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September 4, 2022 1:19 am


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September 4, 2022 1:19 am

As we near the end of our series with Helen Starrett, today she studies the story of Sarah. An interesting point Helen makes about Sarah is that we see throughout her story that she doesn’t always behave in the way we’d expect one of our Bible heroes to behave.

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Hi this is Bernie date welcome to the Salvation Army's words of life in the early were they to learn a VR today has a way to discern a move were the attorney were the is your name's plan are high and the way because you're not every the energy were what were you all please. Happy September everybody and welcome back to words of life. I Bernie Dick and I'm Cheryl Gillam. We truly hope that you been enjoying the series with Helen Sterrett as she's studied some of the most credible stories from the Bible that involve women and how God used them to change the world today. How is going to be studying the story of Sarah point that Helen makes about Sarah that we see throughout her story that she doesn't always behave in the way that we expect. One of our Bible heroes to behave mean she laughs when God told her that she was can have a baby.

Well, she was 99 right but you know we think when we think about here. I think I'm full of faith like we don't really always kind of navigate their emotions is are going through. I mean, I think I would laugh if got nice. I think that could be some devastating Cheryl you're not old grandchildren.

We hope that you are encouraged by the story of Sarah, just a reminder that words of life is not just an audio show, but you can watch full episodes of the show on our YouTube channel subscribe to the Salvation Army's outcast channel and be sure to turn notifications on so you don't miss any videos.

No TV experience is complete without an adventure documentary shows such as the amazing race. Sarah travels countries and lands waiting for God to fulfill his promises. And let's just say her partner Abraham isn't always the best teammate. Our trip is recorded in Genesis 11 through 23. Sarah is Abram's wife, his half-sister Tara's daughter and daughter-in-law very confusing. She was barren in her culture, her value would have been tied up in the number of son she had at this point. Her identity is tied to her husband.

There's pressure. The family is living in the of the Chaldeans, one of the greatest cities in the ancient world.

Sarah was 65 and Abram was 75 when God first spoke history changing words to Abraham, Sarah and Abraham had both lived in the child. These all their lives.

God said leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you in Sarah's mind, we would have to wonder if the call was to Abram, but what about her. Was there a place in God's plan for Sarah.

Was there a blessing for Sarah at this point it's impossible not to notice how further in this account in Scripture. Sarah behaved badly she could throw fits and tantrums. She knew how to be manipulative and she was even known to be mean, however, she is part of God's plan. God calls us at times.

In spite of ourselves, we do not see that Sarah was not unwilling to go leave the city and become a nomad who knew Tara moves the family to Heron and they settled their it's important to point out here that this was not where God told Abraham to go. It was a stop on the way to Canaan.

This is where we see Abraham's faith, he takes his family and goes by the time this journey is over. They have traveled over a thousand miles. What a great race. During this time Tara dies there's famine in the land and Abraham takes his family to Egypt. His first mistake did God tell him to move. This is where we first learned that Sarah is very beautiful and we discovered that Abraham trades integrity for security.

Here's the plan. Let's tell everyone you're my sister it's a half-truth. If we don't tell them this, they may kill me.

So Farrell can have you. This was not one of Abraham shining moments. He did this not once but twice. Twice he asks Sarah to prove her love to him by telling a half-truth twice. She complied and put her neck on the line to save his Abraham protected himself, but Sarah first was taken by Pharaoh to be his wife and then years later to be a part of King Abimelech's harem, God protected Sarah in both instances consequences did she lose her identity.

After this, God makes his covenant with Abraham. Abraham questions how can this be made become a great nation when I'm childless. We do not have a record that Abraham shared this bit of news was Sarah. We do not see that God talk to Sarah.

Sarah fights back.

It shows her foolishness in the matter of Hagar. Sarah doesn't know the plan so she decides to take matters into her own hands. We meet Hager. Let's look at this with our adult experience and knowledge.

It's the story of a mistress and her maid and the man in their lives. Hager was Sarah's mage. She owned her and she enters a maid and comes out of mom.

Sarah was tortured by her childlessness. All the recorded episodes of ill temper and strife in her household was related to her frustration about her own barrenness. She spent years in the grip of frustration and depression because of it in her culture. If a woman was unable to conceive. She could give her maid to her husband and if a child was born. The child belong to the wife.

It seemed like a good idea and Abraham agreed Hager is a disposable pond in this scheme, and Sarah's faith. Whatever she had hit an all-time low.

The scheme was a moral unrighteous and utterly foolish. This decision tore her family apart her own heart sometimes lead her astray.

Her life is a study in contrasts and contradictions for some this part of the Bible is disconcerting and makes them uncomfortable. However, aren't you glad the Bible records more than just the success stories. Sarah's plan backfired.

Something went terribly wrong as soon as Hagar conceived, Sarah knew she made a mistake, Hagar became haughty and contentious toward Sarah an outburst came from Sarah speaking to Abraham my wrong is upon you. It's so easy to blame Abraham told Sarah to handle the problem herself. Obviously he couldn't handle two wives, one being pregnant and Sarah became very abusive to Hagar. Let's insert here that every party in this whole affair was guilty and all of them ended up reaping bitter fruit from what they had done Sarah's actions affected her own family and generations to come. The children of Sarah and Hagar war against each other. Arabs and Jews fight for control over the land of Israel to this day to handle the situation yourself. Sarah sends Hagar away when she's pregnant. God intervenes and sends her back to Sarah now. Sarah hears her name. She's eavesdropping on the conversation. Abraham is having with God's messengers, she realized that she doesn't have a private life. The men on the other side of the tent knew she laughed, knew her surprise and knew all about her sorrow and unbelief. Sound familiar.

Sarah was so defeated by her circumstances, she had forgotten God moving quickly.

Sarah does indeed bear a son, and she calls him Isaac which means laughter. Her issues were not all solved by his birth. When Isaac was about three years old.

There was a party for Sarah saw Ishmael making fun of him. She became so angry she again set Hagar and Ishmael away after all this. She still lacked faith that God was in control. There were consequences.

A slippery slope to disaster. Ishmael lived with hostility toward all his brothers, his hand will be against everyone and vice versa.

God's word to Hager were gentle and full of mercy.

She and her son would be taking care. We can rejoice in Sarah's part in the lineage of Jesus. However, there is a time when much of her life. She was stuck in the middle, longing to see God's hand trying to find his purpose in her life. Sarah had a crucial role to play in God's purposes. Her contribution was Isaac, not just an ordinary son, but an extraordinary promise this week. May God show you the extraordinary in the ordinary blessings to the Salvation Army doing the most good means helping people with material and spiritual needs become a part of this mission every time you give to the Salvation Army visit Salvation Army to offer your support and love to hear from you. Call 1-800-229-9965 email us radio at USS.Salvation Army ductwork tell us how we can help share prayer requests per share your testimony. Would love to use your story on their can also subscribe to or show on iTunes or your favorite podcast work and be sure to give us a rating search for the Salvation Army's words of life, both on social media for the latest episodes extended and if you don't have a church home invite will be glad to see this is pretty thick wedding to join us next time for the Salvation Army's life

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