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July 10, 2022 1:45 am


Words of Life / Salvation Army

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July 10, 2022 1:45 am

The story Helen Starrett shares with us today is the story of Esther. This story is an example of the favor of God. Esther finds herself in a difficult position but allows God to use her to do the incredible.

Series: Women in the Bible

Words of Life
Salvation Army
Words of Life
Salvation Army
Words of Life
Salvation Army
Words of Life
Salvation Army
Words of Life
Salvation Army

Hi this is breathing welcome to the Salvation Army's words of life. If you're enjoying words of life we want to invite you to check out another show brought to you by the Salvation Army holiness podcast is a monthly Bible study with Lieut. Col. Vern June. This shows a deep dive into the Scriptures, starting with the word of God says about holiness with each episode.

There is also a corresponding study guide. Listen wherever you get your podcasts or visit Salvation Army sound welcome back to words of life, everybody.

I'm glad you're here. I'm especially glad Cheryl Cyr Bernie appreciate that and thinking to see we hope that you're enjoying this new series with Col. Helen Sterrett last week. She studied the story this week. Helen is going to be diving into Esther's incredible journey. Esther's story is so amazing.

I mean just that you know a girl who looks like she's was pampered and just kinda set up for the good life God had a just such an awesome assignment for her and she was reminded by her uncle that now she needed to step up because just for such a time as this is not created her to save his people and so you know her story was amazing and is amazing and we can learn so much.

I'm excited to hear what Helen has to say about it. Amen and full disclosure. This series is helping me learn more about these characters that I don't know a lot about. So we hope that you enjoyed loyalty, political intrigue, unrestrained pursuit of pleasure.

Sexual indulgence public marital breakup and how Randy should beauty all elements of a dynamic, such as dynasty when it aired years ago in this case, our series is titled destiny. One woman one king, one people, one destiny, fear, faithfulness, evil motives, love and betrayal without Esther. It is possible that 15 million Jews could have been annihilated in the setting of the story is Persia, where Jews were living under Persian rule. Esther lived here with her uncle Mordechai. The only Jews we meet by name. King Xerxes is a proud and arrogant man celebrating his accomplishments by holding a six month celebration. A drunken orgy full of the men from 127 provinces were invited the Queen was hosting their wives to be even more impressive, he sends for the Queen so he can show her off. Everything about Xerxes was ostentatious prideful lustful. His plan was flawless until Queen Vashti refuses was she the first woman to refuse a man in the Bible sometimes we have to make hard decisions. We are put in a situation beyond our control were faced with the choice pressure bears as we weigh the options do what is right. Do what is easiest. Do what is safe. Queen Vashti found herself in this situation. She stood up to a bully and demanded self-respect were not certain why she said no. However, her decision had long-term consequences.

The king is enraged and humiliated by her refusal. He consults with his advisers to determine what Vashti had done to just say no.

Whatever she did, their wives were going to do as well with the women of Persia start disregarding their husbands. They might lose control of their families. There would be no end of disrespect and discord in the kingdom.

What to do with Vashti. Whatever the decision they wanted to strike fear into their wives. This was for all the promises and Persia. And this is the last time we hear about Queen Vashti Xerxes has a problem.

He's sorry for what he's done, because now is lonely. The king is depressed.

He's losing battles and he's in need of chair his wisemen proposed bringing in the most beautiful virgins in order for him to select a new Queen choosing a new Queen would restore his mood and displays power. Can't you just see this advertisement. Beautiful virgins need only to apply when a 12 month spa vacation prizes.

One night with the King a possible wedding.

Oh and only Persians need apply. No Jews. Esther is chosen to be a contestant. The rules one night with the King.

You're either in or you are out please the king, or spend the rest of your days in the harem.

It's Esther's turn.

She does not ask for any extra physical adornments. These make her uncomfortable. Esther's character was enough. Well this worked. The king loved Esther above all others. She was more than beautiful.

She had character and wisdom.

Mordechai enters the picture. At this point he's the King's guard and sits at the Kingsgate he discovers a plot to kill the king and tells Esther, who reports it to the king and informs him that Mordechai reported the plot. The men were hanged. The king was saved.

Why is this so important. Remember Mordechai.

The king appoints Haman to a very high position in the court power and pride went to his head. Haman wanted the officials at the Kingsgate to bow down to him.

Guests who would not. Mordechai Haman becomes enraged and rather than just killing only Mordechai when he discovers he's a Jew.

He wants to kill all of them in the kingdom.

Haman is so enraged he convinces the king to destroy not only Mordechai but all the Jews in the kingdom.

Mordechai learns of this plot and openly mourns Esther learns of this and she too learns of Haman's plot. Mordechai persuades Esther to speak to the king on behalf of the Jews, but not to reveal that she is Jewish. Esther agrees to speak with the king without an invitation from him, which is very dangerous. This requires boldness on Esther's part. It's not the absence of anxiety or fear. It's a choice to do what is right even when it is risky and difficult. Mordechai assures us that Esther has been chosen for such a time as this. She responds that if I perish, I perish. Esther makes her choice and is willing to risk her life for her people.

God knows when were ready and in his perfect timing turns the pages of our story forward.

It was time for Esther.

She goes boldly before the king. She dressed in regal splendor and walked into the inner court of the palace putting her life on the line.

Only the king could offer such an invitation.

The king saw Esther and held out his scepter, meaning she found favor in his eyes. Not only did the king ask what she wanted.

He addressed her as Queen Esther, it is obvious from this statement that he had a great love for her and calling her his queen. He was saying. He accepted her as his wife. He respected her.

He was willing to give her what she requested as much as half his kingdom. Esther invites the king and Haman to a banquet.

Haman thinks he has arrived. This prompts another invitation on his way home from the first banquet. Haman must pass by the Kingsgate and guess who's there Mordechai still refuses to bow so when he arrives home. Haman is angry. His wife and friends. Give them a solution to his frustration build a gallows 75 feet tall and received permission to hang Mordechai the king suffers from insomnia that night and asks to have his records read to help him go to sleep. How boring. He does here Mordechai's name and remembers that he was the one who foiled the plot to kill him. He wanted to know if he'd been honored and the answer was no. Haman is excited because he is invited to a second banquet with the king before the banquet. The king asked Sam how he should honor a special man. Haman thinks this question is all about him. He's a narcissist. Haman shares how he would deliver royal treatment. The king instructs him to go and get Mordechai and treat him in this way, imagine what Haman must be thinking.

Not only was Mordechai given the honor he expected for himself, but he also had to lead Mordechai through the city, not to the gallows he had built the scene.

Now is the banquet room. Esther now answers the king's question as to what he can give her. Haman is there to witness the exchange. It was a shock to the king that someone would want to kill his queen. The king is enraged and leaves the room and goes to the garden to collect himself.

Esther is sitting and waiting for the king to return. Remember, Haman is there as well.

He is so desperate for Esther to ask the king to spare his life. He fell into her lap.

When the king returns.

This is what he sees Haman in this position. Oh dear. The king assumes Haman is molesting his wife. Now we see the protective husband and king and the instincts take over. Haman is ordered to the gallows that he had constructed for Mordechai. Mordechai was promoted to a high position in the court and had the power to protect the Jews and the edict to annihilate the Jewish people was destroyed untrue picture of God's providence, the important lesson from this account is that we step out when our faith is sweet this week. May God show you the extraordinary in the ordinary. God bless you.

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