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FRI HR 1 100722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 8, 2022 12:34 am

FRI HR 1 100722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

O'Reilly auto parts specializes in keeping your car on the road. Not sure how much life is left in your battery are professional parts. People tested for free if it does need to be replaced will help you find just the right one to fit your car are superstar batteries are built to handle even the toughest conditions visit O'Reilly auto parts today, auto parts, the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening to another. Additional points right what's left I'm radio pastorally sends the voice of the Christian resistance and I'm back. The devil thought it had me down but I'm back and told those of their listing to me we have tonight. We have a all-star lineup. We have the courageous Greg and the Borg good evening everybody.

It's great to have you back and we have way out deep in the heart of Texas. No big John return (and God bless you all. All thank you, John, and then we have way out there in Missouri. The other none other than the Parson Pastor Joe Larson highly unpaid for more air backward here afterward well and I will not thank all the listeners for their prayers because you and I needed them this week and we are both doing a lot better-than-expected right here live in the studio I have with me Ron hurts my techie everyone and I Pastor Ernie back back and settled back in the saddle as is their hero and glad to be there you the right way. We have a lot to get done tonight that we yes okay so just what it is and I want to think like you said you I want to thank all the folks out there for their prayers and all of those that rushed to her aid in the when we needed it so right and I want afterburner to keep you in prayer because program problems are not doing a lot better but is gonna require a lot more prayer medical help in the future will get it done it say it, but I'll do it for will will get or do we get to keep remember what we have the same the witness ministries when in doubt charge when not in doubt, charge anyhow card anyway. That is, rightly, this is work by taking the battle to the enemy and every defensive order number one that's right and that's is been working for 50 years. It's now much of the stop and think about it before we get into the Bible study tonight.

John and Joe, the think about it.

Who were the first people. The very first people that you heard even before he was president talking about the Biden crime cartel, who were the very first people that they were talking about the fact that the Biden crime cartel were in cahoots hand-in-hand with a Mexican drug cartel and also with the human smugglers who were the first people even before he was president. Even when it was still vice president who was a one radio ministry. We were right out there in front of everybody in front of Fox News in front of everybody. We were telling you about this. Who is been talking about all way back to Jelena John you remember all way back when we had 10 Gunderson we were talking about the children, the smuggling of the children. It's been going on for decades we've been telling people how about the horrible horrible infanticide with what what was going on within the Democratic Party. How did Ophelia know the entire party is flush with pedophilia and in little by little it's coming out and that there were states it, we couldn't even bring out yet because they were so wicked that nobody would believe us, we lose credibility. So we had a bring out piece by piece because because people just weren't ready to believe the stuff so were not going to quit is where Quicken would continue to the Lord comes back and tonight were going to pick it up where we left off in acts chapter 5 remember the title was when the righteous indignation is endowed with courage when righteous indignation is endowed with courage, remember what we were saying. What if all the passengers had to preach this message would've all the pastors had the courage to do and to save what were saying what a father pastors out there with. They all had the courage with Franklin Graham had the courage to say Joe Biden.

You need to repent of that Joe Biden you you need to repent that pedophilia if you need to repent of quality that your wickedness, your corruption, Joe Biden, what if he had the courage to us to say that the Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer would've all of the pastors had the courage to do that. Remember who did John the Baptist did in the apostle Paul did and Peter did more than anybody else. It was the Lord Jesus, remember, and remember there's about 300 and round about 330 40,000 pastors but a shockwave that would be if they only had the courage and you know what bribes Bibles is the righteous are as bold as Lyons righteous, as bold as Lyons and what we've got is a bunch of baby kitten Harlequin me out with their eyes closed. He helped unite kitten you know years ago when I was young I felt like the Lone Ranger because I felt like I was, but I was the only one preaching it and then as time went by, more and more, and God raised up more more people back in those days we still had a bunch like Pastor Lenz and pastor would be. We had Roy Thomas. We had that oh Oliver be green. We had Greg Dixon and thinking of 07 of the some of the others that we had back in those days that that about going home to be with the Lord. And so with these were men Peter Ruckman these are met.

All of these men who had been on this radio program over the years. Pastor Earl black was another one pastor can send the minor. They had the guts to stand up and and preach preaching hard messages preach what should have been done and so Griffin is one of the only radio show vacant. Come on and talk about a lot of other side know that's perfect yeah yeah they wouldn't of been blown into many others here now they're not. You turned out a lot with a back in the early days of radio boy. They would they would accuse me of being a radical, a radical with inflammatory rhetoric.

Another words, preaching the gospel and use the using the terminology from the King James Bible and not the new AMA where we never thought of the Lord of yet. Are you pastor Ernie Albert United Church militant. Well, that's what we can do tonight and so let's start in acts chapter 5 under the reverses 17 to 23. Joe, you pick it up in 2411 24 and Rita through all the way through BC written only through 33, and then John you pick it up in 33 and read it all the way through 37 and Horgan. I have run you pick it up and 38 verse 38 to the end which would be 42 acts chapter 5 starting with verse you can be in verse 38 through okay yeah I dearly told him he didn't have to read the Scripture today, so I switched up on okay everybody, you're like, yeah, already well as part of his training. He he he got every prepared at all times don't okay let's get going here you go, then the high priest rose up, and all they that were with him which is in the sect of the Sadducees and they were filled with indignation. They laid hands on the apostles, and put them in the common prison. But the angel of the Lord by night opened the prison doors, and brought them forth, and said go stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life. When they heard that they enter into the temple early in the morning and talk and the high priest came and they that were with him and called the Council together and all the sins of the children of Israel and sent to the prison to have them brought. But when the officers came upon them, not in the prison they returned and told St. the prison truly felt we shut up safely and keep her standing without before the doors, but when we opened in. We found no man within California high priest and the captain of the temple in the treatment. Heard the things they doubted of them or enter this work grow. Then came Warner and told them St. all the demands of the present are standing in the temple and teaching the people and what the captain worked the officers and brought them without violence. The people, lest they should have when they had brought them. They set them before the Council and the high priest asked them, saying, did we not strictly command you, that you should not teach in this name, and behold, you have filled Jerusalem with your doctor and intend to bring this man's blood upon us. Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said we ought to obey God rather than men. God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged in a tree on a tree and have God exalted with his right hand to be a Princeton Savior for to give recompense of repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sin and we are his witnesses of these things and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him, and when they heard and got cuts to the heart and can counsel to Slater. One of the Council, a Pharisee named cameo, a doctor of the law adding reputation among all the people he commanded to put the apostle or through little state, and said unto them, the men of Israel taking you so widely intend to do with touching these men will before these days rose up that he posting himself to be somebody to whom a number of men about 400 joint and so were slain in all as many as obeyed him were scattered and brought no man rose up after this man rose up Judith of Galilee in the days of the Caxton and drew away much people applicant you also Irish and all in all, even as many as obeyed him with and now I say and you refrain from these men and let them alone. If this counsel will work be of men. It will come to know.

But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it less happily be found even to fight against God, and to him they agreed and when they called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus and let them go and they departed from the presence of the Council rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer the shame for his name and daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

Okay so now that those that we could do some comparison here because it was studying the word of God.

If we can't make it applicable in other words, if we can see how it's got an application to today and how it applies to our life today that is does not lead to much good to us. Is it so it would take a look at here. We took a look at the high priest now they were the sect of the Sadducees here but they were a part of the Sanhedrin which were which were number 70 and in what was called the Senate that was in their Senate and so here now again we take a look at the high priestess was the consul that they had. And if we take a look at that and we compare, we compare that to remember what they calling those that were arrested on January 6 they were the record called Christian nationalist Christian nationalist okay and so they were brought before the committee. Now the committee were made up of of Democrats on this committee that they were just the apart of the death or credit party Congress and Senate. Now if we go back to the 700 and that's that counsel, they only had a prosecution. There was no defense, just a prosecution and we go to January that what you're getting there.

When six committee. That's right, they only had a prosecution they had no defense. And so here now they were supposed to be made up that counsel committee of the Republicans and Democrats. There wasn't.

There were two rhinos which are Democrats and there was. In both cases there was no no defense, only a prosecution in both cases, what they did was not not relieve lawful okay and so in both cases there which you had was the men that the Christians were arrested. Here's what it said would help with the place and when the high priest and the captain of the of the chief priest heard these things, they doubted you okay with a they were doubting what was being said here how they got in we we know that the that the news media, NBC, ABC, CBS, the entire all the fake news media P, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Lloyd. They all had propaganda against the Christian nationalist, we saw that here that they took the apostles and they beat them and they threw them in prison and then we see that with the January 6 the Christian nationalist are the patriots whenever they took them they beat them. They beat some of them to death and they threw them in prison and so were looking out here gamma Lil came the Galileo was actually the apostle Paul's mentor and so he came and he put a warning he he warned them the consul listen listen if these men are who they say they are, then you will find yourself fighting against God is not a good place to be.

Who was it that his warned that committee that corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, and I mean extremely and completely and totally corrupt.

January 6 committee who was at the warned them that they're fighting against God. It was us right here, right, who was it that warned the FBI you know who was at the warned them look cannot stand up against God.

You made an oath God who made the ear he hears was going on. He made the IEC's was going on, but it was not just because it was radio programs like this one here like this one and pastors like you guys all across this country we were warning them where warning okay and we still are not.

You know, and I preached on the wrath of God priest that whole message on that and so were seeing all of these things here now. Here again, and Peter and the other apostles answered and said we ought to obey God rather than men.

How do you think you two guys tell me how would that apply to the Christian nationals that were arrested and beaten and thrown in prison in January. These their political prisoners by the death or credit, satanic Communist Party environment.

Americans are being held political prisoners are being held there having a fake trial and they're going after them because they were standing for what was right but was righteous so there's a lot on recall corollary there. Okay, similar circumstances, God's anointedokay John, glad well Marie, what do we do.

We give into their lines or do we stick it out to the end not coated really boils down to men all we have the ability inside the strength through Jesus Christ to stand against their lives to the K-12 here.

Let me read this verse you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine and did attend to bring this man's blood of bonnets.

No, where the where the apostles preaching the truth. Yes, so they were telling them you cannot preach the truth.

You cannot tell the truth, you cannot tell the truth what were those that the January 6 protesters.

What were they therefore heard about a very little or no election they were pronouncing our election was stolen mentor. There was a criminal conspiracy by the Democratic Party and the US government to steal an election. Okay, so history records this very day course with Doris here you will hear any of this kind history at NBC, ABC and CBS MP MSNBC their antichrist anti-Christian. But history records that the apostles today were heroes of the faith that they not and will not history.

Also record that those January 6 protesters that went there to protest the stealing the theft that had the courage and had the courage to go in and stand up for righteousness will not history record that was heroes to allow. I really I don't want to recruit what I write about how much time to make it going to get. It always worked out that way.

No evil being could try and outrun, but in the long run. The truth comes out who was a hero during the evil they are looked at in order so that the passage of Scripture has got such an application to what is been happening today doesn't have you look at how many things with so were the very same year nothing. Bernie really now absolutely evil with evil and it really while working. With the Democratic Party and the rhinos going along with it is really nothing more than the tactics of the Nazis and the tactics of the communist, then whatever attribute tyrant without their they always good. They have a they can only do certain things, and that this is what they do absolutely no really good to make holy come back we can have lightning rounds because limited to their edit again and I'm going to ask you guys all the praise of the precatory prayers tonight and I'm going to ask. When asked all of our listings out there to do as those that went before us and and pray precatory prayers against the uncleanness against the darkness out there about how many times have we warned them. How many times have we warn them to repent or perish and said how many other times and what the Jesus when he priest and unless you repent you two will suffer the same.


And so will be back right after this we got a lot to come tonight. Be right back with more than the way by overturning the and and no rain and in and in and in and in a and and were back what you bet.

You will remember in November. Boy, will you bet we will, and that goodbye rhinos to help wanted to just finish so this remember what Galileo said. He said that if it be of man, it'll just fade away, but if it be of God, you find yourself fighting against God will are we going to let January 6 just fade away without no we are not going (that would be a coward back to look back down go by I weaken it demanded those that are in prison be let loose and those who put them there be put in all guarantor Richard B.

Yeah yeah election route quickly got the element good and worthy of the steel, but I think it's been the many great and really tightened up and in fact the last week or so there's been a lot of court rulings in our favor finding of the state so willfully I mean the reality out there. I consent to deal with and if I study what's going on. It's going to be overwhelming to clean out a lot of the evil in Washington and January 6 is following January follow-up after anyone saying yeah I should do. Got January state would like to point point and now the Army is following behind. So that's the way I look at it looming that we can cut through but that and that everything had gone to Christian vote. We talked several times in this program about how many Christians aren't even registered one out of four that are registered. Don't vote, and of those millions and millions of unregistered or Christian "get out and obey God and go vote and elect Christians to beater leaders will will will win handling that a lot depends on whether or not the so-called quote Christians about Nancy Pelosi's is trying to put out the image that she knows here's here's what she says. She says we will hold the house by winning more seats. Pelosi told that the crabs that we will sweep now another word she's putting out a message that the message that the cheese tried to tell the Democrats as the fix is in.

Don't worry about it. The fix is in.

We got it we got it taken care of.

Do you think that the to think she does have it taken care of the think that there's a big enough fix because I know a number of the high-tech companies now are no and they're watching and they're trying to back down. Google is still still out there fighting to against the Republicans want in the sensor. The Republican candidates went and how do you think Nancy is right. You think they've got enough of a fix in to try to pull it off at my apartment. Right click on it… I don't know about you yeah goodbye on our side. What is very interesting. Good night.

A lot of laws passed he take Arizona and you take out Wisconsin and Michigan, and there there's other states. Also, where laws were passed, I know that they can do what they did in the presidential election began to so that's a big plus. I don't think people are gonna be running out and vote for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

There's going to be a huge switch from the Spanish over to our side, even on the black black people. There is a significant move, by then to our side and the they conceded that practice trying their agenda is to destroy and kill us so that the vast majority of the independence they gonna come our way, so except for the cheating. II think that we can do very well in the select is longer than a couple quiet between now and then to stop it right you wanted to compare January 6 to the next one interest interesting the item is that both the January 6 folks and Peter and Paul were bound by God's law and God's protections, but we actually have an additional one in the Constitution the right to redress government is fair and speedy trial in front of our jury of our peers and none of that is happened site. I think that's something that is even more grievous than what's what is happened.

You don't back in the Bible difficult time. Yeah, it already here. I met Margaret on the ad broke. I think yesterday will or maybe Thursday, and I think was yesterday where there was some man that was arrested for leaking all sorts of older information out of China. I'm yeah what is that that's what we've been saying we would been saying that the Chinese were involved in this and overthrowing our election and now this the eye. He was older information was being sent from here. Why I was got a coed right now there is an article. Basically, the New York Times published a story about a group of election deniers. I guess that's folks like us that if we gathered at invitation-only conference in August at a secret location in Phoenix.

Now the story actually broke out of there was a company, cottage court, a small election software company based in Michigan, which had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party given the Chinese government backdoor access to personal data to about 2 million poll workers. The very next day. The CEO Eugene you a 51-year-old was arrested on suspicion of stealing identifying information on hundreds of Los Angeles County poll workers and storing the data on servers located in China, that's a violation of the contract they had with Los Angeles County. Now the oddly enough, the ones that actually did all the research on this was true the vote and they were actually able to track the IP address is to confirm all that.

So this this was an even news on any other site whatsoever. Like you said it was just just broken recently but not many people are carrying it right WorldNetDaily started out with love organized by instructor in the national polls puts out Natalie winners written to an article of exclusive election firm Connick set poll data to China donated all political cash to the death of Krantz including Rado Biden, all political donations made by employees to Connick election management company who CEO was recently arrested for allegedly storing information on election workers in servers in China went to support Democratic candidates the national polls can reveal the unearthed political Association of the company, according to federal election commission FEC database follows the rest of Connick CEO Eugene you the Michigan-based company which manages software responsible for organization poll workers in Los Angeles County is now part of an investigation into the possible theft of personally identifying information on those workers according to authorities of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office explained that the firm was supposed to securely maintain the data and that only United States citizens and permanent residents have access to it, but instead secretly started in servers in China.

Now here's the here's my question is who's who's going to prosecute with me in her car following Harlan Garland the prosecutor back burner speaking to Garland US charges 11 pro-life activists for alleged violations of federal law. US persecutor discharge 11 pro-life activists reviling federal law by blocking access to a bloodied horror house of death called an abortion clinic in Tennessee in 2021 persecutor say Chester Gallagher and others conspired to black eye clinic in Mount Juliet, the quality clinic. It's a bloodied place with a butcher babies and only got unclean, ungodly, evil, wicked people will even refer to such places the clinic what you people have absolutely no standards, no, no snow water no decency, no integrity none. Just none utilizing Facebook to coordinate travel and logistics for codefendants because had to say. He felt like get the page.

The part I give you a sense of the other residents are legal.

Caroline Davis also defended at one point wrote to: boy, he was also charged that she would meet him for a rescue in Tennessee in March, 20, 21 God bless these people got blessed. Okay I'm in a bit arrested myself many times out there for doing the right thing for rescuing those being led to slaughter drunk death exactly the way God's Word, the Bible demands us to do exactly the group to block of woman, an employee from entering the bloodied horror house of death authority said siding live stream broadcast by Boyd broadcast was titled list, Mount Juliet, Tennessee rescue March 15 March 5, 2021 group and into a hallway outside the bloodied clinic into entry doors before was scheduled to open Gallagher set in a separate lifestream that he and those with and were willing to be incarcerated to rescue families from the place of destruction. Local police officers arrested nine people, including Gallagher, of the people who know you cosseted that you should take it off your if you had any integrity listed. If you had any integrity. If you can look me in the eye. I would love to have you. John remember what happened the nightmare in Pittsburgh. You remember that all you have to remember there but I remember vividly about what happened.

I went down there after they did that after those dirty cops those cowardly cops. The ones that listen to that wicked woman that was in charge. She gave him instructions on to make sure these these women. These women never want to take part in the rescue before and they molested Christian ladies, ladies, real ladies down there and so on. How I will went on the air in the casserole down there when I had a protest at the trial, and I said I want to come down there and I want to look a little walk in front of all those cops that were part of that and I want to look me in the eye. Okay. As I walked down there they would look away think they could know these guys are cowards just like like a Mr. Chris raised 3030 you know, again, I've said it before in that movie the Wizard of Oz when you had the which like you have Hillary humming Hillary is an act of an actual which you actually the head of the covenant people don't realize that her name yeah but does dirty 30 FBI agents remind me of the flying monkeys.

Hillary is flying monkeys. That's what they remind me of OJ and you know I praise the good Lord that there are more more people within the FBI more more of him and said you know what were not can I didn't sign up for this. This is not you know it wasn't this way when I I don't want a part of this and in their there blowing the whistle, the going in and telling people and and I don't blame them a bit. I would get out of there as quick as I can myself because can you imagine your children saying that you really work for them that that we do do you going to kick doors in the middle of night point rifles and in the face of little children, that is that what you did. Derek Gallagher trout busted and were guns drawn again going into a real Christian pro-life home no weapons know them and there was no reason to go in and come back your guns drawn, but I've got a follow-up I've discussed but in right now because it goes right along.

This is good news without potpie in the good news to the story and appeals court the eighth US circuit Court of Appeals throughout a big lawsuit by plan creditors against the state as a North Dakota and a throughout their route injunction, but was they had women would have to be if you considered abortion. There you would have to go visit a pregnancy health center and I'll make you look at the baby on MRR outfit called ultrasound and plan creditors. Of course, had a fit over that so they made an injunction. This battle going on for years because South Dakota was trying to stop abortions. Anyway, this eighth Circuit Court through it all out. So now all women that wanted abortion. There is South Dakota Gov. Christie yeah no no him a pronouncement was working with them big big victory for life, but in this the court when the court gave their report on it. They talked about Lowe's. We looked into this.

We found out that the women that work at the clinic they were trained in medicine. They were trained in biology, embryology, psychology and counseling. Their training their principal training was overcoming a woman's misgivings about portion that was all they were trained to do and it when I got in there the object of counseling was to probe these women for factors that would dispose women to get their abortion.

They were employed to persuade every woman that abortion is your best option.

Really her only option and their job is to secure her signature on the necessary forms on quote they talked about plan.

Creditor had monthly quotas revenue targets and they were evidence submitted that staff members there ignored a woman who kept telling the clinic that her parents were forcing her to abort. She didn't want to let her parents were forcing her to that was supposed to buy lobby reported right there. The authorities so this was done by the ACL and LJ, and a huge win for pro-life procrastination and it showed a lot of the dirty things to go on in Planned Parenthood. I just had a couple of highlights that it ties right into what you're saying they like sheet steel. They do everything to get women to have abortion, they never tell them the truth seeking the right plan.

Creditors is the most wicked, ungodly, evil, keeping calling purveyor of death on the planet. There is no nothing too low for them coming. Plan creditors. They've killed numerous human beings that any army in the entire world that held her counselor are only what trained salespeople to reports of women to get there. Of course, not all there not counselors are not family-planning are trained to sell abortions. Their devils from the pit of hell. We've got an opportunity Circuit Court for Planned Parenthood murderers about 330,000 babies a year and I back back years ago they did more so you figure that the reporting monthly report. If you look at 330,000 a year and you go back and back and back pain nearly 20 years, 30 years look at the numbers that that had not asked any going back to know when they first started after Roe versus Wade mean that every 10 years to create 3 million 6 million 9 million.

The company they've killed reported, 15, 20 million baby only after I had 40% or more of those babies 40 to 45% were black babies. Yet the black population is only around 1718% of the total population, but 40 to 45% of all those abortions were black babies. I call that genocide in Pennsylvania. I don't know what you are now in Planned Parenthood, 47% normal expected return of the baby. They boarded in Pennsylvania or black right and the population.

The black population.

Pennsylvania was about 15% go where are the 330 40,000 pastors out there. How many of them say this is genocide of black children are killing the black children are ruining the futures of all those black families and yet what we hear from the so-called quote. I think quote church we hear crickets as more than it was a while ago but is not nearly enough to not nearly what you should be and sometimes not even crickets that are actually promoting the abortions that would need to type that might you're talking about the apostate church, the world, the national Council. These are not Christian churches.

These are turnouts of Satan, the these arthritis a penny."

Now the world, the national Council of the they embrace God's Word, the Bible calls sin and abominable sin.

They embrace it and so in a riveting interview on January 6 victim Victoria White describes unbelievable bear fisted beatings by DC dirty cops on January 6 and then nightmare that followed, we had the honor and the pleasure to speak with a real lady interview Victoria White and Cindy we hope you take the time to watch the the riveting interview Victoria is a wonderful American committed mother victim of unbelievable police violence and we saw those those two races cops murder those Christians there in DC Victoria wife, Rochester, Minnesota attended the top and steel rally in Washington DC in January 6. Like many Americans, they didn't was the first time she ever visited Washington DC. She was excited just to attend the rally and stand with Pres. for empathy… I would be excited to stay with a real lady like her when started has a wonderful trip with family and friends turn into a bloodied nightmare.

Victoria White was nearly killed by dirty DC cops during the rally.

The dirty cops beat her in the face and the shoulders nearly 40 times with sticks in their fist. The dirty cops drag you through the US Capitol, shoeless, and forced her to wait outside without a phone. These cowards here they released without a coat or right, and they released her hours later. This was Victoria broke up at the fact of his breaking windows as the US capital that insult to injury, the FBI later rated her home and arrested her in Minnesota. Now these were those really flying monkeys. Victoria White was a commander. Up 11 right five or six cops that they take their feet up a real man now takes five or 60 feet or one of the prophetic. This is not the America I grew up there and I'll tell you folks. I'll get out there and vote for sure about the bums out of office. This country is going to get exactly what it deserves. People do not rise up the state and the name of Christ were not putting up with it anymore. Okay.

And our children, our families, our grandchildren, she is hit practically 35 times over the course of four minutes and 30 seconds well appearing to be begging for mercy. The entire time she is hit with batons while facing away. She is hit with the path, facing forward sheep cheese spread and poked with a baton about the face so as to inflict maximum pain. She collapses more than once and stood up by the offices only to be maced and beaten again at some point, white shirt puts ways baton up because he saw mercy because he has that clear avenue to her face and such. As he had loads the defenseless woman punching her five times in five seconds, directing the face with all of his might. Those were the dirty dirty DC cops.

As with that. Her many many many years not.

Okay yeah I know how folks 30 days you got election you can put it we get the right people back in office. We can go after these dirty cops, they need to be in jail. Everyone of any variance you located within people gotta get out the gotta get out in the gotta vote listen when I can let them get away with it.

You've got to get out. You gotta vote in the they got to go to prison.

The gotta go to for what you're doing all right and attention Ohio how Kyle tell you about this to sign a petition to amend the Ohio Constitution to guarantee that all Ohioans maintain autonomy over their body and their medical choices and that we need the signatures to get the get this on the Ohio ballot for the May 2023 Bella petition in our deadline is November 30. I tell you more about this here as we get that will tell you more about next week. I think there you go on that all right also want to say this will quick to navigate mag Gates says Reno's in GOP elites are already planning business as usual. If Republicans take the house I'm in a tell you something you guys.

I went to, and I want you help me we get the house back. We need to attempt to load those rhinos phone number phone lines down every day.

Those rhinos need to hear from us every single day will get a list of the rhinos will get a list of their phone numbers and demand the people call him every day I were not going to have we had enough of the rhinos are we tired of being betrayed is a regular rent between now is no more room between her shoulder blades for daggers are there but the man Republican House member named McCarthyism in the McAfee and Newman recurrently yet you act accurately, actively college and the crime rate of the senatorial candidate in Missouri and another one. I think in Maine. They were economic they were going against the Republicans because they were approached, and Arizona was another when they were active in you guys can get get your information really will get out there will burn their phone lines down, and if we have we had enough of them patterning our country is going down in their therapy card okay hey tight Phyllis will be back to this Lord, let the Galway. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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