Are Not a 501(c)(3) Corporation Know When When These Limitations Something That I Would Be so Ashamed Today to Show My Face If I Was to Pastor the Church and Haven't One of the Sellers to Give out the Poison Is Poke the Jab. The What They Call the Facts to Act Any Here Is the House of God, to Give the Kill Shot and but but Unbelievable How Many of These Mega-Churches Did That. The Point of Not Your Heart at Your Church and I Can Get My Money You're Taking Government Instruction and A Lot Of These Churches Are Getting Money through the Site Based Initiatives Getting a Bomb without at a George Not George or Stoddard and and and Obama Amplified about Compromise Just like We Saw in Units Makes an Fox News Promoting Vaccine Because I Was Getting Money from the Government Could Do It. United Just the Height of Treachery, You Not Getting Organizations That Start Be Telling You the Truth, It Is Multiculturally Not Taken Money That I Got the Money to Tell You to Take Effect Thing That You Know It Is Risky and I Know It's Risky but That's Still Taken the Money Market and the People Died That We Had about the Program. One Is Vented That the Said Is Not a Vaccine at All. It's It's a Bio Weapon.

It's a Bio Weapon. Then, from a Military and so Yeah and and Let McCracken out Are Not a Doctor so I Can Go on to the Real Thing I Know I'm Not like That Indicate That Light Going out Dangerous and I like I Haven't Got the Skill of Fight Picnic behind Dangerous. What about but the Affected Churches Would Take 30 Pieces of Silver to Salvia.

People out Just Shows How Crop Many of These Churches Do Not Have Any Churches Died on during the past I Got Conjuring up and Did Not. The Handhold Was about and I Churches Know Growing Wit with Many Churches Close down the Heck Even Re-without Struggling with Much Much Lower Number of Why Why Would You Got Back to the Church and When When You Need Spiritual Help.

More Than Any Other Time, and I'm Not a Wild You Got Back. But Here's the Thing A Lot Of A Lot Of People to Go Back to See with Us.

I Could Stay with Us the First the First Person I Came to Church Early Next to Me Was the Fellow from the County Constable He Was the County Constable and I Said I Said What Are You Doing Here This Early That This Was on the First Day Would That Went into Effect in Ohio Where You Were Supposed to Have More Than 10 People He Was Supposed to Have Your Socialist Distancing and You Were Supposed to Wear Masks and Analysis and I Had Gone on the Radio and I Admit It Clear That We Were Going to Do That We Really Open for Churches, like All Normal.

We Fear God, Okay.

And These Were Not Mandates That We Have a Constitutional County with the Sheriff Actually Had a Posted There That If That These Are Mandates Do Not Laws.

And If You're Offended by Being around Someone That You Think Should Wear a Mask and If You're Offended Because They're Not Wearing a Mask That You Have the Right to Leave, but It Is Not a Law so so II Made It Very Clear We Were Going.

We Were Going to Do Any of That. So the First Guy and Was Constable Is What You Do.

Here's Some Amenities. He Said Well I Know You're Going to Abide by Any of That. And so I'm I'm Here to Make Sure Nobody Gives a Problem Okay in the and We Weren't and We Never Did We Did, Never, Never Did Abide by Any That Because It Was Wrong and God's Word, the Bible Makes It Very Clear We Are Not to Hide the Image of God. We Are Not to Be Be Ashamed of the Image of God and Covered up with a Mask. Are We Brought You and I That Pregnant and How Many Prompted Head That Had the Fight to Have the Carriage Stand against the Government Can't Have Any Positive for the Pastors Did. It Was the Hirelings. That's Where You Have Most of the Hirelings. They Didn't Have the Courage and They Didn't Stand against the Government, yet with Plywood of the Baby. 530 People That Were Understandably in the Fight This Country. Yet despite the Churches and and People like Going to Height Churches by Going to Mock Church in Light Don't Know What I Think What the Church of the Leading People Astray That Leading Them to the Political Late and and People Need to Understand That If We Don't Fight the Church at Half past I We Possibly Can Affect This Country with Already Have People Calling and Asking about the Name of the Film and You Have the Book by the Same Title Enemies within the Church in the Middle of That Is Better That We Get the Money and Have Some Quotes on the Website Enemies within the Some Bumps in the Weeds Taught Latin God, the People in the Movie We Don't Have a Directly about the Politically A Lot Of A Lot Of the Websites Confined A Lot Of Expanded and Youth That We Could Use in the Movie A Lot Of Material to Go to Wikipedia, Which Is Sensitive to Wikipedia White Hot White Churches That He Can Become Out Of A Lot Of Informational Event Thought That the Primary Thing Is to Get the Movie Enemies within the payment like you said there you see there's a good a big movement. Since this going going on right now are seen as blue and I think you see the revival. I know that there's a big demand on you to come and speak. I've been people call me left and right there there even asked me to come and speak in London, England, and that which the which I I don't see here's the thing in some of these. You gotta be very careful because the let you come in, but they won't let you leave without taken the poisonous poke and that I let that rotten and you're the British government gets writing, government and utility, and the Canadian government are keeping conservatives out you know I have not (but not anybody with a little but controversy. You are an anti-bank. The majority cannot and I want it meant so little, but problematic. Well it's very slick. You know what we do on this radio program. If I was doing this in Canada, I'd be arrested and jailed you doing this we we got appreciative. We well, you know, according to Mr. Obama Biden were not going to have their freedom if he gets his way, because I heard him say that preachers that preach the old-fashioned Bible the old-fashioned way that we considered hate crime.

If they continue to do that. In other words, he's talking about preaching against sin.

If you continue to do that and now he is go ahead about carpooling height to completely" additional admin make pathetically in the Bible of the height of each document because it can be. In actuality, a conveyance adultery convince a lot of things in height, heightening adulterers of €1806.

Therefore the Bible believe it either has to be modified or or you must go preaching.

It could not evil when living in a time when evil of the golden go to evil. So what we need to do we have to do is be obedient.

One thing from Genesis to Revelation.

The God demands more than anything else is obedience. That's obedience and more than anything else. So in the days that were living in an is clear with everything that's happening is simply the signs that the time of the Lord's return is coming closer and closer and closer and that means the date we have the here and now. This is all we have that here in the now. The place of those crowns in heaven's instead of being afraid and scared.

We need to be running to these battles, I mean run film the resistance and I'm seeing some signs that there is some awakening in that area more Lord will outline all importantly thing about "Google you realize you are not the right thing to do… Do it. James 417 eight yet posted in vain. Yet with fight. If we are living in that country dictating for the because we could bite God's will to follow along. We had an obligation to do the right thing via and do everything we can to fight just like we United States you work incalculably just a little child you not falling in. You have an obligation to save that child you have that concern that you can't type it child when you can do it. We also have an obligation to state that country begets not typing this country is generally high off and head back and misery on an nightly which both the that night so we have that we live responsible if we shift that you think we are sending we know the penalty for that coming on. Absolutely the wages of sin is death note when you have these blue states like New York and New Jersey and California that are passing these horrific horrific anti-God antichrist abortion bills and these people would they just up and elected the guy for Congress in the and in New York in that open seat and he just by about one point, he beat the guy that was written against him but because he ran on a baby killing this guy is an animal he's in and is a beast.

He runs on baby killing. No person that is in favor of killing little children is a decent person. These people are evil, the wicked to the court wicket to the bone was about that out of New York Congressman Mark Gary Nadler, the gate of the Judiciary Committee publicly stated Bob companion felt no interest to the Judiciary Committee. I heard him say that I heard and said I wouldn't say that you're absolutely right that know just what first of all Jerry Nadler, sodomy is a sin Jerry Nadler God's Word, the Bible.

Jerry then sodomites will have their place in the lake of fire. Jerry Nadler sodomites will have a place in the lake of fire. Go on one more logical ground-level public small laughing trying to get somebody out of unbuckling it out trying to make them understand the defendant defining multiple segments RK what which is more laughing really.

The Bible says if you loomed telling what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Yeah, exactly. And at the top lab at Clement and a lot of them up.

Yeah, it absolutely is and and and you don't see a lot of that in most churches. Not many people get help to account in churches anymore great Jean Phillips overlapping lots of Kumbaya grade level of file near the fire and brimstone people make from Tom Tom it's it's it's phony.

It's not real it's syrupy and what it is is the tickling of the years people that have itching ears are having their ears tickled, and you know that you get a lot lately when you pop everything you Diane on steroid everything. This is preaching like a dead and corn yet intimate and standing up for Troy. You gonna written you get a really great night.

I got a Titus I kind of felt like of the Lone Ranger for a while preach against communism until you came along. I mean, I've been preaching against us 50 years. But when you came along.

You took this to a new level and and coming when it with your film and everything listed to on different radio programs. It's like now I've got some help. Hang tight rope against heartbreak will be back right after I will go away you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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