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October 4, 2022 12:41 am

MON HR 1 100322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Sponsored by Chris insurance. I sorry I can't operate in that the talk to you too can see it's my sense of the miracle worker Sheila climate are researching trade to save the lives of large, injured, recreational vehicles, which is definitely a real profession when your RV really makes a progressive has you covered.

See if you could sleep with a leader in RV insurance storms. The following program is sponsored by what's right with select ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio what's right what's left is coming out now. Welcome to another additional what's right what's left is third day of October, 20, 22 and will in a month away from the November election, folks. What things can get very exciting between now and then. Anyhow we have tonight on the board.

Courageous Craig good evening everybody we have oil younger pastor Joe Larson your airfare go to work. Yeah Joe. We spend a lot of time praying for the people both at the church both here in the radio both in our prayer meetings in the night tonight. We need to pray for each other because you and I are both having some major major physical difficulties until with that I'll I'll start out by praying for you.

You know what my situation is with the so I'm going to hold you up. Lord I just want to hold Joe up tonight let him get through this radio program be willing to follow God speaks through them using a Mighty Way, Lord, let your your truth. Your whole truth and nothing but your truth be spoken through Joe tonight that message today needs to get out an Lord to wages would ask that you would have a hedge around tomorrow.

She goes for surgery, Lord, that you would be there. He would guide the surgeon and she would be what is with Harriet with his wife with be a comforter tour and to Joe as he goes to this and that they might receive a very quick healing. This we ask in Jesus name, amen. There hello father here earning further herbal injuries courtroom compounded rate problem much, much worse around. I know that he's in a lot of pain and I would first ask that you read help the pairing controller is having been tested all kinds of things are going to have a rough few days, and knowing him, like tonight, instead of being home in bed trying to do your will and your work.

Lord, you just hold them up that you would strengthen their matured bloodstream in every conceivable way, and it would be very well that you were wearing superhero into a broken body that you would help mend and and not to. Get to the right doctors right medical help that is going to be needed in the future and learned that you were just get us for both back or we can continue working. Being a watchman on the wall specially after learning all these years. She's been your faithful watchman that you would help us be able to continue to do thy will, in all my way to assess in Jesus precious name.

Amen. We had just both to get over hundred people for Too Much for Them but We Need to Pray for Those That Are Suffering the Loss of Their Loved Ones Lost Their Homes There Belongings. Many Have Lost Their Jobs in a Terrible Mess, Florida, and You like the Start Leading on That Because the Be a Long Time Getting A Lot Of These People Say There Are People Walking out As I Heard There Are on Foot Walked Out Of Fort Myers They Can Get to Drinking Water and Food and Clothing, Shelter, Let Me Do That before I Do That We We Do Have One Person or Church Who Lies Chuck, Who Happens to Be an Older Fellow like Me and He He's Had Some Severe Problems with His Eyes in A Lot Of Pain and the I'm Not Quite Sure What All of It Is, but That We Got It Urgent Prayer Request, so the Folks That They Would Join Us in Preparing Very, Very Important, Very Important Function Want to Hold Chuck Open Just As Lord Julian Would Agree with Us in Prayer That God My Touching and Be a Healer in a Comforter to Them at This Time in an Lord There Also Be a Comforter to His Wife. Liturgy. She's Always Been a Good Good Good Wife All These Years That You Might Touching and and He'll Chuck and Bless Both Him and Claudia.

These Things We Ask in Jesus Name. Now I Want to Pray for All Those Folks out There in Florida, Especially the Ones That Have Lost Loved Ones That That the Lord Be a Comfort to Them.

Joan Did Too Many out There Right Now, Especially the Children Meant Have Maybe Lost Her Parents and Don't Know What to Do, Where to Go but and I Will Pray for Gov. DeSantis, Who's Been a Good Man, a Godly Governor and Occur at Good Guy. Great Gov. My Opinion, and Lord, You Would Continue to Give Him Discernment in Leadership and I Would Ask Lord, That You Would Follow God Intervene On Behalf Of All of Those You Know Who You Know Who Needs Medical Attention. You Know Who Right Now May Be Stranded Someplace Still with High Waters You You Know All of That so I Asked Lord That She Would Intervene and Knowing That You Would Be a Rescuer and a Healer and a Comforter and Lord, You Would Be a Provider for the Things That They They Need.

Now That They've Lost so Much. All of These Things We Ask in Jesus Precious Name.

Amen. Lord, I Would like That That I Have Already Seen the Crisis from Start That Government Found Trying to Take It Manage Political Hay Out Of a Horrible, Horrible Disaster Are All Hands Were on Deck and Although People There in Florida Are Concentrating on Saving Lives, Rescuing the Lost and Comforting. All Those People That Have Suffered so Greatly That the Lord.

I Wish They Would Repent or Perish the Original Strengthen Funding Hedge of Protection around All Those Leadership Positions down There Feel Are Those That Are Still Trying to Do the Search and Risk. You Keep All of Those People Say There Can Be People Still Trying to Get Supplies down That Will Be Taking Chances Risk You Know Else in Life to Help Others You Would Watch over and Bless Them, Lord, and Give Them Mercies Holiday Continue to Carry on Network Segment Is Going to Be Somewhat Clean up and All the Counterclaim Out Of Electrical Repairs. There Will Be Danger and That This Will Go on for Quite A While That You Would Be Love All Those People Who Are Trying to Restore Power to All These Other Dangerous Jobs. You Would Be with Them Also Herself Big Needed Art and I Just Hope All the People Listening Are Praying with Me and We Just Thank You for Hearing Our Current Lord in Jesus Precious Name on Amen Amen Jim Jill and the Title of the Message Was with Righteous Indignation Is Endowed with Courage When Righteous Indignation Is down Courage and Last Week I Present a Message about God's Righteous Vengeance and Message You Hardly Hardly Were Here Preached on This Is Another One of Those Messages Did You Very Rarely Here Preached Today That Was Faced by Many in the Old Days, and so Were Going to Start Today Joe and Second Career That Is Only Okay Were Very Deep in the Scripture Studied Hard and All of the Bible Electric Strike Biblical Literacy Was so Much Greater Faith Was so Much Greater.

And Then Those in the Pulpit Who Were Those in the Pulpit. Most of the Used To Be That Most of Them Were Saved Today Does Not Even the Case and I Just Had a Man Who Came to Church This past Sunday. He Was a United Methodist Minister and He Told Me He Could. He Had to Leave.

He Had to Leave Because They Wanted to Embrace Everything That God's Word, the Bible Calls Sin.

He Couldn't Take It Anymore and so the Church Totally Told That He Kept Preaching against and Basically the That That They Had to Go That He Had to Go Pick out a Brilliant Record. More Than the Turks Brought Them out Right More Than a Paycheck, How Here You Might've Found a Another Possible Unregistered Preacher and Medically Ready for a Little Education Be More Than Happy to Help Them in Any Way We Can. Anyhow, Let's Start in Second Corinthians Chapter 7 IIIB Versus Two through Four. Her Favorite Story Have Wronged No Man We Have Corrupted No Man We Have Defrauded No I Speak Not to Condemn You for I Have Said before That ER Ehrhardt Diana Live with. Great Is My Boldness of Speech toward You Right Is My Glory of. I Am Filled with Comfort.

I Am Exceedingly Joyful in All Our Tribulation. What You Think You Know Anything Paul Said That While He Has Started out with Prayer for Cleansing and Bringing Them Not Being in Fear of God.

So He's Trying to Save the Church at Cornets Repented He Is Happy That They Have Repented for What They Were Doing so, and They Were They Were in the Sin and Basically Nearly My Son Can't Remember Right off and What It Was Exactly What Caused the Stray Light Now Live Every Kind. If We Kind of Said Goods to There and so Here He Goes on to Say I Made It Very Clear Because Some of What Would Happen in Those Days the False Preachers Would Always Make False Accusations against Paul and and God's Anointed and so Paul Made a Very Very Clear That Nothing They Had Done Nothing Worth the Trouble That That Was upon Them and Them. Paul Had Written 1/3 Letter Actually It Was the Second Letter That He Wrote Turn Rate Versus Them Five through 10 Are Poor When We Were Coming into Macedonia Artwork at No, but We Were Troubled on Every Side without or Fighting Repair and Warfare. Nevertheless, God Comforted Those That Are Cast down Comforter Dust by the Coming of Titus and Not by His Coming Only, but by the Consolation or What He Was Comforted in You. When He Told Us Your Earnest Desire, Your Morning Your Fervent Mind toward Me so That I Rejoice, the More for Though I Made You Sorry with a Letter. I Do Not Repent, the Light Get Recapped for I Perceive That the Same Epistle That Made You Sorry That What Were but for a Season. Now I Rejoice Not, That You Were Made Sorry That You Were Styled to Repentance. For Ye Were Made Sorry after a Godly Manner That She Might Receive Damage by Us and Nothing for Godly Sorrow Worketh Repentance to Salvation Not to Be Repented of the Sorrow of the World Worketh Right so He's Making a Point There That the Glad That There Sorry That They Had Failed the Lord They Had Sinned against Him and That's Sorry That They Got Caught Doing It Right and so Now He Had Written Earlier If I Remember Right I Think It's over in First Corinthians. But I've Learned Something about the with the Last Few Days Only Having Use of Money, of My Right Hand and Right Arm. Not Having Actually Use My Left How Hard It Is to to Get by with Just One Had Even Turning Pages in a Book Right That Occurred Is Part of the Empirical Fact, Let Me Take You to First Corinthians Chapter 5 and Read Verses Starting with the Verse Nine in America. The He Said.

I Wrote into an Epistle Not to Company with Fornicators yet Not Altogether with Fornicators of This World Harassed the Covenants of Extortioners with Idolaters for Then Must You Go, Must Needs Go Out Of the World.

But Now I Have Written into Not to Keep Company If a Man That Is Called a Brother Be a Fornicator Covetous, or an Idolater, or a Rally or Drunkard Horn, Extortioners, or When This Edge Does Not Eat Food with Such Do Not Eat with Them Some Anyhow He's Making a Point.

This Was the Letter They Called the Lost Letter of the Lost Letter That He and He Had Said to the Lost Epistle. Life Is What Is Called Called Ryan and so He and That He Had Totally Hated the Repent of Their Fornication, amongst Other Things, Getting and so That's Where He's Coming down Now Is: Always Glad That Well When He Says He Repented. I Don't Repent of It, but I Do Repentance. Another Words He Saying That He Is Not Repenting for Writing the Letter Because He Did the Right Thing When He Wrote the Letter, but It Was Sorry That the Letter That He Wrote Because Caused Grief to Some, Anyhow, but How Would I Would Do Think That Might Happen about Three Letter Struck Home and They Were out Realizing They Are Centralizing. It Was Obvious That He Thought Here Is the Original Creator. There Was A Lot Of Strain Anguish and I Would Build Paradigms Being Caught in the Way He Caught the Nurse and Pointed It out, Force Them to Look at Their Own Sin and They Were Throwing Guildenstern. So What Happens Often When People within the Church Are Just Disfellowshipped with How Does That Affect Your Children or Family Members Wrote the Wonder Disfellowshipped or Get Angry and Say Things and It Breaks up the Church. It Breaks up Some Families, Friendships, Children Will Play Together so Because of A Lot Anguish Okay so He Goes on to Say People That They Really Liked May Have Been the Simple One Euro Combined with the Happy Personal Life of the Party That Makes You Laugh Here. Enjoy the Company. But the Ones with Leading You Astray in Attendance of the Outskirts of the Church like a Family. The Brothers in Christ Are like a Family and If You Have To Kick Someone out There Breaking up the Family Absolutely.

How Does That Also Affect Say the Leaders the Pasties in the Church When We Do Have Constant Squabbling. When You Have You Have in Some Situations. I Know the Years I've Really Had to Deal with a Load of It. In Fact, If I Were to Disfellowshipped with Everybody in the Church That Somebody Thought Should Be Disfellowshipped with. I'd Probably Be There by Myself. Okay on Your Profile What's Required Yeah and so Bradberry Arrived and Met Mike Felt Were Troubled by the Record of the Method by Itself You Imagine Marilyn, but Extremely Hard on the Pastor of Doing the Right Thing, but Always Causing Problems and Pain Doesn't Do Something That Destroys the Church A Few Thousand Still Damages the Church but Sometimes You Have To Cause Pain to Say Something about Bob All Thing Here. You Have To Cause Some Grief and Pain and Anguish to Say Something like, and so Here Again You Will Be Finished. She Says in All the Things You Have You Have a Proved Yourself to Be Clear in This Matter.

Wherefore, Though I Wrote unto You, I Did It Not for This Cause That Had Done the Wrong Number for the Closet Itself around but That I Care for You in the Sight of God Might Appear unto You. In Other Words, so What Happens When People Have Something Only Have Gripes in the Church and I Go to the Pastor and the Pastor Doesn't Agree with Them Right Away or to Our Newly Give Them What They Want. The First Thing They Say Is the Pastor Will Pastor Don't to You Don't Care about Me Right to Be One of the First Things so Now Where Does This Come from, Who Where It Is Often Cited to First One in Church on Sunday Morning Is the Devil We Get There Because We Know All of Holidays and Church Characters Are Clear What Caused the Suspension Directly Separated. There Were Encounter Destroy the Fellowship Right to Divide and Conquer a House Divided Cannot Stand You out and so If We Go over to Proverbs 69 Let's Go to Proverbs 69 Are and I Denied and I Do Want to I Don't Want to Learn the Photosensor Listing with the I Have like a Temporary.

Hopefully It's Temporary Loss of My Proverbs Only Goes to 31.

No No No Psalms I Consultants Do Not Harm Proverbs May Maybe Maybe I Didn't and Lust Lust Control and 69 Yeah Yeah Wanted to Read Verse 24 Okay or Outline Indignation upon Them, and What by Wrathful Anger Take Hold of Them.

The Case of This Is an Imprecatory Prayer That That Whole Chapter.

This Is an Imprecatory Prayer by King David and Because These People Have Done Evil and Wicked.

This Is When We Often Pray That You Just Did Earlier Lord Did Either Bring Them to Repentance. And Please Remove Them. You Know Whoopi Goldberg Is a Really Wicked Woman. I Mean, She Is Extremely Wicked, Extremely Unclean. I Heard Her Brag about How Many Babies She's Killed Jesus Recently Came out Made Headlines When She Said You Gotta Keep Abortion Legal, so That Women Can Get Rid of Those Toxic Things inside of Them. Let Me Tell You It's Toxics That It's Her Heart It's a Black Heart.

Whoopi Goldberg Is an Extremely Wicked and a Racist Person. She's Full of Hate and She Hates God and Whoopi Goldberg Folks. If Anybody out There Listing Has Any Contact with Her. He Need to Tell Her That I Said She Needs to Repent. She Because There's a Special Hot Place in Hell for People As Wicked As She Is Now.

Here's What David Said and Read Verse 20's $28 for a Return Call without Writing 20 Let Them Be Blotted Out Of the Book of the Living and Not Be Written Work with the Righteous. Amen. Filled Out Of the Book of Living Is Saying That the People That These Kinds of Things Deserve Hellfire Absolutely Another Seven Humans Not in the Book of the Living. You're Not Going to Heaven Right Now There's Due Seven of the Books besides the Books That the 66 Books of the Bible, We Can but to Seven Other Books That Are Mentioned in Their What Is the Book of the Living and David Had Asked God Not to Blot Him Out Of the Did the Book of the Living. When He Had Done What They're Committed Adultery and Killed Right Here Right When He Had Murdered Your IT Murder Dear, I Write out the Cave.

I Killed Somebody Doing, but He Ordered at Richards so Do People Often People Often Confuse the Book of Living with the Book of Life Problem. Well, I Guess Sometimes I Die Character.

Character Nearly the Amount and Will Do That Now There's Other Books. The Book of War in the Bible Is One with the Book of Remembrance and Speaking of Remembrance Will Be Back Right after This All Going to Wear Classically Say Try to Get the Feeling Is He Standing at the Ceiling That the Steam Clean and Make an Amazing 10 Minus Any Rate, Somewhere in Florida We Never Seem to Get Involved with Your Mandate and Then You're Ready We Can Only Be Where Dan Care Service to Play Third and Now Being Made and the Stated Condition Be the Mission We Didn't Need College Education Minutes Telling Me the Powers That Be in the Marines Laid the Third and the Now Being Taxed Now to Keep Telling Us They Cater for the Main Slave Wages into Daily, Letting the Waiting List and Explain the Now It's Called Constructive. Some Even Claim the Wrath of God.

I Call It Not Be in Danger and in Claim Make Some Sound There, We All There Already Were Back and He Went Home to Be with the Lord. He Love the Lord Was Carl Clay in 2019 in the January Blue Was in and Carl Was Very Very Talented-It Was One of My Favorites Are Listed Very Tell and Smart. He Had, He Got It. Carl Got It. He Saw Things Coming in the End He Was a Good Dear Friend. He Was He Was Going to Come up Here. Do Do a Concert with the Students Will Lord Decided That That He Needed Them up above so I Dedicate This Program to Carl Eugene. He Did the Always Work to Pay. Anyhow Were Going to Go That Song That We Just Say We Got John Returning Join Is Johnny There on Their Current Here, Here's an Article by JD Hayes It Goes Right along with That Song.

Federal Reserve Goes Authoritarian Sets to Force Banks to Adopt Social Score System for Customers. Similarly, Communist China, We Have To Avoid Using Their Currency. We Have To Totally Avoid. What Does That Mean That Means Barter System Big Time. A Lot Of Places Do That We We Actually Do It Here in a Small Scale, but We Have To Get Away from This Very, Very, Very Corrupt Government and Banking System a Go Barter Systems Are Government Systems. This Government System Continue the Left-Hand Antifreedom Marks a Shift Which Is Leading to the Development of Parol Assistant That Conservatives Are Flocking to for Decades. The Federal Government and Every Level Had Been Infiltrated by Left-Wing Ideologues Who Are Authoritarian by Their Very Nature. Now the Federal Reserve Is Joining the Fray As Reported by Investigation Journaled Jordan's Fecteau on This Sub Stack. The Fed Has Taken a Major Step in the Direction of Facilitating an ESD Cup Compliant Monetary Network That Effectively Acts As a Parallel System to the Chinese Communist Party's Infamous Social Credit Scoring System and so Again Wheatley. We We Were Here As Long As the Lord Terry's We What We've Been Doing for a Long Time. A Lot Of Us in Were Going to Small We We Go to Small Businesses. Small Businesses We Take We Will We Try to Avoid the Big-Box Stores We Avoid Walmart Folks, If You're Smart You'll Do That in Your If You're Smart, You Will Do That and Not Have Apathy, You Know, Asked Yourself What Kind of Person You Are, Because You Need to Avoid These Places Go to Small Business. Give Them Your Business and Because They're Going to Be the Ones That Are Be Willing to Go with You and to the Barter System so When You Guys Say about That. Yeah Yeah Well I Don't They're Making It Adequately Gets More and More Weight. The More More Anti-God More More. I Guess You Could Stay in Fine American.

Therefore Thing on to Providers and to Come Out Of That Weekend Because I Can That There Was a Kroger Store Which the Grocery Store Here in My Living with Good Store and We like Going in the Good-Quality and Then I Found out That We Were Big Time with Their Money, Giving the Giving Money to All the Hard Left Causes Their Mutilating Children I Would Go to Work. Wally Mark You 300 Million to Burn the Murder or Target Target Was a Really Bad Heart and Really, Let It off I Think I Years Back When They Were Allowing Perverted Man into the Ladies Room and It Was Good with Rape and Assault Targets in the Ladies Room.

They Were Allowing Perverted Men in Their so Yeah Target Should Be Out Of Business and the so We Have To One by One. Eliminate Those Lubricant. We Cannot Go in There When They're Using Crockett to Advance Wickedness like That Absolutely so You Know, Here's the Other Thing Is You the Money. Basically We Have To Start Realizing and I Know I've Said This before I Fell like a Broken Record That We Are in the Middle of a Communist Revolution Preaching and Submitting the Assignment. People Have To Wake up and Realize They Have To Fight Back.

We Can Fight Back Many Different Ways Than One Other like You Said Is Where We Spend Our Money. We Trade with Support the Businesses That Are No Follow the Rule of Law That Are Godly That Are Doing the Right Thing and We Need to Know Because You Could Fight with Your Money.

We Need to Start Speaking out and Now the Bible Says Reprove and Review It for Reproof Doesn't Work or Rebuke Is Even Stronger Member of the Right in the Name of Christ Thought This Were Not Standing up and Speaking out and We Have To Remind the Church to Get Involved in Politics. How Many Times We've Done Something on the Show How Many Christians Are Not Registered to Vote.

How Many Christians Don't Vote the Canned Velvet Millions and Millions and Millions between the Ones That Are Didn't Bother to Register the Ones That Don't Vote. That Should I Post 20 30 Million People Were Voting No Matter How Much to Demonstrate They Can't Win an Election. We Could Break This Revolution. Simply at the Ballot Box Felt There so Many Things We Could Be Doing That the Path of Service I Want the Thought That You're Not Talking about the Church Militant, the Church Victorious That We Need to Get out There like You to Run to the Battle to Fight This Good Fight of Faith and That's All Problem. It's We Are Characters. All Kinds of Things We Could Do but We First after the Finder Were in a War There Were Willing to Go and Fight for What Our Children or Grandchildren.

The Future of the Nation and for Our God Because We Are Fighting the Antichrist System.

It's a Spiritual Battle and Art so That Little Thing Is More about Premier Great Big Picture and That Was Just One Part of the Battle and Correct Me If I'm Wrong, but That's That's How I See It Right.

Let Me Let Me Ask Both of You. This James 417 Says This Therefore to Him That No Width to Do Good and Do with It Not, to Him It Is Sin Is Sin, so When the Bible Tells You That We Are to Do Again Stand against Tyranny, Resist Tyranny in Every Form.

And When When Our Enemies Went to Stores like Walmart and Target When They're Supplying Our Enemies with Arms and Things. Is It Not Stupid, It Is It Not a Sin When When They Went Everything They Stand for Is against What God's Word, the Bible Teaches. Okay so Is It Not a Sin to Even Go into No Star Should Be to Partake of the Stores You Want, When They Hear the Thing That Prompted Her Mood to Be Structured like They're Using Capitalism and All of the Business by Kroger and Capitalism on Money to Destroy Our Balmy Black Lives Matter Is about Communist. There Is No Known Conventional Visible: the Leaders Were about Boxes States That All Work Trained Marxist All Three of the Major Leaders Yeah and on Their Website. They're Going to Goal Destroy the Family Unit That Was One of the Goals. So How Can We Support for That's Going to Use It Properly to Destroy Austin and Again They're All Going after the Children and Now I'm in the Houston Area. Pastor Ernie and I Thought We Discussed A While Back in the 14 Speech Based Goals.

Looking around 20 Out Of the 2014 Are Really Big Time Supporting Hard Left Causes and Not the Big Because Right Now Mutilating the Children of You Think They Take Me Little Confused 89-year-old 10-year-old Even Older. They Start Chemically Castrating Them in Cutting the Girls Breath off of All and Leave One of Them Leading the Pack Is Used in Escrow. I made copies of the report that I have and I've been handing it out, the people you can't support them now you go here. This is an article by Cassandra Fairbanks, Seattle's Children's Hospital vows to keep performing gender surgeries and children here.

Seattle Children's Hospital standing by his mission of providing genders surgeries for children. Many of these irreversible gender surgeries consists of removing healthy body parts and leaving the patient's appropriately sterilized goes on to say the pediatric hospital has a section is website specifically to dent gender surgeries to let me ask you this would have been a sin for people in Seattle would be a sin to take your children to this hospital they can take them anywhere else they could take them anywhere else would it be a sin to take them there is no regret well blockers after giving the very youngest ones at wonder, given to an early stage of Gogarty can permanently impair sexual function. In other words, the patient may never have an orgasm and the blockers they give can move these cross sex hormones that cause permanent fertility so whichever side you're on.

They can cause major damage from pleasure, ability to have children later on. And we know the studies we talked about them over and over that most of these children in all 80 to 90% of these children if left alone not pushed by somebody just cleared up on their own come to a conclusion and do not wondered at the end, it's only because people get in and push I'm working on an article right now whether talking about. There are now as many as 300 300 new pediatric gender clinics have all things in the US and because is that a 4000% increase in the number of children wanting to now go through some of the stuff and I remember you and I were on the radio anywhere. Over time, but once told us one little girl decided she wanted to transition to a boy and within 60 days to about six of her friends decided that they were transgendered. They wanted to be polite and what we thought was the funeral follow the leader syndrome. The children too often.

You know what's cool what them like that, remember so many fads where there was a TV show. Dr. killed their way back when I was a kid and that all teenagers that most of the girls were all wearing Dr. killed their shirts and all and it fits follow the leader mentality and mostly children are just following what some adults seldom or want to be cool at school because the cool kids are getting the attention. Everybody's talking about it and they don't want to be left out, and so much of this is psychological and a course of spiritual warfare underneath the devil tries to destroy the image of God right it's it's insanity is right from the pit of hell.

It is his right from the pit, because what that is. It's really a way of blaspheming God and so and in here. The Bible makes very clearly God kept men kept amending the man for himself, so it's a way of transgression in the transgress against the property of God that they God's dominion.

It's like they're breaking into the house of God and that weather is going to be some pretty harsh payments for that in their Bible talks about the love of money is the root of all evil and working this article there are several doctors on him.

Dr. St. Taylor. She got Nashville to get into the gender transition game. That's a big moneymaker, especially because the surgeries require a lot of follow-up liberty blockers cost about $1200 per month.

Pharmaceutical companies making a lot of money implants cost 4500 $18,000 and it goes on and on and there's so much aftercare and they keep talking doctor after doctor. This is big business big money and is especially profitable because there's so much patient convenience of any doctors visits and this one searches, etc. just a female to male chest reconstruction they call reconstruction. I call it out maturing could bring in almost $40,000. I've heard distance. Yeah, I've heard a number of those girls wish they had never done it out there so many that are could never come out of it later their suicide come out of a nickel. Why did I do this we did I configure four or five stories like that we did on the radio unbelievable.

It's like the end of the none of the FBI to get involved in the article on the headline, leading medical groups command Biden justice department and tech platforms crackdown on reporters exposing child gender surgery and puberty blockers like we just did on this radio program right yes I get that many I want my got probably FBI listening out there. I want to world network and the article highly profitable pediatric gender clinics, opening all across America offers psychological medical surgical interventions for children talks about how much of this is done on children 12, 13, 14 but most are 15, but often even these rust removal children 13 and 14 hey you can't even remember 18 F-18 you had to go to school we had to get permission from a nurse to take an aspirin and that current approval that you can go have your breasts cut off 13 couldn't help think about that. They did the same thing with abortion that but they did become the Back Bay took a lot of girls to the abortion clinic during school time.

The parents live in your you're right.

We talked about that that was something that you have long ago when you long ago I made you had to call before you give your kid an aspirin or something. And yet, yet they could take them to the local abortion clinic during school (spelling leaned on it was never once one case in all of that being done with a homeschooler or a Christian school only in the public school system. And so that is why for 50 years we've been telling people if you love your children get them out of the public. Get them out of there so there you go. Now we're living we live in. I had them woman say to me while my husband says that mind has been my pastor says that when you say that it's a sin to go and shop at these places, like Wally Martin that it you sound like you think you're better than other people and my might. Will my response to her was who are better the righteous are better so that who says that would how do you know cheese was in the Bible son of God, says the righteous are better than the wicked are the rights is better than the wicked.

She said you got a good point there. How how about right there supporting you about for a politician that is pro-abortion outside of a Gay marriage you are promoting abdicating both sin USA not only will I tolerate it, but I'm going to elect a person that promotes it and the encouragers that so you know that old saying if you're not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem LOL is God's will in the Bible is where the Bible tells you about that in several places the exit is 23. Good example and also tell you there. Proverbs 24 and Proverbs 17 makes it tells you that people that do that should be cut off gases they need to be cut off, and Proverbs 24 this is the people to do that that that let the people curse them that all of society should curse the wicked people that do that. Did the guy get it wrong. I don't regret coming from out when you're what ever you desire happens when, how you want it to perfection. It doesn't get any better than that amount to Make mistakes already.

I get an article in for you guys, here you go you ready Wayne root says Biden is not in charge here is exactly what's happening. When we hear this before.

Listen when we hear this now listen, our country is being destroyed is clearly a purposeful communist attack about America from a thousand different directions, but the president isn't Biden. He's just a figurehead. The puppet the real president is Obama you know also that I think I know nobody named after earning yeah but there's somebody else's said that that was Obama that was above him. So here now. This is clearly the third term of Obama's fingerprints are everywhere and he goes on to say, Joe is gone completely bad medias. No president can legally serve three terms, hence the need for a figurehead. Biden is adjusting EDD a dummy with dementia and diapers. He says whatever is written on cue cards and set and signs whatever papers put in front of him, that allows abomination to run the country from the shadows as long as they feed Biden's baby food changes diapers and allow him to sniff little girls hair. Biden does whatever he had his hand was wanting to do, but Biden isn't the brains of the operation. Obama is his age is just a communist tool.

Obama takes his orders from team communist suicide bombers Valerie Jarrett Susan Rice George those close while Bill Gates and of course the boss of all bosses. The capo that the capital utility China and the Chinese Communist Party well that someone else knows that.

Besides that there was an article by the way out okay by Wayne root out to go long without callous sidebar but Prominent billionaire has come out and is reminding us of the few things that we are in the be trouble you talk about really hates what you talking about Billy Gates are currently aware of God's name here okay Bill Gates on his own, go ahead anyway.

He came out reminded us that our national debt is 30.9 trillion just about $31 trillion. That's 125% of our GDP and if you go and look at that US debt clock which I look at frequently the unfunded unfunded member network liabilities for Social Security and Medicare are now hundred $71 trillion. The people of this country that are bringing this country down are bringing it down because agreed they sell out the country for money.

The love of money to the root of all evil reductive politicians that are filling out America to get rich off all and what are they doing their throwing all this money out to buy votes and build up this huge national debt. They promise by buying votes to give benefits and things and he saying that by 2027. The interest expense on the debt will eat up all the healthcare costs by 2027. That's not far away. The debt on the interest on the debt and just think right now with this inflation. Interest is going up and up and up.

You know what that does that makes the interest of the national debt much higher, much higher real quickly and it is not how you pay down debt by increasing interest on it. They said by 2047 the that will exceed all discretionary spending.

We have about 49 Aleta also seeking out the Social Security benefits will be all gone, just, and that the and I debt.

If you think we have a very limited future in this country if we continue on our wicked evil ways were going to be gone as a nation will be a junk-bond junkie and 1/4 longer than 25 years will be over this and this is exactly why Joe we've been talking about people learning to go to the barter system now within this country. You have you have several counties worry they have their own script within the county and that something that they do.

This is what we need to do that we need to our different counties. We need to have our own script and that you know may be combined for five different counties and where they have their own script backed by gold or silver needs to fill back alley gold and silver and or something usable like burger me now cattle vegetable something that people really need right what you think.

John thought earning therefore thing off that there would I mean the the dollar is going to be worth nothing and it will plan most of the is to not hold that thought. Hold that will be back right after this can square up against the hard break be thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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