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THU HR 2 9-8-22

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 9, 2022 12:01 am

THU HR 2 9-8-22

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Remember, this is good news, but it also talks about this is another whim, Missouri versus Brighton lawsuit federal judge orders White House Felty NIAID HHS to come over hidden communications with big tech and it's is a victory for freedom lovers is been more premium Missouri versus the blind faith in this week is no different as Missouri just file suit against Joe Biden gentle sake Dr. Felty of the top ranking officials for allegedly colluding with social media companies to suppress freedom of speech under the guise of combating quote misinformation." Atty. Gen. Eric Schmidt announced the suit alleges a massive, coordinated effort by the deed state. And this is permanent administrative state to work with big tech to sensor manipulate Americans from the average citizens to outlets to issues including the Hunter Biden laptop for mail 2020 election integrity culvert 19 origin and make extent skepticism covert, 19 vac teams, skepticism, and many other issues, and it's just good to know it and ended it was filed by Gateway pundit mitzvah elite private plaintiff in the suit, and this is the article.

So I think today is you work with some of these things are made meal may come to fruition before the election. Well, these things like that happen right now is Ella Ella Alecia Powell Cheadle think too highly of Bill Barton and donated it and she refers to Misty state route, but that Bill biases the Justice Department is very close to having evidence to indict Trump but the if you go into the article. He said he doesn't think the dividend to the hose that they really don't do that, but he was a traitor and so go ahead and place play the clip part of my if I were the devil. If I were the Prince of darkness hide one of them got the whole world in darkness cannot have 1/3 of its real estate population that I would be happy until IMC is the ripest temple on the tree.

The so I set about however necessary to take over the United States, the church is first, I begin with the campaign and whispered the wisdom of the serpent.

I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve. We completed the Bible to convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would good is where is an exciting thing moving detectors in every school house door within a decade I have prisons overflowing judges promoting pornography.

Soon I can evict God from the courthouse and from the school and implement houses of Congress and substitute psychology and the science ignore priests and tears into misusing boys and girls encourage money to renege in the symbol of the devil and take from those who have wanted until I can kill the incentive to promote a way to get in patriotism and model conduct marriage is the three minutes it encapsulates United States since World War II base last 60 or 70 or so liking 60s yellow ski trip.

Peace, love, sex, freedom rock 'n' roll and all that excellent, excellent video that really explains where we are today. All that is happened with the devil continue to do what you doing. That is what were fighting people, no mistake about it this James granted your host for unrestricted five by shotgun house that Josh reconnect on American media to find us on news.US you actually do look on the art of the road today on miracle Russian military tribunals. It is could be a game changer, Josh. I'll talk about that in a minute on the show as much about lead sponsor Dr. Kerr PhD a list of the number two Chris guy was on the show last week with Josh talking about what will the coming lockdown to point out in Germany. Check this out. I warn you guys. Not only is it not over there not come back without vengeance and check out Germany. First, they announced mandatory mass from October to March and now they've announced a triple color-coded vaccine passport system modeled after China green when you're actually vaccinated as the new buzzword.

Another thing is fully vaccinated that I have to keep taking it now you get little that's green while your freshly vaccinated after your vaccine turns three months old, a lot of freshly back into the turns yellow the remind you that it's almost time for another shot and when it goes yellow. You are now required to wear your mask everywhere in public because you no longer freshly vaccinated and then three months after that, rinse, repeat until you get a yeah those warning signs in Germany. Been there for a while. Josh was talk about Germany and Lucknow to point out it is coming to Canada United States. I believe by review forces in certain states like California, New York, I had Julie went back to national socialism in the 90s and they been on this this front. That's reminiscent of the 1930s Germany all over again and it's really scary what's happening in Europe. We know that the globalist stronghold, the Anglo-Saxon New World order is headquartered in Europe and since the 1990s and ball before that. The mid-1800s. They been organizing Europe to be this proponent of global socialism.

They all funded and basically started out in China to get China to be this model for the whole world. China eventually told them to do PR thing that they wanted nothing to do that this happened right after the covert outbreak and that's when they start up on the bridge lines. But what's happening here in Germany is indicator of what were about to see happening globally I say it.

The globalist when this war and these final battles that are coming up in the very near future. James yeah, I'm with you on that Josh actually promise China Russia want nothing to do with the last certainly not a socialist West at all.

So this is going to be a showdown. The finish, so what is your will bring one on one second will bring 107 is in the house remodel. Second, I would jump in really quickly to 2.1 is Joshua Minner to talk about the Russian Federation's military tribunals coming up in the Murray local talk about that first wow this is really interesting to see is really see a lot of information that the West does not want to come out. We can remember one of the main reasons why Vladimir Putin went into Ukraine for 14 years he's been screaming at the United Nations Security Council about the genocide occurring in the dynastic regions of Ukraine on the various Slavic and Russian people in those areas. What was the genocide. The genocide was various Nazi regiments out there utilizing the US funded BioLab to produce genetically targeted bio weapons against those people. Now, this information can come up come out and there's a lot of things happening right now in the sense of this actually coming out now Russia is going to be holding these tribunals starting here very, very shortly and apparently some of Americans and other Western people are going to be involved in that, because they were captured as James has talk about what is the information that we can see actually coming about wealth. We have the 28 US BioLab that were run. There they were basically administered by Germany. They were funded by private organizations black and basically a DI DIA Defense intelligence agency, contractor, and another one called meta-by Anna witch Hunter Biden had a 10% investment into as well as Joe Biden get sad 10%, 10% to the big guy right and so we see liberalism all connect directly to these BioLab's and then we have to talk about the whistleblower DOD document that came out a few months back which is dated from August 2019. This came out from Russia.

Apparently August 2019 of the DOD memo asking the BioLab in Ukraine for all other information pertaining the gain of function research uncovered 19 why is it interesting because covert, 19 didn't occur until December 2019 wasn't named appropriately.

Until then, why is it DOD document asking for this Russia came out and blame United states the creation of this were the original gain of function research started in Ukraine in the early to late 2010 to 2004. Our 2014. The 2016 timeframe at the gain of function research was moved to Wuhan as well as expanded over and Ukraine and so we have some bombshells coming out because of this, James thought bombshells now for everyone on last last point Dean raising Cain must talk about a general Dan raising Cain is a phenomenal human being. This is Amanda Donald Trump started talking about it. See Pat about last year. These men still made almost every single rally now you can understand the history of Dan Kaner general Dan Kane on September 11, 2001.

He was one of the two US Air Force pilots flying over Washington DC tracking the 767 that apparently we know that didn't flew into the Pentagon.

He had to testify against us. He was given the order to not shoot that plane down.

Even though they these pilots have the discretion you chose not to. So this is a man who knows conspiracy when Donald Trump took office Dan raising Cain is the man who went in there and operated our special operations forces in Syria and Afghanistan and not doubt the ISIS caliphate.

This is the one man who single-handedly use military tactics that demolish all of Isis within it. Just a few months. Where did he go after that. Well Dan Kane went to oversee all special access programs in the United States military, so there's any man out there who knows about what this Secrets are in this country, or who has access to basically start a special access program. It's Dan raising Cain now. This becomes incredibly interesting because we been seeing a lot of Donald Trump's troops coming out lately and they all are pertaining to reference to two different queue post and they come out with the reference to 11. Three. The first marker as well as to post 26, which states that it logically military is the only way just two days ago Donald Trump tweeted 26 you know tonight the numerous tight races in the big easy wins over the last four years 98.4% endorsements and he posted this at 11:06 PM one and one is to two and six again reference that points directly the queue post 26 Donald Trump is trying to tell us something. The next day.

This is where it gets really interesting. James the next day. We have a political report comes out from DC insider saying that out of those 13 boxes taken out of our logs with special access program information, the highest most classified secrets of our military, and the day before 12 hours before Donald Trump posted this about militaries. The only way what is he trying to hit towards us. Didn't Donald Trump after Rudy Giuliani told not to appoint Powell a special prosecutor go out there and give and handle all the information to general Dan Kane and have him create a special access program which we provided funding without congressional oversight without executive branch oversight to create in operation of investigation through various intelligence sectors of our of our United States military probably placed within space force to go out there and begin listening to the deep state why we have to remember to future proof the past we had all the information will be obtained illegally through spine through the NSA so that was not admissible in court. That means that we have to set up the deep state. We had a set up. The cabal formulate disk to allow them to do their coup d'état.

Trump leaves office. The military operation is underway to start collecting data for the last 19 months.

They been collecting data because one is a bird sing not want to dedicate when it's free on that for a tree branch after the storm, and so they been collecting all this data legally because the only other part of our justice system that can actually issue a Faisal warrant is a judge I give it general of the United States Army and we know that they do this through various different special access programs and so the idea here is that Donald Trump topic came, he went out there set up a special access program secured the funding went to the judge to get generals. They issued the Faisal warrants before Trump left he signed it all in the power had the documents with him and then all of a sudden Biden comes in and this operation starts going out the collecting information investigating 20/20 and investigating the deep state actors.

Why, because the ultimate problem here is what the originally created the Q team yet that the 2007, 2008 with stolen nuclear and top-secret special access program secrets that were being sold off to foreign enemies.

This culminated with Hillary Clinton doing this directly from her personal server you member for the Horwitz report. Joe had an address to Gmail address. It would geographically track to offshore in China, where she was setting special access program and top-secret information directly to by replying to or forwarding them to her State Department email address. If we remember this clearly, Inspector General of the intelligence community. McCullough was sitting in front of the Senate intelligence committee in a hearing and saying this is to classified it can't tell you the chairman was like go can we go to a skip into a closed-door session he goes know these are special access programs. You can't be read in and I'm not even I can be writing these are summary briefings and I was given and they wouldn't tell me what these were about what I release the top level technologies that Hillary Clinton was selling to the Chinese what was in those emails was selling it was the professors in the in the universities that were a part of the compartmentalization of the DoD to basically reverse engineer, various types of highly advanced technologies that the United States military had possession of very interesting and so now were seeing this all unfold. This is all coming out the documents they were looking for and Trump tomorrow.

Lago was special access program information pertaining to the investigation on themselves exactly what we been told the FBI trying to cover their own bucket go by demonstration. Try to come there but they're trying to take Chuck down in the process.

James Southwest some real quickly.

Devolution is not not quite accurate right the support about that for about a minute about a minute. Devolution is not quite the story here.

Your pain is different. Special diet right so I worked in the Washington Navy Yard is an active duty military member of the naval police force and one thing that were required to do is to go out there and get trained by FEMA become various certifications within FEMA and we learn all about devolution and devolution is not something that desolate necessarily can come about through decreasing the president can't determine through decree that devolution is occurring right now it has to come about through process either cataclysm or through various other directives that are in a government but happens after the fact and people who are part of the contingency of government know their positions. They know where the secondary areas geographically are to be set up and so devolution the name is kind of misleading I think, in the sense of a military operation.

I think that yes there is a good possibility that US military intelligence has been looking into this for very long time collecting evidence, but I don't see how that is directly connected with contingency of government and how Trump is the current president, I do.

I don't that's the truth but I do believe that most of our military… Trump as commander-in-chief.

Current guidance O'Connor government understood. The last point racing game sounds sounds like it religiously for the audience will let one aspect right after break but basically celebrating Friday night, breaking 2021 and I was a liberal report which wasn't delivered and Trump had after Bernie had Giuliani all in the what what what explained everything to God, the fingers tightly dinner we had in Vegas last year about what really transpired to want Trump to go forward with the instructor will let one that one tomato I ate. 18 December, the Friday night when no push toward and Trump temporarily gave city power. Your clearance for whatever and the next day they broke off and went in different directions so that my been when something special access programs were created. Is that your thought that's exactly my thought is that Giuliani most likely came out and told Donald Trump that you know having an outsider like Sidney Powell come in there with all the public expectations that are put on her probably isn't the best way most the best way is probably through the military. Military intelligence by utilizing people within the military that that trust that he trust and that are faithful to the Constitution because of the ones he can truly get this information done as well as issue the Faisal wants to do what needs to be done secretly without the incoming administration actually finding out really good wrap up on everything here John is called this good work already. We are back in the will be bringing a lot more. This is a little more going on out there photos. I know you love the white hats keep with their doing close to the build okay. The black cats their NBC, ABC, CBS, all of the lame stream media. There the enemy. They are absolutely pure red-blooded American patriot of the enemy there working and they will they will tell you whatever whatever they're told to tell you whatever the collective whatever they call their narrative is they will do that and the idea is to take America today and to reduce us to Third World status.

The idea is to kill people often that's what the going to be doing to be killing people. They are when people are dying from these two shots. These student in their shots. They're not vaccines. All horrible things are happening and it's the job of NBC, ABC, CBS to cover note not to let you know arts are judged until you the truth. Their job is to tell you what they're told to tell you that's exactly what's happening.

Go ahead when Terry and I actually took hold of Tim on top of what Jones was talking about investigative jungle.

Since Planned Parenthood sold aborted baby tissue to communist China to develop bio exactly what they're doing the pit pleasant narratives of this is the most wicked, evil, ungodly, unclean creeping, crawling, stench of death in the entire world as new revelations come to light about Chinese communist involvement in the black market for aborted baby body parts.

In essence, the Communist Party is his Mayan organs and tissues and Planned Parenthood are using them to develop bio weapons and we already knew the pain of Planned Parenthood have been murdering babies for cash for many years. This is the doctor the director's vision of the Communist Chinese parties national health and family planning commission Louvain announced that he would contribute $528 million to Planned Parenthood in exchange for the continued donation of human tissue samples. In other words, the body that divides a murder babies right right yeah those always those are animals and Planned Parenthood since forging that that partnership Gerber says in this is that something was in Michael Gerber that the communist Chinese Communist Party's been the largest repository of human DNA from the US persons in history and he says that the human DNA is being used to develop biological weapons.

This is treason. Gerber expressed in our own government is colluding with the Chinese Communist Party with biological weapons connect home of the story, but yesterday using these organs to make massive amounts of money in their doing it deliberately to take over the world are basically not just bio weapons but also in artificial intelligence systems are produced from the samples. He says that to cc the CCP Communist Party is really harvested babies from the United States and using a baby body parts to bill race specific bio weapons, then it is not much of a stretch to speculate that the faulty flu shots almost certainly to be part of this we know the shots containing ingredients derived from aborted baby parts as too much of the vaccines and it says we need to remind everyone that the role of the Rockefellers of the role that the Rockefellers played in the establishment of Planned Parenthood expressed a commentator and national moves that the same clan involved in the establishment of the Federal Reserve Council on foreign relationships Bilderberg and UM, etc. the same clan which quote unquote educates every single MD how to push their drugs in the same clan which guides the science unquote is in God.

The steps in every single discipline and that's the end of that article okay Randy will Fonte who else.

These are these these companies out there to tell you that they will find out who are you related to and then crackdown your ancestry., whatever.

They've also been selling the DNA take to the Chinese to bind their DNA.

Somewhere in here they are.

Here it is companies like 23 and me and I'm sure you guys have heard of them that there there will there would be a sample collected allegedly they do, your family tree.

All right, now here's the thing for longtime people and asking in early every day we get we get hundred 70 sometimes 6800 emails a day. People are always asking us to send in this article we don't have the kind we don't have the manpower. We don't have the manpower to answer all of these these things and people you know I don't have the manpower to read all these emails that I get. We read the letters that the end of the prayer request. We do those everyone okay you guys know that you're there with what were going to do is this this coming Sunday and I will try to do it on more of a regular basis were going to take these articles that we have. Once you read tonight and a lot of the wants of people have been asking us were just going to put them open for right there with you to put them on the table done in the fellowship hall downstairs. We have thousands and thousands and thousands of these articles were just going to put amounts of people to come down Lake in Reno can take some of them if they want, but it's going to be there within the be this way they can go right through it.

Go through our archives and all of those articles that we've talked about over the years, so that's wonderful let his enemies and wonderfully gone yet because of but you that and that's important yet is very good they were when a new hymen open the phone lines and take some calls in them.

And as we go in between that would imitate the cause no. I had mentioned before about our share of getting going to be Tuesday the doers of the word Baptist Church at 1 PM in the afternoon, but where were asking for pastors or new leaders. Leaders of the pro-life leaders who work mostly poor asking for pastors folks out there.

Listen to us in our county and in the Northeast Ohio area, especially the Geauga County area to come on out doers of the word Baptist Church, 14781 Sperry Rd. in Newberry credit corner Sperry and and 87 as we are going to put our sheriff on the spot with him and find out what he is prepared to do for us. Okay and you know what were going. What were prepared to do for him so anyhow. Phone lines are open at 88867796734 take a call. We started on this. Alecia Powell said that the deep state rent bill bar. The Justice Department is very close to having evidence to indict top is what Barth says will former Atty. Gen. and need to be trained to see he was another one of the deep stators bill bar claims and that's what is to be known for. He can be known Ford for his betrayal. Just exactly like only was this exactly same thing like Mary Garland there there there known that he will be known. History will say there is that they went down as betrayers and so here says that getting close to getting enough evidence. According to Barth, the justice that it Justice Department the end Justice Department to the William bully branch of the death or credit Communist Party is getting very close together enough evidence to indict former Pres. Donald Cope for keeping classified documents at his Florida home. They don't have the evidence you just heard what was taking place. They are totally corrupt, they have been weapon eyes to guess despite totally corrupt communist prosecutors must decide whether they can make a technical case against Trump is sufficient evidence to justify an indictment, Barth told Fox News as I've said all along, there are two questions.

The X AG said, will the government be able to make out a technical case the lie that that's all they do that until they were the will you have evidence by which they indict someone including Pres. Trump.

The first question is, I think they're getting very close to that point. Frankly, it's unclear whether the DOJ hub 100 and whatever DOJ this dirty something okay really will risk the political liability that would ensue from indicting the former president of our continued at the end of the day.

He said there is no question do you indict a former president. What will they do to the will due to the country. You've already done it if split the country have come on give me a break. Bar you know exactly what it's there to push enforceable war. What kind of president Lisette with the people really understand that this is not of failing to return a library book. This is very serious limitation was very serious is the corrupt the very corrupt corrupt government that we have out there. The very corrupt Mary Garland the very corrupt deal G the very very corrupt. Chris Ray and so you have to worry about these things. I hope that these things these kind of factors will incline the administration not to indict him because I don't want to see him indicted as a former president yeah you do. Atty. Gen. Eric Garman a dirty cop again. I want to say that I've said it time and time again he would be very very very very hard-pressed to find someone to indict is corrupt to see us may ultimately decide to indict Trump to to depict the perception of fairness are argued. In other words he's doing what Obama is telling to dig Obama was the one that instructed them to start to raid the president comes home. By the way, but actually have an article if you don't mind so I'm not finished okay okay Steve Bennett surrenders to New York authority to going after Steve Bennett again. One by one.

This all come back on. Okay this is going to come back when comes around goes around comes around. Lily finish.

I also think that they will be under a lot of pressure to indict him because look, if anyone else would've gotten indicted they would. Why not indict him. He asked ours also trashed Pres. Trump the legitimate president of the United States on Fox News last week while defending the FBI's rate that the fascist bullies insurrectionist rate encroached Florida home. People say this was on president well.

It's also president for president to take all the classified information appointed, but the minute country club. Barth said he never did that. That is unbelievable there there you go, Barth, you will be known for its trader bar you will be known for the rat. This is what this woman said you know what is state Randy went out an innocent good person turns over on a criminal. That's called whistleblowing but when it a criminal when a criminal turns over on a criminal that's: written Reading Reading that's exactly all right okay list. Glad you have your article click that you have written your real quickly and this is this is a country to timeframe broken.

This is a quote from Pres. Trump about the raid on neurological assessments of a rifle to the living quarters with my 16-year-old son bearing the loved and respected former First Lady of United States, Monia despite proven high crimes and treason suggest point, Threlfall pointed out in the laptop from hail.

They never rated or broke into the house of Hunter Biden or perhaps even more importantly, the house of Joe Biden at treasure trove. This is a country to timeframe broken system laptop contained evidence of Hunter Joe Biden's illegal multimillion pay for play schemes. FBI officials buried this information proving to criminal actions. It says in October we first reported that Hallie Biden took Hunter Biden's gone through it in the trash knots finally taken national mood and he goes on to say is off Hunter Biden also committed several alleged crimes was his girlfriend and they got the pictures here him without them, yet they are never rifle to hunt, Biden's belongings in the predawn rate. The FBI had never left his home in shambles after rifling through his bedroom. The FBI never stormed the home of Hunter Biden was father Joe Biden, and that the FBI did have a rifle through bearing Tromso bedroom. They never live in the eyes to become totally illegitimate exactly completely that I don't live got no credibility, no legitimacy lift the cake let's go to Cliff Cliff here and there. I you know talking about the characteristics and threatening that Paul Alexander. Surely couple of times that I hurt Oxford University guy brought in an peak, one against mastering excited journal articles and the article on my site news this week said that basically saying that he was. They told what can leak to the press that sure you know a boxer salon so they did that within four days, so all articles against this guy who was basically just saying masking should be done for children and the guy got death threats.

He cannot. He said they were saying thank you to hand like they said all of us work in HHS Trump has no power, we work all day against prompt and we go home and evening at work again and I how dare you go against Anthony Faucher and this guy was going to be brought into the White House team and then they fired him and the people at fired and included not the White House but that shot at this department. Lawyers want an audit. Only the people from HHS, but the Justice Department was that that was very harrowing than article, but I also want to bring up one more because I think it relates directly to Detective Timothy David is saying that these people are such an intrusion that is praying to the Lord in the first half of the Psalm 144 Laura and once you get rid of these people when I cannot have a functional society and that he said that made give taxation of a functioning society can in the second half of that file. So I think that you know was get inside about like he's at the parade but you can't necessarily pray for these people, not what you think of that to get to that correlation between Psalm 144 Timothy William we you. You pray that God will bring them to repentance or Hill removal one of the other by now he knows the ones who will repent and the ones that won't and so because if you don't if you don't do that they could continue to hurt the innocent so you your command and actually to do that but I am to move on because the entire board slip with. Thanks Cliff was going to jack in San Diego so important events coming up anniversary of 9/11 Sunday the I know this is why were asking the pastors all over the country to preach on repentance.

We need to preach a repentance look Republican parties that can help us. We don't have a government you and I if you're a patriot Christian to American.

We don't have a government. The government has gone completely corrupted God event that never get published today. First you have to go back to the 1976 national emergencies act of Congress gave the president the power to declare national emergency. Now three days after 9/11, Pres. Bush Bush 43 declared a national emergency with respect to the war on terror will exist today in the waiting for that on or before September 14 of every year.

The current president of the United States has to reauthorize the emergency for another year, every president has done that since 9/11, including Trump and I will predict that on probably September 10 this Saturday may be Friday before Biden will renew the national emergency with respect to the war and terror for an additional year and that will get a publicity, but you'll find it in the White House website. That's where they publish it now.

Why is this important because as long as you have this national emergency and can display the call with the endless war and terror. The Constitution is suspended and that's why they were allowed to do so many unconstitutional things during Bush 43's term as president and you can think back if you upgrade rendition holding American studies, the defendant incommunicado so I am expecting a major terrorist attack, and they're going to turn the notches up on their emergency powers and I wouldn't be surprised if you don't see American citizen being held in Guantánamo. All you have to do is witness what Biden is doing, which is thinking people to support Trump is terrorist absolutely now to put all the unconstitutional wheels in motion that the terrorist attack. I think a major one is imminent. He's got he's got all of the complete and help the cooperation from the fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS evening they will do what they will they will tell whatever lie there and strike to the tilt of the people and unfortunately you have a hole in the people out there like Hosea for sixes. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge with thanks for calling and move on Jack this go to Timothy in North Royalton. Good evening to the good evening. I just wanted to say that for the next 61 days. We need to lift up president count all his family and his circle sure is in the last five or six years, a circle is gotten smaller and smaller. We need to pray and precatory prayer over the foxes and then house and all his college endeavors that the Lord will be a hedge around him and you will complete what Philippians 16 says that whatever he started him in the Bengali back in 1987 when they show that that was probably the beginning of the metamorphosis from Donald Trump the Democrat to eventually sound out the Republican. There was a new New Hampshire.

I believe when I gave that speech in 1987. You can look it up online that there was a turning point and he knows where all the bodies are buried in overall all the info is in all the lies and all the corruption and they're afraid of and use of physical and nonwork within was just on Sean Hannity tonight gave Vegas a chance to watch the redo of the Hannity show and watch the portion of my clothing everything that he said tonight was spot on a set those of one become supporters continue to become supporters with the pitfalls like the pitbull that serves us and not sleep. We cannot back down to that was number three of the charges was, not to back down. We are not back down where to support him.

We are to pray for him and it if it's God's will.

He's back in there again and everybody will be held accountable.

This is why the Sunday making a very Merry clear people.

The pastors need to pray only God can help the country in this country is turned against God and the Bible says that all nations that forgive the guy will be turning to help were hidden that way. List and list the people handling it's the pastors who are who are more responsible for this than anybody else. They were the ones that and they failed.

They failed miserably. They failed God, and I've been preaching on that 50 years and not the other, anybody who is fading. The plaque stray and not rightly dividing the word and not Joshua 24 pictures for state are you willing to serve and if there if they're not making sure that there telling people that they observed one and one only, and not know those that left God there got his climate.

Now that's what that's what they got. Is there that the new religious climate and not our God created climate created on everything so maybe these wackos I think they need to be called on the carpet, about all the hypocrisy Timothy had blessed evening you to ski who have we been coming in here now before we go to hell is here to close a simpler night to take one last call before we go to pastel this code to Steve Cleave and Steve you're near your last one after their more needed now than you were 50 years ago, and I can't say back then because your needed them. So that whole 50 years of scabs got a K-9 unit is ministering everybody Arabic president Trump and had the goods on everybody and anybody wants to go back on you to take your time, go back to the 40 years Donald Trump's talk about them in his early 30s. You think you might be running for president because we have so much, Steve Bannon is so on with what's going on with politics and how these people think of a work but it's amazing Rush Limbaugh passes away everything takes off, but what Rush said back 30 years ago. Yet, a book he wrote see I told you so. And on the back of the tree line said the Democrats from the White House, and even President Clinton can't destroy the country in four years and boy reliving some days now, but your stories and everybody there.

Keep doing what you're doing and let off your fight fight I think Steve is going to pester hell how much time do we have lived there. John pester. Hell, you've got five whole minutes. Well, okay, but John 316 for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life, and when it says that should not perish in me should not go to hell this whole world is is under the wrath of God because Adam Simpson came into the world.

All of us became infected by the sin and guts of the penalty for sin is spiritual death which is dying, lost without Christ of God doesn't want anybody to dialyze to go to hell. The Bible says is not his mother any should perish but that all should should come to repentance.

But yet man wants to shake and live in rebellion and do his own thing and the Bible says, with reference to manically gain the whole world but lose the soul. And this is something George Soros and the Rockefellers and the rest thousand people in this world for people or people shake their fist in God space to and that there'd rather do things their own way, you know, didn't to self-destruct everything and follow the Bible and get right with God and Jesus came into the world to save sinners and positive whom he is chief, and if even the Pope Paul the apostle looked at himself as being a sinner that needs save but how about a than one sin in your life that one sin we keep you in heaven and you sin every day of your life and thought were to date, so you need to turn to God and received this pardon and how do you do that when Jesus died on the cross that was allowing him to pay the payment in full. Everything you've ever done.

So when you come to God when you come that unit that was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself. The Bible says that in the care of sinless blood of God himself was going through the veins of the Lord Jesus Christ and only the pure sinless blood of Jesus Christ and wash away our sins. That's why Mohammed can save you can save your other gods of the Hindus can save it in good works can save you because if you quit right now and never send again for the rest your life distance. Since you've already done with PT at 11 but the Bible says that God loves you but hate your sins.

God wants you to come in heaven, but your sins cannot come with you. When Jesus died on the cross that was allowing him to pay the payment in full. Everything you've ever done. It was allowing Jesus to transfer the guilt in this sense that you've done onto his son Jesus. So when Jesus died on the cross is the three words it is finished.

Which means all the work necessary for you to go to heaven is been done by the Lord Jesus Christ not simply up to you with you by faith. Reach out and received that Gordon Ephesians 289 says, for by grace are ye saved through faith and not of yourself as a gift of God.

John 112 said that as many as received him, then gave you the power to become the sons of God right now. Your creation of God, but even the devil is a creation of God go to heaven you have to become a child of God as son of God and that happens when you asked Jesus to come in your heart and simple repentance and faith. Repentance is admittance that the God here already knows that Jesus in our hearts were a bunch of dirty rotten lousy stinking sinners on the road to hell and we need the blood of Christ to come into our hearts and lives and cleanse us from the sin. And so God hears me talk to you right now Enos is going through your mind into your heart right now and it Revelation 320 says behold I stand at the door not if any man hear my voice and other words there. My word, and open that door, I will come in to him again does give salvation, hell, eternal life, here is this a free gift. But in less you reach out and receive it like that once posted, you'll die and go to hell.

This is much as you review the worst sinner in the world. And so my job as a preacher submitted men and women in Christ, if you believe Jesus died on the cross and set his butt save your soul like us that even the devil knows he did that for, but the devil does not want you to reach out and receive that payment. He wants you to die and go to hell. Even tonight it taken so they'll be good and the only thing that you keep doing that is the Lord's Christ is offered to save you right now if you'd like to be saved. Pray this prayer with me. We can say a simple prayer together and even though the boat even though her pray together, to be directed between you and God because only you and open up the door of your heart and the Jesus come in and that's where it's at right now at the door. Your heart, you open that door in prayer that so you do it about Romans 1013 says, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved all means to pray that you what you say we pray for me in prayer and minute with all your heart and your God please forgive me, a sinner. I confess them to you that I've sinned against you and thought, word and deed, and I need your salvation.

And I believe only you can save me, Lord Jesus, you said in John 14 six I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me so that Lord you know you're knocking the door. My heart right now and I'm asking you to come in dear Lord Jesus come into my heart, forgive me of all my sins and save my soul as only you can do because I believe you were God in the flesh, died for my sins on the cross and I think you might salvation. I thank you for eternal life in Jesus name I pray this amen. First John five 513 says, for whosoever shall vote for.

They think right now it says it tells you the wood because you brightness Jesus Christ given the heart that you have eternal life. This is this is God's promise. And so God cannot lie. So according to God's promise if you asked Jesus Chris Kemeny are just now you minute simple childlike faith in sorry about the vector center and he came in and he gave eternal life. And like I cannot live there. Which means you have eternal life, and so good at best receptive already very good guy will always honor and the one the only one that we can completely and totally trust we can completely tell the truth ourselves, but we can trust in God he always gets it right and always gets it done. We are out of time for tonight. I want to thank you for that invitation faster. Hell, so as we always say we come to this. This was a good program tonight okay there you go. So Randy and and and and with the lease of their happy with themselves, but until we want to say until tomorrow. Good night. Okay God bless and always always always do it. The KKK by the pie plate. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right.

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