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October 18, 2022 12:15 am

MON HR 1 101722

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October 18, 2022 12:15 am

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Now that the left over tuna fish sandwich you left in your lunchbox over the weekend would be trashbag and this is the smell of that same sandwich in a hefty ultrasound trashbag smell.

The difference hefty ultrasound has arm and Hammer with continuous odor control. So no matter what's inside your trash you can stay one step ahead of stinky and for bigger jobs had the superior strength of hefty large black bags. The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio right now. I'm really about the this is will say this is assuming that this was October 17. This is the voice of the Christian resistance of his October 17, 2022. Nowhere in the back which the way back in the boiler room of their wheel God Randy and Eric there manning the phones then and there, ready to go home and they're excited this is pledge. We pledge week pledge week the ready to roll. Then here we have no someone from his generation, informing us with the strange practices of his generation was in on.

We just found out tonight with the with furry's are set yet because we want to see up after Jonah's will for you with the and and and I'm sure Joe is not our you will go around little animals over sexual attraction or animal, it is said Joe. I couldn't believe how will you be known about this already over a year and are now well if your enemy I just found out about flurries tonight for call for you lease is not thinking about a career change message is not here that season practicing her laugh again evening everyone there you go to the weight known. I did okay courageous Craigs on the board evening, everybody all right fill out other already is is strange tonight already. This is pledge week and wailing on and you heard from the leader has to be a little strange to hear one of her normal yeah and I'll never be a furry never already there you go. All right phone lines are open at 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 no Joe, we really do need to open this radio program tonight and in no prayer because this is a condition where a country is not good and there are those that really want this program off their and we've had a lot of warnings that we may be physically removed off the air so anyhow listless code go to prayer. Heavenly father Lord God, I just would come to you right now. We just want to hold hold this country. What we want to hold a country of an S Lord God again one nation under God the way you came into a store that we can return America back to one nation under God you've told us Lord those that are forget their God will be turned into hell, we see our nation going to hell in a hand basket is its bad Americas cuts blade inches wounded and lower we have so many people out there that that are in Lala land there walking around. They know something very wrong with the vast majority of them are clueless. They really don't understand what's what's going on. They been so indoctrinated, so indoctrinated Lord of talk to so many parents, Lord, that his his adult children whose adult children. Lord have quit speaking to them because they won't take the poisonous boat they won't take the jab.

The Lord with their adult parents no better and submitted have cut off access to their grandchildren because they refused to take the boys and is spoken Lord and now we have we have people wanting to make little girls and the boys make little boys and the girls and they want to, you know, put little children and up costumes and put them in litter boxes. This is Lord. This is sick. It's really gotten bad.

So Foley got weed again. We need Lord in awakening. We need revival in America today and that's that's my prayer that will guide whatever would take that you would send a shock force into the people wake up the pastor sword give him sums some backbone. I will praise you Lord for the ones that you have raised up those pastors with some backboard with respondent was the metal but Lord, there's just so few of raise up some bold men of God to stand and preached your word. Father God without compromise. Once those that are truly believers. Those are truly saved where's the Julissa's radio program will we ask this tonight that your message whatever that message me whenever that message be that it restarts in the minds you know who's listening you know who needs to know what they need to hear we asked father God is where watchmen on the wall tonight. Lord, that this whole this radio program falls out the situated there be some that receive Christ as your Savior tonight. This we ask in Jesus name, amen. I remember that already. Okay, so look we've Artie got some pledges Little League supplies 125 Bob and Astoria pledges. What is Queens 500 and think you Bob and Jerome in New York pledges 400, always shocked right now we've got out to a Jewish shock and so there you go swim got off to a very good start tonight phone lines are open folks at 8886 677-9673 and I think the 888-281-1110 is the credit card line right that the credit card line credit card line okay very good so 1110 hours the credit card line and repeated again. Sometimes I was slow in writing. I figure there some other people out of the little maybe you are not, I can write fast. I know you talk to you is because I'm a fast talking listener. You know the title of the messages this week. Very unusual title what it is or is it that's right it is what it is or is it is what it is you heard people say that time and well you know I reverse that I am dyslexic and you hear people say well you know if it is what it is.

It is what it is when things don't go the way it is supposed to whatever and what Joe today.

Most things are not what they appear to be and so and that death is almost nothing as it occurs to read out well landed in Canada just place 400 thank you landed well were off to a good start.

Now let's wait Joe, I witnessed the two men better than the church and I asked by the first when the church and he said well let me just tell you to meet churches. A good cup of strong black coffee sitting out there on the porch and just watching nature to me that's church and I said but that's not church to God and I told the Bible to make sure your feet find the path of the house of the Lord, make sure that you do not forsake the assembling of yourself in the house of God, and I said ditto God didn't stutter. There he met that this is nonelective. Well, you know, I know.

But you know I and so here, and I totally message. Note when the preacher witnesses to you not just preach but when someone witnesses that invite you there.

Just the messenger they're just the messenger. The message comes from the Lord their commission to go out and preach the gospel, where all commission to go out all born-again believers and preach the word he got it.

We and so anyhow so the next.

The other guy I said and I invited them church and that he simply said well you know I'm good I'm good and that's all he said and I got a go and Billy was gone so it so here the message I try to get out to these people is never turned down an invite from God. God is calling you. You see, years ago. The last thing Joy wanted to be will was a preacher when I was a young man I had no intention of being a preacher right but God had intentions and so things started happening to me mean there would finally I got the message I got the message in the messages look if the Lord is: you just say yes to say yes okay because he'll will speak to you. Maybe it whispered to that the work you speak a little out of that that work you know he knows what it takes. If it means beating the overhead of God.

Once you got is going to get you right where he wants you right when he wants you. You can do it his way or your way ha some people think you know they are gonna listen to her no matter what he tries to call them and then he gives up on what you know what I yeah heal you and I were a little stubborn and we were going to need to be pushed little harder to reroute expectant hands. That's the blessing he knows when to call someone or another, come or not you will. That's Ephesians chapter 1 verse four is not. It is in so here you go… I've got we were were on a roll tonight. Deacon John placed 100 Betty California pledged 50 Pauline in Georgia pledges 100 Bugs Bunny in Little Rock Idaho them felt he pledged 200 and here he pledges 200 yeah Yep thank you thank you thank you thank you for your comforter time. We need to help more than work probably originated in the past. I think yeah we really do.

And again in not just for us but as you know they're going after parents had to school board meetings that I mean, we're now we we are now under communism.

See how you are going communism is socialism, communism is socialism with a police state. Okay, we're now in the police state were now in the police state now there's there's some some good news in the sense that all is not well within the know the realm of darkness out there in the deep state, especially when the within the FBI. There's a whole lot of people live.

The good cops. The clean cops. That is, say enough is enough and and they don't want to put up with it anymore so I would advise Chris Ray to step down the step down either totally reverse course come out clean and say look, you know what you been doing through Bible study abductors about Chris Ray already solicit start here tonight we get a start in Luke chapter 15 starting with verse verses 25 to go into Rita's verses 25 through 27 report yet. Luke 14 verses 25 through Yep right and there went great multitudes with him and he turned and set under them.

If any man come to me, and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters PA and his own life also, it cannot be my disciple. And whosoever does not bear his cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple. Which are you intending to build a tower so that not down first and caliphate cost. Okay Joe guessed right right so you have to read with what we're doing here now, when he's talking about this letter. People totally misunderstand this verse to the word hate here is not like is used in other places where she is where he says God hates all of those who commit iniquity.

God hates the handle and shed his blood that word okay is is different as far as the meaning of that word again infected means an extreme intolerance, or actually, I was looking at the different words there and that so it's not used in the same the same senses as we use often use the word hate here. The word means to love less to live less so he's telling you that unless you put him first you have to put him first. Okay, now let me ask you this.

Who else was it that hung on the cross and received more pain. Okay then anyone else is ever anew.

In other words Christ when he was upon the cross, he received more pain than any man ever suffered. He suffered more than any man know who else out there, did that for us: that's right. So he was he was the greatest suffering. It was on all the sermons were placed upon her soul that wasn't so much the circle which is horrible but it took about similar spotless soul all the sins of this ugly world murder and mayhem lies in treating deceit to coordinate all killings everything you can think of the perversions and that emotional pain if you talk to any current law started to talk to parents lost her sons in Vietnam write letters, emotional pain is far worse than physical.

So he's on the cross, suffering this on horrible physical pain during all these emotional symptoms and pains are it's it's beyond comprehension. To me, well, you can try to fathom this that he before he suffered the pain. He knew right right. He knew it was coming in and that fact alone to get his is unpalatable for us to unite the way in the world. We could ever even perceive that. And so anyhow so what he's saying here is that unless we put him first in our life before everybody else and especially before own selves. Unless we put in first, then we cannot be his disciple and so then he goes on to say, and whosoever doth not bear his cross and come after me, to bear the cross beams to be willing to pay the price for being a Christian them, take up your cross and follow me absolutely do think Peter paid a harsh price for denying Christ when he did very hard to think Peter could take that back. You would only so let's turn over cryptic great friends right right. Let's turn over to Luke chapter 9 and in Luke chapter 9 we may verses 21 through 27 and set under them all.

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily daily and follow me. For whosoever shall save his life shall lose it. Whosoever shall lose his life for my sake.

The same shall save it for what is a man advantage did he gain the whole world and lose himself or be cast away for whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of Man be ashamed when he shall come in his own glory and in his father's and of the holy angels tell you the truth, there be some standing here, which shall not taste death till they see the kingdom of God. All right, you really get concerned when I see people that I care about that. I care a lot about you showed so little interest in witnessing you every time you see every time you are presented with the opportunity to witness to someone the Lord Jesus Christ with their and you pass it up.

He failed to do that. What is that say are you saying that you're ashamed of the Lord. The Lord, you don't really believe what you're saying. One of the clear night when the Lord gives born-again believers the great commission is that an elective okay are we required to go out and to witness the team selected anywhere there they commission is a commandment that since he commissions us or to the same of the Lord commands, and so when I have a tendency when I see people that are hesitant or won't witness to doubt your salvation now.

I have some people are living close to me and but they say well you know I'm I'm not an outgoing person.

This is very very hard for me very hard for me to to do that I'm I'm an introvert when it when you say those people do well here is what gives you courage. Our faith God will give you the courage to testify and give your testimony okay so let me ask you this if you hand somebody a gospel tract is that witnessing is that a hard thing to do to save somebody looking to be a favorite which, when you get a chance to read this just read this right right now. Are there good times to witness and are there times when you should not. It is is a very bad time or port choice of time to witness. I think you're very many bad times.

Their cabinetry aggravate somebody you are not going to pay any attention you could make things worse, so climbing is very important, but that's where I'll take this gospel truck look at when you have time. I'm really your busy, look at it later. I've seen people where they'll be in the checkout line and the belated people in that clerk's workings. As hard as he or she can and note the side. I'm a little witness to this person that's not the right time to do it is, are they really listen to okay what about aggravated children are going to be mad at you, and that means are to be mad at what you're telling that support testimony played on right now. What about what about your note in the restaurant and you witnessing to the waitress left seen this many times in the waitress maybe has 45 tables.

The weight on and you talk into her and and I've seen this happen and she keeps looking up to see if the boss is looking at her because right to disclose to be hidden. These tables and the guys did you know I want to. One tempting leader in the sinners prayer right there not the right time is it Schiller job at McCarran Dir.

She gets frustrated, very waterless. They also like to say only I got John Galt savings I don't think so. So that another were just opacified shut you up on so that the time to give him a gospel tract. Is that what you should always carry a pocket full gospel trades with excellent very good thing I don't always do it because some of the places I go I know everybody I know saved in order to go to places like that. Sometimes I don't. But when you're traveling you out your area. You're always going meeting new people. We've given out millions of gospel tracts okay and the word gets out there now most people if they take him take would you read this, they will they will read it now.

God's word does not return void and there is been no an example, I was just told about Avella take a gospel tract over to Africa he was preaching there and they didn't have them. There were no gospel tracts in a group, where he was at and the chief had every single person there in the tribe read that gospel tract. Every one of their and when they were highly ceramic soluble recoil when the last person credit. They liniment and look in the Lord's prayer in the sinners prayer and they all bowed and they all received Christ as his Savior.

This was the testimony was given to me last night and so folks there you go. Listen when the Lord Jesus is this, for whosoever shall be ashamed of me and my words of him shall the Son of Man be ashamed when he shall come in his own glory and his father's and with a holy angels so when you have the opportunity and never, ever, ever, no matter what ever deny the Lord. And when people are mocking and you have that you have these people that that are mocking the Lord Jesus like that fool that said, when Christ comes back again will kill them again and then you rebuke them, and I mean you rebuke him and his strongest mentoring factor here.

CM you'll be working your little that's exactly right in your face begging for mercy on me. They have no idea what's coming all right. Hang tight. Will be back later this way by an in and in and in a in a in a already, we will remember November we have a little bit on dark money okay with you. We do some dirt that little clip under 20 is coming come dark money millions $90 million network for different all this money is essentially based on my recent work is spending as realities Democrats use much more dark money and are more simultaneously trying to call freezing back. Note, Joe. Dark money is used, to do illegal things, and that to do things that are on immoral and unethical is not here.

I need to hide so that people money donated to political causes and extent of such a way that the donors can remain anonymous so we don't know who it is. But we do know who's behind dark money.

There is a group called Arabella advisors the Washington DC consulting firm and it manages for nonprofits in these four analysis carefully for nonprofits that host docents were not sure how many but I think it's over three dozen shadowy left-wing groups, including one that works with by the administration on its policy and the trick is you've got to go back and find out who's behind these groups and pastor I bet if you think real hard, you can come up with one of the names of one of the biggest people who would be behind that would be Georgie Soares would it would be Georgie Sarris and behind him, Billy Gates comes up. And what they've done.

Set up this series of command like that theirs is forming groups and then they have groups and without admin age group as smaller groups under that and just their way of hiding things and that this dark money is huge in politics. We have the big four groups are the new venture fund. The 1630 fund the windward fund in the Hopewell fund and these groups sponsor all these others and that this setup allows these groups to avoid filing tax forms to the IRS and this is how they obscure all their financial information on these four funds combined to collect 1.6 billion. Not million. Billion dollars from secret donors and we know this from 2020 2021.6 billion goes to fund basically political campaigns and issue you know form issues and this campaign for our shared future. One of the groups was the one that spent pushing the critical race theory season so they have specialty groups that push the garbage and schools politics and it all goes back to these groups come down somewhere there's somebody George Soros provides millions to the group's house there at the Arabella network and some of these other groups can mentor like Tom Perella is the director of his open Society foundation and he sits on this four-person board that controls the cerebellar the controls all these other organizations so as you start to look down the chain. We find Clinton people we find Soros people all involved in managing or being on the board of one of these four groups or one of the next tier down right now we know God's got his people limited to Joe and we would we want to praise a good Lord for that.

There are a lot of organizations out there on our side and soap with the thing of it is that this is why we can always push and push for people to pray. Note God's good toes look I want you to pray. I want you to ask me what I want to hear from my people this way is very important.

Now you have a you have your your hearing on the news you keep hearing how is going to be a red wave you can be a red wave and or show any publicity you have to understand we are up against people that are completely corrupt. I mean, that are completely corrupt and there they know. Listen Chucky Schumer and these people lasted they committed crime many many crimes okay and you know dirty money. These people know all about insider-trading asked Nancy Pelosi. Okay, ask Hillary Clinton about that the test suitors. So here folks, this is the most important election in the history of our country was coming up right now this midterms our country is going down the drain.

Quickly we we don't have much time left the Biden is destroying this to reduce us to a Third World status. I gotta tell you this. I've told you before now and I mentally would say that now, this whole is 87,000 IRS agents show there out there. Their goal is to totally eliminate the middle class. There will be two classes.

The elites and the very wealthy and the very poor. Okay. All right, that's there to get a go after small corporations, small businesses first and then the guy went to churches and then they go to go after any opposition. Any opposition therein. You know there an Confederacy with the big box stores like Walmart. This is why I keep telling you, you really need to shop local you you whenever you can go to a mom-and-pop store go to that mom-and-pop store do that. Those are your neighbors does your friends bring one work before you do that. I guess it is Sal and Chester, PA. Pledge 100 Beverly Manhattan pledges 200 John in Minnesota pledges 77 thank you thank you thank you phone lines are open credit card lines 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 joke we have one tote left with one toad left and that's the tote that big totebag and it says that one side. America needs Jesus on the other side it says resistance to terror in his obedience to God and we we feel this totebag with all kinds of good stuff with videotapes that meaning the stuff up that we think we've given out here to try to educate people over the years. The little red book video CDs of the of the songs you hear being played on this program both by Dr. of late Peter Glidden and others and just do a whole slew of things go in the topo one left the nest for the first thousand dollar pledge. The very first thousand dollar pledge gets the very last toad box so sounds like a great deal in their setback when right now for that first one: so go ahead and finish what you were saying what only to know this dark money. One of the big people behind it behind George Soros. There's another there's a Swiss billionaire called Hans Georg Weiss.

He is not an American citizen. Okay now think about that is connected to the Democratic alliance is a backer of the 1630 fund and back in 2000 and early 2020. He directed the hundred and $35 million into the 1630 fund through his foundations arm and they call go through all these different organizations figures another billionaire putting money I could find at this hundred 35. Knowing what this fund, but he's given to several of the other big funds. So he's another huge donor. I'll think about that. She's not even American citizen donating hundreds of millions of dollars into our politics to change the way people vote. So you got remember this money talks to get but you get bombarded with ads and things even local newspapers. These people are buying ads on radio, television, newspapers, the propaganda that you gotta be careful where you get your news who you listen to because the odds are one of these 36 organizations that are funded by this Arabella advised her that, the head of the term that is coming from true billionaires that both want to bring about a one world order one that hates this country one not even a citizen so I should say voter ID where you where are you get your information. Yeah, tell your friends and neighbors what they're doing to their trying to link with us because of necessity because of big tech trying to shut us down will you know so we we many perennial programs like this is sprung up AM talk radio across the country and some on the Internet so the opposition. The left is doing that now they're putting their trying to do what we know, like what were doing the credit somehow get into AM talk radio and see have to be very, very careful, very careful folks which are listing to Arthur because there's so much propaganda. Things that are half truths and I was listening to one today. He had trouble derangement timing, this guy comes out in he's screaming these yelling about Republicans that all of all Republicans in the world whack jobs okay just unbelievable and no and they hate us. They really hate us where with us and we understand we don't want to see them end up in hell we we that we tried to witness to them and that would these people are godless and some of them are our practice, many of them fed more more now today are taking of Satanism is a religion that is happening so this is exactly what is happening. Joan second Timothy chapter 3 were starts out the same in the last a perilous times, perilous. Now where where there know where where exactly there right now because right now we're in perilous times with what's been taken place, classes, country, the meat we are where the average electric courtyard Chicago this weekend Chicago weekend shot 13-year-old boy was shot. The recorded two dozen people shot nine murdered. One was an 87-year-old in a wheelchair. One was a €13 boiler park in one versus 66-year-old man that was shot multiple times and results of the truck arrived and he resisted shouting multiple times.

That's one city and one 24 hour period.

I'd say we were in those times when we have to do some lightning rounds tonight you we really got a good we lend a lot of information of get well over 100 news articles that we really need to get to the list to some lightning rounds. We know we touched on is Leslie great breaking story. We need to bring up first. Let me go ahead, but do it quickly, terrified of the quickly fostering university researcher have claimed to develop a new morality for covert strain and the lab now.

The scary thing is, they've taken the spike coaching from omicron attached it to the original coronavirus the one detected, it will on and it made this hybrid. They tested it on mice. 80% of the mice died quickly.

This nearest rating is five times more infectious than omicron and on the condors been the most infectious variant had. This was done. Think about Boston University that come outside what they've done, but they've also told everybody in the darn world. What they did, how the cost of two variants every day to give the details, but hey you put omicron with the original rule on virus and we get this new virus and this is scary, and I've seen articles there screaming there playing with fire doctors and professor scientists in Israel are screaming nurses should be forbidden playing with fire. This is real gain of function research it is. Don't worry about it deadlier.

Remember now Fauci has nothing to do with anthology had nothing to do with the lockdown.

Fauci's is another heat he had nothing to do with the school closings or cowardly masks.

He had nothing to do than this guys unbelievable. Anyhow, we know that the left lies in their lives are getting worse they're getting bigger and bigger and bigger, to the point that it's here's miscarriage of right now. The phone lines and not reading and we run out of time so we have approximately one hour, one hour left right now and we are still on. I know I know were probably about 4500 short of our goal for tonight 12 4500. We need here. We got about one hour to get it so again the very first one that told that we only have one tote bag with the thousand dollar $4000 donation thousand dollar pledge of this can be all kinds of good stuff in there for the very first thousand dollar pledge gets it so anyhow, the numbers are 888-281-1110. This credit card number or 888-677-9673. Listen we get on this last week a little bit.

Let me pick up again binds politicized FBI now hygiene Chinese infiltration of US election software is crucial. Midterms approach now. There's no doubt that among reasonable Americans that the 2000 Limited when election was stolen from Pres. Donald Trump.

That's a fact than anyone and everyone is as it wasn't is a liar and is not a bit of truth in him. And there is not one of them that would have the guts to come on here and debate me on that. They know that and I would love to get Brett Barrett on here and and because why that may be so a region of one when the they could come across one's fair and balanced and then said where's the evidence of the when you show them the evidence they want to look at it with you when you give them the 2000 mules. They won't even look at it that the proof is expertly laid out in the blockbuster documentary 2000 meals, which was produced by noted conservative documentarian did this to Susan by the way that we can we get that now they put a hold on the padlock on that because they don't want people knowing the truth what was then there is the fact the documentation there was, there is the proof and they said you know you can't. We can't let that film to get it out because too many people are finding out the truth. Anyhow also know one of the things is happening to Joe, as you know that that Connick laconic the video E CEO that went to jail they got caught with election fraud all kinds of election fraud and now.

But here's the interesting thing in Detroit, Michigan. They've dropped Connick now they've dropped you know why Joe they don't want a big investigation.

There was so much voter fraud in Detroit Michigan all mean it was bad, and the date the victims 30s there was corruption all over voting fraud at absolutely very low in Texas.

Plans pledges $30 thank you Mary Lou. Both the phone lines are open again. 888-677-9673. Now here's the thing Joe, we need to pray for Durham. Durham looks like he's actually getting serious enough. It's hard to trust anybody in government today is an but here Durham examines FBI official Brian Alton on the stand, treating him the way you would a hostile witness okay so the trial for I Gordon Schinkel of the Russian analyst who played a significant role in creating the phony steel dossier has begin.

The FBI met with the Checo 2017. Trying to verify the claims of the phony steel dossier. The resident analyst who played a major look mailer.

The Clinton foundation, Hillary paid these people to go out and lie.

The FBI knows that a Russian analyst who played a major role in the creation of a flawed dossier about former Pres. Donald Trump know about the legitimate Pres. Donald Trump goes a former president because as far as I'm concerned he still the president fabricated one of his own sources and conceal the identity of another. When interviewed by the FBI, prosecutors said Tuesday. The allegations were aired in opening statements in the jury trial I Gordon 10 Checo who was indicted on five counts of making false statements to the FBI in the US District Court in Alexandria, the FBI interviewed and Checo on multiple occasions in 2017 as he try to collaborate out allegations and became known as the steel dossier. Remember they offered still $1 million if he can prove that I have and he couldn't prove any of including make it look like your verify that there were begging him to even if he had to fix some evidence.

There's something pretty new at a certain point, he couldn't do it and turned down the million dollars, and didn't try, but we we see all the clusters your breaking story tonight.

Whistleblower documents reveal. FBI has in its possession of all the arguments evidence related to your under Biden's potential criminal business dealings that he had the laptop okay right.

All that was on their coming out now that their whistleblowers are documentary revealing that Pres. Biden was aware of Hunter's business.

We desperately got whistleblowers inside now the IRS and FBI coming forward and telling check Joe Sen. Chuck Grassley there got all kinds of evidence. Now the criminality of all the stuff and they'd been sitting on it, hiding it, and now we know that the shirt because it whistleblowers are validating all the things that we knew and the story goes on and on and on detail after detail after detail a lot of it recovered going way back to the very beginning of this. But what's happened is everything. You and I have talked about on the radio.

It has been verified by whistleblowers that the FBI has those exact documents in the IRS has documents in their possession.

Okay so here's the point in this the first witness plot by Durham was Austin. He supervised Intel and analysis analyst who were involved in the crossfire hurricane investigation agent Brian Austin's another very very shady operative who ran the radio Pres. comes home. He's a say one, the FIs FBI still want out to get Trump all these years later the Gateway pundit has reported extensively on I Gordon Schinkel in his deep state connections.

No, according to Alton, he was told that he was subject not only to a witness and Durham's investigation, but that means he could be charged with criminal charges silk you think that that the FBI's consent K a were going to throw someone to the bus so might somebody's going to have to take the Marriott contractor instructor throw some lower-level product they may have a problem because headlights embezzled government FBI boss accused of flying official jet for personal use aircraft suspiciously contributing to airport near Christopher Ray's home Bob under one of the best reporters out there right for world news daily is the best reporters I know, but he writes about New York Post Miranda divine documented complaints trust current and former FBI agent that Chris Ray, the director has been treating the government jet for his own purposes. And he's been going back and forth to where his wife lives in her old family home where they think the razor gonna retire when not to gets kicked out of the head of the FBI and this just remember a case against the heartbreak we will be back when.

After this with a lot more sudoku way more to come you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next now that the left over tuna fish sandwich you left in your lunchbox over the weekend in a wimpy trashbag and the smell of that thing in a hefty ultrasound trashbag.

Now the difference hefty ultrasound. Armand Hammer would continue with odor control for no matter what's inside your trash you can stay one step ahead of stinky and for bigger jobs had a superior strength of hefty large black bags

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