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THU HR 1 091522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 16, 2022 12:15 am

THU HR 1 091522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out good evening and welcome again do one more delusional with what was left on 15 September Thursday 2022, and tonight this is again pledge week and really give those numbers out. Let me give him a ride over the right front of the shoot. 888-281-1110. That's credit card line to or 888-677-9673 no. We have back in the boiler room. Eric and Randy locked in their folks there and they're waiting for your call is no.

Here's the rules rules as the doors locked.

They don't get to go to the bathroom until utility called so think of that out jeer the cackle Julie cackle is only when cackle like that right okay new labor lizards is looked always so good evening everyone right there you go. Then we have the Lord of the board. There is at that home tonight. He pushes the button to turn the dial to does all that great big smile.

None other than courageous Craig.

Good evening everybody way out yonder way out yonder in the back trails of Missouri, none other than that back roads person Pastor Joe Larson the only one you are there you go to work there you go live my age a bit exaggerated here quite a bit lately but in the out where 200 Nellis we have a very special guest with us tonight on the radio 50 years of character where you're not exactly who else do you know to start at the age of five.

Nobody right okay anyhow restricted right. We have a very special guest with us tonight in this special guest that we have has a really big coloring books and he tells all about these really big coloring books as I got a big stackable right here in his name is Wayne Bell hello Ingrid hello good evening Pastor how are you were doing good tonight were ready to roll: we have Ohio recover this sitting in St. Louis are you in St. Louis while you're out you're down there, Missouri. This word shows that absolutely got a good bunker going on around St. Louis I do I tell I got already very good.

I got the first update on the calls that came in last week, starting with Ken with Kindle you bring down an old soup okay okay these commit off the air last night Jen and Missouri pledge 200 million. Georgia pledged 100 Patricia in New Jersey placed 100 Duane in San Diego placed 30 and pledges. Starting tonight is Dana and Texas pledges 150 and Janet in the Bronx New York pledges 60 thank you thank you thank you think, all right, we're going to. Here's how were going to run this thing tonight. Wayne, this is pledge week so we should always start with the Scripture and then just before we get to the bottom of the hour will play little clip on unknown what's happening with these vaccinations and children things and people will realize no for 50 years I've been preaching. If you love your children get them out of the public schools and then we go right into your comic books because boiler today. I will let you take it from there right now and were going to go over we were finishing up the last part of my message to them. The title was the America America except you repent, you shall likewise perish. And we started with that Luke chapter 13 put really finished tonight in second Chronicles 7 starting with verse 12 through 22 and you just jump in. If you have a question or comment. You just jump in. As we go through here and so Joe would you read verses one through 15, or 12 to 1512 are the Lord appeared to Solomon by night set under him. I have heard by prayer and have chosen the place to myself for a house of sacrifice. If I shut up Kevin there be no rain on my commando look to devour the land, price, and pestilence among my people if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my mind, shall be open in my ears, attempt under the prayer that is made in this place would show you here a couple years had passed in Solomon's prayer of dedication we read about here in chapter 6 and several other building projects. Solomon had completed and so now he's asking lorries praying to the Lord in the Lord told Solomon that he had heard his prayer is an interesting thing to show you just how much week he got Solomon was considered the wisest man there was okay as far as human wisdom goes in, and yet he had a tendency to really mess up Disney intelligence doesn't mean Victor keep doing dumb things I would say 300 wives and 700 concubines which were considered wives were kind of a dumb thing really really dumb you got one quick question for you of the Lord occurred.

Solomon back in first Kings eight and chapter 9 first Kings nine first Kings chapter 9 verse two that the Lord appeared to Solomon. The second time as he had appeared under him.

So is this the second or the third time this assembly would be the third time that's what I thought. I thought that I want to double check with the boss.

Okay so here now. He says mine eyes shall be opened, and mine ears attend to the prayer that is made in this place. For now, I have chosen and sanctified this house that Monday may be there forever never in my eyes and my heart shall be there perpetually and as if for the that will walk before me is David my father walk and do accordingly to all that I have commanded the and shall observe my statutes, and all my judgments, then will I establish the throne of my kingdom.

According, as I have covered it with David that father saying there should enough fill the men to be ruler in the land them. Solomon kinda messed up big time in his big mistake with the because remember because the division of Israel because that and so here now because he did that you had the two tribes of Judah divided against the others. So, because the division of Israel, but here then David Hannah course, David was a man after God's own heart with happiness shows you that you know where not were not all that about ourselves is so when you take a look at that, humanly speaking, right, I think I'm actually true because they had great qualities like the greater the quality. Sometimes the greater the weakness and I think because of strict ambition or whatever, but made it.

I think great examples.

Here are two great people of the fake heroes of the faith. And yet they were very simple week and that tells us that we can be forgiven through God love them. Got to love us okay. So when he says this that minorities shall be gradually work know he said no. I have chosen sanctified in this house that Monday may be there forever in my eyes and my heart shall be there perpetually. No here, God is the same today, tomorrow, forever. Right right in this same Lord that is referring to is the same Lord Jesus Christ to is the head of the church is not) and welcome us through the Holy Spirit of God and says what those of us who are born-again are predestined that we are chosen and we become the house.

The house of God we become our own couple in the flesh, housing the Holy Spirit. So would you say then that would imply to the church equally to the church as it did to the nation of Israel right because the church is what the lively stones built together on the cornerstone of Christ building up lively living church. Okay, let's go to verse 19. But if you turn away tonight and noticed an error when it says in verse 13. I have coveted David by father and I'm thinking that is actually going back to judges to the angel of the Lord is the one right there in chapter 2 of the judges says I sworn to your fathers, I will never break my covenant with you.

He was a wonder made the covenant was the angel of the Lord was Christ himself, absolutely. And he didn't make the covenant well well let's go back to 18 and 19 but if you turn away for sake my statutes and my commandments which I have set before you. We should go and serve other gods and worship them, then will I pluck them up now with this passage and when you can. You can come.

It does this apply also. Because God is immutable.

He's the same today and tomorrow forever. He does things the very same way and the reason is he gets it right every time the snow reason for them to change the pieces and then I will pluck them up by the roots of the land which I have given them ended in this house, which I have sanctified for my name light cast out my site and I will make it to be a proverb and a byword among all nations, and so his name Christ was, not to United States.

Founded as a Christian nation. Fairness was given to us to the Christian like all oil, land was given to the jurors.

Israel in this house, which is high, shall be in astonishment to everyone that passes by it. So, he shall say, why have the Lord done this into the land into this house and it shall be answered because they forsake the Lord of their fathers who brought them forth out of the land of Egypt and later holding other gods and worship them and serve them, therefore, hath he brought all this evil upon the American is is is dying. America is the right now the way she's going. What is happening but but at the same time, which were seen to extremes in our land within the wicked becoming more wicked and the righteous becoming more righteous, were seen a much stronger divide between the wicked and the ration within then we have a very very divided nation today and were seeing the world laugh at us many times locking outside and laughing San Francisco, turning in till 330 watching what's happening seemly overseas. I look at all of your overseas news and we been left out.

Like many many countries with what's going on over here absolutely wanted to. I wanted to stop there and in the school and the prayer we have our dear friend Wendy Wilson, Wendy is unit Wendy's a real sweetheart.

She's got a heart as big as you know, the folks most folks that they're usually here on the program but they don't realize is how big a heart she has, and how much she she is dedicated to helping people and so choose choose one of those in and I want to dedicate tonight's radio program to all of those unsung heroes that work in the ministry. I know we have a number in our church that never never get a lot of recognition and they really don't care about the recognition they care about the cause and that we know that they're going to get that recognition when they get the glory for sure. But anyhow, I want to dedicate this program and pray for Wendy. Wendy had gotten in order of forth of thousands of dollars and shipped out a product only to find out that it was the stolen visa credit card that they have use analogies she's getting.

She's got an issue with visa visa doesn't want to pay for it.

Okay. And anyhow, so Wendy's out all of those thousands of dollars and is come at a hard time for her to because of you may have noticed, the economy is not the best and noticed you have an understatement of the year we're hearing from people all over were seen well what you were seen and how we got hit in this ministry to I mean and because of that right now. Today and and were watching. I can't believe the amount of people that are being evicted from their property and getting calls from people all all these people asking me, and I have been calling for a friend out there in Florida wanted you to know that I did call your landlord if he hasn't talked to by know what to have it and been trying to help some of these people calling their landlords finding out was going on and is always two sides to every story.

So when you get the letters in the mail from people you only hear one side and when you call you talk to the landlord for is always another side with the bottom of the river landlords out here and that was part of income that they count on that income doesn't command very Great taxes very Fake payments.

It's a double-edged sword, only to remember that what Biden is done versus self-inflicted wound inflation and the average family in America is paying over $700 a month more to live and there were couple years ago until again, is this. These things are happening just of the people you know, being incapable of this is been done purposely. Biden is purposely hunted. This is the whole goal is to reduce America. The Third World status will make them weaken the government becomes wrong and that's what they want. Like Mitch, he is going to see the Republicans lose the election so he can maintain his position of power is out of the start that that's true.

So anyhow we we gotta get rid of the rhinos would you you right this is been done.

Biden's old lock stock and barrel from communist China.

They own him and they have said that themselves. But his job is to again reduce America and the third was Dennis there destroying our military wife and their money is qualified to try material.

It's not like there's another so people listen. You have been raised up God's Word, the Bible does a stunner for such a time as this. This is your time. As Christian soldiers to run to this battle.

Your job is to stand up and stand up and to run to this battle that is your job that your responsibility remember what God's Word the Bible from Genesis to Revelation resistance to tyranny is obedience to God where play clip now here in a minute and so this has to do with it. So it's up about a five or six Miniclip and has to do with the children know he's gonna be talking about charts, and in these charts that you have a blue chart in the yellow line and he's talking about the difference between children had that have been vaccinated, which they're not really facts that they are not vaccines but they've taken the poisonous poke versus the children that have gone without the poisonous poke and folks we had to stop it because this Dr. who is narrating this gets very passionate because he says they're killing children. The don't you understand when he did this research he did the study, and he was shocked so he thought he had to get the study had to get a published he went to the AMA and that the result was they pulled his license because he was going against the deep state and anyhow so we can America yet. What happened was we had to stop it there because in his passion. He uses language that is not appropriate for this program so go ahead whenever you're ready and taken away from me is 54 and in this way, and you and you and and and and and and and and and and every single data point for every patient, one in my practice, 2700 barely vaccinated 560 some unvaccinated and we age matched them and compared them and this is what we found this to go on T-shirts. I'm just not organized enough to do it, but you'll see vaccinated orange blue are the unvaccinated kids and that speaks for all the slides I presented here are available so don't worry about trying to catch up on pictures but here we go faster than we have 15 minutes want you to see the slides here's asthma blueline unvaccinated yellow vaccinated, allergic rhinitis, eczema, sinusitis, gastroenteritis, respiratory infection, otitis media, conjunctivitis, as I think is when vaccines prevented infections what's going on here. Vaccines shift the immune system to allergy and autoimmunity and you have more and more infections, and other kind.

Here's other infections. Here's breathing issues. Behavioral issues ADD ADHD that was not in the unvaccinated patients for 10 years and my practice that's unbelievable folks.

So what was the response of the medical boards of this landmark study. My license I want to tell you something you'll hear all Association does not mean causation that is the reason your story of your vaccine and your child doesn't count as if the coincidence is not a coincidence that we have multiple other studies and we have a mechanism of action of Artie explain the aluminum mechanism is another mechanism of too many vaccines too soon because his immune activation which causes problems. So here's some other studies.

This was the Mohsen study. If you see the little white unvaccinated child relative to that child unvaccinated kids had twice as much chronic illness three times as much eczema four times as much neurodevelopmental autism, ADD, learning disabilities and 30 times as much allergies published study peer-reviewed already there you go. What would that was all about. We had a cut in there. It was really good week, but he goes into telling you about and idiots, passionate, and that's when he would he use of words that again were not appropriate for this radio program and out where to cut it there but here he was talking about the children tying and how many were dying young children are dying from these and people are just setting and undertaking the kids particular children because they trust a corrupt, corrupt, corrupt government.

They trust us very, very corrupt government and they been putting the children in public schools and again for some 50 years we've been telling. If you love your children get them out of the public schools homeschool is what I was one of the pioneers of homeschooling movement right here in Ohio back in the 70s and with that I minute turnover to Wayne Bell and wings got a really big coloring book Wayne right here I'm looking at the tea party coloring book for kids Brahman attorney coloring book for kids that's a book 1st.

Thank you Pastor Sanders for inviting me on your show. I monitored to be on your show. I like hearing what I hear and I like listening to you speak and I you know I just want to say I'll tell you who I am and who am not real quick, publisher by trade. That's who I am and I cover every slice of this country that you can think up through our books. We make hardback books in the latter coloring book.

I sold coloring books before the Internet existed. I'm 63 years old and not my first coloring book I made published and sold and I was 20 years old. Internet didn't exist 43 years ago and I've done it ever since is not something I chose after like 20 years. III. It just dawned on these books chose me. When the Internet started. I bought a website called coloring and I own that website right now and we become the largest publisher of children's coloring activity books and custom coloring books in the English speaking world.

And we also are a Canadian corporation. The tea party coloring book for kids and a few other books that I published.

I wrote the tea party coloring book cover to cover apps written probably 1300 books in my might. Blessed grateful career of being a publisher, but we have thousands of books are published books for a lot of people and I will tell you anything about my books or my company want to know, but that's who I am, publisher, but who I'm not, I'll tell you this. I'm not perfect. I don't pretend to be perfect. I'm just I know in my heart of hearts I'm that poor sinner walking down the end of the road on a dusty road with ragged clothes. Knowing my day will come. I know that in my heart of hearts I grew up on a cotton farm right outside Memphis Tennessee down the booty elementary that's who I am, who I have become is different, publisher, and I have a global my company has a global footprint and I'm honored that you called me. I drove back into the office tonight to speak with you and I say thank you number one imitate about the tea party coloring book for kids. I'm sitting at my desk a few years ago I published this book in 2010 and earlier that year. In 2010.

This was in the fall of 2010 when I published the book I was driving through Iowa and I'm pretty sure I was right outside the mowing in the summer and I saw this I stop for lunch and get gas by this little stream ran right outside the mowing and I look and I see a group of people dressed up in black. Clothing and all gathered together, and they were doing something and I'm inquisitive on the publisher I went to see what they were doing. This is the tea party like you mean like the tea party tea party from the 1700s.

They said exactly like 1773. The old Boston tea party. After this is interesting. I want to know more so I talk to these folks and not talk to more folks and more folks and so it just landed right in my heart I would write a book called the tea party coloring for kids and I wrote this book.

I sit down and wrote nothing.

I just wrote the book from cover to cover and and then I published the book and lo and behold not publish the book. It ended up in 8000 media outlets in 2010 and it ended up all over the world. I literally sold these by the trailer load and there's a lot of people who showed as I stood on who made me successful in doing this, like Jenny Beth Martin of the tea party patriots out of Georgia. Patty and Mark Meckler at a California many of the tea party members. Is this man made a book about the tea party and it's so accurate it's so dear its peer it's cover to cover.

It's about leadership is about freedom, it's about job and this is designed for children it's got things that like America the beautiful talks about the tea party to Star-Spangled Banner the US capital. It tells our history about leadership, ingenuity, jobs who we are what we do talk about what is the tax at the Pledge of Allegiance and it talks about toxicologist how to keep government responsible that the government is here to serve the people. The people are not supposed to serve the government and it's a good book on controlling spending. Don't overspend it to just basics and morals about financial commitment on how to actually be responsible for yourself. It has the preamble of the United States Constitution and the book tells how a bill becomes a law. It's a real basic book. It just tells the self-reliant good things that people I thought would want to hear and read about and teach the children and so the book comes out and it hits the market. In my phone sending in the company ring off of the wall.

I get I got a call one night and the go hey MSNBC and their entire staff is coloring your your book right now the tea party coloring book for kids and their mocking your book publicly on TV right now and are making fun of you. I said why I turned it on.

It was Rachel Maddow arrow show they did.

Eight full minutes. It's out there I get the videos and then Stephen Colbert mocked me incessantly at night and I thought really hit a nerve with people. Arianna Huffington wrote a long story about what an idiot I am so to speak, and the more they beat me up, the more successful. This book became and mean we sold this book nationwide and it inspired me to make more. I made another book that we shall never forget 9/11 is book freedom, which is about the terrorist events that radical Islamic muscle terrace that murdered 3000 people 911. It states that if the factual actual book and I put these books out on coloring and it made people so mad. Five guys from New York City jumped in the van in New York City to come down to St. Louis put me in what they called a chloroform headlock law enforcement intercepted him because one of them chickened out along the way and turn the other four in and so this is a very unique book and it's real simple, it's about the truth and that's what happens is when you take those principles, the principles that you and Pastor Larson were talking about at the very beginning of the show. The really wrapped up in this book in some way because it just got the simple stuff of life like America the beautiful, the individual liberties that were all born with individual liberties. It means we have freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom to protest freedom from government control over our lives. Freedom of political choice freedom to choose our own moral ground to take a stand and what we believe is right for us and with liberty comes the responsibility to be a good citizen to educate yourself to attend school to be good in class working to pay your bills and pay your taxes when you grow up helping others as were the most precious things in the world that you can do many American soldiers.

Many American soldiers died to guarantee our liberties and to be a part of American life that we have built the best liberties on planet Earth in the history of the universe probably.

I just don't know the rest of the universe, so I made this book and I got the crap beat out of me over for many years and I'm not complaining, mind you, I'm just telling you that's what happened to me and that's the tea party coloring book for kids. It's on I got it on Amazon. I think we sell the to and in this on our website coloring but it's just a simple book about the fun activities with researchers in crossword puzzles and mazes and songs and is an interactive book this engaging it's entertaining in its educational and it takes a unique approach to teaching, and it captures the imagination and encourages you to get involved and participate in life and it tells that that was the real genius of America is how tea party people.

Members truly reflect and represent them respect only the tea party. It's really considered III found a it's considered to be the real American party its grassroots based inclusive in its ideas in this diverse group of humanity known as the tea party.

They are very accepting the not racist or not big it's the tea party is the most inclusive of stepping, of all people in America being a group in America.

It's considered a post-racial organization, the tea party welcomes that embraces people and represents all races, it's inclusive and diverse and it doesn't discriminate regardless of what people say about it.

It does the tea party tea party members tea party people don't discriminate based on race or sex, or religion, political party, opinion or creed or any other factor in their truly reflective of American exceptionalism. The tea party is, I think, and I believe in a put in the book. I think to the classical American that they'll keep America safe from now on languages whole one second that is dynamite up work. This is pledge weeks I get to get the phone numbers out for someone to say I want to think Dana Texas who pledge 150 Jack-in-the-Box 60 done in Ohio pledge 400 and Carol New Jersey plates 25 and Brandon in Detroit points 50 thank you thank you thank you the phone numbers are 1-888-281-1110.

That's also the credit cards and also 888-677-9673 now this book that he's talking about this tea party book note really talk about a bunch of others here, I want to thank you for sending it to me way because when I saw that he came in the mail. I looked at it as I get a lot of mail and tea party for coloring book for kids that the legacy with that. That's about because like you said I was the president of our tea party on here for four terms and you write the fake news media they they say a lot of bad things about us because they fear us. That's why they fear freedom within them, so I was looking through that.

I thought wow and that's what I called you right away. I called you we ordered a bunch and we took some we took him to them of the tea party they went. We took him to the freedom we had AA and Painesville out there. The patriot group rally and I took him out there and we had a lot of things on the table. But guess what these discolored books. All the moms and dads and the grandparents when the grandparents thought they went through their and they went and so we have them. We have these tea party coloring books for kids free grandparents of their their dynamite they really are. Your level and will will ask where asking a donation of $10 or more will mail it to you because love the causes and the mailing before donation of $10. The more we will mail you this these tea party books or consumer. Yeah, you've got to let us know that you want.

First of all, don't you note is to get a bid letter asking PS please send me the tea party but it's what happens is people will hear this and then they'll send the money but they will mention they want to book when I can send it to you unless we know you want, but there you go.

So with that now we have with us. I think joining with John Hagan for school board okay John are you there okay and you're ready for school board I'm running for reelection for state school board of education on just a little background on how that work there are 11 elected school board member each other's represent about a million people on our school board district or about 1 1/2 times the five congressional district 3, Ohio Senate District makeup state school board so rather important provision for the important work listening to your death on before me. I certainly concur with a lot of what you say and what you're saying about your tooth in public schools being dropped on the in July 2020 are board the objection of a few of us conservatives passed a resolution, diversity, equity inclusion resolution stated things like the gold were racist and the curriculum was ready for all this crazy stuff for Jerry to get that overturned. But we did get rescinded on a year later, but the work in the schools. Unfortunately, the educators are being led to believe that all the things that they're doing are correct in the University so there promoting the critical race theory. All this gender identity thing you're hearing about them from situation pornography is available to children, there are talking about gender to children as early as preschool. It how dear Mary, there's there's 111 school board members) of the state. There are 1919 and were appointed by the governor in all the Republican governors that haven't been very good at appointing any conservative members. We have one governor appointed you that I would consider conservative. The rest of them are pretty much liberal they go along with all the stuff you really do have coming up and import resolution. Brandon Sherry is one of the elected members also bring a resolution that is to support current and local history, rejecting the coercive harmful and burdensome gender identity policy which are being pushed down by the federal government.

Joe Biden administration on whether distorting title IX to change it to require schools to allow boys and girls restroom boys and girls if they claim that they identify.

Needless to say, these are terrible idea and a lot of the school will close at hand. Mentor school board hold that matter. John duration John. I wanted to hold it right there from.

And I want anyone to pick up on this.

We're talking about it.

I need we need to give a because our schedule gets here tonight because it all goes along with why do you call Wayne Bell with these comic books these days things are made to for homeschoolers and for Christian school and we saw that Tim Wayne I just saw a report here now that to this year you had 2 million more homeschoolers in the country this year, 2 million more. That's gotta be putting the fear into those in the public.

When you think I think it but I think that often guide to repairing the band.

I think it really have to do that before they're going to correct where it is bad there.

These people again you you talking about the this is the antichrist system. The these. This is the antichrist system and I I don't disagree with what I did. I mean that the expert excrement public school at large for people that are working in gold directly wake up. That happened in Illinois right outside St. Louis. The current accident in one of these counties right outside St. Louis across the river and Illinois it happened, there were such an exodus from the school.

They literally had like 25% of the people there and but the school board would not shut the school down and let the parents and less they charge them. So rather than just shut the school let people go to where they want. You know, and in their schools. They tax these parents to let their kids out of school which I remember the name of the school. It was on the news about a month ago and so I thought they're going to get their pound of whatever money one way or another but and and I thought to myself.

They just want to teach their children the way they want them to be taught and and and they charged to those parents attacks to let them go to a different school and are already paying for what is just insane.

What's going on here in Ohio we have the legislature is a way and moving moving motion toward backpack Bill not familiar with the backpack know what that money called the child and the child go with paraquat enacted the Christian school.

It could be any kind of private bowl can be another public school that accident quite reasonable that worked on like your they also have expanded the voucher tremendously over the year and opened it up to a wide array of children rather than just the one in academic distress and poverty. They've opened up were a lot more people are able.

I just made a note if there was anything that came out of the pandemic of the so-called pandemic of my it was the fact that parents.tapping their children school.

They were able to know on the on on the screen when the kids were all are getting schooling their attempt to give them schooling over the Internet.

They were getting to see what the teachers were teaching and a lot of market on one of the conference for me only when I think that happened. How long will people with the interest in education is always listed on the high point on the line, but what people really getting all they don't tend to stay in Baltimore on the, the New York Times ran an article about me which I was glad they ran an article about the company and and what we publish.

But this particular article was about the tea party coloring book for kids in the 9/11 book that we shall never forget 9/11 and they did 1/4 page on me right next to me was that quarter page on Anna Wintour, the famous designer and then 1/2 page about me on the Obama and what they basically said was is that the tea party coloring book for kids don't think that I really cared about was the color of money and that I was brainwashing children with politics and nothing political in the book, but the fact was that I I asked him why did you write that they said because that's what I'm doing enough that not really. I'm simply telling about the Boston tea party based on the US government archives, then in 1776, the Congress adopted United States Declaration of Independence, and now we celebrate 4 July called Independence Day accident. Nothing brainwashing about that jump in here were quickly has taken this is pledge week so I want to say thank you to Kevin Ohio pledges 100 anonymous in Texas. 200 Nancy in Wisconsin pledges 50 deli in Philly pledges 40 both the numbers are 888-281-1110. That's 888-281-1110 no we still have were still right now 5000 short 5000 short of her goal for the so we have a lot of work to do whole in the workflows we got a have those phones ringing them, we can we can do that we need to hear hear from you right away at 888-281-1110 look where were out here were outnumbered by the fake news media. So where did wasn't have to brain him that and run around all the propaganda put out by the fake news media out there they have in their own unit by the Communist Party. And so we got to hear from you help us out there. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 fellas look it out. We've been for 50 years, 50 years I've been telling people look the NEA is a communist organization. They are simply a part of the of the collectively Communist Party. There is so all of the Communist Party like the ACLU and like these other organizations of these people are anti-God anti-American and their anti-education. There into indoctrination.

That's the reality. And that's why I've been telling people you need to get your children out of the public schools there not being educated to being indoctrinated now. After I said that I want to say this, that some of the school boards out in the suburbs out in the countryside where the parents are on the school board.

They haven't been totally taken over by the NEA.

I know that that's not the case, but it will be. If you don't stop it, and that's why that's what this is all about and in these coloring books. Here we shall never forget 911 against this. These are absolute dynamite books and here's one. One of the city. American presidents this American president in coloring book is literally a list of all the American presidents in one book it tells who they are there history when they were in office, but political affiliations.

They were in. It tells the wonderful things they did.

It's a very positive, upbeat book that tells the positive aspects of being an American citizen.

It tells about all the great things the great accomplishments about ghetto freedom, opportunity, lower taxes, really, you know, diversity, free enterprise, gun rights, it talks about all the different things that the American presidents have done for the American people and I just don't understand sometimes why people in the in the United States. They were the most evil empire to ever exist when it's just in reality all their wanting to do is destroy the country. So in American presidents. The beautiful book I'm looking at a copy right now I think it's about 60 pages, and it tells all the American presidents and you know who they are and what they do and about their families and and just information about the history of the people that have helped run the country the greatest nation in history and just saying that the greatest nation in history has gotten to some of our books banned on in schools.

Literally, a man I don't want to be the victim of anything phenomenal. The last thing everyone leaves the victim truly, but sometimes people kicked to the curb because they consider the company are some of the products we make conservative when in reality we reflect America as we find it we go with the facts and in the tea party coloring book for kids is the fact that the 9/11 coloring book was just inducted so to speak into the 9/11 memorial national Museum in New York City as a reflection of how some people in America deal with the tragedy called 911 or horrific event weighing its continued treatment that yes point, Pastor Joe, you've got to remember something truth is hate to those who hate the truth it elements like lighting hotselling. The current if you bring out there hate you know what I do I get it. I get that.

I wish I had always gotten that I really didn't matter times I fight you here's here's the truth really is the heartbreak saying to you will be back right after this hard break. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry's voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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