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Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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May 19, 2019 8:00 am


Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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May 19, 2019 8:00 am

Pastor Robert explains why we need our spiritual eyes opened to understand the Bible.

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Dogs were not viable striations solve all my applications is why put so much because the dog is only the when I first begin to see spiritual types and shadows and symbols and things like that in the word I can remember I went to church and the pastor was a part of a theological thought, persuasion that believe that the gifts are passed away that God does it feel today and things like that but he was beginning to see some things in Scripture, and he invited me for that purpose to Ghana help his church along that path, so I wasn't out of ordering in preaching that he was warning me. And one night he said to me, or during the day before the night he said what you preach on healing tonight. Physical healing, and I know God still heals today and there again, something will think God doesn't feel today, but he does feel today and so because God is the same yesterday today and forever spreadsheet gets up to me one verse in verse 13. I will blow that doctrine away.

It's not a doctrine.

It's a dogma. It will blow that away because of Jesus healed was on this earth, he still feels that you couldn't stop feeling so I went to the Scriptures that I had on healing and I thought these are so good and it really doesn't matter what I say about feeling it matters what the Bible says so I think I'll just read Scripture tonight during the service, so I just got up and begin to read this target axis XXVI and I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians, for I am Jehovah rough I the Lord who heals you. I just started reading the Scriptures my wave and went all just all through the New Testament where it says that they brought many sick people to him. And Jesus laid his hands on every one of them and healed them all and I just kept saying that the word all Popping up but it was the Bible.

I wasn't just adding it. It was the Bible.

And so anyway the next day at lunch when I met the pastor. I think you might've gotten chewed out. You know by some of his members or something, but he was upset and so he said to me, I need to talk to and so I said okay and he said do you believe that God heals all diseases and so immediately I just thought of Psalm 103 verse three that says that God heals all diseases. By the way, it says that he forgives all the iniquities you believe that part of the verse better so you're in trouble.

So one he says who forgives all your iniquities who heals all your beliefs so he asked immediately goggles all season so I said well Psalm 103 verse three says that he heals all your diseases, and he said yeah but you believe he goes all level and so I said well Psalm 103 verse three says that he heals all your diseases.

He said yeah but do you believe he heals all of now let me just remind yourself I never even told him if I believe I never even said what I believe. I never said that which I do, but I never even said that I simply quoted a Scripture I want you to think about this. If someone quotes a Scripture to you and you get mad you have a problem you have grown up in some systematic theology thought that has caused you to disbelieve God's work, so he said yeah but you believe your volatile like that to me nested well Psalm 103 and he said make your close mind, I thought no, your close my so my point is I idea I just II actually open my Bible to Psalm 103 verse three and I said to him I said look look look look a similar credit look look who heals all your diseases. This is what he did he would like this. He said I just don't see now what he meant was I don't agree with it but what an interesting choice of words.

It looks right at it and he says I don't see that I want to talk to about spiritual blindness and spiritual sight because it takes spiritual to understand this book and you can be spiritually blind to this book. So let me take some things about site okay spiritual site is number one spiritual blindness steals our understanding spiritual blindness steals our understanding another word you will not understand the Bible if you're spiritually blind and then the next one I want a 1000 spiritual ones. Let me show you this spiritual blindness that the Bible talks about a lot. A lot.

All right, I'll get to Mark chapter 8 a long time, so I'll take Isaiah 43 verse 18 hear you death and look you blind that you may see who is blind, but my servant or death as my messenger whom I see who is blind as he who is perfect. Now we can talk about what causes blindness with that right there gives you a little bit of a hint when we just give little bit ahead of myself.

If you think that you're already there in your blind if you think you already know everything. This book has to offer. Your blind guy so who is blind, but he who is perfect and blind as the Lord, servant, what see many things, but you do not observe opening the eyes that years but he does not hear. Isaiah 43 verse eight bring out the blind people who have eyes and the death who have ears again. I'm just giving versus go back and read the context of the installments spiritual blindness and spiritual benefits, not physical blindness or physical benefits.

Jeremiah 521 hear this now foolish people without understanding this reminder that my point is why this steals our understanding, you'll never be able understand the Bible if you're spiritually blind here this now foolish people without understanding who have eyes and see not, and who have ears adhere not Ezekiel 12 verse two Son of Man you dwell in the midst of a rebellious house that also causes spiritual oneness rebellion, which has eyes to see, but does not see and ears to hear, but does not hear or they are a rebellious house. Zephaniah 117. I will bring disaster upon this people, and they shall walk like blind Vivian because they have sinned against the Lord. Another cause of spiritual blindness walking amongst them. Matthew 13 now. Here Jesus quotes from the Old Testament and watch any ties, spiritual blindness into a lack of understanding.

Matthew 13 verse 14 and in the on the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled which says hearing you will hear, and shall not understand, see, you will see and not perceive for the hearts of this people and groaned all their ears are hard of hearing their eyes they have closed the watch less. They should see with their eyes. Please watch this progression and hear with their ears less.

They should understand with their hearts and turn, so that I should heal them.

Please watch that Jesus said they got.

They have to be able to see with their eyes and hear with your spiritual eyes and so that they can understand God's word so that they can turn so that I can feel them. Please hear me please please please.

The reason many people are not spiritually healed is because they don't turn from their sin. The reason they don't turn from their see on this because they don't understand what it's doing to them the reason they don't understand what it's doing to them is because they are spiritually blind and deaf. It causes you to remain physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally sick. It's God's word. The changes people. It's not my illustrations.

It's not my applications. It's God's word.

This is why put so much scripture in my messages because God's word is the only thing that will healed. It's the only thing that was going to see his word and feel good. I phoned the Scripture, their neoplasm, but it Psalm 107 verse 20 he sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions.

It's his word so so there's a spiritual blindness installed now. I'm only just say to us that this this blindness.

It's possible even in the natural to be looking at something a Nazi Francis Underwood were taught spiritual blindness on just as you question this ever campus in an unctuous board.

Raise your hands and if you don't then were on. We have a freedom ministry 44 line but have you ever read a chapter in the Bible and after reading the chapter you had no idea what you just read. Can I just say okay I that happens because this is a spiritual book, spiritual are you had your mind somewhere else.

Okay I so there spiritual blindness.

Okay, here's number two pride causes spiritual blindness. We talked about rebellion. We talked about the continued see and know the reason your continuous sin is because you're an arrogant person.

Still, reason, and I been there to the reason we were continues. It is because of right so only reason the only reason of that we have a rebellious heart because a product. Pride is a three okay so Jesus heals a blind man in John chapter 9 is blind from birth.

No one never healed the man blind from birth.

You can read since it says since the beginning of time. It's never been part of a man feel was healed blind from birth Eagles this man blind from birth and the Pharisees get mad about isn't that amazing that is shocking. So this man gets healed and the Pharisees were mad mad at him yet that he got you and so they said who did this. So I said hello is Jesus.

I thanked him and Jesus so they try Jesus. Then I want you to watch what Jesus says in John chapter 9 verse 39 Jesus said for judgment.

I've come into this world watch closely based on my spiritual site that those who do not see Macy and that those who see may be made blind and then some of the Pharisees who were with him heard these words and said to him, are we blind also. Jesus said bingo listen when he said he so much spiritual site. Remember this a spiritual book if you were blind listed one says you would have no sin, but now are the word here could be translated since. But since you say we see therefore your sin remains that let me take and how spiritual this is Jesus that I came of this world, that those who are spiritually blind could receive their sight. You member what happened when Paul got safe and I've prayed for and what happened. Scales fell off the sides.

Think about that. Think about that still self-assessed so Jesus said I came in this world that those who Cannot see spiritually will be able see and those of you who say that you can see without me, you don't need me.

Give this be made by and the Pharisees said so you say were blind you Statoil your blood blends bats.

That's what you blind. But here's another way say he said if you would admit to me that you couldn't see without me whistling since you would have no see. In other words, I would forgive your sin, I would race your see if you would just admit to him that your blind without me.

I can take care and remove all your sin that I'm telling you this is an amazing verse.

This is a spiritual book and then he said, but since you saying that you can see without me. Your sin remains the same basic man that this spiritual okay so when I was some younger I travel James Robson. James was seated down here in the front row. James and Betty members of our church. James Robson is one of our apostolic elders.

Most of you see James and Betty on television, you may not know James Robson you should do great big citywide crusades like Billy Graham and break all the conference records and incident should be attendance records when he was doing that I was traveling with. As a young man out additional assemblies and I went with him to Louisville, Kentucky. Southern seminaries are and one of the professors have been listening James talk about how we could be blind to the Bible and he felt I've been starting about my whole life.

Matter fact he had Paul New Testament theology New Testament theology for over 20 years. 13 of those years he taught the bookmark 13 years so he said to the Lord, Lord, I want to go here. James and he's talking about how we can read this book and are we still have spiritual blindness.

So if I have spiritual blindness, will you show me where you show me a Scripture that I've never seen so James gets up that night and decides to preach in one of the verses he uses is this Mark 612 and 13 so they went on freaks of people should repent, and they cast out many demons and anointed with oil many who were sick, and healed them.

This professor came back to the green room after the service I will never forget this ESA James, I've taught the bookmark for 13 years. Verse by verse and I've never seen that person I've never seen that the disciples anointed people of all thought it first offers the spiritual blindness I so here's the last point Jesus opens blind eyes there's a good mix. Jesus opens why not now Mark chapter 8 project get there. It says they became to best save and they brought a blind man.

And they begged him a touching story took the blind man by the hand and led him out of town led him out of town because remember best save is one of in the evangelical triangle became one of the first cities and what he had spit on his eyes and put his hands on. He asked him, he asked him he wanted him to say something. He asked him if he saw anything and he looked up and he said I see men like trees, walking.

Then he put his hand a good… Just picked up right there spiritual symbols and spiritual site.

I see men like trees, walking. Then he put his hands on his eyes again and maybe looked up and he was restored so I went for that.

So one night I preached a crusade and not a hotel room afterwards. I turned the TV on. There's a TV preacher own I thought I'd listen any frictionless passage and this is what he said. He said you see, even with Jesus. It doesn't always work the first time. I couldn't believe I thought with God. It doesn't always work the first time and so I thought why no that's not right so I remember thinking, Lord, I want to figure this out there some else. There's some for some reason he saw men like trees and you put your hands on so I read it a read of the scriptures. I read everything I could read three hours later I had no clue what and staying all sentencing like the ward was standing beside me just to stand, not literally, not metric just thing like that you and he said is that I felt like you just said to me what you doing in a salon trying to figure this out with no help from you on my that and he said to me you think I know what that means possible.

Of course you know what means he sent onto Sask. So I said okay what and before I could say what does this mean when I sent when I start or what like that you download. Here's what the man said, Jesus puts his hands on Jesus, the son of God, the creator and sustainer of the universe spoke the world into existence, put his hands on them and said what he said is that I see men like trees, walking.

Think about the symbols of the Bible cannot read you if you're scriptures Psalm one verse 133 Blessed is the man.

He walks on the Council and all the more stands in the path of sinners or sit in the seat of the scornful is the largest in the law of the Lord in his law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the water.

I saw men like trees Psalm 52 verse eight but I'm like a green olive tree in the house of the God. Psalm 9212 the righteous shall force like a palm tree.

Jeremiah 17 seven leg Blessed is the man who trust the Lord. We focus on the Lord for he shall be like a tree planted by the water.

Isaiah 5512 and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands, people you never seen much oak trees five Americans as people. Matthew seven verse 17 even so, Jesus said, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bear Frederick is not teach Nestlé arborist. He is not teaching about trees they say to my people, and Jesus called them traits are no follow. I just gotta read this I'm I'm getting out time but I will read Zechariah 4, verse 11, then ice answered and said what are these two olive trees at the right of the lampstand and edits left verse 14 so he said these are the two anointed ones. These are the two witnesses in Revelation who stand beside the portable help okay so Zechariah Saul treats these Saul treats what are these two treats.

The angel said these are 2 million. These are the two anointed ones. These are the two witnesses in the following so trees represent people in the Bible Jesus puts his hands on them and says what you see is not seen him like trees that he put his hands on dinners for nearly 40.

Here's how simple it is when he put his hands on it the first time they open their spiritualized he put his hands on the second thanked the openness naturalize this like that and by the way that you can just go in my opinion much that will Robert really marker figure that no, the Bible has to define itself towards you, hundreds of times so the Lord said me back up just back up and watch whatever they so at the beginning of the chapter, Jesus feeds 4001 time he feeds 5100 4000 and then right after he thinks the 4000 W market watch spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness.

This is right before what we just read Morte verse 13 and he left them and getting into the boat again departed other side watch.

Now the disciples had forgotten to take bread and they did not have more than one loaf with them in the boat.

Then he charged them Jesus charts and say, take heed, beware of the leaven the geese, the bread of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod watched this and they reasoned among themselves.

They he's mad because we did regular bread because we have no bread budget.

We should bring more bread.

Talk about spiritual blindness. When Jesus said, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, one talk about natural bread was installment teachings were right watch.

I love this but she's just being aware of it said them. All managers love is why do you see sin because you have no bread, do you not yet perceive nor understand is your heart still hardened watch having eyes, but you do not see, and having ears, what you do not hear and listen what he says here like this, then, do you not remember when I broke the five loaves for the 5000, how many baskets full of fragments did you tell you they said the 12. Also, when I broke the seven for the 4000, how many large baskets full of fragments of type I said 737. How is it you still do not understate.

Here's what he was saying fellas. If I wanted bread I just went with some I am not talking about bread five blows, and I fed 5000. There's one loaf in this boat and 13 boots. Brad is not the problem. I am not talking about bread. I'm talking about something in the spiritual realm, but you have eyes can't see.

You have ears but you can't hear them telling you if you do not read this book was spiritual lives.

You will get one thing out of it and here's the problem. If you don't read the spiritualized you can understand and if you can understand.

You will not turn from what is keeping you from getting remember this is a spiritual book written spiritual beings by a spiritual being. The Bible even tells us that the natural man. The natural mind cannot understand this the way we understand this book as we approach it as little children will read this book will have ready for Sunday school teacher on the pastor we come to God saying more. I'm just a little child and I cannot understand this unless you open my spiritualized I will encourage you to get this series get the whole series, maybe DVR my program so that you can watch it.

Other times when you know it's more comfortable for you to walk and I will encourage you to get the series because I believe this series more than words is one of the most important series ever preached before.

I want to remind you that CM will keep you from this book, but this book will keep you from seeing one more message in this year I'll see you next 66 books, 1189 chapters written over the course of 1500 years. The Bible is so much more than a big old book is pages include life-giving revelation and power if we know how to read in this series. Pastor Robert dives into how you can read the Bible experience the miracles within it, and refresh your hunger for the word of God.

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