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The Wine of His Wrath, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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November 23, 2020 12:00 am

The Wine of His Wrath, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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November 23, 2020 12:00 am

Hell is a difficult concept to both think about--much less talk about. Many Christians today shy away from the subject. But the Apostle John speaks in clear terms and doesn't leave any room for question regarding the topic.

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God's nature and character that you would prefer to ignore. This is the other side of God by the they want to leave out. They wanted Quiet this side of God would rather not talk about and Satan is constantly grooming his teachers and his preachers and his authors and his leaders to keep that truth about God out of the public marketplace.

Keep it quiet other side of God. What is it that he's hoping teachers don't talk about well, it's God's wrath. You see, Satan has no problem with the world, thinking that God is loving, it's easy to ignore and take for granted. A loving God we expect God to be loving but if God is also wrath and if he acts upon his wrath. There are obvious implications to that study this today here on wisdom for the heart stay with us as Stephen Devi opens God's word to Revelation 14 in the lesson. He's calling the wine of his wrath. Carlos Santana has sold more than 10 million copies of one album alone is album entitled supernatural. He has been interviewed often. Of course I've read some of them.

He openly informs people of the influence of an angel in his life.

Santana often hears this angel's voice as he meditates in front of his fireplace for several years. He claimed to be in contact with the spirit of God's name is Metatron Metatron. He explained in one interview is an archangel guide for him. In fact, there are a lot of people it evidently believe Metatron is the highest angelic being created in August of that would raise flags for those of us who believe the word because we know that the highest angelic being created fell right. Satan loose versus name according to the Scriptures. Isaiah 14 and segment 11 is the angel of light will here with candles lit yellow pad legal pad at one side. Carlos Santana sits in his room, softly chanting, incense burning candles flickering all of a sudden explains I hear a voice and inner voice and I know that I can trust it, it is the voice of course of Metatron's voice has told me that I would be able to connect molecules with light over radio frequencies of the my music would be popular again. Then he said, with perfect confidence to this reporter you can trust his voice, his voice will never take you to the desert. It might not, but it might take you to hell, which is far worse than any desert in our last study we reintroduce the thought that angels, and deliver messages and I have since beginning of time. The apostle Paul warned the Galatians, not that an angel might deliver the gospel, but that he might deliver a different gospel and so he warned them not to follow it. In fact, if they come to you bringing a different gospel than the one delivered by Christ through his apostles, let him be accursed. Galatians chapter 1 verse eight.

Now for some time we have observed in our study through revelation that the world has been captivated now by a man empowered and energized by an angel. The fallen Angel.

This man, we have come to know is the antichrist and is effectively been channeling the message of Satan to a gullible world that wants nothing to do with God, and of course are set up than for anything this fallen angel through the Antichrist and the false prophet.

This fallen angel, that is deceiving the entire world and at the height of his influence at the height of the popularity of the antichrist somewhere just past the midpoint of the tribulation.

John the apostle records that angelic messengers arrive, they have a message for the entire world and were able to contrast or compare their message with the rest of Scripture to infect determine they are indeed from God, and they are telling the truth.

The first angel we encountered in Revelation 14 verse six circles the globe preaching that the human race needed to fear God and worship him.

Why verse seven because he is worthy of worship of creation because he is the God of creation. He created all there is. This is a dramatic scene. You can only imagine this angel flying high in the sky is booming out with his voice that mankind happens to be worshiping the wrong God there listening to the wrong angel, so to speak, then another angel appeared.

We looked at him briefly in verse eight he announces the coming collapse of the world kingdoms referred to here as Babylon.

This angel delivers a warning to all the nations that are drinking the wine of Babylon.

He says they are literally partying with the Prince of darkness your memory and Babylon. Of all the man's hands suddenly appeared there in the dining room of the king, and he rode upon a wall strange words and of course the King Bill Welch as her ran or had his messengers run for Daniel Kaman delivered to him the interpretation of the message basically said to this powerful. This most powerful kingdom of Babylon.

You've been weighed in the balances by God and you lack what is necessary to please him.

In other words, you are in trouble with God and you will fallen that night.

Babylon fell to an invading army. Now hear the message appears, only this time is not a handwriting on the wall is a voice loudly crying from heaven saying Babylon, you're in trouble with God again weighed in the balances and you lack what is necessary to please God, effectively saying you are in trouble with God. The only imagine how these angels held the attention of the human race as they circle the globe preaching one after another and now the third angel appears for study today. Verse nine, saying with a loud voice. If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, verse 10 of Revelation 14, he also will drink the wine of the wrath of God and others of you worship the enemy of God. You will experience the wrath of God, but further their inverse 10 is he delivers this message. He also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in fall strength in the cup of his anger and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Angels imagine his terrifying message is revealing the doom of those who follow in this context here. Those who follow the antichrist and effectively is delivering a message that is intended to frighten the world the most part of which has yet to receive the mark of the antichrist that would be the signature statement they are choosing to walk away from God, the creator and follow antichrist, so the angel comes out of the grace of God to deliver one more time. In fact, everybody on the planet will hear the message. Don't take that man's mark. If you do that will seal your doom that act of blasphemy. Obviously in that act, they will choose to follow the antichrist and choose to rebel against God and God were told earlier in the letter to the Thessalonians will send such strong delusion, they will affect believe the lie so they will be condemned in their condemnation will be illustrated visually by the acceptance of this Mart. It's always warning them to drink the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of his anger there.

There are those as air preaching or teaching should never scare unbelievers with the reality of hell will neither study this this Angels message. That's exactly what's happening beside Talia.

How you preach about a towel without scaring people. How is scary's frightening terrifying. You can expound on the reality of hell without frightening those who choose not to believe in God, whether it's uncomfortable or not is the truth. Maybe you've come in here today believing that hell is a figment of somebody's imagination. Or maybe it's the creation of some religion to keep people civil and nice or honest or that hell is just a bad day stuck in a traffic jam and you get a flat tire. No hang on. I'm glad you're here. You might not be sure at this moment but I'm glad you hear the gospel listen is not just believe in Christ and repent of your sin in order to go to heaven. It is also believe in Christ, repent of your sin in order to not go to hell avoiding the wrath of God. By the way, is a very good saying to spend three hours today recommending it to everybody.

Avoid the wrath of God symbols that this is the this is the boiled down message of this angel and I highly recommend you listen is message is intended to frighten those tempted to take the mark of the beast. It occurred to me in my study that the contemporary Angels of today go to Christian bookstores and read what they said three people interesting to me that the Angels that make their way in and out of sances and musicians living rooms and from the lips of New Age gurus and false preachers have nothing to do with affirming the creative power and handiwork of God, they instead will tell you that you are divine and you have power to create your own reality.

You just speak into the universe and this first angel delivered the gospel that God alone is creator how many angelic messages I have heard or read about, but none of them talk about the coming collapse of the world's kingdom.

For those who don't believe in Christ will be caught up in the wrath of God that things are going to happen but never appointing to Christ never most of the messages I read about from suppose it Angels basically say that God loves everybody and in a sense that's true. But have you ever heard a message about or from an angel that says God is angry with you and you are in deep trouble with God. That's this message that a packet judgment is coming and God is really angry. That's my text for today. This is the message of the third angel. But this message ladies and gentlemen, is the message world needs to hear. In fact, to go back in history a little bit you discover that this message sparked the great awakening.

It all began with a man named Jonathan Edwards who was instrumental in this use tremendously by God to light the fires of conversion.

He preached the message the signature message entitled sinners in the hands of a happy God await no your little slow on the uptake that I'm coming back with one more here non-that is up here. It is victims in the hands of a therapeutic God. I think it is funny actually. How about this, and this is really funny, but here's a here's a no people who just made bad choices in the hands of a loving God to hear that those are being preached today our cities and is little wonder why there is no awakening. Jonathan Edwards preached an authentic gospel message entitled, if you can imagine it. Sinners in the hands of an angry God. And here's an excerpt from his sermon manuscript which he read by the way, without ever looking up. The pit is prepared. The fire is made ready the furnace is now hot and ready to receive them. The flames do now rage and glow. The glittering sword is sharp and held over them in the pit has opened its mouth under them. Oh center consider the fearful danger. You are in. That's the gospel of this angel, and those who truly represent God. We typically don't think of God is angry or furious or wrathful and iffy as it certainly would be with me or with you sides were in church. That'll be some kind of safety net. No evidently the anger of God and the fury of God happens to be part of Satan's strategy. I believe the keep it all quiet fact when Angels are sent to deliver messages from God. They usually have to tell people to stop being afraid they represent the holy one that come from, and now here they are creating terror in the in the ears and eyes and hearts of those who hear and see them. This is the other side of God, by the way that they want to leave out. They wanted Quiet this side of God would rather not talk about and Satan is constantly grooming his teachers and his preachers and his authors and his leaders to keep that truth about God out of the public marketplace. Keep it quiet so the message of positive thinkers and positive word movement. Preachers refuse to talk about sin and judgment and repentance. And certainly the wrath of God. Michael Horton, who is an evangelical author and an teacher recently reviewed and summarized the messages that dominate Christian TV and radio.

He said you can boil down the basic premise of their message to this God is nice your nice so be nice. Truth.

You can add this and if you will be nice. God will be nicer to you gospel that is nothing more than behavioral modification that somehow manipulates God to be good in your direction. This is, ladies and gentlemen, another gospel. I agree with one author who wrote a shallow gospel presentation that does not present the reality of eternal judgment. The reality of the law of God, the reality of condemnation. Eternal hell does not want God's wrath does not crush the sinner under the weight of his violation of the law of God does not make them stand before God guilty and without excuse. The gospel presentation that does not do this is not a true gospel presentation as I thought about why this message would be so absent today has to TrackBack to the loss of the authority of the word of God right. The reason that I was even now just basically spending time implicitly defending the biblical gospel and explicitly defending both sides, as were the nature of the gospel and the nature of God, which tracks back into what we believe to be the authority of scriptural's definition of the doctrine of God's wrath and eternal judgment is because of I didn't spend this time for the most part, very little is ever said about this and for the most part coming in from perhaps the world system you frankly would not believe what we are going to spend time dissecting your ears not to believe it. The mind of even the Christian shop by meditate on it sometime. Think about the reality of what we've already read drinking the unmixed wrath of God is wine being tormented in fire forever and I will tell you ladies and gentlemen, this if it were not for the Bible I would not believe.

I don't want to believe that but I do because the Bible so clearly tells and I believe the Bible is the word of God and the angel will here deliver four characteristics of the expression of the wrath of God.

I want to get through all forwarding to get through to the first characteristic is that the wrath of God is personal. Notice the personal pronouns that appear in this text, beginning with verse nine about the middle part and you can prep circle them. If anyone anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his four head or on his hand. He also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed and full strength in the cup of his anger and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone. This is not metaphorical. This is not metaphysical. This is not a serial.

This is personal reality.

This is a literal experience. The individuals in this peak is given to us here, but it will be flushed out later on us as all the unbelievers are judged before God cast into the lake of fire. God gives somebody that is able to enjoy eternity in its glory. And he gives the unbeliever a body capable of experiencing the horrors of what we just read this is this is the horror of a person here who experiences this literal submission to the antichrist and it will find its way back into the book of Revelation in a literal place of torment of literal fire and brimstone in many I can't believe many evangelicals within the church are now denying that this is the truth and they are effectively's scrambling for loophole how you deny what we just read these will wash it out of the gospel. How does it just become God really does love you to worry about all that in everybody's eventually going to get it, you don't arrive at denying a literal eternal hell without doing several things. First, inform, you don't deny any key doctrine or start there.

You simply begin with redefining it redefining that you start by redefining Scripture. One of the most popular ways to redefine scripture in your generation and mine is in terms of this keyword relevance. In other words, the only parts of the Bible that matter are parts that we have decided are relevant and if we don't think they're relevant when I can worry about nevermind the Bible makes it very clear that all of it is the word of God in all of it is profitable in some way.

If you're thinking yourself you you know what I do care a lot about that word today. I've heard the church talk about a lot in recent years.

Actually, if you back in American history will discover where the stage was set for our generation were still feeling the effects in our modern American scene go back to the early 1900s. In one particular messenger who preached a another gospel so wanted you to sit back only give you a little tour of the American church history in 1920s a liberal Baptist pastor named Harry Emerson Fosdick was extremely extremely popular, even though he is a Baptist. For some reason he was pastoring a Presbyterian Church and was called up on charges in the session for heresy. He avoided the charges of heresy by simply resigning from the church and with the full funding of John D. Rockefeller and all of his money a new interdenominational church called Riverside Church was built on overlooking the Hudson River and he was placed as pastor and was soon packed to capacity.

Fosdick was a best-selling author of books related to positive thinking and the generous grace of God, these are terms are still bantered about by even newer authors.

He literally influence seminaries and pastors across the country affected the height of his fame.

He is his picture grace the cover of Time magazine in 1930, in an interview in 1928. Which sort of set the whole thing ablaze. His words became the standard for American pastors who wanted to be accepted. They wanted the church to be accepted by culture. They wanted the church to be viewed as something other than hellfire and brimstone, and instead be welcomed by culture and so his words were especially meaningful as they walked away from Bible exposition in verse by verse teaching in this rather seminal interview affecting read all of it online.

Fosdick said these words. Preachers who pick out texts from the Bible and then proceed to give their historic settings. Their logical meaning in the context their place in the theology of the writer with a few practical reflections are grossly misusing the Bible. Nobody. He said he speaks to the public assumes that the vital interests of the people are located in the meaning of words spoken 2000 years ago which led immediately a lot of ministers to say, you know, we felt that way all along.

And now we got our champion. Of course that's true. I mean, how could we been so old-fashioned to do what Paul told Timothy to do in preaching the what the word negativity for two more were well past believing and we should be now was sophisticated as we are believing in the words of Scripture are actually inspired by God and profitable to effectively that is thoroughly equipped the believer for life. There's gotta be something then this old block.

So were way past that trouble is Fosdick was heard and created a movement, another movement was founded to try to battle. It was called fundamentalists movement the fundamentals as they simply clearly laid out the fundamentals of the faith Fosdick preached a message that was trumpeted by Rockefeller's own money put into print and it circled the globe called and shall the fundamentalists win, he became the inventor in modern terminology. What we call today. The seeker driven church for many today. It is a badge of honor to me as a horrifying bed in the seeker movement.

The desire to relate to the unbeliever in the assembly in church in worship is more important than the desire to convict the unbeliever of the desire to be relevant overshadows the command to be biblical and so preaching if it can be called that begins with the needs of the audience rather than the Scripture which leads to the trance formation of the audience is a world of difference with almost prophetic precision. Fosdick wrote these words that are not considered gospel truth in the evangelical church I quoted who seriously supposes that 100 in our congregation cares what Moses, Isaiah, Paul or John meant in those verses.

So the preacher should not end but starts with thinking about the audiences vital need and then let the whole sermon be organized around a constructive endeavor to meet those needs. All this is good since and good psychology. Sound familiar church growth methods of the late 20th century took people away from the word of God and pulpits voidable are really nothing more now than the repackaging of the lies of Harry Emerson preaching that begins with human need. Instead of beginning with God's word is misguided right from the start. If you tuned in late and missed part of this lesson, or if you want to go back and listen again. You'll find it posted on our website which is wisdom Perhaps even more convenient is the wisdom international app which contains the complete archive of Stevens teaching.

You can listen to each day's broadcast but you can also access the full-length messages going all the way back to the beginning of Stevens teaching ministry. The wisdom international app is available in the iTunes and Google play stores were out of time for today so will conclude this lesson tomorrow joins Stephen date at this same time tomorrow right here on wisdom for the heart

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